Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 16
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VT MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS tttvttrfqiMtflett M, Ml 'ould Review lobe of Tax :andal - HARftY ft, SNVOBft *•' flwi ,Kf>»t ; , ho yilivf*; I* Hiring of n | toulft gtfdhd jtiry nrobe of beneficial to Iho lullon, J iHudo of thlp cbinmlltw," j g told downturn, *'I don't, there will iw "v#r ngttln mwhi abme of tbo public protein H«I ftj on out theriU* ' Ho referred -I* testimony hoimi ntardlty by •« Judlfllmy mibcom UtWo to tlto (jffiTl Hint »nmc Ju» Ice Dwftflnionl uttlcUU tiiud '.<» ^OOf tlin Brnnd jury to n -• "white i I'* (« the w«y lflc«W# ti* *«»«» w»re h«Wdl»»d by r«venu« ii( field)*. Tb«»y wcr« «lv*n re»»on« why th<? ttovrtrhmnnt ofl«n uf aged or mifferlna vohniloi-y cici <>*• t'liy»lrnl Thry «*W thfty »Uo wc-r (town, thitt fmti* « l«s PI»«C wnd , » giariil Jury touMn'l <ll« lnt« II, Art'l aft^c ih«*y i«wh«»*l ovcrj Hutu of l»x c*w» Diftt hrttl l>nm> hhclvfd, thf-y »cr«pt«td « »UH«I'» Iton by IHf ilimrkt mtoincy, th« lilt I report, Refugee Spy Ring Reported in Montreal MONTREAL, Cnn»d» ^ The Monti cri| fiivctl* clillHicd lorlny n CV tfii!iiinl«t tij>y rlne of Hfnntti'iil rttlHHtm* from Iron Ciiit'uii (nuii- (rl>i« IK opfrotlnu In Moniii'nl, HH- 'hrrlhK kct'c^t liifnnnflllwi on (!'• sukfd th«>m to an d(*f*nic transmit! Tli»! nt'w«p»i"' r 'fl Willlum tin- rcpdrl svhlch v/«y In which l^x M'(H hnmlU-d nn<lri t"t « M'.|i(»pr nnd nctiiHlly wrote vimlicHicd the inni(cri» hnd fniiiicr collcc frfltn four timin of HIP Krun'd Jwfy • Henry Pullor, forjWwni C'lliiKiii I, fori'inwn, f'il Mm, Mniy O '— nrtd Mitt'vln Hn|»i»"i 0 WO* «n HKKlSUlMt U, H. Illlol tt the ilrno, « tU) 06 lit'tmNx Klllx N rtlrielc. ordnr. I rovtt! Hilt now IH «h»r««» of Die i1f'|»nrt l 1 * Tax Dlvimtm, Hlnck, who 1 Hi! 0 fiflnd In aulillijtt ihu tfniwl |ttW, I* ilntcd for tentimtmy i "fho oommlUiw dofNu'i Jurymen ten! If M, llfll'l thry WPIO totmw? the I', liiiii-«fln. ((•kliirimiy Khf.wcrt tliiil the thought fvi-rythliiK wu* In thwl th<> ii'i^xit nii-t the up of UK- Jiutlcn Di.-pnrtrrioiil All ilwlit with tin- jiiii«c, lllHilrlc.-t .IlldHC Ut-orKC H, wasn't plcuwd, III 1 wwn iitid l»l<l it"! Jury to In (net, ht> i cc-lunK'-d II «nd pushed It |i» ni'W cffurlK. The ii»*nlt fi niiiMht'i' of iittlitltiifiitd, liH'lnd Intl 01 n' iiKiilnnl Inni'iiiiii. KlnncKflfi liilr-r WHS convtclml til tw« chwrec «»f iniacondiii.'t In uf flci'. Tin; rime l« >ni »|i|H'"l. Oni- unto of i)lsii«n'<'iiii'nt wiu slnii-'h durlotj the hnnrlnK. llopptM' MiM lift per citiil of thi- ropiirt riMin> from nolos lu-pt l>y Whltlp iiiorc, Not iriic «uld tltu former jinyiiinn. Whillcmore *ld he iipprovyd the story (UK »*'rloo<i roiinldi-rntloii to l)n> report'''! i in); i>«i firnt offlcliil com- irn'iil (li-nii'il Kun'A'IcdKc of tin; report. "It'.l (IK 1 III Ht I V iirditl o| It." flit/l Cicruiflliin Minister of Justin- Hluiiil finrKrin. "I don't know wh <- ' thcr it'iw tni« or not." Tin- mln- lul* 1 ! 1 lidded, hmvc'vfr. thlU if hi- rllil km w. he would not <Ilnclo:-K> U, The Ctn/rtlc OiioU'd twit ittfoinui- rti UN ndyinji A* 1 '! i/HunU In Mor- rcpoil but it iriM'tfiinly didn't r«- •flirct the r.iWMi'.ttiniiH In 1 liiritfd ri\«-r In lluppor, The fommiltof impoiin'l''H VVhltli'inorf's orl((ln.i! ni'li-a, pi'iidlnii cli'iiruwi; from .(iiilKf Mot* who had encouraged I hi- jtirynu-n to testify, trcnl hud «ecri»t In th« the name* of the Informant* must hf K»»pt «f?rrct to protect rrtatlvt-^ p.illl l)««h)nd thi> lion Curtain. Thi-ir (triry, »x reported by thr tifwupapfr, cald: Thi» ff>y rlnjt WIM formed thr«i' )i«r* ngo, IU main clfmr-nt* '<><'• nip ('ortimunliit agents who po.i'd :ih lionii fide irfugpeii cotiilliK thioiiRh Cnrmany. On nrrivul irt C;niixl«, the iiKcni'. icltl'>d ru.'«r defoit.tr; IndUiitrle.H mi'l ri'i rivird f(8hlKnni«;nl» from "kfy- mi rt"-f!i>K«ifm-li. lined Communist pitrty iiicinbi.TX in charup of cipher <!i'|inrtm«'nl* of conciliated uiiil nlhci 'liplornntur cslabll(ihi)icnt.t uf I i n (!i'rl;iin codnlrli'd. Thf riiif! in Monti-fill cririxlxlird r.f t'.vii iiiiirilur inl» from C-xwhuilovii- kin, one fruin CohmU and onu from DM. Uhi.-tlnc. 8INO SOMEWHERE ELSE ; NKW YORK, i UP)—A Btonc il' l f miitthitrnlo mlvl.wl Sopriino . Uhiitn Sni.:ld<'r» toduy to pntctirr i hrr iirliD) in ii dcHcrtcd mansion In ; :i riioiihlyn pnrk In.tti.'nd of annoy UH h«>r riciKhbors. Mlns Hii(»iili!rit first must ntitain i iirrmlKfiioii from the park di>p>ut niciil. 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Gingham shirts F Loti of, bold, colorful pliml* to rhoQ»o from.,. am) these woven- in colon jurt'won't wiwh out I A good thiug, too, because a girl give* lho»e well'Midde »hirt* n lot of wear,..nnd they can take it! Sniiforiiicdt, wnihuble. a2-38. CLOSEOUT 15 ONLY LEATHER PILLOWS 1.00 , •• Full sUto; 20"x26"l li ... • Striped t(ck covering! ^ t • Bettor hi|rry for these! Ka, Ounce |J>UCK »•«- _.x p»* r Can I Buy SCHOOL ClOTHIS tn PMIMy's lAY-AWAY? COMPARE FOR VALUE! Y««- 4o« cvc«y yc»r! A l>Uu U to »ebet« wtrdrolto etrty Ouw icbool »twrt». (be ttrtitt »« your | 'NNNIY NIW iOW PRICI! MEN'S BIG MAC 8 OUNCE DENIM JEANS t Smooth t Triple t Plenty 1.79 upper! oros! Sonforijed! :Uts! Sizes 29 - 42! BQYS JEANS 1.59 Lb. 39c SUPER RIGHT SMOKED Half or Whole Lb. 65c SUPER RIGHT COOKED Half or Whole Lb. 69c SUPER RIGHT BACON SQUARES Lb. 25c SWIFT PREMIUM Lb. U. S. CHOICE HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST Lb. C SULTANA PORK & BEANS IONA PIE CHERRIES No. 2 Can ANN PAGE SPAGHETTI ANGLO 12 Oz. Can MRS. 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