Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 6
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| A. M. antf 4 rt. M, ^wiltit ju &fjK#. •&& AMBMI w. it tb* Hope Ceun<> tlrlU of R« announce , ton, Th»m«» ,, 4 > , >o'n itre Mr. of thin city, iNGER 6 of Vtffeft tntflrt«ln« With Pot l-uok '& FJr*t nhrtlifll pot luck » of th» WflCft of th* Chiireh hold IW «nd trc«. turt> ftimtt Mondny fll|h«, (it Oi30 flt Fnir Park. The ho«t#»«.p)i wor* Mr», J, W* Wr^, c»rl Jone*, Thorna* Cnnnon nnd Mm, John (,, Wi»»»n, Jr. Thrift Vi"*rp 24 mr-nflwrn ««><! on« mi(»*(. Mrs, Htll Clark. Mr*. Hobirtnon Moitm to Workfrj 8und*y ichool Clou Tim 8uhd/iy School Moworlra Wojfhord of thi> Baptist Chtiroh hold Us regular monthly rne<!tln«, Monday night, Aujiiifit K,1, tit 7:30 in Iho hnrno of Mrs, Alvln Iloborlnon. Tlit< mfletlng wiu opened with the xlnfifriR of n hymn, "Whnt « Friend Wo Have In Jamm," The devotlonnl wos «lv»n by Mm. Roh. ert»on. Prsyttr by Mrs. ti. M, -HBJJ- . THURS. OINI \\H ItU ( OHM! .—., som ;*ffi* n«rtiiy»«i - |HKi)(Mkil-h»r ^ItaiS must bft. \, j^syo !iJtt»W Mrs. Ruth Tnylor prenitinU tha biislnitMB ooHHlon In lh« co of 1ho fircgldpnt, Mra, tho noclnl hour, thn bo»- rpfreshmentH to thu tntw 13 Tl»q mt-fttliiK wns WHh prayer by Mr», .1. odjourned A Cook. Coming and Going Mr, tind Mrs, W It, Coop r, Mnn, of Dnhrnhn. w«ro the Sunilny Kue«i* oi the IS, W, Copi'lmid fuirdly, Mlfl» Juno f?lmnimis of. Twinr- Tt!HftH, Ml»ii«ii Jo Ann ns her ijupgt, Mini) of Iktt Ha» hud Nnrmn ,fuui ««, AH(, Mr, nnd Mrs, O, T. Slmmwm of 'tVxorkurin, 'I'Hxim, H|.imt Huntliiy with Mr. nnd Mrn, TJoyh- Ik-iwes Miss Jrrllii VovniK uf l.lttU' Rock «f Mr, Firms to Reply to U.S. Suit WAMrtmarOft (* - rive M* DOROTHY DIX Unwed Mother Dour MlM f)lx: I nm a gift, $0 yonr* old, and » *6er«*t«ry to n Iflrtfe firm. Hoepntly I hod 0 bnby, ftnd, ruthor than him , , *. °" « J *"P (> nl< ! ' 1 have ""(up, f. «m boarding him with o prl- Wftftlnm in balance trie official \ voit> family. I real!** whiit a rnl*- with their rcpilt* to gov- , nkp j rr)fl ,j e h,, t t h«f only way w »fr»rn<ml chnrg»» thot they joined in a virtual monopoly of thi> W<-«t «rn wotlfl'« oil (radn. of them hfiv<* nlnsndy entered nnofflclftl denial*. Invitation for formal nn- .eamd from S«rn. John of Alabama, Dernoffnt- 1C nominee for v|t?*» president, In hid r«J« AX chairman of th«> Son- ntn small Tt from nslfttae of pditeft portion* of n critical ami eontro- vtftnM rnporl on nn Intarmttinnnl oil -cartel, kflpt »i>cr»t for rnorf than fl year after Its completion l>y tho Fodornl Trade Co in m I* H Ion. The report churned thiit the flv<- American oil companion jolnod two v forolfi'i eorporatlonn In an injtamant designed to reap rich profit* for thum»«lv»» nnd collaborator* from major oil production center* and marktft« of the non- CommunUt world. Proildont Truman, acting upon fldvJce of u>p administration lend <?!•*, had withheld the 378-pnKo ro. from the public for more* thnn n your. H In generally supposed thhi WIIH In nn effort to let Hrlllsh oil IrHwwls nnd thi> Ironlan govern went try to »ottH> their long ami continuing dldpulo o^or the rich Ii'Hfilnn oil ftold*i, 'Apparently material dealing with thin phtiso w«% dolctfd from the (looument nncl othor matter was i^etify It, I Uilnk, IH to make my )lf<> one that In worthwhile not only fur myself but for my child, t have nrvcr hud n fftmlly or home llf«, nnd for this reason the baby means n lot to mo. Friends have odvUed me to give him up for adoption, ljut I'm hesitating to do thi» be- ciiusi- If there Is any chance or way at nil for rno to kcrp him, I wnnt to, Do you suppose there In any mnn who would want to marry Mr; nnw that I have the- baby? This Is whut 1 hopn 1 cnn achieve because Man Slays His Invalid Daughter MIAMI,. .Flu., M —A retired jro- t*r stabbed his 18-year-old Invalid (imifihtcr to death with a butcher knife yesterday and later explained to police: "I couldn't stand to see her suffer nny more." Police called the slaying of Ad- eln Mosknl a "mercy killing." Detective Charles Sapp said Johr Mnskal led officers to the body ol tils d.iuRhter In the bathroom ol Ihrir apartment and said: ! <\« HO wont n home-. Occasionally \ "My girl Is oil right now." I hnvc a date, but none of the men The detective said Moskal rela- know about the baby. If one ihould'tcd that while his wife Mary wu» serious and want to marry j out shopping, he led the girl Into Top Radio Programs NEW YOJftK <^-Li»tente« to* nr Cjivalcwte of 7:30 $i«rrle dttlK. 8:30 Truth or Consequence*. CBS-6 Beulah; 7 People fl Life with iMlgl. Stiver Eajjle; 8 -Amorton'* To*n Meetln*; 9:15 'Drestn Harbor. MBS-7 Jimmy Carroll Show; 7:30 Story of Dr. Klldnrc; fl:05 Official Detective. Wednesday Programs: NBC—10 a.m. Strike It Rich. ABC—fl a.m. The Breakfast Club; 10:30 Break the Bank. CBS—9 a.m. Godfrey Time. MBS — 9:30 a.m. Take a number. BASEBALL—MBS Game of Day Network 12:63 p.m. Cleveland In dlons at Philadelphia Athletics. iru-, Hboukl I tell him? I certainly 1 the bathroom and plunged nm not «olnn to marry anyone forknlff.- into her breast twice. Croied Circus Horse Injures Two Persons CHICAGO (UP) — Two per- 1 would have to I "Before my baby's birth," Sapp love him completely. Thin would | emoted the 57-ycor-old father, "my the sons injured by a crazed circus horse, who rared and pawed his be I'speclally important In my case since the punt opens so many pos- sitjilUlcH for future cjuiitn-lH and recriminations, T. J. J. Antiwar; Vour Mnc letter, which wife' Injured herself by fulling agninst the corner of a counter. Tr,« baby was never normal. "There was n soft Spot in her head and the doctors said something about a nerve not-.protected nnd every time It made contact wife and courfiHcouH decision In keeping your baby; you will be amply repaid for it. You nre vory young, and, since you have no family to Kuldc you, your own jitruulnrds must be kept -'•vr-mii«T'»fv 1*1 m » F ..,,^» «i»*wvv> T*""»jfi-'m <iwii n MI f ivi ti i \ID iiiiint uv edited nnd tonod down b«for« Itlvr-iy hl«h to prevent another to new« n««nclo» over the wqoji «*nd, as principal*! In the nl- oil cartel ore thc»<> Arimi'lcnri firms; Standard Oil of W«W Jerttoy, Slandfint Oil of California, tho Texan Co,, Boeony. Vnntntni und Gulf Oil. Thtt foiM!l«n fiorpiirntlons named nrp An|(lfi'lrmi|tui OH Co.. n Urlt- ixh (,'onipany, und Hoynl<Uulch Slicll, owned by Hrlti.ih niul Dutch OH of, .Now wns . fii'it to prcit(?st the cnrlcl rv unit Mrs, liulfiti 1), Huuth. M!«s Mlnotln lie try IK Mr, uml Mrn, Wltfortl Brrry tjoutlt ' In Mm, KiHI VVDIi.'tinH linn rnturni<d ((» hor liunic In r l)»IluM, 'iVxan, nf- U'V « visit with Mwi. W. A. Will- Mr. nnrl Mm, John Rlatmi ntul Mtiyft of Niishvlllo wore Sutultiy qf Mr, nncl ivira, Orutly utul fumlly. Mr. nnd Mi-u, Ituymoml A»Un anil .t-IUldt'oi) of Donton tiptnu the vvt«c»k uittl with MIS mid Mi's. HODS (nut family. nml Mrs, L. Jft, Qoyelt of vlsltod Mr. noy«tt'« slstor. Mm, CtmrltH Hobort* (m.SntUnlay, Mv, «nd Mrs, Q«!no Allon and son, Mlvkt-y, hnvo vetui-nert from jr*aul8Villts, KeiiUmky, whoro Mr Allen was colled In «tton«t the btt of hl« fttthor, Jttinos K, Allen Ml'. ut»l Mr«, Buster Rogers nm children nro visitliiH their Mr, nnrt Mrs, K. Q, Hamilton, and Mr, und Mrs, Hoy port, Denying ""y wrrihjihil actii, it wild, "Tho nut nffact of thlti report. . , run hi4i-dly be other Uiim to imdf'i'tnhic the integrity of Amt?rleuiiH whoso investment?! abroad tiro of liri'.'U vnlui) not only to the (.•connifiy of tho nutiontt where 'hey am inwlo, but also to tho economy mid security of our own country," Moreover, (ho company an Id it did not bolonii to tiny international ill cartel, Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Will In m Camp- bull, Hope, IH, 3. JJI.tch(u-«(,'(i: Mrs, London Yocom, Bodeaw, Mrs, Milton Powell, ;. 1, Emmet, Mr. H. C. Ward. Hope Mrs. W, H. Smith Hope, Mr. tmd Mrs. William Campbell nnmntncG the urrlvnl of n baby boy on AuHvist 20. tnkn In your life, There will be so many lonely moments, many heart- nick ones, but you will nlwnys have tin comfort of your srntill son titul, In time, perh.ipst you will have thr honif you lonj> for. May Make Happy Marriage Miiny, many (;lrl:i in situations Klmllar to yours have made happy iniin'liiHOM, and there IH no reason t<> doubt thut you may be oblu to, also. Obvfotmly, und us you already rcoll/t 1 , you would ncod n much firmer fininiltitlnn iban would be necessary under ordinary elroiuji- Joaaphlne AdmlUoil: Onby 'Darbnrn Treecc Texorknnn. ,T. L. Treeeo Mm, und bnby, Hnrotogn. Uuti«i Ohciter Mr. K, L, HUlor, Pntmos, Mrs C. B. Curtis, lUiBubur, Or««ou, Annlo Cumtnrd, QKIIU. Motlldn Fulks, Hop«, Joyce Hnrdln. Hopu DlBcharflcd: Muy Oln Tolllvor 'iro|H», Shirlvy Klllott. Fulton, Mrw Mnrtho Murllndolo, r.'miiu«t, THEATRE * WED. & THURS. „ A ROADSHOW ATTRACTION — itt S0« '* I • P«« LUt Sutp«nd«d • FEATURE TIMES 2:00 . 3:41 . 8:24 • 7:84 -9:1fl Jnol GreorCloule, Sutponod in Frintin 9 Only ly lh« Ik. gUMAN INTEREBT F»|qTUI|||v'RVfeR ! hnvc siiiiiuwhiit abbreviated. In (llciili'x very clearly your renciv trittcc river pii.st mlNtakcH and .1 wih other vnrts of -the brain in firm resolution to live a t<ood lifeldiovc her crazy, in the future, You have modi; a! "This nerve made contact 15 or 20 times nn hour, all her life. My wife nnd I couldn't stand to sue her that way. We sent her to specialists but they told us she would never be any better." Snpp said Moskal told him: "I won't be around much longer and I did not wont my wife to bear the burden alone." Moskul said It wan necessary for his wife and : hlm had to bathe and died their daughter, tho girl was never able to do anything for hcr- helf. "I stabbed her once," the detective further quoted Motikal, "but It did not brlnu death and I had to do it analn. I wanted to help my (inui(liter and my wife. I think I dul tho right thing." Sapp said the father went on: "1 felt I would suffer the conse quenees for doing it, but no matter what happens, it doesn't matter. My K'rl is till right now." Mosltcl, .the son of a Polish-farmer, cume to the United States in JUKI und later settled In Newark, N. J. He recently purchased nn upuiiment buUdini; here. Sapp said Moskal was being held for Invuatitfalion of murder. wny through a terrified standing room only crowd, were in Icrlous condition today. Two other persons were also injured by 'the chariot-drawing clr cus animal, and physicians sale they suffered cuts, bruises anc possible fractures. The horse, 'a big bay named Dan, charged Into a crowd las night at Ringllng and Bailey circus. He was aboil to make an entrance into the big tent -for the last spectacle of the evening— the "Mardi Gras." The kicking, pawing animal seriously Injured Albert Genin, 72 and his wife, Anastosia, 53. The nature of their injuries will not be known until X-rays are taken arul studied. Mrs. Ester Straiisberg, 42, nncl Patricia Flanagan, 21, ''.were also a performance of trfc Brothers and Barnum No Settlement i nTexarkona ius Strike T&KARKANA, ~J*I— An nttor- ney for the Texarkana Bus Cn., aAy» the firm will be unable to operate Us buses today unless 49 striking workers return to ihoir jobs. V The attorney, Wed Stewart said today Is the deadline for the 48 drivers and one mechanic to return to work. He previously has said that the men must return to work today or be "replaced". Th<» employe? are members of the AfL Amalgamated Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employes Union. A. P. Steel, international repre- sentativc of the union, said yesterday that "the bus drivers are more llftnljr dMwrrrtteed BWWt terry the strike through." The workers left their jobs Aug. 10 in a wage dispute. The company has withdrawn fl 5-cent hourly wage boost offer and issued an ultimatum Saturday that the union drivers and striking? em- ployes ''must return to work by Tuesday morning or bo replaced.'' No wage Increase was included in the ultimatum. mauled by the horse. The horse, which was said to be a highly trained performer worth about $2,000, was shot short time after the accident. IM2 MCCMt MGISTEMD STOCK your one mistake imil assume the rf.sponiilblllty of brlnt'.itiK up your son needs ri more than ample supply of charity, kindness, nenorosity arul consideration. There is no reason why you sbo-, nlil announce to every man who 1 tnkes you out that you -have a tilld, but cortalnly, if you see lljns of approaching seriousness the intentions of one of thorn, he must bo told. This will not be an easy task for yuu, since It will nean no more dates from almost all men. However, you cart always tope, nm) pruy for the one man who will make allowances for human frailty. Don't wait until mutual iiffcttlon* become too strong, At 20 you have many years ahead Tor romance and marriage. It will Uo much better If you devote the next few years to caring for, bringing up, your baby. You will find much Joy in this work. Since it WH.I your own decision to keep the, baby, ho deserves, and is entitled tg every bit of personal care youj can alvo him. Don't compound anj error by noKlcctlnig him. He is your .first oblUtnllon. For the time bu-i inn, itt least, outside pleasures are dccldcly .secondary. You must be> dial, and always, a good mother to youc. son. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Miln A Country Club rd. Tueidoy t Wednesday "KENTUCKY" Technicolor DRIVE SAFELY: Dour Miss Dix: I am tho type of person who cnnnot rest until tho job at linnd is done. My husbimd Is just ilw opposite. He puts every task off until tho lust possible mo- ivu-nt. even whan time is an im* portant factor, Ho isn't luzy, just notSllRent This has been u causu of constant qunrrellnn between ua during our six years of marriage. What can be done to briri|f« tho- Candidates File Expense List- MTTLE ROCK (in—More lists of cnmpalcn expenditures of success ful and unsuccessful candidates for offices In Arkansas during the primary election wore filed with Secretary of State C. G. Hall to day. U. S. Congressman W. F. Nor•ell, Monlicello, was unopposed, listed his expenses as $750 ballot fee The successful candidate for Democratic National Committee woman, Mrs. Jock Carnes, spent $25 for filing fee. Five Prosecuting attorney -candidates listing expenses were; Ed ward Gordon, Mprrilton, 5th Dis triet, $330; Carmack Sullivan, Hardy, 10th District, $1(55; Jack Vates. Ozark, 10th District. $400; Pat H. Mullis, Pine Bluff, llth Dis trlct, $485; Bruce B«nnett, El Do ludu, 13th District, $2,895. State senator candidates listed were: Floyd Bryan, Stephens, 12th Dis tvtct, $215.50; W, E. Fletcher, Scott, 22nd District, $770; De Witt Poe, McGuhce, 21st District, $160; Fred H. Stafford, Marked Tree, 24th District, $377.88; William H. imp bcUeun us'? EVELYN Answw: The trouble isn't a simple aiuUei- of bi'lctKinjf a tiup, it lc ydjustimj two entirely opposed natures, To create miy sort of numy from this most dUvordanl situation, obviously someone mus! compromise. \t you haven't chung- IK) your husband In six years, tho outlook for reformation looks rath- cr grim. While pursuing your own com- nu-ndnbly nfflelent system of «et ting things done, can't you learn to put up with his procrastination? Jf K-t his tasks go until he's it'udy to do them, ho may get cau ifhl in enough uncomfortable sit notions so that he, too, will n»al iic Uio uucessit^ 1 of promptness. Po«'t nag — for Uiat U the basis of quarreling ant} can ultimately lead u> a broken marriage. Dear Miss Dix: Would you consld er it for a yau»>g, girl to entertain her boy frieitd ovct u(Kl»t WWl»> her mallmr and aro out of town tor week end, leaving Upr alwie with htm Jn the apai-tment? NBIGHB08 Answer: Emphatically, posttvo* ly and {lUsolutely no! Such a pro- will earn teat U»e yuung tody a most u»>et\vlable reputation. by The Bell Syndicate, Or, CqWwtllto Addreftf Formort WtTUe ROCII, I* - Or, rytev C^WiWttU, pirtisidttnt of University at Arkaasas, wUJ W» WWi A ttieA<»titiiftM »d» to Wyatt, 24th District, $355; fence Blnckwcll, Pine Bluff, District. $310. , Low 23th Production of Oil Advances Some TULSA, Oklo. The United States' daily average crude oil anc coiuiensate production advanced 15,300 barrels during the week ended Aug, 23, the Oil and Gas Jour nal reported Tuesday. The total dally average, the Jour nal said, was 6,285.925 barrels. bringing the year's total to 1,442, 153.900 barrels, an increase ol 8,909,150 over the same period for last yoar, Kansas and Michigan accounted for the bulk of last week's net, gain, Uje former increasing 0.850 barrels to 331,700 and the latter adding 0,400 to 43.300. Arkansas and Illinois we,re the major losers, the former skidding ,3,550 barrels to 79,800 and the later 1.400 to 105,300. f ordoned Sfoytr Sttks LITTLE R(Xa|?, I* — Joel Carson, pardoned slayer who w»s r»- to prison Uus sttrinf. is ask Ibe Arkansas Supreme Court to examine a dw>ij»l of wrU of by the on s«utence. w»s Ks\ilt Cowrt. was p»ro)e4 by Ctov. Me la 4prU for of r#lwru*4 to prison on Kur »o ch»rg*s- _ on sentences for two rob- T CAtrr TALk VOU NOW. OA6WOOO-- THE RADIO WITH A UttLE CALL JUST TO T6U HER KNOW HUSBANDS APE THINKING OF THEM VWILE AT THE OFFICE 53.75 $3.50. $3.25 3.75 3.50 3.25 OUT OUR WAY I'M TELLIW MX) RU3HT \ <m ^*A», NOW VDU'UL LAST ABOUT ) ^ ^, OWE BATTER.' THEY d.OT RULES IM BAeEBALL. AMP . . UNLESS THE UMPIRE IS / * ??\ BLISJR HE'S COMMA TOSS M3LI OUTATHE OAME- FORTHROWIM' Answer to Previous Puizlel Radio-Screen Star Now Booking Orders HORIZONTAL 1,4 Actress of screen and radio" 9 hoquoian Indian 10 Commands 12 Laths 13 Issue In rays 15 Ecclesiastic vc-slmcnt 1C Petty You cnn her In ivies Check Louse egg Promontory Marsh Make a speech Chances Biblical name Expunger Girl's name Meat cut Hindu garment Lampreys >, Equals 'f Wanderers Father or mother Horse's neck hai'rs TOM KINSER 36 Soaks flax 38 Javanese community; 41 Lions 32 More angered 42 Incrustations 33 Evening ~ on sores 34 Meal ,.'& ,45 Rou(o (ab.) 35 Puff up *»i 47 Winglike part 25 Entice 27 Struggled 30 Rail bird 31 Laymen Take it easy. Go slow at crossings. Pass only when you can see what's ahead. Pamper the throttle, don't abuse it. Read and heed all traffic signs. Help save some of the 37,500 and more li^es that otherwise will be lost this year . . . through motorists' negligence or carelessness. P\*\y nw s-te e»r. tti>\^tt* *./... & /,' m WASH TUBES 6IGMASCOWPIWEO Y JAW, THIS IS THE LAST STRAWJ BILLY TO TH£ YARD ( I CAN'T MNP BIUYANyWHERE. FOR A WBBK.EASy. V ANP ' HOPE HE'S OH HIS GOOD BEHAV/OR WHIlE >OU'(?E HERB }23 Receipts Birds |2fi Blemish 27MoiiRri'l It's a terrific toll — and one that you, when at the wheel, can help lessen. By dedicating yourself to safe driving, by observing caution every mile of the way whether in town or on the highway, you'll be doing your part to help save other people's lives — and your own! 33 Sciuaiulercr = AMD LIP «»,. w, »', 37 boat paddles 138 Ascribable i 39 Baked clay J40 Narrow inlet 41 Loans 43 Durmese wood sprite 44 She is a capable 46 Bevels 48 Bristly 49 Toward the sheltered side Always remember: The wheel of your car is a wheel of chance. Handle it with care. Major Hoopl* OUR BOARDING HOUSE T HASIJENW CASHED A TICKET 6INC& 0ATTLE-AX VJOM LAST VOEE-K/ I'AA 6O|MS HOME- I'M 6TILL A FEW CHIPS AHEAD OF THE ESAD,MEM.' I VOIRE MARTHA HER VOtM- - |N\6TeAT>, YOU CHAPS ARE YOU PROTECTED? SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. REWARD ING HER FACE LIGHT DOM'T BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES — - INSURANCE 21 OS. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansas VACATIONS TARRY OR FALL SO/'900R MP.W LONG 6MOU6H I AMOMG THIEVES TO HEAL TH& A I? YOU • VALO& VOOR 60MES (Consult your Insurance Agent as you would your Doctor or Lawyer) Starring LOR ETTA YOUNG RICHARD GREENE Safety First Adv. Paid for by Roy Anderson. CARNIVAL Best Vote-Getters for Back-tO'School oUGS BUNNY UUSSIN' TMl* PON'T LEAVE THAT STUFF PILEP IN THE SLITTER / PICK IT UP T'TH'A.LliH-y NOTONUV PH- GR^PIN'. FUNNY BUSINESS By H«nhlt«rc«r Quaint Fashions " featured editorially Good Housekeeping, August Old fashioned charm with up-to-the-minute chic, that's Kate Greenaway's new approach to school. Choose the "Ouimpe Dress" in corded chambray, the "Gibson Girl" or "The Yoke" in vVrinkl-Shed gingham, all famed Dan River fabrics. And made especially with these exclusive Kate Greenawoy features: the pocket that's always there hidden in the right hand side seam, the size label which indicates height and weight measurements for perfect size selection, guaranteed, of course, to wash, wear and fit well. In sizes 3-6x. •""" ALLEY OOP EP/ MAvSIC CARPET A,LL.,.ONUY NOW HE HA6NT SOT HIS CARPET AN' THAT'S OUR PROBLEM.., WHAT'© YOURS? @O YOU SOT A PROBLEM FOR ME, EH? BV SOSH, ooc, i ALREKOY GOT GENIE A PROBLEM, ME , TH' GENIE HERE! MUO , VOUR fllXY'OtP INTO TOE SQTH CENTURY AND IT YES,., AND BY THEY'Rg UP SOME LL / OVER ant '*" ' '•'*""' T. M. B»j. U. 8. P«l. Off. ^- _ _ , r. 195J I-, NEA S»r,ic», lit. B "Z b the town whittl" SIDE GLANCES •y Golbrallh .. ...^ "I haven't niissed the 8:15 once since installing thl» n«W j ..^*j*asafiSBate«t«i- gimmick!? .IZlZ.-Ii™"". i ly Mlch»l Q'Moll^ CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHAT'4 W«3N& BACK B*Y AND A THE iOOr~~iAR& SMITH ON THE SHOW HOW PUOU5 ei/T WB'KB P<?TH VW/VIBN KNOW WHAT'S THE BANK WISHES Tb\TWAN< SHOW 05 GRATITUDE FOR WHAT10U HAVE- PONE RECCNTW/ •" '• ^ f ^ Jt WB^^^B^^^^^ ^^ii^* W.^HW ^i^^BWp^^wiw _ » VW^PV V * ^^dw^ vMHRIVinHWMPP (P^pPW ^M^^^^^^Rl^^l ri«,

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