The Courier News from ,  on September 19, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Wednesday, September 19, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Stanford May Repeat Bi Woicl Is Out to Watc Beais BV 1MI.I, Sl'AUUHXG .Head Coach, 11. (;. [,, ,\ LOS ANGELES - As the' 19 football season Is. about to ope there is no possible way to for cast the outcome of the Pacifi Coast Conference race. Anv 01 of four or five elevens may fli itseii in the Hose Howl on Ne dear's D.iy, and it | s doubtf whether any one team can • through undefeated. ' Stanford wns the lending teai in the far west last season an jollowois of (he Indians 'feel tin this is, ihciv j, CI)r n(| . n |n TilL LMC (heir judgment on the f, 1( 1'.?! j f lhc £ °l>l>»»ii»-e -tram c l!M3 drove to a triple lie for tl championship, the junior team < this year should |, e able to pel form miracles. The Big Red team has a goo Jlne both on oflc-me and defensi with nobby Ornyson, one of th coast's onlstnnclliig players, as It will direct 'the' Cardinal" '">°n fiom the fullback position. •California has the best materla since the days, of its wondc teams. Bill ingram believes In has a winner Ihls y cllr , wiln lnc) ' hrnii ' Uckle '' tllc D|l|lt '"8h«n brotheis, at the ends; and wil- liams and Blower In the backileld califtinla looks like the .c,m; * * • Sonthein California, even thoiiKli losing such men as Youei, centur Palmer, end; and Roscnbcrir may l«<m out to fee tough. Warburlon « piesent anil Clemens will be at rigid half. clcarliui U IB way for uic Cotton Top. Jlownrd Joiii**; )^n< good hcaiy ||,,e material I 0 WOIK on. and by (|, c mi(iine of lhc sca _ up points. ' "' lolllnii P,r,' ey , n ' e cotlnll »B on Jimmy Phclan to come through al Washington as Ihcy have for four jean,. Wnsiilnutoir has pinvod some line football In spots—us Koocl as could be expected when the competition 1.5 considered The Huskies may: be n hnr such •d 3im[, nnd men as ™o\^^.?^ lfi '"i.« S «»i at left whether • "BO, will be back Clear the Track BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t " «,V A v-5 * < f r r * *'•*"&*$££:: >•$' &: ' '«>|KI/'^A'A S <' •( H ' wv^>W/;:^:< 4 -;i\^ L^z±£^iti: , * • '"s?*? HERE mums Hire (ir.ijMin, Slanrord's fullback. DEItN TOOTIN Is questlonabl can replace Bill I Smith,-a gient end, and develop li li"f equal to last year's. • • ! Oregon looms strong again de-t spite the fact (hat Mlfuilafc, Tcm- ple and qce, backs, and Cuppo-jl os "?, ""^V linemen, were | 103. It Is doubtful if MlkMlnk 3s fhl le P'ae«l. but Oregon is on '& "ic upgrade, for two stellar backs " remain from last year in Purke who probably will be moved from warier to left half, and Van Parke '"'^ Q "™ flclcl " mner - nlS 8 , ° f tlle SI "' lnB - e vcnts'on W the' cow „,„ a's but a'step across the flcld fiom that Roman instrument to the pigskin;., Hc/should be' n fine passer while his klcking\S * '«ctor m Oregon's, success last broke even at I'hiladephla, The Cubs took the first game, 7 to 3 The Phils grabbed to 1. , the second The Brooklyn ledgers ran over Hie Plllslmrgh Pirates fl to 4 at PltLsburgh. Leonard was Ine winning pitcher and the Dodgers """ "•' '" blows off three Buc Orvillc White, Prominent St. Louis Professional, To Play Next Week Oi-Hllg Willie of the Meadow Brook country club at St. Louis will head a contingent of St. Louis golfers who will participate In ihc niyllieville Open luurjmmciit. here September 25. 20, 27, seeking «500 plus In prizes. v ' Matching strokes wllli white 'and other MlK-ourl nccs over the 72 hole medal play route will bo siic-h Mwnpjils stars as Emmett Splcer ' Jack Wenzler and the "daddyv ol Memphis goUom \v. c. Sherwood pi'o at the Memphis country club.' Oalfney Hnwklns, ace of Irj'c-i caddy playos [,,,d i 10 i ( | cr of tl ' u , course record here, 31, s i s . i )P j ow par, has entered Ihe loiirncy and will pit his ybulhful nkll] n lf ainst Hint of the Invading veterans of pro and amateur ranks, Hawkins has not played for over a year bill is now seeking to whip his game Into shape for the bin/lest Hlb Mena, unattached professional of Llllle Rock, has enlcr-d tourney. Harold Oatman of St Louis, pro, hns also returned hi entry blank niled In proper form In addition to Wennler, Kjlm anl Sherwood other golfers froir Memphis W |]| (nk( . ,,„,.,_ Jn (hc quest for honors. Among ti,cm wll we Clcorgc Trndwell, amateur, W A. Kelly, Galloway country 'club Pro, R. J. lirmvn, I3ridgeiv;iy coun- y club pro. j. c. Fondrcn, Pin- Hill country club pro and J a ttuKlren, Pine Hill pro. n. V. Albru will also tec off ,?"''' C A"" C . ° r SU Louis' lead- Warming Up for World Series - . By Kreoz VER6EI, AHb MIS FIELO1HG -^t=' ng pros. He Has won a number .r . "• "i« u niiniuc'i of Important tournaments In the St. Louis nren. ' Spicer Is well known as former Southern amateur, Tcnncsseo slate fall "' C ls " Trojans Ltm *,,' ' ! ' K "' Wns l Lon ste ner's first wit!, Ulc Beav- era, and In, system probably will be woiktug more smoothly. J '-' ^' V |S 10Cki " B fcr n 00d Captain, along Livesay' and Ch learn win uc vcry , ,, with a smart qii.irter- Boyce (Tc.x) •-- Outside of (he conference SI c r°''« Santa Clam S'h a "e (Copyright, 19M. NBA Service. Inc.) ~ FOVVS iRco i,«"« J !J Leil e«« 'ionic run ^fflrs&ssr^ Ti>e diamond ni*™. i,.. . ' BEST PRICES PAIH TOR Cotton J. E. Huson ^^ HMHH, 4t» Omoe Gnad Leader BM{. 13. i There arc ''no blue' notes caiuluVoiit of tlii. siixo'iilibiie which .Mickey.' Codirmio' la niqiUpnlntlng. -\viien ' Detroit Tiaer fans presented r,im y.-u'h thi- horn, (lie Miefc was so glec- Jiil linn "Ilniiity Hays .A rQ Here Again" was Iho only unrulier ho coulil tbfiik of. Cocliraiio Is an •exiicrleiiccil looter, |,av- IIIK played (lie Imrn to het|) i, a v Uls way lliioutli JlfiEBS -F " Reds Get Even Break With Champions; Ro\vc Shut ouls Yankee Sluggers The New York Giants, National leaders, broke even In two games with the lowly Kcds yesterday but the Cards were idle and tailed to Ealn. The Detroit Tigers. American lenders, shutout, their nearest rivals, the Yankees, with Ihcir siar pitcher, Schoolboy Howe, on the mound. The Giants won the second game Irom the Cincinnati Reds 4 to 2 after Benny Frcy had bested Fred Fit7-simnifms in n first game hurling duel, 2 to 0. Ilafcy won the pine for Cincinnati in the tenth inning with a home run alter both tc.ims had goc. scoreless imill that time. Hal Schumacher registered his .Ird victory as the Olnnls came buck to win the second game although he failed to go the route The Chicago Cubs and Phillies gathered hurlcrs. The Yankees werc held to six scnttcrcrt/ hits by Howe, the Arkansas : acc of (he Tigers, and lost 2 to o. The victory boosted the rigors far out in front ' of the and Memphis 'city Wen/ler also gniheml champion, an a.ssorl- Yanks. Huffing WII.S (he losing o ...... iijsj lukTljly pitcher. Howe made two hits, bat- tlng.ln one of Detroit's runs' .The Cleveland Indians defeated the Wnshlnglon Senators In two games at Cleveland. The scores were 5 to 4 and and Wingarner v hiirlers. The Chicago White Sox lost to of the same lilies turning pro. Sherwood Is a vet- C -ktn'' '""""''"'''i' Prominent for Ins Kntrles-of n group of Louisville *>'•, pros are expected any day >KHV nixl nbo a number of entries fro,,, Alabama and Mississippi Holmes Kcnnhic "Kim-" -..- ..™.,. 0 CINCINNATI (UP) — 9 lo o. Harder U-c Hoboes or America conclude!! the winning their convention here some lime the loser. The Boston Red Sox defeated Iho St. Louis Browns 2 to 1 using their one hit off ni-fc Ncwsom lo win the gnme. R .Johnson's single drove In Jfrlshop hi the tenth !n- nlg. Walbcrg was the winning pitcher, relieving Wes Pcrrcll The Drowns wllli 10 hits werc unalffo lo win. Ads SHOME 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. l»r.PT, <=?4- new tinldt— "JACK FROST". TTKRF.'S a striking new finish fur (lie Fall and Winter STUTSONS—"J ,\CK FROST". Blended with the deep silky nap of ihc fur. arc snow-white hairs ilwt give the luis the frosty sheen of silver fox. You'll like ihcir soft, mellow feel—the dark lustrous color blends—the clever lintt of crown and brim! retained the rovil ^iT 00 "-. 1 *-*'^ hl ' U _Rcad Courier Ncws~Wo" m Alls . ;,,v 'lo usher in King Football locally ;'j'i Triday of next week, the skippers :ij 'arc drilling the Maroon and White the curtain ;/ 1 VVyJ^^^lnir/^ ">c drilling the Maiooi I W-1-f'i'(Tr')«W!i Ull(lcr fu » Pressure for I jlJAOk/i*l ' 'r f l%$£fWM >'»'s<"'• MAKvIN ylijmj^. **»*• \*<M nf • ^A i tl - • ' 'ffijif ,/> • The workout yeslerda f ^iJr^i. • J }• ,// more impressive "--•- -\*Jiir IM ' ir*'s\ foic - Thc u °j' s ^•^""l^f ^ /* / IjlUnys fairly well. QETRorT Tl^tT^ i ijccptions the lini .. Better -.'day was much more impressive than the day be '"" ""•" '—' clicked off their With but few ex- les functioned bet- Nashville Defeats New Orleans 17 to 11 in First Play-Off Game NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. : 19_ I" the wildest inning a champ- lonshlp baseball' series ever witnessed the Nashville Vols ran riot to more than score enough runs to win a dozen ball games and defeat the New Orleans Pelicans " Io 11 in the TTrst game of a series io determine the Southern Association champions. The inning .was as dizzy a dish v ever set before Southern association fans, the ..Vols counting 13 runs In the half and the Pels G in their turn. The Pelicans paraded four pitchers and the Vols used three. When the barrage was over 'and the scorers finally caught up they cUscovered that the Vols had made 7 runs oft 16 hits a ,,d the Pels 11 runs ofl H hits. Errors figured prominently hi (he Vol scoring The statisticians also eventually found out that Stafford was "the winning pitcher and Bryant;the The two clubs meet again today. Looks Like Year of Big Cut for Cubs "hicks Show to Better Advantage As Coaches Puf^' On Pressure ing nicely. H Locks, Eddie SallbaT John" Burns Slick Meredith, and Charles Brog- ilon, ball carriers, took turns rccl- pulin" Rayder, Elmei .Oneil Craig, Byron \v,.^, ullu Henry Lunsford were especially outstanding on tn e defense | .straight line plays with an, occa-' c'iu"?' ' nrwftl ' d pass werc tlscd ex - Coacli Laslie has been human checkers with his new pilot will not make nny first siring Selections until, the week of warfare with the Indians, .he Indicated. Juniors (jettinf Ready Coach "Ace" Puckett Is hammering away with his Junior pro-, —. B . , leges in an effort to have them By NEA Service • in the best possible shape to check' CHICAGO, Sept. 19.—If the Chi Whirl ° f ' he Jonesboro cago Cu ! JS fnil to fi»!sh second-in The aerial department Is' being w "' mean the loss of $285 a man, given double barreled attention" ' he difference between second and Russell Mosley, brother of Hershel] " llr<1 P lacc cuts of world scries has given every indication of fol- nioney, based on their share 'last lowing in his footsteps, by heaving 5 r<;ar Hie pigskin In a fancy manner.- AniJ , because there will be no Dan Warrington, end, Robert ' ci ty scries between the Cubs and Scott, Houston Caudle; Everett White Sox this year, they will lose Craig, Max Hutchins and Eugene' ' rom S™ to $900 more a man'. Hood continue to show marked Prosperity, where art thou? : improvement. ' : • — — Included In the squad are: Warrington, Burns, Craig, Wilson,' Smith. Hood, Forsythe, Caudle, Qreer, Aldridge, GUI. Colvin. lay, Clates, Moody, Mosley, Scott, Heath' Bcsharse und Hutchins. • ° r the At Fur Phone 717 Nisht— Sunday— Anytime Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. BY J. P. PRIKNI) ' Under the critical surveillance of 'oachcs Carney Laslie and James 'Ace" Piickett the, Blythevillc >lgh school Chlcknsnvs wound up heir training slunls yesterday al- crnoon with a hard scrimmage hat tasted for more than an liour ind a hnlf. " | With the Osccola ' Indians slated Read Courier News Want Ads. ROXY Wed. and Thursday Miilincc & Night—lOc - 2Sc ,*RE THE "TREACHEROUS THIRTIES' THE DANGER-, ! gUS'ACE'FOK WOMEN? ' New Mead 'Clothing Co. • J Kox News—Hat-lio Keel Popper IVfl Comedy—"Just Concentrate" with l.ulu Me- Conncll Last Time Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile (>:45—10-3So GKOKC.'B BKKNt, IlE'lTE DAVIS, ANN OVORAK . in ' •'•'.-. 1'iiramouiH News Comedy , i Thursday & Friday ! '•'..'"•' A Brand ISfew \ Ucn Blue Cometh ftlnsical—"Society Nnfcs" With Ishaani Jones and Orchestra '.SEPTEMBER marks'the opeiiing of a brand-new season in this business of running one's life. Back home—back to work- -back to school. Time to take stock of most everything, isn't it? What's needed for the house, for the children, for yourself? ... At least > a dozen spending decisions to be made very soon. How about choosing a school for the youngsters? U^not^top hite^even now.) And school equipment, too—pe'n-and-pencifset, typewriter? Then don't forget new linens and towels for the house—and bathroom supplies, of course. Perhaps the pantry wants restocking. And you are going to redecorate at least ONE room, aren't you? Whatever-your needs, the Advertising pages of this newspaper will help you decide WISELY "and spend iWISELY.JTbu can depend on advei-tised goods and services'. . /foTif'they'didn'tTepresent'pVetty worth-whil evalues,:the sponsors couldn't keep on advertising and selling! Read all'the sales messages in this newspaper. They have something worthwhile to say to you. :

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