Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 25, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1952
Page 16
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Txs* •••••• SL WO ft S ; H 0 r r i, AHfTA tl S A S Monday, August 25, CLASSIFIED Adt Uuit B« to Offl«« D»> lie/or* PubUciUoo Wllh Aetount It •*?• flt If ntftutMKM Sit CM* pm Month i,a 1,80 IJP a.io 8.40 a.70 1,00 l.M 100 8.BO 1,00 8,50 4.00 4,80 5,00 4.80 6.00 7.60 9.00 10,80 12.00 11.00 18.00 SIFIEO DISPLAY .* „..„..,«,. 78« psr Inch „„„,,,...«,».. OOo par Inch „,,„, .,„„>.,,., flOo par Inch otMV* art for ton% irr*oulor w ikto" M jne ert»-doy raft. t*d willl t p.m. for feltowlno day, i r»wv» IN right hi II edv»ftlwm«nti *f» cation ami to reject ' 6dv»rtUlno wb- . — » ._ or HMMV wtt0f if flours* MWh 01 hou*e» number* count 01 ene , . be MMMHo , in wonf Ad* unl*M wiled Jo our oli«nilon nlefl Of OtJ fl ilfti ONI inco 7-3431 >PE STAR '•»»' J«m*ry II, '»« «»!• h «v»ty weftkWr oftenwon by Ml WMIHINO CO, * Ot»ll, / I4li*r M«MfW «l*n tt ^W9tsrs ., ^tijlif tM AM •» M«nh I, 1117, % Memiw *( (h* Au4lt »««•«• *( ROIM (payout* In od- y 6«rMr In HOM and n«lahbor> teyw **» moll in Hemptl»ml. Ncvoda, Howard, etva Milltr coun* . .18 1,40 a.«0 4,»o no 3.3S ' UMX) W iMOOm «M i* MOtltnt .All ,.<.«JLMjJ Aiioeteted PIMII *IOtW, Pf«n 14 enlftM ex- to She, u»e (or rtwibilcotloo « lowl mwi Pfim»d in ttito. • o» w*ll oi «l| AC new* Services Offered an kinds at high quo lit? mourn ph work contact Clar ^cannon. , phono f»Ml4 or For Kent THREE room tpirtmtflt, Nicely furnlihftd, Elnclrlc box. Bill* paid, JfM Bonnnr. Mn. A. ft. Hnbb. A-1U VACANT now. 9 room furnished epsrtment, Clone-In. Utilities psld. Onrege. Phon«J 7-44(0, H-t/ 'HOHt tyffdroom convenient to both. Within 1 block of Barlow Hotel, Phone 7-2H.1, 2Mf apartment, blocks from town. Din I 7-22IM, 21-31 ROOM unfurnl*h«d lioine. Ml«» Lllllc Middlebrook* or Middle- brookn Grocery, M.;H 0-ROOM hotme. C'nn be utod a* duplex, 1002 K. 2nd. $40 per month. Call Curl Hruner, 7-<343, 22-31 ROOM tinfurnlihed npnrlmenl, Hardwood floor*. tttillt-ln fixture*, Litrtft' cloud*, 312 Hoiith Spruco, Mm, J. K. Schboitfy. DI»I 7-3977. f aa'.flt • v-.nn. 4*iu«li1>"- tn , ... > FURNISHED "3 VoVnT'noTisoT'uiiT. Itlen pnltl, N«nr Schooley'n Store, Mm. J, K. Schooloy, Phono 7-3377. 28-01 Top Radio Programs NISW YORK iff - LlJttMiln* to- nlgWk NBC -- ft Ouy Ix>mbftrdf) 8«sr«- nndc; 7 Gordon MucFliio Show; 7:30 Barlow Confci-t. League Leaders CBS Anc f H. J. Mm t Associated Press AMERICAN LKAOUC BATTINO —ruin, Philadelphia. . __„„... ,- 3 3': Mitchell, Clevelsnd. 331; fl Beulnh; 0:1.1 Smith-i Wf jf f ^"n«. New York. .323. Show; 8:30 Club IS L," UNS ~ *«""• New York. M, «;30 The txmc Ranger;! Mlnoso. Chicago and Joost, Phil- Mnupln. <"»''lj».hla, 81. Toy lor; 7:30 ~ 7 SUm In Th«r Night; 7:90 Crime Do*« Not P»y; 8:30 War Frf/nt — Home Front. 27; Berra, New York, Item«: NBC — 8:30J Philadelphia, 24. in. Younu Or. Mnlono; 0 Wcl- PITCHINQ— Consuegrs, Trnvolcr*. JIIT8— Fox, Chicago, 181; rain Philadelphia, 144; 8y Thft A«idcldt«d AMERICAN UEAQUE New York W L CBS "» »t m. Oixlfrcy Time, ABC -•• 0 n. m. My True Story. MBS ~ 10 n. m. [.adieu Kali- HoKobnll - MI1S Oninc of Day Network 1:2,1 p. in. f'hlladelphiu ni Chlc««o Cuhn. Tho flr«t brondciiBt of election ZerhIM, Ington, 0-0, 1.000; Shanta, Phlla Washington Chicago ' St. ' dclphlo, 2Z-4, .848; Raschl. York, 15-3, .833. NATIONAL LEAGUE. 72 60 68 03 64 65 52 41 52 $3 54 53 59 80 75 81 Pet .381 ,96ft .550 .521 .520 .920 .400 ,336 MONDAY'S SCHEDULE Cleveland at Wnshlngton — (hl«ht) Lemon (15-8) vs Marrero ! UO-5) . j Detroit at New York — BATTtNCl— Muslnl. 8t, Ixitils.' n - nn <«•!'> vs Mlllfcr (3-4) .Ml); Khmexcwskl, Clnelnnall. .318; On| y «srnes scheduled. Lockninn, Now York. .308. , SUNDAY'S RE8UL.T8 HUNS—Lockmtin, New York, 8«; NBW York 4; Detroit 2 HcrniiH, St. Loul*, 83; Hobln»on. Washln«ton 0; Cleveland 8 (10 Houttc- r«r»UlU took place In 1020 when '"-'"""• nl< /£ ,' ."i 1 , „' Innlhw) ..*ii,. n itnKA «.nnnr.ri n«. n,,,,l. ! Brooklyn arid Miwlal St. Lttuli .83. : lnn ,"»K*> For Solt per iM.A8WOOD xocotKU •— $70 M. SiatO H" t« "H" x V x 0'. HtiltjibJo tot wnll .-partlUorw, •honUilng, ckwel lining*, Bhol. vln«, etc, SOUTHERN PLAS. WOOD CORPORATION, S. PROVING dHQVJNDS, MY HOME, 0<ji or farming land. Fl*h end ,»toclf pond, 8 live »prln«ii, Oih«r>«on- KDKA ri'pnrti-d the Hard- profldcntlal rPfniH». Legol Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 42 BE IT RESOLVED by tho Sonwte of the Slide of Ailumiiiin and by thu House of ReprenentiitlvnH, a Mnjorlly eif All the Members. Elected to Each Iluuxo Agreeing Tncrolo: Thot the following l» hereby proponed ns nn nnirndiiiciil to the Constitution of the Stnttt of Ar- Hnd upon bclnx Htibmittcd ;o the elector* of tho State for approval or rejection (it the next general i) led Ion for Representatives and SOIKItorn, if o majority of the elector! voting thereon, nt such on election, odnpt mich amondmont, the Maine nlnUl become a part of Ihe Constitution of the State of Ar knniuis, to-wlt: SECTION 1, Commlnlon Created Jllll, .1, ArkunauH, fiprlng WADlO phononriiph eonsitlo riiato. uoiiy cublni-t. In «ood condition, Dlul 7.2481. 23, Real Estate for Soli) ftith, home, hnfdwoad (loom, both, uttlc fan, floor fur. ftuee, built-in cnblhotii, fenced buck yard, sarnj»o. FHA Unnn- cod anu vncnnt now, ON 130 X IIW CORNEn lot. Pnv«d direct, plenty of be«uttful shade t»m% itxtrn l«rH» HUH Z living oombjtintlon kltoh .will ureukfaiiV'toiim with' ct»b new «%«>!•«, Inrge pahtry, back poifh, dlile storage, ottlo fun 8 floor furnace*, nnd doom ore covered with ctirpot and llnol* «»m< Oarime nhti carport, Woal fop family wanting plenty of olbow room. Inmmudiuto — Members Poweri. There in horoby creuted a State Highway ComrnlHSlon which shall be HITS-- Adams, Cincinnati. ISI;' Boston 2-12; St. Louis 1-1 (first Chicago 11-1 NATIONAL fchoemllensl and Mu*lal, St. I/ouis.l K Bmc lo InnlngR) 149, HOME RUNS— Sauer. Chicago, 'H; Klnc'r, Pittsburgh, 28; Hodues, Brooklyn. 27. PITCHINO— Roc., Brooklyn, 10-1 ()()»; Blnck, Brooklyn. 10-2, ,83d; YulinH, St. Louis, 8-2, .800. Philadelphia 7-5 LEAGUE Free Golf Lifiorti Start Monday Free «oU Iclittns will start today at Hope Country Club for children of members. Lessons for youths II to 16 yean of age will be given for th'rcc weeks. Boys will play from 8 to 9 a.m. and girls from 9 to 10 a.m. Monr&e Has Small Chance for Playoff The Monroe Sports were blasted out of the Cotton States League bnncball playoff — temporarily, at «",,T If-USt — when Mi>rirlian H..,,,,,,,,,i "' i l» l 32 Qualify in City Golf Tournament Qualifying rounds were complet- rd yesterday at Hope Country Club and actual play in the City Tourney will get underway Wednesday Garland Bradshaw announced. Jim Smith and Robert O'Ncnl tied for medalist honors at 70. A three way tie, Homer Beyerley, Bob Cain and Creighton Middlebrooks will also have to be played off with the winner taking on John leant - when Meridian dropped I BatBlL ' y '" the f ! rst fli « ht ' them 9,5, slipping the Sports Into I Lnrry Bruce ' S parcd Wllh One lifth place. The Negro Community 1 •y Hel«n Turner Phono 7«4474 . Or bring Itomi to Mitt Turned •t Hicks FUtural Hdrrio The annual state camp of Church of God will convene Al 24-31 on the camp ground, local on Bast 9th Street. The Rev. T. I Wingfleld of the speaker, chairman. Mississippi will Rev. A. Sutton~| Monroe, however, still has n chance. The sports have two more games to pliiy of the playoff winners and the loser is pitted with John Hatley. i Mrs. Annie J. Cole left Saturc| for Odessa, Texas, where she visit relatives and friends. Others in the first flight are Jim »hn i Smith atld Jack McLeod, Robert ** -« ••' I"".* unu wiin me /-..»* i in «-• ., . *. . m,w fourth-placd El Dorado Oilers i° Neal and Henry Fenw ick, Mitch ... . «..,.. w I 'llllTinrt flMrt' Tin\m*r /~*.ir« .-.« nt. one who are one name Sports. ahead of the The Oilers took their jump last W L Pet i night when they downed Natchez EXTRA BABE HITTER CHICAGO The •PhlllK)i' Robin Hoht'i'ts has only clybt hll» HO fur thlx seanon nnd' stwen hnvc teen for ,i'xtrn bason. The huikj pitcher walloped hl« flrnt triple of the ,ycar In Sunday's flrtit Ramu against the Cubs. Hu also hu« hit six doubles. . Petroleum products arc know to have been used itncc Ncolllhle times when bitumen' was used ,t<S cement ports of tools. New York Philadelphia Boston Cincinnati Pittsburgh 78 72 70 64 60 52 53 39 50 49 50 64 68 70 90 .66712-1. In other games Pine .590 .588 .533 .484 .433 .431 .291 Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL With nil the power*! and duitffl now AMENDMENT NO. 41 "' h "dit!lnT*trii n tlo U n' >C of l>y th« MW State BE IT RtSOI.VRU by th<- House of neprcB*ntntivps of tun Stat«i el. Ultthwny Depnrtmrnt, with all POWOTH nfccsnury or proper to cruibli.' tho t'nmmlsnlon or any of UK officers or crnployeos to carry out fully und effectively the riguliilloni* und lows relating to the Stole Hlghwny Department. SECTION 2. QuolKlcatloni and , tmd by th* Senate, a majority o< Ml ihn Mcnib«r8 Elected to E»cb House A<rf«Wi Thereto: Ttiut thn following Is hereby pro- posi'd as tin amendment to Constitution of the State of , Appolntmtnt of Memb«r» — Term* ! ««s'. _~*^_ ___ i _ . _ . . t»l. ,. .-•- ----- ~ i2* .Ull b«lrt« «ub ! mltt«*.W to»t chow b«twe«n 8 nnd 6 mon- old, aid SouUt Washington. 7.aaw, aa-at W,at«rmcion oUer n»ou«« trap, you build U by the way. wturld will btmt a path y|Ur door^" R«al cold slices i*«n«p,,Dlck Knvln, JUi oam on Hi«h\vity «?, Ion, FHA Jinnnced. |»,000 down. *79Q,06 FOR 6l BXJUITY In B room motlorn homo with lurg« screened buck porch, garuge, pnrtly (euoea buck ynrd on 73 x ISO foot lot. Monthly payment*, of 938* Include principal, interest tuxes nntt Inkurnnce. WK have a good domand for fnrm land, 80 la-rt-s up to 8,000 with Or without Improvements. IlKSlpENTJAL, Commercial, Property Mnnuiioiuont, PHA, 01, Oo»- vcnlent Loans. See Vincent W. Foster. FAHMS. Ranchea, Land, See Charlo* F, Dakar. of Offlee of Flr»t Commlidon. Within ten f(ny« lifter tho convening Of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas In the year 195H, the Governor, by and with the od- vice ond consent of the Semite. shnll appoint five pernons who nre qualified eUu-tnrs of the State to connlltute (h« Stale Highway Com- rnlBslon for terms of two, four, six, eight and len y«iir» re.spootlvely. The torm« of (lie peritoMH so appointed shtill bo determined by lot. The Commissioner* to be appointed front the State at large; provided, however, that no two Commissioners shall be appointed from any single Congressional District, In the event of rejection by tho Sennto of a parson whose name hai been so aubmlttod, the Governor shall within five days utter receipt of written notice Irom the Secretary of the Semite of such rejection submit the name of another nppolntee to fill such vac- uncy. In the event tho Governor ihould within five days thereafter 'all to appoint or fail to submit to Ihq Senate for confirmation the i»m« of any person to be appointed, tho Senate shull proceed to make tho appointment of Its own choice, SECTION 3. Terms of Offlee of Upon the expiration of nKAl.TY CO.' 108 E. and, Phu. 7s4Wl. 2^.3 F«malo it Ip Wanted SPARK Nft experience h««d«id. Sell Amer- ica'n finest CtirUtn)** Cards. Make ISO on 100 nelNelllni! «»'. aortmenti). PergonaHfed Caijds low as $t per box, many others, Write for aafO£tjJWMJlK ,?»» «l»firo» CHARM, 883 J80, S fen- u»ed furniture and anything of v«l» outh Auction, 1»4am im oif good lumber. 410 N. Sim, R^AN and truck di-lv Qro. a»-3t Sa* N. J2, 25-1 R«ol Eitott;.'if r Rtnt 1U15 SOUTH Main Street. Three and four room ttPWtmenU upstairs with nttlc fans, $40 and 4T.&0. , 101 KAST ThUll SU%«t. Three and lour room apartltwni* upstair* MONDAY'S 8CHEDI/L.E Brooklyn at St. Louis — (2-day- night) Lues (12-C) and Rutherford (4-4) va' Stolen (14-11) and Haddlx (1-0) New York at Cincinnati —(night) Hearn 12-5) vs Raffensberger (1311) Philadelphia at Chicago — Rld/ik (2-11 vs Lown (4-8) Only gomes scheduled. SUNDAY'S RESULTS Brooklyn 10; St. Louis 4 Cincinnati 5-4; New York 4-8 (second game 7 Innings-darkness) Chicago 3-4; Philadelphia 0-14 Pittsburgh 4-3; Boston 3-5 (second game 10 tunings) COTTON STATES LEAGUE Bluff Hot edged Greenwood 1-0 nnd Springs beat Greenville 7-2. The Sports were coasting along easily enough last night with a 4-2 lead going Into the seventh inning. Joe Guldicc tied up the game with a two-run homer. .In the ninth, Meridian picked up :hree more to win. At El Dorado, the Oilers took 1-0 lead in the second inning when Pel Austin slammed out a lomer. The Oilers scored again in the seventh. The Indians' only run came in, .. .... , Ihe eighth when Manager ' Troy j Oilers, playing under" a the electors of the State- tor '-approval or rejection at the nest general election lor Representatives and Senators, U a majority of the (-lector!! voting thereon in such election adopt such amendment, the fialnc shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That the .Constitution of. thfl State of Arkansas* be iirnended modifying Section Iff ,o( Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 of HO Id Constitution, so ns to provide for the flection of u County Cleric In all of the said counties of tho State, ns, Ml lows; "The provisions for the election of a County Clerk upon a population basis arc hereby abolished and there may bo elected a Couuty' Clerk in like mariner as a Circuit Clerk, and In such cases, the County Clerk may be ex offlclo Clerk of the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by Ihe General Assembly." This Amendment shall be In-full force and effect Upon and after Its adoption. APPROVED: March 20, Hlfli. Secretary of Stale C. G. HAU, Mny 5 thn: Oct. 97 (26 times) Legal Notice the forosolng terms of auld Com- — ———-—....._.' mlulDiivrs, a successor shull be PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL appointed by the Governor in the I AMENDMENT NO. 43 munm-r provided for in Section 2 BE IT RESOLVED by the Housft Meridian Natchez Greenwod, Kl Dorado Monroe Pine Bluff Greenville Hot Springs W 79 71 09 05 C4 00 45 43 L 40 53 55 59 00 63 79 CO Pet .Q20 .573 .557 .524 .5 IB .48!) .303 .350 Last Night's Results Pin« v Bluff 1; Greenwood 0 El Uorado 2; Natchez 1 • Hot Springs 7; GreenvUle 2 Meridian 0; Monroe 5 Tonight's Games Natchez at El Dorado Meridian at Monroe Greenville nt Hot Springs Greenwood ;al ;; Pino. Bluff SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION 1 Chatt.moogn Now Orleans Atlanta Memphis Mobile Nashville Little Rock Brimlngharn W 74 73 74 70 68 66 84 58 JL, Gl 64 85 68 07 70 72 80 Pet .548 .833 .532 .307 .504 .485 •47 .42( LaGrone and Jimmy Comptoh, Homer Jones and Eddie Stewart, Thomas Cannon and E. J. Whitman. The second flight; Jeff Murphy vs R. M. LaGrone, Son Porterfleld and Lit Bruce; Mack Duffic and Royce Smith; John Vesey and J. Duke. Third Flight; Ray Tabor and Hnl Branch, Dr. F. D. Henry and E. P. Young; Jerry O'Neal and Dr. Bob Bressler; Sid McMath 'and Fred McElroy. Mr. anii Mrs. Ambers Dunl have returned home after a v| in Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit Flint, Mich. Canada, and St. Lot] Missouri. Mitchell came on on and an error. Pine Bluff's George Texas Club Fights to Keep Title WICHITA (ffi — The Sinton, Tex., | lilers, playing under a severe two singles handicap, are making a determined effort to retain the National Wegeruk stole home to give the Judges a one-run shutout over Greenwood. Jackie Bales, Mike Hitch and Fred Waslluk accounted for nine of Hot Springs 13.hits and tho Bathers Non-Pro Baseball Tournament title. The defending champions won their second consecutive game Sunday night, blanking the Anchorage, Alaska, Labor Union Team, 5-0. The loss eliminated took the victory. The Cotton States Sports Writers j Sinton suffered a severe setback Assoclatslon named John Forizs, I in its first stnrt in the tourna- who has n 19-8 pitching record for Greenwood, as the loop's "Rookie" of the year" Saturday. * Anchorage. mont, dropping a,, 3-2 decision to an unheralded Ponchatoula, La., The announcement was made by Billy Ray, president of the associn- Charles R. Cooper arrived ho| Saturday, August 23, from a weeks stay In Prairie View A. and N. College, Prairie View, T| where he received his BS dcg( August 20. Mrs. Mary wiarxeuc died Augl 23 in Texarkana. Funeral arran| ments are incomplete. Mr. and Mrs. Bedia Hill Saturday night for St. Louis, to attend the St. Louis Cardin and Brooklyn Dodgers games. The American Legion No. will meet Tuesday night, Aug 26. Business of importance will discussed. - team. Since then the Tcxans have won two games. But one more dp- feat would knock them out ef the tion and sports editor of the Merid-1 double elimination meet. idtin Star. He said Nelson Bernard (Nellie) Daehn, Monroe outfielder was runner-up. HITTING BETTER PITTSBURGH — I#V— Johnny Ber- imlino, obtained by the Pirates £rom Cleveland last week, is finding National League pitching more to his lilting. The veteran second baseman was able to garner only thr^e safties in 32 tries in tho 'American League this year. In his first appearance with the Bucs in Sunday's twin bill he banged out three hits in seven nt bats. (or u term of ten years, which term of ten years shnll thercutler be for each member of the Commission, SECTION 4, R*W<W«| of Mem- b«r« — Hearing — Review and App*«l. A Commissioner may bo removed by the Governor only for the same causes as apply to other constitutional officers utter » heur- of Representatives of the (State of Arkansas and by th» Senate of tho State of Arkansas, a Aft- Jorlty of All tho Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: ; That the following Is hereby pro? posed a* «n amendment to tbfe Cas- stitution of the SUte of Arkansas, und upon being submitted, to InR which may be rvvlewvd by the electors of the State for apprewl Chancery Court for the First Dis- or rejection at th« neat «eneSSl .^f|ci wUh right ot appeal therefrom election for Representative^' and to the Supreme Court, such review " ' and appeal to be without presumption in favor of any finding by the Senators. It a majority of th* electors votinu thereon, ul such, »n election, su6h ..*-,, wi. . w , «». v . «n^ •»»»lllf|f M.f »HW V *VV itVI|I« ttUU^fl 0WV|k *IIIlIlM| l I|Wl«* Qovin-nor or tlu> trial court, und Mho same shall become a part of provided fufthor. In addition to the! the Constitution of the State oi Ar- rl«ht of confinnation hercluabove I kansus, to-wlt: and downitalra. to f«. |3 KAST SocondV Slrwt. Four room apartment downstairs, |M. 61 WEST Uth Street. Thr** roon\ upartmeut* uuatair* and down- and *tfttr«, 808 FOSTER Avenue. Three room aporUnem* un«tatr«. 130. U,IS RBAJUTV CO. East and Tel >»T AID Zionist Uon of America adopted lay a privately financed eco> aid program *or Israel. American reserved to the Senate, the Senate may upon the written request of at least Five (3) of Us nuMnbers that a imMnber or members of the Commission should be removed therefrom, proceed, when in session, tp hear any and alt evidence pertinent to the reasons for removal. The member or members Whose removal U so requested thall be entitled to be h?ard in the tatlon facilities are necessary for matter and to bu represented be the development of a community Amendment No. 18 to't^te Constitution of the State of Arkansas, adopted by the electors of this Stale at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November, 1938, Is hereby amended lo read as follows: SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories, industries and Irttmpor- I a f tstn fni«lltfi..\a n «~k *i _..._„.._. _^«i i***» L%st Night's Results Atlanta 6; Mobile 3 (called 6th darkness) N«w Orleans 6-3; Birmingham 5-1 Little Rock 1-4; Nashville 0-1 ilst 14 innings; 2nd culled 6th, darkness i. Memphis 2-4; Chattanooga 1-2 Tonight's Games Nashville at Little Rock Chattanooga ut Memphis Atlanta t at Mobile Birmingham &t New Orleans AMERICAN ASSN. Milwaukee 2-13 Louisville 1-0. St. Paul 4-2 Charleston 2-R Minneapolis' 7-8 Columbus 6-5. Indianapolis 11-7 Kansas City 4-9. PACIFIC COAST. Portland 11-3 Los Angeles 3-2 Seattle 6-5 OakUwn U-2. Hollywood 3-6 San Deieo 2-2. San Francisco 7-7 Sacramento 0-3 TEXAS UEAQUE. Dallas 3 San Antonio 2 Beaumont 1 Tulsa 0 Shm-foprt 3 Oklahoma City 2 Fort Worth 2 Houston WESTERN LEAGUE Lincoln 10 Wichita S I)»nvei 6 Des Moines 3 Pueblo 7 Oinuha 5 Sioux City 7 Colorado Springs 5 ligible" so for and that "alarmists' statements or actions arc not warranted and not helpful." Price Stabilizer Ellis Arnall, who had favored a smaller steel price ncroase, said after the settlement hat it would cost the average American family $100 a year. Arnall said yesterday the cost of iving now is at the highest level ,n history— and* is continuing to for* th* Senate by legal Counsel. These proceedings conducted by the Senate shall be public und a transcript of lh« testimony so heard Shull to prepared uud preserved and (or Ihe welfare of its inh»W' tants. on annual tax of not ing. one p*r c«n( of th« valuation of all taxabla within the corporate bou In tt» Journal of the Senate. Th«? thereof may be levied by eu_ taking ot .evidence either orally or j the first and second class lot by dv»l**0*iUwJ shall not be bound purpose of providing funds ' by the fontaal rules of evidence, i used (or the acquisition ' Upon the conclusion of the hear-! within or without such ell in*, th* Senate. titUng as a body fur the construction of such (tt executive session, may remove buildings and other tacilli (aid tnembtrr or members of the lease or sale, tor i Commission by a majority vote purposes, or tit the conducted by secret ballot. ' ' ' SECTION 3. Vacancl«s~Flllln 8 . Vacancies on the Conunission due to r«*igu«Uons, death or removal shall be filled by appointment of tho Governor for the uncxpired term wlttdn tWrty days from the d»t* O* such vgHncy. Upon failure ot tt» G»v«ruor to All the vacancy of bond.* b«arum toterest more than four per ceot nuin issued CM «uch * SECTION I. Wb*__, not less than ten per c*ot of qualified electors residm| the City Councii «r otker ini body or tay sucu call for «a election u be more thtn niaely Sees No New Increase in Prices WASHINGTON uP — Secrctar> of Commerce Savyyer says thai fence's of consumer goods pro babjy won't increase much we res of this year, but suggests the long- term trend still may be upward. "Major price changes are not in dkated for the balance of this, lor , up of » aui-sfty by the depart t on the effects o| the Sfrday »trijke that ended July M. Despite the £.10 a t»n steel price tacrease that went ftlgaf with the fetUement, the sujrvey showed many businesjwien plan to absorb •U or part of the higher meta cost rather th»o try to pass it along to <M public. Sawyer save this reason: • "ft is clear U»»t feaeral refusal a the part of ttoe cjM»umer to ii^s would »»>* _ iacrease« iit>j»o?»ftite to mato- ln other games Sunday night three more teams were eliminated. Pittsfiold, Mass., ousted the Camp LeJeune, N. C; Marines, 7-G; Crosville, Tenn., beat tho Milwaukee, Wis., Harnischfegers, 2-0, and Casa Grande, Ariz., Cotton Kings eliminated the Guam Marines, 2-0. Tho Military District of Washing Colonials moved into fourth round by defeating the the Wichita Boeing Bombers 8-8. The Colonials are undefeated. Wichita's loss was its first. Monday night's schedule: 3:45 p. m. — Ft. Ord, Calif., vs Crosville, Tenn. Third round, loser eliminated: 8 p. m. Alpine (Tex.) Cowboys vs Camp Atterbury (Ind.) 31st Dixie Division third round. , 10 p. m. — Ft. Dix,' N. J. vs Pittsfield, Mass. Third round, loser eliminated. There arc about 150 species of true lice -which live on mammals by sucking their blood. New Champ Good With Putt f Word SEATTLE (B—Tho nation's m ly crowned amateur golf cha pion. Jack Wcstland of Ever Wash., is a man deliberate will putt and quick with a retort. Westland, at 47 the oldest n ever to win the championship, a candidate; for Congress in Second District of Washington. Asked whether he would be the national amateur champ or a congressman, Westland plied: "I'm already the champ^ Now I'd like to be a congressma He is a Republican running ii district which the Democrats h ruled for 20 years. Saturday, Westland whipped year-old Al Mengert of Spoka 3 nnd 2. Westland turned back the cl nnd youth in his title thrust captured the second hole o finals and held it untjl Men of Spokane, 3 and 2. Westland turned back the cl and youth in his title thrust, captured the sdcond hole of finals and held It until Meng took a one up lead at the end 27 holes.. Westland squared it the 28th, went ahead on the 3( and wound up the match; wit! beautiful pitch shot and a G-f putt on the 34th. ci • T 'HM The decline in popularity of• i rapin as a food has , resulted large increases in the number the turtles around Chesapeak B 'agic i / .J ropy»irv,r. \$&2, hy ruir ^^ ELSIE MACK r>i>trlM»d >iv Kinp »>lurM S^idicatf. / CHAPTER ONE i FROWNING, Steve Raymond stopped by the desk in the office of Killoran and Calder, Attorneys. He pressed out a cigarette and immediately spun a tiny grooved wheel against flint to produce a flame for another. Under nls cuff, which he pushed back Impatiently, his watch said 3:25. Eve's appointment was for the half hour. He walked over to the window, jerked the cord of the Venetian blind, and bars of sunlight shifted frop the broadloom to the oak- paneled walla. Presently, from one of the glass-roofed taxicabs that looked like ladybirds in the sun down there pn the Avenue, Eve would emerge, lovely and fresh and insolently cool. Every other worn- an in New York would be spiritless with the heat, but not Eve. Nothing touched Eve. 'Not heat nor cold, kisses, wrangling, rhyme nor reason. Nor marriage. Well, that was over. The marriage was a statistic, now, one of the three that failed according to the analyst, who dispassionately reckoned percentages and felt none of the stigma or the bitterness. "Take it easy," advised Killoran, relaxed in shirt sleeves on the other aide of the desk. "You won't have to see her, Steve." "Sure Well, there won't be a scene. Eve hates them, too. If, jiwt once, she'd thrown a lamp of something! Not Eve. She's not that human. She gets what she wants, though. I'll say that for her." -la tnU c«*e." Kil}oran Hid dryly, "one hundred thousand dollars." Steve turned from the window, leaned on the sill. His faint Bmiie Funny, sneadtog na half wjr tff » dodging the females who couldn't ae* me for my money. who |»w aotoing else! Only I - Killoran said nothing. "And it might have worked out," Steve continued, "if she hadn't been a liar and a cheat. There's not an honest emotion in her." He spoke without rancor, and went on less detachcdly, "Yet there ia,^ sort of integrity In her, at that. A rather merciless adherence to some formula, A grudge, I think, apd before my time. She left that out of the life story, but I'll swear it's the clue to her behavior. She fol-- lowa a patter/I with a fidelity that would be almost admirable if there weren't something sinister in it She needs money, and that's where 1 came in. Exit by the trash can. After today she won't give me another thought." Gravely Killoran«regarded his client and friend, "And you, Steve?" "Me? I'm cured." "Now look, Steve.- No use going sour on marriage just because one woman—" The interoffice buzzer sounded, and Killoran flicked a switch. "Yes?" "Mrs. Steve Raymond, Mr. Killoran." "Send her in." Killoran shrugged into a tan-colored tropical jacket, and ducked his head towards a door on the other side of the room. "In there, if you'd rather. This shouldn't take long." Killoran was alone In the room when Eve came in. She was a slender girl, with good sense to leave her eyebro thick and not to run her Up * over the edges of her mouth, she came through the door, took off a wide-brimmed hat and ran her fingers dark and fashionably abort She h§4 tn» fresh, unspoitod. of a schoolgirl, but KtU«ra» she shrugged. "I'm not p&rtlculai ly anxious to see him, either." She sat down and crossed h< knees, dangling the leghorn hi by its ribbons. "Is everythii fixed?" «*co He asked 8h* aver tell you MltaJdorioar* •hnnfr He b«d Steve's behalf, talked Eve, and he knew Steve hadn't made an overstatement wken be «a}d t fve always «ot what •*• Killoran told her, "Everj thing is arranged. Steve asked to give you the check, just ;one thing—" "Y*8?" 'It was wary, edged ' belligerence. "Steve would prefer you not t continue using his name." "Oh." She relaxed. "Well, don't mind." Killoran uncapped his pen. "T whom shall I make .this out?" Bite laughed shortly, and not together with amusement "Y< know,, that's one of the things enevy you, and Steve, and peoplj like you. You can say whom wi*C put sounding like a stuffed shirt.) She gave an exasperated litt shrug at the irrelevance, and aske cheerfully, "Can you suggest name for me, Mr. Killoran?" When he didn't answer, sh reached for the telephone dire< tory on h(s desk. She flipped : open, and without looking at th page, pressed her finger oh I "Jarvis," she murmured, examln ing the name at her fingertip, "i Jsjryls. 'I like it, don't you? < pushing tho directory away, suppose you'll say it's not leg* AH rjght Eve Rom!ey," she sal sullenly. Killoran narrowed his eyes i 0«r. But five looked calmly bac at Wm, and after a moment Ki wrote Bve RoraOey pit tt and handed it to ber. i»W managed to teem eft) a** secnned U and {4ace4 it $ I totndbag. <8ut when she stocfr ftjtd tall, "Thank you, Mr. , ran," tao couldn't quite control triumph in her voice. "You understand this meanj v« no further claim 09 8te »?«»4»" -- H«»«at.t>.. Motiifcy, 'August 21,1952 StAtrMOM, ARKANSAS OZARK IKI THAT MEANSTTOOKT BE S>.LV-I CANT r _> / (_HERe, PUT ON ONE GO TO J*. -osar OF MY ARENT. YOU)' COMING \^f GOING-n UPAUL NI6HT I CA^4T PIND ANY PAJAMAS ARE IN THE WASH AND THE NOW ABOUT THOSE BUQSTfFlVE WINS IN A ROW r HAS TO BE Noeo , coAsr :$ TO COASK * ABOUT THC ___Jg SCORCHING TH'BUGSHAVCl READY TO 00 (I W.$€l r..l* *^yk *•* ' *• ' P-/« '%--vi=j Ete$ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wifa««§ Weights & Measures Answer .to Previous Pyzzle": HORIZONTAL 3 Early 1 2000 pounds 4 5280 feet 8 Eight quarts 9 o V 5 «» E u • K S A a. e ^ k A y i K ^ .1, • T A T ^ A V 1 E. o M A M O T O k^• V K N fa 1 r • N O S N K T l_ N A a «. s M 1 e i L. R S CX V * a C E3 C' • s A A B M* R A M *i A T T i'' A T T O 3 T f* 1 k e A *r ^• : Y * A U| T A h* A f T O K S O l_ 1 1 T | • k « u e T e 8 u 4 A 1? O i • B 1 15 French plural ! article 16 Nobody : ' 3 Amaze ..0 Sea eagles 21 Harvest ; ! goddess , ; j 22 Therefore ; • 24 Measure of : ! land ; ! 26 Notion j 27 Watering . I place ' 30 Persons i 32 Thoroughfare 34 Expunges •35 Wigwam 36 Decimal unit 37 Polishes - • 39 Charts 40 Hebrew i measure 141 Knight's title 42 Musical drama 45 Stir 49 Claiming 51 Lincoln's son 52 Revise 53 Enthusiastic ardor 54 Before 55 Place 56 Consumes 57 Japanese coin VERTICAL 1 Indian weight 2 Individuals y ll claliu ' *» 0 Quote * U Piano parts . 7 Nullify •• < 9 Uncloses 13 Reposes M Encourage 25 Wax 26 Give fortU 27 Divides 28 Peek vt; 1 IZ . 15 IB z ZM iO W 36 & 3 ^' IZ "W 52 55 1J 11 * m K> K S 1 • A ' « 1 r 4 • 8 s •, S T • T A K 1 S 1 !• r B 29 Noun suffixes 43 Foot (prefix) 31 Teutonic 7~% 44 Send out '33 Send • 46 Insect ' &< ,38 Cfty fff •,' rA. 47 Waste 3B| i Rumania M. allowance <H •40 Declaim j.jW 43 English <«! 41 Endorses / -^' v statesman ' • ^Jtoems k 50 Scottish river 1 , f 13 * '$. 31 'SI «• ^ 26 '% M ** 56 * ii ^ PI 34 Nt, • 7 P Ji 4z U H * ' z> % HI S W $n ** . 3V 9 K> II 27 il 5H 51 78 Z9 17 MB 28 MOW LISTEN. MOTHER) POM'T C3LARE AT ME/ IT'S NOT ME--IT'S THE TIMES-...AKtt> MDU'P BETTER i USED TO THEM.' Q-1S /WHY" MOTHERS "(SET 'GRAY ''.» ••«',»£.'«•«•;,..; ~ • •' OUR BOARDING MOUSE Wim Maior Heopl* CARNIVAL •v Dick Timm /W/WOR.O/ /MRRTMA? HOW <-'A IMS L|K& /-?( PLAY HtR£ tS TO 4JU06LJAL./UM/ N^f A <%.\eeAT OOT A • PLEA5E <5EMD WRACT ) RU^SlAl^ ^? TO THAT VJE VJO^i OR-X'LL CO/v\E'- H&LP YOU 6£T OLYMPIC \ ( UP A, A1ARATHOW RECORD S ) CITI2EM AROUMD TRACK-— / (AT 3 A.M. RESARDS, MARTHA/ VMORD/ SETTER MAKE tH& ffelP BY ROCKET 6HIP= C FUNNY BUSINESS. •y Herahbergcr "Mo 'Growling Bear! Squaw name Bird Spng! This boy, Wolf Whi»t!»r SIDE GLAHCCS •y Golbraltk &/". jgfcL * *&-t'" "• * '"•%! *..^.\_£L..- *V- •' * ,_' J *> iMf : S'J>=V rf! >S7 s ^ I ^* »^ » 1 ^^ -^W • I ^ _^- Vil^Sf **.^•••' -- V• Ar " - - "But, dear, it's not sporting!" V^*--: ; FRECKLES AN» HIS FRIENDS ly flosatr PPER, /V«WOU5 BANK ROMCR, HAS seen CAfTUKEO ay— ibu've Gues$f& mf I***. SMITH! •we CCCASOM v-rs^ »MANPEPA. ^•^ CHW5T£WIK|<5/ « *? ^^ •? TfcT* ™*' '~u^~ f ^zm^A WHO KILLEP O(?firiN TKIPf l NJB OP A\V SU$iHE MSB SUV, AMP NON6 OIVVlMCiNJ© ON SOL'/ «, EITHER. /--<EITHefc COUNT. TMAT'& ENOUSH OUT OH NOU/LBTHIAV KAVP H * a •v MICH**! 0-M«n*r WASH TUBES •II I'M FED UP WITH TKIS .PLACEANPI MlfiHTASWELL TA"<E ITOW TH' LAM WOW? . EASyATLAST ; yams CRvwi! DID THAT .ALL W"T^ PIP HH Till BOOTS AND HER BUDDID •y Edgar GS BUNNY e-ztr ALLEY OOP IV V. ?, SOMEWHERE IN THE WASTELANDS OF ARA>»A / ALLEY OOP RIDES /LCOKll WITH THE GENIE WHOSE MAGIC/ rg THAT CARPET FLEW AWAY WITH 7 ' ' OOOLA AND FOOZY. CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer 2'L.L. TMI^ evening ABOUT HWWATH4 TECH. I QUEEN WE'LL KNOCK, 'EM PEAP/ I'M 6QIH6 Tp THAT HfcfJRV P ''. !*.'»< "| ' v ' \ - - »ihf~ | y?|.. £

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