Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Page 2
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'' PASS TWO Hope ARKANSAS lar of Hope. 1S99; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0_Jmtice, Deliver Fn/se Ster Co., Inc. C. E. PALMEtt, President ALEX. H. WASHBUBN, Editor and Publlslicr New Baby Parfda for Chicago Zoo (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)— Means Newspaper Enterprise Alss'n. Kn ' e in Advance): By citv carrier per *"*, Assoctl l tPd PWM~The Associated Press is n You Can Help! U "'" """' «"»* * help, if at this moment. The germ that causes tuberculosis was discovered within the lifetime are not turn your backs on opportunities to save human lie It comes rom you v,ho take action when death is there to mock your heedlessness. Tt * ^ »««• d wil1 be until Christmas Day. v i to you in every community, in every town and t>. The money you pay for them goes into the battle against tuLrJ^.v "„ your community and throughout the nation. It fe " batt for he ^protection of your own families against a disease that strikes down most of iL vfcUms between the ages of 15 and 45. It is estimated that there JrTm^re than MO m tu berculous person* .that is persons with active tuberculosis, in the United Stat The prevention of tuberculosis is as important as its cure Modern methods m control include an onslaught directed to finding the enemy before iTmakes itself- known by outward signs. At first there is little to warn tha the Term* have begun to-do their damage. Even .a physician cannot hear sounds £ f the chest that might not be normal. The hope of getting well lies i This Chinese immigrant, Li Ling-ai, is perhaps the last ot her kind to come to the U. S. Baby Panda, Teddy Bear of the animal world, is shown aboard ship arriving from the Orient. It will be -shipped to the Chicago Zoo. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions mi Page .One 1. She made good in the world because she was a captivating blond. 2. Tlienittctiiuic of the fly are germ carriers. 3. The interment was made at Holy Cross cemetery. 4. A inetor fell in the sky last night. Having worked hard rill his years, he became indolent in his old age. k~ . f the warning signs, excess fatigue, fever pain in the chest.- The instrument that makes it possible to discover e Symbo1 of hope for the afflicted and of safety can and use 'them in proof of your enlistment for the duration of this™a, * K 1S a war to save lite, not to take it. It is your war. ' • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. H. ftCOt a. •, <»AT. _ Ji4 ^_ By DR. MORRIS FISHBE3N •«»». «muml ot the American Medical AxMefatW mm* M Hygela, the Health Magarin* New Methods Contribute to Cut Progressive Effects of Paresis (Tin's is the second of two articles by Dr, Fishbeiu on paresis, • dread disease which sometimes folloivs mi attack of syphilis.) The treatment of paresis has boon greatly improved because ot new discoveries made by medical science. It s of utmost miportanco that any patent with syphilis bo given thorough :reatment to stamp the disease entirely out of the body. In 1917, it was discovered that ma- aria infection frequently halted progression of tho paresis condition. For a while the malaria treatment was widely adopted, particularly in asylums and sanitarium. Patienl.s with paresis were infected with tho malaria organisms. It was then possible to control the malaria wth quinne and si- milr methods. The malaria treatment has many disadvantages, including the fact that malaria itself is a serious disease and that infection with such organisms is difficult. Il was soon suggested that it was not so much the malaria that brought about good results as the fever which was induced by malaria. New methods thcrefore,_ were developed for heat o r fever 'treatment. These included the injection of vaccines made from various germs, hot water baths, and, more recently, special heat- ing'and baking devices of an electrical character which make it pos sible to raise the temperature of tho patient and keep it at a definite level for long periods of time. All of tlio.se treatments are such, however, that they can be given best in a hospital. Certainly they should not be attempted under any other LEGENDARY MISER HORIZONTAL 1,5 Miser sovereign of a Greek myth. 10 Everything he touched changed to 14 Smell. 15 Apart. 16 Armadillo. 17 Epoch. 18 Buzzard. 19 Upright shaft. 20 Wound dressing. 22 Spelling book. 25 Italian river. 28 Cam lever. 30 African plant. HOne that hires. 35 Hair ornament. 36 Satiric. i8 To commingle ?9 Noun ending. 10 Spectacles. 15 Betrothed. 50 High card. Answer to Previous Puzzle 51 To corrode. 53 Legal rule. 54 Even his food to gold. 55 He to have his normal touch returned. 57 Pieces of poetry. 58 Boats. : 59 Pertaining to air. VERTICAL 1 Measure. 2 Thought. 3 Giantess of fate; 4 Hundredth Of a right angle. 5 Grublike larva. G Small island. 7 Pattern block. 8 Says further. 9 To percolate 10 Bile. 11 Gem. 12 After delay 13 Doctor. 20 He was. made normal by in a river. 21 Apish actions, 23 Exalting. 24 Slackened. 27 Ozone. 28 In behalf of. 29 Writing tool 31 Brink. 32 School of whales. 33 Silkworm. 37 Professed opinions. • 41 To extol. 42 !2 rods. 43 Coins. 44 Senior. 45 Verbal termination. 46 Pointed ends. 47 Seaweed. 48 Type of plum. 49 Pitcher. 52 Kimono girdle 54 Toward. 56 To fare. Until these new methods of irr-jit- ment were developed, tho person who developed paresis died in two or three years after a very stormy i disease. With modern methods the- progress of many cases can be stopped. Many patients are released from institution.-; and go back to productive work. Much depends on tin- extent of the pni//rex;; of the disr-asc; before adequate treatment is applied.. Nerve- sue like that of the brain, once ser icu.sly damaged, neldom i-pf.-i.vprs com WE THE WOMEN By KUTir MIU.ETT At Christmas time it's women ant children first. Maybe that is why men as a rule, arcji't as enthusiastic abou i Christmas as their women folks. Abou jail they got out of "giving 1 'is the : doubtful privilege of footing the bills I Tni.i yca t -, let's give tha men some I of the fun of Christmas—instead of j hogging it all ourselves. I That doesn't mean asking them to j help pick out Aunt Lucy's bed jacket or .Sue's gloves. Most men hate shopping any time, and tho more crowded the stores the shorter their tempers. So we ran continue to count them out when it comes to buying gifts. Exciipt toys for the kids. When it comes to Junior's or Sally's big gift, lot's let Dad d.j tl'ie picking. He'll get as big u kick out of .selecting a sturdy tricycle as we get out of sniffing around the perfume counter, ] Also, let's see that he goes along ! I" select (he tree. And maybe send I him alone to pick out the decorations i for it. What if it i. sn 't a "smart" ; color -cheinc-it will (in his eyes at least) bo the finest looking tree thp 1 family over hud, i World Isn't Easy on Tender Lambs - Then, too, let's not invite anybody in for Christmas unless he thinks it would be fun to have them. 1 And Id's not laugh at the result : of hi.-; Chri.stmas Eve shopping, which IK iilirost sure to be something that : he just couldn't resist for one of the ' children. ' And this one year, let's do more think - m^ about his gift than about anyone else's. 1it.<; and socks and shirts are all rignt. But imagine how hard it must be fore a man to try to get enthusiastic over them year after year. Thi.s time, let's give him something KO right that he'll know we've done a lot of thinking about him Wednesday. December 13, '• •-.•.•..•-••^.i^ii t.'mk,vf in,, , .„•,.•••., -» ' "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL' You con talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SELL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone One Jlme Six times 2c word, minimum 30c 5c word, minimum 90c Three times—3i/,c word, minimum SOe One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Roles ore for continuous insertion'; only A Chip Off the *, Old Block RONOKE, Vn.~(fP)~ Buddy, ll-yenr- old son of Roland Hughes, sports editor of the Roanoke World-News, is •learning the answers. A.skwl which side he fnvorcd in the Virginia Tech-Virginia Military Institute game, Buddy replied, "Well. I'm rootin for Tech, but 1 hope V. M. I. wins." * OUT OUR WAY FIR CHRISTMAS TRESS • your selection early before they are picked over. MONTS SEED STORE . fi-12tc FOR SALE—-Everything that you need in New and Used Furniture at the Lowest prices. See us before you buy or sell, Franklin Furniture Store N2-1M FOR SALE—Fine big bone Brori/es Turkeys. 200 lo pick from. Toms S5.00, hens $3.00. Mrs. E. M. Delnney, Columbus, Ark. 7-6tp Board reason T. K. Urroy !!-:( WARNING-The Boyd Bros 7 " at* posted. Postively no huntini! warned you. H.iyd Bros- USE ,« f Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering! * This Fall and Winter " J For sale by the leading merchants $ in every community. By J. R.Williams FOR SALE—Pair Smooth-mouthed mules, and plow tools. Olin Croner. nt Kru/. Inn. , ll-3tp Wonted to Buy One mare mule, brown.' ago about . taken in December 1st. R, 15 Griffin, phone (i!) or 25 ll-;Hp "' " and while Hoelstine Samuel, WANTED to BUY-Casb pnkl To, nice home made quilts. See Mrs. j Tom Carrel. Tourist Rooms. Ill WPSI Third street. 9-3lp. Services Offered We cut, grind and install lasses. Reasonable Prices. Pai-ts for sale. Earl's Wrecking Yard, West 3rd St., Phone 605 SERVICES OFFERED-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb 658-J. Sept.-26 1M OH, THIS WE'RE JIS CLEAKJIN' UP AROUND OUR. CLUB HOUSE IS ALL-- WHV1 OH, NOTHIW' MUCH OWLV IT'LL BE IMTERESTINJ' TO SEE HOW DEEP TH' CITY DUMP IS' H |,out 8 vrs wooden Hopo, Rt. ;i ' FOR 'SALE-Broilers for Sale. Purma. Phone (!9 or 25. R. F,. Griffin U-IUp Nice Fat Turkeys for Salt- oust on Highway 4. Phono 07. LOST— 1 Vi yea bitch pointer __ For Rent FOR RENT-3 room furnished apartment with Private bath. 203 East Ave" ue c - i2-3t THE L)MDEg.GROUMD BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin \ w* . *• BOOXS V \KiOtt!D'. 0<? IW A ALLEY OPP War on the High Seas ByV. T.Hamlin ALLEV\AHOY,THERE,ULYSSES/ 1 OOP ANP t?e. HEAVE TO OB. WE'LL / SLOW vou OUTA WHAT DO YOU WAKE OF OOOLA* •. , WHAT'S THAT THING > THEM, OOP I OLD &OVA What's That? By Rov Crane ALAS'. I'M POOMED STOP YOUR VOWUMS, AMD LEAVE IT TO ME THAT WOMAW'S A CIWCH TO ttAWOLE VT6SO WOMDERFUL OF /THE ..,.,,„, „„..,., VOU TO WAWT TO MARRV/BOV! I FEEL THAT LINK EVIEM AfTER HE'S / HE W\Lt NEED A HOME AMD LOWING CARE WOW THAU EVJER. WO •SACRlf ICE CAW BE TOO fiREAT THA,T'-6 •SPLEMO\D! 5PLEWD\D! WA6WLL BE M1SHTV REtlEvED TH OH.VE6, IWDEED. VOU 6EE, WOW LOST HIS M1UD AMD CAM' BURIED HIS TO TAKE CARE OF HlfA. WASH WKSAIrRAlD BE eSrAEMBEg WHERR. "' TO LEARN YHAT YOU'RE Ac- TUALLV 60IVJG THRU WITH POOB UNCLE LIWCOLM o — ( LOST HIS WIUD FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Lard Gets a Police Escort By Merril Blosser SOMEWHERE THE" RUSH "? YOU WERE DOING 55 IN A MILS ZONE / WEU-.TMATS DIFFERENT.' I'LL eer our IN FRONT AMD CLEAR. THE WAY/ FRBCK, i. CAMT THINK Of ANY PLACE i'D RATHER NOT GET To IN SUCH A HURRY WELL.N WAS ON HILDA DON'T KMOW WHAT TO WASMT OiMe T AT ALL.' RED RYDER Discovered By Fred Harmon WILL EVER KMOW WHO "HAT STAGE HOLDUP AND WITHERS/ WEVESEEI | BETTER PLAY YOUR. CARDS CLOSE TO YOUR VEST, LUCKYV OUR REPUTATIOM AIM'T AWV TOO GOOD AROUND HERE/ DIFFEREMT WOVV THAT I'M BUILDIKJ 1 TH NEW SCHOOL .LUCKV THAKJKS INFORMATION

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