Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Page 5
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_Tucsdoy, December 12, 1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Milk Decision Is Blow for Rackets Lays Groundwork for Prosecution of Building Trades H.v PKKSTON (iKOVKU WASHINGTON -the Supremo Cmtrl in <iii<' l)l(iw Kavc the DtparfmiMil of Justice n nuw stiirl on its prosecution of the Chicago milk price agreement mid opened ii hole as wide ns n wobbling elephant for prosecution of luiild- iiiK racketeers. The Department of Justice in its anti-trnst prosecution charged farmers, di.slrilmlDis. union milk-wagon drivers find city officials hud conspired lo fix llie price of milk in vio- liilinn of the Sherman Act. The licensed in.si.tlcd lliey were exempt under various nyricullural marketing acts v/liieh permitted farmers'to band -to- lu.'llier fur orderly marketing of their prodiirls. This might lie well and Mood, the .Supreme Court said, bill insisted thai the only grounds fur grunting- an exemption under the farm marketing url.'.. was fur lite .Secretary of agriculture In have a hand in the deal. Ill the (Hiieagu case, llie Supreme Court found, Ihi' ,'eerekiry did not have it hand. The court's decision still left it up lo A.vii.stnnl Allorney General Tluir- maii Anuild In prove that there actually had been a conspiracy outside the law. Tbe lower cmirl didn't get around to a decision mi that point since it had alri-ady ruled thai even agreement on price-fix)!)); was exempt from the criminal features of the Sherman Act. (die Step Ton Fur Under ilif various marketing ael.s, the Supreme,Court held, the farmers have a right to unite among themselves In effect an orderly handling of (heir eiops. Hut when they take the next Mep, reaching agreements with milk dislrihiilniK, drivers anil city officials in fix prices, that is outside the scope (>f (lu exemptions except under one condition - that the Secretary of Agriculture liuvi- ;l e(>nlri>lliiig band in it. "In tliis instance the conspiracy charged is not that of merely forming a collective association of producers to market their products," said the Supreme Court, "but a conspiracy, or conspiracies, with major distributors and their allied groups, with labor official;-:, municipal officials and others, in order to maintain artificial and non- conipelilivc prices to be paid to producers for all fluid milk produced in Illinois and neighboring states and marketed in (In.. Chicago area. "Such ;i combined attempt of all (hi? defendants, proiidcers. distributors and their /illies. lo control the market finds no justification in sec-lion of the Capper-Volstead (farm operative) ael." Aids Ituililiiijr Prosecution That is precisely the position IVparlinein ,,f Justice | K1S ( . l)i( , n jn connection with its wide-spread attack on so-called building rackets. The department chajjjes that labor organ- i/.ations, white ,.f themselves exempt under the anii.m,st act. have in many cities gone our- s>p farther irt.-in (he law permits. It alleges that contractors in many cities have agreed i,, |,,,,,| i )i(is . ,' () nnai-antee certain profits, ;m d lo l-alronixe ,; M |y certain tlealers in building materials. I., ; ,| )( , r c , onu , s jn _ lo this, the department i.sserts, where m cerlain cities T*;e building trades i inn,iif have entered into agreement with contractors lo help enforce these contractor-dealer ni^i-ooments in re<""' for assurance that ,|)e contractors will de.-,| uiily with union labor, ,,inl will employ no labor-saving ma- ("•rials. The result. Assistant Allorney Gen'•'•;d Arnold asserts, is lo keep' build'"K prices so high thai ,-, much-needed I'li'lding bo,,,,, i s clmkc-d off ,,| ,| u . !li "' 1 - "" '"'Us it a conspiracy in re•' :l ''"'" '"'I" »"d has fi|,.,| suits in one co- tho Note to Late Christmas Shoppers: There's Still Time lly MARIAN YOUNC, NE/V Service Sfnf Correspondent NKW YORK • - Expect for having Ii. cope with the superiority com- plexcr of friends who did shop onrly, there are no hardships or even headaches in store for the last-minulo Christmas shopper. Contrary to dire warnings, the pick of (he crop hasn't been completely bin vested. Furthermore there are a few new and fascinating gifts, obviously designed and created recently !(• intrigue tho well-meaning but Jiilc- slarting brigade. 'I line aie smart beauty gifts which t •f*v»?*r*i,X3pi ",T»*3|£ A white velvet snowball containing three small bottles of "fine"net I nine makes a welcome Christmas present—and a pretty one! Not Properly Classified An old darkey approached the minister. • • . "Palison, suh," he said, "Ah wants you lall to pray for me." "Well, Raslus,-what's wrong?" "Suh, Ah's got a floatin" kidney, suh." "But Rastus," replied the minister, ('1- can't pray for physical things, tfkf that; I only pray for spiritual things," "You all can't pray for a floatin' kidhey? Den how come you all prayed, •Jasl Sunday fo' the loose livahs?" , SHOP-COMPARE PENNEY'S Here are those three little fishies again — this time delightfully _. . . . ., - ——- .sculptured in soap. A flat sponge The hostess ^own is a mantle coat of purple silk duchess satin over jin a transparent aquarium pro- a beige faille slip with corselet waistline. The man's robe is of —'•"• '-- "'---•-maroon silk satin in a smart jacquard weave. Other highly recommended gifts include, lower left, raw silk sports shirts jor-him, gossamer sheer stockings for her. " vides an amusing illusion of undersea life. Any child would love this gift. ^ail lacquer and lipstick in match- ng; shades come in a sweet little triped silk bag to be carried i- the purse. fills charming miss is one of a ollection of lady ilolls— all drcss- <l in grown-up rather than the traditional baby clothes. involve no exchange of letters about complexion shades, size or clothes preferences. Three small but lovely, crown-shaped bottles of perfume come in a large white velvet snowball. Nail laetpier and matching lipstick are packed together in a ehich silk-striped bag lo In 1 lucked into the comer of.) a ixir.se or a weekend ease. l-'.asy-ln-Biiy Heaiily dirts ' A minaUire market basket is fil- ; led with bath powder, .spicy .soap and i oilier de luxe bath preparations. Bot- : tics the shape and si/e of tho king j and queen of chess are filled with ' enchanting perfumery. For an out- 1 door girl, there's a hotlle of perfume IN NEW YORK By GEOUGE UOSS NEW YORK — ALL AROUND THE TOWN.Artie Shaw's .sudden split from his band was not due to temperament as some unkind critics rushed to explain. The real story is this: he received curt and strict orders from his physician to quit the baton and retire to Florida for an undisturbed rc.st. After his dangerous illness in California .several months ago. Shaw worked lengthily night and day despite a case of tangled nerves. That young lady who leaves alone and unobtrusively from a Forty- Sixth Street theater after rehearsals i, i ,, , . ... every night is Simone Simon and m a Mijall leather boot, complete SM(; with metal spurs. A travel bag washable corduroy IK. Ills two jars and two bottles, to be filled with her favorite complexion can walk down the street and up Broadway without being recogni/- ed. Henry Kos-ter, the film wi/.ard, has gentle fresh lilacs immediately spring rain. .Sure to be 'as much appreciated as 'this nation of admirers of Mary Martin whose heart belonged so devotedly-to Daddy, lias seen the last British Bombers Downed—in New York Harbor ,. • 111 II I v.,1^,,1, n, l-yuvll.lv, lu,.-> .TUL-II UK' HIS,. any.hm,; you could have-ordercc week I ,, f ,,,.,. . )s c |, t , sllll|1 . h; , ire(l , ;lys As ago ,s a stocking wardrobe. All yon , „, ,,,. , momi , js have .„ know is the s,,e. A help ful , m , , Jeud ., co ^ essjo| , Khe ^ iut \ salesperson will help yon select the | 1 . r . lnn ,,,,,,,i ,„ m ,,i, ,.,„,.! [.•!p ymi select i i ighl shades for evening, afternoon and general daytime wear. '! o please the men on your list con- M<ler: an enamel ;md chromium ice crusher which fits into its own hinge <m the wall and stays right there hi'll always know where it is; HOME FOR Christmas .Save lime Mild money, f;,, |,y Arkansas Motor Coaches. Enjoy the low fares now in effect. All schedules are more convenient. Travel is safe, speedy and i oml'orlable. Note \\ H . following low fares. I'hone for fares to other points highball glasses with handpainted All- ', . wt : i; ' k ' ]rv '"H Bl ''' lin -'g''"-' 1 Idnbi.n birds reprotlucetl on the shin- U , "' But ' lle QUiilified. 'I'd ROUND TRIP Mope (o: IJTTI,K ROCK HOT SPRINGS JUKlUPHIS . ST. I.01JIS CIIK'ACO $ Lor> :i.||| s.5() J.'t.M) STATION DIAMOND CAFE e ! iiu' crystal; M)ioking jtickel,-i-ut Jiko jo |t*os(lv fiitef] spoj-t.s coat. I Keasoniiiff for Amateur Cliffs If he fancies himself a fine cook, he might' like a basket of unusual and hard lo find herbs and seasonings. An electric door chime to soother nerves which jump when a bell rings is something to think about. A tobacco humidor of genuine leather; evening jewelry of moon-stones; a real bone, shoe 1 horn; half a doz- i-n extra large, extra absorbent bath lowel.s; country and sports lies of rep, striped in authentic regimental colors—any of these should serve lo help the late shopper out /J^"~his quandary. Kor children, see Pinocchio dolls. Or the new lady dolls, dressed in miniature replicas of grown-up rather than infant clothes. Also some of the fin.- art appreciation books, written especially for small fry and guaranteed not lo bore any yoiinysler for a minute. I A beautiful home gift.—something I the entire family will enjoy—is a j large, shallow centerpiece of clear. j hallow centerpiece of clear, shining crystal with a stunning china sea lion lo be placed in the water on one side opposite a few flowers. Among oilier chic gifts for the home are; a small, acornshapcd crystal bowl for .short flowers on a low table or in the guest room; a laccjuer hox for cleansing tissues: a sled filled with cocktail hour delicacies; a twin-spouted teapot (one side holds lea. the other hot water). I If all else fails and even last min[ ule suggestions don't spur you on I to finish your shopping, remember ! that, flesh flowers are appropriate | tor any woman or any family on I your list. They can be ordered or I telegraphed ns late us Christmas eve I and still arrive in time for the ; present-opening orgy after break! last Christmas morning. compelled to make m a new stage role. Tolerant Hart When Moss Hurl's father, who Composed a song entitled 'The American Way" a year ago, wrote the ballad, 'Men Who Came to , Dinner" last to pub- like to , suggestions." "Uh huh," retorted Hart, pore, "you write your music and I'll wont' criticize Yours." SPECIAL CHRISTMAS FEATURE SILVERWARE SERVICE FOR ONE SEVEN PIECES $1.OO SHOP EARLY ' . v". : ; MEN'S: SUITS 34 to 40 PRICED SO YOU CAN SAVE WOMEN'S NOVELTY PANTIES AU snM ALL STYLES TO SELECT FROM CHRISTMAS Box SEE OUR LARGE SELECTION DRESS SHIRTS FAST COLORS! NU-CRAFT COLARS! THURSDAY 2 o'Clock QUILT _. SCRAPS B °9 All you cup gut in a Gaymmle Hosiery bat; f( " P, • , , , . . .1 Suspecting possible sabotage, FBI agents are investigating the mysterious sinking at her New Yorlt Chick _ Johnson has been running] har fjo r piSr o£ a lighter loaded with two $80,000 .bombing planes, part ol a group of 17 awaiting ound m .-, nan- ,,r .on,.,,,,,,,,. ,!,,>,,„ sh j pnicnt to England. Above, the scene at the Stapleton, S. I., pier as salvagers raise the planes, which, protected by waterproof covers, were not seriously damaged. around in a pair of tent-cover shorts in the marathon llell/.-Appoppin. It i if a new bit of madness. j Tempers backstage at the Mutro- | politan Opera House already have' hit !IO degrees Fahrenheit. Can.se: the ' luries of baritones, tenors and divas wild aren't content with their billing. til win Waller who has been with "Tobacco Road" since it .started—and that was- a long time ago—gives his friends a giggle.. The other day he received a handout brochure from an annuity vendor who started Ills- sales talk with "The stage isn't, a per- nuinoni job. You can't tell how soon you'll lie finished!" OUR BOARDING HOUSE . Major Hoople MEN'S Topcoats $19.75 Be ready for that Cold Weather! i Phone 363 several cities to break it up. Labor leaders deny there is a conspiracy and further insist that they are exempt from uiili-lrust prosecution. . . ._ BARBS The Nobel peace prize award for lll.'l!) will not be made this year, dispelling rumors that the award would he given to Joe Stalin for his heroic stand against Finland's threat to Russia. A waiter throw a ?500 bridal pirty for his daughter in the swank New York hotel where he is employed. Future diners may be stared into kicking across with larger tips. A Michigan convict builds model aii-plane.s which fly. Authorities discourage construction of real planes. Nc more mixed dancing at one foiithern college. Bobbing for apples is still permitted. A London bookmaker is offering 10 to 1 odds that Britain will win the war in 18 months. If she doesn.t there may not be anyone around to collect anyway. "Had ver." "Yeah?" "Yep. Bought SuperEfficienc.v terrible time with my fliv- a carburetor that saved 50 per cent of gas, a timer that puved 30 per cent and u spark plug that saved 20 per cent, and after 1 went ten miles my gas lank overflowed!" XO AAAW, AS FINE A VENIU5 A6 I HAVE SEEM GIMCE GAZING AT VENUS DE MILO IM THE LOUVRE /v*^. t-t/\K-K/M=F/? ANA I WRON6 IM SUGGESTING IT /WAV BE THE WORK OF PRAXITELES INiTHE FOURTH CEMTURV B.C. ?By JOVE, i SHOULD Like TO ADD THAT GEM TO MV , COLLECTION, BUT IT HAPPENS \ ^AV -READV CASH IS TIED UP IM •MOMENT/ AT THE HVACTLV, AAAJOR / PROFESSOR ^CHMALIZ OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PADUA PLAC&b WE. OR1G1M OF THIS VEKJUS De" 6ALOMIKA IM THE FOURTH CENTURY, JU3T AS YOU SAID/ I HAVE A LETTER FROM PROFESSOR SCWMALZ / ~-~~. AIAEA^ YOU MAY KKSO\M SOME CITlXESi WHO vVOULD B& IrJTEREfSTED IM BUYING IT ^_ —~~ AND MOW ABOUT A COMMISSION OF FIVE" PER. CENT FOR YOU? Dresses 98c ALL SIZES! ALL STYLES Tow nc raft SHIRTS $1.49 Give Him whor every Man likes to get / SPECIAL PURCHASE 15 PIECE DISH SET AN EXCELLENT BUY—SHOP EARLY $I.OO .11,11) FIVE' ' PERCENT HE'D. EAT IT/ SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF GIFT WRAPINGS FRIDAY IS REMNANT DAY WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE

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