Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 19
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««f»i8iii^^ ASSIFIID A4I Mull it JUT fttiM 0t* Man PabUtittoft AD RATES fFl66 DISPUAY 75o ptr laefe m §QO P^^ fflCII M>M»>«i BOo p*if Inch Mwvt tink f9f ton* ii ifrMutor or tkl»> lok* IN enMtoy rafo fMdi «(Jvif}|*ina tarn d until 8 p.m. for followlno day, In. r««fv» In* right M oil tdvMflMmwiM of. wtf tp rt)»« *«**»• t» r Hop* W* will not be lW emn In Want A i if* «Ml*d to our a ........ Am unl** attention FIMT InMfllon c* «d ond r ONI.Y the ONI Incorrect Phorw 7-3431 OPE STAR Mew, IIMj rren !W toe 1 Jeiwery It, If If 'Jiujhfcwp, IlM|*MjfMMf ffi p(MIMii MttNwpVnfl Rvlfv* i Mvtti Ariverfliln* M*Mt«r reor ,.M».j,i,,,«f.i,,,,«>,t,.t».,t, * 9,00 . N«VOC|Q, Sf ^Miller ieun. f * * *• tt«mt* *99 ;,*,„„„ l,*o moll — M l*| 0 **MfllM«**IM<««»* 4»«9 »»' «.*.«•***»«»* 4,50 nc.; 1603 w 9* trad UK Hindi ot high quality IBh; work contact < Cl« t- for Rtnl THRRE room ipsrlmtflt. Nlcsly furnuihwl. Ikotric box. Dllli p*ld, VA Bwinsr, Mrs, A, R. Bsbb. A-ltf VACAH7 now, I toom furnished Dptrtmtnt, Clow-In. Utllltloi piild. Qurtgc. Phone 7-44M. — bedroom convenient to bath. Within l bloil; «»f Worlow Mol«l, Phone 7-2H3. 21-lf ROOM unfurnl»h«d wpnrlmcnt. H«rdwood floori. Built-in fix- turns. Lnrge ctosnu, 312 South Hprtico. Mrs. J. K. Wchooley, - ' 7-3S77. 23-61 itlcm p«ld, Nenr Kehoolpy'u Sloro, Mm, ,f. E. Schooley, Phono 7.3(577. M-flt UNrU«NISHKD npnrlment. close', in. .Modern, Cnll 7-3401, 0 to 9 P.m. 20-3t I.AIiQK fiirnlHhod roomn, UtilT- , ties. paid. 121 Suiiih Fulton st. I'lipntt 7.320.1, 28-3! For Sol* The Negro Community •y Mtlwt tiniMf « L . , Or bftnl H*mt I* Mist Tarfisr *t Ht«ks funtrtl Mr». n«*«l« Turner of Chicago, Iw vliltlng h«r pnrent*, Mr. and Mm, Hobbli* W»olhempoon, and other "WO nlcn Cfilvim. sizp for locker or deep frwxo If nircdrd Son or write Humor W, W»sl. Ill 3 Wox 10(1. Hoot-, Arlt, ' oTNiNOrotirn'sullP. „ „ «nrt one h«ntrr, Dlnl 7.371)7, _^ 27-3t 0 ACHIS form nnd Ifl hpntt"™"of cntlli!, 4 Dillon south on Illuh. w«y .30. Soo Hoy Vormby.i M-lf Rtdl Estate for Sol. BO ACHE fftrm hml paiiiure, All /eiu-eti, 'l-wli-i,'. Hunnlng wntnr, nlcn D-room hount«, front nnd back , porch. Improvements wmild m>Hl $10,000. Electricity nntl ana. Smnll orchard, fine stock burn. On« twtnnl house, Ht'vttrnl out hdtmeir, nix mllen from llop« on good gravel Jiluh. way. school bus, rurul routo, toU'|)hort»» HnoM, WHlto neltfhbor. hood, Oni« rnllo to uttiro ' and church. f»rlc« fta.OOO. F Inli'N'fited write FLOYD POUTISHFIELD St SON Hope, Ark.aniiBH 2fl-at J-SO-lm NoHc. ^ T^»f »is*ws \*ttf v^i^^Miyti U«mr mouiff trapt ov«n JlE^SttW it by |h? \vny- "-Th* wil'W will boat H iWu W doojN" Roul cola sum nip, Dick Krwln, UMi Sft HilKway 67. L aa. 8 i mane, W»l«ht low, call M*:>jj R ,0(10 ACHK ulock farm, water and «rnM«, Four holmes, limn- borim, All fenced. Electricity and «as, On nrnvi'1 hljthwny. 75% open. 00 AC«E farm, Throo houxeii, threo b«i'n». All fimeod, Kl«clrl- city nnd «»«, wnter nnd grniK. A good buy. jQVG PORTERPIRU) Ik SON Hope, Arkansas -•••• a?.3t "'gM'll Ll^iNHiJwiiMHimBjBi.— i1»ir.n mini J.ui.frrt miiUMLi.numw.i.^,^^ League Leaders By Th* AtooUttd Prtu AMERICAN LHAOUE SATTIMd— Fnln, Phllndelphla, 338; Mltcholt, Cleveland. Taa: 1 ; Voodllnu, New York, ,321; Roll. BonUm, .81 a, HUNS— Ovri'M, Now York, 80; Avlltt nnd Doby, %'l«voland. »2, Mlnoito, Chioniio and Joa»t t l»hila- i, til. HITS— FOX, Chlcniio, IHI; Rob- suiv, Chlcftua, U; Fnin. Phlladol- phttt, H8l AVII«, Clevolnitd, U4, HOMK HUNS- Doby, Cltivelftiut «nd Berru. New York, 28, Zafnlal ?hllndelph|«, 09; Bosen, Clcv«lund, li;i! Kttstor, Clvvflund, 39. PITCHINO- Conjuiouru, Wash- itlKton, 0.0, 1.000; Shunts, Philadelphia, aa>4. .848; Hunelil, N«w York, 14-3, .833; Bvnton Boston. NATIONAL LEAQUB fiA'lTINQ-s Muslul, St, Uouix. ,m> Klusnuwskl. Cincinnati, ,31b; BaumholU, Chlcu«o. .aiU; Lockman, New Yurk, .311. ' JtUNS— Uuckman. Now York, 88; Ik'iww, Sl> Louis, «»; Miisiul, St. Uiiis, U4; Uubinmui, Brooklyn. U3, HTOi— AduiHs, Cinoinnati, 15«; Musial, St, Luuta, 194; Schomull. on*t, St. Louis. 153; Lookman. Now York. 151. HOMK HUNS- Suuer, Chl«a«o, 84; KU»or, PhUbuwh, 28; Hoduus. »; Qordw», Boston, a, Roc. Brooklyn, lo-l. -,' «H>WW »0.a, .833; WUhelro, New Yw4$, W«3, .800; ' h Consumption 0 { water U) thp United Stales averages about l.ioo «v*ry day, NOTICB R !« S OIVEN Jfjat the «»vond uaymeat on the Ong in § trW | ftttjjrow, truH No. «• U rtw on or ftptember i, \W (SowUa South Hftui , 11, Onus. P. R«yn«r«on % Uoditt *Ut . I y»ur,§lt«r« 9* RUTH'S SHOP «i* |u»r*HU.d Mr wrvtot Mm, CnCdnll Ciiirby of Montgomery, Aln,, Ic vl»llfn« her 'pnrenm, Mr. ond Mm,. Bubble Wunthor- upoon, Mr. nnd Mr« Wllllr Walksr, Mr nnd Mrs. Aubrey Morris a ml Mr. nnd Mr*. Johnnla Hccrl hnvn re- lurnud to tht-lr homo In Cleveland, Ohio, nftrr a vl*lt with rclwtlvo* uri'J frlcndu, M!M Ruby V. McPadden hn» ro- turned homo nficr Rpi-ndlnK «i'vi.-r- ul week* vUltlng her inothcr in "1<jvc»liind, Ohio, A parly will bo «lvcn at tho hom» of Ml«» Jlnunlo M. Shaw Thursday nl«hl, Ali(f. 2«. Arlrnl«- *lon l« III eonU. nvfroiihrnontii will be Home Club Council Th« Ik-mpntond County Nc!«ro l>(imon»tr«illon Couni'll rn«-t Haturdny Auj(. 2.'), nt lo ; ;io o'clock In th* riothol AMK Church, Hope, with Mn». Arliiltn Scott, DouKlnn Home Dinnon«lratlon Club, prvKid- ln« find tho »fcrctary, Mm, Pear- lint- Chcntham, prcHcnt. Approxi- ninthly IS rnumbc-r* and the Home Pt'rmmtilriiilon AHunt, Mrs. l-'ulr- lllu 8, Smith., Were In attendance. Nlnn elubn were . Tho open Inn wan conducted by Mrs, Uodic Colbert, Antioeh m) club. Tho ncrlp.turu was read by MrK. (JIudyH Woniion, Now llopu HD club. Plond wer« dlHcuHdud for tho State Ml) Council to be held Itl ArkJiimiH llaptlNt folleue, Lltt| ( . Hock .September I! and \'i. Suvernl nrc plumiliiK to (ilteml, I.iiHl rnlnulc planti wore made for the county Ncrapbook and a i?om- mltteii WUM appointed to an»lMl in OMHlmllatliiH the material, with Mrn, (iladyn WeoHon us chairman, The uroii|» will pnrtlelputo In an All Niillorid' I'lujent. Mrs, Veronica Phillips, Ml. Olive III) club, wan appointed chairman of the com- mltlee to mnkc" iho flnj!. TIpB on demonstrations to be «iv- en during the 'month were Klvi^n by the HD Agent, Mm. Smith. Instructions were ulvvn on makliiK nylon cors«Ken, All 'Home Iiutust- I'le* lender* were asked to take cluu-tfu of the program for tho monthly meetln« for Sep- TCU Favored to Repeat in Southwest »X HAROLD V, RAtU? 6 POUT WORTH, Tex., ~ <*) Tex«* Chrl»(f«n I* favored to win Ihr Southwest Conference football championship for several very good r«a*on», Th« Horned Fro** won It In IftSI and the team look* even «tronier this year. Cosch Dutch Meyer ha* the "Ho»»»s" to make hi* dazzling »prcad forms- lion click with tornadlc fury. Al leant two deep In lettermon «( «:v»ry position, boasting stronger pausing and more speed and a iH'ltfr defense, there Is no reason why TCU l»n't placed nt the top In thl* alwuys frantic grldlroo L'nmpnlgn. j The tailback l» the keymsn In (he Meyer spread. He passes, he run*, ho doe* everything. Meyer, hii* five such lads. He hn* so many' he l» shifting one of them — Mai- vln Fowler ~ to fullback. "If* q maul wonderful situation," Hulcl Meyer In talking about hl« tailback*. "Jum think: 1 hnv« "-' many good ones 1 don't know which in play." Out ht> Indicated that he would rldi! with Hny McKown. McKnwn \r, the t>rilnh sophomoro , who slopped In Inst year when the rog- ulars w«>ru hurt .ntwl curried tin; Frog* to the chnrrtplonslifh.- He passed for 911 yards, ran for 4It), kicked for an nverugc • of 37,0, kicked off und probably blew -up the footballs ouch wenk. ' Hfhlncl McKown ore Oil Barsoth, Dunny I'owell nnd u .sophornoru nnmod ftonald Cllnksvale. pne of tlie fiidtest mun ever to set foot on a Texas Christian gridiron. Severn of the 19.51 offensive regu- liii-.t and nix defensive regulars ft- ttirn among the 28 lottormen Meyer will have when his st|uud of 70 reports Monday to start full train- Texas Chrlxtlun opens the season .Sept. 20 with KUIINUH at Lawrence, Kiins., pluy.s UCLA at l.os Angeles Si-pt. 27, llu-n plunk's Into the con- I'l-rcnco ruci! agalntit Arkansas at Korl Worth Oct. 4. tottdit Optns Playoff By The A«e«el«t«d Prejl The Cotton States League opens It* ponueason plsyoff tonight, with $1.600 ns a reward for player* ot the winning baseubsll teem. First round action has fourth- place Monroe at pennant winning Meridian and third place Greenwood at second place Natchez The plsyoffs arc best of seven games affair*, with pairings the same through the first round. After two games st opening sites, the teams change towns for the next three contests, then return to the original series for the sixth nnd nevcnth. If they are needed The finals start the dny after the last semifinal ends. Meridian, Natchez nnd Greenwood split half of a $3,200 player pool for finishing in the first three spots Meridian players got $880, Natchez $480 and Greenwood $240, The winner of the playoff will get the remaining $1,600. The Icagiiu started the pool this year, voting aside one cent from each I In admissions to finance thi! venture as on Incentive to players. Gus: "Who U the man you raised your hut to?" RUMS: "My barber. He sold me n buttle of hair restorer six months HMO anil whenever T meet him I let him HOC what a fraud he is." ti'tnber with demonstrations to be given on Home Improvement, Room Arraiitturnent, and Picture Hanging. Special demonstrations will be «lven by the agent, Tho New Hopu 1ID club announced thai a "Womtmless Wedding" will be held Thursday night, Aug. 28, at U p.m. in the New Hope Community. Benson Named to Lead West All-Stars MEMPHIS UB —Two quarter backs and u pair of hefty linemen todny were elected cocaptains of the East and West squads which will clash in Friday night's All America high school football name here. Named to lend the West squad were Quarterback Buddy Benson, l)o Queen, Ark., nnd Gil Moreno, a 212 pound tackle from Whitticr, Calif. The East players will be cap lalned by Bart Starr, Montgomery, Ala., quarterback, unil Jim Mense, 230 pound center from Hamilton, Ohio. The game is sponsored annually by the Wigwam Wisemon of Amor irn, Oklahoma City fraternal or gnnlzntlon. NEW ALARM BQNHAM, Tex., (UP—Bonham's Volunteer Fire Department operat ed today under a new system re conni/.ing only three kinds of fires —two alarm, four alarm and "give •the siren holl." Grass and automobile fires rate two alarms, residence, barns, f;a- raices and small business houses, factoric and oil warehouses, the all-out alarm. Little fish sometimes live in the conch. lt . SVNOl'818 Beautiful. cnknilAtiiiK Kv» Ilaymoni •eenittd Klw«y* to not wlmt il\o waittvd o no wm i\o waitv Nww U WAD H N»w ireric dlvorea «i\ti « UIK« money ii*tu«ni«ftt from fn>r hu« i*nq, Antumrng lit* n»nio of lloiuloy M« ••returnii .to th« » in a II town o Tliuraton «. lima Nnai'n I r o I a n <l Kilo|it«(t <lnuRlitvr of tlio Ireland (nniliv lilitiiR to iimrry their » a n, Imadnomp youtiff Dr. Jortinty lr«Unil Oaco, loiu wo, »v« liftit boon adopted by tlir»« ' n*\>, nvu nun u?un nuupvoy oy lllfnn Imnmu, but bec«u»» of hfr wloknrt Illtltt »»y», tjipy h«il n;Hiriieil hrr to tlio 1>1 " ll *"»"«, Tills rcjpptluii luul niiblt. •, nnd now tlio men in to »ock RB1AUTV WM crnol. Ktxch morn ln|r, when »ho brimlied her toeth In the bAthroom with all the other little RlrU. Under Miss Simmons' supervision to sea that they utrokcil up and down nnd not crosswise, Nanca would take K quick neon In the mirror to aco If >csleiUay'a dreama, by some mlr- mclc, Imtl oomo true. Knowing, of coursp, that they hadn't. It t*- came A rccurront nightmare, being dreiwed ^ In her beat and brushed »iul combed and )>«raded In tho re- ccptlun room, Knowing n m t It was just M hopeleaa aa U had been nil the other times. No one wonted a wlspy-halrcd, bony little ten-year- old, , Until that alwaya-to-bo-remem- b«reu day. "This one," Eleanor Ireland had •aid, and Nance had braced her* self (or disappointment because they couMn't mean her. But they ,dM! "Oh, 8f«n," «Ue»nor Irejwfl had Mid In the lovely voice which WM more richly warm than all the Imagining*, "thU one." lit* matron had concealed a •tart of astonishment, then haatlly recovered herself to ajuure Mri. Ir«laitd th^at the child WM Mtraor- Oinarlly w»ll-beh»v«d ami nicely mannered. But Kleanor Ireland WMit't HI. ttnliur. "H«r tyM, S*m, M ahe'd aaid aortly to th» man wty> her. "Do you »««T Tfety'r* honwt" So Nance had gone on the tt*ln with tne Ireland* to Thurstonta. to the big gray >tone bourn on Car- vtr Street. To % room of her own and ti» lovely lOfblttSf lullaby of willow branehea atrunmilng her window in the daj-k. And Jtmny (or « brother. Tuer* miut bf * *»tUny, ah« thought, that aluiPft our Uv**. OUi»rwl*i, I'd u.»v«f |UaV» ' • away at his Indifference Ilka a brisk and determined little wood pccUcr, and soon he WM magrnsni motisly riding her on his bicycle's crossbar to tho lake for swimming and allowing her to'sit by the hou on w> overturned barrel In his ga rage workshop, 81i« found the courage to talk back to him when ho asserted the authority of senior Ity; to think up vlRorous and In suiting retorts to his itbes . . . al ways with the delicious awareness of being privileged to treat Jeremy aa other grirls treated their broth, era, with casual rudencaa « shield for love. Nance WM a freshman at high school when Jeremy was in his senior year. By the tiro* he went away to Medical School. Nance WM UupPlly absorbed to her own Interest And friends, and scarcely missed him. When he cam* home at vacations, alt* jeered Affectionately at the swaggering r me\Uca terms he flaunted, and n§ 4Mt*< disparagingly at .her ojttiai^d con- fosslon that she was going to t>| a commercial artist, i ,. • . • And suddenly, fvhen Jeren»y WM interning at the Thursionia General Hospital, »iid N»nce had signed the Brat of her whtrai with Rolph HUllarJ, Uw gulf .of yeara between them wa« no longer there. Nance WM twinty ajjd Jeremy twenty-four, and each »c- knowledged rf»p*ct for.Ui* oUnei w,ork. One d«y Jeremy «nnouacfd, with look of genuine ioiMtemti •Nance, you've grown bMMtiriil "You're bMutiful, toe," the s«Id tghtly. "I'll bet you le*Vf a trail •lit iNalNii co bt hit, corridors I" "No," h* aaJd, wHrly her. "I m«fn It wtoit s*v« you don* to your«*l|T You UMI) to ps> owl In plfM4l^ H "H lt'« compirlaon you'r* »«tr, M aht frinntd, "hsrt's on,« far you. You wwrt « heroo, with toc%, thin itfi tad • acmwny ntck." 8«t •hnunrttt "I ffrew too taU (or ^§> tails, I'm sJmost M«l«il M you. Ufa " .wftMit. lUTSMr ,.«^^»w the conservatory. Sam and Eleanor were dining out, so they were alone. Outside, occasional passing footsteps crunched brlttlely In the snow, and the* glass-walled room w*a nilcd with the ethereal pinks ane| mauvca ot tho January sunset. Jeremy knocked out his pipe and glanced over at Nance. "you'll ruin your eyes," he remarked, "in this light." She put down her sketchbook. I've finished," she said. "Anyway, I was just doodling." She stretched her arms luxuriously over her head, then let her hands fall relaxed in her lap. "I love this time at day, don't you?" '"Mmmm, when I have time to ait Ilk* this and enjoy it." "You work too hard, Jeremy." "That's funny, coming from you," fih« smiled. "I expect It Is. You love your work, too, don't you?" "Ule's not {ping to b« long ,,WUgh for all the tljlngs I want "I know." She nodded. "That's th* way It slioultj be, don't you think? Always something just beyond one's reach. It gives a point to heaven, doesn't it? An eternity to finish up all the unaccomplished Odds and ends." "Ask a shoe clerk or a street •weeper if that's AU idea of heaven!" "Oh, well, it's mtoe." "l*t's ace." Jeremy s*id, reaching for her sketchbook. •$Mw WM oddly reluctant. "It'a St doodling," she protested. He grinned. "Most art la. to me, **P«cl»lly the abstract." He looked »t what she had drawn. And suddenly be was laughing. "You and Wt." He chuckled appreciatively. •Tto* owl in pigtails and the heron With » pip*. Nance, the likenesses K* uncanny!" He frowned. "But you don't look like thU now." "Nor you," she said Uaily. H* was gMing at Mr with * look that grew In Intensity, Suddenly he bent to her, his weight avpported by a band on each of DMI urn* of atr chajr. "Nance." h* a*ld. ^ »» #4 not move, TJ»* hujfe oj 4\lik waa in the room with them. Jeremy said, "Nanc*. All this {to** you." 49 naturally, u astonishingly, M U*t tt cam. to ihwu. She WM - "* -|w», aware of undirlying at aotuething ia tnla mo> at tW? that WM J«r«my did ywj know t- * Two Added to Athletic Coaching Staff The Hope High School athletic department has added two new members to Its coaching staff — John Pierce of Cro.isett and Harold 'Sunderman of DcQuecn. Pierce will take over the Junior High Squad and has Issued a call for youngdlers to be at the Junior High dressing room at 9 a.m. Friday to get equipment. He played football at Southern State. A Junior manager in also needed and any interested boy should report on Friday. Sunderman attended Southern State und State Teachers College. He played center. He will assist Coaches Ensminger and Martin with the senior squad and both new coaches will participate in the physical education program. Army Ttom Will Win Non-Pro Titlt WICHITA tfl—It's fast becoming a certainty an Army team will win the national non-pro baseball tournament championship. Only two teams are still undefeated In the double-elimination rheet and both are army clubs. The Brooke Army Medical Center of San Antonio, Tex., advanced into the fifth round Wednesday night by squeezing past Camp At- terbtiry Ind.. 1-0. The loss was the first for Camp Atterbury, seeded No. 1. Brooke will meet the only other unbeaten team-Ft. Myer, Va.-Friday night. Another civilian team was ousted Wednesday night. The Alpine .Cowboys of El Paso, Tex., drop' ped a 15-0 decision to the Los Alamitos, Calif., Naval Air Station. Ciimp Brcckcnridgc, Ky., won the night's other game, eliminat in« the Ft. Mcade, Mel., Generals 0-1. Tho tournament, which began Aug. 15. is expected to end Scot 1. Thursday night's schedule times central standard: 5:45 p.m.-Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., vs Casa Grande, Ariz., Cotton Kings (fifth round, loser eliminated). By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet New York 74 53 .583 Cleveland 71 54 .5CI3 Boston 08 54 .557 Philadelphia (14- 59 .520 Chicago 00 01 .520 Washington 01 01 .510 St. Louis 52 77 .403 Detroit 42 83 .330 THURSDAY'S SCHEDULE Boston at Philadelphia (2 — M;'Dermott (7-fli, and Delock (4-5) vs Scheib (9141 and Byrcl (11-5). Cleveland nt Detroit — (2-lwi- riighu Wynn ( G-ll) and Gromck (0-G) vs Gray (11-12) and Ni-w- houscr (fl-8). ' Only games scheduled. WEDNESDAY RESULTS Ni-w York 12; St. Louis 7 Philadelphia G; Cleveland 5 Boston 5; Detroit G' Chicago 4; Washington 1 (night) Prides Blast Nashville for League Title The Prides of Texarknna took the Southwest Arkansas League championship last night by blast* ing out a 22 to 4 decision over the Nashville nine. On Monday night the Prides opened the playoff finals with the 12 to 2 victory over Nashville. The Prides entered the playoff by beating Hope twice in a 3- game scries while Nashville won out over Mineral Springs. Last night's game ended activities of the League for this season. ^ H Slock Denies Port in Grand Jury Action • t 1 V-OT ft A .IT testified earlier this week that they wwe ttnder th* Impression the Justice Department wanted the report as it was made to District Judge George H. Moore. / Collis T. Lovely, one of the jtir- crs. asserted the report was a whitewash of the situation. The 'report said the jurors had Engineers Start Wafer Inspection Thursday, August 88' nMA^^oJi'ound nothing wrong in the hanj ,,,« tilling ot the tax cases in the St.! WASHINGTON, 1*1 — Ellis N. Slack, acting assistant attorney general, today denied he was re , . . . ,, ,, .. ., sponsible for a St. Louis grand! L " llls "'*"• Judg f M^e called it jury's making a partial report of "astonishing and charged the jury Jts investigation of ' tax scandals! ' r '-continue its probe. in 1951. One juror has described The continued inquiry qventunlly the report as a "whitewash." brought indictment and conviction Appearing before a House Judi-' of James P. Finnegan. the dis- ctary subcommittee, Slack said: tricl tax collector, on charges of MEMPHIS i*—The U. S. En glnecrs today start their nnnunl! low-water Inspection of Mississippi! . , River bunk stabilization structures) The Proscott Community Choir between Memphis and Vicksburg. i wl " practice Thursday evening nt 7:30 at the Methodist Church utv the direction of Mrs. Florence PRESCOHNEWS Slated to accompany them Hugh White of Mtssissipj pi group's hopes of building port! Ambrose with Mrs. Lera Johnson i organist. "1 wish to emphatically state that the idea of a partial report misconduct in office. Slack, a career official in the was not mine, and that 1 had noth- Justice Department, appeared bo Ing to do with its drafting or its fore the grand jury during Its in- contents." j quiry in the stage before the par Four members of the grand juryjtiul re-port was returned. , facilities in th;it state. I Brig. Gen. I 1 . A. Feringa, presl-j flf nt of the Mississippi River Coin mission, heads the official pnrty! I which will end its work ut Vicks| | burg tomorrow night. i E. P. Blankenship, special assis- tnnt to Forlngn. snid the trip, be ing made now because the water h,i m ' 0 i.s at its lowest stnge since 1941. may lend to recommendations for improvements. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mitchell Have Watermelon Featt Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mitchell entertained members of tnc Stitch nnd Chatter Sewing Club and their husbands with n watermelon feast on the attractive pntlo of their on Friday evening. C<Cd Bemis, RATIFY PEACE PACT NEW DELHI, India (/P) — India and Japan formally ratified a ponce treaty ending their World War II hostilities today by an exchange of diplomatic documents. More Candidates File Cost Data LITTLE ROCK W—Six new lists of expenditures from cnndi dates in the recent Democratic primary were received yesterday by Secretary of Slate C. G. Crip Hall. | Included were: Holland A. Brad-1,,. ley. Faulkner County, unsuccessfit * candidate for Ninth District chan- | cellor, $681; | H. G. Partlow, Blytheville sue * cessful candidate for Second Dis | trict prosecutor, $949.00; J Morrel Gathright, Pine Bluff, 1 successful candidate for state sen- | ator, $681. I NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn Now York St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Boston Cincinnati Pittsburgh W L Pet 81 40 .OR!) 72 SO 72 54 .571 (if! 57 .537 02 05 .488 54 68 .44 54 72 .429 37 92 .287 THURSAY'S SCHEDULE New York nt Pittsburgh — Koslo (8-G) vs Waugh (1-2). Boston at Cincinnati — Burdcttc (0-7)-vs Church (5-7) or Blackwell (3-12). Philadelphia at St. Louis — ROD crts (20-7) vs Haddix (1-0). Brooklyn at Chicago — Lnbine (8-3) vs Kelly (3-9). WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Chicago 10; Brooklyn 5 New York 5; Pittsburgh 4 Philadelphia 7; St. Louis 2 (night) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Chattanooga 77 61 New Orleans i 76 66 Atlanta 75 67 Memphis 71 70 Mobile 70 70 Nashville 68 71 Little Rock 64 75 Birmingham 60 81 Last Night's Results Birmingham 5; Atlanta 0 Chattanooga 4; Little ,Rock 2 Memphis 8; Nashville 5 New Orleans 4-4 Mobile 2-3 game 10 innings. Tonight's Qames Atlanta at Birmingham Chattanooga at Little Rock Nashville :it Memphis Mobile at New Orleans Pet .558 .535 .528 .504 .500 .489 .460 .426 2nd Top Radio Programs NEW YORK Wl — Topics to night: NBC — 6:30 Morgan Beatty; 0 Dragnet; 8:30 Counter Spy; U Niylit Beat. CBS — 7 Mr. Keen; 7:30 FBI in Peace tuul War; 8 Mr. Chameleon; 11:30 Steve Allen; U:30 Ellis Arnull on "Inflation". ABC —7 Mr. Broadway; 7:30 Defense Attorney; 8 Amateur Show; 8 John Daly. MBC — 7 Jazz Nocturn; 7:30 Hardy Family; 8:05 Rod and Gun Club; 8:30 Reporters' Round-up, Roger Putnam. Friday programs: NBC — 10 a. m. Strike It Rich. . . CBS — 10:30 a.m. Grand Slam , . . ABC 1 — 1:30 p. m Tennessee Ernie . . MBS 2 p. m. Say It With Music . . , MBS Game of Day Network 2:55 Cleveland at Detroit. Lee Country Wins Goodveor Soil Prize AK.ROJJ, p. 1*1 — The Lee Coun ty soil conservation district won the grand award for Arkansas in the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's conservation program for the year ended June 30th, it was anounced here today. Eight persons from the county who were active in winning the ptize will be given bronze plaques for their achievements at a cere mony in Little Rock Oct. 14. They also will be eligible for an expense paid vacation at 9 ranch in- Ari zona. The winners include Harvey WU son. Manama; Ion Mann, Mari anna.; A. H. Undsuy Jr.. Enckeys; Tom Cist. i<e*a; Carl Nash, Moro George Qravss. Mariana; WU1 Curtis, Hayoes. and A. L. Prest ridge. Mariaon^- * Sec9o4 place was twarded to the Des Axe District and third place was won by Monroe County Dis trlct. fifty nifte of the state's 65 districts competed in the cotuwva Yes we will feed the parking meter for you free. Just step inside door and get pennys out of jar, then shop with ease in an ... AIR CONDITIONED STORE Crusfene and Mrs. Tucker 3 Lb. Carton 65c Cherries Fine for Pies Red Sour Pitted 5 No. 2 Cans 95c Coffee Folgers and Maxwell House I Lb. Can MILK Pet and Carnation 7 £ST 98c Sliced . .2 Flat Cans . . 27c Crushed 2 Flat Cans . . 25c TIIKIA I UlNA STAR KIST GREEN LABEL Can 29c PRUNE JUICE SUNSWEF y ort 29c HOMINY AMERICAN JELLO ASSORTED FLAVORS Boxes 23c COFFEE ADMIRATION 1 Lb. Can 85c WAX PAPER 125 Foot Roll 22c Purex Quart Bottle 15c Vanilla Waffers Nat. Biscuit Co. 7V4 Oz. Pkg. 21c PEAS KITCHEN KRAFT Blackeye and Purple Hull 29c Jergens Mild Toilet Soap 25c Regular Bars PRODUCE DEPT. FRESH CARROTS Package I DC Fine For Stuffing Bell Peppers Pound'I5C HOME GROWN SWEET POTATOES 2 u to 19c BANANAS 2 u, s 25c RED and WHITE GRAPES 2 ^ 25c MARKET DEPT. FRYERS HOME GROWN Pound 5/C TALL KORN TRAY PACKED BACON Pound 48c - SUN VALLEY OLEO 2 Pounds For FRANKS Pound 49c HAVE YOU EVER TRIED ONE OF OUR DELICIOUS STEAKS TRY ONE TODAY Price* for Friday 904! Saturday, August 29th and 30th BBS Super Market 8 if a eye Frozen Food Dea/er .. . II* NT WAIT Pay Your TAXES NOW! October 1st Last Day - Come in Early-Avoid Rush CLAUD H. SUTTON Sheriff and Collector drinks were also served. A pleasant evening was spent by Mr. and Mrs. Dallis Atkins, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cummings, Mr. and Mrs Hoy Duke. Mrs. J, M. Duke Sr. Mr, and Mrs. Vernon Fine, Mr. and Mrs. Wren Scott, I While Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Steed, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ritchie. compnnled her home for a visit. | Carl Dalrymple was the week end guest of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dalrymple in Little Rock and saw the pro football game on Saturday evening. Mrs. N. N. Daniels has returned from Dccatcr, III., where she was the guest of t,t. und Mrs, (lately Daniel. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pledger of Texas Cottle Moved to Greener Land By United Press The drought > enforced stampede of Texas cattle to greener ranges In Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas now numbers "sever- a! hundred thousand head," a federal soil expert said today. But entile shipments to 'other stoles may be futile, Louis P, Merrill, chief tit the four-slate southwestern soil conservation re_. ,, - -..Bion said, because "It's mlghtv Dallas were week end guests of 'hard to find grass anywhere In the her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ilervcy | southwest." Merrill announced that hi* of- produced *oattof«l light and thutVdershowers In Color and terrtpfcfatom Jft the tw» »i._ yesterday reached tmty 98 Ht La Junta and Lsmftr, Colo., Btrd 84 at Cheyenne, Wye. Ohe-hhlf Inch ot .rnlrt poured on Dodge City Kaft., yesterday afternoon, dropping the temperature I from 100 to 80 degrees, and scattered showers wer'e expected In Western Knnsn* today. Missouri reft Minted dry, however, and Oklahoma reported only ,!JO inch rain nt B«R<> and ,10 at Ponca City, - Twcnty-KlVe days of 100-degrec or-higher temperature at Dallas, Tex., wns broke us the mercury scaled only to 08 yesterday, but statewide Texas had 100 degrees or better for the 4l!nd consecutive ciay, fice- would complete by Sopt. 1,1 a Mrs. Lulen Hilt of Little Rock i fi.ur has bi't-n the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. i age Grin Ellsworth and Mrs. S. T.; nrcn covered ond severity , The Texas drouth 'has done from $50,000,000 to $100.000,00 worth ot . i f , »/»•»»( WMWIVWV *w T»»-M, '«» ( w\f tvtfl V*l U\ m'?*?hiM in y ! T" 1 " (lnnv M nmn «° to llu ' couon C «>P » lon 8. HO which will show that for tho nnd kt )icd 21 persons. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner had as their guests last week at their lodge on Ouachila river, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hicks and son, Ml', and Mrs. Royco Flncher and son, Mr. anil Mrs. W. A. Flncher of Ajo, An/.. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Overton, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Loo of Mt. Moriah. Mrs. Allan Johnston has return- od to her home in Shreveport after a visit with her sister, Mrs. C, F. Pittman and other relatives. Mrs. E. E. Shell has had Us her guests Mrs. Sam Strange of Little Rock and Mrs. John A. Logan of Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haltom Jr. ..... ,. • of »»•! In Oklahoma the hent was ro pact this drought exceeds any sponslble for a schodulml 11 a.m. CST walkout of telephone opera thing of record in the southwest.' Tho survey, ho said, would in had as their guests Sunday, Mr. j elude Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mrs. W. N. Brandon ot Lljtlo Hock Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hallom Sr. of Camden. »"d Louisiana. ' Other parts of tho southwest j wero bettor off, weathgrwi.se tors at Norman, Duncan and Chic kawha, A spokesman for tho Com- Mr. ond Mrs. Rrozio Haynie spent Sunday with Mrs. Ralph Haynie who remains seriously ill in an El Dorado hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Denlon Robinson and daughter, Dcnnic Sue of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Elwoocl Robinson, Betty Lynn anil Jennie of El Dorado were the weekend guest of Mrs. Mettle Robinson. Miss Ann Gutheric and Miss Lucille Constance have returned to their homo in Dallas after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. A. DoLarnar, Glen and Joe Haynie of Smackover are visitijin their (iramlpar- enls, Mr. ;md Mrs. Brozie Haynio. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRnu and' their guests, Mrs. Don Snllet> and I Tommy of Albuquerque. N. M.I spent Sunday in Rosston ns tho guests of Dr. nnd Mrs. E. L. Cox. S. 1). Dickinson of Little Rock visited his mother, Mrs. Sum Dickinson over the week ond. Partly cloudy to cloudy immlcntion.s Workers of America (CIO) local, said many of tho tele- , to-1 phono girls "have become 111 nnd i fulnodt as n result ot the heat," .sklosi Mrs. Josle Bcldon, steward • of tn thelfaM Is filled wit hair by "blow plp« lf through 1 per btmv* tfnr'frito 1.__ In other type* tho,tjn# v ij n bellows. • • V ' KidneySlow- May Bring h«n kkln«y function folks cantplnln tit li'i, ill««lnd«» nm! lo*s ci , Don't »um#>nttam c«mf arti If roiluectl h lilnty fjin ....... . llnv you ilown-ihm to nucn tampion cw nil *tr«m* nnd ftrntti, overv«S«rtWh'bi > <u tun to eAhl. Minor Mn,t(ki«fr»IWU«»t. tn enlit or wranR illot. to»J"«n.tiM »*w»i " nl«hU or fveqtunt Uim' Jutv't rti tlono ' Mr. and Mrs. Herman llanklns and children of Arkadelphia wore Sunday guests of Mr, and Mrs i Allen Gee. ' Mr. anil Mrs. A. M. Rollis had as their week end guests Mr. anil Mrs. Dill RettiK of Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dowoody, Sharon and Brenda and Mrs. Horace Hale were tho guests Sunday of Mr. unil Mrs. Hob Archer and little daughter, Rowena Sue, in El Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. John Pittman, Mr. and Mrs. Dan PiUinan Jr., Mr. and Mi'l'i. Frank Ilaltom Jr. and Miss Marguerite Avory saw the Lions vs Eagles football game , at War Memorial Stadium, Rock Saturday evening. Little- Mr, anil Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Haynie of Warren anil Mrs. G. R. Haynie of Camden. ..,..•.. Miss Patricia Lynn Haltom was the week end guest of Miss Louisa Brandon in Littlft Rock, who ac- Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Teeter were the week end giie-sls of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sloan In Joncsboro, They wore accompanied by their HI anil- .sons, Johnny and Jimmy, who have been their j-uesls. Med School Tightens Up Requirements L1TTLK ROCK 1/11— Students planning to enter the University of Arkansas' Medical School in 1054 and thereafter will find that entrance, requirements have tl/.;ht- t-'IK'll. Dean Hayilon C. Nicholson said yesterday that beginning with the 195-1 class A minimum grade point average of 3 and a score of 450 points on the Medical College Admission test will be i-cciulred of each candidate for admission". Candidates are now required to hold a 2.25 grade point average and score at least 400 points on the admission test, wanted fo own t\ .. t,', r- I r n t I T seems that owning a Buick is something that a lot of folks dream about —plan for—and finally do. We say that because, so many times, they say so in words like those above. Those words make us happy, of course — happy to know we sell a car which means so much to those who own it. But they make us feel just a little bit sad as well-sad to realize all the years of fun such folks have been missing for no good reason at all. For the fact is this: If you can afford any new car, you can afford a Buick, You can afford the' thrill of bossing around that big Fireball 8 Engine that purrs forth a mighty flow of power. You can afford the gas bills —as any owner'of a 1952 Buick will tell you — because that high-compression, valve- in-head marvel gets a lot of miles from a gallon of fuel. You can afford the extra luxury of a real million dollar ride-the silken smoothness of Dynaflow Drive* — the extra room and comfort and style that have put Buick popularity right up at the top . of the list, next to the "low-priced three." So if you want to own a Buick—there's just one thing to do: Gome in—pick the one of your choice— Powtr Slttring now available on Super <u well ai Rondmaittr-oplional at extra cost. and let us show you how close the figure that goes on the bill of sale comes to what you'd pay elsewhere. As we've said before, your first car can be a Buick. Why not take the Big Step right away-today? Equipment, nffessories, trim «nd models are subject to chtHtgt without notice, *Stt>ndnrd on Roadmuittr, txtra cost on other Series, are built Smii ' tmi BUICK *vill build them i ROGER CLINTON BUICK CO. 207 E. 3rd & Wolnut Hop*, Arkaniof torn lUlih oiH w««l REPHANS SURPLUS STOCK LIQUIDATION SAL LAST DAY SATURDAY AUG. 3 1 ^i.'-^M Finol week of Rcphon's gigantic surplus stock liquidation sale. After Sofy gone forever your greatest chance to save on these terrific bargain prices, We must sell the entire surplus stock now. Our last chance to sell, aniTyouW last chance to save at prices anywhere near these hard-to-beUeve $ $ $ saving' •'• > bargains. Positively not going out of business. Shop Rephans for your i $ $ $ savings. Buy now, your lasLchahce Saturday. Ladies All Wool Coats (Toppers) t $16.98 Values. $1.00 will hold in layoway. New fall numberi ^ now 40% below regulOr price y MEN'S DRESS PANTS Fall and winter gabardines included in group. Priced to sell out, completely. Buy several pair nowt ... CHILDRENS WASH DRESSES Values to $2.98. Buy now foe real back to school values. You must save hero- ' ,.,. ,*) v CHILDRENS $4.00 SANDALS We paid much mare for these. Buy now below wholesale COST. Reol leather uppers, genuine waterproof fgnollne >ole. •pj ' st ^i^fc^^^^^^ •SMSlMMSflMSMBISSBH 1 "*4t ' -" •i' Mil • MENS WASH PANTS An unbelievable, unbeatable bargain. Just a few of these fine quality, sonforlted pants left. Better be here early. . ^ LADIES HALF SLIPS " Blue, pink and white. Small and medium only, Genuine tricot jersey knit ,..,,• ., ..,,.„* LADIES DRESES Fine 80 square washablei, real dressy rayont. Our surplus stock/ reduced, marked down to move now , ,..:, H ^ i •i."'ti BOYS COLORED T SHIRTS Nationally advertised at much hightr price, sanforiied, color yellow and blue , „, ,,. Boys Short; Sleeve Sport Shirts Bright fancy patterns ond solid colors, S«n?prl*edV f«M First quality. , ,. ,.*.,.,. .,..,, LADIES COTTON MENS CHAMBRAY SHIRTS , i,a<t Blue only. Sonfojfafd, I«M ^ «r|t iuch sovinys ...f. ................. r SAT. AUG. 30

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