The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1934
Page 7
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inl ^THURSDAY, ^SEPTEMBERJ3V BLYTHEVILLE, . (ABK.y, COURIER NEWS 'PAGE SEVEN £ Peace infPaleatine alDifficult Problem Wealthy Arabs^fTheir Sup- r'e m a c y threatened, Have Incited; Religious .Strife ;; ; •This" is the last of a' serifs of three stories an how (he Jews who have gone 1 to P-aifsilne from all •parts of the' world are progressing, • finding place, hope, and prosperity in their ancient homeland, written by Marlon • Rubinstein, ii)j O recently returned from a long Uiur of that country. BY MARION KUK1NSTKIN .(Written for NEA Sen Ice) , -•,!. .The. sons of Sarah' and tl>e bons j J 'of HiEar live, side by side today jj m* , iii Palestine. And every once in while, (he newspapers of the world let us know Iliat these descendants of the same father Abraha not. live in peace, lhat and kill on« another,' because each is trying to defend its religious rights agninst the oilier. Contrary to popular belief, the conflict Between Jew and Arab . Is not a religious one. While, it is true that events occur periodicnlly which tend to strengthen that belief, careful In- vesiigatipn proves tliat these e'v- enis have been carefully planned to. glvej just lhat effect, to spread the idea to a world interested In the Holy Land thot the. Arabs, angered because their • Masque of Omar or some other lioly spot has Veen threatened , turned to bloodshed in defense. Basically .the reason behind the conflict between Jew and Arab . in Palestine Is economic. To' find exactly how true this Is, . one has to return to the time before 'the Jens came back into Palestine to rebuild that country. Coghtry in Bad Shape In his report upon the administration of Palestine for 1920-1925, snlein wns being burnt fiy the Ji>\vs, was sljiiiccl by t!io Qrniut Mufti WinselC, UUtlnr Ireiul of nil M'tite, who Is In British government, puy, It \YIIS read ulumt in lln> villages mill towns of I'ltlcstlnc |)rlor to flic HMD riots. V DAN THOMAS — GE50RGE S.CARBO :,/>-,.•;.,«^ w - DiHilil Their lint many of the follnhln, who followed tlii'lr Aral) lenders In those riots, touutl. that they owed heavy Indemnity to the Hrltlsli Diit'iil nfli'i'iutnf for pa j pillion'In llic rlolliiB. So it wns t \dlffic,uU to sttr enthusiasm for llio 1 llrst "demonstration held In Jcni- ilem lust October wlili (ho liiclt- hi\ '.'000.000 Jews (rom Oer : j many Have conic to Uikc yiiur hind i iuul all your masques iiwny from you. The llrst demonstration -In Jo- iilom svivs n f»vfe. H wns like n uood neighborhood tlsht, with tas iuul relatives un the ies, eiicuornghig Die lighters U> more cner^ctk 1 c(fv>vt.s. Hut In than cm . hour, [hi* ICnyJfsJi police, had disperse^- the crowd, i ft lew Imtlered Arabs to llws liaupltitl. unit Hie utlempUd rio wns over. • Kosnlts of the Jnffn riot were more trnsle, with some '>00 woun'd- i>il mid 25 killed, lirclmllnii Knijlish •jolillcrs. The sluniiblcs In the sqmnv [ronliiiB the Government, House wns dreadful to see. The cli'ht-day strike which the Avalj Executive, (us the clfemll or- :iiitm Is called) tlien ordei- ui * is Ignored almost i>nlhely by IP peasants in the villjiijas. '!'!«• (leinon.tlr»l!on nt Mnbln* wns ivilponcd once and then ngnln The comitry-wlde . d.cmonslrntlon ned Tor January B was culled l , off rue loUahIn' refused to co- io'jernte hi any rioting Hit Jews. ' , AM hi nil, it's not so much r conflict between Jew tinil Avnb as a cla^h between the Western. and Eastern clvlllxalinns, their stancl- in'ih, linbli:;, anil "mnnncrs. TEMPLE HANGS IN' THE ROOM WliCfiE SttE BOP.ll its <?AKU 3,000 Reindeer Await i Freez? to Begin Lasl lap ! fJIIWOT/K TO/NT, Yukon Territory. (UP^_ Watel'CJ by Ull'no lietdsmcn, 3 COO leindeer graze heiu, awaltiiiB freezing a! the Micks.vJ? rli'w foi Die Jnil hp of treir jqyr- Hey from Alaska to Northern 0»ft- 11(111 • 1 Tile deer «ele idd bj Haluh lo- ineii, of Senltlc, to .the , Canadian eovcilimet Tnej will be ancesjjrs I ot a '-'.icrd lor 'CAfmtifcin EsWmca, fimtlur to the great heids ownsd by American Eskimos in Norlrifrn AlasVa. Wur yeavs ^50 i'.ic cr.vo slarled aciuss 1.500 miles of Arctic wastes. Andrew finhr, a Jjiplander, was^ln cliaruc oi the luril, ! The ' deer r will be (tcllvcrcd to Cuiradriii tept-v Renliitivei 75 miles cist of tho Mnckcnxlv river 1 delta, "" Tfmm* born spilng since tiiu movement of the-velmtecr.-lia- balanced tho , animals wlitcli <l!ed or were killed by wolves J, IS 'Ititllu, llnlmky tai Sink* , Tllh UAIiLES, Die MUPJ'—' FWr. • teen laltks pio\od unlucky foFl .'.• foot r.utlosiwkc. Il,.\vas Wiled. by Wnrney nogors in the rcslden- sccllon, FROM CANADA ID HO.LY- VJOOO AS 1 A fflMGlWG- \W\npri9. A'AS EDUCATED AT Mox'2 TIlAtJ FitTV SCioa.9 British authorities ireqnently have ditriciilt in keeping the Palestine; In this they are nlncd by the Palestine police, a the top photo. Left'below Is shown nn Arab pitacc between AraL^ nnd detail of which is shown on patiol In! Arctic's Ghost Sllio Seen town official In nil Ills dignity; ccnk'i is a BilUsli olli- ... V cial in the uniformed, glory that makes n great impression ,on the natives; right is n typical Arab "gangster," whose services can be bought for a few piastres/ Again by Fishermen AJnskn (UP)— Tile "ffhost of the NOME. ship" llayclilnio, nlianlom rocks that infested the hillsides o«t ot the Dead Sea, puslmis cans proved profitable occupations for| Arctic Ocean, wns sighted recently Sir Herbert Samuel, first high wcre '"ten oiit and'broken, roads O f valuable chemicals, tearing rocks state of (lie country-in 1920, said: i tapped."Villages have been destroyed: the Money'-' into Iraq cement, building pipes "Villages have been destroyed; the! Moncy ' I" 0 " 15 ' 'n ' '•';•' I which the thick oil from, stock of cattle, and horses has been The River Jordan, which had , could flow. ' ,. depleted; olive trees hnve been cut!been both fin object of • religious) . In Tel Aviv, the modern city down for iVel for the Turkish [respect and one of fear/ because •. built on sand dimes, the fellahin troops and military trains;. many,it overflows every once in a while,'fount! lhat many "visitors came orknee'groves lett without irriga- |bringing • tragedy, to those who from far-off lands. TJiny liked to the Arab peasants ami soon they i by fishermen north ollieve. were thinnbing (heir noses nt "tlie 'flic vessel, the Hud- cffendi. j: ton's Hay Pur Company, was auan- jion ve ceased to- bear fruit; there is a general air of poverty " and depression." Tn those lays, Palestine was a . ••} sad-looking country, wasted away, lethargic as the exploi.ted fellahln '(tJeasant-i)' ;j»ho. -plowed .it with their crooked '..stick,." _, ^. f: •-'••' Tliese : '-'f eiinhttf' krfe w" '"no. Tjetter. Th'e ?ef fen : 5!' .far JstSprate)-v'whoT exploited them,"told them to be con- have their homes on its banks, was ride around in carriages and', were harnessed-, and nigM ws? "turned.willing to pay generously. into .day .in: Palestine. Hack in 102D, the cffeiull found i that to' ma'ny Arab rellnhlh were snylng to them, "Why' should we work for you foi one pla-itrc n day when the Jew pays us fifteen and twenty nnd sometimes more?" Without the ftllahin, whom they jlind exploited, the. effcixli To'imd (10 »« 1 lt! ' 1 ' wllc " slle " 18 "' Illinois Town Furnishes Transients With Paper ROGKFOftn, 111. (UP) — Rcsl- denls of the Riickford Service Ihi- icau'nnslcut-s hnve their own newspaper, -'"Tlio Hockford Bureau Flaslies," • • ' P. L. McCleueglian, neuci of Ihc cntertainmenl department of the bureau. Is tls editor. Jol)ii'J. liyu'ii, KosL'ljin'gb, Ore., ami \V. J, L'Es- (lermice, bolli residents uud.for- fcr iicwspaiiemien, arc assoclnl'e editors, it. is (Iblrlliiited free of chuvise to rciiidcnU of the burtiiui u'ho are ILs main contributors. . LIMA, O. (UP)—A tivu-iMy cele- tmllon of Lima's hew $lt),OOD municipal itiriiorl drew ai.OOO i soim. ' • . MONE ! 134 FARMERS BANK -& TRUST CO. INSIIHAKCF. The peasant found timt he could j their .wealth vanishing. •• .The radical change ' in Palestine' earn for an hour's'-work, ten plas- Thcv mcd the only"wrmon Ml was commented upon' by .the pres-] tres.(50 cenlsl Hnd it used to take 1 * V !? ' ent bigh ; cbniniis6loner,;Sir Aflhtir .him ten ivc'eks to earn that. So Wauchope,:^hp.last square. In .Tel Aviv and.those tvlrt*H...' "T&1» : 'mo*\Tilmtilo « ^/\*>^<i*^*>' 1 !vi> ^tn f*'A ' i»v " 'T^.'.^^i^ "> . ™..: j "• ' i_-. cd in nn ice Jam. Since that lime she hns drifted In the aummcrs, kept afloat by great icebergs. She is ssen from thne to time. The Baychhno sill) carries n partial'; cargo o! low-grade xcp.l skins, of such poor quality that Ihcy Were not thought.'worth taking when the . portfij-t_."Th«;.e(»nornic • condittonj m' 'Jaffa, f -Palestine-tremaIns -sound.; M«ny il industries .continue ot enjoy j o . marked degree,, of: prosperity; tent to work from _sunrise until there, is .considerable activity' in the : dark for one piastre T(five,-.«ent^> -.a- building tntfle." •'' day, "'with o -few .''wljlj)' ''Jashes - '••• •;•-;•-"•-'-'-•'• thrown 'In for good'measure.': Pearants Are Enslaved • So'the fellahin "plowed on,.under the hot sun. He was content to spread his abaya Xloose'cloak) out on -the burning siinds, whenever I the'mueziiiri 'called him to prayer and'torkiieel and'tliank Allah'lor his life, hard as Ui'Was. It is easy to understand how the dolorous sounding music heard in Arab villages;-in the coffee'houses, where the peasants congregate to Einoke their.nareilia; In the fields, where they-tend their orange and black colored sheep, originated. It is like, the wall of a soul, pleading to ;be-released from torture. ••••''. In 1923, the intensive, program of rebuilding the Holy I,and gnu, when the Jews who had settled there before the war, retura- td, many other European and American Jews with' them. The land began to flower. The -, ne .,'200:600 was being re: ceived and. spent,-in Palestine, the Arab .fellahin : found .that he was 'SA'em, ... be filled with jto them—inciting the ^° .masses, Lo religious hatred. It \vas-I .before,, the '• effcndl-.owneri ship wns abandoned, ol value' Nearly eveiy- removed. Hcad Courier News \Vaut Aiti.' McClellan Shows Open Knch Mittinec «;',«) \ Afternoon This Week M. for School Children 3 Rides for lOc Show Grounds. OiJiiosile Laundry Hnlja'''begnjr (o riages- and smarf. new cars, Arab drivers, Fina hi car- wlth newspapers b'et'nn to. bear-fglnring headlines which told of the inen-j ace that was in the Arab country.' - So thorough was the oreanlza-' Profit Everywhere ' I lion of.- (Ji'e 'effetidi' ; that. a letter j i Selling fish, shining shoes, meml-|to this|-effect,': bearing the new'si ing umbrellas, carrying, luggage, all | lhat .trip -Mosque of OinRr'in Jcru-l ,.. At Nlelil—Sunday—Anjtime For (luick anii Depehdaiile Wrecker Service Phillips Motor.Cp. getting his share.:New avenues of • | work were ;opening up daily for, him. The, .pay -. .was. miraculously , high. } '•. -, I .'..' : ...'. ,' ! : '.: Be((«- Toiler,in .Heit •'•.•••:'•. ' j Accustomed to - the : heat, the 1 ' Arab peasant could work longer, hours than the'European immi-' grant, at such labor as building•: roads, and found lhat the Jew had, penty, of work :for'hlm:. 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