Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1939
Page 3
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>!, Dacember ) I, 193,9 ^t~r-~-~ HOPE.STAR, NOPE,. ARKANSAS. OUR ss tyr.s, Sid Henry Telephone 321 And now once more he holidays are it,- protection, its food and its fuel. : near- j )),.,, ( |,,. y v ] nl . P( \ mL . pjcim-e of a pine 1 Hie silvery, .shimmering season, when | ),,;<• up,,,, H, 0 i, fi,. s | money, rullmt'i "'" "''"'•' it lhe pine tree .shilliiifj; and as far' Of heaven is powdered .star-wise on Die mow: When men ninl women live af/ain thr dear. Quaint raptnics, tinsel-hnnr-, of ye.stor youths, When children follow w'nli nnqnest- fiiith I ac!< as Yulelide legends record, the j tune futility of i.'vcr>.'iefu>. has played i a leading role amoin; Ihe symbol.-; of ' holiday cheer. _0~ Tli< John Cain chapter. D. A. H. will hold ils December moeliiif, with j a luncheon al !?.:.'!() Tuesday at '•' ----- ti IUI11 Ill-Ill! til lf,.,l\l 1 Ul'.SUitS ill. Ml' j ['he crimson hoot heels of i, jovial \ Hotel Hnrlow. with Mrs. |{. M. liihnl! wraith: i M,-s, O. A. Graves .mil Mi:-:. Ralph | When wishes turn by mayie inlu Burton of l.ewi.-ville ns hostesses Irnlh. —O— •Selected. 'Ihe 0|;lcsby 1'. T. A. will hold its -• —«»•*»- t./ecemher meeting Tnesdav. December Tlif; Ancient Evei-Kieens -Most of us Ii. at three o'clock al the Ojile.sbv tire unconsciously or umipiireciative- school A .special nm«tmns pio K rnm y iiwiiro of Ihe necessity of plant- i j s )„.;„,, p,epam| with the children life lo human existence, Ft w of us re-| lakinp part. j\,l, s . ihu-rv l.cmlv and i.lixe tlv extent of our dependence I Mrs. Kenneth I,. Spore will take par! upon plant life for actual existence on the program. All interested mothers imil happiiHv.s. The holiday season of i and .frioids are cordially invited to I hanksKiviin; and Christmas affords i he present. dnimidic opportunity to lay a lasting] O foundation of i[Appreciation in lhe mind I The Girl Seoul Council will meet, of us all. KIJW of us reali/.e Ilia! thru I Wednesday afternoon al two oc-lock in Nature's own prehistoric fossil records : the Council lieom at Ihe Cit\ Hall. in Monc, fricnli.sl.s bnve proven that ! _O— 1'rieods will lit. 1 lilad to know lhat j the condition of Mr. <C.\; menls llollo- fi.vl Ih %:*•:[ EGAD, MR. VAN DYKE, NEWG OH < - ; ^-"- DIGCOVERV OF ANOTHER with .. Mojo, Hoopie j p ro (J r j(] T j t jg tft Green Bay Packers These fossils ,-ecord tcnifi'- :,tnij-,Kles . man. v ,),o n.'cenllv nnderwenl ,-m between plants and waiinj: elements | appe.idicilis operation at the Julia of Niiliira.e and because of plant life's j Che.ste,- Hospital is leporl-d as 'im-, victory, anim-d.s and men have been j pi ovin/;. ' able to live. If the plants had lost ! —O — their fii-hl fo r life, no one has yel I.iu),., Mj.vs Carolyn Lot-Ice. daui;li-. \ deleimined how Ihe animals and men! lei of Mr. and Mil-.. Walter K. Locke i -' could have existed. The everm-c'.'n.s [ , i le.hi ated | u . r f,,urlh birthday an- ,'"" have also contributed much to the j nivcisiry with a parly on bainrday j .-pirilnal happiness of man; Ihe first ' aflei noon. About twenty three of her ' lirefn si/,,i I,, meet lhe eyes of our i ynijny friend:: were invited ujo l-dlinm falhers was that of Ihe (.rent lhe occasion with her al her ho'mi pine fore-.t-,; M) yrateful wen. 1 Ihov for Monday Tuesday Matinee Tuesday IT'S ALL ABOUT MEN! on Soulh Shover .'-Iriel. The deeorat- ions Were fi'a'ured will) a he.'iulifnl I j hirlhday cuke, witli fi.ur lij^lileil eiuiil- , [lex, and favors of Santa Clause:; ' S anil toy:- wire distrihuled and ii>e : I e, earn u-as .served. ' | Ciinl of Thanks We wish to lhank our many friend-: j.for their kindne-is and assistance ,f;h'Avn us durini! Ihe illne.'s and deal 11 j of our beloved v.-ife and mother Wi([.pray O'od's richest blos-jiiii' upon all. K O. Holers and r'amil.v AM AI3OUT TO <£TA>TUG OF \JEK\US AROUSES ALL / THE AU T1 6T .M ME/' I WAS ^T^ TO THE OP THE EAT3L.V IN OESTROVIMG MEMORIALS OF THE 'PAGAN GODDESS — HAR-RUMPM/? BV THE Vv(Ay ; HAVE YOU SEEI-A THE "CROUCHING v4iU5>" A 1?MODES FOR A SMELL ' WHERE VOUP, ' STATUE RECOVERED? VAN! OYKr? :>&>. : :' A '" ^;J ssfZ-.U. I -I re. u. b. PAT. orr. <^/ a's Anderson Electc tf *«.o,.,,, fl^'i * THE FAMILY DOCTOR r. M. «e«. u. s, Running and Aerial Attack Crushes New York, 27 to 0 i MILWAUKEE —(/P)— The Green! Bay Packers, cutting loose v/ith u tie- ' vastalirig running and aerial attack, crushed the New York Giants Sun-1 day. 27 to 0, to win the national pro-j lessional football ehampionship be-1 fore 32,00(1 wind-chilled s By DB, MORRIS FI8HBEEM MltoB. Journal of (he American Medickl AJMefattm, •»* •( Hygela, the Health Magarln* Use of Insulin and Diet Control Helps to Prolong Lives of Diabetics <Tlus is (In- las( of a Errlcs of 14 m-lirles Ijy Dr. FislilK-n on ll)c Mini; prinrlpal causes of dentil In Uic Unilod Slules. Ninth „ " the chief causes of . " " , The sellout crowd E uw the Western v>,.,ihf i division champions move to (he front i ,' ., * ' I I * n I " " ?'~' with B first period touchdown «nd ! ^' U ' J 1 " ^'^ J f'" e f '^ '°"f r ; Th, Giant. who had won the people m Amenca. . aa err, division title with a great «w -I ; <' •=• peope m Amenca. hihition of defensive tooth, dl "d I «* "sul.n and our present firs, few minutes. | . l ,. l A strong wind aided the Packers in' '-riJ, ( l iem developed diabetes could „ " ...... ----) (OiS I ) ! S I'GQO 1C ! Sp<"t ' '" ll""" 1 ! ''"'('' if ( , . , ",.,,' " " ," ' " '" ' ' "' I (1C MGH VV ,.,, , VVhO Made Pa 1 C I IfY.i Hawks Click 135 women kissing, kick* cooing andSCTarching MARY BOUND • PAUI.ETTE GODDARD PHYLLIS HOVAH • JOAN FONTAINE VIDGIIIIA WEIULEIt • LUCIIE WATSON Ficm Ilio PUy \,y CURE BOOTHfc By Arrdiiguracnt with Max Gordon Playa and Picture* Corporation Scroon Piay by Anita Loos and Jauo Murlm • An M-G-M Fictura Dirocted by Geortia Cukor Produced by Hunt Strombcrg P. ChicisfmrtJTi Gives . ..... ......... Credit to Teammates ' | ; ''"' r '. "•,':. " r A1:i -> H "''-" '<••••'• • < i". l.'lnl ci! I emit ....•!.•(• I lie I 1 ,!;' Six v- e "'' . . Cln-iMinan lo-ed another aeiria! Sun. day in a national radio hookup in eon- vui championship learn ])ickeil hy \\w j ,. .-, '"', "'., All-AiiK-rica hoard of b<,olb;.li. I '\ '"'.,' "T/'v "A fellow doesn't make All-Ami.,-- : j,^,',, ';,',' , |( ', (( ^ y' . v ican without the help of his male; and " "' ,' ." '". u '",',' I certainly had it." the Missouri ' ,',',';. ',"' 'V,; ;''",'!' ' ',,•',' , i'-'!';!'.' v'-',' Univi.,r:-ity qnarlerhack .-aid in iri'.s- <• ' ', ''", '"'^' 11 '" "; ""I'l'-'c... Ni. I* In,IK ';. Ilir i.l.-iyei- i if ll.i. \ c:i! re ^m Are fay it Rose Bowi Game Will Meet Southern California New Year's KWA, Calif. .-i./Pi— Tourna- 1','•••':•: officials- Welcome the '''•'-i'' ::-ini- Tennessee vs. Caiiforiiia. of Pasadena's fnined way ol Meppint; out while Ihe battle over •HIM ectivc' rivals j;oes n Mepnin;,' back in to he teams chosen. exceplion Pasadena "i in-ill announced Sun- leliKhlL-il id have the STL'C Volxmieers come lo I-'owl f,u- ;he fi|.. s i |j nle j n '"'I '"l'»l lo have Southern for Ihe si-cth time and ! 1 in .--ncccssion. ,. , . , . m^ lacchl for m.s selection to In:Tiger mates. Chrislinan. v.'ho eanie here from Col- tiniliia. Mo., to pai-tieipute in the radio' VVi'iiloi-y \\:r. i'iiM Winnc-r hi pre.- 1 .'illation of lhe team. '.va« intio-j ji,,|[ diiced by Dr. Mai Steven^, enaeh oi' ' ['), . Ahrk i--:iai eame ( ,i i uii :.i the Nt-w York Univeisiiy Iliiy yrat- th,. fifil, animal p., 11 .-nnrt Flevdi.'.-. -a menil-.er ,,f the hiiard. \w.- Y.iik V/iM-lil- .. railed Paul the "r,esV enliei;.. p-iswr 1 w ; nm r- w. re. l,vnu (> \", ever raw. And Clii-i.Minan is ei:rlainl.\ r-.',-i i) r .» ,...., t ,,,. i ;,;(;, : |;ieh;.rd M nr 'popoff (juy," ' ;ll-,rv;id, ll'.'lli; K. F. H, i-. ., . ?,! ! i: ,., J.; fayrtie. I'.l.'iT: an.i V.'dhaii K.--r , , , ei 1 C'arii"i;ii- 'I A eowpuncher has hcen erowned eii,c:lie( king and will meet Ihe women's ehampion in a dual tournament >i. i ./ . . * We knew Ihe west wool,! rome ;uross — NOTICE — Due to thc length of I his picture llierp will only \>c one complete show starting al 7.45 Tonight and WEDNESDAY SPECIAL HOPE-PSNE BLUFF FootbaH Pictures MONDAY V.'itli Kay iMilland Tues - Wed - Thurs !i W^ "YOUNG I!.v II/MIUV <ii!AV!-:O?-! \I''.A Servii-c S'jnnl-: K(li'"i championship, two more than any other learn ever has won. Midway of the first period the Backers began rolling from New York's I •ifi-yard line, after getting the ball there on a short punt. Arnold Herber, tossed two passes for 20 yards and aided Cecil I shell , „ __„ .. « _ _ in driving to the seven-yard line. ' " EO ' °' *' ' AT ' OFf ' Then Don Hulson, Green Bay's great. - years old with this disease is MIND YOUR MANNERS . passc.atching end, drifted wide to the Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the aulho.-itative answers left uncl two Giants dashed lo cover him. Herber fired a bullet pass over center to Milt Gantenbein. who J below caught Ihe ball, in the .end -/.one. Paul! ]. Js ' i( M ri ght (o send your place-kicked the point. thank-you notes for Christinas presents several weeks after 1 Christmas? i. Should you say "Thank you for the gift" or call it by name— such as "the lovely blue vase?" 3. Is it gracious to say "I exchange gifts with so-and-so?" 4. In writing a thank-you note to a relative who sent you a check lor Christinas, ^should you mention what you are going to do with the money ? 5. Should the hostess offer some ;:i;r1 of drinks or food to the guests who call on Christmas Day? What would you do if — A friend whom you did. not ex- |.ucl to give you a Christmas gift. l.riiiRs one on Christmas Day when it <is too lale for you 'to get something for him- Uu Apoiogiy.t* for not having a yift for him V <b) Don'i let him know, you feel •i.ndly over not having a gift for him, but act surprised and delighted with his gif< 9 Answers 1. No. Within a few duys. 2. Call it by name. 1>. No the word "exchange" makes giving sound like swapping. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" ohnion— (b). more than 30 additional year.s But. diabetes represents the break-down and degeneration of certain of- gans and tissues in the body, and even v/ith the best of control, death may eventually result from this cause/ Insurance organizations kefp careful watch for diabetes. They know that, life may be greatly prolonged. They wntch for the presence of sugar in the excretions of the bdoy. Many insurance companies offer free annual examinations to insure this discovery and prolong the life ol the client. This should indicate to everyone the importance of having regular examinations so that .necessary steps may be taken to lengthen life. Although this may actually have the ultimate effect of increasing the number of deaths from diabetes, it Will add years to many lives. We know that some types of people lend more often to got diabetes than do others. This applies partieulaily to those who are overweight and who put too great a strain on (he digestive mechanism of the body. These people- particularly, can do much lo prevent the disease by watching their diets. We know too that there is a tendency for mothers and fathers with dm betes to give birth to children who will have this disease— if not during youth, probably later in life. .-—- 4««>1»-«M'-- -- FinoS Standings of Southwest- Conference DALLAS. Texas — f/h— Final Southwest conference standings: Team— W L T Pt.s.Op A. &. M G 0 0 112 H SMU 4 2 0 GO 33 Baylor ; 4 2 D 7C f>5 Texas 3 .'i U lift !)! Arkansas 2 3 1 Gil S. r i TC(J 1 50 Cfi 100 Rice 051 !i7 1(11 (Ties count half game won. half' yanie lost.) . A. and M. Eavlor SMU Texas Arkansas 'ICU Kico Full Season Stmuliiig W L TPts.Oj). 10 0 0 198 18 7 3 0 1,'ifi 81 0 :; i us GO 5 4 0 10(i 125 4 5 1 115 117 3 7 0 110 11!) 1 9 ' I 77 143 See me before you SELL TOM KfNSER - California-Tennessee 1 SO " H ' erR . made-i,, (ho .surprise • DorBlijtafS mx^iy nij;ht after Ten-! : '" r C' V 'I Mlbuni and i By the Associated Press} ^ :(.'<.'. cuss u,. and the! Southerners who contend that the j a.i.ornia at Los Angl- | |. pc , f 00 i| 5 all in the country is played! I sln'rt Laundered FREE with Each Suit Cleaned ami Pressed in our MODERN Cleaning Plant : COOK'S WHITE STAR Laundry-Cleaners Phone 148 I in Dixie can point up their argument! ==r coherence weigh- ! ,,,;,), llle fllt . t (h;lt fjve Soutliorn teams | .'.sums-, (he ihvee j w iij p) a v in the major "bowl" engage anil one non- nle nts New Year's Day. Three teams .^i ULl.A. voted by 1 v/i u re p,. eEe nt the Southeast Con"' ''. ^ ro -l'" ls ] t'erence, one the Southwest and one "" !> Ulf - <><>ming; ih» Southern. '' 'n n' U ' r ' K '°' i Tennessee's undefeated, untied and Ulllil; °- IIu "-! unscored on Volunteers, will go up •'",,.,, HOI m touch with j !is;iinst lhe University of Southern' ,',..'.';;',;!'''. ,' ','- : <1|j:lt ' 1 " ld i California, Pacific Coast champions, 1 "'"lesse-e. and ; ; n ( ] le K OEL > Bowl. • (•••oicits- (r,s Georgia Tech's Engineers, unbeaten i's ide i of''-i j '" llle l ' on f erence a> K ' losers to Noire • .n r-,n ,,!„ i i' i .1 ' ' E-fime and Duke, will meet Missouri's • ill i.in. provided th» !--• i.-.. , • , ^>ix champions, beaten only hy State, in the Orange Bowl. f eou,--e The f'let Ill-it ' WAR MARTYR HORIZONTAL i Pirtured martyred Work! War nurse. 10 To \vanclor about. 11 Carpel. 12 Tennis stroke. K» Single Ihinj;-'-'. IT; Finder. 17 i'o profli. 10 To bow. «-.•,».,- ,,„( within lwoi wT -H on the Ro.se Bowl i N " r ' Tuln " e '* Wave, lied only by Cw-olma will oppose undcfcal- ' & M " 5l °u ( "west Con"' !'^,'l'kno,:ked''them i on 1 t : ful ^"™ cl «'"P i »n. »" ^c Sugar Bowl. •••- IK'LA. wanted Ten- Uem son Colleges liger.s a gieat "•:<: lvo-'.-;-rd margin v.-a.-i "''"'.' iha f ! "' S ' °" !y 1<J Tlj|nne b >'. •' Parents of i \-u--.;-1 o margin \va- , . , «: '!."> came within scor- t '"'f ° . p °'" 1 ^ «'n f', 1 M ~ Al ^ fi ^ 1 back in Banks Mcl'udden will pla\ || ..- '!', D",--er' undef - ' ^°- slou College's one defeat of tl '"u,',:."^i' n,o,, in t Tois I :r. s4 in:'l unbL-.-ilen in 2.j !.-; lhe pride j !>;(',{•;"•: alc(! hut twice j '::!i!''.nii,->. a ((...-mi that , ; 'ith a lie and ' '. l -"i> . i Southern Cahfor- i i.ncnt. u-iiin and : . So ' ]lhete » 1 le; '»>- , , . , '-.v Florida, a Aft-er Another 23 Fomnle : L'C Sooner than. 2(1 Hawaiian birfi -15 ('i't,i\ e m" a 20 Tree bearing aironis. Jfi iMiinriiin; .Tl Tliis .s'tnicl or \ ireit!. nurso -IH r'nulvnt. was iiccnsi'Cl •!!) Sili-'ii. Of l'.el])ihj; f,p j-V)| ' soMiers the :;en o.seape. M Ornin. ,•>;: ('ilrie Irnil: 'JC Fish. f,:i Tn I'e'cover. Baton i cam On De- rMTiber 30 K' ''."i;K. L:i. .- ,/pi... The i.-' A--ociiiti, m's 'na- -h'i- h.'(..h .school «(,,nie i 1oi?,-ih,.-.,- Pine Bluff. "'•. li.nii.'e hii.Ji school "' 'M. drew hijih : 'i- Moore, head coach i" I'nivfisiiy. m ont-'landinK Riiine.' • ''• ini.ntor comment"'• bii.h ha.s a verv "••• Hluff has a fin;''.•••.••• :, niichtv eood TULSA, Okla.—ifl'i—Water Comi mis.sioner John Graham thinks this could u- 0 on forever: Mis employes gave him a pair l-oots. When Graham tried them on. both were for the left foot. Back lo (lie manufacturer they went for mating. An employe gave him a pair of spurs. 'n> lit lhe boot--. Both were for the same boot. Graham discovered. sixes too small. If you have a Boy Scout in your home, we a.re"'reason- able sure that you could net please him better (his . Christmas than to -give him one or more ifcin§ of uniform or equipment" for a present. Official Hofr Official Cotton Shirt- Official Ciilton Breeches Official Web CLOSING OUT ALL $39.50 fo $79.50 COATS - SU5TS LADIES Specialty Shop Official Col ton Stockings Official Colored Neckerchief Official Neckerchief SSide » We have just received our copy of the 1940 catalogue showing hundreds of items that make excellent gifts f'.)r Boy Scouts. There is still time to order special items, but hurry before it is too late. , Official "Wem-ever" Canteen Official "MhTo" Canteen Official "Junior" Conteen Official Cooking Kits Official Everyready Flashlight Official Remington Knife Official Bridgeport Axe Official Boy Scout Outfitters i: VOTERS OF HOPE "T"T T1 ) IHMrtlJu—^—d --.—i.».. S 1 r*' 's.y' not had the opportunity to see each of you \ 1'i.M v, ill sincerely appreciate your vote in my non for Ward 1 . < I [jromirc- 1 to he honest and fair about !;ut rna\- -.T'lme to my attention. A. W. STUBBEMAN - Paid Folitic.il Ail S USE { \ Monts Sngar Cure When Butchering '$ 'l TkC- C-^11 I \»/:_i.-.. •. This Fall and Winter Kor sale by the leading merchants in every community.

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