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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 12

Louisville, Kentucky
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WEDNESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 16, 1916. SECTION 2 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. Today's Show Clock City and Jefferson County Statistics Res The Unseen. At 11 1. 1:33.

4 27. 11 U' I 'l i i 1217 Rufer Ave. William A. Welsh. 26.

timekeener, ISOfl Dixdale Mary B. Cecil, 22. of 101 Stevenson Ave. Oscar Pfanner. 24.

Army, Sacramento, Donnie Margaret Tinsley, 23. Glasgow. Kv. Carl G. Baker.

25. Navv. Somerset, Frances M. Carter, 22. of 3809 St.

Germaine Court. Aloysius Eugene Lehmann. 39. auto dealer. Route 5.

Louisville: F.velvn Josephine Weaver. 32. of 120 N. 34th. Thomas E.

Horton. 22. Army, Tthaca, N. Ethel L. Hatfield.

17, of 818 S. 18th. Clinton M. WriKht. Jr.

22. Army. Corbin. Kotherine HunUic. 18, of 101 Blackburn Road.

John F. Trager. 21. Army. 2103 Duncan: Helen I.anglev, 18, of 2014 Duncan.

Michurl Pnkh. 28. Army. Ani-bririge, Mildred Curtis. 28.

of 24-'8 Concord Drive. Robert O. Bradley. 29. Armv.

Detroit, Helen Lange, 25. Ensley, Ala. Population On Increase Washington, Jan. 15 lP) The Census Bureau said today that during the five years ending July 1, 1945, the population of the United States, including armed forces overseas, increased by 8,000,000. Population as of that date was 139,621,431.

Mrs. Frederick W. Betz. 1411 Villow Jan. 2.

Mrs. Edward T. Carr, 2855 Congress, Dec. 26. Mrs.

Dennon R. Edgen. 324 N. 18th, Vernie McGufftn, 2641 W. Kentucky.

Jan. 6. Mrs. Charles D. Abney, 411 E.

Broad-wav. Jan. 8. Boys. Mrs.

Agnatius A. Boone, Buechel. Dec. 2B. Mrs.

Lafie W. Vincent, 3721 Warren, Jan. 4. Mrs. Melvin C.

Liter, Bedford. Jan. 5. Mrs. John H.

Sampson. 1719 N. Patton Court, Jan. 5. Mrs.

George Ffeffer, 2115 Gaulhert. Jan. 3. Mrs. Edwin B.

Alexander, 4115 S. Third. December 21. Mrs. Wood row W.

Anderson, 2.11 S. Cecil. Dec. 23. Mrs.

Keith F. Nichols, 198 Iola Road, Dec. 25. Mrs. Clark R.

Gregory, 2124 Village Drive, Jan. 11. Mrs. Donald J. Ford, 3348 Bohannan, Frank S.

McKlnney, Bedford, Dec 30. Mrs. Earl Vinfent. 545 S. Preston, Jan.

4. 3Iarriage Licenses Edgar P. Silliman. 20. Navy.

1040 Elgelbach: Mary Lou Phelps, 17, of 740 E. Chestnut. Fletcher Autaey, 2. laborer, and Mildred A. Carter, 18, both of Route 7, Louisville.

Morris C. Pettis, 22. electrician, and Edith M. Morgan, 20, both of Anchor- aKJoVmyT. Lunsford.

22. Army. 1038 E. Main: Margaret Candelo, 18, of 541 E. Jefferson.

Rozell S. Eatmon. 25. grocery clerk. 61B N.

24th; Margie Louise Powell. 21, Lexington, Ky. Edward R. Torstrlck, 31. transfer business.

321 Shemn June Hall, 27. of 2143 Lowell Ave. Harry Bajtka. 34. deputy sheriff, and Louise F.

Macpherson, 21, both of 423 W. Emerson Frank Richardson. 22. truck driver. 132 Charlton Carrie Ellen Sizemore.

15. of 365 N. 27th. Henry N. Ward.

26. salesman. Ridge-wood. Long Island, N. Emma Marguerite Tomlinson, 28, of 1024 Wetterau Ave Bomard F.

Altman. 17. machinist. 535 E. Broadwayj Jeanette M.

Lewis, 17, of 730 Iowa. Joseph H. Jenne. 24. Armv.

1218 E. Burnett Mary Lee Chase. 21. of 7:01 and 9:35. Double Exposure.

At i 10:16. 12:50, 3:24. 5.58 and 8:32. Savov Sweethearts of the ITS. A.

At 10:20. 1:35. 4:50 and 8 05. 1001 Nights, At 11:40. 2:55, 6:10 and 9:25.

Broadway The Sullivans. At 8:45 and 9:06. Alibi Baby. At 8:49. Vorue Northwest Mounted Police.

At 7 and 10:20. This Gun for Hire. At 9. Bard Wonder Man. At 7:31 and 9:43.

Coiy Incendiary Blonde. At 6:58 and 9:19. 'Shawnee That's the Spirit. At 6:40 and 9:41. This Gun for Hire.

At 8:20. Crescent Dixie Jamboree. At 7 and 9:56. The Cheaters. At 8 29.

Hits The Seventh Cross. At 8.24. Blonde Fever. At 7 and 10 16. New ri This Man's Navv.

At 9 50. Young Ideas. At 8.33. MA 27CMI Today, Thursday and Friday BETTY HUTTON ARTURO DE CORDOVA "Incendiary Blonde" Bar Victory Bonds Todavand Thursdar Boris Karloff, Bela LugosI "THE BODY SNATCHER" rim "THE John I. odrr.

Runt Hohirt BRICHTON STRANCLER" ORCHESTRA DANNY DANIEL ftTt-OIUiAN $mat FLOOR iHOW THAT FAMED Intcrlochcri's Head Expects Union Ouster MaHdy Thinks Petrillo Will Throw Him Out Chicago, Jan. 15 (JP) Dr. Joseph E. Maddy, founder, and director cf the National Music Camp at Interlochen, emerged from a closed session of the American Federation of Musicians executive board today and said he believed he would be 'thrown out" of the union, of which he has been a member for 37 years. He had been summoned to the hearing by James C.

Petrillo, head of the A.F.L. union, to show cause why he should not be expelled on charges of teaching music at Interlochen and thereby engaging in acts detrimental to the union. Maddy said the board wouldn't permit him to discuss the union's ruling that the camp was unfair. The camp was placed on the A.F.M. unfair list in January, 1945.

Violations Charred. Charles Bagley, Los Angeles, A.F.M. vice-president, said, however, that after the board had placed the Interlochen camp on the unfair list, Maddy was charged with violating the A.F.M. constitution and the bylaws 'by playing and rendering services lor and at such camp." Before going to the University of Michigan, where he is a professor of radio music instruction, Dr. Maddy was supervisor in the public schools at Richmond, and taught music at Earlham College there.

137 Companies Here To Alcl 4,500 Workers Job prospects' in Louisville plants are brightening, the U. S. Employment Service said yesterday. It reported that establishments which hired more than 4.000 workers during the past 90 days expect to add 4,500 to their pay rolls by April. More E.

Helm, manager of the U.S.E.S., said the 4,000 workers were placed in 137 establishments through the job-finding agency. The establishments 'represent 38 major industries, half manufacturing and the other half UFA. FEATURE FILMS. Rial to The Stork Club. At 10:30, 12:46, 3:02, 5:18.

7:34 and 9:50. Loew's Getting Gertie's Garter. At 12:04. 2:33. 5:02, 7:31 and 10.

Voice -of the Whistler. At 11, 1:29, 3:58, 8.27 and 8:56. Mrr Anderson San Anlonio. At 11:07, 1:13. 3:19.

5:25, 7:31 Strand Man Alive. At 11:46. 2:23, 5. 7:37 and 10:14. Pillow of Death.

At 10:40, 1:17. 3:54. 6:31 and 9:08. Brown Leave Her to Heaven. At 10:38, 12 44.

2:58. 5:12. 7:26 and 9:40. Scoop News reels and other films. Continuous from 10:30 a.m.

to 11:30 p.m. National Guest Wife At 11:50. 3:14. 8 Mi and 9:38 Paris Underground At 1:35. ft and 8:25.

Kenturkv Letters. At 12 01. :30 and 9 47 That's tha Spirit. At 10:30. 1:42.

4:59 and 8:16. I'plown The Body Snatchers. At 8 JS. The Brighton Strangler. At 7 and 9:50.

Ohio Watch on the Rhine. At 10:49. 2, 5:11 and 8:22 Heavenly Days. At 12:43, 3:54. 7:05 and 10:14.

Benefits for G.I. Wives Asked. Washington, Jan. 15 (JP) Senator Magnuson Wash.) wants the G.I. Bill of Rights to grant wives of totally disabled war veterans the same training and educational rights it gives veterans.

in "SAN ANTONIO' A V1d Frances Langford is guest artist in "People Are Funny," screen version of the radio program of the same title which will open at the Strand in the morning. Jack Haley, Helen Walker, Rudy Vallee, Ozzie Nelson, and the whole cast of People Are Funny radio show are in the picture. 3 Nazis Given Death Penalty Naples, Jan. 15 (JP) An American military commission sentenced three German Gestapo officers today to be hanged for the murder of seven Allied soldiers. The commission condemned S.

S. Maj. August Schiffer, former Berlin house painter; S. S. Underofficer Albert Storz, and S.

S. Lt. Ileinrich Andergassen specifically for murdering Capt. Roderick Hall, South Norwalk, in Schiffer's torture chamber at Bolzano. Four American flieri who were murdered, first were tortured in an attempt to learn secrets of American bombing by radar.

Single Talk On Budget, State of Union Planned Washington, Jan. 15 (U.R) President Truman announced to-'day that his state-of-the-Union message and the new budget would be incorporated in one message and sent to Congress on Monday. Customarily, they are transmitted as two separate documents. Truman had first planned to send up the message of the state of the Union on Thursday and the budget on Monday. LAST DAY SCREEN "GUEST LAST DAY Errol Flynn I TOMORROW! WARNER re.release I 1 Mills rne 1 292771 Eva May Roach vs.

Leo Roach: divorce. 292772 Jessie Heffield vs. Don Hel-lield: divorce. 292773 Gertrude Marie Wilber vs. Richard Walter Wilber; divorce.

292774 Local Loan Company vs. Ewing Waddv et note. 292775 Arthur H. Hardin vs. Dessie L.

Hardin: divorce. 292776 Mane Ann Kennedy vs. Arthur Kennedy; divorce. 292777 John H. Adams vs.

Helen M. Adams: divorce. 292778 Edith Laveme Miller Reinert vs. Raymond William Reinert; divorce. 292779 Virifinia L.

Becker vs. Theodore B-cker: divorce. 292780 Dorothy M. Ford vs. Samuel Ford: divorce.

2927B1 Lottie Afenes Clark vs. John W. Clark; divorce. 2S2782-783 William J. Eckerly et vs.

Thomas L. Friar et damages. 292784 Lucille H. Mitchell vs. John T.

Mitctvell; divorce. 292785 Urban V. Boland et vs. Oscar C. Johnson; account.

292786 June Gates vs. Allen Gates; divorce. 292787 Edgar Kirk, vs. Willard Dunn; on petition. 292788 Emma B.

Oas v. Herbert Oas: divorce. 292789 Pearl Pieper vs. John J. Piper; divorce.

292790 Fada Realty Company vs. Paul S. Johnson et al; on petition. 292791 Eldon Lee Brunson vs. Alice Frances Brunson; divorce.

292792 Mary L. Montgomery vs. Nicholas Lee Montgomery; divorce. 292793 L. W.

Cole et al, vs. Margaret R. Schwartz Bernstein et al; judgement. 292794 Edward C. Thirlwell, Jr.

vs. Heloise Mav Thirlwell: divorce. 292795 Bertha Louise Campbell vs. James Collins Campbell; divorce. 292796 James V.

Lindsay vs. McClosky and Shaffer, damages. Building Permits Shamburger Lumber Company, lumber shed, 1445 Catalpa, $1,500. Helen repairs, 131 E. Brandeis, rear, $1,500.

Mary Woods, frame dwelling, 3s3 Harding, $1,400. Lester and Lillie Blankenship, frame dwelling, 527 Harding. $1,800. J. A.

Jennings, frame dwelling, 1409 Sale, $2,500. County Court Dallas W. Nance appointed adminis- trator of estate of 'Wl (Uliatn Menzen- berger. Emma K. Harrison appointed execu- trix of estate of Riley C.

Harrison. Mavme K. Zabel appointed executrix of estate of Theo. L. Zabel.

John P. Long appointed executor of estate of Virginia M. Spahn. Ben J. Johnson appointed guardian of XVI a rv Lcuna Hsuiuii.

Lillian Lutts appointed Frances C. Lutts. guardian of Police Court Assault with intent to rob Kenneth Griffin, postponed to January 21. Carrying concealed deadly weapon-Herman Moore, postponed to January 15. Malicious cutting Ma ry Gassoway, postponed to January 29.

Malicious shooting Maude Miles, filed away. Storehouse breaking David Barr, held to grand jury January 21; Robert Curry, postponed to February 1. Burglary James Webb, held to grand jury January zj. Manslaughter Erasmus Duke. post- poned to January 23.

Drunken driving Elmore Unseld. ostponed to February 12; Maynard H. ames. to February 14; John F. Ruffner, mended to drunkenness.

$20. Assault and battery Ruby Jaggers, ostponed to January 24; Kigdon L. La-asters, to January 18. Grand larceny John McElroy, postponed to January 17. Births Girls.

Mrs. Robert Jan. 3. Mrs. Willard K.

Sanders. Carrollton, Smith, 1514 Wilson. Jan. 3. Mrs.

Lawrence G. Reinhardt, Crums Lane. Shively, Jan. 5. Mrs.

Leonard L. WesseL Can Run Road. Jan. 4. Mrs.

John W. Hartlage, 2415 W. Main, Jan. 4. Mrs.

E. Mershell. Bedord, Jan. 2. Mrs.

W. B. Zipper. 4505 Meridala, Jan. 8.

EARL CARROLL'S "VANITIES' UNDERGROUND" IMS IN THE BIG HOUSE Today Thursday Bettt Davis Paul Lukas "MARCH OH THE RHINE" Flhhrr and Mollis "HEAVENLY DAYS" TTPROADWAV JLi-D Bdwy. near Shelby Tonight and Thursday Ann Bastar Thomas Mitchell "THE SULLIVANS" Plus "ALIBI BABY" ODAY I DENNIS O'KEEFE Tloes The story of two who were lovers at parting. strangers when they met again! fLAST TIMES TODAY Jf II "A I Plus Richard kGETTIKG GKIMIK'S GAUTKIl" MARIE MCDONALD Dix in "THE VOICE OF THE Today. I hurt. I rt.

Hoars Open irr I'aulette Madeleine Cooper Goddard Carroll "NOR'WEST MOUNTED POLICE" ilN TCHVirOI.ORl Alan Ladd Veronica Lake "THIS CUN FOR HIRE" HELD OVER FOR 74 YEARS 1 1 i III IAMK Ft HI ItEWUMO CO. lOUlSVUit 2. KT. Your kitchen can produce for peace! SAVE P'ATS! GAL! 2nd Hit Jess Barker THE SPOT THURSDAY V-JT "ft aMaMsaBaaaMsaasMsaaaaaaaa Vfi LAST DAY! mm SL tfce heft Concert Postponed The concert by the Budapest String Quartet scheduled for Friday at the Playhouse has been postponed because of the illness of Mischa Schneider, cellist. Another date for the concert will be arranged and tickets for Friday will be honored at that time.

Judge Ends School Segregation. MansfieM. Ohio, Jan. 15 (U.R) Segregation oi Ngro from white pupils at Bowman Street School here today was ordered abolished by court decree by the end of the 1946 school year. Judge Clyde C.

Sherick of the Fifth District Court of Appeals signed the decree. Today FOUR BIC DAYS Danny Kay In "WONDER MAN" With Vlrfinla Maya tn Tcrhnlrnfort Gail Rassell Herbert Marshall "The Unseen" Chester Morris Nancy Kelly "Double Exposure LU Jennifer Janes, Joseph Cottea I "LOVE LETTERS" 7 nek n.n,fW 4 LISJ 111 fTmniTFrPR 11 6NG CROSBY fSof 1 1 34 ill" Alyc) 11 productions I rVi C' qM 7 ft rGtlOTlItXTQ ADOtO ATTRACT ION WVV0ICEOF0ESTINY 1 I "THE MAN WHO SEES TOMORROW Gtomorroiv feV ONIIERSAl a iVv" Mints A Taming the West and BIB )i hoi -like they were never v- tamed before! Clflh FESSIER- I I 2 I I lU PAGANO (hSn, I I Production "W' 1 COMING ON, STAGE 0 FP.fii.ilrf:'5frK Eli.S FT 8HEI.IAH GRAHAM WHISTLER" V'l': Robert Donat of "Mr. Chips" fame in a new and thrilling romance) of today! Exciting! About Love's Young Dream! BROADWAY" JINX FALKENBURG SC'iimanuim ii'fi mm ii 1 1 ii ii i flOHff ROBERT XJA rnost hibrious Short KlQv I 1 0Xkdiith 3 .11 I with ANDY DEVINE FUZZY KNIGHT SHEDON LEONARD ANDREW TOMBES Originol Scroonploy Written and Produced by MkKooI Fstiiar and Emost Pagan Diracfod CHAKLES LAMONT aln PraAutMi: HOWABD KfKiFrurt DEBORAH KERR Play by ClcMENCE DANE and ANTHONY PELISSIER and Directed by ALEXANDER KORDA A METRO-GOLD WYN. MAYER PICTURE Starting rq Screen Produced A Dream of a Musical TJIeelWbL Gn. WITH MARJORIE FRED REYNOLDS BRADY Pht Lois Collier "GIRL ON starts TOMORROW.

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