Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 24
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 24

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 24
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• \ ^ !r ^_ . .**.-' Jrfhpfoet HB, SlirtWhower bring* hi* nt» for tt? on« the OOP it tt«mmot of Little In of the reception thft only Roiwbiicftfi who hold* n major itald yettord*y that l Mac- fncliidc* tho building flfflrtftw wnn born, lime of ortivnl moved up yontcrdny *to i p. m, (CRT). He 9 p, m. and fly to I, I. Stilt Mow toy f«r 'i Poot ,,_ to 8 d»/», If net jfMOo back. watch ih« skin tfough off to l>» irintftltHv »liri. out ln> —Adv UTtLB n«X:K ^fV- More than h»l» of t,litle n<M*'» tmlrni fir*. fnon vot»d l«»t nl»Ht to In which to »lrlK« lh« city hl«her w«ft«*. Tofnfld down w»x.'»lftdly by th« City Council In their bid for « fmy rnU», t» «»f the 134 union flr«». m«fi vol«J (« o«k ihe Aft, Intr- ,ti»t»»n«f A*iKWI»tl«i of ,flr4rtt*hler« U» mnctlori n utrlkc Th« ili«ni«n nf«> fl»kert B commltiw to study fodornl law* »ml Civil Survico rcg- tilfltlon* for »ny |m«)ilb|p lo«»li prohibition ««»ln»t Hrlklng the' city, Highway Dept, Settlements Total $46,500 ItAt, MOM, ay' ARKANSAS nlnh( the city nsodd moro flr*> •!»• linns And flremnn nrul thin problem rnu*t bn unlvp'l bffnra nny p«y IxHt^U cnn b« mutlfl, Thfl union «l*o formart « c»>m- lo doflk nld from city fou»l- In tholr fl«ht with the cniint'll. Rpifiinol Knld hn "would be vory htijjpy to flld tho ffrrnon In talklna with bu»lno»«rnen," Tho union Id nookln« n flrndunlod ncnln of rnlinii which would hike UK., pny of hnHemon from fill) to 1240 monthly; the ehlof from |400 to 1419, NOW PEN FOR BUSINESS ffi Our New Location 110 EAST 2ND | (NEXT DOOR TO PENNEY'S) Sf COM! IN Ar4D SEE OUR NEW STORE and,.. IWATCH FOR FORMAL OPENING NEXT WEEK Oklahoma H5L&SUPPLY co. PRICl VAN BUflRN, -HJI— Settlement* tnlull!n« Hfl.SOO were M warded two Alma. Ark,, Inndownant yenterday In niiltf brought njtnlnul the fttAtt* Highway Deportment. A Crnwford County Circuit Court jury granted the judgement! to Tom Crlntello unrt W, n By«ar« Mffftlnftl Highway 64, Job 4.197, Propert}' lnvo)ved In the utilU Included l»rtd north and p»»t of Almn which w»« cnndomnnd for right-of-way on ihe new cut-off between Highway'* 7) nnd 04, By am won awnrdod $25,000 for fl.4fl iicre* of Intul by tho Jury. He h«d nuked $34, 40ft. Th* Jury grnntiJd ChrUtcllo $21,- flfll) of |M,flll7 00 ho hnd rixked for two plots of ground •— ow totaling 0.073 ncrcni tho othrr 1.310 ncren. Attorney Phillip II. Uth. representing tho Highway Department. Kflld he mny tile nn npponl, The Jury rocvinod until today n ten ring on the cnxo of H. O. At- dinner, who nook* $3,750 for two plot*, ono of 1.033 aer«>» nnd the Other of 1,4180 aero*. Rlght-of-wny coiitfi the* now 4- HIIO rond were Investigated enrllor lil» year by the Highway Audit ^nmmlNMlon In Its probe of Highway Department opnrallonR. ' Tlio IA Cwa» told that »» much aa 1,000 por ncru wiu paid for the Ight-of-wny. Thursday, August 2ft, - - - •*•'.'. BAR STOOLS BAR AN ACCIDENT—S. A. Nctopulas, Pittsburgh, Pu., restaurant owner, came up with a novel ui« (or bar stools, lie waa transporting a batch of them to hU rcitaurant when he got ft flat tire. U«lng the stools, he erected the roadblock seen »bove to protect him as he fixed it. DOROTHY DIX Persecution Complex Man Charged With Slaying His Niece RIVERSIDE, Calif., W --John li»wranco. 37, was formally charged yentorday with the murder of Kuthryn Welln. hlit 10-yenr- old niece, limt Aug. 10, Tlio mun orlMlnnlly wns booked pe Lawrence, The complnlnl yes- lordny KBVO tho nnrno as Lawrunce. which Is tho w/iy thn fait) lly spelts the nnmo, Tho victim's nnmo was listed «« Wolls, nlthou«h she had Informally adopted the name of her stnpfnther, Erwln Knodol. Her fnth«r Is Wilfred W«llo of Van Nuys, Cnllf. Prollmlnny henrjng /or Lnw- raneo WHS sot for^cptt. 1Q, but It may not be held If the"gritnri Jury INBUOH nn Indictment. Offlclnls snld tho nmtlar will be pi'tjavntod to the Krnnd Jury todny or early next week. ' Stnt i' physchlntrlstx exnmlnod Ijawrence yostcrduy and reported ''no sign of Insanity." Dear Miss Dlx: For several I ondrd l>y his mother. yeiirs I hnve been forced out of "YOUNG" DRAFTEES HARRISON. N. Y., (UP—Mr*. Angelo Longo said today she be came more amused than indignant when her son, Robert, received a draft card from a nearby Selective Service board. Bobby is li months old. Stevenson Is Waltzing Ike In to a Corner By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON Ml — Gov. Stevenson, reminded' by President Truman to' watch his steps. Is trying to waltz Gen. Eisenhower Into a corner, When photographers were turning him around to get a good shot of him during his visit here a few,. . , weeks SRO. Stevenson quipped: ••il body can 1 tantl u haven't been so much trouble" since ecls " So * hcr * n •, , l ? :isenhow "*• •*•*• ., „ i _i „ „ _| n t I7 rt I I it Ini-itr i* mr\vn The Atlantic Ocean reaches depth ^ 27,022 ft., about 45 miles north of Puerto Rico. tic policy only now are they slowly and reluctantly accepting the ideas successfully sponsored by the Democratic party years ago. "As to their pattorm, well, on a bushel no- poRltinn after position, duo to pen- Miss Dlx: My wife nnd I ','.''u* . PU . r . H ". n _" 1 . " l !. ln . l '.T." n u tli!tl ^7i «ft alm.K fine except for one thine ...u ,. ...television. After ;* day's work I like ID v^ntch television, but my wlff wants nu; to discuss the hap- of the clay. 1 do devote time to her but she doesn't it onouyh. HORACE Answer: Television has created tin- same problem in many, mnny RB-BUECTED NORTH LlTTt.E HOCK I/B M. K. WIckur of Hlythcvllli' yes- tei'dny wns ro-eluctedpri'sldont of the young people of the South Con- trnl District of tho Pentecostal Church of God at a convention hero. '* 14 Tho dJHtrlct Inaludos Arkansas imd Southern Missouri. It hflH come to o point where it i» ImpogRiblc! for me to obtain steady employment. I have received very hl|(h marks on pro employment testn nnd am very careful of my grooming, but people simply don't liko me, Dccuimc of these experiences, t hnvc developed a dislike and fear of people. MIU.Y Answer: You have developed n persecution complex and, unless you cnn effect a cure yourself with simple measures, you hud best seek export medical and psychiatric treatment. There is definitely some reason for your continual loss of employment. No one cnn so constantly bo the object of personal dislike unless there is un underlying cause .somewhere. Obviously, It must be within yourself. It Is up to you to discover nnd eradicate the bnsis for your unpopularity, If you can't do this iilone, see a doctor, as I have already suKKesUni. Analyze Your Shortcomings A thorouxh analysis of your own .,,,,, .,, ,,,. ,. shortcomings Is In order. You state PA'"^ »" — Winding, up her that you are careful of your groom '"'"' "' *<»<;»l>e. Miss Margaret inn but are you sure the care is! 1 "" n ' T ' v ;- (1 »J crc today by udeciuate? Soap and water ol c nii-| lri " n from Osl °' Norway. The President's daughter was honit-s. Vour wife should be fill for a husband whose only vice- is wntchlns TV nnd you should be grateful for n wife who Is so interested in your day that she wants lo know everything you do in it. Try to effect n compromise and roEili/.r that television, if allowed to monopolize your attention, can ruin a happy marriage. Kelciised by Tin; Bell Syndicate, Inc. Miss Truman Back in Paris Dierks Company to Disolve Town FORESTKR. —</rV- This Scot County humlet, founded 21 years ago to house the employes of a big lumber company, will fold up curly next year. The 1,100 residents of Forester learned yesterday that the Dierks Lumber and Coal Company, which owns and operates everything in Forester, will discontinue its oper- tions here. Resident Manager W. A. McKc- own confirmed that operations would cense, and said depletion of timber supplies in the area led to the decision by the company's di rectors last week in Kansas City. Some employes will be absorbed in other operations of Dierks, said McKeown, but the remainder of the labor force will be cut loose. McKeown said the job of shuting down the plant's many diversions .should bo completed by the first of the year. The sawmill will discontinue operations next Tuesday, he said, while the planning mill and shipping department wil operate until current lumber stocks arc exhausted. All machinery and the 275 com pany-owned homes will be sold, the manager said. f was in dancing school." At least his political dancing seemed a little rusty for he stepped smack on Truman's toes. And, like a man with bunions, Truman showed ho didn't like it. This is what had happened: Over a week ago, in a letter to an editor, Stevenson said he would if elected, clean up the "mess" in Washington; Asked about this at his news conference last Thursday, Truman snapped he knew of no mess. Then, asked if he felt he was a target. Truman said the Democratic party had to run on the record of the Roosevelt-Truman administrations — that's all it could run on. Meanwhile, Eisenhower publicly approved some of the social legislation placed on the books under the Democratic administrations ol the past 20 years. This gave Stevenson an oppor tunity to needle' Eisenhower with a crack about being a "me tooer" Still, one of the oddities of this campaign is that the New Dea and the "Fair Deal" — at leas under those names — have hardly figured in this campaign although they were issues in previous presidential races. But last yesterday, at a Democratic rally in New Jersey, Steven son showed that in a week's time he had polished up on his political dancing. He came out with lavish praise of Democratic doings for The last 20 years. Speaking of his party, he said: "There have been mistakes, there have been failures, there have been false starts. There may be more, er> stand? Well, it looks more and more as though he were going .o stand on our platform. . . ." Stevenson talked of'the 20-year Democratic administration but not is a New Deal or a "fair" one. Since hes pretty nimble with words may have had a reason or maybe he just doesn't like slogans. Still, Stevenson tried lo make this speech do double duty. It could serve to reassure Truman Democrats about him. And it was a wide open taunt to Eisenhower to show whether he was ^a "me tooer". Wl w jwi' IV >< 'KWry ^r Tfr • ^^ : . mmr m ^ Serving You Sine* 1896 ••••••••••••••••(••••••^••••••••••••^•••i 4 ROLLS SOFT CHARMIN . SERVE Cured 55 39 STAR.KIST GREEN LABEL A 4* Tiiiii nru 7Q 62 C TUNA FISH 2 ^ 10 LB. BAG GODCHAUX Or iim^ AI% UROISUI c Pet Milk often isn't enough. From ht'iul to foot you must be immiu-ii- Into — scrubbed und polished to the ninth degree. Having eliminated the possibility of personal offunse ns a reason FUUU EMBASSIES WASHINGTON —I/PI— The State Department announced today that i U. S. legations In Lebanon, Syria j and Hashemite Jordan are being ", «'«*"";•'»'>"•'«£»'••' Y U-aised to full-fledged embassies, greeted by 1 heodore C. Achilles, i minister -counsellor of the American Embassy. The President's daughter is to board the liner United Slates t'uis *£ lor your unncceptubility, takoj afternoon for stock of your disposition. K you U.S. are n cuustlc, sarcastic Individual look no further. No other typo uf person is so thoroughly disliked. Are you more apt to set! the bud points of your fellow workers ihu.i their good ones? Do you embark on a new job with the iissunuicc that you already know everything n bout the work, in fact know inori 1 than the employees who aru iil- retuty un the job'.' If you proceed to l«t everyone know thut you consider yourself superior, popularity will fly out this window. Perhaps you huvcltervous mannerisms that lire distracting to tlvusu who worn with you. Whatever tho cause, bo assured thut very few people dislike others tor i to reason at all. The number of misanthropes in the world is small. On the contrary, most lolks tiro very unxious to make new irlends and ucquuntimcus and arc inclined to be most cordial to a loweomer in the oflico. It is scarcely plausible that you have unfortunately come in contact with tho entire gamut of truculent people. Whatever your difficulty stems rom, the cause is undoubtedly curable. You aro not at peace with the world yourself, und this pence uust be acquired, before you can luce people with confidence. Constructive reading will also offer remedies. You live in a city loUtd for its tine libraries, untl u local librarian will be glad to us sist you in locating helptul litoru- ur«. Also in your city are ehur- ch«s of several denominations, whoso pastors specialize in helping the distraught. Your civic infor- nation center will help you locate .hem You are an intelligent woman. Hop blaming others tor your troubles; ferret out tht reason why y«u nuke such a poor impression and overcome it. her return to tho GOOD COMBINATION DALTON, Gn., (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Eisenhower said today they had named thuir infant son Adlai Stevenson Eisenhower. but the blazing record of growth nnd change and progress we have written in these two memorable deeade's can never be drowned in oratory and epithet. "The Republicans are split wide open on foreign policy. On domes- SEPT. 12 thru 20 Featuring EDDY ARNOLD and Host of Great Attraction MORE THAN 1000 FREE EXHIBITS WANTED LUMBER STACKERS # • • Please apply at the ARKANSAS EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 201 East 2nd Street ^»^' 0 ;«>—'" '\l thtr tmnchft:!. in locker mcimv |>ubhr sliowerj, at tlii;)»».! you nuy be vxpo«e<l (o inf.'Uuius nthlcte't foot At Ihr tir»l signs <K)\in criicktug or (HvluiK bolwtwn tlm Iocs i coil' suit your diKlur Tur tre:ilintut. \\Vn lie prcscnlxa. turn 10 Our Ktylittnd Pbaiaaclil PrticripiiaA S*rv(e* JOHN P. (OX DRUG CO, DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY COUPON DRUG STORE 7 G WHITE ENVELOPES Lara« at Small With this Coupon Special.' Reg. 15c PLASTIC SOAP BOX Big Bags Rubber Bands . I 100 ASPIRIN U. S. P. 5-GRAIN (Limit 1) PALMOLIVE S 3-23 400 TISSUES FACIAL QUALITY (Limit I) IPANA Ammonlafod Chlorophyll Rtg. 89e PtrUction Cold Cream i Fiesh, delicate io3e-»cented Shave^ Lotion with PALMOLIVE , Lather Sh«v« I SMA POWERED MILK | j Qnn Pnund • * HELPS for SCHOOL One Pound IX-a r Miss Uix: 1 have known Job tor two years. He recently cturned from overseas mid wanted me to come see him at cump before h« was discharged. V>' didn't thUik U right (or me , «nd 1 agree with them. However Bob c«nnol Miidersland it. He 24, and 1 am 21. Would U tea wrong (or me to go see him *t his home on my vacs Uou? His iMirenls, of course, would oe there. JAnswer: You and your parents are perfectly ri«ht on the ca question. Atter his bang absence from home, Bob is understandably anxious to see the people be loves, and just canivot see any rea why the mo|| apparent solution to ^J* urobtem isn't teasible. U Bob's p*r«nt* «»viie you lo would b* proper U go on the boy 1 * Zl >P«r Note Book ti .eoHier ^ • • • 51. fotafit or Atfwtt Glycerine [Suppositories; 33 ••• ~W ,-w^m < « CASTOR Oil. CHLOROPHYLL TOOTH PASTE • Banish Bad Breath • Fight Tooth Decay, tiff...to y Not e Wnt Stiii! 49 $1.98 • 2.25 MINIATURE FOOTBALLS: Bubbat. p«bbi» , Uttutt'l Wiy to 0t«l Qdotll TIDY STICK DEODORANT Contains chlorophyll plus sensational G-4- /t't <JoMt. CQe M/«.» m** —.Oil S«/» Ptooml Hyj/en* TANNETTE POWDER cleansing actioa August 31. 1952 •LONOII MOM STAR, HOU, ARKANSAS By Chick YOHI I ••28 COME.DAGWOOCU XXI PROMISED TO < HElP ME WITH MV WWKIPUET YOU NAP FOR AN HOUR WAIT.' APEIWON CANt WAKE UP AND <SO RIGHT ID WQPK 1 HAVE TO REST UP FOR A PEW *v MINUTES FROM MY NAP OUT OUR WAY V Relish Dish Answer to Previous Puzzle By J. R. William* HORIZONTAL I Stuffed or plain In relish dish 8 Pickled or green item in relish dish 11 Relish fruit 13 Interstice 24 Act ointment 26 Scope 12 Mountain 27 Vehicle (comb, form) 28 Otherwise 13 Getting up 18 Automobile I Unoccupied 3 Mohammedan priest 4 Wine cask 5 Everlastingly (poet.) 6 Make a speech 7 Seine 8 Jot 9 Masculine ' 14 More enraged "PP eIlllU , on 15 Feline 10 Fragrant 16 Eccentric wheel 17 Send back in payment 19 Also 20 Hangman's knot Groom's mat '.25 Palm lily 26 High cards 30 Be borne 31 Unit of weight .32 Chest rattle 33 Island •34 Unit of energy 35 Gaelic •36 Recompense 37 Symbol for nickel ;38 Provide food 39 Canadian peninsula 41 Bustle•44 Performed 45 Footlike part 48 Obliterate 50 Relish dish ;' ingredient .<, ! 52 Nullifies, 4 5330 (Fr.> ( -> ' 54 Wild plums' 55 Rate of motion .VERTICAL 'l Auricular R|E A |c? 'f YOUR. PICTURE A AUTOGRAPHEP AKJP IN A GILT HORSESHOE, FORGED BV YOUR. OWN HANPS/ OH, THAT'S WONPER.- FUL, MISTER. FITZSIMMONS/ BOY. BRIMS UP \_ MY TWO J- TRUNKS- V OF PHOTOS, J TOO.' "./• 29 Soothsayer 31 Bridge holdings ^j 38 Trees 39 Openings In fences 40 Saucy 41 Fruit drinks 42 Ravine 43 Hodgepodge ' 45 Yearn i 46 Italian city i 47 Outbuilding '! 49 City in The I Netherlands ^ 51 Deputy (ab.) 16 30 33 3b 22 Z3 si 1H 14 zy 37 50 8 . BOfcW TKlRTV YEARS TOO SOON* '• "•••>"• "••«« Z8 I CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'Looking at the Bright tide, pet, your mother certainly is going to wonder where in the world we've gonejtol" • SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith Cox'i ha* filled over out third million Prescriptions. Bring tif your noxt on*. 2^5' OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplc GOOD GRIEF,-Muses.' THAT ^^ MAYBE VJE- OOGKTTO E RLL y ^ ,2 UM - }M. MOSEY OUT FROM, 6 LAST AGAlNi.' AMD }^f OMDER THE TREE: MAt>£ LIGHT OF YOUR L&, WHILE THE LI6RTMINJ& WARMIMS AMD DROPPED A SIZABLE WAGER-f \ £VER TMlMK •SPELLS L ( /WIGHT SELL HER. DOOM TO OUR./ \ BEFORE 6HE <SET5 RA.CIMG /) J LIFTED ON PA6E, OI^E OF JOE MILLER'S --n EACH UFE 60M-& . (?All>iML5STFALL= 1 FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger 02A1K IKI NEIOHBUHS N6X STUMBLING IN AT THIS HOURf .„ YAKITY-YAK-YAK.. AND FURTHERMORE CATSUP ON YOUR >TNA COL WHB GO HOM8 TO MOTHER 'THIS VERY MINUTE IF I COULD TRUST YOU OUT OF MY SIGHT/,.. AND ANOTHER TH .-rKNOW UPSTlCr\ I3EBrr/..,WHY,rt> (MOAN) HOW KIN AH "H6U>ITf VIC FLINT 1M 5ATI5PIEP THE POUKStN THAT PttlESJPLV C71VB PO KNOW APOUT ORRIM TWITS MUH GI-* UTH*TueAVB& TALW& WITH V JU£T OJB By Mlchool O'MQlloy ond Ralph *'Don't"worry about him,! r he'8^ r only^ r my v l1f» T IniWanW, agent—I couldiVt fInd^our stepladder}','^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter MfUvtTMTi We MUST HAVEW Ye?AH/ kTHW NJOW, W*$&> \\j$ff® UK6 WASH TUBBS FOR Me,..THE HOME OF WILTV;? (SWELL! VOI) CI\M CUUIUWrE 'EM THRO TM 1 KIDt GET INVITED IM«.«TUPV TH'LWOUT OF TH 1 HOUSE I THEN REPORT TO MB WOP I'LU GWB YOU ML THE DBTMLS! By Leslie- 1MOTIP1ED POLICE T0 > LOOK FOR BUV AND , IAV CAR, BWY.r SUES* T«l«k 6NOS NW FUTILE TRVy.TSLt JOHELPKDEUMflUBMT! JV—f^vw i ^ ^ BOurS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar MarlJ| , i VAXON'S BUGS BUNNY NOW TO WBLAX ANI7 ENJOV TH' VIEW FWO/W /WY NEW PICTURE VJINPOW .,_ I l I'M •SHOWIN'— 1 XK WHOLIB NBW UINB *— -^~*> T'PW... ) NO/ PONT ALLEY OOP MV GOODNESS, FOOZY, I'M/ YE&.OOOLA, GBrrriNG TIRED OF THIS* / so DID U I'M I THOUGHT WHEN DR. I SO HUNGRY T WONMUG BROUGHT U9 V COUUD CRY/ THROUGH THE TIME- /SC MACHINE,THIS SILLY A*&y/?&Z%$ THINS VWU^- BUT LOOK, A PLANE/ MAYBE IF: BUT WAVED, HE'D COME 'LONGSIDE AN 1 WE'D BE , 6AYBD/ * Homli mAY/ ^ c ?ssm^ CHRIS WELKIN, Plonereer WITH AMAIZA BUT you W/1NT /ME <X> ALON6 WITH VO ANN? OVT THE DANCg£ AMAIZA WWILE By Michoel O'Malley ar X, HENRY GOOD Nk5WT- HeNRYJ &

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