Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 27, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 11
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Hector 'enson \PVTlWrMnV,. t«*l, .M. A kSff »«*m**/' 'or rNlmt, ehafrman of « CdfUfjii Comby PRESCOH NEWS Mh^d.. U.K1 fh*. te.**«J«.». MtfM*4l4lr *4ift *U^^ """ for lji««tt»W thiry wtl! _.h"| »pp»al cam«» ftfirr HI r«ftl«ci»mi»fil Indicated " of and Ihc rnnlnil Of _„-„-„.,._ In the naitt Out oovtlvd post, Tr/>much nought nfl- ttefi laid Iherc wnn no itnbur of voluntner* 1y for this oltictoi-Bl ' Htfoulntum II that rfptil nlm»eif to s ,lh» ,«l«ctorn M tit .... 'John Bijnrltnnn or Stafford of ...,_.. A»jf. 90, th» i .CdntrHi Cummliioo ftfeft Of Stfvonoon nnd pWthc* bullet MllUtinal nn eWtor Mon hlg reiuoft. ^.. r ..— Kolb, the 40 QUll, ronlKnPd yen- ,'ljlftiit nt Stevenson'* SjUle control of the S<J«. ,$«M that Neville -_wwu 1*6vy hud r<(- Irt which to mnkd up nf will u<) bu Hoard thin fall to hit transportation «my iB«, Contrsl, Plonwr , __,__.„ at Oklahoma j^emUftr, CAB Exum K. Bryan rttcom eiural he ttutlKirU«(l pin Wltltt Hook and i |lot 9prU>a», Thin nj* kit out the five s*w Three wilt to» tiroyr-r mroHhf fft the Churfh of Nnmrfw W Ml'l wr>ck dfrvlcpn nt tho Oflptiftt Church r»n W*»<ln<»iMJ»y «v*o Ing flff m fallow*: 7 p.m. Blblr* S«r»ol T«flch«r» i»nd offlenfii m»»t Inrfi 7M* PruyVT »nd BIM« uttirly. There will h*> prayer m<teWn* nt llic First Chriitlnn Church Wfd- notituy tivmlnt nt 7:30, Choir prnr. Mrfl will follow, Proyor mofflriH will bogln nt 7;4fl » pvi-.nlnfl nt MIC Church Thursday, Tlio Pioscott f'ommnnlty choir wll} prflctlofi Thursdny flvenlng 7:. 10 at Uin Mfthwlixt Church un der td*» diliwtlmi of Mr». wild Mr«, I,«-ro D*Mol»y and flilnhow Mothir* Hav« Call Moetlno Prld»y ~ 'fh« nuwly orgonliwd OeMolny niid Rnlnlww Molh«m Club met on Friday cvoninu for thole mwetlns «t the Masonic Hull, Mr*, dflwflll Munn, pifuldont, •Irteril, Mr«, 0. H, P«nch«y M the purpose of tho club, • '.•Plant Wer«» dl«fii»»etf, tnr tho bnnqimt for Ui« Hombwost District Cfrnulnvn of DnMnlny thul will «»• vnnc In Pro»co(t nn W«dn«Hd«y Auiiuot 27, That will !><> sponsored by tlH' Mother* Club wt th* legion Hwt, , Verlotis commlttM wcr« appoint- by the B, C. Stlvurw Hpi-nt PfJdny In Hope, . Mrs. John KttBl" and IVtiSi Norn Knjjlo motored to T«xurk?ona FrJ. any, They were nccompnnlod by Mrs. Mottiff. Robinson who rt'rnntn- Ml for n vl«H with Mr, and Mrs, Roblititnii, Dab Nqbtirhion of I.ltUo Rock W«« tlH» WU<»k ertd JtUPRt Uf Mil* JtltM MeCttaklll nnd h«r parents, Mr. niul MI-M. Ou»» McCnukHL Mr. And Mm. Allon OOP Jr. nntl children, noil nnd Hill of Hope wen' Sumluy nucMto of Mr, nnd Mr«, Allen Gt»i-, Mr. nnd Mm, Sammy B<mrd Jr. niul little (Itiuuhtm- of Uullun wt«r« the «iu>(ilK Frliluy of r»l«tlv«8. They were ptirauu* to Nauhvlll*. Tcnn. Mr, nnd Mr*. H. n.-MoKonnlc nntl son, Jim, Mr, nod Mr». Frnnk Ollbort nnd nun, Mart In spent the wi'ok ond in SI. t.nul.i ond »«w Ihn bull gttino between tho 'St, I.oula Cui'ilinnU und Nuw York Oliuu«, Aumng tlioHf Who now tho Lion* v«, Knnh'« footbull «amn at Wnr Memorial Sttiilluiii, UUU> Hack on Saturday evouJnn were Thoinn* Do' woody, ICd Itubbiirtl Dutchlo Url«ht Whltniurch, R«y Woolity. othi'r Arknnsftd cltlM but (lino cUtl not provldo Hrrvice to Which tho cltJrn, Wnrtt. Vdnoty, f^ntan h, of *.h<> r>r«r»- ftntifa ftnd rott foolbftl! team*. Mr*, Don 8»ll<><" nnd ntwi, Tommy nt AJtnfQtimine, W. M. are thr hmitft gue*l* of h?r pnr«nl«, Mr and Mr*. J, T. M<rRn<* nnd oth'r J1A »./• B •> «• Try GOPs Try to Tyrn Tobies on Bronnon Mr, and Mr/i, A. M, UttliR had ** Ultlf gW*t* Mr, And Mm KM Br«nl«r of Wood, T«Ka«, nml Mm Ri»x Brlnimn of Tlmparm, Tcxa*. Mlift JfflWl MUllOCk WHS (he WflwkeiWf Ru«*t of Minn Opn'l DanlH In Hnp<», Mrs. Mult Sill of Llltl* flock, wn» (ha weekend miesl of Mr. ;>ml ; Mf».' C. D, McSwain, Mrs, Mc-i Swain accompanied her homo for' »rfVer«| «Jny» iitny. ! Mr, «nd Mm. Ben Hlnet, who hev« been raiding In Nanhvlllo, Tcnn, ware the weekend )iim»u «f his mother, Mrs, Clo<> Hlnes. ?t«y w«r» cnrmiic u» Ft. Worth T*x«s wheri» they will rniike their .home. Mr, anti Mr*. Of. H. Penchuy nnd Trwl Posey motored to Tlmpson, Texas Thursday und Mr. l»o*oy rflmnlrxrd and will be head of the rnudle department In the Tlmp. son schools this winter. Dolores Escape returned from n vacation on Lake Lucerne with her aunt nnd uncle, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frod Simmons of [Jrwikloy. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stonn nnd ehlldron, Hill, Susan und Jimmy, httvo rftUirnrd to tlutlr homo in Oklahoma City, nftor n visit with Mrs, Clam n. stoni- und Miss L«- nlta Stone/' Mr. ond Mrs, Bob Archor of Kt Dorado announce tho arrival of a UiiUKhtor, Hpwenn guv, on Slit- luday ovenlnt), AtiHUst 23. Mr, nrul Mr«, Horace Unto of Proxcott uro thii fraternal jinmdpunmU, iy OV)o A. .WABfftNOTON art; trying to turn ihe to'kle* on SwcreUiry of Agriculture Brntinnn thin pr»>»Mpntlnl enmpiifgh yfnr Four years ago thr- Ofimocrntic fnrm rhl«'f mocJp the Rcptibllmn r ofitrollod 8»th Confer*** a target Irj ih»> Important MMwostprn fnrn ln-lt on I he haxlii of lln form I.-RH lutlon. Hrnnnnn's campaiign ficflltrcl liy th«« Democrats with pliiylnK ii major rolf In Proficient Truman's upsot victory ovpr Oov Thoriui.H K. Di'woy. J \tc IfMii fnrm Issue ccntcre'i Inrwely r,n action of tho OOP dm fires-; in ro«trlctin« tho EH in<-fit'« flower tn store- fnrm dints. Thin yf«ar, the? R«publlcan» hnvr pot off to /in oorly start In attack! .. inn Hi atinnn. Thc/lr guns are l>ein« j '% 4 pointed nt o controversial fnrm! plim h» ndvancecl In I04B tmd <.n n contention that his sueco.ssful IMIIJ cnmpiiijjn wn« Imgptl upon misre piosentntlon. The OOP claims thnt tho Bran nan form plnn which would expand thi.- itovnrnmcnt's power to CUM I trol fnrm production nnd inakcj brond uso of subsidies to keep! farmers proxporous would reKi- merit agriculture. Bnl Oov. Steven- win .)f Illinois, tht! Democratic W»dn«td«y, , Aufttift 17, 19S2 MOM ITAt, MOM, AKKANSAS ;< ,;»\A M, -, Mack Fili Suit in Izaid VoteDeal .! 9^ STS 9f DOWNING U. S. PLANES-During tho recent celebration of Red Air n,«nn i Mosc .° uw - th * Post" °bove was plastered all over the city. Panel illustrations show Tex Xfnw ^n? n h thC , 0(Ten u SlVC ° BalnSt U " S - Planes ' ln cach case forcin S down the Amer can craft Texts bclow fetches give the Soviet version of the Incidents. U. S. Ambassador George W Ken nan _ __ boycotted Red Air Force Day and lodged an official protest with the Kremlin. Stevenson Continued from Paj« On« • . " i »"'. I*MIMIIMJLUIV iriioroHt. the itni,.m»nt thai i." i" S . wlll 'i "To me,", Stevenson said, "thin 'Inmorlr^ *£* " "° l < K *\« *• »» «* WrluH.™- which Mom r.ti,.,,"i,,, sL u i j , A i ls - in " r - Johnson's phrase, the ch^'^r^y'^S C£|'»' -ruKc of -und,,, s . can lenders that the IfHH Demoi Sllrc| y intolerance nnd public cnitlc victory In the fnrm belt was! "' Icsponslblllty e( " lot bc cloaked Kained by n trlumpnd "" i in the shin'nR armor of rectitud imperfect are of government will always make enough mistakes to keep our critics well supplied with standard ammunition." he said. "There it^ no need for poison fins." He also struck at "indiscrimi and nnte attacks on our schools the sincere, devoted and by no means overpaid teachers who la bor in them." up nnd These claims have hern) , , , inado by Oov. Hewey, Sen. GeorBc 1 'T llul 1*\ Ait.. >>.. '''Itrtnt righteousness. Not; can of the rifiht to hold the Decomposed 3ody Found Near NLR NORTH LITTLE ROCK W—A man's decomposed body was found near here today by two tcenaged boys who were rxbbit hunting. Officers were unable to establish identity immediately and began "If there are any Communist j checking missing persons reports, teachers," vhe 'said, "of course, j They could not determine whether they should be excluded, but the the man died of natural causes but estimated he had been dead sev 'MELBOURNE, M. Mack yesterday took to his contention that his- defeat Sen. J. Orville Cheney in the I?. Democratic primaries was i lid. Mack, who lives at .Mooref lost to Cheney, 7.456 to;8,711, official returns from ,the 3-co 1 district. Both Mack and Che of Calico Rock, were member! the 1951 Legislature 1 .. *They thrown into the same district a senatorial rcdistricting. Mack carried Independence Jackson Counties in the prim but Cheney won in Izard. 3,049 399, and won the election. ever, only 21,390 poll tax paym were recorded in Izai;d County In a 43-page complaint filed Chcuit Court here, Sen. charged that at least ; 849 v< were cast illegally in Jzard ty. He challenged the* vote in of the county's 36 bpyes. on, grounds that persons without tax receipts voted; persons v outside their township and per voted more than once. He a^ked the court to throw all illegal votes, or' to void votes if, for any reason, the gal votes cannot be found. SOCIETY Pnon« 744*1 ••tw««n I A. M. «n< 4 P. M. ..Calendar 1 .' Thur»day, August 28 The Ladies Pot Luck luncheon Wilt be held Thursday. August 28, at 12:30 o'clock at the Hope Country Club. Notice j) There will be an important p'rac- lice of the Methodist Choir tonight, August 27, at 7:1)0 p.m. Alken of Vermont nnd Sen. i that are different—the freedom lf , „ task Is not one for selfappointed JUt-HIi ,1 i , ,,,,i:-., — :iu_. * .1 Conference on Jet Base Planned LITTLE ROCK WB~Two Air Fore* rvpreaeniutlvc!* nrn expected hii're Thursday for u 2-duy confer- «nce on tho proposed Pulaskl Coun ty Jet bomber bjiso. Everett Tucker Jr.. chairman of the iliduKtrhil division of tho Little f Ro«k .Chamber of Commerce, waid last nltfht ttiut the officials would confer with cmKlnecrlng firms on preliminary plans for the Air Bust:. Arthur Phillips, chairman of tho Little Bock Air Base Fund, said lurtl night Unit the drive for some $WO.OOU to purchase land lit the ,b(i«(> *ltt> will bestn Monday. 'Hp.snld Home of I'ulaskl County's mujpi' buslnpsH firms would be ask- tkl to donate WO.IKK). John .J. William* of Delaware ' of mon to lhi " k as hf ' P'oases." lly midsummer of 1948 it was i stl?vcnson said he thinks many quite? nppnrt'nt that bumper crops i U "' t<aU lo frot>(| oms arise from were, being produced. .Secretary•"" ncnltn y apprehension about the Ernrinan cnrne out with Htntc-nu'iits' Comtmmist rnonncc within our thnt then.' wan a shortaxe of siui- ; C0lintryi " Americans who have fit!<! space for wheat, corn and other Kritlns. Hi« said the Koveni menfs prlc;e support programs for tin- «ralns would not bo effective thought police or illinformcd con] fral weeks. Near the bwaiw of a storage shortage. Undi'r the support progniin, farmers could ' «i>t loans at Ihr price support rutcs provided thru xraln was stored in acceptable fa within American.-! who I become Communists, he said, i "have sun-endured their right to ! our trust and there can be no so ! euro place for them imoiir public jiifo." ! "Yet . . .We must take care not to burn down the barn to kill the : nits," ho said. "All of us. and i ^specially patriotic organizations These practices, he said, do not stop Communist activity but "stl fie thc> initiative of teachers" and undermine the prestige of the teaching profession. Stevenson said patriotism is the force giving life to the logion but i thnt: "Men who have offered their livos for their country know that patriotism is not the fear of some of enormous influence like the cllitles, either commercial or on the fiirrn. This meant, Uramuin! Alnt; rican Legion, must be vifiilant suld, thut the farmer who could!'" Preserving our birthright from not «ot »tonij{o would have to iici its to ° zealous friends while pro ctpt .whatever prlcr; he could get ! u ' ctill « 'I fr °n> its evilenemies. in the market. i Stevenson said political capita The A K r I c u I t u r o Depart jnent could havo helped such farm ers, the secretary said, had it not been lor the flOth Congress, which deprived the government of autho lly to build, erect and own storage facilities. that the- HOth Congrcs this storauo authority, »N NBW YORK YORK (*) ~ B c r n a r cl I\tu?u<%tfUirnx>d to Now York from S«n IjYamlncu today. still decllnlnji t« stft|«fn<«, prcferi«nc«f In the preal rnc«. THWDB3 tn ono hand other,** . «• 'U work and b« * hat Uiti, or that, might ft h*v« out!" * "No," MMa H»t«t* with corn-la- Uon. "She would IURVO broken your hefcrt," "DM I break hwa, H»U1«T" "Slio didn't hftV* «, hoartl" Blonnor «nill«d with ftfttotionKta iiuluifftnco, "You'vo never gtvtn my conscience a olumc« to prlok, va you* You and Bwn." • r 3ju»t dont think §ny mot* mbout luir," H»tU» oounwlnd «rlra> iy, M ahtt cwrlod tho tr»y to tho kltchott. . lUttio WM right, Blwaojp hoi-talf tkiuly. ahft hid Oon* otUy thing tmMtsltv Ot OOUMO ah* h«4l But iu>» WM c»tlon, the eomttowera on •tudled tlw effect but h«*d juAlotowriy* A Urn hi Ud tiw, .... Jndfmtaet, It vytM flMft who hid fiUnuixea UUM* Wttkt «t wmrtnf «nd tnd*ol*ion byi Thft» \ewM CtlwAor ,JWk iua» * oWW, t»o« _.__ wvd twftUfn h> wwplnt, v»v«i«d BV PMlttMiX ' aftd knlmMt ufhiah ^V fj: "T 'H^ 111 * -*'*W ^f^Sff^ftK ' WwlMUfp W»uW taw* fctn na«M^* w«k>» , aot to 4*w fcaow* <Mlp». Bh* a»anl tn 1 tKHBtMtlott had Ultr vtat lwj*li- wwi * urin- v*lwt. iwr » With Bl**uor toMt tmfcratd ta hvr it room, exosl- prlin&rlly l*i Although Uicre WM a '.4Ut^l •. Wioe circular couch, , gtoovod by body contouri, a t»t, fringed hosaock. Wh«n wt bulltl our uouue, she thought, I ah«U wik J«r«my to in- •ulata th« Mtlo and dupUoato this room lor «ue. H« will, beoatuo ho knows how much I lov* this. On U»t WftlUi w«ro framed plc- twea wito?*v«r alfnatuffe. All in blVlk *>\d white. When ahe waa Aflnttti «a internationally famed artiit had b«m in town with an tKhlblt ot W» paintinga. The art it U* nigh whooi had htm KW* ot Nauue'a work, comment, "Unusual talent," , Mot Naao* ioarina 1 along the Mliky Way, uutU hia "JUtrd. wnat a, «liuttay hand with coiori" bad her in j»aalQ to an optam. Who had Informed hw she Wind. lrt«hUif-Ms4 MMk and white hrush- WQtil. Wit Within tho enforced Urn. achieved a me**- broughtTherl " , itw« Juvenile Wfelt •»» nlftwd her t Witfe the N«w York "Wt MWt h»v» to w*Uy *»***( MTMIt A. a* fttftnw <* Tho fnct look nwiiy nrnnnan c'Uilnied, wns proof that lU'inihlicnnu would, if Riven n chnnco, wenkon and destroy fnrm ntd proKnuns. At thu tltiu;, tho Republican); Inr Jjuly ixnorod the Brnnnun cn:n However.' Dewey, Alkcn nnd Wll linms hnvo come forward this y«ar with tho claim that Brnn iiitn dollbt-ratoly took stops to cuuiic farm i)rlc«a to fall In ^948 will) the iilon of trying to it is the love of something. Patriotism with us is not the hatred of Russia; it is the love of this republic and of the ideal of li bcrly of man and mind in which it was born and to which this Republic is dedicated. "With this patriotism — patriotism in its Inrge and wholesome moan i inn — America can master its pow I er and turn it to the noble cause | o' peace. We cnn maintain mill body were found Births Mr. nnd Mrs. Echols Locke of El Dorado announce the arrival of a son, Steven Echuls Locke, on August 22. The paternal grandpar- are Mr. and Mrs. Walter of Magnolia, formerly of Hope. Lommq and Going Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hairston have returned home from a visit with their daughter, Mrs. .lack Grecnlee and family in Corpus Christ!, Texas. Mrs. Jack Grcenlce and child ren. Donna and Jaqueline. of Cor pus Christ!. Texas, are guests of Mrs. Greenlee's parents Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hairston. Miss Elsie Eblin of Bakersfield, CalifoVnia spent Tuesday with Misses Ruby Sue and Mary Lou Cornelius. University Gets Five Scientists FAYETTEVILLE, ,1/B—Five lists have been added to the of the University of ..Arkansas] stilute of Science and Technok it was announced today. The new scientists and schi from which they graduated, Robert F. Kruh, Washington Mrs. B. C. Hyatt has returned from Chicago, Illinois' where she visited her two sons, Carroll and Bob. Mrs. Hyatt also attended Northwestern University. Proises Fact That Ike Is No Politicion WASHINGTON (UP) — Sen,! Richard M. Nixon, Republican vice presidential nominee, said today Dwight U. Eisenhower's campaign for the presidency will be "enhanced" because tho GOP standard bearer "isn't a polltl cian." The youthful Californian predicted tlu.t Eisenhower "will be particularly effective on the socallcd 'whistle stops'." "He had a manner and a sim plicity of expression as compared DOROTHY DIX Sudden Awakening Dear Miss Dix 1 A short while ago I married a man who divorced his wife in order to marry me. He told me his marriage wasn't satisfactory before wo met, and I dated him several months before he left her. Now I am beginning to wonder if 1 rnnde a mistake. If he couldn't be tuie to one woman do you think he can be true to me'.' Everyone ssyti his first wife is the sweetest person on earth. Do you think I would be doing the right thing in paying her a visit? I would like to know her, so I with his distinguished opponent: cnn mnkc „ ,. om p arlson . (Gov. Adlai K. Stevenson of IHi-| DOUBTFUL which I think will be all in Answer to realize Jett B. Graves SS Class Holds Monthly Pot Luck The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church held its monthly pot luck supper, Tuesday night, Aug ust 26, at 7:15 in the home of. B Mrs. W. A. Mudgett. " There were 20 members present and two guests, Mrs. Robert Martin of Houston. Texas, and Mrs. Elizabeth Payne, of Mobile, Alabama. Games were played during the evening. Miss Cordelia Tollett of Nashville, Arkansas, is visiting the J. C. Rothwells. Jerry Ann Turner and Miss Billye Norton of Kilgore. Texas, are, visiting Miss Jo Ann Burroughs and Miss Turner's grandmother, Mrs. J. W. Secrest. blue shirt, khaki trousers, black | vcrsity; Howard' Kurzncr. Un Miss With Raley Entertains Coke Party workshoes and a white AD-rieioiAi ARTIFICIAL! walking s jt y o f Arkansas; Bernard Brooklyn Polytechnic Insti Hyman Chessin, Western Resl University, and Dr. 'Paul F. Mrs. F. J. Burroughs returned from Kansas City, Kp.njas, where she visited her sister and other relatives and friends. Mrs. George Van Deusen and daughter, Ethel, of Detroit, Michigan, left yesterday after a week's noisi his favor," Nixon said. Nixon made the statement in a copyrighted interview with U. S. News & World Report, a weekly I news magazine. lie s;iid the Republican's "main difficulty" with Eisenhower in the presidential campaign "is to keep him down." "He hasn't been through a political campaign," Nixon said, "and he doosn'l realize that after you've taken about the eighth meeting in a tiny, that's enough!" Renal-ding comment that the GOP is "startiug slowly," Nixon said "we don't want to start shooting too early." "Eisenhower feels that we shouldn't start his campaign until Wife Comes to Aid of Husband MIAMI Via., i.Ti — Mrs. John had little time for sricf. she had to find a lawyer visit with Branch. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. CHICAGO (UPK- The Swift &., d ? . J vh ° is . on ! oav(? from tho Co. moat packers' police , orce I tlf lh e University of Tokyo, thought a mad butcher was on the loose yesterday when Capt. Thorn as J. Spellacy'saw n woman's leg cap. be made without calling man a Communist. "Those of us who have under], ... . .,.. taken to practice the ancient but' "!' y , power wlth °" t mililnnsm: po I Jitical power without oppression, mined fasten' cllnes. responsibility on the GOP for campaign purposes. They contend there" Is no evi donee that there was an actual shortage of storage space that year. They say there are no re ports of any unusual amount of grain going to waste because of inadequate storage nnd care. The Republicans also contend that Brunnan's talk of a storage shortage, had the effect nf depress inji prices. They further claim thnt he failed to take other steps per- by law to halt price de- and moral power without compul sion of complacency." DIES IN ACCIDENT CRAVETTE (fP) — A 22-year-old used car dealer was killed this morning when his automobile crashed into a bridge abutment end overturned. William D. Stollmon of Decatur, Ark., was the victim. Acting Corner Ouber L. Musteen of Rogers said Stellmon apparent ly fell asleep at the wheel and the car veered off Highway 59, hitting the bridge. Stellmon was caught under the car. sticking out of the grass. Spejlacy ordered ;i search fo*r the rest of the body before taking an ether check — and finding an artifi cial leg, complete with silk stock 1HK. I- PHOTOGRAPHER DIES NKW YORK —(M— Sam Mellor, 40, a photographer for the New York Post, collapsed and died to clay while taking pictures near the reviewing stand of the American Legion parade. pure Miss Paula Raley entertained 1 Misses Marilyn Clark and Cordelia Tollett with n coke party in her home Tuesday afternoon from 3 to 5. The hostess served cokes, cook-1 ies and party sandwiches to the I seventeen guests. • I Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mr. S. M. Daniels Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. James Pilkinton Hope. Dismissed: Diane Latshaw. Fulton, Joyce Hardin. Hope. Harold white creamy V "\ fc *SAENGER TODAY AND THURSDAY VEGETAi UNDERCOVER ESPIONAGE! A Story of Spy-Smashers That Only J. Edgar Hoover Could Tel/.' 11 WANTED j LUMBER STACKERS ! j Please apply or the { ARKANSAS EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 201 East 2nd Street SWITCHES TO DODGE... LOWERS HAULING COSTS » Whatever you haul, there's a Dodge truck— V^-ion through 4- ton— that's "Job-RaUd" to fit your job. and save you money. Pull crankcase ventilation saves oil, lengthens engine life, and lowers upkeep costs. f Two fuel Alters— Instead of only one— kw»p fuel clean to help prevent carburetor clogging and tested cylinders. m For tmoafft power that saves wear and tear, gyrol Fluid Drive it available on Vi-, %-, 1-lon and Moule-Van models. Cam* In today for a demonstration and a real good deal. Enjoy over-all economy. D6dge "Job'Rated" trucks operate with low gaa and oil consumption, thanks to compression ratios as high as 7.0 to • 1. Other Dodge cost-cutting advantages include lightweight aluminum- alloy pistons and gas-saving carburetor with economizer valve. soys LEWIS ENGEL, Re/;'ob/e Supply Co., Chicago, ///. * "My Dodge has proved to be a real saver on gas! 11 , "We are getting several more miles per gallon with ou» Dodge 'Job-Ruled' truck—and in a small business like mine, economy is important. ' j "My Dodge has not only proved to be a real saver on gas— but we are real pleased with Dodge dependability. Hauling pipes, fixtures, plumbing tools and other heavy equipment has broken down several trucks for us. But our Dodge has taken heavy-duty use over bumpy roads for a long tine now and we haven't had to have a single mechanical repair." GEORGE MURPHY VIRGINIA GIIMORE • RNIAY CURRIE SHORTS: NEWS and COLOR CARTOON he's ready to get on the road and sustain it," Nixon said. ". . . Once the middle of September comes along, when he begins his concentrated campaign, he will be, I think, ;\ surprisingly good campaigner." Nixon .said Eisenhower "has an amazing facility. . . of bringing | people who disagree with him around to his point ot view and of getting people who disagree with each oilier to meet on a common ground." "When people talk about the po tential split in the Republican Party and that the two sides can novor got together." he said, "they fail to'recognize that when a party ii nut of power and is in the minority, the lendency is always lo oppose what the \ other party offers. Thai is the political thing to do; otherwise you have no issue." As president, Nixon said Eisen: hower "will get more agreements from Republicans and also more t-upporl among Democrats than a Democratic president could gel faced with a similar situation." Nixon charged thai the Truman administration "has consistently refused to recognize the Communist threat in the United States." "It has taken action against Communists in government only when it has been forced to do so by reason of the pressure of public opinion," he said, "public opinion which in most instances has been created'by congressional investigation, as was the Hiss matter." Nixon, as a mc^jnber of the House un-American Activities Committee, "broke" the Alger Hiss case and brought about the former State Department official's conviction for perjury hrough constant pressure or. Ihe. Justice Department.- Regarding Stevenson's deposition on Hiss during the investigation, Nixon said he has not had "an opportunity yet to study (it) sufficiently ... to express an opinion on it." The senator said the Hiss case will become a campaign issue "if Mr. Truman and Mr. Stevenson make it an issue." They could do U didn't tnkc you long the fundamental truth that comes sooner or later lo almost every woman who breaks up a home. That is the fnct that she has probably married a chronic, philanderer who won't be true to anyone.' You're Paying Penalty Stealing another woman's husband is the lowest form of larceny, and its punishment is more sure than a prison term. The penalty for husband thievery Is marriage to a man you never can trust! Always in the back ot your mind Is the realization that he betrayed one woman — why not you, too? Of course your husband hasn't ac> Moskal First, sue Had to find a to defend her 37-year-old husband, with whom she had lived happily for l!:t years, against a murder charge. Then there were funeral arranne- ments to be made for their invalid daughter Adela, whose III years of suffering cume to an end Monday when her father phmijed a butcher knife into her heart. Th,' attorney, Mark O'Quln. got Moskal released from jail yesterday in $5.000 bund, and then Mrs. Moskal had to hurry home to their deserted apartment, so she would I IT there wren he to comfort her returned. husband Friends Are Alarmed ot Ike's Campaign By JAMES MARL.OW WASHINGTON, 1*1 ~ Some of Gen. Eisenhower's friends hnvo thrown rocks nt him for not cnni- pnlRniitR more actively, naming names, pln-polntlng issues nnd Retting down to cases on whatever his program is. This hnah't seemed to dishcurt- on the general any, nt least not publicly. Republicans who talked with him said he told them he luul deliberately kept the campaign In lew gear until now and now he'll open up. But, if it's any consolation to Elsenhower's friends who think he's been tardy, the- Republican presidential candidate in IfHtl. Guv. Dowey ol New York, dawdled even j longer. His campaign didn't Ret going until late September. The delay by both Rlsenhmver and Dowey In building a fin; under the Democrats was by nn means the only similarity between quired any particular bargain, either. His is the constant thought that if you broke up one home, you might do it to another. Having shown a complete lack of principle in one respect, there's not much reason for him to believe you will have any in other mailers. No Doubtful, the marriage of two persons such as you and your husband gives little promise of happiness. Your desire to visit wife .No. 1 is further proof of your own doubt. What you actually hope to accomplish is to learn thai she is devoid of charm, so you can return to your stolen home with at least the pecurity c*f "possessing superior physical allurements. This will not be the case. She possesses a clear conscience, which you have not — an advantage that would overcome a considerable degree of plain features. You have done her enough harm already; don't add gloating to your list of sins. "In three seconds, my whole life was ruined." she told a reporter. "We have always been happy- all three of us together. "\ don't know how he could have done it. lie's a Kooil man, and when he came home, he cried. He was devoted to Adela." Moskal, who brought his family to Miami five months ago after retiring from the grocery business in Newark, N. J., sent his wife out on a shopping errand Monday. Then, he related to police, he led his daughter, an Invalid since birth, Into the bathroom of their opartment and lulled her "because 1 couldn't stand In see her suffer any more." The girl had been helpless since birth. at least before the part of their cam- the two men, .speeehmaking paigns began. Dewcy's titles made it known) he didn't want any of the people mound him to bo overconfident aboul winning. Kihenhowcr didn't want to seem overconfident. In fact, he said he was going to run scared. Dewey confer r o d frequently about loreign nftairs witn John Dulles, who was mentioned at most likely to bo secretary of slate Fashion focuses on gloves (his season, particularly when they are In f»y patterns to spark dark Autumn colors. Barksdolo Airmen Die Near Base SHREVKPOHT. La., Wi — Kmoi gency vehicles waited only a mil away as n crippled TWO crashe and burst Into flames lit noiu'b llurksdalo Air Force Base. Sevc airmen wore killed. The pilot notified the control tower his No. 1 engine was di'tul :wd that he was making an om«r gcncy landing yesterday. Accident vehicles, t'lre trucks and ambulances wore .watting on tho run Silt the or*tV*.*efi!elfirii Jjfl icavlly loaded wt«t ft ft 40If dropped a rriilo short of th« i The lone sufvlvot ffic«l' Ictermlncd Injuries. Sftr1tni}i Iclnls said he cv^eHCty W« tifi ncnr tho doorway alia clear after the crash. Asks Approval of Crossett Radio Soli WASHINGTON,-Ml - tmmlelattons CoiTim'tssWft was asked lo appWMT t 8ft! Radio Station KAGH, City Ark., for $Ua,300. . »« Fleet, Inc., rt6w oflertttlni" outlet, proposes to .transfer". Julian Unas, commercial min of Station KARK at Little HI There ore about 38,000 plant*'1 tho United States processing rtillT butter, cheese,, Ice cronnt, other dairy products,i The Bay of Fu'ndy has some of the greatest tides in the world, says tin: National Geographic Society. if Dcwey won. Dewey decided to smash heavily at President Tni man's operations in* the loreign field. Dewey said the Taft-Hurlloy La- cm Law might nood some cluing ing. So did Elsenhower. Desvey met with the man h« (!<• foaled for the Republican nomination. Sen. Taft of Ohio. The rill between them was never honied. Kiscnhower is supposed tp meet with Tiifl, whom ho defeated for the Republican nomination. H Is) still questionable whether the rlfl between the Klsonhdwur and Tafl factions can be completely healed. Ith H f.r QUALITY .^•CONOMYI WORLD'S LARGEST SELLtK AT I0« St.Jcseph ASPIRIN STJOSEPH] ASPIRIN Koop It tinmly. Many to (dvn, tnblntn nrn Vj nthitt dunn. And child roll Ilka tlio himlthtul ormigo flavor, HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club M LAST DAY "KENTUCKY" Tochifteofor *v a . Staging LORETTA YOUNG RICHARD QRIINI Patient: Doc, you sure kept your promise when you said you'd nave me walking in a month. Doctor: That's fine. Patient: Yes, I had to sell my car when I .got your bill. —Buddy Jackson Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Riallo. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager. Rialto Theatre. Duke, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. C. R. East, Emmet. Discharficd: Mrs. Harry Lauter- baeh, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. East, Emmet, announce the arrival of a daughter on August 27, 1952. Dear Miss Dix: We were a very happy couple until my wife decided to put a stop to our visiting my parents and try to keep our children from visiting them. My wife "is quite capable of being cool and indifferent and I fear she has been just that to my entire family. Her family visits us often, and I make them very welcome. She lived with my family two years while I was In service and was treated very well. Why does a wife think a son shouldn't think as much of his family as she docs of hers? B. F. Answer: When a satisfactory answer Is found to your last question marriage will have taken a tremendous step toward blissful happiness. Whether a wife gets along with her in-laws or not, her husband is entitled to the same privileges with his people as the wife is with hers. And that goes for the children, too. Of 'course, exceptions must be made in the case of overbearingly possessive in-laws — on either side — or of domineering relatives who insist on running other people's homes. These cases I have found, are extremely rare in spite of all the complaining about in laws. Stick up for your rights, son, and insist that your wife show at least courtesy to your people. RIALTO * TODAY and TOMORROW d«wn upkMp. With « Dodge t-Raled" truck you g»t such pntotd money^aving faatune M 4- ritm *«*«» with ohroma-plaUd top ringa, exhaust v«lva w«|t inaerte, citiug rod baaringa. LubrkftUon. and 0«t t«na Ul«, A Dodge ^ truck glvus yak special alloy spruiga and shot-peened axle shafts. Other dependable Dodge long-life advasiUgea include such features as wear- and hflftt-jwajatant valy««. oil- bath air cleaner, floating oil intake, and liiirdeued bearing journela. — THIS IS A ROADSHOW ATTRACTION — • All Sears 50e • | • Pass List Suspended • FEATURE TIMES 2:00 • 3:52 - 5:34 - 7:34 - 9:16 HARRIET BEECHER STOWE'S IMMORTAL STORY FILMED IN ALL ITS STARK REALISM 9 w^MfcP vPv^MP B. R. HAMM MOTOR CO. ! HOWL Dear Miss Dix: Do you think it's a good idea for an f American nirl to marry a man from Europe? A. B. C. Answer: Since most of us have- come from Europe, in one KCHCIU- lion or another, marriage would be in a sorry state if Europeans were on the banned Ust is far as matrimony is concerned. Thu thing that makes a happy marriage hnvo nothing to do with geography. Investigate the man's character rather than his genealogy. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Million Korean War Veterans WASHINGTON, Wl — The Vc-t- crans Administration reported today that the number of veterans with service since the start of the Korean War reached 1,021,000 on July 31. That was a gain of 100,000 during July, compared with 51,000 in June. As of July 31 the V. A. estimated there were $8,376,000 living veterans of all wars and peacetime service, compared with 19,288,000 j on June 30 and 18,898,000 on July 31, 1951. this, he said, "by continuing to discount the Communist threat in the United States, by failing to recognize the dangers that exist." Nixon defined "McCarthyisrn" as "anti-communism". He said that "to the extent that, the American people have been convinced that so- called 'McCarthyism means smear, unfair charges, charges cot based on fact, to that extent whoever has to carry the McCai thy issue will have a liability on his back. ". . . The way to get rid of so-called 'McCarthyUm' is to elect a new administration which will deal with this problem honestly, as it has not been dune up to point" miiig is an art AUTOMATIC GAS In beiutifvl homw vhtn the icfcnt U on livinj-. you'll Jiiid the Utctl AlitoiiDjiik Ou Ra/ign. INIOY • MATURAi . yVh/7 thcic roodwn r«ng« "belong ", O AC -til* Ilic versatility and \nee\tkin ot («» permilt c<p*rt cook* to crepU; culinary work) of art fur lliuw of ditcrumiuling ta»tt». B0>ilin( under nn open gai flame, for injtonce, impart* a detectable fl»v«r U> »Uak» and chop* which cannot be duplicated in th« honw kitcbea. Special di»hc* requiring aubJje blending a/e easily prepared with modem Automatic GU Kangea whkh *o< the latest Automatic Qai BiPfM, tferformiincit Ys», nil of thtt«—and moft. It w nol by flmnte llwt 28,OQO, prtifer lo took on «an. They' ,.-^,^, yTr , fuol, nor do they thoo»e to la*rt>:pV . <« In nhort, tliey prefer nwdarn Aijt 'fhey ais proud to »ho* off ranfea tutiu'u guenl* Bfld Southern bomtwktn *bp great u*tur«l («» fisM|,«fJ who want tfc* bjat ftt the tml wilb Cat, {toofc*.

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