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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 15, 1939
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World-Wide News Cbvcrdgfl Given Impartially by Associated Press Star VOLUME 41—NUMBER 53 Star cf Hope. 1899; Press, 192?. Con^olidaicd January 18, 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, FftlbAY, DECEMBER 15, 1939 (AP) Moons Associated Press. (NEA)— Moans Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n FINNS PAY ON U. S. WAR ARKANSAS - «Cloudy«t»- cloudy Friday flfUrt £}1 ;.*ttoftg C*showers and wsMriieV We*i»t ^tfoAioh , , Friday night. ..; , -— Final Red Cross Report Exceeds County's Quota $1,578'.35 Is County's * Contribution to Campaign THANKSJEXPRESSED Mrs. Martindale Expresses Gratitude to the Public .Membership in the Hempstcad §Junly chapter of the Red Cross WHS reported "Friday to total 1226 persons with the amount contributed at 51,578.35; as the result of one of the most extensive membership appeals ever made in Red Cross peace-lime history, according to Mrs. J. G. Martindale, Roll Call .chairman of the chapter. She expressed grnliluclc at the response of the public during the enrollment period. 'Tills year the Red Cross is faced with the need for the greatest cx- ^,,m.sion of its membership since days of the world war," the Roll Call chairman said. 'Peace-lime .services of safe Welfare Head Raps the Attorney General LITTLE HOCK —(/»')— Sliitc Welfare Commissioner John Thompson sharply criticized Attorney General Jack Holt Friday for what he termed "in- coiislstcncy"a s the result of Holt's ruling thai the commissioner had no authority to remove a county welfare director. Scouts Will Pick Up AHOld Toys Residential Canvass of Hope to be Made Saturday Troop 62 of the Boy SeouUs ol America is asking the cooperation ol the people of Hope in securing ok toys, clothes, canned goods, etc., for the less fortunate people of this community. If Scout knocks at your doo: Saturday and you have anything you ;can e'vc it will be greatly appreciated The Scouts arc working in conncc lion wilh the Goodfcllows and hop to bring happiness to many a worth; fcliild mid family this yulctidc seasoi Scouts of this troop and of any olhc troop who cnn are asked to meet a . ill\JUlJWJ'VV,«Sli n.t ^ *ian.^\t iv/ n i<_>~ v < ty, health, disaster preparedness and , M lhodist church , lt g o - dock S al volunteer work in this last year have • n become more inclusive than ever be- p ' fore. The continuance and growth _ _ of these services ncessarily depends I InKf I AHTAl*0Hfn upon membership, for the Red Cross UCUl IjUIIlVl Vlll/C is only as strong as its membership. ¥ . m | "Tlic citizens of Hempstcad county M0|*P ftfl I HP^UlJlV have demonstrated their intention that | llvl C Ull 1 UvOilllJ their Red Crass shall continue and • row in ila work. Their willingness. _ was shown nol only in membership H_Omm11166 rsponse but in the service rendered by Roll Coll volunteers and in the manner in which these workers were received. "In behalf of the local chapter, I take this means of expressing profound ap- , ,,.,,., . ..,- , ,, precision and hanks to all citizens chattel indebtedness in condition to of Hcmpstcad counly who gave so begin then- 1940 work free from dangc, generously of their time flnd funds of foreclosure will be offered Hemp- duruig the annual Roll Call. stead county farmers at the meeting "The Red Cross being an agency of «rf the county farm, debt .adjustmeii t md bv the people. iL^'cntire member- committee, to be held At 9:15 Tuesday ship-re^iot -only entitled, but urged December 19 at the office of'the Farn * . ... . . . I *t . ?». A ,1 :— ;,j *:«.« :« 4Kn TTHj't- White Christmas Planned for Hope Churches Sunday Methodist, Baptist Churches Announce 1 Programs Tb AID THE NEEDY •resbyterian Church Also Has Special Program Hope churches arc planning prc- Christmas programs for Sunday. Members of the First Baptist churcl will observe White Christmas for the benefit of the local poor and needy families. Members of our Sunday clas scs and departments will bring arti clcs of food wrapped in white. This food will be placed in tin Christmas baskets which will be dis mas by thc~ members of the church under the direction of Mrs. Irvin Urrcy, chairman of the church's Bcnc tribiilcd on Saturday before Christ volcnt Committee. The adults who prefer to share thci blessings by bringing money instead o food stuffs may do so, and the mono 'ostofficc Here to Remain Open 8 p. m. For the convenience of malicfs of hristmns parcels, the parcel post',and lamp windows will remain open until :00 p. m. beginning Monday, Dcccm- icr 18, and extending through ;F.ci- ay, December 22. The usual closing iour will be observed Saturday Dec- mbcr 23. Goodfellow Drive Of f to_Slow Start Committeemen Get Too Many "Come Back Responses" ' Publication of the Goodfellow mem bcrship list was delayed Friday as committccmcn reported slow pro gross in obtaining funds in the an nual campaign to aid Hope's needy am indigent families at Christmas time. Several committccmcn were told:'/ "Come back again—busy how." r An official of the drive pointed on that commillccmcn arc donating the: own time and effort in this worthwhil cause—and for those who arc "lo busy to give" lo leave their contri bulion "when Ihcy have time" al th Here to Work Against Foreclosures Opportunity to get their land and .vill be used to purchase meat for the baskets.' Al this season of the year I is well to 'remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He- said, It s more blessed lo give than to rc- " All services of the church will be at the regular hour Sunday. The pastor will preach both morning and evening. Methodist Program The Methodist church will observe Ihc annual "While Christmas" service on Sunday night, December 17th. at 1 o'clock. White wrapped gifts of food and an offering of money arc laid on the altar of the church to be used to office of Hope Star at cither bank or at the office of Roy Anderson, di- ctor of the drive. First publication of Goodfcllows will ppcar in Saturday's Star. Martindale Has WaytoCurbMad Dog Menace Here Dogs Not Vaccinated Will Be Shot On Sight THE RABIES GERM More Than 100 Persons Treated Here Past 12 Months ,Morc than 100 persons have been treated in Hempstcad county the past 12 months for the prevention of rabies --which caused Dr. J. G. Martindale county health officer, lo issue a stern warning Friday lo all owners of pets. The warning: "Have your dog vaccinated at once —or you will be running the risk of having it shot on sight." Dr. Martindale said that at one time this year he alone was treating 25 persons, bitten by mad dogs or suspected mad dogs. At the present lime, at leasl 12 persons here in Hope are undergoing U. S, Builds Huge Flying Battleship , to take part in Ihc chapter's year- Security Administration, in the Elks round activities, Then we, as in-1 building. Hope. dividual*, linked in membership with "The committee has been quite suc- mUliqns of others through the Red | ccssful in working out voluntary agreements between fanners and their Cross, multply our usefulness. Junior Red Cross, Miss Beryl | creditors permitting the farmers to Ilcnry, Chairman: Ycrgcr School: 7th Grade Jl.OO 5lh. Grade T.OO 4th Grade 1.00 12th Grade 1.00 lllh Grade 1.00 2nd Grade • 40 Hayncs Chapel 60 continue to farm and eventually pay pthcir debts," said A. H. Wade, Farm ^Security Adminislralion supervisor. '"This is done by the committee determining an orderly repayment schcd- 'ulc which the farmer can meet and which takes advantage of lime extensions, re-amorlizalions, scale-downs of fill Christmas baskcls and provide things for the less fortunate. A series of six scenes or pictures enacted withm a, picture frame depict events leading up to the birth of the Christ-Child. Al characters arc acted by children and young people of the local Sunday school. . . The first scene is the prophet Isaial and the second the annuncjation o the angel lo Mary. In the ttyrd seen three kings arc following tjic star u the cast, while the fourth is that o Total ' ?6.00 Prcvioulsy reported -14.00 Junior Red Cross Total $20.02 Additional Rural names: E. M. Osborne 1.00 G. \V. Wiggins .• 1.00 Callis McFaddin (Col.) 1.00 Gcrtha Williams (Col.) 50 Bradley (Col.) School 28 Total 3.78 Rural, previously reported .. $417.76 nijnil Total $421.54 Total for Hope, as < previously reported •... 1156.81' principal and interest, and reductions n interest rate granted by credilors." "The committee considers every case on its own merits and its services arc free and confidential," he said. "Farmers needing its help should go to the county FSA office, or to one of the committccmcn, or they might appeal at the meeting.' Members of the committee arc: E. M Osborn, Jnmcs O. Johnson, St., Join M. Jackson, Eugene White H. W. Tim bcrlakc. State Resists Cut in Mo. Pac. Taxes Special Master Hears Case in St. Louis U.S. Court ST. LOUIS, Mo. —VF)~- Arkansa brought out Thursday in a .tax as scssment hearing before a fedcra court special master that the Mis souri Pacific railroad[..for 1937 *-p»id jcavier taxes jicK track mile.in three states than it did in Arkansas, H. C. Hale, assistant general auditor of the railroad, liad testified property, franchise and special improvement taxes in Arkansas for 1937 were at the rate of J398 a mile as compared with an average of rcalment for the prevention of rabies, rtosl of them arc children. Dr. Marlindale announced Friday hat he has just received a report from jiltle Rock, showing positive cases of two more rabies-infected dogs of rtope. Both dogs had only recently bitten children of this city, who arc now taking preventive treatment. The Rabies Germ Dr. Martindale explained that the rabies germ may not take effect immediately. In fact, the germ may lie dormant in Ihe skin lissuc for weeks monlhs or years. "Medical science shows lhat in one case the rabies germ developed in < person after he had been bitten by a mad dog 18 years before. "Once the germ develops—you go stark-mad crazy. ."It's awful to think about. ' "Tncre's no cure-ronce the germ de- velppcs and spreads^ "The only cure—is the preventive cure—vaccination against the'dreaded Almost loo huge to keep: secret is the Gargantuan bomoer now being built for the U. S. Army at the California Douglas plant. White outline above shows how this largest of planes encompasses even the Atlantic Clippers. The bomber, a land plane, will carry a 37 mm. cannon, many machine guns, and 20 tons of bombs on a 6000-mile cruising range. Lighting Contest for Hope Homes Water & Light Plant Offers 4 Electrical Awards Nazi Is Refueling for Dash to Sea Graf Spee Faces a Growing British Fleet Grand Total for Hcmpstead County is $ir)78.35. Sheep are raised for meat and wool; hide is secondary. Story With a Point RICHMOND, Va. — (fl'j — Morton Adclimski a deaf-mute newsboy took personal pride in selling the Richmond News Leader when "his slory" appeared in print. Adelanski flat-tied the paper's employes, recently, when lie rushed in gesturing wildly, pointing across the street making motions of filling his pockets, and pointing to a telephone. The idea went over. Police were called and the paper got a first hand account as officers nabbed persons robbing a filling station. Christmas Carols Through the Agei shepherds on the hills by night a which time the ancls appear. Seen five is a "talkin-picturc" of the mce n of Ihc shepherds, three kings an a boy by the waysid9- The mange scene concludes the pictures. During the tableaux, appropria Christmas music will be rendered b the choir under the direction of Ma M. C. Butler. Solo parts will be siii by Mrs. Kenneth Spore and Mr Hollis Luck. Following the pictures the "Legend of Cathay" will be read by Josephine Jarvis and then the Sunday School will come forward with 'their while gifls. The congregation will sing "Joy to the World" and the service closes wilh prayer by Ihc paslor, Rev. Kcn- nclh L. Spore. A collection will lie taken lo enable those who arc not members of Ihc Sunday school or arc not prepared, lo have a parl in this traditional Christmas service, public is invited to atlend. The CRANIUM CRACKERS Pseudonyms You shouldn't have much trouble picking out Ihc real names of the entertainment stars, past and present, mentioned below. As they appear, the name on the left, write Ihc letter designating the real name. 1. Jean Harlow Ul Rauft' Acldon 2. Duvid Manners (b) Arlington Brou,gh j. Ethel Merman (e) Anna La Hiff 1 Mary Pickford • d) Jack Kubclsky. 3. Jarli Benny (e> Gladys Smith (i. Robert Tuylor (f.) Ethel Zimmerman 7. Nancy Carroll (gl Hurl CUM Carpcnlier ,'\.ll^,^^^'l'^ on Presbyterian Program First Presbyterian church will present 'The Church's One-Foundation" at a pre-Christmas rcspcr service at 5 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The service will be in song and scripture. The young people of the church will sing in the choir, Lynn Baylcss will do Die reading. Pauline Tollcson will play the parl of Mary. Playing Ihc part of Angels will be Belly Robinson, Peggy McNeill, Mary Stuart Jackson, Elizabeth Wilson, Alice Lile, Effic Hyall, Patricia Williams, Charolctlc Tarplcy. The Wise Men—Jack Guthric, Allen White, Russell Porter. Shcpperds— Bob Conwuy, Bobby Ward, Carroll Hyatt. Solist—Margaret Simms. $346 in the seven oilier states served by the Missouri Pacific. In cross-examination Assistant 'At-' torncy General Leffcl Gentry of Arkansas showed that Oklahoma levied taxes of 5724 a mile upon the railroad's lines, Louisiana $630 a mile and Colorado ?442. The levy in Nebraska was J143 a mile. The railroad is contesting Arkansas's ?28,114,960 assessment of its property for 1938, contending Ihe proper figure should be 516,289,600. Including only main Irack which forms 46.5 per cent of the Missouri Pacific system, Gentry produced figures lo show Ihc ad valorem tax per mile in Oklahoma in 1937 was 5888, in Louisiana $824, Illinois 5718, Colorado 5601 and Arkansas 5577. The average for the eight stales in the railroad's, territory was 5525. Attorneys for the railroad con tended these figures did not prcsciv a true picture of tile tax situation because they did nol lake inlo consider alion levies on spurs and other sidi trackage. germ. "If you have.been bitten by a mad pg or a suspcctca mad dog—go sec •our physician at once," was' the ad- •icc, of the county health officer. In the meantime, if you have a pet, iayc it vaccinated at once. You will >e given a certificate, and also a tag howing the pet has been vaccinated. Fhe tag is to be attached to the dog's collar. City, State Law Dr. Martindale pointed out that the 2ity of Hope has an ordinance againsl permitting dogs to run loose without Dcing vaccinated. He also said a slate law existed against permitting dogs Lo run loose without being vaccinated. "With more than 100 persons of Hope and Hempstcad county having been treated this year for the prevention of rabies—it's lime lo enforce Ihc law," Dr. Marlindale declared. The Hope Water & Lighl planl announced Friday that prizes would be awarded again .this year for. the best Christmas-lighted homes in Hope. The awards will be: 1. An electric lamp. ' , 2: An ; electric toaster;". '' " ' *• '" 3. An electric clock. 4. An clcclric iron. The four cleclrical awards were ordered Friday and as soon as Ihcy arc received they will be put on display a I the officp of Roy Anderson, . MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay —(IP)— Re. fueling of the battered German pocket-battleship Admiral Graf Spec began Friday amid growing expecations that she would put to sea despite \c increased strength of British war- hips "lying off this" 'neutral 1 harbor i wail for her. LULLAY, THOU LITTLE TINY CHILD "Lullay, Thou little liny Child, Hy, by*, lully, lullay . . . Herod hath charged his mcu of might „ All children young lo slay ... This is the famous Coventry Carol, first used in 15th century Mystery Plays dealing with the life of Christ. It was sung by women of Bethlehem in the play, just before Herod's soldiers came in to slaughter thck children. 7 Shoeing Days Till Christmas League Is 'Tool' Russia Declares This Is Her Explanation of League's Expulsion MOSCOW Russia —(/I 1 )— The Soviel press reported Russia's cxplusion froir Ihc League of'Nations in dispatches from Geneva Friday which describee the league as a "lool of the Brilish- Frcncli bloc." \ The dibiiatehc.s, which broke Ihc So vict's silence on the expulsion, wer< nol given special prominence. British Get 1,000 Planes a Month j Aim Is Air Supremacy Over Nazi Germany WASHINGTON -(/I 1 )- British air- nift factories were described in au- liorilativc reports Friday to be turn- ig oul warplanes v al a rate of more Hum one an hour in an cfforl lo as- urc air supremacy over Germany. After a lag in production al the :lart of the European war, avialion luarlers said, British planes arc being •oiled off assc-mbly lines at a speed well abov 1.000 a month, Slanuit M'Nutt President Refuses to Be Drawn Out by Reporters HYDE PARK, N. Y. -(/I 1 )- 1'resi- dent Friday Roosevelt declined comment on Secretary Ickc.s' criticism South Main street. In past years, out-of-town judges- were obtained and a tour of the city was made at night to determine the winners. It is presumed the contest will be handled the same way this holiday season. Guernsey Senior Boys in Victory But Spring Hill Girls and Junior Boys Winners SpriiiK Hill senior boys suffera defeat ill the hands of Guernsey's Blu Devils by a score of 34 to 9. Th fiuinu was fast and hard-fought froi start lo finish. "Bo Poop" IJollnvell started the scoring for Guernsey oarly and gave (ho Spring Hill boys trouble throughout (lie game. Downs and Sid Cox played excellent defensive ball wliilc Callmiui, D. Cox and Rolhwell took rarrof the offensive purl with scores | of N, !l, and 1(1 respectively. llifili point man for Spring ILill wan Germans Down British BERLIN, Germany—(/P)— Germany iireuit planes shot down 10 of 20 British attackers a.t the North Frisian stands, (he German high command rc- >orted Friday. The communique said: "A single British bomber which ap- jroached the air base at Borkuni ^im-sday without dropping bombs was chased off by our air defense." Nazi Cruiser Damaged LONDON, Eng. —(/P)— The British 51'ess reported Friday that Nazi warships had been sighted by British airmen in the North sea convoying a torpedoed German cruiser. They said the crippled warship was understood lo be a vessel of 6,000 tons. The German vessels in the North s.ca were near the .scene of the great World war battle of Jutland. The British airmen were reported on their return from a bitter aerial fight in which the ships participated. Acceleration in air activity was underlined also in an ar ministry announcement that British warplanes had bombed Gorman seaplanes at Borkum, Nordcmoy and Sylt, islands off Germany's North sea coast. The fliers reported that the Gcr r man warships they saw were battleships, a cruiser, some destroyers, and a submarine. Deposit a Quarter Million in Spite of Crisisjtf :War .. V 4 Money Kept' in- Separate \Fund By United , States,;;r:v ; FINLANlTAEPEALS ew Message by Nation to Soviet- foreign Leader WASHINGTON -(ff)-.Finland paid $234,693 on its war debt to the United Stales Friday despite; it* grim struggle against Russia. Hjalmar Proscope, Finnish) ( minister, presented the check Jo Treasury Se-,. crctary' MorgcntKau in an atmosphcr charged with-drama. _Morgcnthau said he would, hold the money in a separate account'in accordance with.. President Roosevelt's instructions, pending a recommendation of congress that "this.mp^j'ey Be used for the^ benefit of the Finnish' people." Appeal to Russia HELSINKI, Finl»nd"-r{/Rrn foreign minister, -Viano Tanner, Friday appealed in a radio-broadcast to Russian Foreign,'CAmmjssir.'MolotofjE ; for suspension of hostilities, and resumption. of, negotiations on the- basis of the principle of small nations' right o self-determination, "When I recently visited the agricul- ural exposition, at Moscow," the Finnish .minister- said. 'I saw on the wall of one of the buildings a sentence by your leader.'Mf.'Stalin." ""Hie Soviet Union does not cover a single Inch of 'territory of other-but will defend every inch of its own soU. "There is 'reason at. this momnt to save thi»t slogan-from sinking into oblivion. "Finland 15 s.till ready for peaceful negotiations, but if Moscow's aim is the, conquest of the whole country then the Finns will fight to the end."/' ,• •• • -.- •-; / - •"-* Late Convention PlaffJ|kF.a P r e s ident- R e po r t e d " Fovoring ; Date in Septjembier By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON ^r-, Republicans suspected ..President .Roofev.«.ll_ was -the political engmecr behind, the statement by party- followers 'that ; it would be a nice thin^_to. Jjold next year's political conventions, late in the year,.-possibly-September^ - The statement,- made-by -unquoted party figures''who had"caTte3:on the had all the earmarks, of a^shrewd political move*<^«mfc the', IRepubJi- , ' can liallonal ' , harict on the matter, of. the : d*te of 'the national conventon." . .«**»•. -*»• We went \ip'* tq';"lj5pubrican,; head- ';'. quarters to look'.: in to . the -business and were told that a majority of the national committee would like to have the G. O. after L. Yocom Roy Martin w;is Tliy Coliseum, famous London mus ic hall, gave its first pcrformanc on CJuJtljiius Eve of I'M, Where Men Were Men FAIRBANKS, Alaska —(A')— Nuw things hav changed in Alaska is re vcalcd by a recent want-ad in the Fairbanks News-Miner, Ihc conli ncnl's northernmost daily ncwspapei The owner of Stampede Inn, al Plal inum, Alaska, sile of one of th of Paul V. McNutl as a possible candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. The president declared lie was too d in political experience to com- ent on Ickcs' statement that liberals oulcl nol support. McNult's candi- acy. Roosevelt said the gume was to gel euplc to efommcnl on this man, that nan, a Uiircl man, and a fourth man, !c said by Ibis gradual process of limiiiiition reporters would have Ihc whole story. Church-Goers Get A Lesson In Manners PARIS Tenn. —(/P)— Worshipers a Tirst Presbyterian Church were as oundcd al a group of young people who cracked jokes, audibly, munchcc icanuts and otherwise had a rousiiij, good time during service. It wasn't lack of manners though The goober-caters and joke-cracker world's newest mining bonanzas bought space lo announce lhal hi inn is for sale and that il is "an idea location for cocktail bar." COTTON NEW YORK —(/I 1 )— December co Ion opened Friday al 10.81 and clos> eel at HU>'J Middlini; spot 11.33 outstanding- on defense. In Iwo preceding games the Blue Devils had (rouble defeating Spring Hill but this time the opponents had ouble keeping the Blue Devils in- rested. In the girl's division Ihc game was ng IS lo lo. fcMwiirds of Guernsey as high point, man of the game wilh Boycc was high for Spring Hill ith 6. Ay loll for Guernsey played i excellent defensive gam™, holding oyce, the Spring Hill star forward o Iwo field goals. Spring Hill junior boys also won by ie close score of 14 to 10. Kidd of Springhill was high point man of Hie gamo with 7. Culhoun was high for Guernsey with 5. were just doing their part in a "el in worship." Theirs was "the wron way of worship." Another grou showed "the right way." A Thought The Bible is u window of this prison of hope, through which we look inK« eternity. Dv'rjht. me all the Spring Hill wiu- ClianilH-rlain in Kriuu-c LONDON Knts'. -i./IV- The. war office announced Friday that Prime Minister Chamberlain hail arrived in France to. spend a "few days" with the British expeditionary forces. German Given Refuge MONTEVIDEO —(/I 3 )— The shell- battered Nazi pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse wilh a S"*th- rring British battle-fleet Thursday . .j. Ihc Demppr^Uc .sorivpaUwi. TJw idea of tiic majority members was that despite the long practice of Republicans boldly harh'ing' thc«sjtic$|.. ifirst, it would be a cheap sacrifice if they could scuttle- the • tradition' and' have the Democrats 'aiit Tirsf.'Theh' at the Republican, convention the ., Democra- tic platform could be answered and the Democratic candidate, could., be lambasted under the hot light 'of piiBr . licity that al ways.' foguses. upon a nat-r ional convention. . . And now up come Democratic lead-' crs, fresh from talks , with. Presjr dent Rposcyclt . an,d blandly. ihtimaj.e that if it is going to be a waiting gajnc to see who -gets the last convcnr lion, Ihc Democrats gre " willing to night won Uruguayan permission to I wait even lo September, if., necess- renuin in this neutral port until jary. she can repair Ihe damage suffered | in Ihe war's first great sea fight. The Bonk May Be 'Broken' Again MONTE CARLO—</I'i—The Moult Carlo Casino has opened again fo gambling. Thi.s d'islricl classed as a millit region, is bound with numerous re .slricliune?. But many uf the big hotel which closed al the outbreak of th war are opening their doors. Wilh th aid of French tourist authorities wh are trying to get the restriction lightened, I hoy hope for somcthin uf y :WMI lAvi-rUi: the \vnr. Democrat's Advantage Such an idea would' be dyuamile The Uruguayan foreign minister, I lo Republicans. They can't wait that Ibcrto Guani, announced that, "in I long lo get under way. At Republican • ccordiiiice with the Uruguayan neu-1 headquarters we asked'questions about" •ality law and international law," I that. They frankly stated that all the he Graf Spce could stay in Montevideo I advanlagc ol late conventions would arbor,"'on request of the German lie wilh the Democrats.- -They-have overnmenl, pending repairs. la party organization much" more close- Thc announcement was made short- I ly knit and ready to go, Th.at is al- y before 1hc 2-1-hour lime limit, nor- I ways the case with Ihe party in pow- nally.permitted for the stay of a bel- lor. The party -.on. the outside needs igrcnt ship, would have expired al I Ihrce of four months at least to get nidnighi. Uruguayan time, or 9:30 p. j steam up after the . convention. No n.. Hope lime. (headway can be made in.a campaign. Guani declined to say how long this I before the candidate is knswn and tile extension of time would run but I platform written'.' •>...••..'.>•' • explained that the German captain You might just as well know also would be given sufficient time lo make 1 lhal Republicans, smelted... ojr thought his wart-raft seaworthy. they smelted," spflicthjingyo£ M third Close inspection of Ihe crippled ship I term "feeler" ill' tile proposal for indicated the need of extensive re- conventions in September instead of 'pairs. Jin June, the customary, mcjnth. They The Uruguayan decision meant that reasoned this way: th Graf Spec, still at anchor in the | If the Democratic convention should bay with her 36 dead and 60 wound- be held in September it would be too iCunliuucd uu Page Fuui') oo- Page, FOOT).

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