Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Page 4
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TCUVBust Further Indication That Material Can Make or Break Caches Foundation for Any Football Team Is Material Which Includes, Guards, Tackles, Halfbacks and Other Handy Men By JERRY RRONDFIELD t out finding replacements. In this c-ise NBA Sen-ice Sports Writer ; the ti.sk was doubly tough becou.se Jn defense of Dutch Meyer. Tiny I the first three Were All-America- se- Utornnill and a few others who j lections. , suffered disastecl in the 1939 gridiron j From 1933 to .1935 inclusive: when W 2? : , ( Stanford- tentns included such stars. The curbstone critics, nlumni wolves j n.- Bobby Grayson t Bones H'nmilton and downtown caches who hav> so I Monk Moscrip- and Bob Reynolds ' "MflpB STAR/HOPE, -A Tuesday,, gegtfffiber 1 Prescott's Basketball Team for 1939-40 much to say when their favorites rid^ the rocky road to detent, have a -;ireless habit of overlooking one uf the salient points of football. In our estimation. at any rate. You can say what you will about coaching ability and so-called systems Thcrnhill bashed' in the good grace? ol everyone. The famous Vow Boys Innded in the Rose Bowl three vears hand running; But then his material ran out, Ta- imt runs in cycles and tha better prospects drifted away from The Farm but the rock-ribbed foundation of | as the, Palo Alto institution is called [ any football team's success is material. I Tiny Thornhill is just as good spelled m-a-t-e-r-i-al. Otherwise fa coach as he was four years ago known as guards, tackles, halfbacks but the wolves have been "after his and other handy individuals. A- year ago at this time Meyer was being hailed as one Dutch (if tit:? greatest coaches in the game. Texas Christian thundered through to an undefeated season and di'featscl Carnegie Tech in the Sugar Bowl. There are 1 <h'ose who insist the Horned Frogs cculd have spotted Southern California two touchdowns in the Ross- Bowi and won going away. This year the Frogs dropped seven and won three— beating only Rice. Centenary and Tuba. Herd to Replace Three All- Americas un fine Team Yet Meyer was just as guoa a coucli this year as he was in 1938. He just couldn't lose men like Davey O'Brien Ki Aldiich. I. B. Hale, and Forsst Kline and expect to get anywhere with MY RA.'MAKIN'S' "CIGARETTES ARE so EASVONTHETONSUe_ SO MIU>, YET RICH ANPTASTVTOO. OF 'COURSER A. S/VtOKES COOLER. 1 scalp. The wolves forget easily. Oregon Prep Talent' Sticks Closer to Home, These Dtiys Jimmy Phelan has had a bad time] of it ever since Washington lost to' Fittsburgh u the Rose Bowl three yeai-s hack. One of the reasons for this is the fact that a good part of :he Oregon prep talent is staying home lues:? days as witness the climb of Ore- yon mid Oregon State. [ Football fans can be blind and un- ,' reasonable. The late Sam Willaman war fired from Ohio State a few years ago because he lost two games' two season. But he made the mistake ' of losing both to Michigan. Coaches, of course, have to make j the most of a situation, and when their material is lean they have to j adapt their offense to what they have '• at hand. They're lionizing Dr. Eddie Anderson for what he did with that' heroic handful at Iowa, and Dr.' Anders-on deserves the fullest measure ot praise. But what Iowa, lacked in" material was made up in the presence ' Ot' Nile Kinnick, a super-star who could carry any undermanned' squad | to the top. Zebras Prepare for Baton Rouge Game I Bruce Catton Says: Forecast New Deal Move to Broaden Labor Mediation j WASHINGTON - The' importa'nt i thiii)? about the auto strike settlement, i as some of the government's' labor experts see it. WHS nn unobtrusive little ; provision Unit any complaints by Ihe '. union regarding the speed of produc- ', lion schedules are to be handled like' : any other grievnnct's. ; It was n row over an alleged "speed i up" that storied Ihe trouble in the first Thi> union demanded a voice I1.V BRUCE CATTON Correspondent judiciously. "BrmilU'S ol' Medliiliun" Como lo KIIIT As n mutter of fact, n number of the, President's must trusted labor advisers are mulling over the snme ideu. You can hear more talk now about the beauties of mivtuilinn and arbitration thtin formerly; mid while} it has not pa.'scd beyond (he prcllmimiry liscusslon singe, (here is some ttilk • indelerminini; the speed of operations j of extruding mid broadening the mid Ilie management refused (o grant ! mranv by which slrikps nre averted or i it. , |.settled. I 'Ihe point wiis left a trifle vague in i If »l the coming sr^ion congress i Ihe finiil setlli'iiifiit; acluiilly, however ; should happen In deal li.-irshly with I leaders of the fjibor' Dcpiii'tment's ! "i" National Labor Delations Board, ' Conciliation Service bolievo tlinl ti i " M " li'llt probably would result in a Dunaway Believes •Squad Can Reach I— =~ — Top condition. • iQirjstmas- Cakes Coache.d by O. H. Storey, Jr., this is Prescott High School's basketball team which opened the 1939-40 season with a 57-23 victory over Blevins lasf Friday night: BACK ROW, left to right—Smith, Q. Kelly, Orren, R. Baker, Stainton, Halsell. FRONT ROW, left to right—Wallace, H. Willis, Eley, Adams, J. Baker, J. Kelly. '•) FINE' BLUFF - Pine Bluff High School Zebras began practice at Jordan Stadium Monday in preparation for their national championship game | in Baton Rouge, La.. December 30. ' A The team, idle of more than two weeks ' was pronounced in "fairly good" condition 1%- Coaches Allan Dunaway and Jeff Sherman. The Zebras will be trying for their sscond. national championship, "the first having been won in 1925. Coach Dunaway believes tlie squad Gayly Decorated Gives Lavish Air TO Any Yuletide Serving Table By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGIA AP Feature Service Writer * "•>. OVJUQU i Cakes help a lot in Christmas oilcan reach top condition in the three tertaining. A large festive cake gives week? available. Virgil Meroney and a lavis air to any Yuletide serving JMJZzy Watts will be unable to play. . table while a flock of individual cakes lVi£*rnn*» v ctrf fa fa/4 o u%.nim« n: i. I ;._ /~«f_. '. j . , i. In recent laboratory "smoking- bowl" tests, MINCE ALBERT burned - -•-*- .*.*, w*t«utt nj \Jiay. > Meroney suffered a broken collarbone ' in Christmas togs personalizes your , against. Georgia Military Academy hospitality. The same batter can be used for either. Here's Puritmi Cake,' delecal- able, but not as rich as many: Cream until soft cup of shortening and 1 cup light brown sugar. And • , * ' r-j •"'• --. -flwft the average of tfie 30 •tthiir ot»«M»rgest-seHi«g brands tested ... coolest ofaH/ I S THERE a difference, "makin's" fans, in the COOLER-SMOKING TOBACCO - Prince Albert? Try it for rich taste, without parchingex- cess smoking heat! P.A.'s choice, fully ripened tobaccos are "rio-bite" treated - smoke full- bodied, yet easier on the tongue! Prince Albert pours right, rolls faster, draws better.That famous P.A. "crimp cut" is right to home in"makin's"papers, Get Prince Albert today. (So mild in pipes too!) ui LJ a. a u a Si and Watts has a leg injury. Only Four Disapproving Voles In a state-wide poll to determine if the Zebras will have official permission on the Arkansas Athletic Asso- .<..... t t u,, ,, B ,,v oruwo sugur. rum ciation to play the post-season game, ! 3 beaten oggs, one htird cup orange ISO votes have been cast. L. M. Goza/ j juice. 1 teaspoon each of grated lemon president of the A. A. A., said at his and orange rinds, cinnamon and vani- home at Arkadelphia that-he-had re-. Ha. Mix in V-. teaspoon salt and a cup ceived only four negative votes. He 1 each of chopped raisins and dales, did not name the schools voting in , '/a cup each of chopped candied! piu=- the negative, but Blytheville and Mag- 1 apple, citron and candied cherries nclia have signified their intention of Add 2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon soda and voting against the proposed game. I i.ne-third cup shredded almonds. Pour -• : »««- i into a round cuke pan Iwith hole in center) lined with heavy waxed paper. Bake% one and one-half hours in P moderately slow overn—,'i2;1 de- g/ecs. For .'.mall cakes, fill greased muffin ])ans two-thirds full and bake .'i!/ minutes in moderate oven—HSU ilf- (•roes, C'c.vei the large cake with while icing. Sprinkle wil.li chopped whit' 1 gum drops or .silver shot, ((unylhilig to give sparkle). Stick a .small green branch in Ihe center. Trim the 'tree" with liny candies, cooky cut-outs and festoons of popped corn, nuts and fruit .strings. Tip it with a sugarcoated, cooky star. Frost the small .cakes and stick on figures and design ... ,,- -,-•• lhe nav V >s no joke fashioned from colored gum drops ret! either. Many boatman on Lake Leman, 1 cinamon candies and fruit peels which forms part of the border be- A Vule log Cake makes a clever tween Switzerland and France, and' Christmas cuke. Generously spread h ,?^V' n o •! f T ta , nce ' fronliei Y v<)L " host, baked jelly roll with w between Swite*>rland Germany, jellied (ruit-nut mixture. Roll quick- learned- that to their sorrow. ly, wnip in waxud p C1 . an( , cniu boatmen, after war began, until set. Cover with chocolate French tinledi moistj sweetened coconut. Flowers in coroners are made of silvers of red maraschino cherries. Second: Half Deer Season Is Opened LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -M/P)- The second half of Arkansas' ope season on deer started Tuesday and will end Saturday night. Luring the first •half of the split- .senscn in November, approximately .'WO deer were lulled. in if illlV ed that those who h.ii«l'.eil a buck November would violate the law lln-.v killeel another .(his Week, i.nc p'.-r season beinj. allowed. Wears New Colors NEW YOUK -- Luitfi lluccjdi, who won lhe Olympic iriOtl-mcu-rs clutmpituis'hij: for Italy in Hl.;i2, will represent New York Ailllotif Club this I'oriiniln wns found by which this | thorny problem can be bundled suc- l cfs>-fully in tlic future. I Arliltriillon |v Provided , All thai the conlrtlct says on the iiinller is that the mnnayomiMit will try i to be fair in sclliiiH production selied- '• tiles; Ilial in case of complninl an investigation will de made, and thiil if this does not bring „ .snti.sfiu-torv settlement the miitier will be dandled ; like any other grievance, willi an ap- , penl board of two mimugcmpiit repre- iientatives and two union representatives empowered to make a final do-' ! ci.sion. In practice, this appeal .board wuuL; have lo call in » find person .satisfac- l"'-y In bold sidi<s if il'niuM not et.me l«i any ii«re«.ini ill;-anil jl is expected li'-re (luil that fifih ,,,.,, sl , n W011 |,| probably be a member of the f',-„,. filiation Service. Everyone Loves, Murphy licit lieicd ; .Speaking of Die Chrysler strike: li I.IITW .some caustic observations from 'is stout n friend of organized labor as Attorney General Fnink Murphy wdo wondered out loud why it isn't feasible („ Wl ,,.| { l)Ul so|m _ svs|em whereby negotiated .selllem,.,,t.s like .lie one which ended ibis strike can't be reached before .the strike lakes place instead () f afterward. Mr, Murphy mm | e tru , ;) , )iiu t)im everyone lost money in this, the long,„,"' ""-' "'"" ''"li'stry's strikes. llH'i-ighi to strike is still .sacrosanct lls ""' !is ">'• aiuirney general is con- i-'-nifd. but ),e is ,,ivi, )K ., ,,,„„, l|( . u , "1 "».u t !).t lo the idea thnt it might profitably de -yen-is,.,! a little more definite prnyram lor action. One idea Hint has been advanced is that in the case of a long, stubborn strike the srcretar.v of labor might ap- poillt a special cominitlt'e lo investigate and report. The committee would have mi power to do :iii.vthiii/j but report; the idea is that the mere know- liMlgc Him such u report was to be is- sui'il as a formal Hovenimenl doeu- mpiil would be a powerful influence to bring about n .seillemeiil, since neither side would care to ri.sk being held up as unreasonable „,. stubborn. ' Miss Williamson to Speak at Blevins Mi.-.s l-i'arl Williuin.son. sii|ierinteii- tl.iiit of De Queen scdools. will be the guest .speaker at the Bli-vltis- R T. A. meeting Thursday. December i<|td al 7:.'iO p. in. Her address will be "As a Man Ihinketb in His Heart". Miss Williamson will.de welcomed by her many Blevins friends. I'lillly Keoiuil PHILADELPHIA Alex Mnnehak. short-slop purchased from idi- Baltimore Orioles, 'has dePn playing pro- J'-ssiomd basedall for only i\ V( , yeni>i but bis Philly iiiiifoini will be the sixth tlifefreiil raiment de das worn Moncliak .started wild the Orioles and' Inter played wild Kiioxville. Albany and Clnrksdidi., Mass.. all in 1937 !/«•/..re he went Lack lo lialtimort.. let-id make up Hit' common Swiss Navy Now Is a Real Thing I O ! Fleet of Launches Pt. 'trols Lakes Against Smugglers By CHARLES FOLTZ EERNE - That old saw about the Swiss navy is out-dated. Switzerland pastry icing and make bark) with a fork or grooves (the pastry lube. I tried to slip across the lakes at night to land contraband—human or material-on. Swiss soil. Frequently their Simulate knot holes willi'liny green • hi- £ u cal ' goes were caught in and while candies. Koep lhe log cliill- the light-beams of a Swiss military ed until the tint- to serve and then patrol boat—and that was that Switzerland mobilized just before war began and sent its crack little hrmy of 500.000 men to man the frontiers facing all three of its big neighbors—France, Germany and Italy. About 40 miles of the frontier with .'lip it into a toy slcig drawn by reindeer. Christmas up" ipice layer cakes while, witb a yellow or thick dal filling. Frost top and sides with wdiU, or caramel icing. Trace around a paper bell or star pattern on the frost- p. — — •- ..~.*i»s,i wiiu jjfj^ui uKti nr .star pattern on tne rrosl- trance runs through the middle of i ing with a knife. Fill in lhe design Lake Leman near Geneva. About 90 with chopped nuts, raisins or coco- mue.j of the German frontier runs nut or outline it witb red candies through across the lake on the German .side. The only solution for an army ordered to man such frontiers was to'create a navy—and the Swiss military command did just that. Fast police launches and the fastest private launches of the lakes now fly the Swiss colors and cruise through Swiss waters day and night. The job of this little lake navy is !<- prevent violations of Swiss neutrality, whether it be in the form '-fa petty smuggler ferrying arms and '-ther military contraband across the lake, or a wouldbe spy "fishing" a little too close to Swiss v/alers. There is, of course, no admiral in the currants and sliced dates. A pile of snowballs always looks Christmassy. Cut out one and one-half inch squares of baked white cake, dip them in thick white frosting (hoiled i.s fine; and then roll in coconut. Christinas Tree Cake 2 cups sifted cake 2 cups granulated flour and .sugar. 2 teaspoons double-acting baking powder. G eggs, well beaten '/ 2 teaspoon salt two-lhirds cup butler or other shortening 4 tablespoons milk. 1 teaspton vanilla. Sift: flour once. Measure. Add baking powder and sail and sift togetli- zones. Thr; number of lake boats in service is an army secret. , . -.-• -* ••• ••••<; er three times. Cream butter. Add lor its ships are under the sugar gradually, and cream together command of army commanders of the | until fluffy. Add eggs and beat well. Laxe Leman and Lake Constance! Add flour, alternately with milk, a little at a lime, beating smooth after each addition. Add vanilla. Bake in greased pan, 15x9x2 inches, in moderate overn <350 degrees F.3 35 minutes, or u.otil done. Spread top and sides with Almond Butter Cream Frosting. Make outline of Christmas tree with a loolduiek, filling in with green - . Have Evenings Off WEST POINT, N. y. - Army will play all its home basketball games in the aftemovri this year. Tlie -game aml'-fisli commission MAKE THIS A COTTON 1

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