Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Page 3
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15 STAfc/ HOPS, ARKANSAS . Sfd Henry Telephone 321 Trees a( Christinas Why trees at Christmas Is it for tloep green, And pungent needles, nnrt soft black nncl twigs Oi for the tinseled strings 'of candlelight , flrt- a part of silences and slurs, They know the elf-im cold blunkcts of the .snow, And the cold rirms of mist, und windy nights, And winter rain and showers in the sun. 'Ihey fland alone nl night, nnilrl thi- rl ir Oi forest life; and so we likn to think 'Ihpy know the portent of God's mysteries. Wr cannot fr^nic a Sunbcnm or a slur, f>r coll In wind mid ruin to he iinr Bursts: All these are too intangible. But IK-PS Are their |>eifnnial messengers to _' . us. —Selected. , The sparkling Christinas Tree thai .< funds in public places is a community tree und it is a comfort to think thot the spirit which has set up the TREATED WED. & THURS. 2 FOR THE i PRICF OF I Present this ad with one I'aitl Adult Ticket—will admit 2 trees under the common roof of tho fky and turned on the lights to make Christmas outwardly .gay for very- tody, Is the spirit that leads us 10 look toward the light that first gleamed from that star which guided a stricken world to a beginning of Pea-'e and Good will. And stars will always .chine at Christmas lime on trees ol evergreen, in windows, over doorways, above the streets, and far beyond the magic of the sky. for thers will be stars of Mope and Faith and Courage of Patience and Love nnt; linally Triumph. ^The liglits in 0111 OWP little city in commemoration ol that Star tluit first shed its beams so long ago havi b?cii turned on to adcrn the mantle of night with myrairl jewel-: for all Die world to see and know the sign and catch the spirit thai gathers for n season, till men, rich and poor inlo one family, in .'pile of the strife that sets nations asunder . . . IRIAL STORY &ANTA CLAUS BROWN Jim Carter stodd for is moment before Donaldson's department store and gazed at its toy-filled windows. He found himself picking things out for his Pete, and Joe, and little Betty, impossible things with high price tags, that, a man shoveling snow nl 40 cents an hour buy. can only look at, never Mr. nncl Mrs. Willii,' Wilson announce (he tirrivul of a lit Ik- son—Jinimii' Don Friday DfePiiiber Hlli. ARSEHE LUPIN WjTH MELVXN DOUGLA* VIRGINIA BRUCE WARREN WILLIAM JOHN HAUH)A> • NflT PINDlUON The Junior-Senior High P. T. A, wilt inept Thursday afternoon, Dec. 14th at 3:30'ol'the high .school. "As A Man Thlnkuth in His Heart" will be the .subject discussed by Mrs. Dorsey Mi-Rue, a full membership is expected. -O- Mrs. R. M. Brianl, Mrs. 0. A. Graves and Mrs. Katpii Burton (Lewisville) wei-c hosts Tuesday a I u 12:30 luncli- oon al flu- Hotel Bariow lor Ihe December meeting of the John Cain chapter. D A, R. The large damask covered table was cenU;red with a hifjli mound i.j yellow and white pompom sry- santhcmums, with fern fronds, leading from the- central arrangement were sprays of red berries in clusters along the slems interspersed with the green leaves The regent, Mrs. J. J. Battle led in the salute to (lie M WED. - THURS. Molvyn Douglas l,oulse I'latl "TELL NO TALES" and Henry Fonda Murjnric Weaver "YOUNG MR. LINCOLN" And then suddenly he saw Belly, his G-year-old daughter, skipping up the street with a. group of playmates. He' turned away end bent over his work so that she would not see him, but he watched 1 (hem out of the corner of his eye' ns they all trooped into the big store. "Going to see Santa Claus Brown," he told himself. "Bless their hearts, how the children all do love him." * * * BETTY and her little grdup of friends hastened to thf toy department inside Donaldson's Palais Royale. To them it was fairyland; they stood Wide-eyed with nwe and wonder. Then one of them shouted, "There's Santa Claus Brownl" They rushed over .to a plump, jolly Santa who sat enthroned among the wonders of the toy department. As the children approached noisily, a floor-walked called: "Time to quit, Santa Claus Brown. You worked half an'hour late last night. Better go home and fix up your own Christmas." But Brown didn't even hear him. He was smiling at the children. Betty asked him earnestly: "Arc you the real Santa Claus, Santa Claus Brown? , Are the others just phonies? Gosh, you took like Santa Claus. . Or—are you just working for the real Santa Claus?" • Some of the children snickered, but Brown smiled down at her am answered seriously: "If. you believe in me hard enough, I'm Santa Claus, Betty If you believe hard enough you'll get what, you want. What do you want, Betty?" (Continued from "I want a doll carriage for myself, and a sled lor Pott- end a tool set for Joe," tlie child on-' swered. "So please b<; surt to bring tliem." TV/TR. DONALDSON, proprietor of the store, approached Santa Claim Brown. He was ;i pompous, small-town, big business type, bristling at all times with his own importance. The children beepmo instantly silent nt his approach. "Brown, could you do me a big avor?" Donaldson's tone' was a 'ommmid. "Worjj n little later tonight? The wife has a party—her de*. They want you lo put on an art for the youngsters, Ton dol- ars extra. Guess you ran use it his time of year—eh?" Ho slapped a condescending land on Brown's shoulder. After all, old fellow, you arc Santa Claus. Every youngster in his town believes in you. You've seen Santa 'Clans for almost 20 years—over since you first came n and asked for the job, with that Htle girl of yours riding piggy- onck. Where is that daughter of yours now, Brown?" Santa's smile disappeared. Everyone in town kept asking him, "Where is that daughter ol yours?" None of them realized how cruel the question was. "She's—a—she's doing very well in Hew York," he answered politely. "On the stage you know. Keeps her on the go—'doesn't have time to get back here. Always- was ambitious for the stage." "Children should have enougl respect for their parents to come home once in a while." Donaldsoi was unsympathetic. Then hi beamed with pride. "My son' coming back from college on th 6:10. Fine boy. Won't take ove the business, though. Wants t< be a lawyer. Maybe that's jus as well. Good profession, law. He paused. "Then you'll help m out tonight?" "Sure. Might as well stay right here -till you need me. You're-i keeping open till 0, aren't you?"l BY MILDRED GILMAN COPYRIGHT, mas, rn-:ft r.Rnviciv. inc. Unnaldson nodded, "Have to help out those last, minute ff-1- Santa Claus Brown turned bad; lo the waiting children. "Santa Claus will remembci every last one of you," he promised. "Now you'd better run hemc to your dinners. Good night, children, and Merry Christmas!" The children left reluctantly Good night, Santa Claus Brown," hey called back. * * * "T~)O you suppose he's the rea' Santa Claus," Betty askeci ler friends in hushed tones as 1he\ vent, out to the street. "Now, there's no real Santa "'Hius," answered a little boj [(.•ornfully. " 'Course there is," responded 3r>Uy, shocked. Several of the children laughed ''Yaali—she still believes in Santa Claus," cried one, and tho il.hws tool; up the taunt. "B«?tl.\ thinks tht-re's a real Santa Claus [hat comes down an honest-to- ijosh chimney, and wears a reel <iii ( x and . . ." '•Children, what on earth arc von doing?'' The children stopped, and looked around, surprised, as Alffa Banks, their school teacher, came up behind them. Alice Banks was a pretty young \voman with frank blue eyes and a warm, pleasant smile. Her cheeks glowed, pink as a child's in the chill of the December day.. But she was not smiling now. She looked down sternly at her pupils. "I heard.all that you said to Betty," she said. "Now, stop teasing her!" The youngsters muttered unintelligible apologies and then, with the surprising suddenness of youth, disappeared around corners and down side streets, leaving Betty clinging to her teacher's hand. The child's eyes glistened with tears as she turned her face upwards. "Tell me, Miss Banks," she begged, "is there really a Santa (To Re Contiuued) j drive was between 10 and 11 miles to 1 the f-jnllon. | Ci r in CJood Condition | Mechanics who overhauled Short's j litre in Buenos Aires "said it was in 1 i;nfi'.l condition with a .'.'ingle cxcept- ; : IMI. Constant, jarring on the rough jlutil.-, unil roads shook off liis front j lit-PiiHp plate once, jiml it was nearly i <vm n through u second lime. ! .Short. siiys his .greatest difficulty , WH- in crossing » river rat the fron- j tin hctwepii Ecuador and Peru. "There were no fordable place along the rvier, which w.-is waist, deep, i I lie hi- roc-all.'- 1 . "First wo tried to drive the cur onto two huge dugout enn- <<-:-. hut whenever we started, the canons would turn nni\ throw the car inlo Ihe wilier. "Aflor hnlf n rlny spent in study we di-vixed a driftwood rufl.. large ni'.iigh io support pni-i of the ear's v.'iighl. Then I liirnd a |) Ihe natives mi nnrl—and I here were plonly wfdch-. hip, Ihe far—nncl they literally em-riot! Ihi old l.n.i ucfoxK (.lie rivf-r." Hhr.rl snw not (1 single aialu> on the whole trip, doKpiio the stories lie heard' j nl replikr in tropics! jungles. Ani- I mi i IK were Ir.w and fur ItPlween. | "'Hit most Kiwiifte IhinR 1 run into | were tho lious," he xiikl. "Twice We I Ind >(, f.pend hours cutting a trail nroimd :i Kwiirm. And in 1he tropics ll» miliws frequently wiirnpd me of one type which eiuisod blindness if it f.lwi/4 ;i person's eyes." favvite, a of iridescent enameled glass, Here's the Hot and the Candidate PAGE THR§e The political fedora of Thomas E! Dewey is tossed into the-presidential ring by the 37-year-old New York district attowey, falls with a .thud that echoes throughout nation's G. O. P, circles. Long expected, Dewey's candidacy for Republican nomination wiltswfng into ..action•with, keynote speech in Minneapolis this week.. flag, nncl .singing guests were Intro- j Lc:mmitlei-.s. The ritual and sin^ii clneecl: Mrs. William Clarke of At- ! "Arkausas" clused ilu- mcMin,;. ! r\ lunta. Gn,. Miss Beryl Henry, Mrs. C. D. Lester, Dr. Etta Champlnin, Miss Maggie Bel! and Mrs. Sid Henry. The donations for Ellis Island were collected und the regular routine of business was transacted. Miss Henry told ol the requirements in the Good citizenship award extended by the D. A. fi'.s each your lo the seniors in public schools of the,different states Discussions were held over tha reports from (In- 'chairmen' of the different BEFORE CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE Ladies FALL and WINTER SILK DRESSES WOOL Up to $1.98 Dresses Now .'''Ik erejx-s, tu-etutcs, plaid .spun rayons and many others in a grand assortment of styles anil color.-;. Take y<!iu- ohciirc now icr only .... Announcement is rnadc of the marriage of Miss Alicia Read and Jump'; ny was read Walker Jones. The ceremo by Hev. Samuel L. Rainey in the Kpiscopal church in Fayellevillel lh:' home of the bvide) Sunday December 1C. Following a short wedding trip. Mi. and Mrs. Jones uro at home nl :!20 Ninth WnshlnRtnn' slreBl. Mrs. Cliarles Harn.-ll and " E. Brn.'.'on were Wednesday ives lLS.toAraen Up to $3.98 Dresses Now Spun iiiyoji-, light woclens-, r-'mivli cri'|ic.v, r.i-elak's unil iiiary (.llicr.v in r great cullecl- itn cf stylos and ci>lci-s for every tvcmr.li. On s;ilc- for unly . . . $1.44 Up to $4.98 Dresses Now Our (teller dresses drastically re- duuul. Slu-crs, Fri-iuli i-repus . . liccd.tc and lieaiitiltil siitin my< as in ninny slylt-s and colors IM.IV t/.r only . . . $2.77 LAKES HATS Oil n new cue uctv for the holidays . . These will tic..iliui your putirc- oulfit. Kadi group a !i|.L-cially priced group. LADIES $1 PRINCESS SLIPS Wednesday BABY SANDY U with Hugh Korlicrt liidiuril Carlson FloriMit'i- Kici- Hope - Pine Bluff Football Pictures Thursday &• Friday HE HEARD THE SONG IN THEIR HEARTS! 49c AND Mutle if lii-anlil'ul ilubby m 1 (ill'in'\vu.shclili-. satin;; with non- (jiill si-iiin.. Tailurrd or dainty Ir-cc liiinnietl -tylcs. All sixes tii •M. Clearance LADIES ID suedes, novelties, with )iigl>, medium heels mid low heels. They are from higher priced line.-, und u sensational value ut this low price. $I.OO "•^^^^^^^^^"-^^^""••••^^••^••^^•1 SHOES One Wg group of women's ox- lords in assorted styles and put- Urns drastically red need for this srle. Every pair i- real value. All .sizes. $1.44 Ilie Miiiulcsl ami newest styles in vvumi'ji's Full und WJnler l«i tweai. All going now ut this stusutii nully low iirice. Get your ."hie.': here for Ihe holiday ac- tivilies. Save money! $1.98 REPHANS 'THE FRIENDLY STORE' But Pan American Highwav Still Is Just a Dream II.v IIAKOI.1) K. INlIMtH Al' Feature Service BUKNOS ARltX — Tho I'irsl Amor- lean In drive'an .'uitomobil'.- from (he Uniloil State. 1 -; .voolhv/arft over ihc r.in-Amerii'an highway rnote to Argen linn recommends thai tourists wail ut li'nat two decades before trying the trip. Ellis K. Short, :i(), i, Lios AIIROIOS law school graduate who ROI to Bne- nu:' Aires in a .?'('() aiilomnbile, re- j ioriflilioned for $^SO. says Ihe |.J,, r >m 'mile.- (i.veri-d ;inci.' he Ir-fl Cali: ti'inia l''el i nary -1 wen. the- mo::l dif- j li--"l| III 1 f e.--c licliJC-: lit ; ee. "It. is not tho wild liulitms or the ; ilaii(<i'rniis animals. I didn't i e • a -,'m",le : oar of either," Short ray.- 1 . "But :lriv: iiiK down llx-ir cnr Jmrl Iriinsiim lini; ' v.'eather (r,."iditioiis is t^u nuu'h tin Ihe health of mn::! individuals." t'everal l.alin Amei-,|...ns nave made tin- i-nrlhi.-ni I rip from HIM no:; ..\ir:'i In Ihe United Slates one parly tearing di'.mu their far :,nd traiis]-.rirli ; i(.; il on mule-baek ove,- ;. : ,,IH,- -.celinrir nf Mi'.' |;io|>o'o<l ionic. I-'rom l.he iiorlh Iwi: Areeiil:...-; anil a German have ridden nidi n e\ p e!e:; lhro\ii.'Ji Central Am- i-ricii lo (In- Miiillicrn ediKiuelit. Hill ! ; hnrl :-.>:,•:, lr.- is tile lirsl (.erson 10 'ii'-d.e the li-ip by anli .mobile I'ram IMHtll te soil! II. l-'rom Cjililuinia Miori drove .steadily Miotbward ihrniiRh Mesieo. Gnat- eimdii. Kl Sliivaflnr, and Honduras, pairine ihronyli si-elions whieh even Ihe 1 •::ii-AiiH'rii-an Dnion--sponsors of Ib: Iiipliway--Kil(l him wen- impassable. Tills Way Thuni K :i In Niearajjna he encountered a roail- li-v:, Irailless jimyle Ihriiuyli whii-h lie eonld |-.ass only with the aid of -in ox learn and a crpw of naiivi-s (o c'lit. a way. "In Hint area I bad my worst day's travel—six miles." tho jCalilornian says. "From Niearai;ua in; li> Co.'Jla Rica it tool< me five days .o nu:Uo -111 miles, nuieh of it -dony norse trails or no trails al all." With bis gasoline consumption, on hard stretches, as little as three miles a gallon, gasoline supply beeame a bin problem for roadside stations are virtually un-l<nowit in many .sections ol the aiea he traveled. Short reaciu-d Valparaiso August 27. The bottom of his roudsler .--hiine like .- |)nlislu'd jiloel mirmr I'friin (In- heavy brushing of undergrowth. He estimated UIL- trip cost him about s^ (1(1(1. He ]>aid in cents a gallon for l-.i'oline in Krii;nlor and Mexico Si) cents in Honduras, where motor tin I -\ i-- available only in five gullou tins. His- fuel milage for tbe l-LfiHO-inile Mi. ;inrl Mrs. Oliver Mi)).; li.-ive ; ,. s - lu,n--( uuo:.-|'j, Mrs. Mill's sisu-r.--. Mr.s. M. A. Krc-uler and Miss Hatlie Tyrej lit Kansas Cily. Vrioncls will ri-Kivi ic knuw I hut Alj>. Mill'.s inoihi..]-, Mr.'.. Willie Bciindair is .'--',i|l soriinis- l\ ill in I'lo Ju!i:i Clu-ML-r l-U-spiial Tin- Un|;t- IJusc I'liib \viil Imlil it-; D. i-i inbc'i meeting al ilirer 1 o'cloi-k. Fiiday ai'U-nioon at llic lionio of Mr;., i. L. MnriJliey. East Bn>aihv-.t.V- Eo/n to Mr. and Mvt. Lcr.tor Hucka- bni, Dt-ci-mljcr ihli. a baby mrl. Hal- lieia tlail nl lln- Julia Clirslci HD.;- liital. The baby and mother an.- doing nieelv. AT CHRISTMAS TIME Gifts For the Entire Family AT TALBOT'S Lovely Robes A gift that will warmly convey your wiihcs tor her happiness of Christmas and long aftor. Fine Silk and Chenille robes, taultlessy tailored. Rich tlottering shade;, in zipper or wrap around styles. $ 2 95 to $ 5 95 Costume Jewelry Ta make her sparkle. Give her necklaces, bracelets, er- rirg-.. BED JACKETS gilt every woman appreciates, tot her restful moments. Soft chenille jackets In beautiful shades. 98cto1.95 BAGS New handbags that will bring ioy .... soft dressmaker and tailored styles. 98 C Lovely Mojud HOSE Nc matter how hard she is. lo please here is the perfect GIFT. Full fashioned, silky smooth, new 'colors. . ah lengths.' Beautiful Silk' Gowns AND Pajamas The loveliest of Lingerie ... for her. Beautiful styles in both tailored and elaborate loce trim models. 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