Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 8
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"i?? Airlift Mokes iendi Fait l»»«t(|« N*w« Ktfltor J<mt weohii n vast Sf» b«»fi mnhlng ltd tfw Ar»b wwld to 0 t6tge» pllffflm who «fll»ri» the holy «?lty, klswr* ftek ftttno ilven ti) Abraham wofuhJp* tit tbo Hill of artrt ptrUplftflle* ^n tho great tollew*. fen thank A If* ror^i^, ceremony , Ayt, 31, In the most fit\,. * MeilJem'* 1JW, I«BI* Alp F6rci»'» "Operntlnn h", It probably one of ib- it *pontani'ou» gewturen of ihip to the Modem world p tho lUrtltotf 0tate* «ould have Ht fsct Ihdl It wnt what the ln|«ht cnll "Klfenict", fate mflkt'l) It fill the better. lute lfl»t week, when iliador to UbAnan, Jlsr- for put In n hurry-up call Depfcrtrnnnt, whlfh In upon thtt nlrforee, , of flJI«rlirm. mort of VocoHon.1 A,,!. Instructor* Mt«t MTTT.E ROCK W — Mor* thfln 350 Ark»n«a» vocntlrmal «|rlru lnr« inttrurlnr* begun htre today n Oii<"'<t»y mpPtlnn for tlw fwii pr:«f »»{ rcappraMInx Ihelr tenel Irtft program!, I>r, John 'Tyli»r Cflldwrll, pri»i of KIP Ifnlvmlty of ArUnn elrut for luck of the ri»mnlnlriK V*fttiiilftff 000 tbn duty of muko lb<? pit- o nt Jeitut once m opeht modi of tat th»- journey, were run. to rititoh the by ThUr»d»y night, Alf „.„.,, Ho|iul . Sen port 40 mile* |; Mecca, currying thousands, " the almighty will certainly ' ' WlMlofi," »»{<» n ttewipapor. "Amnricn'w bod •r* many *tit Ood will for- loll about for. »in*. but tlt« Ktory undfrlak- In SIM- t)n« ing «• ha* thtti Ampilcan filcndithtp In «tt In thf Middle Kn»t. 1 . India, hot lonw rt<?o C3t*«t*i" unloaded the a .IjQB^'tun «rt»U»r th» Indo »i* (in*, will *p*«k nt (he group'* nn Mini hsiri<|t«'l (/might. Officers Seek Bod Man in Missouri Hills PACIFIC, Mo, *~Offlepr» pu*h (»(l tin Inlenslvp t<<nrch in ruggm (•wintry nvnt hf-rc twlny for Wll Itorn Merlo Mnrtih, one of thf FMt'fl (<>n irioDt wantrd fuftlvlpn, Mnrdn, 42, wti* ln'llPV"d nlghlPd lrt«t niuhl diirliiK nn nutornoblln rhn»<« In enstciti Mln»mirl by kit highway patrolmon, The fugitive |» umifiht In the «lflyin« of a deputy sheriff, Wll- Hum Cnrver muir Olaihc, Ku»,, liu June 2.1. Mnrlln, formerly nf .laplln, Mo, V.'M« Itist reported In UlrmlnHham Ala. I'ollpe them »rrc»l*(l Robortti JUtrj Carter, 31. de/irrilied iti Mar- lln'H trnvnllnK companion. Shf< wn» nloni* nt the time of her arruiil bill told officer* Mitrtin hod nc- eornpnnled her to Dlrmlnxhnm. Missouri Hltthwny I'nlrol troop erii hint nlitht imrtiiird a c(ir be lit'ved driven by Mnrtfn, The drl vt-r flnnlly nbnndrmed tho nutorno- blle and fl«d on foot. % Cnpt, l,rwl»» Howard of thfl Mil souri Highway Pntrol mild tho car had tin.' oairir number a* one re pnrlt'd iitoli'ii in DlrrnlnRhnrn lap Monday, Howard snlil the area nenr Pn t'lfif w «(> iiiHijed a man coul< hide out fot* daytt without beini lound. Hniid MnckN were not up nnd f Stall? lllKhwny Pntrol plane «i*n Into the uenrch. pacific 1* n nlntil town about 00 mllot uoullmnst o St. Loulti, ntMtdentH In the nren were warn «l lo ho cnroful. Martin, consldtr r>it hliihly ilimiteroim, In believed tt arint'd, Howard mild all re ports he brut received Indicate tin i hart a uliotyuii and a re volvi-r with him. Officers believe* might titenl (mother ear. iffk'em found some .311 cnllhe liinmunltlon in the seal of tht •••(I car but no firearms. (I reported punmlrig troqp WM npenrhended by alt under the U.S, point 4 , nnd Dr. Dhln Ahmad of the flRht, xava Amrr CB itii full credit, HavInK of tho crop* wild H |7U,UUt),UOO victory i Iraq. Mttybe world difference* ntlll wll ' Mettled by the iiword, but it nice lo hear about tho plough now »nd then, IK END SPECIALS IOLE TOMATOES'",?18c (S Con« ...... SOc) M , M No, 303 OF ILLINOIS CORN No, 303 Con Yellow MMinini BEST ^aww-'V- • INGUSH PEAS No. 303 Can 19c (3 Cam .,. 54e) PET MILK * 14c . s s£' 7c it for . . . 95e) (10 for , . , yUL SWEETHEART - 4 Bars 23c IDE WASHING POWDER ^.Jifes. =-.sff 27c FOLGERS COFFEE ' : ';T;65 4 Can 3.28 -. -aeB^^ 1 * (SMOwntMd 'URElQOLD FLOUR iiffffiE; 25 sock 1*65 MARKET 49c CATFISH "•^^WWp ™^^P^^T ^ »•«. - .J* '* trt |0t * food took «1 tit* m»n »M thflt hi* »n«w«r«d Mar- tln'n d»*crlptl*m. Some »M the mnn ws» red hnirtrt, about ftv« feet, rljht lnchr< lull nnrt wfluhPd •fttund 170 jwimd*. Trortpofn J. l.. nunron nnd R.V. dlmw gut off (hi* ehn«r> About it fr.tn.. f««t nlghf *ftrr thf-y \Mscame fluitplcloul of n car noinii wi«st otit Of SI, f/Hii* Ott U. B. Highway M. The car nudfienly took in H «ifl»- road nnd doubled Imrh nn M. K r,o, Another trooper, ff. v. Oroff. up (ho chadr and clonfd in. tntcftt lh*p driver to ditch thf car nnd fl*<« Into th«' ru«g<'i|-coun- ity on foot. Th* Klntfl Highway Patrol had J4 trooiiKfjt In tn* arirn lo<lay. Thfy w«-r«» Joinwl by Fl\l iiKcnts nnd Carver w»* «laln In a with two ftwi whon he loiiKht to thpm on a Innnly r«md rnncfrnlhg their xtallf><l truck. Charlfn W. U«rlKK, Jopllii. wan iplurcil ihortly <rfl«'r thp Khontlnit nod has Uaen chargrrt with first <!f«rf»« murder. Itgrlgx told of- ho hnd l;«toh with Martin. Murtin inrvnd Iwo lermn in inn lNHoufl utiitfc p|nlt»ntloty and another In the focfeml prison at l.c.-i- vcnworlh, Ka*. Earlier this month Martin wan reported in Mvornl woxt^rn Russia Homes Czech Coup Planner to UN UNITED NATIONS, N, Y. 'Jt Soviet ttuniin htx named Deputy: F'»rri(?n Minister Valerlnn 7.>,t- ; in, who ofrined the fled coup in CzeehndlohxkU, as her chief del-' W«r tt. Diplomatic observers recalled. that the Soviet nnd Chinese Com! muntalR, In their current conference In Moscow, have made no srcrel of the fact thai Japan Is a chief topic of their talks. Malik may have a new role ot play in Ihflr field. v'« now delegate. 7.orin, has spent rnoxt of his foreign diplomatic service in Knstern Kurope. He became a deputy foreign tnini-i- 11 Per Cent Hike in Polio Coses WASHINGTON, (OP)-The Public Health Service sa'ffl today that 3.S03 new polio cases reported last v.rek amounted to an II percent Increase and was a new hlj-h for (hi. year. j Ti." weekJy summary of com munu'able diseases noted that increases in the week ending Aug. H0M STAR, WALL STREET NK\V YORK ,rv~- nailrond* anl U)p high-priced oil* Uxl?ty bracort nn advancing SU<ck Mnrkrt. (Inlnn ufkinily ran from fraction t to o llttlo beyond.a point with tho fxoeptloh of i hnndfiil of issue* tlko 7Vxfl» Pnridc Land Trust that ,;til/ied between fl and 0 points til n round 150. Tr-e advance oneornpaniiod dome• rriolor», non-lnrroiiit rnotalii, tuUvlnlon UKiiex, chemical*, and olio. Two party trtombcrs met In Tins Aln. One htul Ju»t nHurned from tho United Slat en. A Malik, (h« pr<?*cnl ftflns homo (or "rent and rrtfnl." V. N. officials announced la.«t nlxht thnl HIP Soviet «ovprnnn>rit tiil<l thnn of the forthcoming ehnnflc Ir; a rmtfr fl'ldr««*f>d to tin- international 'irK/ini/.-itlon's Sot re- turl.-il, /orlii is expected lo arriv by S«-pt. in, just H month before OH- ficnfial Asufinbly opens its annual fall soKnlon. Malik, who has hcnn sufferim: from a hr-arl nllrwnl for some tlrnc, v/tiB oriRinally iichcdulod to return to MOBCOW on leave curly Ihis mimmor. Ho ho« canceled his pannage? twice, but the Soviet tin imuncerrH-nt of his replacement came as n *urprfx« which observers could riol Immediately evulu Mlc. Already this summer the Soviets hiiw announced a widespread sinif fl«r of diplomat ansi«nrrn«nU. Malik's replacement comes soon riftiM- iinothi.-r serle* of potentially iin|)orlnnt events In the Soviet world. Thi.- Soviet Communist parly tins called fi full conKreas for the first time uliite before' World War I. Red China's premier and foreign minister, C'hou Kn-lal, IK In Mo< cow for innjor talks. The Russians are trudini! notes with the Wrst <rn Powers on the future of GIT many. Malik l.i nenernlly considered an expert on the Far Kast. He served In Singapore anil us Soviet nrn- battttadur to Japan during World early total to date, 10.980 cages, still l« below the 20,527 case* re ported during the same period in the record year of 1949. Only II,888 cases were reported In the same period last year. Of the nine*states which conlri 1-iite.u *>,IIO cas<*s of iht? increase Jowa had 240. Others included Kansas and Missouri. Texas'where polio was in epide mic proportions a few weeks ago, reported a sharp decrease from I Milk consumption In the Unite'] States today Is about 13 per cent! Krratc-r than before World War II.' that the current polio outbreak fir.?l centered in Texas arid the sr.uthwost now is hiting sharply in the ri.irthern parts of the nation Th<- survey reported that the Tibetans often believe descendants of monkeys, ... v vll ., u . ren of a Ood who fed them sacred Krain until they turned into men PALIE ALARM old country boy In town to ^ti' fchool books turned In a false tl alarm.- , . f I i Some city boys, he explained police later, told him if He |jt ed the lever in the red bok a ibl would pop out and forec.ist ( weather, .He was given better informal and sent home. Af The Yalu River made headjit in the Western world when Jai nese forces crossed it to begin Smart Styles From Our Sweater and Skirt Collection y ~&0&0*&0&> ItOIHUID MAOI MAIK & The perfect shoe for school, pl.iy, .-iround the houie. De- ulflned for complete comfort with quality construction throughout. Get your shoe wardrobe ready now for fall ,unci winter activities. NEW SADDLES For Sweaters & Skirts Brown and white saddle oxford. 7.95 film .4 to 10 Widths AA to B A* shown In Ait T*n with crepe sole. As shown In brown (either At shown In brown leather tr Smart Styles Not Shown 1)1 Wltcwri Si STORE 74111 ol 1S04-05, says the Nation! G graphic Society. ^««uy|'* <^.-,"-'4fc^v^' <9Lf 7* • — lljCiS^ "' i&t* SAENGER • U$T TIMII"TODAY Undercover Espionaqef WALK EAST ON BEACON storring GEORGt MURPHY './ FRIDAY 9 nd SATURDAY ALSO: CHARLES STARRETT & SMILEY BURNETTE "THE HAWK OF WILD RIVER" RIALTO * LAST DAY THIS IS A ROADSHOW ATTRACTION ALL SEATS . . SOc • PASS LIST SUSPENDED SOCIETY PnoM 74411 I A. M. «nd 4 f>. M. Calendar Shivers Hiiits Ike's Name to Be on Ballot TRULYJTHE GREATEST, HUMAN INTEREST 'MOTION PICTURE EVER FILMED KROGER GELATINS 3 «•• 20c Assorted Flavors. PUDDINGS »»r,L":' 3 «*. 20t Prices in fhis od good thru Sat. Aug. 30 We reserve the right to limit quantity. Copyright 1949, Th« Kregtr C*. ARMOUR TREET Serve it hot' or cold. Delicious on sandwiches. 12 Or. Tin 39c PORK & BEANS Kroger Brand Plump, tender. Embassy * SALAD OLIVES Friday, August 29 i The Senior MYF of the First j Methodist Church will have a picnic supper Friday, August 29, atj 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mr. and : Mrs. Frnest O'Neal j | De Ann Garden j i Club Meets i ! The DcAnn Lilac Garden Club j met Wednesday, August 13. in the i club mum with Mrs. Jewel Burke j as hostess. Co-hostess was Mrs. j Carltou Samuels. ' The meeting was called to order j by die pi-evident. Mrs. Hoy Burke. ; Airs Curltim Samuels gave the | devotional and everyone repeated liie Lord's Prayer. The hostesses served iced drinks and cookies to the members nnd two guests present. Miss Franks Entertained With Gift Tea Monday Mrs. Elmer Brown and Mrs. Joe Greene entertained with a gift tea Sally, and Mrs. Nettie Dinklns the parsonage. The party was carried off In the-1 s(a)| manner of an old fashioned. Ice)' cream social. Ice cream, cake, and salted nuts were served to the forty guests present. The Ilardegrees \vere presented a gift of silver by each of the organizations. > Hardegree Family Is Complimented with Dinner Mr, iiud Mrs. B. 1.. Itettiu and SOUL STIRRING SCENES NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN EVERY CHILD AND ADULT IN AMERICA SHOULD SEE THIS GREAT MILESTONE IN HISTORY Spanish style. _ £..«.<!. Q uar * Stuffed. PILL PICKLES PEANUT BUTTER Strawberry Roll American Brand, Kosher Style 32 Oz. Kroger Brand, Homogenized. Jar Kroger Baked, try one for Breakfast. Each 29c City Slicker: "Did the cyclone do much damage to your barn?" Farmer: "I don't know. I haven't found it yet." —Albert T. Hargis Submit jokes for this column and wiu passes to the Rlallo. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes'. Jokes must bo limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre bo.xoffice or mail to: Manager, Riallo Theatre. FRIDAY and SATURDAY THE DEAD END KIDS in "GIVE .US WINGS" — Also — WILD BILL ELLIOTT & "GABBY" HAYES 'WAGON TRACKS WEST' Monday afternoon, August 25. from ^ ^ till 5 in the home of Mrs. Brown ' complimenting Miss Norma Jean Franks, bride-elect of Bob Shad- ; dox of Nashville. | Arrangements of summer flowers j were used Ihrouj-houl the house. Members of the house party, Mrs. John Bissi'll, Mrs. Harold Higgason. Mrs. Mary. Elizabeth Martin, Mrs. Hay Lawrence, Mrs. Henry Taylor. Mrs. Wilton Garrclt, Miss- o.s Nilla Dean Compton, Nancy Camp. Charlotte Tarpley and Betty Murphy, wore corsages of summer flowers. The hostesses presented Miss Franks with a corsage of baby orchids. The guests were received by Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Clifford Franks, mother of the bride-elect. Mrs. Ogle Shaddox, nnd Miss Franks. The guests were then invited into the dining room where Mrs. Jou Amour poured the U'a, and Mrs. Charles Tarpley served the cake. The honoree was the recipient of many gifts. GUI of town guests who attended the tea were Mrs M. T. Lawrence of Commerce, Texas, nnd Mrs. Ogle Shaddox of Nashville, Ark. Luther llollamon entertained with '' rlis a dinner on Tuesday night, August I ^(i, at the home of the lormer, for j the pleasure of Hev. am! Mrs. Wm. P. Ihmlegrre and family. I The guests, comprised of close ! 1'riends, were sealed at the T: shaped dining table, which held a ; central arrangement of pink and j purple asters, pom zinnias, and S white daisy mums, and was flank- I ei! b.v pink tapers in white caudle ! holders, with live pink carnations : at the base. i A four-course dinner was served I family style to those present. The remainder of the evening was spent : in visiting. The hosts and hostess presented the honored guests with a gift of Coming and Going Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Strong and family hnvu returned from u ten day vacation trip in Colorado Springs and Denver. Colorado. $_ Mrs. Stella J. Weisenbcrgcr is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mabel Huckabee. and family in Houston, Texas. AUSTIN Tex.. I* ~- Texans hart . ja hint from their R'.tvernor today "that ("Jen. OwlRht D. Kist-nhower's name misht be placed on the Democratic party's tiekel as a prosidential nominee. C.ov. Allan Shivers Indicated such a possibility in a radio ad- drffss last night in which he snld tide-land:, oil was not the only is- MIC on which be based n decision not to vote personally for Gov. Adl.ii Stevenson. Democratic nom- inei. Shivers, repeated previous at- nn what he called "Tru- maiusm." He said he thought S'.e veuson "a lirtter man than Truman" and would if elected give a Letter administration. "Yet bis views on Texas tidelands are an indication that he. . . would continue te. bold Ihe views ml countenance the policies that 'runian and people around Tru- iian established," Shivers said. "Oscar Kwiiifi federal social se- urily administratoi 1 and hjs views in soeiali/ed medicine art 1 rolled ip in the same package, along vith a continuation of a stalemated oreign policy, a contlnuntlon of he highest spending and highest axation in the history of this nation and a continuation of central government powers concentrated n Washington," Shivers said. "Those who have sel/.ed the Democratic party," the gov- continued "have misused it, ied it and changed its his- its policies nnd its tradi- dcslrt* to be He hinted that Eisenhower's name wight bo put on the Texas DcmocMte ticket wilh Stevenson's name ort the national party ticket. "Their right to vote for the candidate of their choice Is a basic freedom of the people," ho said Shivers first expressed opposition 10 the Stevenson rnndtd.u-.v last week when the Illinois Rover- nor declared himself against any "blanket cession" of tldclands nil to the stales. Stevenson at tin- lime said he fnvored some sort of Uof A Gets Mines Job FAYKTTRVir.I.R - I3r. tJhv is S, nurgess, technical director of the Ordnrk project fit the llnl versity of Arkansas, has been ftp conyM-dinisc sohillotl to break the l'!vsi>iit vtiilcninte. F.lstnlmwor has *nlrt he woult* f.-ivor l.'i;(slnlion by CnnRress Rlv iiu- tli < slates control over their ; sriimowd oil riches. Buf*ttiwj *^ tales Hecllnn. The nnnmnteemettt _, today by W. W. Of lft»tHoft,' of the University's tnstiti Science and Teeh*nof<dly> \ fr. tlurRoss's new be In the explosives the U.S. Bureau of MlrtM huriih, Pa. Bur«e»s has be6tt thfe of the Ordftrk project The project Is sponsored Army's Department nf Oti Carlton Simmons of Tearkann Texas, has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Heaves. Rev. nnd Miss Mrs. Nettie d;iy mornin Mrs. Win. P. Hnrde- Sally Hitrilenree, nnd Dinkins left \Vednes for Commerce, Tc.xns Fidelia SS Class Honors Pastor On Friday evening. August 22, at 8 o'clock, the Fidelis Sunday School Cl;iss and the Choir of the First Christian Church entertained with ;i surprise 1 party for the pastor nnd his family, who were soon leaving for their new home in Commerce, Texas. The group gathered nt the church and then surprised Rev. Hardegree Mrs. Hardegree, their daughter, 28 Oz. 00- Pkg. Jyc Each 43c FRUIT SALAD Delicious Assorted candy. Angel Food Cake Fresh Baked by Kroger. BLENDED JUICE <roger Brand Vess Beverages 2 »««; 25c 46 C°a Z n 46C Assorted flavors. HEINZ BEANS 2 16c ° ans 33c Boston Baked. , LIMA BEANS Griffins PINTO BEANS • Washburn Brand, dried. NORTHERN BEANS Washburn Brand, dried. Spotlight Coffee Mild, mellow, hot-dated. Kroger Coffee Rich, vigorous, Vacuum packed!! Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. 16c 15c Orange Juice Kroger Brand, frozen. Paper Napkins Hudson, 80 in- a pkg. O 6 Oz. no•*. Cans -* vc Pkgs. "Moke Burke's Your School Shoe Headquarters' IRobiuKood shoes for BACK-TO-SCHOOL Arkansas Maid, Cooked HAMS -694 PICNIC HAMS -: 39c WAI •• & A ^m A ^^ "*H ,K. BA - - ^^^ to make their home. For the past seven years, Itev. Hal-decree hn.< been ]);istor of the First Christian Church in Hope. He will take ovei his duties as pnslor of the First Christian Church of Commerce. 01 September 1st. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. A. J. Thornton Hope. Mrs. S. Womack, Hope. Join L. Seat, Hope. Discharged James Pilkinlon, o Hope, Mrs. Clara Greeson, Hope Mrs. S. P. Tel'tcller, Washington. Branch Discharged: mos. Mr. Don Cox, Pat lory, tlOHS." He asked Texans to tell him what they want to do as clli/ens, "How do you want to vote?" he asked. .Stale Ally. Gen. Price Daniel, Democratic nominee for U. S. Senate to succeed Sen. Tom Connally, is among many Texas Democrats who have recently written Shivers asking for a double set of democratic presidential electors. One group would be those pledged to Stevenson. Shivers predicted the Stale Democratic Convention in Amarillo Sept. !) would "make such nr- raug'oineiits as you people of Texas "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" -fr/Operation Playground * ?• A New Styles for School Wear! Pol SHOES FOR HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S. Main & Country Club rd. THURSDAY• FRIDAY "ACCORDING TO MRS. HOYLE" Plus Second Feature "RIO GRANDE PATROL" with Tim Holt • < • More an«l more parents arc insisting nn pre-tcsttd Poll-Parrots ... because they know that through this exclusive [>re-t(sting feature the shoes they buy will wear longer under the most exacting demands of operation "playground." Let one of our experienced shoe liners show you why. $4.50 to $6.95 GIRLS "Whore Good Shoes Arc Fined Correctly' TER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE .. Get a whole or full half ham, No center slices removed. Why stand over a hot stove all ( day, buy your ham already cooked. Four of the many styles that you will find in our complete stock of school shoes Sizes SALT MEAT Flrct cuti Lb. COP FILLETS Lb. Ctn. Lb. 65c 8tol2i 4.95 5.45 Sizes 12J to 3 mother** it all adds up Quality Materials Sturdy Construction Footprint Fit Lasting Good Looks Long, Long Wear + Low, Low Price TOMATOES"*™- - W*' ORANGES Colifornio Sunkist. 29c GRAPES Thompson seedless or r«d Mo logos. Still Room for Labor Gains, Truman Says WASHINGTON Wl—Despite labor's gains, President Truman fays there is still room for improvement. In a Labor Day statement he said: j "Many of our citizens-many ofj our working men and women-need i more adequate protection against the great financial hazards of sickness, disability, unemployment and old age. "We need more and better housing for our growing population. We must build up our schools in many areas. We must end the discrimination which hus cast shadows on some parts of our great record of reedom. We must improve our ystem of collective bargaining to promote industrial peace and productivity. ! "We must safeguard our nation-; al propserily and keep our ei:o-1 lomy growing. We must safeguard! ,ur heritage of freedom against the (Hacks of lotalitarian ideologies, | bolh lefl and right. We mustj safeguard our national security, byj milding strong defenses at home. and byx working with other nations i .o keep peace in the world." Truman paid tribule to the near-j .y 10 million Americans iorgani/eii ( in unions, saying: "Their record is. a tribule lo Ihu American syslem' :i£ t free collective bargaining, i which responsible trade unionism has developed to replace the old, law of the jungle in our industrial relations." i CONCORD GRAPES 4M9c AIR-CONPITIONID BURKES SHQf STORE X-Ray Fitting On Fri. & Sat. * - i * ALL SUMMER DRE r « * ', «** « ,, , * * * <4 . «* w^j • *"/*.$ Two Arkansons Hurt in Bus Accident ALBURQUERQUE, Wl — Thiity- six persons, including two from' Missouri and one from Arkansas, | were injured yesterday in the colj lision of a Continental Trailways j bus and an empty gasoline truck 55 miles east or here. • Thirteen persons were admilU'd to hospitals for treatment. The others were examined and ie-; leased. • ' The injured included: i Mrs. Ruth Forrester, Ava, Mo.,] head cuts and broken knee; ht-rj mother, Mrs. Elhel Rhynes, Ava,; chest injuries; and Jerr'y Martin. 1 25, Piercetown, Ark., broken jaw; and collarbone. Regrouped For Final Clearance 215 DRESSES IN ALL THREE PRICE RANGES TO 10.95 I TO 17.95 TO 24.95 NOW NOW NOW'-•••< «4 S*v S^5 5 f>••-••, ;'•% r -' . * * i. at "* •* ^i REGULAR SIZES-JUNIOR SIZES-HALF SHIS The National Geographic Society! claims Napoleon once told his brother Joseph: "U wa are forced to, flee' to America, I should qfaposQ a pla\> between Philadelplfla and New York and on the Delaware River, in order to get news by packet." &.-JYC T4 IT "Hopt'f Pintit Deportment Start"

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