Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1952
Page 11
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*fi^.^ ejtefe....t. l v th«. ••into tmffti vt ,.,..>««, Oft Wed- rttlMid the. -ii Mr*, noil wiir '< " .' t r. t««i wtoi , Wf ' W*,,mme Andrews. «rrlv#d Friday th<* hoffdny wec>» Mr. nhd Mr, *hd Mm, Albert 0rnv« rp («rh«f hottie WfdnMday night nf- |«ft ft vacation trip in Climbing Is f. ;» wmoNfi, K, y. flirufe* for United fsroe* Ift kafen nr» hllter fl«htln« w««cd during the dMidlr>ck<"j truro tfllki, on A«imclflt<>rt Prr*# ,tntiM«lfn With Plenlo the Heritor MVl- 4 of thr» Church t»ntcrJnlnml with tljty nljihf, At)8»wt W. »f Mr. flhd Mr», Krn- lit thf» Wftro ,10 McCdiihy Feels Fine After, OperaHon R, WASHINGTON M-H 8«n. .Toeoph /jno hut , *u(l a little weak" after un opcrn im *~ Ko«it,^ek to th« honpllnl to- toddy, nnrt wounded for thn I7-rm- tfofi foreo flfihtm« ttndor the U.N. flfl8 now totn I 20Z,Z8fl nlnco 011 AC BUrvf-y in April. Ovurnll cnnuntty ;ttfure«(, IncludlnK dend, woundod nnd rnlddlnjj, totnl .llH.noo. Tho April wrvpy -- bnned nn flRiitcn (suppHfl >>y (l<»k<gol(>i« of <;oiinlrl<t» fighUnw In Korea ~-gnv« for n dnyi. ft phyotenl chpeHuf) nnd further (roAtmcnt nt the In total ofinunUlonn.il 4)0,4.40. Hoitln Korenn offlclaN ulnco hftvo rcvlsiwl Ihtlr. lint of midship;, howcvor," dropping 03,000 from UK? April roll, Tht» South Koronn fi«iir»'» do not Includif th» h.undrifdn nt thoiMnndH t»f clvlllnnn who hove fnilon vf;: tfm to Urn tldf of wnr. In comr>nrl*on to UIP tl. N. to- loto, thn limt U.S. Army fsllrnnto of Cornmunlflt C'hlneno nnd North Korea mllltnry cn«ualtlc» — IK- nued In Juno •*• BOVC an ove-rnll 'iire of 1,62.1,404, Thorc wnn no ttttompt to br«»k thl* down Into dond, wounded find , , ( Jlp plnnil to return tu Wlm-onsln MoCttNhy In t|on In Wl8<!o»i*lit'« npptiUIIPtti) prl- WBfy 8«pt, o, ypgierdny )»o told n toportw he will cnrnpalBn for both O, ISUenhower nnd Htm, Nixon, who hnve mild thoy WU1 »ndor«e McCarthy for uriothor ter*h if hp IK i*non>lnutid, Th«y this would not Imply of ttll of M«CHrlhy'» volwa, mjolnfi to ontnpttiirn for tho whole RftpUuJJoflit tlokPt," McCur- they sola. "It l« th^i utmost Im- pdrtoricy that wo hove n chorine, It would bft a ffftlnntroiiho foe n won Jlko Adlai K, fltttvcnion to be to the MacFoddcn Ma feet Another Jump PARIS (UP) — Chippy Bornarr Mael''tiiia»n salil today ho won con »ldpi'ln»i pcntUaslon to pura chute Into 'Tluflslti'a Volga river If thy Soviet Invites him nnd foota the l»y tho IUCPPIM of his Part* jump yentwdfty, tho M-yenr old iihynlaitl vulturUt nnd "ftyin« _ , aloo tnlmltti'il IK- wai looking nt other ICuropcitn tnr«0t«, said he might take n crock (it London's Thnfm'K river "tf ( the British aren't too stuffy : saia h<? might t, don ,wltt\ir» look- Into t tu Lon few days U the Thiunos proposal. The Republic of Koren had hnd he most deiid nnd woundotl of tiny of tho niHIorm ninKird under th« U. N, fltt« — :i7,I«7 dcnd, lia.-iaV wound M|, United fitaUts Is next with JO.HOI ik'tirt nnd lift, 2011 woundr-d, -$!?< L*f^ MM, HOT DOO WANTS SOMfe, TOO-MIke, tiny terrlor perched on o pile of witwnelon», <nik» "Don't I get some, too?" His eight- year-old mauler, Robert F«n»termaker of Allentown, Pa,, was ear- dcep In melon but took time out to <lvc Ms pup a big cool piece. wr-mw VBiow5;i,w.-'&i^s4,« Ike Hints He Would Accept By JAMEft DEVLIN NEW YORK 1*1 -^ A hint that Oen. Dwlfcht D. El»enhwver would accept; n compulsory Fair Employment PrncHcos Commission if Con- girss wanted one was voiced as hi' began his "ln»t quiet weekend" tifore the Nov. 4 elections. This view came from Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. of Massachusetts, chairman of the Republican pros identlal nominee's Advisory Committee. Eliaenhower has said he favors iilnte, rather than federal action, to nsguri! equal employment op- to Start on Whistle Stop By ERNEST B. VACCARO WASHINGTON (to — President Truman assumed a major role in Ihc- J9S& Democratic campaign to "whistle stop" trttrnlffs expenses bedfuse it wf . ton difficult for the President tts| ttilk without everything he says being labeled political. Ah deception' is nintle-'by thel White House to a scheduled talk] Truman will make in Philadelphia! Sept. 16 at a luncheon In connee-l tlon with' the meeting of the Amer ican Hospital Association. Apparently the bulk of Truman?*! schedule Monday will-be by ^eclal °train.° It wllil and Tuesday and a Western speak ing engagement in October., From all Indications, Truman is going to stump just as hard for Gov. Adlai Slovenians election and with all his give-'em-hell flavbras ' if he were • rilm'feelf.' Steven son t reportedly favors a, less active DOROTHY DIX Petting Problem Door Miss Dix: Recently I hove--^ been i{oiri({ with a boy 19 — four yoiii-R older than myself, He, of cournf". he hns been around more than I have. What can I do when this boy parks? I like him, but not well iTioiiKh to neck and p<;t with him. What can I do an 1 would like, to continue neulng him out of our friendship? b?(1 ? rt ?H lh il w<H!k< * Pfc'HoKon VD- but still would lifcc to keep petting port. The U. H, «Uo llsln i.oti known prMonorn and 11,042 nilim- Ittjg, bringing Its current casualty tutnl to 110,232, To Sing Continued from FM* On* church on Sunday and ulnn h|« heart nut with fveryono there. His rwordlrtRH for the Columbln Jto'enrdlntf Company along with WSM "Oinnd Olc Opry" and TV Shows phttt !iU i>ertumul appear nnct'S have made him one of the outatandlnji radio «tar« of Aiwrl en, Jimmy's flrnt HOUR hits with Columbia were "Old Cold Tater' "Country Boy" and "A Hleepln 1 At The Foot of The Hcd" »uba(*o.u«:nt j-ekanes Included "I'm Utlli- Hut I'm Loud" "IlesHle The H.'lfcr' "It May Be Silly But Ain't U Fun' and others. TheMo have nil reacluul Into the l>Uj)ii'i' 8(1)0:1 of fn|k-tun< hits. Jlln newest. releaiK'S for t'ol- uiiiUin arc "TJu-y Locked (Jtid QuUlda U(p Iron Curtain" "Hot WlttgUy <p«fS'| "Ljila" J«eo" find "Wttltrosa, wOltmfc, Pretty Lltllo Wttltr<<S»." Jimmy offers a pn Brain of (UveVfilfled entertainment clean and wholesome for and KrownupH alike, You'll enjoy ev<ry mlnlto of HI Navy Probing Homosexual Report BOSTON I* —,Ronorts of nlloitod. houliiKpxuHlUy involving the commanding officer of u ship and some 24 enlisted men at tho Newport, R. I,, Naval Bairn are under in- vosUttfttton, the 1st Naval District reported la*V?nl«ht. A Navy spokesman, who did not identify tho Individual* tinder In- vc«tl««Uon, -laid no charges have hpen placed against any of them, Flcot units as well as shore In- aallntlons afo said to be involved. Tho Navy spokesman said tho al- offensea occurred In tho few HO said he hnd no knowledge of tho nnmo of the ship nnd "pro ANXIOUS NORA Answer: Tho patting probl<$n mfikt.'« (t« appearance ifi the early iilajse.'i of practically every boy- Klrl frlondshli) nnd U is a wine «irl Inili't'd, who, lenrns how to handle It. Such wisdom In by no means dependent upon aj|e. LANsleg in their twenties prove themselves compliHirly Incapable of daallni; with UN complexities, yet 115-year- old Nora evinces strong Inclination)* in kc'i-p pcllinii in ihn |>. round, In this, as In practically all teen a«e problems, your mother would l»> your best counselor, Nora, It Is trio had that .so often a barrier exl.'fls between mother and daughter that precludes confidences of this sort; It Is the fortunate girl whom- mother has never let tin barrier arino, Girl Setg Standards Hy tho time a Rirl Is old 'enough to dale which should be about the iu:e of 15 -~ she should also be old cnouiih to realize her re- H()oiuiibilities in handling tho petting problem.. For on this fpoint, you may bo absolutely sure, it is the tfirl who must set the standards. That Is one of her inherent Since it is easier to forestall tron Die than to handle It Wll tho bust way to keep control'of the petting tdtualion is not' to lot It net out of hand in the first place J.onru to say a firm "no," on which your escort realizes there will bo no compromise, The rifiht lypo of boy will respect your con vlcliono and refer to ' them, *Thc wronjj typo of boy — fur yijni, least — will Indicate quite {clear* ly his unworthtncNs to be included In your circle of friends. One thing I would advise, Nora. Apparently your difficulties occur In parked ears. One way to ovoid this particular dilemma is tq' avoid ridinu with boys, especially at night. If* your particular 'young man persists In parking, simply advise him that henceforth, you will not ride in a car with him. H« will change his tactics quite sumed" It Is now at Newport, Ho fWdlly. I assure-you. Continue ctaenu. no details at the voport in Outlook Bright to Loan League WASHINGTON W» - Raleljjh W. 3?«ene, president of the National Savings and Loan League, said to day institutions financing home loans eon cxppet "excellent bust- np«H" to continue well into the iddle of 1099, The taftfUQ Is n private on*nnl latlon, Greene said he finds the following optimistic indications of perlty in tho home loan field: A heavy demand for homo fl nnnoing funds from savings osso- clstlwu Uuxjuthoul the country; a eonUnued httfh level at houtilnc sUrts: heavy requests from the Veteran* Administration for ap proisals on veterans loans; a «tmch»out in military spendini;; high employment and large private *aving»! i-eeord breaking overall to show that you expect courteous treatment on a date, and it will assuredly be given you. But Lodge, who made a flyinfl trip from Boston to Elsenhower's headquarters yeslcrdny, emphn- ifized to newsmen that the' general niivoi had said he would veto FEPC legislation. Lodtfc said he personally did not assume, at all, thnt Eisenhower would cast a veto if an FEPC act was passed by Congress. The Massachusetts senator offered the comment after accusing Gov. Arilai E. Stevenson of Illinois, the Democratic presidential nominee, of double-talk In espousin an end to filibusters that have blocked action on an FEPC. Lodge declared the Democrats had done nothing to eliminate fill blisters in tho past four years they have controlled the Senate. Ho said Stevenson's running male, Sen. Jojin J. Sparkmnn of Alabama, openly opposscd a civil rights pro- Brnm In 19. r >0. Eisenhower, he said, was firmly opposed to filibusters. Lodge's blast at Stevenson and anothci 1 by Sen. Frank Cnrlson of Kansas, also a high-ranking Eisenhower adviser, at President Tru man, marked a new, hardhitting trend in the general's camp. A Texnn was boasting about the heroes of the Alamo. Turning to a Massachusetts man. ho sad: "I'll bet you never had anyone so brave around Boston." "Did you ever hear of Paul Revere'. 1 " asked the man from Massachusetts. "Paul Revere," repeated the To an. "Isn't that the guy who ran for help?" , ' .ij full — and that is much more im portant to me than the method by which it is attained." The foray Into Michigan opens Stevenson's second major trip o! the campaign. After the four appearances there ho is scheduled to go to Denver Minneapolis, Kasson, Minn., Cheyenne, Wyo., and then to Washington. Oregon, California, Arixona and New Mexico. oust the National Committee lessj for the President But Truman told a news confer cnce last week Stevenson must run on the record of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. And he intends to try to s6ll that record to the voters. His first major prepared address will be made at 9:30 p.m., EST, Monday in the Sports Arena at Milwaukee under joint CIO-AFL uspices. That trip to Milwaukee Blossomed this week this week into) a formidable stopping tour. Announcement that he will speak Oct. 1 at the dedication of the iungry Horse Dam in Western Montana came yesterday, along with the Labor Day itinerary which nclicatcs possiBly seven off-the- cuff talks from the back platform •>t his special train. The President is expected to make the Montana trip by special lain, too, and there are increas ng indications that tour also would develop into a "whistle stop" Mrs. -Newlywed: "Secretly I'nrtl jealous of my husband's firstj love." Mi's. Longwed: 'My man's 1 St love dbeSn't bother me; It's! his next love 'm' w'dhrying about."] HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. " SATUR.DAY JOHN WAYNE Back to Botaon" - Also - " Fargo, Ph,antom" SUNDAY - MONDAY "RETREAT HELL" Starring FRANK LOVEJOY RICHARD CARLSON NOTICE! We are prepared to take care of your winter pasture P.MA orders for seeds and fertilizers as well as Cotton Dust, DDT and Calcium Arsenate. Plenty of parking room and loading space at our new location where business is appreciated. SEED STORE 310 E. 2nd HOPPE UP — Nineteen-year- old Jo Hoppe, In regal regalia, smiles happily after being crowned "Miss Chicago." She will compete In the annual At% lantlc City beauty pageant. Hoar Miss Dix: I am I? and liki^ a boy 111. However, we can't date because hi* plays oh a'base- ball team, and the munaiiur says "no datinj;!" ANNE G. Answer; Since the baseball team is your friend's livelihood, he has no alternative but to obey' the manager's rules. You too must abide by them until the season is over. It's no fun, but after all you have the thrill of knowing a baseball hero, nnd it's such sacrifices as yours that make a winning team! Air Vets Demand Investigation DETROIT (lf\ —The Air Force Association today drafted a call to Congress for n full scale investigation of the proper responsibilities of the military services. A proposed statement of policy was presented to the organization of air force uhimnivcterans of all the sky wars the nation has fought — at the annual convention. It was scheduled for adoption in a final foi m tomorrow. The investigation tentatively proposed would weigh the respective obligations of the air force, army and navy "against the over-al rr.llitary requirement and the weapons at hand and in development.' The draft also declared that: J, We have not built our Nortl AUimtie Treaty Organization ck tenses with full regard for the roll of airpower in modern war, U. In the Far East, where we are lighting "a limited war for mist> objectives," we are prevented b, policy barriers from exploiting tht air weapon. Bplc«rffjel<l Again Shaken by Quake KRRSFJEW), Calif. «v» This r uako jlttflry city was last night when another shook the city and indi caused th» d«ath of a worn- damage was re- ReynoVds, 87, wife of « real estate on a sofa beside the quake then fell u> , victim of a heart his wife, a native M extremely nervous te Dour Miss Dix: 1 have been a ( widower for six months and am very lonely. There is a widow in the apartment house where. I live, 1 asked her to go for a ride in my ear and she refused, but said I should ask her again. I would like to offer her the use of a vacation cabin I own (which I cannot iue this year> Do you think she would aeoeptt Answer: A gracious offer' always be graciously cons so I'm sura your widow preciate your thoughtfulnesjfi l>wr> ^New, Vovk lale yesterday, haps she is not in a pasitionno" ae* H* leaves Monday morning by cept the cabin, but she couJ4 not take exception to your kiridneBS. She, undoubtedly, is very lonely, too, so I hope she accepts your nest invitation tp go out. Dear Miss Dix: Although I am 18, I don't loak more than H, U can I make myself look older? BARBARA Answer: Th*r* isn't mufJi s»n do to alter you, Qo4 f »v« cl»U»s will do dou't by The BeU Syndicate, IB*. Stevenson Drofts Labor Pay Talks SPRINQ ROEBUCK AND CO School Bag and Pencil Box $3.28 $.949 Vain* •<£ Rubberized nylon school bag with lunch pocket. Roy Rogers pencil box. Back-To-School Needs / Special Low Prices-Save At Sears NEW! Large Lunch Box 98c 2-Drawer Pencil Box 72c 1 Dozen Pencils 25c 4-Pocket Brief Case $2.98 Plaid School Bag 98c De Luxe Crayon Box $1.39 REDUCED! Underwood Portable Finger-Flite Typewriter , $ 8S 20 WAS $98,07 Girl's Saddl* Oxfords Goodyear welt construction. White with black, white with brown. These prices LIMITED TO TUES. WfD. THUP.—SFPT. 2-3-4 Boy's Cotton Poplin Jackets WAS $<f%33 Water repellent. Maize. Size?' 10, 12, 14, 16', 18, Zipper front atyl*. v Hollywoocl-type con- tlnuous waistband. Gray-green, Sizes 25 to 31-in. waist. i*1 III, (fl - Gov Stevenson began drafting set of Labor Day speeches today, speculation has asain arisen to whether he- wilt come out for :repeal of the Toft-Hartley Act. The Democratic presidential can- relumed to Springfield from (or Grand Rapids, Mich., and from there to Detroit, Pontiac Flint His talks will deal main ly with labor problems, an aide said. Some political observers believe he may make Labor Day the occasion for advocating repeal ol the Taft-HarUey Law, Th« governor told reporters recently: ' "It would seem to me that the «r«a ol agreement to attain We of eo.ua! Justice for en> ploycr and employs is enlarging. Ai»d ln»yb* it is better to remove the political symbolism of the Taft-Hartley' by repeal. What v* need and what the vants, how«ver. Is the re- Colorful Qiril|ini for tko LIHIo Olrl 100% virgin woo) worsted. Long sleeves. Button front. Sfres: 8, 4, 6, 8. PHONE jf you cin't ccmi ln/HOHR w Tiliphoat Shopping Strvkt, It is tho mf4orn, oi$y way ft shop. totaling $30,00 or wtf« «•* k« mad* «n Io*y Nymtnt Ptan CCflDC OATALOQ SALES OFFICE JkHnj tltt $/j^ K Maine Mixture : k6RIZONTAL 3 Educational |-,l,«'_Maine-.!«•. . I) ^i5Allowance for f , ) .waste •« Utopian 11 Iroquoian Indians 12 Gratify 15 Notrfn - 10 Conductors 25 Unit of length 36 Weights of' I ' Guldo's seAl* 11 Epic poetry 27 Maine's capital India 16 Playing bard 12 Fondles 30 Arabian -^ 38 Pierce 18 A«; 8W 14 Ratio . 31Mear Iff YOUngstera. ? , 17 Diminutive of 32 State of.' ». 21 Dower " Rnnnlrt noo^lr,» <S • brooertv -'n^ '" ( " ars •" • dt} aiacKoira cnannei 22 Sand % 22 Docile . 34 Expunged 47 Indonesian of 23Molllfy i 24 Indian weight 35 Scoffs - Mindanao' 25 Middle (law) 26 Drone bee 27 Spring (Bib.) 28 Indian i mulberries 29 In the- past month (ab;) 30 Amphitheater 33 Timeless 37 Regulars (ab.) 38 African ; ! ' antelope 39 Sea eagle ,40'Mtmlc '• 41 Lift 431 Air (comb. I ''form) I City i 46 Pesters 48 Fish part 49 Change >er 4A- t VI*-' 1 i I '*•$•*"$* titi* WJUUNESS.-HS CERTArNLV WAS MAD/ BUT DID HE STOP SHOUTING so StlDOEM'LV* OUT OUR WAY / OH "SO MDU / CO OW THE SLV SdUBSSILOVBt?fl«tlN .. BSTVf-rXi KULit?HIV\MN*§UP ^COP6TMIMK COflf tn.AV*j0POCrT&lB'VVlTX THAT RICH LITTLS Mm^- ^BBUieplC'TWS JOB-TD CTEP'Mttt Answer to Previous Putile I THE VERY THIM6S Y LET'S HAVE — ) YOU GIVE US THE \ A LITTLE FDR./ LIK£ j TALK HERE BEIM6 TOO LAZ/ yS WHILE IT'S. "7 TO 6ETUPTD f V FRESH/ ^GET A SPOON.' r^a «Narrow inlet WASH TUBES SA>V, VOU fiUVS... Y SHM.L WE LET - Y WHV J MEED A> LITTLE $PlKE IM OW THIVT HE5 COWE WE'RE PULLIW'I BACK WITH --------------- ...... " PASTY SLAU6HTERV-~ T tOMISHT? ^ TILL HE GETS OM Ml^FEBT. THIWQ COOKIW? WH/ MOTHER'S GET OUR BOARDING HOUSE ith Major Hoople WE'D BETTER ' 6AV SOOD BV)W t)R#>>T lT,T\Ml6eS/ 'I'/VV^P • st. to-THAT HEKDSTROM© /^ FOMDOP BATTUE-AX .f V I Fl LLV, MA30R / HOW S % -fHE 1V40U6HT TKAT 4* ABOUT POTTIMG HER M MI6MT ge CLAIMED gy IM A CLAIMlMG «/ rA 50ME PcRSOM WHO , s,, y . RAC6 Z OME OF V. \ CTARELeSS OR CRUBU < &% \ TWE OWMEK6 MAY <" \ WOULT5 ^ " ..f* V V Q-. p il^HER_Foe. ) / ..rp-.uKETOTAke-.'-.rfe: 44 City in Maine BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES * I.OOO AND ALL I ( HER MOME AMD TURM 7 VKXX.X'VX u? OUR WORRIES/ f HER OOT TO PASTURE;,;^, 50 Head (Fr.) BUT THAT A CROSMlMS • 5i Youths VERTICAL Cushion t 2Form a notfon.it,*— CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger HOLYCOVV, >--—"*5T-. I DUNNO.,,BIJT I ..-AN':THERE WASN'T BUT A I'LUTELLVOW |{ OWCAN THl6...eiTTIN' I! "IJM»t said 'no wonder you're not^afrald of the bogey man!' " ; SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "The doctor told me tp go. homeand relax much at possible—so I brought along this hospital wagon, dearl!' CHRIS WELKIN, Plonet«er FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ...,_.. DOWW WITH WHICKLES/ 5T LET M? e-H" W A CHK&A&AIN, 1THE PLANET- AMAlZA ~ OK&AMZ TMATICA WHICKLE- ,_ , WHICKLES/ UY LOW IF YOU mutt IM th«

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