Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Page 5
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Wednesday, December 13. 1939 • Westerners, at Ploy ELM CREEK, Nob. ~(/P)_ Down tliLi wny when the boys wnnl T» little excitement they go hunting rattlesnakes with a pnil of cold water and long-handled clomp, The rattlers hide out during the winter in n hole-pocked posture. On warm dnys they crowl partially out of their holes to bask in (he sun. The hunters douse water on the « snakes, which chills them so much they wriggle nil the wny out. Then 'they place the long-handled clamp on back of their heads. You can bring 'em back alive if you want to. but most of the boys kill them first. I wish to express my appreciation to my friends for their vote and support in the election Tuesday, and assure you that I will serve you to the very best of my ability. Jesse Brown HOPE STAR?HOPE, ARKANSAS THANK YOU! I sincerely thank each and every voter who supported me in the city Democratic Primary Tuesday I will perform my duties as your alderman to the best of my ability. Again I extend my appreciation for your vote and support. ROSS SPEARS Strange Law Case AgainsUhe Bund All Radical Leaders Apparently Are Prosecuted H.v I'KKSTON (iKOVEIl WASHINGTON - The law works in mysterious wnys it* wonders to perform. lake the case of Frit/. Kuhn. He and Ins Gorman - American Bund have been the largel-for ptiblic assaults, criticism, mass dcmonxlnltions, pickol- inps mid even n Congressional in- vcxligatun at the hands of the'Dion Commillcc. He WHS plugging for n form of government thai most people consider fundamentally contrary to the constitution and 11 jeopardy to the liberties upon which the country prides itself. A lot of people thought something ought to be done about it. It was. He was accused of larceny and l°iir|d guilty by a jury. Even the presiding judge suspected the jury was likely to smnck him down because they thought it might be n good idea on general principles. So he cautioned carefully against it. No matter what the jury might think, of the Bund and its German connect- tion, and Frit?. Kuhn in particular the jurist counselled (hat Kulin wa.s charged only with larceny of Bund funds and should be judged on that alone. The jury did its duty according to its lights. Legally il is a kind of skinner play in which the bail carrier has one thing in mind but .makes believe be is planning something else. The Buncl- Mer was convicted of a crime against the people in taking Bund funds, but it is a safe bet that most of the people wouldn't have cared a whoop if he had .jpcnl all the Bund's funds, down to the lust dollar. Cases even fuller of contradictions arc tho.-.:c of Earl Browdcr. General I Secretary of (lie Communist Parly ! in America, and Harry Bridges, in the Soviet Women of War Fly Bonrtbers ih Finnish Raids TO THE CITIZENS OF HOPE: THANK YOU for the .splendid vote and loyal support that you gave me at the polls last Tuesday. CALVIN CASSIDY I appreciate the loyal support of my friends and the vote given me in yesterday's election. I will do my best to merit Ihe confidence placed in me, and will conscientiously continue to'serve "'for the best interests of our entire city. Sincerely, E. F. MCFADDIN To My Many Friends: I wish to thank you for the wonderful vote you gave me in the City Democratic Primary Election. My sincere desire and effort shall ever be to serve you and the City of Hope to the best of my knowledge and ability. E. P. YOUNG Soviet women of war are fighting and dying for Russia • in the invasion o£ Finland, according to reports from Helsinki where a female pilot was said to.be among Red flyers shot down during a bombing raid. Squad of Soviet air warriors above includes woman, Indicated by arrow. It is estimated at least 500 women arc in the' Russian air force. Downed in Flames Highway Disputed by Auto and Deer State Thinks Deer Had Had as Much Right 'as Car AI' Feature Service SEATTLE — A Wisconsin insurance company inquired whether the Slate ol Washington would assume liability for a salesman's automobile damaged by p. wild deer on a public highway. Answered Assistant Attorney General Browdcr Brown; "Dear Sirs: It is the constant intent of the State of Washington to make these (states) highways safe for motorists and also for pedestrians, among which latter class our wild deer would be numbered. Tills is the first knowledge we have bad of the incident men tioned in your letter. Our wild deer has not reported in. Without any further information than that given in your letter we would conclude that if your salesman was assaulted by one of our wild deer the incident would naturally fall under the heading of regrettable mistakes. "On the other hand, it may be that the state my have a claim against vour salesman for inflicting bodily damage and injuries on one of our wild deer and causing it to suffer excruca- ting pains and also subjecting it to great distress and agony both in mind and body. Such a claim must be with bold pending the results of further investigation on the part of our game wardens." According to Berlin censor's information, the photo above shows a French warplane being destroyed by fire after being shot down over the Western Front. West Coast labor leader. Probably the nmc clause of people are soured on host' two that soured on the Bunrl business. Your average customer including this one, couldn't draw an extremely wide and clear line between ommunixm and Nnziisrn. particularly (if late. There was » wide-spread nat- iind annoyance at the whole business. And what methods \vys adopted to "do something about it"? Browdcr was a known Communist, lie had run for President on the Communist, ticket. Before a Congressional committee lie conceded (hu'rc was.a fairly close tic up bctwcn his organization and the Russian original. But it seems there was no law against that. In Mr. Browdcr's case it was quite legal to be a Communist. Nevertheless, one of the things developed was that Browdcr had traveled in Europe on a passport not bearing his Inic name. For that he wa.s indicted. He is. yet to he tried. Now lake the case of Bridges. He denies he is u Conuinini.st. He is ;i West Coast labor leader who has lied up more ships in his time than the neutrality act. He was brought up for examination as- lo whether he should be deported. He wa.s born an Australian but while he has lived 20 years in the United Stales be never lias become a citizen. It il cuuld be demonstrated that he wus the'.sort of Communisl who advocated- the overthrow of the govern- men by force, he would likely be deported. Dean Landis of the Harvard Law School is passing on thai business now. He conducted the hawing. The case of Al Capono is one of dif- ferent flavor, but the law came in through the back gale to get him. also. As the principal racketeer of the tcm r pt-suous Twenties, he was suspected of all sorts of crims. While members bf his various "mobs" were caught up ly oven being questioned. But the mass feeling thai '.s'ome- thing ought to be done about it" found expression in an odd way. He made more money in tbe beer racket than he ever paid taxes. He was convict- The French Cut A Gordian Knot ^PARIS—(/!>)—Out-of-work mayors in France have no right to unemployment insurance, the mnuicipal unemployment board of Ormcsson ruled. Communist Mayor Gauthior was prnong his parly members ousted from 'pffice during Premier Edouard Lalad- jier's drive against French Communists. Out of work, the ex-mayor of Ormesson applied for unemployment aid. He was refused by the ruling board on ;thc grounds that the mayoralty is a public privilege and not a profession. It's Safe to Hit'Etti, Now HOPKINEVILLE, Ky. —(/PH- Two automobiles can collide at a street intersection without either driver being criminally reckless or careless, Judge Hunter Wood believes. Two drivers haled into his court were vehement in accusin geach other. Both demanded an 'arrest. So officers charged one with rccklssnoss and the other with carelessness. Judge Wood held only a cjuc.'ition of civil damages was presented by the case damages was presented by the case and "police court is no collecting agency." .Since the fourltj century, Christmas IIMS been observed as a Christian festival. PAGE FIVE in some parts of China, trained jjfci* leans are used to catch fish. ^ , A trap-door spider that nesls in trees lias been discovered in (lie Belgian Congo. It hollows out a groove in the bark of a tree, builds its structure therein, and camouflages it so, expertly that, until a few years ago, | they had been overlooked. Chairs Desks Lamps Radios Electric Gifts Gas Ranges Hope Hardware Co. Phone 45 WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ffilhwf Calomel—And Vou'lL'^ij fa if Mb the Morning Ririn* to G« ii T L*Jl. ve r 5 ho " ld t ! OUI ' ? ut two J">n«»*« ef liquid bile toto your bowels dally. ft thlt M]« i« not flowing freely, your food doesn't dif««t. It just decays in the bowels. Gut blokt* urn your stomach. You (tot 'constipated. You* wholo system Is nabonod and you feet iour. •unk and the world looks punk. A mere bowel movement doesn't Bet tt the cause. It takes those uood, old Cirtcrt yttle Liver Pills to ftet these two pound! Of bile flowine freely and make you feel "op and up." Harmless, Eentle, yet amailrft III making bile flow freely. Ask for Carter'* Ijittl* I.ivnr Pills by name. Refuse anything else. At all drug Ktorcs. 10^ and 2B#. I wish to thank the people of Hope for the vote and support that you gave me in yesterday's election. I sincerely appreciate it and only hope it will be better luck next time. Law son E. Glover CLOSING OUT ALL $39.50 to $79.50 COATS - SUITS V 2 PRICE LADIES Specialty Shop ed of income tax chiseling and served a term in hard-boiled Alcatraz where mighty few other lax dodgers have been sent. RUN RIGHT THRU YOUR GIFT LIST You .con choose just the right Gift from our complete stock. Of Course", they're priced right. Gifts will be wrapped without any charge. Come to the Christmas Store WARD & SON Phone 62 "The Leading Druggist" "We've Got It" Motorcycle Delivery PICKS COTTON GISTS Ann Sheridan STARRED IN "YEARS WITHOUT DAYS A Warnor Bros. Picture does her Christmas shopping early. One of the most attractive Christinas packages —see it in the stores and order your Christmas,Chesteriields now. Chesterfields, with their real mildness, better taste and delicious aroma, give real pleasure to anyone who smokes. You can't buy a better cigarette. u^.'.LLO L.O, mat I f • I I Chesterfield ,m attractive Mm s cmfom

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