The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER BO, 1934 £ Artist's Model Today's Markets Chicago Wheat open high low close , 103 3-4 104 1-2 103 3-4 104 1-8 1035-8 1045-8 1035-8 1041-8 Chicago Corn open Sept. 76 3-4 Dec. 17 Wgh 77 5-8 78 1-4 low close TO 3-4 77 5-8 17 78 1-8 /• Tliere «-us dirty work 'al the v ,. .'trossr cad s vlien Phyllis ,>, ( Brook». above, beautiful artist's • > ^lodel of New Yovk. was dis- .Covered by i\vo movie studios .plniost at Hie fame time. Quo company took n screen lest o[ tier, bin UK? oilier got her name cm the .scrapping the' .acreeii test. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 20. (UP)- Prlcc movements on the New York stock exchange were irregular in a [narrow range with volume small today. A. T. and T 109 5.3 Anaconda Copper n 1-4 Beth. Steel ;.' 27 5 . 8 Chrysler 32 1-4 Cities Service '...'. i i-g Gen. Am. Tank . 32 Gen.. Blecti-lc '. .'.' 17 7-8 Gen. Motors 28 1-4 Inl. Harvester 27 1-8 Montgomery-"frord ......' 245-8 N. Y. Central 20 3-4 Packard '....' 3 1-2 Pliillijis Pet '.'.'.'." 15 j_ 8 Hadl ° 53-8 Simmons Beds 9 Standard of N. J.".'.'.'.'" 43 1-8 U. S. Steel 31 5-8 on the Idle and working employes, In the cotton textile mills only, which do not cover rayon, hosiery nnd oilier plants, showing the total, unemployed 105,208 against those -working' 193,732, Paduoh Ky., advises strikers were unable to roach nn agreement with lite mill operators there mxi more than i - 000'workers continue the strike. The weather bureau said last nlgtt the center of the tropical disturbance was central approximately 225 miles northwest of. Turks Island moving northwestward. Plan Sqii.-ire Collar Bullim OYSTER HARBOR, MUM. (UP) jSeeks Michigan ; Governor Chair _BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS —Chain Etorc executives, in con-, venllon here, decided to market a I squnre collar-button — 0 ,,e that can't roll under a man's dresser. PAGE.jTHREE- ST. LOUIS (UP)-No one can claim the family of Mr. nnrt Mrs. Thomas Stelimichowlrz Is superstitious, There are 13 letters In (lie family name and 13 children in the family circle. CARDUI • -• -«'i'-••"., yuur uouriEii-1 • uwnt end uervou* fatigue.! New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 20. <UP)~ Cotton closed steady. 0|>cn liigli | ow close Oet 1253 1271 1257 1202 Dec 12TO 1281 1208 1275 •Jan 1274 1280 1272 1281 1281 1292 1278 1287 .. -. 1280 1298 1284 1291 July .... 1291 1303 1288 1297 Spots closed steady at 1285, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 20. (UP) -Cotton futures made small advances of two to three points during most of today's session as the result of profit taking operations on tile short side, but there was ti period of weakness which carried active positions to new low levels for the season. open high low close 1200 1272 1256 12C6 1274 1284 1270 1217 1273 1279 1275 12811) 1282 1292 1279 1285 1287 1290 1285 1292 1292 1302 1289 1226 Oct. |Dec. Jan. Mar. May July state to tli« liiij «(fico is noujjlit'ln Mi Secretary of Slate Frank n. i Fitzgerald, shown here hi a new • picture. Kilzeerald won. the RcniiBliraii nomination in the recent iirimnry, roiling IM>" a liravy majority over former , Gov. Alex MALARIA Speedy Relief O f Chills and Fever Don't let Malaria tear you apart with its racking chills and burning fever. Trust to no home-made or mere makeshift remedies. Take the medicine prepared especially for Malaria — Glove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. > Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic gives real relief from Malaria because it's n scientific combination Of tasteless quinine ami tonic iron. The quinine kills the Malarial Infection in the blood. The iron builds up the system and helps u:citify against- further attack. At tolie first sign of any attack cf malaria lake Grove's Tasteless Clitll Toiiic. Better still take it regularly during the Malaria season to word off the disease. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is absolutely harmless ind tnstcs good. Grove's Tanteless chill Tbnic now comes In two sizes, soc and 51. The $1 size contains 2',4 limes as much as the 50c size "and gives you 25% more for your money. Get a bottle today al any store. —Adv. 16 " --«*. iuvt. J£,UJ liJU SpoU closed steady at 1291, up 13. W. E. RICHMOND & CO.'S AJTKRNOON COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 20.—T h e cotton market continued to move within, a ndrrosv range today with some' speculative buying taking place which carried quotations approximately IB points higher during the early p ar t of the session Final closing prices, however, were only 4 lo 5 points aSove yesterday The Idea seems to be gaining ground that continued gocd weather over the belt is slightly increasing cro s prospects and that another small increase in indicated yield may be in store for us in the next government report. Strike news continues to dominate the market. It was reported today the textile strike leaders were ready to mediate with the Individual mills. W. M. McTjmrine, secretary of the American cotton inanu- wcturing^assoclatlon, issued figures TOO EAT!TTO CLASSIFY ~" FOR SALE a room HOUSE, right at high school on sldli street. Hard wood floors and bath. $850. Part cash balance monthly. THO.MAS LAND CO. One MULE. Will exchange for USED CAR. Other stock also for sale. Charles Nash, Clark & Rail- . road Sis. 21-pk-25 \Mien you ai-o sick ,!» )OU regard your I'n-scriiillun Scn-li'i-? If yon have a Prescription lo be filled, Mn e It to Hot-uin's You can always de|*,,,] o; , getting pure, tnsh drugs, nnd (oo \vc give you just wlial yiiur Doctor I'rcs-rrilics Absolutely Nu SubilHutions wllh a. cheaper brnnri of drugs or iiliamiiicullrats. HOKUM'S always has a wcll-iralncil, experienced riiurninrlst o.'.",L k , I ," ) ." s lm * fo c< ""l*"""l r»ur (.rescrijillons, (liereljy giving SLHvIGr. 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Tonic ------ ;j7e 75c Mendenhall's Chill Tonic G<JC Milk of Jlar/nesia, Full Quart - ... f,9c Frens Sanitary Napkins ------- I5c §1.50 Alarm Clocks 8!)c Fountain Pens, 33 1-3 Oft" Hejrular Price 51-50 Hot Water lioltle (i!) c Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco - - lOc lOc (Jeorjje Wasliing- ton Tobacco, 3 for 25c lOc Country CcnUe- man. ,'! for - - - - 2!ic !0c R.IR Tobacco, lOc Dial Tobacco, 2 ' for ]5c H)c Union Leader Tobacco, 2 for - - - ]f,c All (ic Smoking To- biicco.s, (i for - - 25c All 5c Chewing Tobaccos, « for 2ru; Have You Visited Borum's Luncheonette The Finest in The State NO. 1 LUNCH Breaderi Veal Cutlets Baby Lima Beans Slashed F'otatocs ,. Celery .Hearts Hot Rolls Iced Tea Coffee Sweet Milk Buttermilk 35 C SANDWICH MENU And they are made like Mother made them!. 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U M^r~2 ; l-Lb. « !U .k rod aH^nit Kn«lid6 Palmolive •I Burs I lunch 1,1). SpMiiisli 1A( 3 Lte. II) Preserving DEAL I C. C. Pniicsihft .Flour and I Puritan Syrup Both For 21c Grape Juice Rocky River Pint.... Ik •Quart.. 29c Tpato Juice ^ 25c I ** Avondale % "If §| Or Ifu-edaie I /A V '•«<;.. 2'A. Cnn J| ||| Chum Salmon IQc Snowdrift m ™ a MUSTARD '>""" -" C 10 Sniitll 'l!,, rs Oclagon . nn(j ! tars LL Oclajjon 6-Lk Pail...,. 69c CVRI1P 0^1 UUi , 10 Ibs.ISc; f, \\ K NIP. 2 Can qrC 3 for u3 CAIfP'l'"" Hoy. Vegetable 1(\C cUUr Can .11) Mnijm^j: r|<T/{,P OIL Tbrifi LubeQrC IMI1 " S-Qi. (; {m yj). CHERRIES iY Andrews f^C 2 Cans PURE LARD 4-lb. ctn. 50c 8-lb. ctn, 99c K. C. Powder :-oz, en 1 SARDINES •'Tc'L Lonjr -1AC Loaf IU CD Light HouselAC 3 C;ins H| Post or -,r C g. 2 for 15 Faiicy Full Dressed Potmd •"^"••"••aMBni Steaks •••^••^^^^^•^•^•^^^^ ^^^^^^^^••^•••^••Bi Bacon And (''ranks Pound Plculy of Meal Pound Hulk Pound K. C. Round Pound l or Sf Pniiml Kwick Krisp I'nu ml Pure Pork Fresh I'nimd *•' C. Reef. Thick !{ib, -jrc Poimd - 13 K. C. Itcef. liriskel " -.AP Pound |j| Ground While You Wail Pc:;:i I Salt Meat MeatLoaf Beef Liver ib. New Kraut Hellies, Lli. - . I7i/ j( . Plates, l,h. . . . 15c Hulls, LI). - . . .- 13 c G rou mi Fresh Pound SLICKI) CAT, Pound 2 5c TKNDKULOIN TUOIIT, 1,1. - 27* BUFFALO, Poiuiil i 2 i/, c

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