Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1939
Page 4
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AP Poll Gives the Yanks No. 1 Team World Champions Win Honor for Fourth Straight Year ri6pr STAR.,' HOPE, ARKANSAS YORK —tJPh- The Nt-w York Yankees who took four straight World Series games from the Cincinnati R«l» comprised the No. 1 team of all spiKts for 1939 in the opinion of great majority of experts balloting in the ninth annual Associated Press- poU. .In winning the honor for the fourth Straight year the Yankees rolled up the huge total of Zll 1-2 points based on thjee points for first place, two- for second and one for third. It was the most onesided margin in the history of the poll. The overwhelming choice of the Yan kees left second place the real bone of contention among the experts, with four football teams in a tight race for the honor. Iowa, with 37 1-2 points inrfuding 7 1-2 first place votes in chiding 7 1-2 first place votes, finally won the runnerup position, with Southern, California third with 34. Ten- iiej*ee fourth with 33, and Cornell fifth with 26. As a sport, football led the list in nominations, with nine college bi- pro- le?sion&l teams named. Basket bait: •with (he University of Oregon topping the list, dre wsix votes base- Rogers Hornsby Gets Last Chance As BasebaUMinager in Montreal Once-Famed Second Baseman Has Only to Forget Race Horses to Be a Big Success As Manager By HARRY GBAYSON NEA Service S»mrte Editor It is. good to hear that Rogers Homsby Forgotten Man. of the winter baseball meetings, is to be given one more opportunity as a manager The hosses finally have run Hornsby out of the country, for Montreal is where he is scheduled to guide a club in i*W. Hornsby stood leanini; against the cigar counter in the lobby throughout the five days the diamonddukeswerein ETAOrNSHRDLUCMFWTP lands Flaza Hotel. Few of the current big shots gave*) the Rnjah much of a tumble, stood there Admiring him. He was Grover Cleveland Alexander. "There," said Old Pete, "was the finest righthand hitter of them all. "I'll never forget the first time I saw him. I said to myself. Here's "Alabama" Famous Civil War Raide Gave North as Mu Trouble as Nazis Give British ROLL-VOUF OWNERS! TAKE A TIP... tm recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned 86 Degrees of his job as manager of the Cardinals early in 1925. but that didn't stop the man who built . . . ano^ who runs the farflung St. Louis National League ' - bnll four and crew three; The-Voliiif team and sport : Firsts Points New York Yankees, baseball 61c '2U!<. •University of Iowa, football ...7'£. 37VV than the average of the 30 oth«r of the largest-selling , brands tested . .. coolest of *llt You, too, will find that E A. smokes'rich, full-bodied, yet SO EASY ON THE TONGUE. Spins up faster, neater— draws better. Prince Albert Is "crimp cut"! Try Southern California, football Tennessee, football Cornell, football Texas A. and M. football .................... . University of Oregon. basketball ............ -. ... Cincinnati Reds ba.seball ..' Boston Bruins, hockey touthern California track . Green Bay Packers, ; wotbill ............... .'. .. Yorfc Giants 24 33 2G 18 12 9 8 Long Island U., ha: Hit bull--., • 5 Denver Nusgets basketball ': 5 Harvard, crew ' 5 Ohio Stale U. basket ball i ' 4 California U. crew 4 Three points each Penn State fool ball (one first); St. Louis Cardinals, base ball; Brooklyn Dodgers,baseb'al! United States Internationalist polo. Two points—Oklahoma A. and M. wrestling . One point—Tulane, football; Washington U. crew; Marquette U. basket ball; Frankfort (Incl.t High School basket ball. system from going to bat for hinu It was Rickey who welcomed Horns- fay back to the Red Birds when he was let go as manager of the Chica go CUbs in August. 1932. It was Ricky who negotiated Horns a recruit. Guess HI let"him hit one' k^ 00 "* 1 ?" as manager of the Brown He did and I spent 15 years trylnfc• * f . late Philti P d* Catesby Ball, to get him out." ' " „**"* l l was Rickey who convinced It was Alex whom Hornsby waved from the bullpen to strike out Tony Lazzeri with the liases full and give the Cardinals the long end of the money in their 1926 world series Vrith the Yankees. Rickey Remains in Hormhy's Corner Hornsby ran Branch Rickey out -~ " —— «•—•» — j «»»t*ji I. UK w HILCii Hector Racin. presdient of the Montreal club, that the seventime National League batting champion was the finest, manager available. Hornaby is that .'. . and then some. There never was anything wrong with his managing while he held the lehis of the Cardinals, fhe Giants during the illness of John McGraw the oltl Breves, the Cubs, the Browns and during his brief whirls, in Chattano oga and Baltimore, when his major league days, were behind him. . Rajah Knows Players; Good Hand with Kids Branch Sifclfey'did hoi give Hector •Racine' a bum stce'v. Rickey is 1 just • one- of a. multitude of baseball 'men. who, respect Horns•by's genius game •. .'.. . ship . ihis .knowledge- of the his ' qualities' of lender- NOTED COMPOSER THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE "-*^^. j i^rrc! ob "" c - NOTICE this day the interest Downed by Hinton Davis in Hope Creamery & Dairy Co. HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured famous operatic composer. 12 Similar. 13 More painful. 14 Region. 16 Conception. 17 Godly person. 18 To snarl. 19 Ever. 20 Fire tools. 22 To sin. 23 Unit of work. 24 Thing. 26 Fashioning. 30 Profound secret. 33 Red cosmetic. ,34 Fish. 36 Komnn cloaks. 37 Wayside hotels. 78 Water fowl. 40 Body of water 41 His native land. Answer to Previous Puzzle •EMI ilBgIgg HDCHB 43 Tyrant. 47 To prosper. 48 Promise. 49 Constellation. 51 Fairy. 52 To dwell. 54 He was the of music drama (pi.). VERTICAL 1 Impolite. 2 Cake decorator, 3 Tea. 4 To appoint. 5 To bellow. CRids of water. 1 Small tumors, 8 Blood vessel. 9 To seold constantly. • 10 Sea eagle. 11 Back. 12 is the hero of two of bis operas. 15 Dressed. 20 To liberate. 21 Examination, 23 Breakfast food. 25 To halt. 27 Electrified particle. 28 Convent dweller. 29 Row of a ' series. 30 Plateau. 31 Self. 32 Hastened. 35 Misconduct. 38 To obtain. 39 Conclusion. 41 Deity. 42 Ye. 44 Decorative urn. 45 Fern seed* 46 Conceited precision. 49 Striped faorn: 30 Stir. 51 Italian river. 52 Form •( "a." 53 Noun termination, LOAN COTTON See me before you SELL TOM KINSER FREE!! 1 skirt Laundered FREE with Suit CJe;iiied and Pressed li\ our MODERN Cleaning Plant COOK'S WHITE STAR I-aundry-Cleaners Phone U& || A HI REMINGTON'S Nil Ml NEWEST •IV fly PORTABLE The Remette ONLY*0075 WITH CARRYING **— CASE H«e in a complete r<*uU« fi pcwriiu tat tk. bit Urn. m biuwr ti M, maulMrto* nri«. irui, e«?» MKHU41 feature to a.. • r»l ijpiuf job. It wiU •;,. .«J uttay ytiift <jl taitbfat tccricc. . The cliildrtii eta UK it tut their homework—Ftther cm u«e it for hu pcrsoiul «nd "tfur houn" Lu.iueu— Mutlxx i tocul coirtipouileiice »'«p now Lo iptedilr tui «<•«!!/ taken c«t« oi; witlj Reuutu. O. W. MILLS 218 So. Wahiyt ;in- not ily By PRESTON C;ROVKR WASHINGTON - Why ,!•• British submarine ">;et i'V.>n the Germans by sneaking int helmshaveu to shoot ;> tli*.; ii belly of one of th.? fast C,mi; tleships anchored there'.' Answer; The Britisl built that way. And why don't they go mil ,,>ul hunt down the Deutschland. i<n inaUfi- what the cost Answer They i,i-.<i.niti|..,!|v are doing that now. inn h sea raider under command i.-f commander is one of the im-.-.i of all naval job.s. We ought to know. For i ithe Union navy chased the t 'ate raider, Alabama, from of the Atlantic to the oth..- : being able to put her down nff Chvr- bourg, France, in June. I HIM. In that time, the Alabama sank <»• took as prizes (i7 sailing .-.hips and ,m^ steamer and scared AmericKn cum- merce'.so bndly that :M8 .shi|«. aggregating 250,00 tons, dew-rtfd tlis- American flag and signed up with British in the course of ;i sintjlc year. Ocean• insurance mountm! tn ;;sinm:)- 'inic heights and Union sva i.'imimi'iTf was virtually paralyzed. Spanish Alii'.' Just-as the Ahihama was hi-lpcd liy 'supplies'frorti British a'nd'KnMirli' DI,I : I so the Deutschland may U.- irotlim,' a friendly lift of fuel and I' a elYise- friend if not of Germany, And Spain is as *likely to smile now at under-cover aid.lent 11 GfMimmy as she was during the \\iak) Wiir. when her neutrality was <!;• :ply in question. You onii biinlc on it, Britain is suf- |iriiii(i ••oriously from the Dcutsch- ' land. There will be fewer convoys . !r,.m Canada to England while the !'• ulM."lilimd is hanging around. They •.vi IP have tn bo fast convoys, so large i'"i!ibi>is of slower ships niust be li-fi iillc «ir iillr<',vi*d to travel without o f ! .>l.orenvrr, reni tatt'iy can ue «.-<.iui..ti ; i ^ly liy haviiiR :i,heavily-annorL>d ship i ••.!••.!<«. <i heavy expen.se and a serious ii! t'li-tiim of the British North sen I'!.-i-t. ("'iily three of Britain's heavily- •i!iniK-i.-il ships and two of France's I :!'•!• fust enough to nvtTtake the Deut- i'dilarul. But if a covey of destroyers . <•;•- lU'.ht cruisers come upon her the i A!iiv:| st-:i lords would consider it 1 i-li!'i,p price to lose two or three tif : ii'.i'Mi in order to lot uiie got in close : i i-.r-.it'h to put the Deutschland down. '1 Iv.-ir best hope is to patrol the :!.::ii!ar .sen 1/ines and Ihe approaches ; '•• Spanish or Russian ports where ; UK nuut.schlnnd may seek fuel. It . ••• inevitable that one day she will 1 ' <• npi'itled hy a ship or combination •f ; hip>; lhat can handle her. Meanlimi.- both the,Deutschland and i 'hi:.o ••dainfoir .submarine raids on !-vili«h naval bases must try the :.M.ilii-| British soul. History records, ;:hai. us a race, the British are not i lamous for individual exploits. Once | in --ovorat goncration.s there will be n I".iptiiin Drake to raid the Spanish Main, a Lord Bryon who rushes off i in ; lically to die 'with the Greeks ': liijlilinfl the Turks. Once in a blue I ;noou there will be a General Mil| ioi to fight with Boliviai' to free the I |:itin republics, or H Laurence of Ara- Constant Reader HOPfclNSVILLE, Ky. -I/I 1 )— W. T. Cooper enme in with his check for a year's subscription nnd the staff of the Hopkinsville New Era knew the newspaper's 61st birthday as a ilaily wus beinK ohsprved formally. The paper might have overlooked the anniversary had it not hse f,,,. Ccir.per. He hns paid for his subscription on the .same dale ever since the paper \yns founded in IRS. In Fintil Omto.sl TUSCALOOSA. Alii. - Hiivw«rd i&imdyi S.ni\foi<l. Alalv.imn's place- kicking end, wiiiteil until the last game of his collegiate career before mining his first point after, touchdown. Sandy mode good on. every attempt in Junior College nnd in three years with the Crimson Tide until he failed in 'Bnma's JH-0 victory over Vanderhilt. Coffee pliinl.s must be shaded while youni«. To accomplish thjs. tnllcr plants iire grown between the rows of cof- lee plants: bananas, castor oil planf.s or Indian corn serve the purpose admirably. PUBLIC SALE I wfll offer for sole the following personal property or my house, 2 miles east of Washington, on MONDAY, DE« an arlual ally ; And when there is .such a man the Homsby is one of the finest appraisers of baseball flesh If Racine pemiits him to make deals, Hornsby will trade the Royals into a first rate AA club i Hornsby is a skillful handler of I young players. He operates one of the | larger baseball schools m Hot"£.|>riug.s [ each spring. It never has been baseball shortcomings that got Rogers Hornshy into trouble. • ' It was the hosses. And at -14, is about time that Rogers , Hornsby realized the truth of the Hd axiom. "All horse players must die broke." ( He also must know that you can't het horses and keep your mind on anything else. - . . • And Rogers Hornsby only has to forget about horses to be a tremendous 1 success in Montreal and win his way ! back to tTve big time . . . where an ' outftandinu baseball figure like him) belongs. Goiter is a disease of the thyroid i gland. Salt manufacturers add a small I quantity of iodine to their finished product and thus aid in preventing th- disease, especially in mountainous regions. British will cheer and feel comforted and serene, but rarely tempted to I!O and do likewise. With Die French, the Americans, and the Germans, it is different. They fight with elan, with out? eye on the enemy ami one eye on a during individual exploit. / Nevertheless the British caught Napoleon, caught the World War raider Emden, and now are cruising under the- darkening Arctic circle for a chance to slug it out with the Deutschlnnd, 1-Pair good Mules, 1900 pounds 3-Heod of Cows, giving rni!k 2-Springing Heifers l—2 3 /4 John Deere Wagon 1— Cultivator 1— Middlebuster £ 2-Breakinej Plows 9 2—Sets of Harness ' 1-Single Stock 1—Set Cultivator Scratches 40-Chickens ^ 30-Bushels good Cotton Seed 100-Bushels Corn (more or Jess) Some Hay and Fodder MANY.OTHER ARTICLES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION* Including some Household Furniture SALE STARTS AT J.S. COX, Owner SILAS SANFORD, Auctioneer l$^U_^^MflHtf ESSO ^^^^ ___M m. TOP VAlUEji its price da Hew ESSO It's PREMIUM in Performance ... it's .REGULAR in Price! This is your lucky da\! Let your I-sso Dealer show you why. Ac regular price.—ncv.- KSSO-a gasoline that actually nu-ef> .spccifiuiiuiii'; for premium antiknock perfonii;iri(e. A gasoline -,o .HOIK| ihar-lhr die first time—we give to it our "liouse-imiue" - l-.SSO — reserved until now for i-asoline M-lliug at premium price! New ESSO firing, , |U id< starting, fust pickup, smoother operation and a new high in knockJess power. Yours hnl.iy ;u ihe I'sso Sign. Try it! UNEXCELLED AT KCGULAR PRICE NEVER BEFORE GIVEN IN THE OIL INDUSTRY SCIENTISTS HONORED FOR SUPER-FUELS Esso Laboratories organization has just been given the 1939 National Award for Chemical Engineering Achievement. Ih.s is the first time it has ever been given in the oil industry Ihe award was made for Esso's many advances in developing super-fuels for aircraft and other high-powered engines. We appreciate this formal recognition of Esso Leadership. STANDARD Oil COMPANY OF LOUISIANA " Sponsored by Ch.mical & Metallurgical-Engineering ——— ... New ESSO EXTRA NewAII-Time High in EXTRA Quality.. x for those who want the BEST! \ Ready now—the highest extra quality and extrs performance we have ever offered to the motoring public! This nevy gasoline-ilic finest ever sold at (he i-sso Sign—is designed to assure extra quick starts, exlfj fast getaway, extra knockless operation. Adapted from Fighting Grade Aviation Fuel, new liSSO Extra delivers the spectacular power found only in such a gasoline. Buy it today at the F.sso Sign! UNEXCELLED AT PREMIUM PRICI -YOU GET BETTER PRODUCTS AT THE (Sso) SIGN! ARPLEY'S ESSO STATION 300 East 3rd St., Highway 67 Greasing — Complete Esso Service Phone 777 COLEMAN S ESSO STAI! HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 187 EL JOHNSON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OFFICE PHONE 306

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