Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1939
Page 3
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HOPE STA|*; HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE SOCIETY Mrs. Sid Henry Telephone 321 Slaughter ' Trucljloacis of fallen giants go Careening thru the startled snow. Thus ;thc, ethereal design Of .graceful fir nnd glistening nine Ch»n<o9 once more against the blue Baekdf6p3 of heaven. Where beauty , R»v/"stumps beseech (he tender grass •/^ I I™ "T" f* SIFTS for Her I Private Life by BARBIZON SAYBURY To bind their wounds. Winters must puss, And mmiy Brings return before The shivering orphan saplings sum- Up to (he bright, compassionate skies. So may this Chirstmns sacrifice ' Evangelist at the Tabernacle Friday Rev. Nicholas Pariola Is to Preach Through Sunday Ev.-injjcJi.st Nicholas Pirolo of Milwaukee, Win., who lately visited Itnl.V Trio of Britain's (Continued from Page One) 30 of her crew killed nnd GO injured. The German minister to Uruguay, Otto Lnhcniann, arrived here about midnight to intern the Admiral Schccr for the duration of the war. The British victory was not without its casualties, however, for the „.. -i7 British Admiralty in London admitted will spciik iii the Hope Gospel TJib- tllal " nc of '** tnl ' cc cruisers, the , criuicle in 11 .scries of meetings be i fasl 8,300-ton cruiser Exeter, had been before these trees lie Binning Kridii.v ;>t 7:30 p. in. mid lo con- l )Ut oul of notion after four huors H TonsilsTTfiat Aren't Tfieri Spread joy mid permeate the With Pence, bare, 'ialters of tinsel for their .shrouds Whose heads last month won: crowned with clouds. -Selected. _^ ,^_ ... _. j j| om . m As to holy the inroads which Christ-; 'he Ji-w mas lavLshncss is making on this^'J'' '" "l beautiful true arc really alarming. so! w '" show Ihut conscientious und thoughtful us- \ crs arc not to slaughter more than they need of (his lovely decoration, It is an old legend that our bcauli- liil mistletoe is seared because it never touched the earth. Forever perch cd high upon other trees, it was cut with ;v golden sickle and dropped on lo n clean white sheet, held Under the boughs. The best known legend is lh.it: "Those who kiss beneath il,c mistletoe will soon wed . . " A-most interesting meting of the Oglcsby P. T. A. was held Tuesday afternoon at I he Oglcsby school. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. "Eugene White, who led in the Lord's Prayers. Tho president's message was read by Mrs. Oil Stuart, bcnuliful Christmas carols were sung by the school children opening a splo- ndid Christmas program. Mrs. C. D. Lester brought an appropriate- and helpful devotional and Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore contributed a lovely vocal .selection. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Slcwurl. and tinue through Sunday. He promise's to give " fnmk nnd candi<l discourse on the character, con- ifliurl. Hinl ticnrrnl activities of Ocnito in his relationships with tlic of the fight. The other two Britsh warships, the 7,030-lon cruiser Achilles and the 6,985-t(m Ajax. trailed the Admiral Scliccr to her refuge and took up posi- church system. Miller and ^°" s Jusl^outaiclc _lhc harbor.^ Their and of condi I ions which prc- Ihe present time. He Ihe world's political and is .situation from the prophetic viewpoint. Whiln in Iliily Mr. Pirolo addressed guns, hardly cooled from the furious battle, still were trainer] on tlic Na/,i battleship which earlier in the day had nluickcd one' of them off the coast. ; ' The biilllc was fought within the - Q U I L T E D ROBES $3.98 and $7.95 Expensively qtii.lted warm, enchanting! Full skirted, tiny waisted with bell sleeves. Dainty cotton prints. 12-20. THURSDAY IMelv.vii Douglas Louise 1'lalt "TELL NO TALES" and Henry Knnda Marjuru- Weaver "YOUNG MR. LINCOLN" large audiences in Uomc in a series' Americas' neutrality bell, and much of it within sight of the Uruguayan shore where the reverberating roar of the great guns was heard nnd the flash cs of gunfire observed. Uruguyan port authorities, ncarvous because their shprc had been exposed all dny lo Ihe homing six and eight- inch guns of the British men-of-war and the 11-inch guns of the German kept curious crowds at a distance as the battleship dropped anchod, apparently seriously damaged. The battered warshpi, which had haunted South Atlantic shipping lan- c.s since September when she .sank the British merchantman Clement, liad chanced upon the British cruiser Ajax just after dawn. The latter was convoying Die French merchantman Formosa from Bra/.il to Uruguay. The Admiral Schccr rushed lo the attack, but was momentarily repulsed by the six-inch guns of the speedy Ajax, and then found herself cn- gti.gorl in «Ji imckual combat with three British men-of-war instead of one. Tlic Kxclcr and the Achilles came foaming. The Aehilcs' six-inch artillery and tho Exeter's eight-inch guns .spoke in volley after volley. The Admiral Schcer apparently found Ihe Exeter's guns particularly damaging, for she turned her attention away from the rest of the pack and devoted her batteries exclusively to the Excler. As a result the Exeter was caused some stress, and compelled to quit away to safety. Although the largest of the three British ships was forced out by damage to her sides, the other two continued to concentrate their fire on the Admiral Scheer, and she took to her heels. of meetings conducted there, and al- KO visited Mussolini's great "Muslra" (Fascist exposition) at Home. Having had private conversations with, men of rank in Italy and studied the ambitions of Fascism, lie is prepared ti> prctunt fuels concerning the Fascist regime that will be of intense interest to students of prophecy and all thinking people, will also .show how The Eva'ngelist the Church of Lacy Satin GOWNS $1.95 to $3.95 Creamy - smooth satin gowns with full flowing, skirts — exquisite lace trims. White, pink, aqua. 34-40. Friday- Saturday double feature "DEATH RIDES THE RANGE" Tim McCoy "FIGHTING RENEGADE" I\i>m-,' fiK»ru.s in Mussolini's activities "ami dcrlarc'S that he will unveil sc- rrt'l cau.sc.s nf llu; H'n.sc .situation which exists in liiirope at the present lime. Tor years Mr. Pirolo has taught and lectured in many stales of the union with great crowds in attendance everywhere. | Calling particular attention to the development of aiili-cliristianity a> seen today in Italj* and the world at lai'HO. some- of the topics which will be included in his talks are: | "Hitler, the Jews and Mussolini"; "Fascism vs. Romanism"; "Mystery Babylon and the Completing of Universal church"; "The Church anc Stale, World Relationships," anc "Armageddon and the Triumph o Christ over Anti-Christ." A ditplay of literature bearing on the subject, procured while 'in Italy, will be posted in the church for public inspection. Tho Rev. J. E. Hamill, pastor, of the Tabernacle, extends a cordial invitation to all lo attend these meetings. There's Comfort \Vhat Is believed to be the greatest mass attack on the tonsil problem in. history was completed successfully in Chicago when the seven children'of "Mr. and Mrs. P. Jay Davis, above, had theiir> tonsils removed the same day in the same hospital. The wide open spaces arc, left to right, seated: Paul, Germaine', Richard, and Robert. Standing: Myrtle Ann, Mary Virginia and Jay, Jr. THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. MCA. O, «, »AT. By DR. MORRIS FISUBEIN iournnl of the American Medical A.<tMcUtloa. m*4 «f Hygcla, the Health Magazine Science Minimizes Childbirth Pains Without Causing Injuries to Babies (Continued from Page One) f largest awtfnust Thursday & Friday Tailored 3-pc. PAJAMA ; ENSEMBLES $5.98 »• For the tailored type! Mannish p.j's with matching coat--in pure dye crepe, satin, contrasting piping. Deep pastels, prints. 12-20. * LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP HE HEARD THE SONG IN THEIR HEARTS! lilllc son, Barry of Vicksbtirgh, Miss will arrive Friday lo spend the Christmas holidays with Mr. and Mrs. R. ,T. White and Mrs. E. P. Stewart. Miss Frances Snyder is the guest of relatives and friends in El Dorado. The Christmas treos un the City Auditorium grounds are being decorated ready for lighting Thursday evening. It has been the custom to decorate and light these trees for the past few years as an out door symbol dedicated to Christendom's Nativity. It has formerly been directed by Miss Louise Knobcl this year the work is in charge of Miss Hattie Anne Field and Mrs. Lamnr Cox with tho assistance of the Home EC. girls of the high school. — - --•_«•»•'- • — Time Flics A fly was walking with her daughlei on the head of a man who was very bald. "How things change, my dear," she Reminisced. "When I was your atjc this was only a footpath." tools und read blueprints. Hc wants to learn a trade so he won't be a laborer all his life." Food The diet, she said, is simp- iC. "The children gel a good breakfast—orange juice, toast, and egg and cereal Harry gets coffee. I usually ;o lighter. At lunch Jack and Elaine have soup, milk and cookies or sandwiches, Harry takes sandwiches and fruit, and I have something from the icebox when I Ihink of it. In the evening we all have meat potatoes, vegetables, clc,si;crt and coffee'. The Frowcns have been married cighl years. They don't care about Dr. Townscnd's pension plans and they-don't-care -about the-war cx- ycepl in one way: it means more work, fewer lawoffs for the factory. They love each other and are happy. There's a lot of fun to be had on ?1160 a year. For many years doctors have been trying different techniques in an endeavor to relieve the mother of pain during childbirth. One of the chief difficulties has been the fact that drugs used to relieve pain may delay childbirth or affect the breathing of the newborn baby. With more experience, however, techniques have been developed which make it possible lo control the nature and amounts of the drugs used so as to minimize their effects. Recently physicians have reported 800 consecutive cases of- babies born to mothers who were being relieved of pain by the use of various drugs. They found that the technic, when properly used, did not increase the number of. deaths of babies, nor did they injure the child's health. The chief problem under such circumstances is the difficulty which the newborn baby has in breathing properly. If the child docs not obtain sufficient oxygon, there -may be serious changes in the brain tissues. The study of 5000 consecutive childbirths in one great hospital indicated that children who have difficulty in breathing at birUi arc often premature. In other instances, the damage which occurs due to a difficult childbirth may interfere with breathing. Excessive amounts of sedative drugs or anesthetics will also provide difficulties for the child. However, the lucstion which the doctor must de- ide for the patient is whether or not the benefits of relief of pain, both for the mother and the baby, arc not! more important than any barm that I might ensue. I It is the opinion of Dr. Joseph B.' DeLee that physicians should not stop relieving pain of childbirth, but that great care must be used in selecting the proper drugs and their manner of administration. If the drugs greatly prolong the time of childbirth the harm done by such prolongation may be greater than if justified by relieving pain over a brief period. Fortunately, investigations made in pharmacology laboratories throughout the nation have yielded new drugs well as new information about .ho uses of old drugs. Tliis information, properly applied, meyns more .rainless childbirth and less danger to the child. . New Under-firm * Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration SATURDAY double feature Edmund Lowe-Wendy Barrie U' and 'OUTPOST OF THE MOUNTIES" .AST TIMES THURSDAY- FOR THE PRICE OF This All with One Paid Adult Ticket will admit two 2 1 ARIENE LUPIN ^ ^^ WITH MELVXN DOUGLAS VIRGINIA BRUCE WARREN WILLI PLUS - I! M-G-M SHORTS FRIDAY & SATURDAY GENEAUTRY-in- "Mountain Rythm" "THE KOOK1E COP" With ACE THIS WONDliK DOG No. 4 "LONE RANGER Preview Sal. 11 j>. m. SUN. MON Carol Lombard, Gary Grant Kay Francis — "IN NAME ONLY" MIND YOUR MANNERS ». M..M«. U, •. PAT. Test your knowledge ot correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. When a young irian and girl who have just met leave each other, which one says, "I'm glaci to have met you"? H. How might you correctly introduce your father to a woman'.' 3. What is the meaning of "Hros d'ouvrcs."? •1. Is the person who butlers n whole hot biscuitinslead of buttering it one bite at a time, breaking a rule of etiquetl? 5. What do In ewo'rds "Au js" on a menu mean. What would you do if— A mistake is made in your order when you arc dining in a restaurant. Would you-r- (a) Tell the waiter (b) Accept what you are served, even though you do not like it Answers 1. Tlic young man. Mrs. O'HiU'a, this is my father 3. Relishes .served al Hie beginning of a meal. •1. No. 5. In meal's own juice . . Bcsl "What Would You Do" solution—(a) unless you arc .'in- olhcr's guest, At the . . . Quick! use this specialized medication fot the hose . . . where most folds start. Helps prevent colds developing. VlCKS VA-TRO-NOL 1. Does not rot dresses — docs not irriutc skin. 2> No waiting to dry. On be used right after shaving. 9. Instantly stops perspiration Tor 1 to 3 days. Removes odot from perspiration. 4. A pure white, grcascless, stainless vanishing cream. Si Arrid Has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. 15 MILLION jars of Arrid have been sold. Try a jar today! ARRID- « |«r ' '" "<"•" nrllinx toilet good. ,,),„ i,. IQc.nil 50rj.rO To the Voters of City of Hope: I want lo express my appreciation for the nice vole you gave iuc in the election jusl over, also, that I had no opposition which has been true since my first election seven yours ago, for which I am truly grateful. I have given you my entire time having had three days vacation from the time 1 first went into office, and also have given all thai I have in service. We feel we have a system of records second to none, and it will be my pleasure to have you inspect our records and ask for any information concerning the City affairs. My work is an open book, and subject to inspection ill any and all.times. Again thanking you, I am Sincerely, T. R. BILLINGSLEY \o \«» MO'' 59c THE PEN WITH A UFE-T1ME GUAHANTtt FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY 59c This Certificate Is Worth $4.41 This certificate and 59c cntilloi Ihe bearer to one of our Genuine Indestructible ?5.0» VACUUM FILLER SACKLESS FOUNTAIN PKNS. Visible Ink Supply. Vou SKK the Ink. A lifetime guarantee with each pen. Sizes for ladies, men, bo.vs and girls. Tliis i>cii will not leak, blot or break. THK NEW PLUNGER FILLER— VACUUM ZIP— ONLY ONIC PULL AND IT'S FULL So Tliis PEN holds 200% more ink than any ordinary fountain pen on the market! You nui write for Three |o m j Months on One Filling! No Repair Bills. No Lever Filler! No Pressure Bar. Every Pen tested and gu»r- u uiitccd by Uie factory to be unbreakable for life. Uct yours NOW. THIS PEN TREE if you can buy one iu the city (or less than FIVE DOLLAR!)! This Certificate good only while advertising Sale is oil. INTRODUCTORY OFFER—Tliis Pen wUl be $5.011 after Sale. Also $1.50 PcucUs to Match Above Pens, only 'J9c ADD 6c Extra for Mail Orders John P. Cox Drug Co, RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION Phone 84 SPECIALISTS !ll I'lH 1!!A! MAi'.li >VI:lll»Ci A PLLijl'lU «••••*••• LBvrrr 3 Pens to Each •%$?fe:Mr., c\<* G9 V .»v** ^ V UGV r^ -«* John P. Cox DRUG CO. Phone 84 — We Give Eagle Stomps OPEN EVERY NIGHT TIL 9:30 For you to do your Christmas Shopping

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