Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1939
Page 6
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•f° > , ..- *' V, .¥ • -'" PAGE §»X HOPE STAR; HOPE, ARKANSAS WHAt CAUSES GEtttNG UP NIGHTS? Getting up nights may be nature's wtrhing of sluggish kidneys. If excess acid and other wastes arc not regularly eliminated other danger sigifals that may appear are burning, scantly Or frequent flow, backache, leg or rheumatic pains, headache or dizziness. Kidneys need occasional help same as bowels. Get, n 2Se box of BUKETS from any druggist. If not pleased in 4 days your 25c' back. Locally at Brianfs Drue Store, Jnu. S. Gibson Drug Co. ' Thursday, December 14, 1939 » HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Jimmy Stewart Fidgets Watching Himself in 'Destry Rides Again' By PAUL llAimiSON NKA Ken-ire Stuff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — Short takes: They may as well quit milking supcr-wesl- fight with Una Merkcl. She leaned forward n little during the scene of her death in the arms of Stewart. Ordinarily it's a prctly harrowing CLOSING OUT ALL $39.50 to $79.50 COATS - SUITS V 2 PRICE LADIES Specialty Shop » -i •- -r» ••n|-v.«-..\.m,- . vivtiiidiiijr it, a «i |Ji uilj t Ull I UvV Hl|^ cms. Mnrlcne Dietrich and Jimmy Stc- ; experience for an actress to watch wart have wrapped up a movie cycle \ herself die. But Miss Dietrich wus with "Destry Rides Ag-iin." It has pleased, for by that time she know thnt her fiery personality OUR BOARDING HOUSE ! everything—including notably, the new 1 Dietrich. ; I sat next to her and Slcwiirt at ' the preview, and it was interesting to fee how they behaved. The actor firmly established and wilh every rason, tor confidence in this picture, fidgeted, slumped and leaned forward. To- Witrd the end, he sat with elbows on - - „ . - „ was a hit and that, instead of a death scene, she actually was watching the rc- biith of her career. Kid Actors In For Tough Season One of the highest-paid young scenarists in town, Jerry Wald. is going places with a coed lit U. C. L. A., and knee.;, a hand on each side of his f»ce ' wn «» S ' 1C had to write a theme Cm like blinders, and was almost breathing down the neck of the Rirl in front of him us he peered at. the screen. Hands i-lnspcd in lap, Mi.-.-.s Dietrich i<istly just sat, though the laughed 1 l >il ' JCr an English course he generously offered to dash it oft for her. She wii.s pleased with it, but the professor wasn't. He gave the student n C on Ihn tni'dcTHtoly at licr poker-game scqucii ix with Mischa Auer. and at her Final Notice Of WALKER'S CLOSE OUT SALE Stock Must Be Closed Out by Jonuory Ist-Regordless of Price LADIES DRESSES 51.98 to $2.98 VALUES $2.98 to $3.98 V A LUES $ 1.49 LADIES RAYON SLIPS _29c LADIES SATIN SLIPS 49c and 59c VALUES Ladies 98c Plain SATIN SLIPS 39c 79c PRICES REDUCED on Entire Stock SWEATERS Ladies Tan and Black OXFORDS Sixes 4 to 9 $1.49 values $1.00 $1.98 values $1.49 MEN'S QUALITY WORK SHOES 1.98 and 2.49 VALUES BIG REDUCTION on All Men's DRESS SHOES with .. Major Hoople WERE'6 A KINK TO COMB OUT OF VOUR MUSTACHE, MAJOR ~~ IF YOU AMD VAN DYKE ARE IN CAHOOTS IN THE RELICS BUSINESS MOW COME ME WON'T LET you <SEE THE OLD CHIPPED BUSTS OR DINO6AUR E<3£)S HE'6 GOT IN THIS CRATE ? E6AD; BUSTER, VOL) FORGET 6WINBURNE PLEDGED ME TO GECRECY-— MAR-RUrWPM/f... HONOR COME6 RRST A1V\ON6 US MQOPLES, AND TMOU6H TMERE MAV BE ANCIENT ART MASTERPIECES FROM BABYLON, POMP&U v~~E FROM SODOM AMD GOMORRAH TME BLOT OF A BROKEN PROMISE NEVER SUALL APPEAR ON THE HOOPLE E6CUTCMEOW/ — MAK- CARE. FOR PICKLED pe ACMES, BLISTER? ^-•^i ^CART NYTHING IN TUE •BOX FKOM. TWE '• GARDEN! OF EDEN <? IN NEW YORK I5.v GIXWC.i: KOSS NEW YORK - Paul Muni—ore Mr. FAST COLOR PRINTS 36" . 5c yd. DON'T FORGET ONLY 8 SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS WALKER'S POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES welcome Paul Wcisunfrcundl HOLIDAY CHERRY BELL FLOUR 48 *.« '1.45 SNOW GIRL FLOUR 48 PURE WHITE LARD Pure Cotton Seed Oil 4 Ibs. 36c 8 IBs. 71 c SUGAR " 10. 47cl RALSTON 13 oz. CORN FLAKES Pkg. Potatoes Red No. 1 10 Ibs. 20c R. CANE SYRUP Gal. 49c MATCHES 2 Boxes 5c LUZIANNE COFFEE! Ib. 22c Argo STARCH 3 for lOc Tomatoes No. 2 can 4 for 25c Mackerel 1 Ib. can 2 for 15c LIBBYS MILK 6 sm. 18c There's but! news for mothers who I want to bring their talented younys- j tors to Hollywood. The Stale Depurl- j meiil of Labor has taken over jurisdiction of juvenile players from the I Board of Education, and Dip list of j work permits for children has boon | j cut from 5000 to 2000 names. Before i a permit will be issued now, a par. cut nuist present assurance from slud- i !<-s that work will be given the inin i J~. And it's very hard to get such pirmisie." from casting directors, who like to use only kids with cxpcr- ; iencc. •• Mike Curtiz showed up on i.ic sot I Ihc other day grumbli.ig about a ! hoarse throat. "How t.m I direqt I good." he whispered, "when I can' j not scream at the actors" j Publicity Men Hire Press : Agents 1 "The Life of Dr. Khrlich" has brought out the pscudoscienlific strain in Warner's publicity department. It seem i that there was a sequence using a P au ' Muni—as Hollywood persists in ! lot of white rabbits, and that Eddie mistering him—has come back to the j Norris is acutely allergic to rabbits, i Broadway stage in Maxwell Anderson So he passed out cold while trying new play. "Key Largo." to work near them, and only adrcn-j * have seen sunn; demonstrative, alin brought him around . . . You 'worshipful throngs in the makc-bc- can'l say that press agents don't be- M ' cv 'e belt when a celluloid deity believe in publicity. The Screen Pub-' came a gallery god again, but never licists Guild has. hired a pi-ess agent. 5Ucn a turnout of well-wishes as In spite of all the Bctte Davis-' tho - sc wno blocked the passageways George Brent, talk don't make any '° tllc> Ethel Barrymoru Theater and bets that the actress won't try ayain ' Hanked the curb to with Harmon Nelson . . The talk of Muni -"co Muni a Joan Crawford-Franchot Tone re- home, ccncilialion doesn't sound convincing i For New' York—and Broadway— to those who know of his interest are home to Muni, who a lifelong is singing Mary Parker . . Kay Fran- \ trouper, undoubtedly finds the halo cis, Claudette Colbert and Ann Soth- that has been fixed" around him and ern spend many of their afternoons the "Mr." antics of the cinematic at the West Side Tennis Club soiling drumbeaters. personally embarrassing bandages for the Red Cross. And Miss j Tttlk , M(lvie Contracl-With francis demonstrated her bandaging ; Strings technique oa guests at parties. j Seveil ycal . K ,,;,.,, asse( , gjncc M Another of those sa,d signs, this one drafted his last legal brief in Elm-ion thamarquce of a closed night club; Ri cc - s plav , "CounseUor-at-Law" on No Cover Charge - No Minimum Broadway and heeded the pleas from Charge - No Customers.' j Hollywood. Never, from the day of TI, 7 I ™*"T" ~ i his departure, did he ciream of for- Tne first to distinguish between j sa king the stage. From the first sensory and motor nerves was' he had stipulated in his film con- a great physician of the : tracts that he must be free to rc- I turn to Times Square whenever he | found the |;lay-.suri|> which would (strike him best. So for seven years, Rialto showmen, knowing that Muni's colosal screen success had not imprisioncd him in California, made repeated pilgrimages to the actor's home out there. They brought — or sent — hundreds of manuscripts, all of which, they i'.u'd, could hot be produced unless ho were in them. To each of these supplicants. Muni gave respectful nt- 'tcntion, reading plays by the score and gently rejecting them. He had determined to wait it, out until the right play came along. Last summer, the hulking figure of Maxwell Anderson turned up shyly in Hollywood for a story conference. He had taken with him "Key Largo" and through circumstances he did not inspire. Paul Muni was reading this play the next day and asking permission to play in it. An Actor From Childlinod If New York is Muni's first artistic home. Broadway wasn't As Muni Weisenfreund, he was reared in the tempestuous tradition of the Yiddish thc;,terx from his eleventh year Butter Late Than Never NEWTON, Knns. — </P)- A Newton restaurant owner decided to do something to cut down the daily consiunp- lion of butter. So he dclnys providing the customers with knives until nfter the soup is served. It keeps them from putting butler on the crackers and he reports that it "saves a tidy sum." Goodbye, Now SUDAUA. Mo.-(/7'i-A duel: hunter, returning from a hunt, opened his game bag on the street to show a friend the giant duck he hnd brought down. Out flew the duck. A gold urn in a monastery chnpcl Overlooking the Black Sen is the jesting plnceot the heart of Queen nrie of Rumania. HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 PINTS A DAY the billboards hnd to say WHS: Paul Muni in "Key Largo." And thiits enough for most playgoers in this toNvn. i Dooton 1*7 your kidneys contain IB mlUi ot | tiny tubtt or filter* which help to purify th« ; blood «nd k««p you healthy. Rldneira remove i UC«M noldt *nd potaonoiu wut« from your blood. They help moit people pua about a plnU £ our* Whea disorder of kidney (unction nermita poUonoui matter to remain in your blood, it may ecus' nagflnf buoknclio, rrKumatlo pam>, lu paint, loss of pep and energy, getting up niiot*,iw«llln((, pulEncwi under the eyes, lie»<f- aotiM and dUiune.ig. Frcinlfnt or scanty pna- laic* wilh BrnartinR and burning, •ometlmoi •hom there it nometbing wrong with your kidneys or bladder. I Don't wait! Auk your drngpiAt for Dnnna IMIUi, ufted BuccwBtully by millions for over 40 veara. They give nappy relict nnd will help the 18 miles of kidney tubes flush out nnfiionous watte from your blood. Get Uoan's rllu. Always Call For Blue Ribbon Bread When he was sixteen, he already Several years ago, I lunched will was somewhat of n great figure in ' ' the ghottodramas on lower Second Avenue, like his parents, who had migrated from the showshops of Austria when he was an infant. He remained in Yiddish drama for Muni in a New York restaurant and later we sauntered toward Broadway. He. went unrecognized—which is how he would have preferred to have ..- ,*.,.,...,.x.v. I.. Aivitii^u uifiiiiu iui j .."»> '»». wuuui uuve prcicircu lc> niive eighteen years before he was lured ''• I doubt that he could safely do uptown for his first Englishspeaking j 't now without the pack behind him. i Ilii 1'f in n r\\ftmr\\''\\~\\i\ .-»!.»,r „.,! l,.,i iin?_ ! ITrn* Kit- ..«11..1 n :.i:.. _.,• part in a memorable play called * Vlll "We i For his cclluloidic prestige is tre- --•- — j mcndous. as the box office at the He did a few other shows on Broad- 1 Barrymore Theater has learned • ! t7 y pl «' lh Rconsklcrabl , c . su « ess u "- : Bcfc "'^ "Key Largo' 'opened and no ! til Elmer Rice gave him his peak- one knew if it was good or bad, seals | ^ ' !•*-««- win.- njicw u a wys coon or utKl SP;»(V; opportunity in •'Counsco.-at-U.w." were sold out weeks in advance* AH l At Your .Grocer and City Bakery JUST ARRIVED _*^. GIFTS SPECIALS Ib. Sack $ 1.19 2 ^ 15c ONIONS 5 Ibs. lOc Sk. 75c SALT 11/2 Ibs. 2 Boxes 5c K. C. B. POWDER 25 oz. i?c Cocoanut-Shredded lib. 19c SANDWICH SPREAD qt. 23c SPAG. & MAC. 2 for 5c SALT 25 Ib. Sack 25c C. W. SOAP 7 bars 23c FRUITS NUTS APPLES 64 Fey. Del. Doz. 50c APPLES 100 Fey. Del. Doz. 29c APPLES 163 Fey. Del. Doz. 15c ORANGES 80 Tex. Doz. 50c ORANGES 176 Col. Doz. 29c WALNUTS Ib. 17c BRAZIL Ib. 16c COCOANUTS 5c and lOc Chocolate CANDY 1 Ib. lOc ORANGES 288 Tex. Doz. 12c SHORTS CHOPS Cotton Sack Poultry S 1.45 16 % RICE BRAN ,, DAIRY FEES, $1.45 How To Relieve Bronchitis Bronchitis, acute or chronic, Is an Inflammatory condition of the mucous membranes lining the bronchial tubes. Creomulsion goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw tender, inflamed bronchial mucous I membranes. Tell your druggist to sell ! you a bottle of Creomulsion with the | understanding that you are to like | the way it quickly allays the cough I or you are to have your money back CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis NEW BEAUTY FOR EVENINGS AT HOME! HOUSE COATS $ They're Beauties, Everyone! of Shimmering Cclancsc Rayon Satjn in rich colors, with Slide Fasteners 2 PENNEY'S OWN CYNTHIA SLIPS Smooth Rayon Satin or Crepe that wears heuu- tifiilly and laundries InokinR like new! 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