Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 13
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'its* OH, AIKANHAS .„ toft, „ odvlfllitna copy until I p.m. for Swlni day. „«»*»¥* ,»h« flfM to of. *er mam r «4Mh M count at Wilt fWT'to Wdn< Adi unltM to our atUnilon art and Inrarrtcl •lien of 'trw'ONI 7-3431 'E STAR II, 1»lt WMkdoV adirnoon by CO. Mlt*r 1 il*n CI(«uMHI*n« i|fc»i>Jl«i (payobl* in ad- l*f."i!v Hop* ond n»lohbof- ., 311 ,, , 13.00 oll in HempMeoil, Novodo, Howard, ana Mill*t couiv ... nlhi moil — ,..„„ llnl i .IS 1,40 4i&0 1,10 J;!o 9 T*nn., »OS T*XM 3, Taxoi.- 940 N. o I, III.; 60 L OkWhqmo f jh« Aiwelottd Pt«l» U *ntlttMl *x. ut* (or rtpublkotion Mw» prlnltd In *hl« oil Af n«wi l « Offered ^ TMRKK foom «pi"rtrti*«t. fumlihed. Eltetrtu box. BIII« paid, 204 Ilnbb, Bonnes Ht», A. A-iU VACANT now. 3 room furnlihcd Bpnrlmont. Clone-In. Utllltl«» pwld. Oarnge. Phone 7>44M, o h»(h. Within 1 block </f BarlAw Motel. J'honn 7-JHII. 21-tf .1 llOOM unfurnUhed apartment, Ifiirdwood f|oar«. Built-in fixture*. Mr«e clo*pl». 312 South Hprueft,, Mm. J, K, Schoolcyr Dlfil 74«77, M-flt '''' Itleii nftld. Near Hchooloy'n Btoi'p, Mr«, J, K. Kchoolcy, Phone 7-3577, 23*01 2 LAtlOK fuiTii*hed room*. UtllT. lien p/ild. 12) Hoiilh Fulton Bt. Phono 7-2203. aa-at A ROOM 7-0«fl7, furnl»hi'(l Dial 20.31 FRONT bedroom. Private entrnnce. SOU South llvrvey. Olnl 7-37Ifl, 20-31 4 ItOOM furnlshml npnrlm«nt. I»rl". VMtd balh. Electric box. No children. Mm, .fiuldiin, 220 North Kim, 29-tt Outsiders Take lead in Golf Tournament •y 108 ^ufttLANfi, Oro, W*~taw fn- vorft* d»u*h(«rj frtjfrt , H»wnll. W»ih»n«ton, TcfM nod California nil »tr«n«0r» to trw lofty poiltlun in which thojr find tnem»«)v«», tea off todny In tho neml-flnal* ot the Women's National Amateur Golf Chnrnplonfthlp, Victor* In yentordny'n quarter- fln»l« nt tho exclusive Waverley County Club mnkc the lineup read like thl» for toddy's IB-hole play: Mrs. Jacquellnci J'unK of Honolulu v«i. Patricia Ann J.emier of t'tti»Mii'iV«.r»" ~" ....... *; " uuinhi '?>? «'' flr ' mpm 7.370? Grocery, , «t Phono MOOKHN 3 room urifurnlnhcd 'partmont. HnrdwoMl floor*, In. Cnll John Yocum, 7-2448 or 7-30PB nftfer 8 p.'m, 20-Ot Pntrleln Garner of Midland. Tex., v». Bhlrlfy Mtf'*e<ltci* of Long Hunch, Cullf, 'flitsy nrrlvwl In the teml-flnul «i(iH(i uflcr n round of golf that ii'duccd ltd charge of «urprlncn wn'rt ftolf good and bnd. ^ Tornorrow the winners meet at 3(1 (mien for tho title, Mr«, Puna IK » 20-year-old rno- thor of two yntinK dauKhturB, the wile of a Chlru'iio flremun and «hc liken to »lu:d licr Hhoe* IK* noon • K po««ltal« ft f tor a mulch, She will n I no MO Into; it hulrt'bnrofoot, of toumv-on tho aroen following a victory. She weigh* well over 200 pounds arid ntnnds-bnrcfoot-Q mlto ovor five foot, 8ho can also belt a «olf ball u tfrcut dUtance, Miss Lc»ftt:r, 10 find the "one- man Bolt lunin at the University of I Scuttle, U the daughtoi'. of a re- liiod Army colonel, and holder ot niont of the title around the Pad* fie Northwent, Minn Onrncr, 23, tha daughter ot a Texas oilman, ban bcon r playing dolt but four yeai'B. Minn McF«dtor«, a junior nt UCLA, won tho Southern California public llnlot title the past two DININO room aultB, Aluo one tinrl tino hunter; Dial 7-:i707. 27 * 3t i»«rnl" of 4 ni||«H umith on Illah- 0, S<H- Hoy l-'onnhy, ~* ao-tr H ICO ISTIOH l«l)~An«irH~ ituli, UoiTdy for Hci'vk'u. lloi'nuin. Htuy, llopi«- ('nliunl)im ruiul, , atl'H Real Estate for Sale 1,000 ACRia mock fnrm. wnuir nml HriiSM, l''our hoviNftii, thri'i< Ulirim. AH ftsiuunl. Klouti'lclty nnd Hint. On urnvfl hlKhwny, 7S'. ! !.. open. 400 AOnR fiinn. Throo houncH, thrco bitrnii, All fonceil, ICU-clrl- !'Hy mid «HH, wnlor nnd untus, A «otvl buy, in.ovn RON Lot! _ NORTH of tCgpcriinonl .Station OHO fenkle ,fo!< hoiind. White with black spots hnd/urn head. No collar. Call or .'write Orlo l A.* ^j I 3 A,,1JL ..... t . 1. A..11 OUT OF DOORS ulth How Well Ot BI*M Smtll? By WARfttN •Hooting Editor I have itood unmovint within 30 feet of a bear and watched it crop icd«e, the iweetUh |r««m ftrmi that cOflital bear* fnvor In the Spring, with the animal completely unaware of rny prex*ncc until the wind freaked man-gctnt to him, I have »fiveral timei stalked up to within ea«y shooting range of both black and brown beam OCIOM flat* empty ot rnan-il/.c covor, dimply by moving when the critter' B . hwud mm down or awny freezing jl whi'ii he Hwung up and around, il H«arip bnvc notoriously poor eye- night. although the brown bear Will do belter than hid imallcr cumin on object* both moving ond rttlll. Once either has Keen a mSn or even n bout at fair distance he will strain for n clearer view, often raining on hind legs not to threaten but to sec better. Generally speaking, howovor, bruin'* vision leaven much to be desired, Hut there's nothing wrong with his none. Let n* stray breeze carry li whiff of the ripe aroma of a man who has been hunting for some dayn In the same clothes, and NATIONAL 'LEAGUE brother bear snaps to attention pronto, Uatinlly he sotH off for the Biooklyn hills In hn«tf dignified or undlg- New York nlfiod, depending on whether he's St. Louis n kindly brownie or a black. Philadelphia And the rnnge of his scenting Chicago power i.i phenomenal. It U my Hoston private opinion that his powers, of Cincinnati scent are keener than those of Plitsburgh even the suspicious whltctail. This punt Spring we were In a Uyoi'8. 20-31 Legal Notict COMMI8$IONBR'8 8 A UK NOTICK IB HISKEBY , Ttutt In pviruuituce of tho nuthoriiv untt tilf(?ctlon» »nnon, Phono 7-20 u or . o«U«- tnouio trap, even u i>\iiitl U by the way. rjtt wttt beat a uuiU s" Roal cold slices n. pkk Ei-win, VM on U!«hwuy a?. 0 your neljsUbors ami belVor nuljthborii." L , rtUfO lot's drive |V* n Slice of root 9Vw». Pick Krwin. a to'Wl«. in C!omh»ui\lty. Bad- reward, u " in the tle> - of Uve CUuneery Court ' y. mndi> und A, D, 1052, In u certain cnuie (No, 730a> tlusn pending therein between J, E. Lewis eorrtplairtiiut, and Mary Lewis defendant) tho undt»r*lHiu>a, ax CuimnUiilouor of tiuld Court, will offer tor sale «t nubile vendue to the hijthom bidder, «t the east door or unlrattce of the County Court- howe, in which »itld Court U held, In the County of Hempitead, within the hours ntvucribod by law for Kales, on Thur*d(j.v, the day of September. 18(112, ilw yl»K described personal property, to wll. One 1040 model Ford automobile, motor No, W-^A-ttSO- 000, TlfiNMS OF SALE: Oh a credit of thrw months, the purchtuur being required ta execute a bond «« required by law «nd tho ordor and decree of said Court In «ul<t cense, with approved security, bearing tnter«»l at (lie rate of six per cent per annum from "date of mite until pMd, and a Uen being retained on the property sold to stujyHJ the pay- n\«mt of the purchase money. , Given under my hand this 28th d*y of Augutt, 1932, F. Y. TRIMBWB .. * Commissioner in Chancery AUK, 88 • Sept. S RankinW.II Have Time to •Cool Off Now By JAMES MABLOW WASHINGTON Wi Jcihn Ftiinkin will huvo tlino to cool off now, Foi 1 must of his life he's In'i'ii IIM lu'llvi: nnd bln/tnu us a man with (I h«N of nuttcho.s on fire In his lllp (foclii't. Hunkln, tlu ( th'clcsK clininpion of white suprunuicy who h;nl hli< hnnd culled on tlu! floor of llu> Iliiiuu' Inn around worthy Ilia- "klkt.-" nnd' (>,f Ri.'i>ro.ientut(VfH for tlir<nv- ItiK around words Ilko "klko" nnd "No«ro" won't th! buck noxt year. Ho hnd Ijt'tin a tnrmbiM- of the Houttu fr.om 'MlHslsslppl for IW yunrs, This wut'k the voters of lUa iHiitc< turned him down fur renoin- Inullon in fnv*nr of 11 fellow oon- jli-vx.'iiiuui, Thoinns Aburnothy, who U 'ID, At 70. still lively us ! n boy, Hankin |n ont' of those old-men who never si'om bruised by the shov- IIIK imnmd tlmb Klvos (hciu. KVIMI lUa while hnli" seems to Kluiut up In con.stunt IndiKnation. Unliko Kunut of hln poiuliM'ous fi'lliuv inoinbiti'8, far yininxcr, Hun- Kin otnilil bu oli Ids feet In itn uyu- biink for u fight with his mouth or hl.t tlst.-i. Stxv didn't Cur.e htm. ills follow moniborfl, president or oven the Supreme Court wpro nil linnets for his tongue ami his Only fiame scheduled. THURSDAY'S RESULTS Brooklyn 9; Chicago (! New York 14; Pittsburgh 7 Cincinnati 5; Boston 4 (11 FRIDAY'S SCHEDULE jiua pum opruiK we were in a Brooklyn at Chicago — Loes (12- little bight behind Point Lutouchf fil '"' Rutherford (5-4) vs Hacker up In Yakutut Bay. When we <ll-0i. dropped anchor the wind w>as ""'" quartering offshore so that mtin and boat smells were carried away Iroin the snow filled valley that run five or six miles back Into Cincinnati 5; Boston 4 (11 Inthe mountain*. On a slide between lldll and 1000 yards up the valley, we spotted ii younj! brownie, out of hibernation unwisely early, obviously on llir<j)rowl lor feed. Jlls aimless wanflt»rlnn carried him Ihmuiih a patch of alders uncl out onto iinothiT snow ptilcli a flood HOI) yanls furlh'er from us, still i|iillr unsuspicious of anythinu in but his own empty Notlet No. WStt in the Chancery Court of mi » , % m P*MJ»4 County, Ark, KUitt) May YouiiKblood Plaintiff. Leonard Yotingblood., ! 0*t<mdimt WARNING ORDER , ty$o#ar£ Youn* CT» l.iT^IK- to «§*«.,» W* »«$ \JthjH Wf|y,d«Js»MlMW»r '" '' ataMIfcBttel Se»t ft. U Lodlti JW v * K! j RUTH ^uigk SSH0P l^rviet In IMS ho swuntf on Frank Hook a fellow Democrat from Michigan. Hook, ono-tlmo Iron ore miner, was ft lot bigger man. Kanklu had ac> I'used Hook of consorting with Con\munlst»( When Hook called him a liar, Kankln swunj. Cou\n\unlsni waw on his n\ind, Ho wan one of the moat enthusiastic Comnuinlst-huntci's of his time, a pursuit he developed us chairman ol the House Un-American Activi- lien Committee. He wan equally attentive to, and t'HUitlly iiK»lnst, any civil rights moves by tho Democratic administration. Ho wit* strictly for ,sogro- Jiulion ot Noyvoes, ! At the same time he championed the Tennessee Valley Authority, rural electrification, and war veterans. Veterans were his special province. He wns chairman of the Ik'use VeHuuus Committoo. liut tor attentiveness to his job, he set an example. Up at six in the morn inn, he got down ta his olfico before any of bis stuff. And he knew his way around Con^res ^ few men did. In spite of his shrewdness, events he couldn't control were Nankin's undoing. He lost his job through a reorganization of Congress. lit 18 previous elections Kankin had squeaked thrviugh. or breezed through, depending' on who his opponent was.' Ho might have kept doing that Uwkfiuitely v But this y«ar the 'Mississippi Leg- islstur*. over his . protests, combined his congressional district with .vftftt ot Aberneth>- who hu« bev* a «HQU«« member 10 years and tho two men, had to fight each other for the omrseat. FCC to Rule on TV Channels WASHINGTON, W — Four com- puntes bidding for two television ch»i\n«l» in Little Rock wit) present their cases b» competitive hearings orderec! y«ste»xtay by the Federal Communications Commis- tU.r world bully. Su(ldi..|il,v llu- bout veered around und'T <i misty breeze thiit eddied nrouiul the point nnd up the valley Tliii'i.- in- four minutua later we »(iw that bt>nr whip to attention, Inkc u healthy lungful of tainted nlr. and then sturt alona the slope u way Irom us as hiird as ho cotilil ««'• , i With it noHCful of danger, '. a bluck'benr will ordinarily m for the "heavy timber without l Itnllon in Just this same CuH but a brown bear or grizzly, of the local boiler works until ho had aequired education about • (hq throat mankind offers, may nol nlwnys be In such u sweat to depart a tainted iireu, Only u pair of seasons BKO a frlund was obliged to shoot a bear thot had seen him clearly movthg hod obviously winded him, niid had heard him yelling, but ^till kept eomln{{ In with deadly pur- posofulness. That brownie luiit earlier been wounded by some trlBB'er-happy nincompoop, and to it man smell meant merely an opportunity for revenge. Usually even the bin bears take uny taint of man as reason for ItiwInK a dale over the ridRc — nnd they can pick" up the slightest trace. Not Just camp smoke, wlileli doesn't bother them too much, but merely the trace of human scent occasioned by a careless touch of a IOK by the trail, » brush against a bush, or even, believe it or not the prints i>f wet i libber boots on stream gravel. (Distributed by NKA Service) Top Radio Programs to- NEW YORK Wt—Listening night: NBC—7:30 Bob and Ray; 8 Marion Lanza Show; 8:30 Music by Mantonvani. CBS—7 Muslcland USA; 8 Hi« Time Variety; 8:30 Steven Allen Show. ABC—7 Top Guy Drama; 7:30 This is FBI; B Newsstand Theater, MBS—7 Symphonic Strings; 7:30 Grill'io fields Show; B:03 Magazine Theater. • Saturday Scheduling: NUC—7:30 a.m. Howdy Doody. . CBS—10:05 a.m. Let's Pretend. . . ABC-r-8 a.m No School Today . , -MBS—10:30 a.m u S Marine band . .Basebull—MBS Game of Day Network 1:55 Chicago at Cincinnati. Teacher: "There U direct and indirect taxation. Give me an ex- amplp ol Indirect taxation." Pupil: "The dog tav. ma'am." Teacher: "How is that?" Moridlon/ Natchez Playoff Winrvm The FCC said Arkansas Television ComtMWxy «iv^, Arkansas Ra- 4i» and Ko,ujbj(m«iWt:eompftn>' both h»v« ^^ toH-HF Chounel 4; anti mtteer. Hill & Aivare« *M VHf Ark»ns|i» Broadcastini Com ------ tor VHF By Th« A»»oelat«d Pr«»» Meridian and Natchez hold a one edge in Uve Cotton States League baseball playoff because both teams made a few hits so u long way. MerWianu the pennant winner, turned back Monroe's fourth place invaders V 5 - *ithouJih ouUut 10- J, Hatches was AS poor a host, jumping Gfwnwofld 1-3 altoufh g«i- tu>« oui>- {Jy* hits- Natche* fini- teeond * ''.'I 1 By The Associated Prets 73 72 07 54 54 55 72 37 93 L Pet 40 .072 50 .593 55 .507 .540 .430 .439 .433 57 (10 GO Life Story of Dizzy Dean Opens Sunday The cry of "play ball" with tho accompanying excitement of All- Star games, shut-ouj pitching, all sparkling plays and Dizzy Dean's garbled English will rfivc the Saenger Theatre h World Series atmosphere when "The Pride of St. Louis" starring Dan Dailey and Joanne Dm plays there Sunday and Monday. The picture narrates the life story of Jft-omo' Herman Do;in, I the gifted athlete who clowned his; way ncross the nntlon.il scene for i reven semesters to become a base! ball Imniurta!. Among the highlights shown on i the screen us the story of the lov-' able, /any pitcher unfolds are 'the 1934 All-Star game in Washington, the 1934 World Scries between the St. Ijouls Cardinals nnd the Detroit Tigers, which climaxed the year in which the famous "Mo nnd Paul" combination amassed the total of J 49 victories, 30 for Dizzy and 19 for Daffy, who went on to win two gomes each in the series 1 and the 1938 World Series between I the Chicago Cubs and the Now York Yankees. Such familiar base-' ball figures as Frankic Krlsch and the famous "Gas House Gang" of the Cards are depicted in the film. Dan Dailey who plays the role of the fabulous "Dizzy" trained for three months with Ike Dunning one time backstop for the St. Louis Browns, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Angels, to perfect the pitching style of the famous Dean. In the coiu-se of the picture, fons will see action In twelve different baseball parks including St. Louis, Chicago, Washington, Detroit and several minor league cities. Dean was born at Lucas, Arkansas, and began his baseball career at Little Rock. Several Arkansas towns are referred to in the film. SPORTS ROUNDUP , By QAYUB TAUBOT, YORK. (* — The Giants' own writers gave up on them a few days ago West, and so it may be recorded with finality that the remarkable baseball saga which began approximately a year ago has at hist come to an end. The men who travel with Leo Durochcr's athletes say they suddenly seemed to realize that lightning was not gSing to strike them* for the second time, and that the spark which had sustained them through a season of adversity has flickered and «one out. The defending league champfcms, they agree, will be fortunate to beat 'out tin' St. Louis Cardinals for second mom y. Actually, for a ball club which soared to the heights the Giants dkl lust September in overtaking tin Dodgers and clawing their wr.yj ir>U> tlu; World Series, there cam bo little incentive to finish second, i After such an experience as that. | it has to be either first nor noth- inj;. There's no in-between. The conviction here still is strong that they would have won I'hilarlolphla 10; St. Louis AMERICAN LEAGUE W 7-1 L r>:i Pet ,. r >l!3 .fi(i7 .. r )!)3 .524 .. r i2() .5111 .403 .330 New York Cleveland 72 fifi Hiistun (ill fifi riiiiadi'iphin <;;> nu Chicago (ill (il Washington (if, m Kt. Louis 52 77 Detroit . 43 1H FRIDAY'S SCHEULE Washington at New York — Mas- torsnu l7-G) vs Haschi (15-31 Huston nt Philadelphia — (2-twi- r.ightl EJolpck (4-5) and Urodowski (5-4i vs Schelb (9-4) anil Bishop (1-0). Cleveland at ^Detroit — Lc-mon (l(l-9i vs Trucks (5-lfi) THURSDAY'S RESULTS Philadelphia 0; Boston 4 (second game postponed, rain) Cleveland 9-1; Datrolt 3-4 (twi- night) Only games scheduled. SOUTHERJ) ASSOCIATION W L 77 oa» 7(i 07 78 HI! 70 .. ~ Pet Chattanooga 77 $% .554 Atlanta 7(i 07 .531 New Orleans 76 HI! .528 Memphis 72 70 .507 Mobile ' 72 70 .507 Nnshvillo G8 72 .486 Littlo Hock 65 75 .404 Birmingham BO 82 .423 Last Night's Results Llttlo Hock 2; Chattanooga 1 Memphis 7; Nashville 2 Mobile U-i); New Orleans 1-8 Atlanta 3; Birmingham 0 Tonight's Games Memphis at Little Rock (2) Atlanta at Birmingham Chattanooga at Nashvillo Mobile ' at New Orleans Mobile May Aid Lookouts in Drive By STERLING SLAPPEY .Associated Press Sports Writer If Chattanooga wins the Southern Association pennant it will bo with a big assist from Mobile. First off Mobile belted New Orleans 9-1 in a regular seven-inning affair. Then, in the second game of the doublcheadcr. Mobile did it again, only not as dosively — 9-8 in 11 Innings. Chattanooga, meanwhile, lost to Little Rock, 2-1. Atlanta managed to win for n change, 3-0, over Birmingham and recaptured second place from New Orleans. Atlanta. is three games buck of Chattanooga and New Orleans in 3'-j. All Chattanooga could get off little Verne Williamson was five hits. The only run came on Roy Hawes' homer. Little Rock scored both runs in the fourth on four singles, a walk and sacrifice. Atlanta showed some animation in winning from Birmingham. Earlier in the day the Atlanta Journal said a good source predicted that Cracker Manager Dixie Walker would not be back next year. Just after the story appeared Walker got booted out of the game in Birmingham. He protested too , long ever a close play. Birmingham's John Minarcin also was chased. Ho beat his bat on the ground in clis- fiust. Memphis and Mobile arc tied for fourth after Memphis defeated Nashville, 7-2. Don Nicholas of the Chicks stole his 77th and 7lilh bases leavim; him only threu short of the record. it again if their lineup had remained Intact and Sat Mnglle hnd not sprung an ache in his back. Maybe the Giants of '51 will not go down as one of the great clubs § of history, but they were plenty good, and they gave the fans of the nation a thrill which may never be equalled. As for Leo Durocher, who has been getting batted around of late, our honest opinion is that he has done a more, skillful job ot managing this year than he did last. Just keeping his club's spirit up and keeping it in the race as long as he did in the face of its mani-j fold misfortunes called for ability* of a 'high order'. The truth is tnat-once the Giants started rolling last year there wasn't a great deal for the dandy little manager to do except name a starting pitcher and then stand from under. This year he has had his problems, and serious ones. They began April 3 that afternoon in Denver, to be exact, when Monte Iry- in, his big runs-batted-in man, )>.| broke an ankle in an exhibition game. i After that it was Willie May, one of the most exciting young stars in years, leaving for the Army. Then Larry Jansen losing the edge of his effectiveness and Mag- He hurting his back and Bobby Thomson mysteriously losing hir, fielding touch at third base. If ever a pilot had to operate from clay to day and improvise almost*. J by the inning, it has been Duro-"' ( chcr. Durocher's $45,000-a-year contract expires with the final game on Sept. 28, and he no doubt will be in.their slugging to have it renewed for a period of years. President Horace Stoneham is understood to favor a year-to-year pact with his pilot from here on; Reports that Stoneham has soared on Leo for his recent Umpire trouble and resultant five-day j suspension may be discounted. Tho two arc kindred spirits, in a way, and Leo is Horace's boy. That is, as of now. LEGAL HOLIDAY The Banks of .Hope will not be open MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1952 In Observance of Labor Day CITNZEKTS NATIONAL BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Meridian 1 Natchez l Greenwood 0 Monroe 0 Cast Night's Results Merdinn 4; Monroe 3 Natchez 7; Greenwood 3 Tonight's Games Greenwood at Natchez Monroe at Meridian Pet 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville 4-0 Chiu-leston 1-0 Columbus 3-2 Indianapolis 1-0 Kansas City 10 St. Paul 2 Milwaukee 14 Minneapolis 3 PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Scaramento 5 Portland 0 San DICKO 3-2 Seattle 2-10 Oakland 5 San Francisco 0 Hollywood 3 Los Angeles 2 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION AUtmta 3 Birmingham 0 yttle Jjtook 2 Chattanooga 1 , Memphis 7 Nashville 2 M"bUo 9-9 New Orleans 1-8 TEXAS LEAGUE Oklahoma City 3-4 Tulsa 1-0 Dallas 2-2 Fort Worth 0-0 Shreveport 10 Houston 3 Beaumont » San.Antonio 5 WESTERN LEAGUE , Penver 6 Colorado Springs 2 Sioux City at Des Moines post- rain. at Lincoln postponed. piece, with Greenwood In third. Tonight's games will be played at Meridian and Natchez again. Meridian's Bobby Harrison, a 24-#tu»e winner during the regular season, was tight in the clutches fi|«ijist Monroe last night after his teajnmutes gave him a two-run «<he In the first frarr.c. HO/ Js.vne pitched three-hiv ball tea Natchez and his mates got flv* ofif two Greenwood Hurlers. A B«n4r slam home run by Mana- pf Twy Mitchell put Natchez ahead in the first inning. Third Baseman Dpa Allen got her with the base* empty in third. Build your wardrobe around a STYLE-MART Suit Membley $1.50 up Interwoven Socks 65cto$1.50 Tht Btif C/of/img Value In Amvfca Today Reisrol Hats $7.50 to $12.50 45.00 Compare the Dollar Value! Arrow Skirls $3.95 The Best Clothing Value In America Today... that's a Style-Mart suit. You can feel the quality In Style-Mart's 'exclusive fabrics... see the quality in Style- Mart's master-tailoring. Build your wardrobe around a Style* Mart suit... and you'll always be well dressed) Come In now while stocks are complete. AIR - CONDITIONED HERBERT I HAVE NO MAIL FO£ YOU Dogs and Cats to Previous Puitl* ; OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* HORIZONTAL 3 Times dogs 1 Mal« cat . ?. nd cats 4 Great dog 4 Women 8 Dog and cat e i s!an8) doctors SPrayers 12 Piece out 2 f,f a ,T ym P, h 13 State I^? r ^ lmit 14 Century plant 8 , '" d . .15 Constellation „ iT.t icBto , rs . 16 Diving duck » Otherwise •—« 18 Kind of cat 10 D "| ve « n ?» « Rant 20 Recompenses obliquely 28 Jap seaport ------ " Indian u T 1 ft 1 m A P B B U o R A 1 s B 0 B l_ l_ 1 M A t> L. B O 1 O V A T U B a b B P b e T e u E t> O q> r B M S 1 o R 1 A ft \ N rt T O M A C r A ^ Nl B A 9 F. A 9 S l» JO T A C A 0 T 1- N B: ^ U ^ B I. f4 f •t T IS N A t? IS ' ff S. H S C» |2IPalmllke ' plants 27 Detailed weights , 28 Short letter 42 "Go away, cat!" 43 Weight in India •p] an ts welkins , ^oonori letter India 22 Roman dat« 17 Punish by 29 Let it stand 44 Hebrew 24 Dry fining ' ,31 Gazed fixedly measure 26 Scent 19 Ocean <i| 33 Puff up 4G Seth's si 27 Abstract being., Currents ;* 38 Great (preflx)47 Love god 30 Most crippledI " Entrances 40 Lock of hair 48 Tardy • 32 Leopnrdliku 24 Wmg-shapqd 41 Place within 50 Theory $ 32 Leopnrdliku cot 34 Zoroastrian scripture 35 Pertain 36 Legal matters 37 Weapons 39 Encourage 40 Actual 41 Japanese : statesman 42 Shop <4 Army officer 40 Comic actor? 51 Eucharistiq 1 wine cup 52 Malt beverages 53 Blackthorn 54 Small child 55 Sailors 56 Greatest > ;57 Before l" VERTICAL 1 Group oj • , players n • : • 8 Vegetable. 1 IZ IS" 10 W Jt W M K I 3 *» » ^ 1 IS It •^ '/*/. % 37 j S ^ '^ ^ W 1 S>b fc ' zz ^ •'^ .•'//f- ISB 7 '//.-/ ^ f/ /' ti' n •» W, 17 26 ^ B IN ^ »i" !»» t rt l il 57 10 28 b" 11 • Z9 1 t 18 j 2? POM'T >DU DARE THROW THAT OUT THE WINDOW.' HOW YOU EVER OOT PR.OMOTEP TO MACHIM- IST BOSS, WHEW VOU . C.^M'T TURM A KEy < OM A CAM --1 DON'T 1 KNOW HOW you KEEP AKJ AUTO OM THE ROAP' T'M ,.; „,,., *' THE MASTER MECHANIC' OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplo BUT I 6HOULDM-T HAVE- ] WE CAiM'T POOLDIS yeRe FILLY IFALA6, AR^M'iTlCB / Too ' — MO MORE, MlSTAH MAJOR.' & TPOE/ 1. WAS AMAZEol -- - 6HE FOUMD DOT "TH 1 SUM tB» VJHENi -3HE LAGSED^ A ,, ^- , «B» A 8M:> LAST TODAY, " AM 1 THASS VMHEM AS * -.-..... > 6ne PREFERC-. TO LA K Ik HER ' _ , HERE- AMD -THERE MAK- 6IT^ )\ |Sl(3 'SPEECHES ItJ "\ V^ISE TO HEJ5 J:^ •EKCUSEs) ' Jk££$fl Pff&>^ •*,] 1DENT/ CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Copr. 1952 by NEA S.rvic.. Inc. &-2 V 1-=^ hf^^^^r fr; FOR f . ''',-\ I --'^ .«Vi~ -'V k .J*>- ..^1 •;*%. 8-21 |c»»f. mjtrn FUNNY BUSINESS [MAJORS f RUMMIES,' J BUT '• [gATTLE-AK l6ri'Ta , By Hershbcrger "I'm terribly sorry I couldn't get you that raise, Miss Sneed! Unfortunately, it's not the company lap you sit on!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith I "it's a nose-marker-— I need new glasses!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser I KISS YOUR HAMO MADAM Sue 13 BOUT/ weVe ear ID DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE StOPPY MANNERS OF cue. YMATES/ SATHER AROUMD/ Tffl * * t "| h*v»n't g9i>i to let Now MERE'S WHAT -B22 VIC FLINT WHY, IT'S TW& NICE SUV RACK WA& HINJfi AffOL A,VN. CAN I ACTUKB A C0f5 XWWO KNOCKW? WJT... PRIBMO 0«WN WASH TUBBS ByLeilletu BILLY H*9 /W& Pfvp \e> AT A CRITICMi , .. BEEM ^ULUEW IN Hl£ OWN FIGHT FOR REHftBIL DEFlNWr \irr\TIOM. I HWE HIM TO KNOW , ^LL MOWS, V^ WB - VE FMLEP WITH THB BOY, HE SEEMS 1H6RES PORTV 1 ' 6RKNP IM THEIR YMBaw ON PAROLBi W40 THBVRB WATCHIM PRBTTV CLO#B. to WITH PA5TV-5UUG ' AiPBJ WE'LL BB LOVER'. HNTB.TO K]&K PULLIM 1 (^ OB NOVV FOft HOUSE SO I CAM *flT FOR TH' J061 ILE. YOU GOT V CASH, KIP? TO RE5PECT ROulS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar •'**•» HIXON'S ISLfttsJD ? :<*.)/, W.'JV.^HMfS; "V.l' iJPO. \.rt-*.- 1 ' "'a? 1 K;*:i? ; fl^^sP- wfcj£M WZ&XKWf-y • ;'?*?,< . "ifc'MRKSJfc BUGS BUNNY THIS ONE'S SOT NlCH PEBL IT/ NO HURRY, CICBRQ 0UT WHEN M/SKB UP NSINP UBT MB KNOW... ALLEY OOP By ,V. C Haml EHPOH.NO.JT /MEBBE HE MET I MATTER, JOE? WA.S NOTHING,,. ONE OF THOSE MU&T A tin EM \ SAUCERS EVERV AW, H YOU'D f MV IMACINA1ION ( BODY'S 3EEIN'A BUNK! A /OK N^Ylit JUST V THE6E DAV6. .' / A TOUCH OF . INDIGESTION. iBWKMJ CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteor By Michael O' JEEPE-IZ.v,r-/ TWITfEP TO KNOW ,,. HOW out: 1 OVE PIKP^ \ gl>T, UH ... WE , ... / ]MI6HT TAKE ^ PE-EJi! THEM £ PUNCH

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