The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 20, 1934
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'Served 6j/ file C/ntfed Prim BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THIS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O)» Mni!'l'n»i ^., .„ ^"^ ^*™*-«^"-.^1^1 JB^UL ^, VOL. XXXI—NO. 160 BMly Newt Blylheville Cciirler Valley I,e»der Blylheville Hernia BLYTII1.JVIU.B, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SKl'PRMBBU 20, SINGLE COPIES "FIVE' Yield to Heredity Tennessee Relief Authori- lies Say Gravity of Situ- tion Exaggerated MEMPHIS, Sept. 20. (UP)—The Memphis Humane Society charged today that approximately 5,000 head of TERA cattle, quartered on Island 31 in the Mississippi river, 40 miles north of here, were being allowed to starve gradually. The charges were made by Mrs. Prank Sweeney, president of the Memphis Humane Society, who said today she was preparing charges to present, to government officials at Washington and to the National humane society. Mrs. Sweeney, who visited the island, said she was "horrified at sucli Incredible cruelty." She charged thai some 5,000 head "of cattle were enclos'cd bra barbed wire area of about 5,000 acres with "not even a slubble. of grass nor anything green to eat." Vegetation Stripped ! She said the caltle had eaten all underbrush, < tree limbs and vines within reach and charged that the watering places were surrounded by "treacherous quagmires" into which the cattle wander and' sometimes die'of strangulation or starvation, too weak to get out, ' Tlie cattle have been on Ihe'Is- ' -land ab9ut four weeks. They were brought from ' the'.droulh stricken-; - sreas in Jthe'-west:\ M~ • =-•=*•*-•• quotcr|-Biick''MlIligan', l_ „.„ er ; in charge of the cattle, as saying , 25 head died the first, week after \ foliage was stripped and that alii would die within two weeks unless j relief is administered. . I Tennessee TERA Administrator Walter Simpson and County "Ad- minislralor J. R. Garrett this afternoon discounted the charges. . In a joint statement "Simpson and Garrelt admitted some of the pastures In which the cattle had been placed arc "playing -oiii.".. but said that fences were cut yesterday afternoon to allow the 5,000 head in question to drift into new'pas-. Discovery of a heredity key which ])iomises:to explain iho mystci-ies of evolution -as Hi? Jlosetta stone did the uiys- .lories ol Egyptian )ilcrogl>-|>hlc3 Is credited to< Dr. Calyjn . B Bridges. abo»-e; of the Carnegie Inslilution His experiments, were Jiiade wild Ihe .-giant chromosomes fo'iin'd' iji the ..of llic y«asl Jy's salivary nOQSEYElT GETS TEXTILE STRIKE -. tures on [he lower end of the island. 1 Situation in County Good [ • Drouth cattle brought to Mississippi county for pasturing are all in fair to good condition, B. N. Wilson, PERA administrator for lieious Work Combined With Munitions Sales in Ecuador WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 (OP)— Testimony that an American missionary in Ecuador combined religious work with demonstrations of tear gas was given today to the senate 'munitions committee by John W. Young, president of the Federal -Laboratories, Inc.', Pittsburgh. , this county, told the Courier News V nn n » i 1 1 n ' today • Young told the committee the Mr.' Wilson said that shortage of m l s ?l° n!lry rwas hts brolllcr ' P»»l' f ™ m Pal " <° . John; in fo ™ er . e o feed, slmlhc- to that, reported on 37, forced tl« rental u *° rk a "K'ng the Indians catlle from Bank Island near Lux- .r v "" & v " 1 ' iLJUllvt| a ora, lo a fallenlng pasture at Wil-1""1 C ,"° r !f to . inl . crcst h 'g h offi- EOII, where they will be slaughter-' , /? Ecuador in gas grenades soon as the necessary- facili-1 1 ™° . ln ™™><™ts, were read ties have been provided I «' ° hairraan ^ cr! "d P- Nye (Rep., Cattle at Big Lake, he said, have! r.,,; *. M ,. • - - - - John told the committee his bro- , , plenty of feed, and those on the Dyess colony have enough to last for two weeks or a month, when they will be moved to fattening pastures, preparatory to slaughter. Mr. Wilson said that Mississippi county relict officials had received a number of complaints concerning the Island 37 cattle from persons .who apparently believed that they were under the'Jurisdic- tion of the Arkansas relief administration. Island 37 Is near Wilson, Ark., but is part of Tennessee and Is being used as a pasture for cut- tle assigned to that stale. Government fleet workers have reported the plight of Island 37 csttlc caught in the deep mud while attempting to reach water. Horse Theft Penalty Greater Than Auto Theft COLUMBUS, o7 (UP) - Horse heft Is punishable In 18 states and the District of Columbia by heavier penalties than the stealing of molor cars. This fact was discovered by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles In a survey of vehicle laws. Ohio's code has been revised, as have thc codes of 12 other states, to Increase car theft penalties above those of horse stealing. Tl, 0 Iaw provitlcs £, r .""L! 0 ?,° years Imprisonment foi a first offense, five to 30 years for subsequent offenses • Slates In which horse stealing - ther was n member of the "Christian Missionary Alliance." "Are we to understand?" asked Senator Homer T. Bone (Dem Wash.);; "that the old hymn, 'Onward Christian Soldiers,' is to be given a new meaning in 'marching as to war?'" Other developments today in the inquiry included testimony lhat in 1932 Young offered to sell to the Japanese navy various tear gas Governor Winant and Secretary Perkins Meet With President •HYDE PARK. N. .Y.. Sept 20 (UP)-Tfcc textile strike situation was laid before President Roa.wicU today by Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins and Gov. John G. win- ant, chairman of the special board of inquiry in Hi; dbpiuo. Meeting across thc dining table at the summer White House, tt was umlerslcotl the conferees submitted a report of findings of the special board that was named by Mr Roosevelt soon after the stril-e began. "I>m here to discuss problems In connection with the strike," Winant said he prepared to cnt-r th= house. Other than (his brief remark he would not, dbcuss the strike situation or give any hint „., to the principal points he expected to take uj> with ,\[ r . Roosevelt. ^'" Cts " 1>er Cen( °r«ration NEW YORK, Sept. 20 tUP>- At least 75 per cent of the cotton te.xlile mills in the south will be in normal operation next' week with a fun complement of employ-'' ecs, George A. Sloan, chairman of the .cotton J.e.xlile code authority prcdlcted/UKlay.on. the basis of a si>ryey,»f thai textile aera. -Sloan'! barfed his..predictions on the Claim that "more thiiii two- hirds of .the 300,000 employes h the southern textile industry are back on the job foday." "The course that has been taken by workers where protectioi has -been afforded indicates lhat most of thc cotion mill employes who are still out of work, north and south, • are not in sympathy K'itii the strike," he said." 'tt-Hiy Im-All Europe! New Orleans "Clean" Says Mayor, Who Declares He Fears Nothing NEW YORK, sspt. 20. (UP>Mayor T. Semmes Walmsley of New Means could have prevented Huey U>ng's investigation of his city, Iv- said on arrival here today, but he didn't bother to because "the city c !, ean and I ll!! ve nothing to Walmsjey came here for a council of mayors. On his way from •he, station to his hotel he delivered ifmself of numerous remarks about the Louisiana Kingfish. "I don't, care anything about the investigation instigated by Long," :c said. "It doesn't amount to nny- nfng. r could have obtained an in- unction stopping him but since thc city is clean and I have nothing to fear I did nothing." ^..^^..^x. imvj- various icar gas T , f . »• patenls and .formulae and, that a uelern »S to Long as "the crazy British uthor, Mrs. Patricia Ken- Louisiana." w<iimei«» r^u dall. sought to develop a market in India for tear gas from Young's firm. FERA Will Build Houses to Store Sweet Potatoes LITTLE UOCK, Sept. 20 (UP>Edgar A. Hodson, assistant FERA administrator in charge of rural rehabilitation, today authorized construction of storage houses for sweet potatoes to preserve them during the winter. Labor for thc buildings,- designed to hold 500 bushels each will be provided by thc" FERA but communities will be required to furnish materials, Hodson said. Will Recruit 100,000 Men for C. C. C. Camps WASHINGTON, sept. 20. (UP>— C. C. C. Director Robert Fechner ••••••vti HUISU I Is the uiQre sorloiK crimrt >m^« ..... **.»,*iin.* the law are Arkansas M.W,.. anifo « n «<» today that 100,000 new Florida, Georgia, Illinois India™'''"H* Wuld ^ added lo tlle coll ~ Kentucky, Michigan, ' Mon ana ' fh«S 1° l° lps Jsh ° r - ly to rcplnce New Hampshire North Camii,,i *'"" have dr °PP«d out or will .Oklahoma, .Pennsylvania, South' d ' 5Cha - r g e d,September 30 . , ''. A herd of 709 buffalo bought •In 1807 by Canada and Inlroduced », Wnlmsley said ne .was: not worried about the attempt of thc senator to oust him from his position. Us said Huey •;stole" the recent election in New Officers Hold Motorist While Story Is Checked A motorist giving his name as it. G. Hopgood. railway company employe of Washington.'D. c., was picked u pfor questioning by slier- I's deputies this afternoon when they, found him silting In a lar»e new model sedan with West Virginia license plates, on a side road OIT Highway 61 this aftcr- "3on. Hopgood,said., he was tired and •-----"-"t, "fc- « «a uitU ilHU slopped lo rest, according to reports, and produced a bill of sal» purporting to show that he owned another car that he traded in Evansville, Ind., for the new machine, for which he has a transfer card. H Is practically Impossible for human life to exist more than 60 hours witrout water, althon»h it can continue, in certain clrcum- slanccs, to exist for weeks without food. Eslhci icHonen of nnland moves that her little country h not only a producer of champion athletes bui of champion beauties as well She was selected -as tl, 0 most beautiful girl in Europe'at a contest In Hustings, tn.innd, in which representatives of sixteen nations took part. Now she will compete for the titic of Miss Universe. 'Seeks Rainey's Seat in House A former iMifomil Jucigc advocate of the American Legion, Scott Lucas. Havana, 111., shown here in .1 now picture'. Is a candidate for die House of Itcnri!- Rpnintives seat ot llic late Klioaker Henry T. U;,lnoy. Lucas Is llic Dcinucrntlc nominee In tho Twciiticlli Illinois district. 'ray for Safe Return of Missing 6-Year-Old NASHVILLE. Tenn., Sept. 20. (UP)—pa rent f and friends today prayed for Ihe safe return of Dorothy Distclhurst, 6-year-old klndcr- garlen pupil, who disappeared yes- crday. while ofllcers sought "ihc c.,ila's runaway, half-brqtber. A Methodist minister'led prayer wrvlccs at thc DIstelhurst home •>nd members of the Methodist boird of missions hclj services In ' du«nlown building. t The girl's 18-year-old brolhcr, Aired jr., who left home last No- •embcr, was reported lo luvc been In Nashville a few days ago, Amputation Necessary Following Accident Near llie State Line Today Bryant filch, of St. Louis, employed by a Stecle, Mo., land company, had his left arm so severely mangled that amputation nt Ihe shoulder was necessary when a truck, passlnc his car on Highway 61, struck his arm, resting on a dcor of his car, his elbow projecting, slightly beyond the side of Ihe car. The accVent occurred near t'f.e Arknnstis-Mlssouri state line at an early hour this mornlna. Rich was rushed to |h« Blvlhevllle hospital in a Cobb ambulance nnd amputation of the arm was performed soon afterwards, physiclns said the arm was torn and manelcd beyond hope of further use and danger of Infection necessitated removal. Secretary Wallace Discuss _Queslion with Congressmen Saturday WASHINGTON. Sept. 20. <UI') — Widespread casing of agricultural crop restrictions appeared' possible today with a strong movement under way to stipend operation of the Bankhead cotton act. At thc same lime lest of farm sentiment Indicated corn anil hoa controls would be Kghtcned. Eccrclnry of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace will confer Siittinlay with congressional loaders from cotton slates to determine thc future of the ISankhentl act, which Is now under fire by Senator John. H, Dunkhcnd, author ot llie .'measure. The movement to eliminate Ihe Bankhead control lias resulted from Ihe decreased" production, which falls below Ihe Uankhcail reslrlc- llon of 11,000,000 bales. Wallace said unluvornble reports had been received regarding onera- lipn of thc law wiilch originally was opposed by the agriculture department. Vanderbilt Boat Wins Third Race ABOAltD U. 'fi. COAST OUAHD CUTTKH AIICIO, off Newport, R f., Sept. ao.-E!illti B np Ihe wind In a Epeclucular homewiml spurl, Harold Vnnderbllt's American Ue- Icndei 1 , Halnbow. today won the '(1 heal of Ihe America's cup .....cs against T. O. M. Sopwllh's Endeavour, victor In the Ural two heals. BY POLICE. Man Held Received $50,, 000 Payment From Dr.; J. F (Jafsie) Condon '• NEW YORK, Sept 20 (UP)—,' The Llmlbuffii Innrdei mystery vjas "cracked" today, police announced, with the wrest of Biuno Richard llauplmann on (.barges of being thft recipient of the $50,000 losscd over a cemetery wall in the Bionx in | a vain cffoil | 0 rccovej the kld- | naiic<l son of Co) cnnrlcs A Lind- Ibcrjjh. I llauplmann Is an alien who fame lo Ihc Unilcd SUles II jrars ago as a slouaway on a ship, accord- Ing lo William J Moran, chief of federal detectives. $35,000 Kccovered Ho was arrested while attempting lo piss a $10 gold certificate About $35 000 nf the Lindbergh ran- EOin money wn$ reported recovered. Civnr P.ICA Rn(«,-^ li;,,U Tl>c Lllull)t!r !'li ransom money »a» Ulliy Lase Ijeloie High- tossed lo a man m a Bronx cetn- p., Prt,,!.* elfirv llV rtr .1 1? MnTclnS r*n**A~Jf Missouri Concern Plans to Would Hurt State but Help County ,"«.« • ».«»* ,j»»tv ""* .»v,p t,,ru,,tj ujjuisuiiig a iriicK wnnuiii, a cnain- Siispcnslon of the llaiikhorid'luw Jeiir's license ngnlnst AlWrtson were would mean a loss to the- cotton -"—•<-"«.i — — -••* -' -• growers of Arkansas as u whole but a gain to those of Mississippi conn- 'y. • V'.-s '• ; , T. Roy Reid, assistant director of. Ihe r a£HcnHiiral ; exlcnslo In this stsjjtf invii state Little Rook. -~~ : -' 3 . suspension/'-of "the : law would cost Arkansas cotton producers' ' about $4,820.000.' He based Into on' Itie estimate that the'stale .iv.lll produce about' 241,000'bales .of' cptjon less'than 'its ua'rikh'cad law allotment. If the Bahkhea'd law remains in effect holders of tax exemption °3''Wd c §' .|d: ; chnrges r&nfl.itenl«^t^r,iSe emenevafi hurled,by R. kV-'Hitchcc^ •traffic"""' IJ "" manager of the flrm.j.'nnd state revenue officeli-'for Iwo'days before Ihe. trial. • - - - .; Thc defense, admittedly'anxious to get ihc caso before a higher court, offered no 'evidence to refute ... I,....*., ttu.uvi.i vi mn v.wll,|Jt>UL> tillllulU, U] gll&Uflll(2 Ull WI11C ccrtlflcalcs, for this amount of cot- k'ansas tax hail nnl teen Italian Soldiers Will Police Saar Plebiscite PARIS, Sepi, 20. fUP)_Thc powers have reached an agreement to recruit German sMaklnz rtalinn forces to h? sent into thc Saar to preserve order during tbe coming Dleblscltc, reliable quarters said today. Thc ftallan troops would reen- rorce the local forces. Their mission wo;ild- be to insure neutrality nunna the nleblsclte. in which the ISaar inhabitants will vote whether to belonir to Germany, or France, or remain under Jurisdiction of the of Nations. it Was a Big Day for 74-Year-Old Widower PEMJODY, Mass. (irP)-Wllliam H. Jacqutt. 74-year-old widower, suddenly started life anew. He bought a new suit, a new au- lomoblle ar.d !ook his third wife, all In thc same day. "n was a big day for me," he Ion will probably be able to dispose of them at Ihc rate of four cents per pound of cotion to growers in (her stales whose production exceeds their Bankhead law allot- menls. If the law is suspended there will of course be no buyers for Ihcsc surpTns certificate:!. MisslsslpDl county, however, less severely hit by tr.c drouth than most Arkansas counties, will probably produce a crop somewhat In excess of its Bankhead law qubla. Suspension of the law would enable Mississippi county growers to dispose ol their excess production without paying the tax which Hie act ini'wses on nil cotion in excess I of allotments. In spite of this, however, sentiment in this county generally is for the application of the law as H stands, according to J. E. Crltz, county agricultural agent. Mr. Crib, said that he had Inleu'lewed' a. number of farmers,- Including some who arc faced with the prospect of paying a substantial tax on their 1934 production, and nearly all expressed '(he belief tn<U rto law should be keel In effect. Sus- ncnslon of Ihe law Ibis year, they believe, will make it imnosslblc of enforcement next vear. with thc result that a ruinously larce 1035 crop would be likely, Mr. Crltn said. American Ea?le Revealed As New England Pig Thief DANBURY. N. H. (UP)—Arthur Hoi^^ibeck's babv piss were being Elolen. and so he decided to sil tin all night and watch for the cul prll. He was astonished to see the thief swoop out of the sky. It was a giant American eagle, followed by six eaelcts. The eagle grabbed a pi? and Hew away, v/itli the eaglets close behind. Hoy Alberlscm, Inick driver for the Monarch Poultry and Egg com pany, of Kansas CHy, Mo., was gly en n minimum fine of $25 for cva slon of the Arkansas • gi\s lax law by P. C. Douglas, ncllng municipal judge, yesterday. Charges of misuse of license against the Kansas Oily firm and operallng a Inick without a chauf- dismissed on payment of proper fees. The trial of Albcrtson was held in uneventful manner with little llsplay of'the ill feeling Ural mark- the 6tatc's charge Albcrtson brouulit Inlo Ule stale about 80 gallons of gasoline on which Ar- Indian Chief's Burial Spot Finally Revealed CATHLAMTJT. Wash, (UP) _ Revelation of ttc burial spot of famous chief Skamokswa of the Cathlamet Indians, long held secret was given by Chiikle Hallett, Indian. He found the spot after referring to ihc grave of a small girl, The secret was shared by Hal- Iclt and thc late Mrs. James Bir- nlc. Jr., daughter-in-law ot the first settler in Cathlamet. Pear collectors would seek lo dig Ihe grave In quest of personal wea- xms and relics served to keep llie two silent. John ' Mosby, ol Lepanto, defense counsel, did succeed In Introducing through slaM wllncsses, a number of pictures of Ihe Arkansas-Missouri stale line arch, a few miles north of nlytbevllle. on Highway 61. He offered no evidence lo support 'a contention made preceding thc trial that Alberlson bought gas at n Missouri station after passing under Ihc arch, belieyjiig lie was in Arkansas at the liiiic'. A $75 cash bond wns posted for appeal lo circuit court. W. H. Wcstbrook was fined J50 on a charge of Illegal possession o! inloxlcallng liquor. Talmagc Moore wns Oiled $25 oil a charge of assault and battery. Examination of Mrs. Homer Scott and Woodrow Scott' on charges of arson was continued until Monday. Trial of LeRoy Gibson on a charge of transporting liquor wns continued until Friday. A traffic vlloatlon charge was docketed against George Grcnr on complaint of a highway patrolman but nc action was taken. TVo negroes were cleared of public drunkenness charges by thc court. Five defendants were fined ilOeach for public drunkenness, two forfeited bonds on similar charges, and two charges of public drunkenness were noil pressed. Radio Theft Thwarted A prowler was apparently frightened awav from a car parked In front of the Noble Hotel last night white in the act of removing a radio from the machine. Control coulpment. connected with the dashboard, had bean removed when the owner entered his acnffie. Nancy I^Ieheart. 74, Dies at Dell Home Nancy Iglehearf. 14. died nt 1:30 o'clock this morning at the honift of her son, Wallace Iglehcart. nt etery by Dr J p (Jafsls) Condon 1 ,' Inlerinedlnij In (ho Lindbergh ne-' Rutladon.s nflci evidence had b"en' received that convinced both'Lihd- hcreh and Di Condon that they were • dealing with the abductors The man vJio received the was descilbcu bj Dr, Condon as speaking ulth a heavy German or Scnri'.ltnai'lan accent. Announcing the arrest In behalf of the New York police and pn request of No* Jersey police and federal Investigators, Police Commissioner John p O'Ryan said tflat "we have In custody the man viho received,the ransom money" * "His name Is Bernard Hiohard Hanptmann" oRjaii'i 'statement < .,., *r Ndi Be ~. -^ It, was pointed out thai, possei- slon of tlic>ansom money, so far as -annoi'ncefl, did not necessarily connect Hauptman with abduction" of .tbc:Lindbergh baby which »as found' murdered after weeks of ne- gollnMoiis wilh supposed kidnepori Onclheory uos that the ransom money .was paid to a man v,ho "muscled In" on the kidnaping ne collations but knew nothing of the actual abtluclion O'Ryan refused to go into details regarding Hauptmann's. alleged icle in tile cise It was considered signflicnnt lhat Haupt- mnnn was not yet formally charged wilh any crime. - * .", "What has been accomplished is tin outstanding c\ of untried action' the commissioner ..aid It wj>s learned that detectives raided Hauptmann's house yesterday and laid In wait for him all night. J. Edgar Hoover, famous head of the Justice department agents, : Nc« York Investigator for the department, assigned the special tnsk of solving the Lindbergh myWery, New York Police Commissioner John p. O'Ryan. Jas. Dell. Funeral services were held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the family home with thc Rev. E. K. Latimer, pastor of the Christian church here, ofliclatln". Interment was made at Mounds c?m;lery. The Cobb Undertaking company was In charge or funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by three daughters, Mis. Falrv Igle'hcatt, Morgan Town, Ind.. Mrs. Tusk'a Jackson, Paducah, Ky., and Mrs. ?ansy Lylcs, nnd Iwo sons, Salen, Islehearl of Chicago nnd Wallace, ; E. Finn, under cover operative' working exclusively on thc nai-OaniJ Col. H. Norman Schwar/\~ of the New Jersey slale police auctioned the suspect One report was Razed House Revived Story of Loit Black Cat INDIANOLA, Iow.1 (UP)-Echo- Ing Ihe fantasy of Edgar Allen Poc's-"Black Cat," the strange tale of a black cat walled up between Ihe brick walls.of a house here, was revealed when the house was The cat disappeared 6? jeirs i go. It'was llic pet of Ina, daugh'- er of W. L. Klrcher, then owrier of Ihe house. Old residents swear that every Hallowe'en, the date of its disappearance, the cat set up a rtehlful yowling. No' one ever was able to trace the source of the iclse. A legend Is fast taking root icre now that the cat remained alive In the wall, and howled once ;ach year in Ihe hope of attract- ns Its little mistress. When discovered the cat appeared lo be perfectly preserved. WEATHER" ed in the Fort Smith district of thc northwest, now numbers more than 17,000. The animals are protected by Ihe Dominion of Canada. Arkansas—Cloudy, 'showers to- nlehl, colder Tnday cloudy and colder. * Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- nleht. Friday occasional rains and colder. ..... , -.The 1 'maximum {empcraHlre her* yesterday «»s 39, Rilnimun fii clear, according to $«ucl ~ — ' rls, official WMth< ' '

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