Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1939
Page 3
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I ^i'fa. Sid Henry A t'iillii i-'s ni>*i>rvnl>oiis ill Cln-l.slmns 'I'llUOS. It's ii busy tiino nl our liouso will) the ^ im-iTy Chrislnins Dny "Winging ju s | (irauiul tlu.- corner and just a week nwny. Tlu.w's Hip sound cif snipping scissors nnd n whispering ovorheiid And 1 Unow they're busy wrapping litllf yifls in pnper red. HIP houso is full (,f mysiory nnd ningi* hifih nnd low, And IlioyVf. () !,.|mj v ,,,, (n somrlhinfi which tlu -- v ( ' on '< wn »l "1" to know, nifi-o's a luisilc »nd bustle nnd a worn IHM-iiijj of fed. Rvnry lime I, cross tbc 1 doorwny some- niif lijislpn;; ID 1-olrc-nt. 'Hicrc's an nir of grout excitement, "" I Iliink il safe to sny •SomHliing m - t( , j K g,,j n( r to happen wliiMi ] wiike on Christmas Day. Ihi-y wisely look mi; over, up and down from head to lo loo, So I've Knlhcri'd tho suspicion Ibis "Id (i,. is tloonied (o go. ThoiiKh I wouldnM dine to say it li'iixl Ilieir fc-rlintjK sbould be bint. I'vi- lhf> iiolion Cltri.s-tm;i.K i I .sliall u.H anolber .sbirt. Oli, I like (he Cbrislinas season, 'like I" hi'.-ir fhf> church liclls cbiine, .I ol all I lilu- the seerets of (lie liiivy wnippinn tniie. Srloclcd. Telephone 821 high school. The fnlk made by Mrs. Dorsey MeRne on; "As n Mm) Thlnk- elh In his HeiiVt," Mrs. McRtic brought out .the fact, "It is no( (he. slnle of the body, hut. the stale of the mind nnd soul that counts. Every thought you think every emotion' y f ,u feel helps to make op mar us." Tho membership chairman reported that there are 110 members in the high school P. T. A. The president's messnge was splendidly given by Miss Mnry Billingsly. Miss Henry .'trossed. the need for buying tubercular Christmas senls. In buying these seals we not only have seals we use on letters, cards nnd Christmas packages, but we are nt the same time helping <i good cause. The students of the high school hnve shown their Christmas spirit in the many and varied colorful deconilion.s reminding one of the approaching holidays. The majority of the rooms are beautifully decorated with red and green i opts, tinsel, holly and Christmas trues Tin- nimiy handsome posters in the Ir.dl also told of the Christmas season. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Hi Mr. ami Mrs. [•'.. S. Gieeninj; have KHi'M-i their son Kenneth Cireeniiu; and Mr-:, (ireeniii)' of Houston. Texas Tin- Jimiiir-Sciiiur hit:li 1'. T. A. met 'flmiKdiiy afliM-noun. Dec. J4. in the Circk- No. 2 W. M. S. First Christian church will meet nl throe o'clock. Monday afternoon til the homo of Mrs. Fred Df'lzoll, Experiment Station, with Mrs. Hwiry Hicks ,-i.s- joint hoslt-ss. All nipmbc'i-.s :irc ( iii-|{i'ii to |jc present. -O- Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Yont/. of Washington D. C. announce the arrival of a liitlii daughter, Thursday, Deccm- lier H, nt n VViisliinglon Hospital. Mrs. Yonly. will be remembered as Miss Mirinm Carlton formerly of this city. FIWVAV & SATUtlDAY GENEAUTRY-in- "Mountom Rythm" "Tin; ROOKIE cor- With ACE THE WONDER DOG No. 4 "LONH BANGEIt Preview .Sal. II p. m. SUN. MON Carol Lombard. Cnry Grant Kay Francis - "IN NAME ON1/V" CLOSING OUT AM, $39.50 to $79.50 COATS - SUITS V 2 PRICE LADIES Specialty Shop AH members of the First Methodist S. S. nre requested to brinji their gifts for the While Christmas to the Sunday morn in;; Sunday school Service. -C-. Mis. McClure, wife of Doctor McClure of Dardanclle, Ark., and Miss Frances MeChirc,' her sister-in-law, are spending the holidays with Mrs. J. F. McEntosh Hope oulh Three. Boton Rouge Team Is Strongest in History PINE BLUFF - Coach "Red Sanders of Louisiana State University visited, the Pine Bluff High School football camp Thursday afternoon and gave to Coach Allan Dunaway his second warning of the week regarding the power of the Baton Rouge Bulldog Fine Bluff's opponent In the national championship football game at Baton Rouge December 30. Sanders told Dunaway that the Gol- I den Bulldogs of Baton Rouge are one i a! the heaviest tennis in the history of the school. They have a line averaging more than 180 pounds and a fleet bnckfield that boast. Sulver Harris, one of the slickest running backs to at- LAST TIME FRIDAY THEY SHALL HAVE MUSIC' SATURDAY F |2¥5 LRE E ilTNESS VANISHES' OF THE MOUMTIES SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY PREVIEW at RIALTO SAT. NITE To His immortal Gallery Of Screen Characters Paul Muni Now Adds "Dr. Newcome" Created For Him And For The World By The Man Who Wrote The Unforgettable "Lost Horizon" and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" wlfh .. _ . . CHRISTMAS IS BUI TBW OAVS AWAY"«*«- WAVE VOU BOYS COMPLETED YOUR SUOPPlNG ? ~^ 6Y THE WAY, I HAVE JUST GONE IMTO PARTME(5SWP WtTH AM ART CONNOISSEUR, AMD WE EXPERT tO SELL AM ANCIENT STATUE OF THE GODDESS VENUS POR A P ISAKi'SOM,' CAM YOU TWIMK •SOMGOME WHO MIGHT WlSM TO OBTAIM ^UCW A MSTCRPlECE A YuLB 6IFT POR A LOVED OME ? MV WARDEN \G BUYING OLDi-JUWK, BUT W1ER LIAAIT IS A DIMe -~*~ SHE WEI^T MOG WILD ONCE AN 1 •SHELLED OUT A QUARTER. FOR A 3HiP IN A BOTTLE *«~ WMICH REMINDS ME/vu^ ^ HOW MUCM 5AM WOULD GlME ME OM \T ? '3? . REPARlNS POR __ S£=- TW& HOLIDAYS = COPH, 1939 OY NCA SERVICE, INC. T M. REG. U. 5. I»*.T. prf.^> SUNDAYSCHOOL LESSON SERIAL STORY SANTA GLAUS BROWN BY MILDRED GILMAW COPYRIGHT. 1939. NEA SERVICE, INQ. i Allrc llnnlm oon- Tliii-p» lll'K.v lli.nl flicrr r«-n!lv IN n Sinitii CUMIN, jiiNt like smitn <'liiu» llr<m"n. llnjipll.v n,,, olillil Kdi-N ti> IHT Nlinliliy home. Mr*. Curler's |iri>|iiirnMnn<4 fur < hrlst- HIIIM lire ti'n: It oiily Nlic roil hi flnd ii wny In iirotci-t Hetty troin CHAPTER III •THE living room of. the huge Donaldson home was a blnze of glory. It was- Christmas Eve, nnd Jerry, the only son of Southbury's woalthy department store proprietor, was about to arrive home from college for the Christmas. vacation. Mrs. Donaldson, a sentimental, over-stuffed m a t r o n, hovered about the house, giving last minute orders to servants, scrutinizing every small detail; for her Jerry, her little boy, was coining home. Then she heard footsteps on the walk, and hurried into the living room lo compose herself for Jerry's Ions awaited arrival. Jerry, tall, handsome, and slightly intoxicated, appeared in the doorway followed by tho butler. "Is tliis all, Master Donaldson?" gnspecl tho butler as he staggered in with bis load of luggngo. The grips began to slip from his arms, and as he tried to balance them, several pieces crashed to (he floor. Jerry, delighted, re- piled the luggage on Die butler. "Absolutely all," he answered. "Jerry, darling!" Mrs. tionald- son skirted the butler and baggage and fell on JUT son's unstable neck. "Oh, molher is so glad to have you home — but why all the —luggage — just for your two Christmas weeks'."' "Big surprise, mamma," announced Jerry. "Not guing bade to college — can you imagine Unit —your Jerry boy walked right out of nasty old college and told 'em lio wasn't coming baclc. "Don't wanna bo a lawyer, mamma. Nobody wants me lo be n lawyer, except you, mamma. We don't need all the social prestige, not these clays." He gave her a loving tap. "It's smart to be pro-le-tar-i-yut, just plain people like you and Pops and me, without the trimmings." Mrs. Donaldson was oh the verge of tears. "Oh, Jerry, this is going to be Jerry Donaldson nn nwful shock !o your father—" "I don't want to run father's department stove, cither," Jerry interrupted. Ho became serious. "Listen, mom, you get that straight with the old man. Just because I'm not cut out for a nwyer, doesn't mean I want to plant myself in this hick town for the rest of my life, turn into ;i glorified floorwalker, for Pops. Please get that throiifih his head, mother, You're the only one r;in do it!" "Jerry, you don't know what, you're saying." "I do, mother, for the. first time in my life," insisted .lorry. "1. know what I don't want io'be in life. That's something. It's a .start. Let me live for n while will you, without any npron strings?"' He was tensely earnest and sober for the moment. "Without a lot of parental advice and authority. Lr>t me relax, by myself, so I can figure it ali out." * * * T-TE looked nt her pleadinfily, hoping she would understand. But his mother looked blank a/id confused. She saw only that her cherished dreams were vanishing, that her son was being temperamental and disobedient. "All that wonderful education— wasted!" Mrs. Donaldson wept. Jerry stared at. her quietly for a moment, then walked over to the Jiving room table and poured himself' a drink from the decanter. "Jerry, don't," Mrs. 'Donaldson begged. "You've had too much ; already. Ol), Jerry dear, some- ' times I don't think you appreciate all mamma and papa have clone for you—all the sacrifices—' "Sacrifices?" Jerry looked quizzically about the sumptuous home. Mrs. Donaldson sniffled into her handkerchief. She took her son's arm and led him to a hidden recess where a' splendid Christmas tree reached to tho ceiling and hung heavy with decorations and toys. "See what I spent all day doing just lo surprise you?" she said sentimentally. Jerry stared, unimpressed, at the ornate tree. "My lord," he cried' with annoyance, "you'd think I was still 10." "You are still' 10 —to your mother." ;ins\veiT-d Mrs. Donaldson poifinantly. "You aKvays will be. my darling boy." She enveloped her son in a motherly hns, Jerry drew away -i'om her almost in terror. He roc-led a bi!. • ''Ever hear of that good ole silver cord,,,Mamma?" he drawled, and raiser} his .class. "Time one of us cut it." He set his glass down suddenly.} "Aw—nuts!" lie said, and slamming the door behind him, went ou( info thc> night. QUTSIDE, snow ind the wind whipped in(o Jerry's (lushed face. He staggered toward his car, climbed in and started the motor. . As he waited for the engine to warm up, Jerry contemplated the break lie had just made. "Been wanting to do it for a long time," he mumbled. "Oolta get away, start on my own. Never amount to anylhinff in (his town. Niilhing fur me hi-re—c-xcept. the old man's store. Pon't want to work for tlie old man. Col (a get away." Suddenly he reached down, eut off the motor, "lie can have his car, too. Don't want anything'. Want to be on my own. I'll make good. I'll show 'em—all of them. Mamma, the old. man and—and Alice." The thought of the girl sobered him. She was swell. Working here in Southbury, teaching a flock of kids. Alice. Jerry el imbed out of the car, gazed up and down the street. Someone was walking toward him, A girl, lie drank in the icy air, striving lo clear his befuddled ; brain. lie pulled a half-empty • bottle from his coat pocket, tossed • it into the car. and then into the darkness. (To 15e Continued) m of the Kingdom Text Mntthcw r.t:3*g, 31-M, 44-4fi By WILLIAM E. OlLROV, I). D. Fxlltor of Advahcc Much of the charm end persistency cf the fondling of Jesus lies in the form in which thnt teaching was giV- t-n. Above all things, of course, is the mural and spiritual worth of the It-nth that Jesus uttered, but, noble truth has been uttered in great vbl- nines by deep-thinking philosophers where it has been lost, perhaps to be worn and worm-eaten on the shelvs of dust-ridden libraries. .Jesus put the truth in the vivid story Conn of parables, and these have retained nil the vitality and freshness, after nearly 20 centuries ami after the reading and re-reading, that would long ago have ended as commonplace any lesser or even more brilliant things What were these parables of Jesus Thy were stories from life. But were they true stories about actual persons nnd events? About this, we do not know, but it seems more likely thaat they were stories formed by the imagination of Je.sus to declare nnd illustrate the truth that He wished to teach. They wevc true thiit He wished to teach. They were true in the sense that they were thlfies which might hnppen anywhere in daily lite. They were true in their human content. When we read, for instance, the lory of the Prodigal Son or of the Good Samaritan, the truth of the story nnd its plain teaching do not depend upon whether there was an actual father and an actual son in such a situation, or whether some man actually went down the road from Jerusalem to Jericho and was helped and c.-.red for by n Good Samaritan. These stories were true in a far larger and deeper sense than as the relation of mere facts. That is why they have applied so persistently to every age and race of man. Here in our lesson we have three parables of (he Kin.gdom of Heaven, ell designed to illustrate its nature'. Tile first is the parable of the sower going forth to sow his seed. It might be called more properly the parable of the hearer, for it is intended to show how tlie different ways in which people react to the words of life are typified by the different sorts of ground into which the seed falls. The seed that fell by the way-side was devoured by the birds; the seed that fell on shallow earth with rock underneath had a quick growth, but also quickly withered away; the seed that fell among thorns was choked before it came to any growth; but some seed fell upon good ground and yielded fruit. The maning of this seems to be that tlie Kingdom of Heaven is not something that is forced upon us. It comes near to us, and we have the opportunity of accepting God's grace and becoming members of the kingdom; but it all depends on ourselves. What sort of ground are we? Do the seeds of truth fall on us in vain? The parable of the mustard sed and the parable of the leaven and the meal are told to illustrate the way in which tile kingdom grows. silently yet. powerfully, as it makes its way in tlie hearts of men. Tlie parable of the treasure hidden in the field and of the merchant's seeking feoodly pearls illustrates the suprmo value of the kingdom of heaven—that is, the kingdom of God's grace is the one real possession that it is worthwhile for men to sacrifice everything else to obtain. If we believe that, we are fjt for' the kingdom. Aggies to Tab All of Squad to Game 210-Piece Bond and 6,000 Cadets Will Make Trip COLLEGE STATION, Tex. ~(/P)— The Texas Aggise, ranked by experts as the nation's No. 1 football team, will barge into the Sugar Bowl against Tulane with: A 50-man squad. A 215-piece band. A dog mascot. And n goodly part of the college's C,000 cadets. The cadets, the dog and the band long have been known as the Aggies "twelfth man." They couldn't play without 'em. Every man who came out. for var- .«ity football and remained, including the ineligiblcs who didn't see a minute's service, will make the trip. | At the It o'cldck *«4f^e of ehuich the Minister will *j> , "The Victorious Christian.' 1 '* Christ of the Prophets''' will bfc theme Sunday evening at 7-SO O'cloww^. A cordial invitation is pxtertdtd tciiff whosoever will conw. ' .,ig <»*<•»-— >_ tosjj 0(jtj 1*11 sr*v rlsv *" j ^i- A three act play "On ChrisiWiSS ',,* Hili' where all good wishes COIJ1& trtte will be presented In the Guernse^ High School Auditorium ori iPues-*, doy evening, December 19. Thi* fcld under the direction of Mi<ss Marge*y „ Hughson and Miss Nelle Hays playS "t* a full, evening and is cast entlWjr A of primary and elimentary student*, The public is cordually Jhvited to attend. No admission will be charged. BARBS A ten-pound cannon ball was found on a golf course on the west coast. Probably brought there by some golfer who couldn't hit those little white ones. Relief clients in an Iowa city may not call for their rations in taxi- cubs hereafter. Looks as if they'll jlist have to gel used to privation. A gentleman ate his hat on a dare alter reducing it chemically to a pasty substance. Now, please, let's remember the gold-fish situation and bo reasonable. CHURCH NEWS Unity Baptist Church 511 South Elm street Elder C. I). Snllee Tasini- Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching Service at Jl a. m. B. Y. P. T. C. at 6:41 p. m. Preaching Service at 7:30 p. m. Ladies Auxiliary at 2:30 p m . Tuesday at the church. Mid-week Prayer Service Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Our attendance is increasing, and interest is growing. The Lord is Blessing us wonderfully. Come out and Worship with us and be n Blessing for the Lord nnd receive a Blessing from the Lord. You will find a real and cordial welcome at the Unity Baptist church. Come nnd see. Hope Gospel Tabeninclc .lames 15. Hamill. Pastor Rev. Nicholas Pirolo of Milwaukee, and recently returned from Italy will speak at both the morning and evening service. The morning d- votional service is at 11.00 and the night service at 7:30. Sunday School begins at 9.45 under the direction of Superintendent Guy E. Bayse and corp of trained teachers. Tho attendance for the past four Sundays has been 455, 494, 472, and 484 respectively. If you are not attending Sunday School elsewhere visit the Tabernacle where you are a stranger only once! The Christs' Ambassadors meet at 6:30. The Children Church, and Bible Class meet at the same hour. Community Singing There will be a community singing at Shover Springs Sunday EjQter- noon beginning at 3:30. All singers are invited lo attend and bring books. FfRST CHHRISTIAN Corner N, Main and W. Ave. 15 John Keith Gregory, Minister Bible school, 9:45 a. m. Morning worship service 11 o'clock. Christian Endeavor Society, 6:30 p. m. Evening worship service 7:30 o'clock. WHY suffer from Colds? 666 For quick relief from cold symptoms take CG6 Liquid - Tablets - Salve - Nose Drops ^^"•r^^w^^l SAT. SPECIALS DRESSED HENS 11, HU.C HENS PICKED Hi. lie Mori-ell's Pride HAMS—10-14 His. 11, 22c Decker's Tenderized HAM—Center Cut ... 11, -)o t . Half or Whole n, 2 0c 1'OHK CHOPS ,, ( ' 1TI/ . . PORK ROAST a, ,7,/. ( . fancy K. C, STEAKS II,. 20t-25<- REECEGRO.andMKT. Pr«wm«J by WARNRR BROS, with JANE BRYAN FLORA ROBSON • RAYMOND SEVERN -J-JNA O'CONNOR tract the attention of an L. S. U. conch in many a day. Sunders watched the Dunaway hopefuls in action and commented that they are rounding into shape. 'You'll luive to be- better than you've ever been before if you stop Baton Rouge," liu warned. The Zi-brus went through a stiff pra- 1 i-'tico sc-ssion today, .scrimmaging more i tl>;m iin hour. The only casualty was | W. S. LnFitte who dropped out with I <'i It-y injury. Eokin Named to Play I On Western Team i SAN FRANCISCO -i/P>— Signing of Herb McCarthy, University of Denver fullback, Thursday completed the 22-num Western squad winch will play in the E;i,st-Wosl all-star football charity name here New Year's Day. Tin; 22 Easterners enrolled earlier in the week. The Westc-rn Squad: Halfbacks—Bob Smith, Oregon; Olic Cordill, Rico Institute; Kuy Eukiii, Arkan.sasi; Dick Fuvor, Oklahoma. Kullback.s—Horb McCarthy, Denver; Frank Emmons, Oregon; Loroy Zimmerman, San JOSL- SluU 1 . Quarterback—Ray Hare. Gonzago. Ends—Bill Anahu, Santa Clara, Don Crumbaker. Kansas Stm;e Fi-i.nk Ivy. Kill Brc/!ey. K;ms;is Slate. Cenlor.s--Johnny Schiechl, Santa Clara, Hullilou' Turner. Ihirdin-Sim- nmns. Oklnhoma. John Shirk. Oklahoma. Tackles—Stan Anderson Stanford; Lee Artoe, California; Nick Slubk-r, Santa Clara; Sam Schwarl/kopf, Nt- • -^ JW _- braska; Jack Sanders, Southern Melli- ' odisl; Park Moyer, Tc-xa.s. ; '!«" million of ilio fi.lHiO.duO slaves i in tho world today m\- Chinesi? girls Iniurds—Hampton Pool. Stanford; ; brtu-rri- iln- ;it-cs of -I and 18. Holiday Loviness You'll enjoy the holidays more if you look your best. And you can . . . with Carmen's complete, low-priced beautv plan Christmas Specials on All PERMANENTS Phone 752 for an Appninlmr-nl C , n armen s peauty PJione 752 "iJK. i».<e8. Sheer hoilery that flatten yet giv»g dependably- loner service—that's Phoenix! And — that'll -why every woman prefers Phoenix for Christmas. You'll find our selection of threadweighU—sites and new- Mi colors — VERY complete. 98c Others 89c to $1.35 8 - pair boxw •wrapped ia special, color. lul Cello- phase, We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison & Co. HOPE NASHVILLE A thief threw avwiy 250 coffin hand<les he had stolen becau.se he COll34 not sell them. He might have held on with a view toward (ho European market. CHILDS -i -\v* > - t -Ji Relieve misery direct W;C^ -without "doalnirv Use swift-acting ^ VICKS VAPORU1 DRUG STORE Make these more personal BIBLES BILLFOLDS STATIONERY Fountain Pens Names monogramed in Gold FREE on rhe above gifts. The gift that Keeps on Giving Underwood Portables GIFTS THAT MEN WILL APPRECIATE Shaving Sets 59c to $5 Electric Razors Elecrrex Razor $ 9.95 Shavemasrer $15.00 Men's Fitted .Cases';, $2.50 to $6,£0,;' Wrist Watches $2.50 to $6.50 GIFTS THAT WOMEN WILL APPRECIATE Cara Nome Gift Sets Yardley's Perfumes Beautiful Compacts $1 and up Fitted Cases Electrical Gifts Waffle Irons Toasters Grills Percolators Heating Pads $3.95 $1.19 $2.75. $1.69 $1.98 Sporting Goods Footballs Basketballs Skates Games Shop your Rexall Store for Gifts that are Different. JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG COMPANY

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