Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1939 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Page 8
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Flowers for Christmas Guests sentials of fh<? Staff Ctfrrr*pnmlent YORK— WTvethcV yo-.ir Chrrtt- tfW* wfll inehwfc a Ws* famtiy eifcS* fnr "-.vo." fresh f!nw- te of Chri?t- hot O(*f favorites—wreath-i in the » *.pi-i? of mi.«tfeto«« over tfW docrwsi?. >tr>rf Ihe ?rtrsr i'sclf—»re . slftt frrsts on the fist of .Christmas' (fetfWfrtkuKs But. irs addition, th Crntrmins effects Iti b? obtained. K^ftl iJ yni fton't pi«n '<> h«ng up dftlMrtk! ipoJ ir» thp living room, fr'or | Hit WriWiKfrncttt with relisf.ifiii.-i sitcnifi- •; ifSHWST, corwkter cme r>f (he low Ma- i dorvna vases, filled with deep red roses • «f KlarfinH awl white carnations or Tiftes #od sommndf,'! by fun'.- boughs j or other jtreern*. A Santa Clau.*. posed i fxskfe * mtni»tur<r sled filled with WWiffoMs, sweet pew.*, begonias and HBwr-of-tbe-Vfllk-y, i.? another mantle flrwtlf favorite. Concentrated ami Cheery tSeeoralors «rwl fV/rists seem to asfree tftsrf Jlf* better to concentrate t>n three Wtfowr smart, cheery grMips of greens (Hfcl flowers than to cover the house 'front one end to the other with btrncbes »ntl garlands and clusters of {ilk aiwl that. ffec (able in the foyer is the logical ptace for one display. Tall red candles J»l » shallow, informally arranged terttk of pine boughs is simple yet effective. The mantle shelf offers »!! kfexfe ftf pdssibililies, A table between Infirjiws or a temporary coffee '(Jtecccl between the fireside may hoM a vase of fl'rwers with (he bftw surrounded by greens. Or a boytl of holly, flanked by kill candles in, evergreen-covered holders, 111* handsomest display of all will be in the cenfcr of the dining room table. ; of course. The new lily-shaped can- ; die*, /footing in » crystal bowl, might be a smart nucleus for a iong. graceful centerpiece of greens with the ! COTies attached. Of consider five or six. chubby little Migj-ls— each holding a frttflll red candle—on a round mirror ' Witt* green* or fresh flowers around thff mirror-. Deep scarlet poinsetlias are favor- ( iles among Christina* plants. Cyclamen, Jerusalem cherries and heather plants are fine to have and fine to Sdtd as gifts, too, ! Speaking of gifts, it's ,-, Christmas 1*29 idea to send a j;;r! a gardenia - frorn which she can pick her corsages throughout the noliuay \ n. Or 3 little flower hat to wear '. with her dinner clothes, a corsage with j •JIVer bells among the blossoms or per- , haps a necklace and matching bracelet of fresh buds, Gifts'of this type. : as well as boxes of greens and tra- > ditional mixtures of cut flower*, can ', bfi wired anywhere in the country and : Wll he delivered within a few hours. Hickey, Yates to | Captain Porkers End and Guard to Lead ; 'Rozorback Grid Team j in 1940 i THE PAYOFF (;KAY.«ON NEA S(«r*lre .Spftr CHICAGO Detroit is the organi- /alio.i «l which Judge KcnMnw Mrwn- fain taivliA n nr>;v shotting in his cleterminfitKJri to keep «>ch ciub __ rfwijd-.- atul minor- a separate unit instc.rl f ,f reerjgnUintf And entire .<yslRrn ;is such. | The baseball cr>mmixsinnrr has invc-sti««tiru( the 1 i«cr ch^in for mor* than six months. TV- probe ((oes back as for as 1528. ; Manager Jack /Coder tells you frankly that he expects the DC- I clufc ,iml several of its sub- . .: , " ™7i" ««"'-i"«w i ..#to.*mmmmK*'3ax* l mmam:.iaa%&.i An ideal GhrigmM ffltt for any woman on your shopping .list would be a plant covered with buds and blossoms which she can pick and wear. And, of course, it would be a lovely adjunct to such lovely home decorations as the evergreen-garlanded mirror. J ~ Members of the i Unlvon-ity of Arkansas football squad 1 ' elected Howiird ("Red" Hickey and ! A, J, Yak's co-cap(ains of the 1340 I foam Tuesday night. They will succeed ' Kay Efikin and flay Cole. ; Hickey. 205-pound six--foot twp- i inch end. became a sensation in his j fophomore year. He performed wall j this season a.-, >, receiver for Kykin's i passes. He won all.stale honors at i , Clarksville High School and earned a j starting po.'iil/on on the \\>'M squarl. Ho also is a first team guard on the I basket bull (e-un. • Yatse. ISH-ftnuml six-foot one inch guard, played high school fonbtall at Bciitoitville. He did not, win a fresh- ninn numeral and won his first var- jrity Inter iti 1!K!H. The two v/ere clcctetl at a ban- tJllCt elvcn Ky f'/eside/il J. V/. fill- bright, ll was.altendc'l by th i _ A Matlmiii vasn, flU-d with whit< •ilvcrcd saiiscvlcrln blades, makes a „..,..,.,„.,„ ,„,,., OH, mi ritcl. Kvergrt-Kii garlands and silvered pin i-o,i t -s provide luirkKrriuml in tliu holiday mood, gladioli, carnations, red riisus and beautiful Christmas decoration for drnmtic invn, Ituwulty fnembf.-rs firiri the Athletic Council. The letter men arc O'No-il Arliiins. Bribby Allison, H(dj»b Alv^if.rl. Miiitrici.: Hritl, Jon (.'iiin|ibc|l .Jan f.';,iIrr. Oiiryl Cato, Jrff Coals. It-lfer ' liiiy Cult-, K;iy Kukiij. Job»i Krci),'.v«. c , Walter flamb'-if. Kenm-th Jf iiy . den. Howard //it-key, Gloyil l.yon, lw.k-.-i McDorm-l, Onrlli-y May;. Aubley Nfal. Karri Parker. Milton ;->im- inl'jM. S. a 1.11 Singer, Wilfirrl Thorpe -i/id A. J. Yalf.-.s. vVhot's This, Boys, a Private Fight? ed arnl aKTAOINSMRDLUCMFWYP sidiHries—past and present—to be fin- < f.rl jnrl ;, number of players farmed out by the Tigers to bt; declared free agertis. ( 7'hert is no way „', telling how! lar. leachir.g the Liiirli.^ decision. '' which he pr-,n-iis» ; s to hand down within thv next few d;iys. will be. Many ar. athlete h;is beVn shuttled here f,nd fhert by the Detroit flub :r> thf: last 12 years. Transfers linmtcd L'ntil Sil- ualk-n Is Cleared M..-ariwhiie. Detroit and minor lea- au» clubs with wnich it has ,-iAsot-iat- cd ir.i.-.k time. h,,vms< been instructed by 'he suprcm!; dictator tt> ir?,n.-jfer no pUyers until iho situation ii cleared ^ up to hin Afitisfactir.n. Cluhr involved, ir, addition to De- tr'ji'. are Tolerlo of the American Aaociatir.n, Be>»«r,o.-it and Fort V/orth of the Tox,-,.; Lft^e. Evan.-svilfe of the ThrecKyc. Fort Srr.nh ,,', the Western Awcciation. U-,ke Chartc-s ?,nd Alexnndria of the Ev«n«-.-li ri e. Hend- icrson of the p; ; ,st Tcxa.-;. Hot Spnn?? !f-( the Cotton f.utes. Ju : wrx,i t of ,he ^orthc-jistern Arkar..-;..s. Tiffin of the Ohio .Si;.|.r and Fulton of th- Kitty. I It L. ;i violation of ri.iwbuli ).-,w , for ,,!, outfit to f,c intcrestcfl in nvirn 1 than onr; club in -,, 'leinjue. Threatened wilh ,11 .|,en-iion I'.'t .•»r,,rn'.-r. Xo!!-;r (old I;,,; f \i K 'hr. con- Uitlerod it unfair for th, : whit-chaired jC-wr to bolrl (be current Detroit rnan;i. .Cement re<,j,r.ns,ok- for sc-i.tU-mcn.^ ;,, gresnnent? entererl into with minor !leat(ue clu'os by thf late Francis J rlHvin. i Acco.-dinst to Zellcr. Navin dropp-' cd out of Evansville an,l Fort Sm.th after losins; .S.%,f« tbfre. T>,e Detroit ^club continued to oj^rate (be Br-au- c mont frfmchisr.-, however. | iVivm, an old-lirr.o «arnoi'.-r. con-' /lu,:ted his ha.^bal! ; ,ff : ,:rs in the jOidfa.vr.iontd v,,,y. tlf.- vent hundreds of ; t-layfTA to inder^enden! minor lo;,«u'- ( ov/nerr- with the understand!*... that ; jhey v/oiild he returned to Detroit ! if they turned out to be of major • league caliber and that he would receive half of the .vile price if they . were :v,ld to league;) of lov,-,.-r classification. | • This ,,)an war, abandoned, accord-' '"« >o Zeller, when Waitir O. Brings • tfie rnidti-rnillionaire automobile.- bfxly , cuikler, became sok; owner of the Detroit club upon the death of Navin ' "i Ktf« Zeller. who had been a .scout m charge of farm operations, sue- > , (.ecded Cbarle-; Navin, nephew of r r.ir.f:!., J.. as gf.-jic.-ial rnarwger of the club in 19S7 i • Pliiye-rs t.cd lr , r:,,li,. VP T| 1( . y { ' Are All Tied Up ' I I Yc-t within the last few days two decision;, against Detroit by Judge Uridis refer to th.- Tit,c-r.s' .secret ov/rierKhip of minor It-ague clubs arid • rulo v.olat.on in connection with working agrfft-ment.-. A decision ..warding Elmer Singcl- ^ ton salary permit to his being held | by ^.eaumont awaiting a Dr-(roil j.scout.s decision ;,;; to hi.s ability ' I rrom investigation ;,, tllij . . ir ,,| , )U ;btr cases," ,-carls .;,,. decision 'i't j appears lhala cluK, arc- .s,g,,i,,g p!,, y . ''.-is lo contracts and terms aeccpt- | a/ices which arc never filed for pro- jmulgation, ami are terminating the I ll "! J0 ." "''" ''>' "fiforining the player I Hat tnt agreement has been or v/ill I of destroyerl." j 'Iheye methods operate efficiently to tv.nvmce play./rs that they are ti.-d "P will' lb<- dub <-o,K.-f..rn,,rJ ,-„„) ,„„ not^ obtain cinploymf-nt elsev/hen;, volat,.- D,,. M,I,..- ; ';,„',) !;,.',, in v '/,j'' f f""''" l; ' KepuUed f|..-nuncialions of ||, c . c ' LVII iiiiicliuin, having proved unavail- »•«. ri ( ,|,c,. hereby is giveu all clubs tli.it a fine ,,f n ,, t | f .,, s tllilt , j-,,,, ^il bo miposed in ; ,|| c;iw . s wh ,dubsj,,..,,,afl,.. r r-mjagr- in these prae-' iaiue day in av/;ufling salary to I't,;,I '•s If. Tel It. ' '"" Kui..,- ojcrls „„«! -u\ ity . l«-'i..« j.-fk,;;/,..! ( ,,-ou,,,l i,, ,.h,, in -'"<<-•:•> wiidc-nol knr.v/inK If, what;, cliil, H"-y i rally M<mi>. whtr,. \\,,. y sl;() ,,, "'• wl'»l li.i.y i.ic ti, 1,... p ( ,i,|' Xcllci Claims |ii.i,iiit n.'lps i . c ii|'|i(iil Minors ' 'l'lMO Un.li;, |,i,,l.s I,,.. , ; ,,|| • . I i.i i ii ,11 H ' V^,| |] | _ '•'•'••'; wl "< •*»"!, for and deal:-; prm- lii'f .S'M'". '' ;:ll "" : '"" wl " l( ' "wning 'riinVK!''^','^,,^'';;,..^'!:'.;;;;';:; 11 ''^ " : "'-"f UK- .South Allanli,-.' "'" '"''"", "!•!< X.-ller a<.M-n.s i|, ; ,i D,.|,,,ii ),.,.. tliiouted Tji!l. r <.t)l|l) toward the Mjpporl 'I variou;- minor lea"iie club, si,,,, ,,..,,. t. nui., .siiK.f. I., lia.-,cl.all Coi..lnl;:sioner I..Mndis' m-' ' r f "«" ""•.'-' n-m.-.in wilhiu ,1,,^ . ••"«•: . aii.l al !(.,-,..I keep ||,,. ,-,.,-onl, >,//!" liaighl. l'i i l')<lu< alinii WJXV/I./.K Maj. Uol, Nc.vlaud. '' """'I' 'ilura'tii',1, 'a.'' povXlc" l'loi-e •,,|(| m .i dov.n to II,,- hu.sinr.;-, <\\>M. Ni ylan.l alli-ndi'il Jii,j- i'-'H'Hf. Tc;:a, A. & M. West ' ' '"I fihl M ./,-,-iel,,,,.,, t |.,. /(,. ,.,,;,,,.,! ' :<l l-iiiir al Arinv. "Sbelr twenty t<<mmn:ilrr> tire sonicwltcrr ubout, but Ihis Infiki-t \\iicn Ohio SiUilo liylfhuc-k Jim Strytisbaiifili (wliilc ::hiil) West/ail's jinnci.v i,f Hli;iu;;l>yut!li's fu/iiblo in l;j:,l, ini tuucliduwii ui-jucli to 21-14 victory in Aim Arbor it. \Vii-. jir;l ;i pi ivalc, wri 1 :,! ling wus l;icl;lc-i| by Michigan':; Bub I'l.iy oUirl.cd Micliit;aii oti Legal Notice i.r.ciAi. NOTK K -cl In liavc t, MIIVI-.V ,.l Hi,. I'iivi;, |.,,,,l Mi.,,1,. ,.,, Sanirilav. l>. « l!i:::> Tin . l.nnl i,. i,, ; ., H - ^^ W Beautiful Satin SLIPS 79c,. '1.98 Lovely Satin ROBES With full length Zipper* '3.95 CHINESE QUILTED ROBES '2.98 FLORAL and PRINT HOUSE COATS '1.98 LOVELY SATIN GOWN S 98c PAJAMAS In crepes, Satins and Broadcloths 98c Give HER Lovely JJw^<£crW»t §U<hl 2 »r .1 Tlircwl, 51 Gunge frcpc Hosiery. A most ^ uiilMiinrlliiff v»Jiif-n bcnullful 2 and 3 ll.rcnd 51 ^%^9 KUHKC crdn; (hat i.ny one »vlll «pp^cl n lc and ^m^^& rw-ogii^c n.s ., slocking of beauty and ,,mility. ^^ %^ W Other Hosiery 49c fo 79c Gift House Slippers e__ f k A . . • • For Every Member of the Family 49c ,. '2.95 Ladies Riding BOOTS FITTED CASES Allrnctivc cases filled wilh comb, brush nnd mirror. $.50 and g '2.95 COMB, BRUSH MIRROR SETS The Practice! Gift every woman Appreciates '1.49 Box Gift Handkerchiefs In Attractive Gift Boxes to to 69 A Grand Selection of Finer TIES * See this array of finer selected neckwear. 50c and $1.00 Initial BELT SETS With initialed buckles, black or brown leathers. $1.00 Pacer Garter Top Socks With attached garter in fancy paltcrn.s. Sizes If) to 12. 50c Leather Coots and Jackets . Fine Cape skin zipper Jackets or lounging coats. i.'1/.es ?A l (l 16. 6.95 to 12.95 MEN'S ROBES A gift for every man that always tells its oivn story of Christmas cheer and bring comfort throughout the year. $1.98 to $3.95 /4//y^ i'HIRTS . . . Make th:s a Wliilc Christmas with WHITE Manliatfciii Shirts. Also fancy patterns to select from. Sizes li to 17. $1.95 to $2.50 PAJAMAS ... He can loaf more luxuriously in these pajamas, solids, stripes, checks. A few slims, A. B. C D $1.95 to $3.95 His Feet ore Worth FORTUNE SHOES $4 PORTIS HATS $2.98 - $3.85 JIAVICATTAX HANDKERCHIEFS Fancy and Initialed 25cto$1.00 We Recommend "WINGS" SHI RTS Ifccausc their .-\£KO- PLANE CLOTH collars and cuffs arc guaranteed to out last the shirt, $1.65 Give him a pair of FRIENDLY FIVES '5 Practical GIFTS For CHILDREN SILK DRESSES BEAUTIFUL DOLLS 25cto*2.98 Children's Outing PAJAMAS 49c Gifts For The HOME Texos Rongcr SUITS $ 1.49 CHILDREN'S Boys' oil Wool Plaid Jackets $ 2.45 Boys' Dress SHIRTS 49c .„„ 79c LARGE 51x67 TABLE CLOTH WITH 6 12x12 NAPKINS r^ FINE PLAID ESMOND BLANKETS — SATIN BOUND 87x108 BEAUTIFUL CHENILLE SPREADS ROMAN STRIPE CANNON BATH TOWELS DRUID SHEETS TESTED FOR 4 YEARS WEAR Infants Silk Cowboy, Locc or Slipon Styles BOOTS wboy, Lace Slipon Style; $ 2.45 mm PANTS '1.98 JACKETS '149 DRESSES 49c BABY DRESSER SETS . 49c LUNCHEON SETS 50x50 CLOTH — 4 NAPKINS BEAUTIFUL 72x84 PART WOOL, DOUBLE BLANKETS $i REPHAN'S The Friendly Store" LADIES ALL WOOL TWIN SWEATERS $ 1.98 MAKE IDEAL GIFTS

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