The Alaska Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska on May 21, 1940 · Page 15
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The Alaska Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska · Page 15

Fairbanks, Alaska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1940
Page 15
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TH E ALASKA MINER Tuesday, May J2T, 1940 f age. .15. Returns Are Here From 59 Precincts Fairbanks Visitor Leaves For Home Hector Harrison, wiio came to In- j tenor Alaska five weeks ago to see the country, left on Wed. train en route to his home in Norwood. Mass. Park Worker Ends Visit Mr. and Mrs. John Howard were passengers on Wed. southbound been connected with the tourist and Mount several Returns have been received Irom "59 of the 70 precincts in the Fourth j Division on the Democratic 'and •Republican primaries held last month. In some of ir,e unreported precincts, all small primaries may not' have been held. It is said "unofficially no primaries were held at Koyukuk. In addition to the primary returns. The first count of absentee ballot-: has been made by District Coun clerk John B. Hall. sawmill Here. Another Count Possible New Patient In Hospital "Another count of absentee bal-j Mrs. Oscar Utgaard is a patient lots will be made if any more such i in St. Joseph's hospital. ballots are received by the clerk. | Stnd«nt Leaves tor Home Details of the city financial condition at 'the close of business April 3G are given in a report made to the Mayor and Council Wednesday by I train for Lignite. Mr. Howard has Municipal Clerk. Grace Fisher. transportation business in McKinley National Park years. He will be at the Park again the forthcoming -season. Logger Goes To Standard Robert Flood, logger, went to Standard Wed. to toad logs lor the The precinct returns and absentee figures make no material changes in the positions of any primary candidates except those lor representatives in the legislature. Figures on Representatives .j Johanna Olsen, student at the University of Alaska, left Wed. for Cordova, her home, where she will the summer vacation. Oldroyd To Seward Lorin T. Oldroyd, director of ag- in the Democratic primary, the ricultural experiment stations, left standing of the nine candidates for Fairbanks Wed. for Seward. Ee will the four representative 'nominations are: Leo W. Rogge 971, 'Frank S. Gordon. .31$. Charles F. Herbert 744, Jesse D. Lander 725, Dorothy Loftas 721, Chester T. Spencer 699, Fred A. Sorri 697, Hugh M. Henton G16. and Willard R. Olsen 376. Finances Of City Are Detailed The report follows: STATEMENT OF CASH BALANCE APRIL 1940 Receipts Taxes Real - 1939 S 6,598.94 Taxes .Personal _ Taxes Pen. and Int. Delinquent Taxes-Seal Delinquent Taxes - Pers Delinquent Taxes Pen. & Int Ambulance Fees Municipal Pines Municipal Licenses ... Dog Licenses ..: Car Licenses Drivers Licenses Beer and Wines Sundry Receipts 5,471.11 77,65 101.40 2.50 Plane Brings 50 Baby Chicks To Local Raisers There is no particular news value to the fact that Fairbanks has imported several hundred baby chicks this spring, but the fact that 50 chicks were "brought In from Juneau by plane is something to write about. * The shipment, by boat from Seattle and by PAA Electra from Juneau, was altogether successful, the chicks arriving in perfect condition on one of Tuesday's planes. On arrival they were still less than a week old Inasmuch as they were just one day out of the egg when they left Seattle. During the last several weeks 43.02 more than 300 chicks have arrived 250 i in Fairbanks, consigned to a group 30:00 45.00 11.00 1,350.00 228.00 6,650.00 16.00 of local residents who pooled their orders. Among the consignees were Peter Grandison, Tom White, Alaska Moody and others. With the exception of the 50 airplane arrivals, the chicks have all come from Matanuska, and all have R. Woodden Claims Ctkra PanlsenBride The heanh before a cheering flre~ place was the altar for the informal wedding Thurs. night of Mfes Clara Katnerine Paulsen and Ralph Woodden of Fairbanks. Candelabra • shed 'light from tbe mantelpiece for the ceremony -per' formed at'8:30 by the Rev. JoSn E. YoueJ of -the Presbyterian Cburcli in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gray Tilly. 906 Kellum Street. Thirty friends of the marriage pair shared the simple ritual "in a room •fragTEnt J with roses and spring greenery. The bride, gowned in pink chiffon with tucked Eton jacket, matched in garb the flowers she carried to the impromptu altar to the strains of wedding airs played by Mrs. Evs McGown at the organ. To Mrs. V.'oodden went the honor of cutting a double-tiered "frosted wedding cake topped by miniature Total Disbursements In the Republican primary, the the U. S. Smelting, Befining and | standing of the seven candidates for the four representatives nominations are: Fred B. Johnston 371, L. D. Colbert 344. Fay C. Hurley 320, Sam Estes 23D. R. J. McKenna 227, Arthur F. Carpenter Thomas Murton 211. 214 and E. Radiosonde Expert On Leave From Weather Bureau ' With a Bachelor of Science ie- feree tucked in his valise, earned from the University of Alaska during the moments he was not inflating helium baloons or computing statistics for the United States Weather Bureau, Vemon W. Schaad left Fairbanks Wed. for a vacation in his old home, Chicago. Schaad is the special - radiosonde expert dispatched to Fairbanks to carry on the assembling of stratospheric data for the weather bureau last fall. He was formerly In ra- tijometeorological work for the bureau in Chicago. Schaad planned to be Outside about sence T. W. Kleinsasser will conduct the nightly radio- meteoro- graph flights from tie roof of the Federal Building. Kleinsasser arrived in Fairbanks Tuesday from Juneau. where he has been in charge of radiosonde installation and instruction ac the 'weather bureau station. deliver the commencement address JFn-e Department at the Seward high school Thursday, j Police Department .. After a brief stay la Seward he will! street Department go to Homer on Lower Cook Inlet! Street Lights S 1 230.74 589.40 to look into farming conditions. He Sewers — March-April will be back here early in June. Wintered in States Dr. Ralph Tuck, geologist with Ambulance ...... Street Drains _.. Garbage Contract Public Nurse . 4,04259 1653 1 121.75 300.00 87.50 . 41855 3.C5 been handled in the most satisfactory manner possible, it is reported.} bride ana ' There will be real fresh chicken I "^ Vfo °''^" * daughter ol Mrs. dinners in Fairbanks this smtrcex. I H - C - PauL ~ a of Stafford, -Kansas. j She is a graduate of Kansas State I College with master's degree from the same instituticn. For the past three years she was instructor of home cononiics at tie University of Alaska, corr-ing to Fairbanks from the Kansas City, Kansas, schools svstem. Messrs. Smith And Bryant Go To Washington Mining Company, who returned sev- i General Expense eral days ago from the Outside, I Beacon spent most of 'the winter In Utah j School 6,00000 in the service of the company. Hej-* ir P° rI; also visited for a time 'in Kentucky, where Mrs. Tuck ' is now visiting with relatives. She" will'return here during the summer. Splendid Fieii j Al. K. Richards, -in Fairbanks the J last several days representing lite' . , Seattle office of the Northwest P* 6 " 1 AprU Total ., - .315,803.31 Eecajrftolation O. H. April 1 S "8,89652 April Receipts 20528.12 Total Celotex 'Company, is 'greatly pleased with this region. "Alaska", said he. "is the -largest 'per 'capita consumer of our products of .any place in the world," - ; . Snow, and Cold On the deary Summit, there is lots of new snow, -which, fell Tuesday night. Billy Boot of the Mid-: night Sun TrajJsportatimi ; Compshy,! reports. The 4henBOmejer was 23 degrees above zero Tues. night. The drop in temperature Tuesday night] killed morning gioiy plants in a,' shed 'Mrs. Eleanor Ely, clerk in the United States commissiofeers -office, declares, but pansy plants outdoors at her home withstood the cold. Harrop Is Deputy Marshal Robert R- Harrop, 'instructor in business administration at the Uni- fBal April 30 In Bank ..$29,324:64 . 14,78155 In Vault 56156 Balance .„ JTSJC.OS :O. S- Wammts O. S. April 1 S 2,04337 15303.31 Total _$J7347J8 Paid April _ 14,78155 six weeks. During his .ab'O- verSlty ^ ^a^, took 'over 'the du- >Ir. and Sirs. Menzel Here air. and Mrs. Paul Menzel have returned from the States. They were married February 21 at Phoenix, Ariz. Mrs. Menzel, who was. Miss Erna Quandt left here in December, with her sister Mrs. Max Behlke and Mr. Behlke for a trip in the States. Mr. 'Menzel. mining operator, was also on to the States. a pleasure trip ties of a deputy Tuesday in tbe of-' -fice of United States Marshal Joseph .McDonald. Deputy Marshal Harrop will serve during the summer in the place of Deputy Marshal E. A. Tcnseth, who is on a trip to the States. New Pharmacist Meeting new friends at the McIntosh and Kubon drug store is Mack Fenton, newly arrived in Fairbanks. A registered pharmacist, Mr. Fenton hails from Utah. Miss Schiosser In Town Miss Agnes E. Schlosser arrived in Fairbanks Thurs. from Akiafc, where she has been teaching school the past scholastic year. She is staying at the -Nordale, and will be in. •town a week before departing on &• trip to the States. 1, O. 5. April 30 ..._ .............. — .S 3,065.63 Construction Vtatd — Fairhajifc Bank 'Bal. 'April '1 .$1737625 Iss. and "Paid ........................ 3,397.33 Cks. O. S 1:698.20 515,697.12 Sirfemffic Fond-General BaL April 1 -S 5,41053 April Receipts 263:63 -S 5,674.56 Sewer Fund-General Bal. April 1 -S 4^88.17 April "Receipts -..-... 3,733.61 Fairbanks' own version of "Mr. Smith Gees to Washington" will Her husband, formerly of Minneapolis, is in the employ of the share the spotlight with the widely- United States Smelting, Befining, acclaimed HoHjrrood production at i and Mining Company as erection the Lacey Street Theater tonight. I engineer. He came to Fairbanks The localized version will be known as "Mr. Bryant Goes to two years £go in that capacity lor the Bucyna-iloozghaa ilannfac- Washington." jturing Company and supervised .As a prelude to his departure for j construction of ; the dragline operate United -States capital, -where he | »*»*« « Ccppfe; <fne' of the -world's wfll -be delegate of the Fairbanks J Jargest. Junior Chamber of Commerce to Mr. and Mrs. Woodden pkn. to re- the national Jaycee convention,(side in Fairbanks. Chester "Senator -Chef Bryant -willj Present at the "weddinB ceremony be guest of honor -at the showing i and ^^P^ 011 in honor of Mr. and of Tttr. -Smith." I Mrs- Woodcien were, besides tbe .Bryant plans to leave for Wash- j hosts, 'Mr. end Mrs. Gray Tifly, Dr. ington, D. C., about June 1. ' Charles Er.iest Bunnell; tSr. and Bon Adler. manager of the Lacey! M*s. J. E. Hopkins, Mr. -and X£rs_ Street Theater, issued €be invtta-1 James L, Brown, ^tr. and 'S£rs. Ofeck tion for Bryant to see the inner, Williams. Miss Ruth E TuckstySOss workings of Congress as depicted i E* 61 McDonald. Mrs. Eva 14c- ? by Hollywood. Adler made it clear. I Gown, Miss Doroth'y "Merwm, 'Ted however, that admittance of the honor guest will depend upon his presentation of 60 cents at the ticket wicket. f!o advance in prices -will prevail •for other theater patrons, despite the added attraction. Bal. Aprfl 30. „ _ $ 8,021.78 Deer Census XLAMATH-FALLS, Ore—It's cen- L s-s year—and .by modern methods, t too—even 'in the wildlife world. For- f est Sen-ice officiate counted 1,800 antelope in a -six-hour flight over 600,000 acres -of -ragged northern California moffirtalns ami. valleys. In other .years it required weeks -to- complete the surrey on foot and Ty horseback. -Alaska Airways •Pilots Bill 'Knox and Herman Joslyn flew the Electra to Juneau Thins, with airman and following passengers aboard: Br. J. P. Anderson, George Wilson. Charles Burdick, P. G. Lewis, Walter Watson, Mrs. Grace Butrovich, Jan 'Butrovich, and C. W. Hufeisen. Passengers aboard a plane which arrived from the Kuskokwim were Miss Agnes Schlosser from. Bethel and Eric Olson from -Flat. Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weidner. Mrs. Ray Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. V/. L, Lnamon, Mr. and Mrs. Obert J. "Reinseth, Mr. asd Sirs. James Cassidy, Mr. and Sirs. Roy Blockhtis, Mr. and Sirs. Ted Buzby, and Mr. and Mrs. "WEIiarri Arend. Daughter Is Born To Mrs. Sarlan Mrs. Ralph Sarlan cf Ester is the mother cf a daughter : bom at St. Joseph's hospital at 10:40 o'clock; Thursday night. The infant weighs 6 pounds. The mother and child are doing well. CREAMER'S DAIRY Fairbanks, Alaska FfcESH GUERNSfY-HOLSTEIN MJLK WHIPPING CREAM THAT WHIPS • BinTERMHJC AMD COTTAGE CHEESE • HOME-MADE 2CE CREAM W& ship by Airplane and by-Bus. Mail Orders Pi-oraptly Attended.

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