Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1939
Page 5
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^Thursday, December H, 1939 QUICK RELIEF FROM cT r « fr -« STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID , "• "•*»' •• •* l.JlJ{\lt|J :a't £ 'SS£!^"'ii HOPE 2TAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PiVt Bruce Catton Says: Heavy Budget Slashes Face New Deal Agencies for 1940 WASHINGTON nniANT'S DRUG STORE j Ket-cutting yet seen under tho New j Deal is now being worked out ho| I ween the White House and the bud! set director, according to reliable By BRUCE CATTON NBA .Washington Correspondent Tho heaviest bud- | source-; within the administration. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Bulova - Elgin - West-field Wofches Diamonds - Jewelry - Silverware Glassware - Clocks Shaeffer Pens Stewart's Jewelry Store RELIABLE JEWELERS First National Bank Building President. Roosevelt wasn'l fooling when he said he was going to slash Expenditure's next year. The blue- penciling now going on is raising howl of anguish all over town. Savings contemplated are said to run to hundreds of millions,- with some of the most Hieiwmict of New Deal "pets" feeling the ax heavily. As mi indication that the President if really determined to cut. it is reported that even the Civlian Con- wv.-ition Corps—npple of the President's eye. and one of the most widely- pnii.ied of all New Deal is going to lake a substantial slash NYA. PSA, IJotli to Suffer to the states for old nge nssislnnce aid to the blind, and allotments for d?-' pendent children—are expected to bo, reduced by 10 per cent. For these j grants this year there was appropriation, which got $198,000,000 this year. It is not only the emergency bureaus and agencies thnt arc affected. Budgets for tho regular departments are nlso being pruned heavily, a common question among under officials in the departments these days is, "How in tho world are we gone to operate next year"—indicating at least thai the word has gone out that some ruthless cutting is to he done. Blytheville Lions Rebuke Educator HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS V. S. Fur Era Is Scrutinized for Voting Against Pine Bluff BLYTHEVILLE, — The Blytheville t Lions Club unanimously adopted a j resolution Wednesday crilivizing a )i ment have been warned to expect ....*„..,.ions, and to plan the next year's work on the basis of completing all projects now" under way but not to start any new ones. One report has it that such bureaus are slated to receive less than in any year since pre-New Deal days. Ill- game - a. -, ,, ed , i cidentally, certain veteran government j U p pl . ove( i ' } omplojes~"carecr" men who have "Thai siiid i been in service since before the Now „„ ., f .. .. post-season Rouge, La. The resolution praised the Zebras and wished them success. The. resolution follows: "That the vote of Blytheville opposing participation of Pine Bluff in the nronosed postseason game is dis- . ., . r _ . . . . , i been in service since before the Now Another New Don favorite ,* the | DcH ,_, ake such repm . (s so seri ou.sly ' ° ilional Youth Administration, which has ,$1(10.000.000 (o operate on this year. Reports nre that it is going to have to get along on $70.000.000 next . year. Tlie Farm Security Administrnl- whicb sot $1!)8.000,00 this year, has been warned |o expect a reduction to about $125,000,000. WPA .spending $1..17.000,000 (his year, is nlso said to be in lino for a slash' although the extent of the projected 1 cut is not known. | Fnrcsse Cuts lit Aid Grunts Grapts-in-iiif] made under the So ' cial Security Board— sums allotcd ««nt they are now , O| . johs c , lscwhc ,. c . quietly looking aid vote was contrary to the rentiments of Blytheville football fans and of (be public generally. 'That (his club extends its sincere besl wishes to the Zebras -and Source Rllniinntcs dilutee to l-clicvts that they, in the Baton Rouge Squawk game, will' prove they are the nat- One thing that adds to the pos-I.'"",?' chnmpions we believe them to . Fimism of the various bureau andj department people is the fact that if " ~~ these' reductions are made by the While House they won't be able to squawk. When Congress proposes to slash the opprnpriation for a given department or agency, the officials involved can issue statements protesting that their ssential work will Regardless of what you have read, what you know about the frontier of America's fabulous fur trade days you will find new drama, new history in Sydney Green bie's excellent book, "Furs to Furows" (Caxton Printers: $3:50.) Here is fast action and scholarly analysis of the period which really forged the nation. A jot of the action is excerpted here—the story of trapper John Colter who discovered Yellowstone and who raced against death in an incredible escape from the Blackfeet Indians in Montana. At the sound of the hideous war whoop, naked, disarmed, barefoot, Colter set off across the six miles of open prnrie that lay between him and the only possible hope of escape—the Jefferson river . . . j So terrified was he that he was halfway over before he so much as dare see how close behind were his pursuers. The blood was gushing from his nose, and the prickly pears were ripping open his naked feet. The pounding of his heart deadened the shrieking savage noises behind. Only " • now lay before him and the Now he might chance a his arms out in ;a wild gesture of some instinctive .plea. The act was so startling that the oncoming Indian stumbled. With the spear which had broken in the fall, Colter dispatched his apparent victor. Then he dropped down into the river and reached a little island against which lay n pile of driftwood. Secure beneath this debris. Colter saw the savage wild men arrive at the river, heard their confused screenings, saw their ama/.ed searchings. They loitered there the rest of the day, but never for a moment did his head emerge. By nightfall Colter was able to let himself out, begin his incredible journey 300 miles to Lisa's Fort where almost more -dead than alive he appeared seven days later. wheelbarrow upside down, t "Why do you have it upside down? he asked. ^ "You don't think I'm crazy do f> — was the reply. "I pushed it right sid up yesterday and they kept filling i The most important food fish in the i with gravel."—American Legion Magj world is the herring. lazine. Slip In Time ; CHELENNE, Wyo. -UP)— Attempt ing K lo discover why' the statehous elevator was "acting queerly," And Pwninson. chief ntatehouse custftdiar and his assistant, Roscoe Howard, ra it from and stepped out. Th'e le vator fell. There Is a Reason The superintendent of an i&san asylum noticed an inmate pushing m ONLY EIGHT MORE DAYS OF HAYKES BROS.,, CLOSE OUT FOR REMOVAL December 26th we start moving into our new home, the old "Reed Bros." location which is now being remodeled and modernized. However, before we had any idea that we would be forced to move, we bought merchandise including gift items for before Christmas selling. Since we are having to move, we have priced this merchandise to close it out. This is your opportunity to save on your Christmas shopping. Take advantage of it. UNHEARD OF VALUES IN FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY 36 inch HEAVY QUALITY OUTIHQ 9c While it Lasts Men's Clothing From carried over suits models we hove priced the finest this years clothing to sell if-. $2.98 to $18.95 All wool topcoats in this season's latest models finest fabrics—finest workmanship at a price all can afford. $9-95 - PART WOOL DOUBLE BLANKETS FURTHER REDUCED $1.29 A FEW REMAINING JUNIOR EXCELLENT STYLES 98c o. $1.49 TABLE CHILDREN^ SHOES FURTHER REDUCED 39c PAIR KNICK KNACK GIFTS ON TABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE lOc S 3.95 GIVE HIM A HAT REMAINING STOCK REDUCED CHILDREN'S HOUSE SHOES VALUES TO 69c TO CLOSE OUT 54 INCH WOOLENS $1.95 Quality «129 & GIFT COMBINATIONS FOR MEN IN PERSONALIZED BOXES 69c S 3.95 j Apple Campaign | by Kroger Stores Nation-Wide Effort to Move 1939 Bumper ' Apple Crop CINCINNATI, O., - In an effort (o liolp producers move the 1938 bumper apple crop. Kroger stores throughout the Middlewest are cooperating with r.ther chain stores in an intensive promotion on this important farm product for 10 days ending Dec. 1C, according lo Albert H. Morrill president of Die Kroner Grocery and Baking company. • lie explained that this event is the second in a series of producer-consumer apple campaigns sponsored during the fall and winter by chains which have participiiled in more than a .score of .successful nationwide promotions on distressed farm products in the past four years. During a similar apple cam piiign last year Kroger stores in- crea.'-ed their movement of apples 37 ]."i- cent according lo Morrill. Advcrlsiemenls in more llrm 1,000 Middlewcxtern newspapers will he ii.vod to .stimulate sale of apples in Krosjcr stores Morrill said. He added that the chain food store industry as a whole will use space in more than 8,000 daily and weekly newspapers to tell the apple story to 25,000.000 readers. "Newspapers provide our best means of lellhiy a sales story quickly to 3 great number of people " Morrill de dared. 'llii.s year's apple output, estimated by growers to equal nearly a bushel tor each man, and woman and child in the United ilates presented marketing difficulties for the producers. In addition, (he war has deprived iliem of important European markets. Coming to their aid, 126 food chain companies pledged their cooperation and quickly set the stage for the nalion- wide apple push. Kiwanis Official fo Speak Here Thursday Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor-Elect Joe Nemec will be the principal speaker at a meeting of the Hope Kiwanis club Thursday night at Hotel Barlow. The meeting begins at 7 o'clock. The new Kiwanis committee chairmen for 1940 are: A. H. Wade, agriculture. G. Cliff Stewart, attendance. A. W. Slubbeman, boys and girls work. A. E. Stonequist busincs standards Byron Evans, classification. G. T. Cross, finance. j fcdwin Minikins, Jr., house. | W. C. Brunei- inter-club relations. G. T. Cross, Kiwanis education. j James Pilldnton, laws and regula- I liens. ! J. died Hall, membership. I Clin Lewis, music. I A. W. Stubbeman, program. j B. J. Foe public affairs. C'. W. Taipley. publicity. j J. C. Mall reception. folward Wayle. under-privileged i'hili.1. J. F. Peterson, vocational guide. There is a Until Mrs. Brown ^displaying new lampshade!: "Isn't it perfectly lovely? And it cost only $10." Mr. Brown (desperately): "If you wear that to church tomorrow, you go alone There's n limit to everything, including hats.—Tid-Bhs. No! Convinced The celebrated soprano was doing a solo when Bobbie said to his mother referring to the conductor of the orchestra: "Why does that man hit at Dial woman with his'stick?" "Mo's not hitting at her." replied i the mother. "Keep quiet." I "Well. ihen. what's she hollerin' lor? There, within 300 feet, was one wild man. blanket like a sail in the wind, the spear poised for a thrust, gaining gaining. Thinking that after all ho could not make it, Colter swung suridenly round in his tracks and flung RUN RIGHT THRU YOUR GIFT LIST You ,can choose just the right 'Giift from our complete stock. Of Course, they're priced right. Gifts will be wrapped without any charge. Come to the Christmas Store ... WARD & SON "The Leading Druggist" . .... Phone 62 "We've Got It" Motorcycle Delivery SUGAR SPOTLIGHT COFFEE bo n,i, 10 d. But if the President proposes tho c-11'.s. no one dares to sav u word. ' ' Hou- far it will go is a question. Next .year is an election .year, and llitre i is 11 tendency here to look on thse j reductions as campaign material It i >-: even .siiKgoMrel lh:it thi-.v c,-,n be nullified by the simple process of having bureaus and departments simply go ahead and .sptwl H le ji- w holo .year's appropriation in the first six or'eight ! mouthy, trusting to a deficiency ap- j.roprialion— which would be voted af- jU'i- tho oleclinn was over- to make up I tho difference. | Congrc-ss can checkmto tiuit very , i-tisilj. however, by stipulating 'the . i ate- per inunlh in which each appro- prialion may be spent. If it actually votes the reductions, and doubts the administration's willingness to abide ty the result, it will probably do just that. 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WHITING lOc Ib. Ocean Perch 19clb BUFFALO lOclb. SHRIMP 25clb. LT MEAT The Best 10e - K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr. ACCEPT THIS AMAZING CUAKANTEf Buy any Krog« Hem. LIKE it u wtll or belter. OR return unu»c4 (louicm in origins! container and we will it place it FREE with any Qihi-i brand we sell of the lame item, regBrdlcMci prict

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