Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Page 4
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HOP6 STAfe, HOPB> ARKANSAS Wednesday, December 13,, Eakin Selected On Conference Team if , 1% Players Are Picked .;This Year for All- Star Team Texas Aggies No. 1 Grid Team of U.S. 2nd Straight Year S.W. Conference Team Voted Best \fiALLAS Texas —(.TV- Kay Eakin "Workhorse" of the nation's collegiate gtidirons. won a berth for the Uni- vetsity of Arkansas on the Associated Press All-Southwest Conference football team for 1939. Eakin worked his way into a five Jnar). liackfield that made the team to tal & men instead of 11. He was the choice for quarterback, an honor earn. ed by his sensational record as a pass- ! er, runner and kicker with a losing . team. ^"3ohn Kimbrough of the Texas Ag* gies, one of the three unanimous chrfic , es on the team, went in at fullback and James Thomason, another Aggie, placed at half. Voting by the Selection Committee for the other halfback spot cded ra a tie between Olie Cordill o£ Rico and Jack Grain, Texas University's sensational sophmore. ,The other two unanimous choices were Marshall Foch Robnett at guard , and Joe Boyd, a tackle. Both are Aggies and won places on the all' America squad. 1 Paired with Robnett was Baylor's f . Leonard Akin, Jack Sanders of Southam Methodist ,got the tackle assign "•Yment opposite Boyd. ..' ' The..end posts were won by Herbert * Smith of the championship Aggies and -•Don Looney of Texas Christian. Center went to Baylor's Robert Nelson. Arkansas had one other strong contender for the first team in End How • a'rd Hickey. He dropped back to the j second team with Durwood Hornor of j* "•"... I' J * , The Two Squads • •. .'First team— [. "Herbert Smith, A. and M. end. 'J Jack Sanders, S. M. U. tackle. ,' s Marshall Robinett, A and M., guard. r t Robert Nelson, Baylor, center. •^Leonard Akin, Baylor, guard. , " Joe Boyd, A and M tackle. * Y Don Looney, T, C. U. end. Kay Eakin, Arkansas, quarterback. .James Thomason. A and M back. ', -Oflie Cordill, Rice and Jack Grain. Texas backs. v John Kimbrough A and M, fullback.' Second team— Howard Hickey, Arkansas, end. Earnest Pannell. A. and M. tackle. Milton Simington. Arkansas, guard. Wjlburn Echols, S. M. U. center. Wilford Thorpe, Arkansas, guard. ', Pack Myers, Texas tackle. , Durwood Homer, T. C. U. end. Preston Johnson, S. M. U.. quarter. . Will Mullenweg, S M. U., back. « William Conatser, A. and M., backs. Jack Wilson, Baylor fullback. Honorable Mention -fends—Bob Brandon, Rice; Sherman Barnes, Baylor; W. J. Wimpee, Baylor; Maurice Britt. Arkansas, Roland Goss S. V M. U. ^Tackles—Bob Cook, T. C. U.; Dpn Hanger, Rice; Saul Singer, Arkansas, .Willie Curik, S. M. U.; Bonnet Edward Baylor; Frank Marx. Baylor. -Guards—Bob Sherrod, T. C. U.; Ted Hawson, Texas; Charles Bailey, S. M. Mother Nature tries hard to cover ugly scars, and in the tropics this is accomplished very quickly. Fallen trees speedily turn to soil, aided by the action of plant roots. A floating lo gturns into a veritable flower box, and oftentimes it is the beginning of a floating island where birds may nest among the rank foliage. U.; Charles Henke, A. and M. Centers—Tommy Vaughn, A. and M.; Kenneth Whitlow. Rice. Backs—Derace Moser, A. and M.; John Clement, S. M. U.; Kyle Gillcs- pie, T. C. U,i Earl Clark, T. C U.; Ralph AtwopclfArkansas; Logan Wars! T. C. U.; Ray Cole. Arkansas, and James Witt, Baylor, Thrittyourfarh^fy on Christinas morning Give them these STUDEBAKER KEYS'"HAPPINESS Here's an unusual way to present your family with a new car for Christmas. Give them these Studebaker Keys to Happiness—encased in a handsome jewel box—all ready to open the door of their own beautiful new Studebaker Champion, Commander or President, Come in now and let us help you make the arrange- ments.Liberal allowance on your present car—eaty C.I.T. terms. STUDEBAKER CHAMPION $660 factory, itmd, !•«••• ARCHER MOTOR CO. Third and Walnut Hope, Arkansas ilAUl REMINGTON'S NOW NEWEST II V11j PORTABLE The Remette ONLY»/S|i* COMPLETE WITH CARRYING CASE Here if * compute Portible T/pewUer far the 6r*t tin* io bUtorj AI itU jenwrkablj low price. It hit ever/ t«»«Atiil ieatoro to do » real typtof job* It will five 700 m*oy yemof iaitbful eervicc. The children c*a o«c it for their homework—Father eta UK it tar bu person*! and "after hours" bu-uneBi— Mother** ftocial correstmndeuce LAO now be iptedU/ *ad neat I/ tmkeo cue of, with Rcouttc. O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Prescott Senior Girls Basketball Team NEW YORK — (/P>— For the se- con straight season, a member of the S»uthwest conference has been voted the nation's outstanding foot- | ball team by the final ballot of sports [ writers and gridiron expcrs. | Last year Texas Christian led by Davey O'Brien was on top of the heap in the closing Associated Press poll. This time the Texas Aggies, undefeated and untied, won the distinction by an impressive margin over heir closest rivals, Tennessee. Tennessee was second, in 1939. Of 16 observers; 53 named the Ag- gies as the teattt>6f the year while 26 plugged for the Volunteers. Tennessee lost ground the final week, the experts apparently not being impressed by the Vols' 7-toO- victory over Auburn. The Aggies polled 1,091 on the basis of 10 for first place, nine for second, etc,, Tennessee had 970 Southern California 891, Cornell 839. Tulane 804. Missouri 3181-3, U. C. L. A. 289 5-6, Duke 232, Iowa 220 5-6 md Duquesne 130 to round out the "Big Ten". Of the first five leaders, four will games, Tennessee meeting Souther participate in outstanding "bowl" games Tenneessee meeting Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl and the Aggies tackling Tulane in the Sugar Bowl. Cornell's undefeated, unted team meets Georgia Tech in the Orange would not accept invitations. Missouri Bowl. Eleventh and twelfth in the voting. ! with 120 1-2 and' ; 112 points, respec- i lively, were Boston College and Clem- i son, who collide in the Cotton Bowl. Notre Dame ; had' 92 points. Santa Clara 87, Ohio State 70, Georgia-Tech 59. Fordham 26, Nebraska 22, Oklahoma 20, Michigan 18, Princeton 17, North Carolina 16, SanJose 17, North Carolina 16, San Jose (Cal) State 11. Georgetown 10 1-2, Alabama four and Holy Cross two. To illustrate how fortunes change on the gridiron, hero was the first ten for 1938; Texas Christian, Tennessee, Duke. Oklahoma, Notre Dame. Carnegie Tech, .'Southern California. Pittsburgh Holy ; Ccoss and Minnesota. Hope Star photo BACK ROW, left to right—Seals, Rogers, E. Buie, Avery, Harris FRONT'ROW, left to right—-Beavert, Hestcrly, in- gersoll, Townsend, L. Harris. Joining Army to Learn Good Trade Want to Be Mechanics, Not Just Fighting Men AP Feature Scrvlrc WASHINGTON — Your Rnindfatli- cr mny hnvc joined the army lo sco the world or fight 11 wm 1 . But that's not typlcnl of present diiy recruits who nre swelling U. S. Army rolls at' the rate of 3,000 n week. Army officers say Ihe modern recruit usually docs not expect to fight in uny w;ir. He docs not expect to go to Europe, And he docs not think the U. S. will bo Inviidcd. He's more likely to join the army to Icnrn si trade. Must Know More Not Hint Uncle Sam pnsse.s out vo- calioniil training just to be helpful. In modern mcchimlzcd armies soldiers hiive lo know a great deal more than in the days when the average enlisted men merely carried n rifle or dug ditchs. In those days not more than 25 to 30 per cent of the enlisted men took any vocational training In the army. Today. 70 per cent or more gel in struction. This special work ranges from studying the weather and making maps to selecting food and inspecting forage. There are diverse lines such as radio construction and operation, machinists' work on (notarized and mechanized fighting units, photography physics ot firing guns, repairing Diesel switch engines, airplane .mcchiinics. dental and hospital assistant. About (>5,000 privates taking vocational training now rank as ".specialists" who have completed technical studies in the army. They won pay increases from ?3 to $30 a month. Private* start at $21.10 a month plus clothing, food, medical care. Enlisted me can work up lo $157.50 a month. Anyone Can Study Tlii.s vocational (ruining is open to every enlisted man who .shows .-that he is interested and crih'lonrn." THerB nrc no arbitrary .scholastic requirements. Selection of men for spedial li-nining is left up to army officer!?. There, are ninny men to 'choose froTn, for (lie mnjiirily of pre.sent-dny recruits n.wlu'il oiRth grade, half -attended high school, ;ind four out'of a hundred were lo college. All brunches nf Ihr; service! are o|ipli to recruits under tlir oxpnn.sion program voted by Coimivi-.s mill enlarged by prcsidciilinl unlui- In brinK oulist- ctl .strrnglh from ItAOOU in July. 1939, to 227,000. '•'«. There are ri.OUO.OOO incinbt'i-.-i 'in, a single bird colony on the Chinc.hu islands, off f'oni. '/hcsi- Imxfx sire fistl-* mated to cut 10(10 Ions of fish diiily, See me before you SELL TOM KINSER FREE!! I slilrt Uiumlrrcil I'Kl'.K with Knch Suit Clviini'il ami 1'irsseU in mir MODERN Cleaning Plant COOK'S \VU1TK STAR l,amnlr.v-('li'ancis IMmnc IIS Kentucky Colonel Gets a 'Uniform suil, love for the Dcmocr-itic party, and a ciuuijt of bourbon whisky." "In tlic-^c sad clays of decline for J j Kentucky colonels, due to the en- troachmcnt of Yankee ideas and customs ... a quar^ °f bourbon whisky.' New Appointee Really Supposed He Deserved One AP Feature Service FRANKFORT, Ky. — A newly- appointed Kentucky colonel, who supposed there was a uniform for bears of the honorary title, wrote state officials that he was worried lest he "get into difficulties" by wearing non- regulation garb. • . So Assistant..Attorney-General William F. Neill, obliging,with an un official legal "opinion." described the evolution, of apparel and tastes of a Kentucky cojonel like 'this: In the beginning ... "a brace of duelling pistols, a plug of chewing tobacco, an overwhelming desire to hunt, fight, place a bet or make love to some woman, and a quart of bur- bon whisky." , • When prosperity 'came ... "a broad-rimmed hat, a'frock coat, a pair of baggy trousers, a shoe string necktie, a white goatee, a pair of sideburns a veneer of culture, and a quart of burbon whisky." After- ::the war" ... "a pair of patched pants, a floppy-brimmed straw hat, a tobacco goatee,- and a quart of bourbon whisky." Around the turn of this century . . "mutton chop whiskers, a broad-brimmed hat, abroad-cloth prince albert A Swiss Commander Leads Finnish Army BERNE —(/I 1 )— The commander-in- chief of Finland's armies was tho subject of long biographies in the Swiss press during the Finnish-Russian crisis—mainly because he is of Swiss origin. Major General Karl Lennart Ocsch is the son of a Swiss dairy-man from the canton of Berne who went to Finland 60 years 'ago to establish a dairy business there. The business prospered and the dairy man brought his young Swiss wife to .Finland with him. His dairy became one of the largest of Finland's prosperous businesses. His son, born in Finland, joined the army »nrj is now its commander. The Swiss, who are very proud of their own newly-elected comniander- in-chief, General Henri Guiyan, and their crack little citizen-army, [joint to Oefch's career as another evidence of Swiss military prowess. Although the length of the day varies with the latitude and .season, every plate on earth receives the same number' of hours ot daylight in the course of a year.' Handle Trojan Rivals Same Way,, Here are 446 pounds of Southern California guards, 212-pound All- A-naerica Harry Smith upsydaisying his 234-pound first-string running mate, Ben Sohn. They are two good reasons why Trojans - are headed for Pasadena Rose Bowl. Jan. 1. f- THE QUALITY ...BUT NIT THE PRICE! WITH 2 GREAT NEW GASOLINES! ESSO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING WINS NATIONAL AWARD Jisso Laboratories organization has just been given the I f.iy National Award for Chemical Engineering Achievement. This is the lim lime it has ever been given in the oil industry. The award w;is made for J-sso's many advances in developing super-fuels for aircraft and other high-powered engines. We appreciate this formal recognition of Lbso leadership. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA. "An Award for Chemical Engineering Achievement." Sponjorerf by Chfmical & Mltallursicol Cnjineering, YOU GET BETTER PRODUCTS AT THE (fcSSO SIGN r. IM3. tVr.o [DC, TARPLEY'S ESSO STATION 300 East 3rd St., Highway 67 Washing — Greasing — Complete Esso Service Phone 777 COLEMAN S ESSO HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 187 F. R. JOHNSON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OFFICE PHONE 306 (\

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