Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1939
Page 4
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Star J9^f. Consolidated January 18,19» i, peliver Thy Heraid~From False Report? * ui^ned every week-day afternoon by Stnr Publishing Co., Inc. ' . L. Palmer and Alex. H. Washbum, nt the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PAIJVU5B, President ALEX. II. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher ANsvmro CRANIUM CRACKER CAP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. •ubscrtjrtlon Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per ^Vr^f mon ' n ™£- one y^ar $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada. I. Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $«.50. The . Assocla(etl P"" 5 -"-' -n. e Associated Press is exclusively to the use for republicatton of all news dispatches credited to it or not totherwue cred.ted in this paper and also the local news published tetlta* S argcs . on .. Tr » lufes - E( «-" Charge will be made for all tributes, 'cards of ,," m r OV i nlS ; « n « mi n« *e departed. Commercial «>« P" ««y ^ the news columns to protect their readers ' ' return ot any^uriolicrted manuscripts Questions MI I'ajre One 1. Jean HarloW: (g) Harlenn Carpentier. 2. David Manners: (a) Rauff Ao- Ulon. 3. Ethel Merman: (0 Ethel Z.im- mevmnn. 4. Mary Pickford: if) Gladys Smith. 5. Jack Bonny: (cU Jack Kubelsky. G. Robert Taylor: (ci Arlington Brough. 7. Mancy Carroll: (b) Anna Lu Hiff. Business Is On Good Behavior American business has been tehavmg remarkably well during the course ot the European war end Undo Sam I* openlv pleased It is true thn? tit*- .wvemBient, long before the war actually began" took a number of £e" ° KiP '" ' Jle ^ uny ««••»**»''«' toward p.vflteering; and it is u so r -rr:;;^^ rP '— - lu, instances of excessive profits or • P has been uncov y mJ±^ lld bm l n ° f " Ce ° f f ilth and "• •nxuco,, M iy muesteeii but m a more or less normal manner. Some business men •ncresuong their inventoiies. not becau.se they wont to r e ,Hi e hu«" Tr^ WB , nl '° f r e ' Pr " tCCted uanillsl thB ^bHUv Ta if. foreign demands become too heavy Like .evai-yone else, business lived through tho years of the First World ^ n lh Lo ,e befo« Ml posl - wai ' dia t )te '- «»"* to a .sudden, explosive fin- lift. Long befuie 1939 the government started figuring out means of ' tho heols that the water may come out. Later others help forth the water by stroiiking, crushing, nnd driving his bolly and stomach reasonably hard, from the bottom of his belly toward his throat. If il be cold weather let nil this be done in a warine roome before a good fire." Since that lime other physicians have modified the technique .10 Hint now in England nnd in the United States tho method most generally used is known ns the Schaefer method. In this technique certain essentials are desirable. Where the {{round is sloping, the unconscious person should always be place with the head lowest since this helps Ihe circulation of thr> blood in the brain. When a person is unconscious be- ctmsp of a fracture of the skull, however, the heiul should bo highest because il>i.s important to decrease Ihe supply of blood to the head. As soon us possible, tho patient's mouth and throat should be felt so that anything loose like chowini; gum, tobacco, or false toelh may be removed. ii agai " wollkl il bait to f*™ T °^ i " dustr i alis " "» "« Unilea Sta.es had no precedents h« n- •' ^ ' d ° make their own experience. When war orders began ,011ms m. business men grabbed at them. The orders beg-m to In crease. New phmts h ad to bo built, more m«n hired, new NEXT: Rules for hreatlilng. rpstovlug e ,ne ?* tlaroclor y «" tl l suddenly the orders- stopped, and industry '° a .Business men have repeatedly asserted they don't want, war ami,, Thev don t want it for the sound reason (hut it's expensive Neitl er thenohe American people can afford to have another war. After all hHtinJU,"Lc ! pot doesn't mean very much if you luu'e to put u all bue^moZ machnt THE FAMILY DOCTOR) T. M. " By DR. MORRIS P1SHBEIN J*ara«I of Ihe American Medical AssseUHoa, .•« * Hygeia, the Health Magazine Everyone Should Know How to Help Restore Breathing by Artificial Means (This is the first of a series of three articles by Dr Fishbein on artificial "respiration.) Certain types of accident are so frequent that it is well for everyone to have some knowledge of how to give first aid under such circumstances. People become unconscious due to inhaling carbon monoxide gas. Breathing stops because of electric shocks and the number of drownings is not decreasing appreciatively. The first essential in all such cases is restoration 6f breathing. In Great Entian; it has been suggested that practical instruction in artificial respiration should be incorporated in the school curriculum of every boy and girl. Moreover, trained personnel is necessary at bathing beaches, swimming-pools, among workers in mines, and in other industries. Long before we really appreciated the nature of these hazards, however, the subject concerned the doctors. In 1633 and English doctor named Stephen Eradwell described a method for taking care of people who were apparently drowned. He .said, 'Turn the feete upward, head and mcuth downward and so hold by GARDEN FLOWER > HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured common garden Hower. 3 The variety yields a narcotic. 9 Mooley apple. 10 Drama parts. 12 Verse. 14 To be victor. 15 Pair. 16 Empowered. 18 Humor. 19 Negative. 20 Unopened leaf 21 Flannel. 22 Almond. 24 Merrymaking. 28 Cow-headed goddess. 30 Insulated. 31 Domesticates. 33 It belongs to the genus — 36 For each 37 Pound. 39 Force. 40 Hair ribbon tie. Answer to Previous 42 Heart. 43 Occupied a seat. 45 X. 46 Types of sails. 48 Pertaining to the sun. 50 Genus of rodents. 51 Small child. 52 To earn. 53 To become, 55 The deep. 57 Fatty. 58 Its are red, yellow and white. VERTICAL 1 Some varieties are or perpetuate. 2 Sinister. 3 Cougur, 4 Year. 5 Fetid. 6 Writing implement. 7 Subsists. 8 Human being. 11 Was indebted. 13 To recede. J5 Languished. 17 Pitcher ear. 18 To fluctuate, 21 Leprous person. 23 Point. 24 Black bird 25 Right. 26 To bark. 27 This plant is called an (Pi.). 29 To undermine. 30 Leather dresser. 32 To wander. 34 Yam. 35 Opposed to cold. 38 Founded. 40 Mountain mint. 41 Moist. 44 Moldings. 4G Ship's term. 47 Comfort. 49 Part of mouth 50 Myself. 52Marna. 53 Common verb 54 Toward. 56 While. Atlanta Welcomes Hollywood Stars 'Gone With the Wind' Premiere Friday Night ATLANTA, Ga. -(/P)— One hundred thousand to lhi> mile, film-frantic Atlanta whooped a merry welcome Thursday to movie folk come to town to start 'Gone With the Wind" down that long box office trail. Joe, Jane nnd liule Johnny Fan .swarmed sidewalks, steps, lawns, hung out of windows to form such a crowd as Atlanta had never seen. They stood for as much as three hours under bright but cold skies, spoofed the polic and each other, finally caught glimpses of Clark Gable and the rest of the visitors paraded from airport to hotel. Safety past this first and biggest crowd-handling problem, Police Chief M. A. Hornsby looked with a bit more confidence Thursday the big finale of Friday night's premiere, said earnestly: "There were 250,000 to SOO'.OOO people (Atlanta's metropolitan population i.s about 435,000) along the three downtown miles of the parade. It's like nothing we've ever had before but we're mighty proud of the way they acted." Mayor William B. Hartsfield took over the introducing job in front of a hole! before a massed throng that blocked famed Peachtree street for three blocks. Swiftly stepped before the micro- phono cast members Evelyn Ke.ye.s- Suellen O'Hara, Ann Rutherford Careen O'Hara, Laura Hope Crews-Aunt Fittypat (still flustered by a train wreck en route here, and her without smelling salts), Ona Munson-Belle Wattling, Olivia de Haviland-Melanie Wilkes, Vivian Leigh-Scarlett O'Hara, lastly and to the loudest yells, Clark fiabli;-Rhell Butler. Producer David O. Sel/nick, Au- tn^:-; Carole Lombard and Actor Laurence Oliver, who came for the ride, provided an extra Hollywood fillip, while Hands-man Kay Kyser represent-' i>il Hit- tvui-ld of radio. Claudette Colbert wa;; in tho parade but a cold kept her off th windy platform. Next came a huge charity bull staged Ij.y the Junior League amid yards uf hunting, miles of smilax, hundreds ol Confederate flags, acres of hoop- .skirts and anlo belluni atmosphere from floor In roof uf the city's auditorium. Tlirough all this hullabaloo at least one pc-rsuii sat quietly at home with the radio turned on—this wa.s recently niliny Margaret Mitchell, the five- foot housewife who-'starlfd all this by wrilinw that book. Fate. Weaves A Cotton Web LKONAUD, 'IVx.-HflY-Tho cotton that If. E. Sudderth and S. C. Owens j.Brew niiidL- a roundabout trip but came right back home in ihi> form uf clolh- ii>KA medial,ic at a col ton mill in Ala- |j.'mta noted Iliat a Texas .shipmcn lof cotton bore lays indicating it camo fioin near Leonard, where- the mechanic's sister lives. When cloth was made from the cot- i ton the mechanic sent some of it. with Lthe shipping lags, to his sister and she j traced the growers through the tag numbers, making them a present of the cloth. Legal Notice NOTICE The reassessment of benefits of Street Improvement District No. 11 and its Annex No. 1, and also Curb & Gutter District No. 7 and its Annex No. 1, have been filed in my office, and are now open for inspection. Thi.s 8th day of December, 1939 T. R. BILLINGSLEY, Clerk (Note: These art- the South Main Street di-.fric-ts in Hop.., Arkansas). Dec H, 15 "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" You can talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SELL, RtNT, BUY OR SWAP All Wanf Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone One »lm«—2< word, minimum 30e Thfec times— 3 !/,c wofri, minimum SOe SIX tlmos— 5c Wold, minimum »0e Ohc month—He worj, minimum $2.70 Rates ore (or continuous infections only For Sale Pin CHRISTMAS TREES -- Make your selection early before they arc picked over. MONTR SEED STOUR G- I2tc KOR SALK—Everything that you need in New and Used Furniture at the Lowest prices. See us before you buy nr sell. Franklin Furniture Store N2-IM FOR HALF,-Ivory table top range, rugs, bedroom suite and other household (jood.s. .)M VV. Ave. C!. M-Dtp Wonfcd WANTED-- Sharecropper with force enough to work fifteen ucre.s cotton nnd thirty acres corn. Roe A. C. Monrlv Hope, Route 1. M-Iltp ' For Rent Nico Fat Turkey.-; for Sale, (i miles east on Highway -1. Phniif G7. Ki-ntj) Services Offered can do without water almost ns long as camels .can, •'<* ,\ USE j| Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering For sale by the leading merchants in every community. iipel |tti< OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams We nil, griml and inxlrill auto i glasses. Reasonable Prices. Auto Parts for sale. Earl's Wrecking Yard, West 3rd St., Phone GOf, 11-Gtp SERVICES OFFERED-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Ccmb 658-.I. Rept. 20 1M Notice TAKEN UP-On Dee. 1, one black and white Hoelstine cow, about 8 yrs. old. Giving milk. Wearing wooden yoke. .1. J. Samuel, Hope, Rt. a. , 12-3tp FOR RENT 3 room lurnished ;ip;,rt- ment with Privjil,- Uilh. 20.1 Kast Aw- 12-31 Reddies Hope for Strong Cage Team APKADI'ILPHIA - Couch Tom Mur- j )>hy held his first basket b;ill work-' out this week and said he would have a slroiiK line-up'for Saturday nights'I name here.with Texarkanu Colh-se. j Carry-over, letter men are Udell Bunco, Percy Ramsey and Harold ^hackelford. Among new men rc|)ort- ing is Donald Byrne, a star In.sl sea- von with the Little Ruck independent iiulntet. Ralph Jame.s, a reserve last season, also i.s rated p fi,, L . prospect. Clyde Needham of Sci-anton is a graduate of Subiiico Academy. Other players include Dun Nail of Slicridtm. Hodge Phillips of Malvern uiul Ed Confer of Alabama, all reserves last season. New men are A Stephens of Pint? Ridge. B. Brooks of Malvern, Joe Kearney of Little Rock. Timoii Stephens of Narodoelies lex., Ned Bennet of New Jersey Dick Doyle of Amity and Doyne Rich of Hot Springs. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL CREATION), ALl> RIGHT/ FIRST THINe YOU KWOW THEY'LL HAVE SIGMS ON 'EM SAYIM' "BUMPERS BY MIKE UEAR.Y, HUB CAPS BV JTOE JULOSKI ,* AM' so OM, LIKE TH' MOVIE PICTURES, AM' GIVE TH'MECHANICS A LITTLE PUBLICITY/ VEH, AM' (3IVE -TOE A CHAMCEr TO BBCOMG A STA52.AW' GIT PROMOTE.C? FROM ' HUB CAPS TD BUMPER-SWITM A SALARY RAISE OF SO CEMTS A WEEkl,/ NO, THAT WOULDfvrt VVOf2«--JTOE COULDM'T AFFORD TO SEMD FAMS HIS PHOTO OR AUTOGFJAPH ON THAT/ \\ \ \ I <0 MX if^ & "4. m //,/ c%; / - v #Al f, ^r> g- U m ^s^ l($ M / THE UMSUWG ARTISTS I7.-IST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Woof — -3=I-«^« fmr , m _., ALLEYOPP LOOK WHAT THAT PADGUrV\MED LONE TMY HELMET: HE CAKI'T DO THAT TO ME/ WELL, I'M NOT SURPRISED.' 1 WARMED YOU HE WAS POISON) WITH A BOW AWD ARROW.' Anyway, HejWas Sore By Edgar Martin '.'. rn^~ l DON'T GIVE A HAWG WHAT HE IS/I'LL SHOW HIM A THWG OR TWO- GIMME THAT TOMMY GUM.' WASH TUBBS A Loyal Pal By V. T.Hamlin GOOD HEAVEN'S,/ I'LL TELL YOU WHV-- IT Mir*"Wtt£ ( WAS BECAUSE I O^^ES COULDN'T REACH THE SIG BUM WITH /AY AX.' THAT? c. U. -• ~~. » /->u-u j. iyuy ntK iwva i nfti UIVJK u n^vc WE KMEW \ TO BE -SUPPOBTEO BECAUSE HE COULPW'T LUCILLE \ REWEWBBR WHERE HE'D 6URIEO WA=. AfTER I HI'S HAOWEV. VOUR MOklEV \_ _ ALL ALOM6,/T?i^?W BROKE TH' HOORAVJ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TVWtS ALL RISHT.OLD TIMER. 1 •^MESSED UP MV OWM UFE HOW \ OVER A WOKAAW OWCE KIW I \ AWD HATE TO SEE AUOTHER EVER \ FELLA DO LIKEWISE OH,6EE,THrS \SEXCtTIMS! ,, A WOMAM RUINS HvS LIFE- JUST PRETEWC VOU THAT'S WHY EASY IS / WOU'T HEAR THAT. IT'-S A MATTER THAT EA*V NEVER DISCUSSES Heck Gets in Lard's Hair By Roy Crane BUT lX\ W1U6 OP "\ "TVV~EEA^i6NTM CUBIOS\Ty, WA^H. \ V% BEST FRIEMO \NHWT HABPEWEC? \S BEcAj^E T WWOWA^^E? .„„,„„,„,„ VOU'BE HIS BEST / IMTO THIM6S THAI FR\EMD. -SUCELV / POM'T COWCEBM yOUKUOWALl A^ WE ABOUT IT / \_ _ ] HECTOR, VOLI SMriH WHILE JL POWDER MY NOSE I fAY POP'S A POLICE- CAPTAIN , V KNOW, AMD I BEEN WORKIM' TO HELP HIM .' TAKE * LOOK our THAT RED RYDER By Merril Blosser POPS IM 1 FAVOR. OF ^ CAPITAL . PUNISHMENT: HE DON'r LIKE HANGING. THOUGH. OR ELECTRIC CHAIRS I The Murder Plot I'M TRYIN TO SELL HIM o>j TH' IDEA OF USIM' TH' GUILLOtlNE.! AIN'T IT A OIU.Y? "* llr>(c -' VSOPR. 1910BVNE>SCI1VICE. IHC. r M KINDA SMART, AREN'T VOU.RVDER? MAYBE VOLJ LEAPS1EI? MORE THAN) WAS GOOD F£?Q -v VOU--HOU? HIM, SHARK/ By Fred Harman WRAP IN SAC AND <•*, MOON'S LUCKY/ WHAT WILL WE DO WITH

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