Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Page 3
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_tbesday, December 12, 1939 SOCIETY ivfra. Sid Henry Telephone 321 Indian Summer—Continued As if December wanted to surprise The world with something beautiful find rare Or had spare: She touched with summer glory (-rye- ing skies;) KlnMfln/l ,..;,!.' a^gifl of splendor she could bare, And fii n f c This late o lies. ...in, «. i • . "' msl "" c trec!; ew days held October where of year the snow so often Grateful and happy men and women Went to Uicir u-shine. Glad for the mercy of a loitering labors, eyes with joy How To Relieve Misery of Your CHEST LD , Massage throat, I chest, and back I with plenty of Vicks VnpoRub nt bedtime. Then spread n thick layer on chest and cover with a wanned cloth. VapoRub's double action brings double relief. It acts as a poultice to penetrate the surface skin; and its soothing medicinal vapors arc breathed direct to the irritated air passages. Try it, to loosen phlegm—to clear air passages—check tendency to cough—and also to relieve the tightness and % 4l^*kt***» soreness of BRICKS chest muscles. YVAPOROB Tues - Wed - Thurs INlelvyn Doiif-las Louise I'latt "TELL NO TALES" Hoiir.v iti 1(1 Aliirjoric Weaver "YOUNG MR. LINCOLN" Running Continuous TUESDAY THE WOMEr WITH Nurniii Shearer Joan Crawford JMar.v Bolanil I'aulrllc C.odilard WEDNESDAY SANDY THE GREAT! She Conquers 'Em All! HUGH HERBERT ume Original Suaonploy by PAUlYAWITZondlVEGRUNE Dfl.tloped from III* f,lo/ h/ IIC»0 OEU end IMOMAS MIICHtll Piaducod and Diiatled by CHARtES LAMONT .A NEW UNIVERSAL PICTURE Hope - Pine Bluff Football Pictures Thursday & Friday THEY SHALL HAVE MUSIC fall, The glowing sun, the air like purple Wine. Said friend to friend: 1 cannot now recall A previous December quite so fine. . —Selected. Circk; No. ,'j of the Womans Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church held its final, meeting of the year, on Monday afternoon at (he home of Mrs, C. C. Lewis in Prcscott. A cordial greeting awaited the members and guests at the Lewis home, where co- I - • -- orful flowers added their beauty to to the rooms. The meeting was called to order by the ebnirnuin, Mrs. A. VV. Slubbcman. and opened with prayer. The Bible Study and questions, with Bible references was conducted by Miss Mamie Twitchell. The treasurer's report was given by Mrs. A. E. Stonequisl. A beautiful Uhristma-; story, entitled, "The Road to Bethlehem" was (old by Mrs. Nolen, wife of the pastor of the First Presbyterian church in Prescolt. The dining table was centered with a brilliant Christmas tree and at its base was piled a number of gay and festive packages adding to Hie ytde-tide spirit, that seemed to prevail throughout Hit rooms. Numbers were drawn 1o match the numbers of the different gifts, and each guest received inv attractive Christmas remembrance During this social hour, the hostess served ; , most tempting salad and de.s- fcrl plate with hot chocolate. Guests other than the Circle members enjoying this delightful occasion were Mrs. E. I-f. Ervin and Mrs. Sid Henry of this city and Mrs. T. C. Mi-Har Jr and Mrs Nolan of Prescolt. The Womans Missionary SociHv ,,I the First Methodist Church mot in regular monthly .session on Monday afternoon at (ho church, with the president. Mrs. Stith Davenport presiding. The meeting opened with an organ meditation, a medley of Christmas hymns by Mrs. Edwin Stewart, Joy to Die World was the opening hymn by the Society followed by responsive reading. A most helpful devotional was brought |,y Mrs. Henry H. Stuart, using as her theme, 'Making Christmas Christian closing with prayer. Splendid reports of D,e years- work were given by the chairmen of the different committees. It was noted that Mrs. R. T. Briant, Ijad placed the flowers in the church during the month of December, in remembrance ol her late husband, Mr. R. T. Brianl, who has icccntly passed on. 'Mrs. John Arnold Mill Mrs. R. M Briant, spoke words i.f appreciation to Mrs Davenport. \\lui ha.s so faithfully served the Society as president, with a response from Mrs. Davenport. In the draw for the leaders of the different circles, showed Hint Mrs. Jo Lasetcr would lead Circle No. 1, Mrs. Webb Lasetev. jr. would be leader for Circb No. 2, and Circle No :) will be led by Mrs. B. W. Edwards, and Circle No. '-I was drawn by Mrs. A. M Rcttig The meeting closed with prayer by Mrs R. M Briant. Mrs. Sue S. Wilson who has recently undeiRone a major operation at Barnes Hospital is recuperating at the home of her sister, Mrs. Koss C. Gillcspic and Mr. Gillcspic. ' The Girl Si-ouls of Troupe No. 4 desire to express thanks to their patrons for the very successful Doughnut. Sale held last. Saturday at which time, they sold over 250 do/cns, clearing 527.00. ' fUENNE ClflAflOOT £BNlSTIRy(X-ffllIZftLfl HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Fascists Become Bicycle Riders ROME - I/IV- The bicycle business continues to have a 'mush-room" growth, The restriction on private' motoring and the high price of gasoline- Si a gallon— is making thousands of persons ride bicycles for the first time in their lives. Private automobiles have been stored in garages or sold to people who can afford to buy gasoline. The ministry of public works said Peter oiid Polly In Toylond Chapter 14-Patch to the Rescue A Christmas Adventure With Santa Glaus PAGE THREE ? HAVE vou TWO BEEN POOLING AROUND MV MACHIN6? OH.NO, SIXNTA! BUT WE KNOW SOMETHING^ WRONG WITH IT ANP WE OMLV WISH WE COUt,D HELP VOL)/ /MO THEY AREN'T I FIBBINC3...AND THEY CAM't VOU" THEY LOOKED PRETTV SO/ PETER AND POLLY/ WHY, I THOUGHT BUITZEM-TOOK VOU HOME! SUSPICIOUS/ MAVBE THEV'RS. PIBBIMG.' SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL . BY TOM HORNER COPYRIGHT, 1039, NEA SERVICC, INC. A vivid stain spread white pillow as blood upset too many of your excellent 'Helen's h.fipiness has been Y«'Hlrrtlnyi Mm. llcnlhimir nit- nilfn (iiviipfHlilp of flic vat, rx- lilnliiH lirr action* mill Iho pnrl'on lit lli'iidinrm-'N note mt'ntltmtnK (he cut. After Hhr nclnilt* iinnr- rclliiR- vlcrlciidy «-|(h her liiiRhnnil, Dim-mill iii-puKi-n her of PlollInK tn kill HoHhnnic, (n iiuikp II look IIUi- Hiilclilc. Willie he iraetK her |II>NN||I|C iifilanx H Htiat NhnUcm the NtlllncHN uf (he roum. CHAPTER XXIV "TN here! In here!" Flynn yelled as he leaped toward Alston's floor. Dawson pushed past Helen Bcnthorne and followed. There was a thin, blue wisp of smoke over the bed as they crushed through the locked door. Alston lay Ihcre, face down, as if nslccp, just as Dawson had seen him before. His. right arm hung clown (o the floor, and his fingertips rested on a small blue-black revolver, over the flowed from a wound in his Icmplc. Dawson bent over Alston, pressed his ear close- to the old man's back, but it was a futile gesture. As he straightened up, he noticed a paper, tightly clenched in Alston's left hand. "There's nothing we can 'do, now, Flynn," Dawson said in a low tone. "Call the coroner." It was not necessary. HQ was standing directly behind Helen Benihorno, in the doorway. As Dawson turned away from the body, Alston's daughter rushed toward the bed, but Dawson caught her in his arms and led her, gently, to a chair. "Dad!! !" she screamed, again and again, then wept, hysterically. The coroner entered on Dawson's unspoken order, made a brief examination of the body. He removed the paper from Alston's hand, read Ihe address and handed it to Dawson. "It's lor you, Captain." Krone, the coroner's deputy, filed into the room and Ara and John, still handcuffed, followed. All were watching Dawson as he road Alston's message. Mrs. Ben- thornc's . sobbing was the only sound in the room. Dawson bent, whispered to Mrs. Bcnthorne. Her sobbing subsided « little. He cleared his throat. "You all are interested in this letter Mr. Alston has left for me. It concerns all of you. w _„,. „„ ,.„„. ,.„ , "'Dear Captain Dawson,'" he light up, but I doubt it. read. '"I trust my decision to " ' "" theories. It was inevitable that Jluw U i U ± uung n. unriu; * you should ultimately reach this thought you might guess when you final conclusion, and I have taken saw me with the wire " clothes it upon myself to anticipate you. hanger in my hand. Simply in'"I killed Arnold Benthorne. sert the hangar upside down diag- " 'Any man who strikes my onally in the laundry chute, push daughter forfeits his right.to live, it downward, well out of sight. j. j-i. j vi i a ii<^' i/i ii too i mo MV.*[^II j-1 *i_. i3j.sj.iiAg ux i>nu wilt: XVCIJ^JD n* my sole aim in life, since her from slipping down. Then hang mother died, and if killing Ben- fl1 " """ "-*" 4U - '••' J — thorne will remove a cause of un- happincss I am glad I was able to do it. " 'It was not difficult. . I came in the rear entry, went directly to Bcnlbornc's study, killed him and then ran to the rear stairs. I was in the upper hall as Helen went down the front steps. 'Much of the time I was sup- ppsed to be asleep, I spent in Arnold's room, directly over the study. Your voice and those of the others were easily heard—Arnold had special openings just for that purpose—so I knew far more about the progress of your investigation than you guessed. What you did not know, or possibly overlooked, is that there is- a communicating bath between Arnold's room and my own. That simplified matters considerably. It would have been even easier if I could have entered Helen's room by the same route, but her door was always kept locked. " 'I chose di Torio as my most likely suspect and tried to fasten suspicion on him by finding one of his cigarets in the passageway. But he had obliged me by carelessly dropping one there himself. " 'I was listening, upstairs, when he started to tell you that he had seen me, so I had to kill him loo. I probably would have done the same for the girl—Ara—if she had not suggested a better way by telling you to look for the gun under Mrs. 'Benlhorne's mattress. You shouldn't have let her scream that so loudly. But you arrived just in time to prevent my putting it there. " 'You've been searching all over for the gun that killed Bcnthorne and di Torio. It will be found in my hand with three of its five shells fired. < " 'I had hidden it in a most convenient location immediately after I killed Benthorne. . . . The laundry chute. Your man didn't find it away. when he searched through the clothes because I hung it within easy reach inside the chute. Even if he hati looked up, from the bottom of the chute, ho could not -- - — " ."j ^.^..,. u ., „« a solve your case for you will not to take. You would have found no fingerprints on it, at any rale. " 'How did I hang it there? I The spring of the wire keeps it the gun by the trigger guard on the hook of the hanger. " 'It was simple to get the gun out, shoot di Torio and return it after you had gone downstairs. If I had been caught, I. would have said I was merely disposing of a used towel. '"But I've been afraid, through some trick of circumstantial evidence, that you might try to blame Helen for killing Arnold. That is why I chose this way out. '" 'Full control of Alston Motors will revert to Helen. Perhaps she will forgive me, as she has always insisted she already had, for suggesting her marriage to Benthorne. 1 urge her to make some restitution to the girl and boy for the damage Arnold has done them. " 'And by the way, Captain, if this case has given you any headaches, please try those sleeping pills I gave you. You'll find they are just ordinary aspirin. I will have a long, and peaceful sleep now. " My bank will attest my signature. I am sotind in mind, and know what I am writing. " 'WILLIAM ALSTON.' " * * * "QAWSON was back at the desk in the study when Ara and John entered. "How about taking off these bracelets?" Douglas asked, laughing, Dawson smiled at their happiness, "I'll give you the key, Ara, at the City Hall, when you're Mrs. Douglas. Then, if you're afraid you'll lose him, you can throw away the key." And as they turned to go, he called after them: "You'll find Nick Smith and his cab out front. Make him take you downtown." He stepped to the window to watch them go out the front gate, out into the sunshine. He smiled again as he saw Douglas kiss his bride as the taxi sped "WELL, Captain, that winds up , " another one," Flynri said as the front door closed behind them. "Yeah," Dawson agreed. "Now » --•— — —••—-»* .»<^» j.^,t»H) i-Jf\ W£>U11 C*&L l^CUt A\U\V have discovered it, unless the door maybe I'll get that vacation. But on the second floor were open— you know, Flynn, this one had me and I paid particular attention puzzled. With this suicide end that it remained closed. He might written confession, we'd never seen it had he flashed his stand a chance in court, but, pcr- ...... up, but I doubt it. Anyway, sonally, I'm not convinced that that \yas one of the chances I had Alston killed Arnold Benthorne." * 4-H Achievement Champions ' ••„ Italian Officers Avoid Foreigners ROME Italian army and navy officers have been cautioned to avoid foreigners as much as possible, presumably as a safeguard against spies. Unlike in Soviet Russia, where coiu tact between officials and foreigners has been discouraged for several years, Italian officials have had many friends in Rome's foreign colony. But they are seeing their foreign friends much less frequently since the wan Italian officers have been Instructed even to avoid the cafes of the Via Vittorio Vento, the captial's Main Street, where they might encounter foreigners. JJIuegc To Coach WASHINGTON - After 18 years service as a Washington infielder, Ossic Bl'uege has been appointed a coach. CLOSING OUT ALL $39.50 to $79.50 COATS - SUITS 1 2 PRICE LADIES Specialty Shop mor« T« M VG » f J nduslnou s American farm youth, Robert Sum'.- ' > era - "»- Hnh nnn , Achievement champions at the 18th National 4-H club congress, held in Chicago. Each received a $300 college scholarship and a silver award in the name of President Roosevelt. ,H couple of flunkies sprencl a length /into position. The star and her en- of faded red plush carpet. Now Miss touragc arrange themselves and glide West emerges. Director Eddie Cline, - " ..... his assistiint, the makeup man, the star's stand-in and bulky Dick Foran —the latter holding Miss West's lacy parasol— practically lift her from the car. Clutching Mr. Furan's hand, she walks three steps on the carpet, goes up a set of portable stairs which the • flunkies have placed beside the carriage, and scats herself. Foran swings in from the opposite side after climbing over a wheel. Cline yells, "Action!" The camera turns and Foran clucks to the horses. They move ahead 10 feet, out of camera range, and the handlers seize their ..bridles. The stars and bit of carpet are put in place as the limousine moves .away. Miss West has done a morning's work. i-'uothall Pays Way MADISON Wis. - Although Wisconsin won only one of eight football games this tall, the Badgers drew more money at the gate than their entire athletic budget calls for. Cause Discomfort LOAN COTTON Sec me before you SELL TOM KINSER AAI AQ For quick relief from the misery of colds, take 686 Liquid - Tablets - Salve - Nose Drops FREE!! 1 shirt Laundered FREE 'with Eiich Suit Cleaned and Pressed in our ',.' • MODERN Cleaning Plant COO K'S WHITE STAR Laundry-Cleaners Phone MS (THE END.) l, r >r>000 more bicycles came into circulation in Italy during September and October, 19,'ifl. Bicycle prices usually run from Alligator! Suedes! Calfs! Puff-Puff Safins Stunning new bags . . . copies of high-priced originals. Shop today! $1.95 Pure Linen Hankies Floral Prints, Whites, Pastels Daintly Embroidered! 25c - 49c Ladies Specialty Shop • HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Barrage of Dishes and Bottles Menace to Spies on Film Set HOLLYWOOD — Producer Lou anyway 1 stick mostly to pantbmine. Brock, head of the .shorts department at RKO, repeatedly has threatened to close his sets to visitors because spies from neighboring* Siuges have been seen lurking around, obviously intent on stealing a few comedy gags to bol- .ster (lie big features. Most oC the lime, though, no .such precautions are needed. Only Ihc nimblest .spy could steal anything on Stage !>. If he escaped the barrage of crockery and bottles, he'd probably be trampled in a stampede of cops and crooks. Missing that fate, he's almost certainly be bcunccl by one of several viciously whizzing miniature viciously whizzing miniature airplanes. Your correspondent, ventured, on Stage 5 and sustained only minor bruises, but IO still have merely the .foggiest idea of what was supposed to be going on there. AH 1 know is that somewhere in the middle of the excitement was a bewildered-looking lit- |tle man .named Harry Langdon. And that for Ihe first lime in 11 years he was back in the character that made him famous. He wore an old-fashioned police uniform and an air of puxzlcd harassment. Langdon is 55 years old now, and except for a small paunch he hasn't changed perceptibly. His special style of comedy, he told me during an armistice, hasn't changed at all. "After talkies came in." he .said, "1 never got a chance to do my char- ,aeter. Slapstick was out, but it's back now. I worried some about making the character speak, but my normal voice seems to fit pretty well, and Kun (o He Back at Old Job "This is a two-rcclcr. Back in (he days when I was in the bid dough, .we'd take maybe a month to do stuff like this, and now they've cut it down ID three days. I was glad to .see that the stories still come easy. The character practically flows along by him- >:clf; all \vc have to do is think up ]some new motivation to get him -started. I' hope it goes all right. Anyway, it's fun." The director called for action again, and Langdon grabbed a fly swatter and began batting at the model airplanes, which were zooming around on invisible wires attached to fishing poles manipulated by prop men on the catwalks overhead. Three heavies started tossing vases and dishes with an aimless frenzy. I clucked behind a table offstage and found mysefl sharing the shelter with a bulky extra dressed as a cop. He O'Connor, used to was Frank direct Pola 200 lire ($10) to 600 lire ($30), dependent upon whether they are new of second-hand. Bicycles are rented for two lire (10 cents) per hour. Negri and Clara Bow. Street scene:: The cowtown on Universal's back lot has been dressed up with a coat of paint and a couple of new swinging doors for a saloon. They're calling it the Mae Western .street because she and W.- C. Fields work there occasionally in "My Little Chickadee." Saddled horses stand at hitching racks. Extras strolling on the board sidewalks wear beaver hats, bustles' spurs, chaps and flowing 'skirts. In ;m>nl of (ho hotel, horse handlers. ankle-deep in dust, are placing a carriage with a skittish team of blacks. Mao West Dues Morning's Work A black, 16-eylinder limosine, slighl- ly smaller than a Pullman car oozes up beside the carriage. Chauffeur, foot,man, maid and hairdresser alight as BETV This Christmas enjoy new convenience 11; plus the silence and savings of the only freezing system with NO MOVING PARTS! qpHE NEW 1940 Servel Elearolux is ready J- —waiting to make life happier and healthier for you and your family! See it at our showroom this week. ^Jote its marvelous adaptability. And remember: like every Servel Elearolux, it brings you those big operating advantages that have made the Gas Refrigerator famous—permanent silence, no moving parts to wear, continued low operating costs, savings that pay for it. So, order yours now. Get next year's finest refrigerator—in time for the_holidays! MOIST COLD.,. DRY COLD You 0*1 BOTHI D*w-Actlon tr»ih«n»r keeps rrgelabJci and fruicalwu'S moist and full of flavor. Dry or MeUt Mcol whichever you desire, poiicion of the coreA And b«»M*i, the 1940 Gai Rt-frigerator brings you thtse Olh«t modern fe«tar«: Adjumble Interior Arrangement. 3-Posia'on Slid, log inelf. Trigger Release for Traj's, FleiibtcMeulketubeEclc*** LOJJSiiMK CAS CO,

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