The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE,TEN *..«..;•*. »._ Jealousy and Enyy Barriers ) to Success Says Club Head Correspondent NEW 'VORK. — While just as honorable and fai more nnclent organizations neie going bnnkiupt, 'all about her, Emily .Kjieubuhl, ex- 'ecutive secretary of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, fiunly ,and :efficiently guided her'mem- bership at 60,000 through the . shoals of. depression and emerged triumphant In the black Midi wither salary culs nor discharged wnplojes "The, ciedit Is due, not to me, but to the wav the staff nnd mem- cershlp co operated," bluc-ejed, square-chinned Miss Kneubiihl declared modest lj "The verj first thing I did was to call a meeting of oui twenty staff,'members to discuss how we could sa\e monev Everjbody had a chance to give an opinion and every opinion was carefully con- Jldered As a result we vveie nbte to make efficient nnd economical iwjuslments at headquaitcrs —Inconvenienced ourselves somewhat quarters, all shnrcd In Ivcs, Miss Kncubuhl thinks, Is the competitive Instinct manifested In Jealousy and envy. For that matter, she doesn't llilnk Women linvc n monopoly of this evil, for men often suffer from it nnd £o 'do or- ganlzntlons, ;, < •' ; < "I believe in the co-operation of organized groups ns well as Individuals," she declares. "When It becomes passible for •organizations lo work together toward certain ends without squabbling over which one shall hnvc the credit, (hen we shall accomplish miracles.' A good loader should have the ability to judge by merit, not pcr- Bfliinllty." Miss Kneiibuhl told of two women who had been rivals. One pot a chance at n good job nnd liie other, by voicing her • prejudice, could iinve wrecked her ciiemVs hoira. • Because she was fair enough to really tlmt her altitude! wns. based on personal Is Huey Happy? And His Boys, Too? Have A Look! . ., „., |"-*.>V1[,I| JJI IJUIIU& rather than ntiy known disability of Ihe other, 8iie kept silent The second woman got the Job, made good nnd cnme to acknowledge that her former rival was n 'pretty fine person nfler nil. "Which merely means, of course " says Miss Kncubuhl, "that they were both bit; women, really (hough temporarily obsessed by Ihc competitive war," ' * * Interested In Many Causes Miss Knciibnhl, who is n brilliant' speaker and highly trained In citizenship nnd international affairs hns all her life sacrificed profos- slonnl and commercial preferment to Bive her time to the yreat, causes which have successively en- Baccil the foremost women of the country. As n suffragist, she sought political cmnncipallou for her sex Then she became a consultant In pollllra! tihienllon mid, ns lecturer nnd organizer for the National League of Women Voters, did her best to arouse new voters to a sense of civic nnd political responsibilities. . Couldn't Resist Hollywood \ Jinsklnu 0* the radiance c,,,,os tack Hucy Ixjug's victory mille, two' of his work ns chief Investlgnlor of the New ithfu O'Connor, left, ixmg-liacked candidate for the stale Pu right, are the happy pa.r reccing w,t,, u^ ^r i," aides smile Vjlh iilm a. city administration. James », and Gov. CX K: Allen hectic Ixtulsluna primary ^WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL I Isaiah Counsels Rulers 'IVvt: Isaiah :il:l-'J; 37:30, 37. 'J')>e Intenullnmtl Uiiltunn Sunday School [.essou for Sept. 2:i. Emily Kntubuhi Increased work when it was neces- *»ry and weathered the sloim *iErmoniousl> " , ' * * 4 HUM Th«ou*h Vacations Mfss Kneubuhl lias definite the cries about being an executive i'u«T ot j ln ru1cs T nrml y te u*ve in and practice Is that an executive, .woman or man, should get M far away from the Job as often *s possible and forget nil about it during a period of real relaxation "id Playtime,' she evplains • i ha\e no patience with the We*, seeming held by lots ol women, that >ou can't make n suc- tt5L°i J !' Ur > b UI "«s you re on it every hour of the twentj . ro , ]r ° lle , woman executive who she slaves until 12 .« Tn ' ^onis bad Business How can she get a . P««P*ctlve if she never her work at long range? 01 * * ilh f«q«ent and thor- vacations, T. believe that an executive Bhould keep phjslcalli «t, be completely honest (though y^fl., ™ y ShC mUSt nlV(Il >S TOV ewrythlng she thinks) learn\hen to keep silent, get an;cducallo'nal lilat ^"ake I- Nc.xL she turned her mind (o In- Icrnnllonnl rclntlons nnd made Uils Hie • subject of post grndiuilc study nt Syracuse University. The job llmt lias • Interested her most, however, Is licr present one. She sincerely believes Mint Ijiislne^ mid professional women hnvc a very spcclnl contrlbiitlon to mnkc '.o the feminist movement. "Nobody controls their pocket- lobks nnd so nobmly cnn tell them wlml to do," she points out. "Ttmt !ives them unlimited ixnvcr nnd I Lellevc they will use It well." High School Students To Build Own Classroom 'V r ; LANCASTER, Pn. (UP)—students In the wdo-mcchniilcs clnss of Lancaster lilgh scliool will turn cnrpcnters nnd . build their own classroom. • >.''•• The new nddltion to the school will cost, $2,200, nnd • will ^ nCproxhmitely ,41 by 28 feet. The vocational education classes n metal vv'ork nnd electricity will do the wiring lor • the nddltion. Envious, Too e'tJting that most oflenv recks of women ROXY l?st Time Today . & Night— lOc - 25c "JB MaciyjAflON, I'AUj] KELLY and ANN DVORAK 1 in !» STREPS' "f- . Fox News— Radio Reel Pepper P« t 'Comedv— "Just -wmcentraie" niih Lulu Mc' ' ' Connell BY WM. K. (ill.ltOY, [). I). Editor of Advance If (here ever vvns n time when n lesson on recognizing Clod In na- tlonnl nirnlrs was npproprlntc nnd necesaiiry, surely it would be n time sueli «8 "this In present-day Amcr- Icn. . • Wlthlu recent years we linve Keen lite collapse of n prosperity tlml Jin.s starled tiuestloning among n ll thliik- liif men concerning the very fomi- dntlpns of our society ns well in the qunllty of the building tlmt we linvc been doing upon the foundn- llons. In the innlu, nmong thinking men, there Is no great doubt concerning the foundations nnd the 'wlnclplcs'of our American dctnoc- ncj\ bnt^ there Is some question whether, iiiidcr the pressure of now forces niid new problems, emcr[jon- cles exist Hint call for n rougher nnd rciullcr method. .'.••• It Is nppalllus to realize the number of men nnd women, wlio n few yenrs ago would hnvcjnld. all the stress upon Hie. foundnllons anil principles; wlio are today ndvocat- 'ng mrasurcs.and courees that are nit of aiarmony with the deepest nud most- essential teachings ol dcmocrncy. • • . Whnt hits n ICMOII nice Hits to say to us In such n crisis? We cannot easily put ourselves back Inlo the [indent world when Isrnel wns n buffer state In the midsl-of great contending empires, or If vvr, do so It can be only in a very general wny, wliilioul gelling the details of Rend. Courier News Warn- Ada. 0035) Thursday & Friday •."••Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45—10-35c Friday & Saturday AThrill A Minute When Yo'it S«e This.Hard Rifling, Two- Fisted Fighting Man BILL CODY • in THE BORDER 5- MENACE: , , Taking, Fast Ac- Draiaa of the Great Edge of Your Seal! j i -•: CARTOON Swtal—Rim Tin Tin, Jr. in ;. ^ "Wolf Dog" has alwnys_ teen , linked with the highest anfi greatest -witness of the Jew. . ;;.: ; Hero, instance, foreign policy In n remote siatc and time. We cnn, 'however, put ourselves n ur inlo the prophetic ntmospliere and'Isnlal, WUUIAJHS IK-ODIP To^in^t n.v. catch something or the .moral out- prospective alliance with Fgynt e ook and the moral principles Uialjlmcw Egypt wa, nV,l| n e K influenced a hero-patriot as he saw own selfish game, and he «"n P rncd them that, Instead of giving pro- lection and cleljverauce, Egypt would (nke their rich presents an-1 exploit, them for. its own ambition BCL-P In his message was the cm- lihasb upon spiritual, rather than material, forces. "The Egyptians arc men and nol God, their horses flesh mid not spirit.", H wns not a teaching easy to apprehend of to'-follow, n always seems so much easier nnd simpler to (rust to material forces than to look to (he spiritual foundations Moreover, the losses nnd sacrifices Incurred through spiritual faith nnd devotion seem needless and useless, although in reality tiie Iragcy nnd destruction assccinlcd his country in the midst, of peril from ( tvllh);i and from vvitlioul. Israel was always, In n sense, in a condition of peril. The little land of Palestine' much smaller than our slates nnd little larger than some of oui- counties, lay, generation after generation, at the. center of • contending empires, somewhat like Belgium In , modern tijiirs. The tendency In Israel was for some'king or jmrty to :look, for slrengtli and safety in an alliance with one of fhese great empires. .H the moment there were tliose who looked to Egypt for lielp against Hie power, of:-Assyria. , In these repented crises the attitudes nnd messages of the prophets of .Israel were'fairly consistent. In the. main,.-they • emphnslml what would seem now : to bo the sensible fact; tlmt the safely and welfare of the country lay rather In n high-minded ml "honest neutrality, with a concern on the- parl of the people So,- • the Integrity of their own personal and social living and n devotion (6 the high things to which God had cnlle:! them.' * • * -H was this message that, oven fitter downfall and cnpMvIly In Bnbyton, gave to Israel a new restoration and a 1 licw destiny. It is this prophetic, vision -of Israel's place and power/In Die world that assocae with materialism ni-e much greater It requires faith and vision to -we that, oui pf spiritual loss, there may be real gain; yet history reveals nothing w iti, Sl , eh ns ,,,, ra , lc( , as that right principles and right conduct are. the only sure foundation (or n nation's life and safety. Shipped Ice Cream to Scotland LOWELL, Mass. (UP)—Because a sister'in Scotland was., fond of American ice cream. Samuel took her five gallons.from here. He reported the ice cream was inigodti condition when lie arrived abroad.' Read Courier' News Want AOa. THUBSPAY, .SEPTEMBER 20. 1934 "We Gocxlycar Dealers; you know, sell more tires than any other dealers. That's why Goodyear can give us the biggest value to sell at every price. Yo'u can bank on this Speedway for a tot of safe troublefree' mileage—plenty for the price—and It has a Center Traction tread for quick stops. It's a real Goodyear and u real buy—blowout protected jta EVERY ply-Jlfetirne guaranteed for perfection of materials and workmanship—backed by our full service." Ben Blue Comedy Musical—."Society Notes" >Vlfh !shaam Jones and Orchestra Quick Road Service Day or Night PHONE 633 TexacoProduets See the Marvel Tire of the Year G 3 GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY Boifl with Superlwiit Cord M'x !i'/j .1,10-21 .1.50-20 H4fl |4.95 $520 •I.50-21 .1.75-1!) 5.00-1!) PO ^5.70 JW5 ! I'rlccanuhject to change without nolle*— Slate Sales Tax, if any, additional. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Blythtvillc, Ark. Phone 633 g -•''f^l— ^~ .-T— ;;^-j ....... ----- — ., ......... _ THIS CURIOUS WORLD R TENNV50N WROTE CROSSING THE IN HIS EIGHTH FIRST VEAR... AND IT WAS SUNG FOR. THE ' FIRST TIME .. AT , MS" OWN FUNfffAL. Four yciirs .igo Jivelyn J.:iyc~ nliove, quii Hollywood clisgiisifd wllli her film, ami vowlnn nevni' lo return. Slie's bnck, however aiul bubbliiij; will, e.veitempiit .over her new iiiclurc. e; Tho Eii«llah actres'i jusjt couldn't re. sisi HiejciniMatloB. (bat's all, Massachusetts Woman -ikes Her Week-ends Free FARM1NGTON, Mass (UP) — '^. Helen Orzelek, 19, of New Serving time for armed assault uL^'L f ™ r ""'« fom the look PIBCC ° n il TOMATOES, POTATOES AND TOBACCO ALL BELONG TO THE UPE ON EARTH BEGAN INTHEOCEAN.XXND A^AN'S 6LOOD CONTAINS 7HE SAfAE MINERAL SALT.S FOUND IN THE SEA. OF THE FIRST WE USE WE FRUIT... OF THE SECOND WE USE THE /eOOTT.A. AMD OF THE THIRD, THE//X ISAVSSfl Lod lcm.irso.1 wrote other poems after he wrote "Crossing the Bar, but he requested be placed af the end of all editions-of liisjvork^Thc music tor this famous hymn was written by Dr Bridge Turkey Has Two Necks SCOBEY, Mont. (UP) — Fate threatened to give somebody a double dose of hard luck this Thanksgiving. A turkey was hatched here 'with two necks. ' Now Located at Southeast Comer Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU \ 1>ON EDWARDS, I'roprletor - ' ' > l makes of rebuilt Typewriters, -Wdlmj Machines and Calculators '', Repairing—Pa fts— Ribbons' Fhmu 71 • AfBrand New SEASON .SEPTEMBER marks the opening of a brand-new season in this business of running one's life.'Back home—back to. work—back to school. Time-toTtaice- stock of most everything, isn't it? What's needed for the house, Cor the children,,for yourself? ... At least a dozen spending decisions to be made very soon. How about choosing a school for the youngsters? (It's not too late even now.) And school equipment, too—pen-and-pencil set, typewriter?: Then don't forget new linens and towels for the house—and "bathroom supplies, of course. Perhaps the pantry wants restocking. And you are going to redecorate at least ONE room, aren't you? ; v.. - . . Whatever your needs, the advertising pages of this newspaper will help you decide WISELY and spend WISELY. You can depend on advertised SSffi and services .;. . for if .they didn't represent pretty -.WQi'th-whilWalues, the sponsors couldn't keep'oT^d* ;.vertising,and, selling! Read all the sa l es messages' in this'newspaper. They have something worth while to;say- : tp you.

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