Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1939
Page 4
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.7~s: i-«V T.t-*v-«''-i-« ' Tr ''tjT"> J -w' V~ RTCEFOUK HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, December 9. 1939 You'll Soon Be Pronouncing It--'GLAMAH GIRL' The Scene The editorial offices of NEA the famous newspaper feature service. in New York. The Cast Marian Young, woman's page editor of NEA and noted authority on fashion and beauty, Ruth Millett, popular commentator on feminine affairs and conductor of the daily column "We. the Women". The Managing Editor. They arc in the midst of an editorial conference. . Managing Editor: That breeze blowing on our necks, ladies, is "Gone With the Wind" . . Miss Young, you are the one whom Hollywood itself credits with (or blames for) inventing the phrase "Glamor Girl." Don't you think this new film, and all the accompanying fuss, is likely to foist a new kind of glamor girl onto the unsuspecting public? Marian Young: Yes, She'll be a a glamah girl. Managing Editor: Good! What will she be like? Ruth Millett: Well. sir. Boss Man— she'll certainly be more like the Civil War belle than anything that has been seen since that period. Marian Young: Particularly where her clothes, hair and makeup are concerned. Managing Editor: You don't mean she's going to get rid of her "Hollywood glamor"— long bob, big mouth and vacant stare? M. Y.: I certainly do. She'll chop off a little of that shoulder-length mane and wear it in curls on the nape of her neck, as Scarlett did. She'll affect a delicate. Dresden china makeup to achieve a pink and white look. She'll trade in her streamlined compact for a powder 'case copied after an old snuff box. R- M.: And her manners will be just as pastel as her makeup. No more loafin gin bar-rooms. No more of the "I-can-take-care-of-myself" attitude. She'll be a belle or know the reason why. M. Ed.: You mean she'll go coy on us? R. M.: She will that! The old "are you not a great big wonderful man" line will get a workout it hasn't had in years. M. Y.: Clothes will help her there. A wasp waist and a hoop skirt practically push a girl into the clinging vine attitudes. Anyway, there women in hoop skirts couldn't get into the more crowded bars. R. M.: That very fact may lead to the old-fashioned "at homes." Tea in the drawing room instead of cocktails in town. M. Y.: She'll even change the drawing room to make it a background that will set off her picture book clothes. M. ED.: You mean she'll actually go out and buy a Victorian sofa and a what-not? M. Y.: Yes. And stuffed 'white doves undo;- glass for the mantle; needlepoint covers for her chairs; bric-a- brac for the what-not. R. M.: Do you supopse she'll have one of those oh-so-feminine dressing tables with artificial flowers plastered around the mirror? M. Y. Yes. I think she'll even go so far as to have her women guests demurely retire to the darwing room for conversation about the servant problem and flowtr arrangement while the men swap stories over port and walnuts in the dining room. R. M.: And when the gentlemen rejoin the ladies, every eyelash in the room will flutter. M. Y.: Not false eyelashes, either! R. M.: Dell, pull off your eyelashes, Scarlett, and we'll run out an dget a hoop skirt. We might as well climb on the band wagon now. M. Y.: Not so fast, Melanie—I might swoon! M. ED.: I'm sorry I brought the subject up. Pence was the content of the first message to go over the first successful cable, completed in 18G6. It was word concerning the peace treaty signed between Prussia and Austria. We Hope You Never Need a Prescription! But if You Do... We will be glad to serve you! Only highest quality ingredients used in compounding. There is a graduate pharmacist on duty at all times! When sick see your Doctor and when Prescriptions are needed call . . . WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery Political Pledges (Continued from Page One) spirit, but the letter of the law.— joverty being on his side. After giving poverty full credit or its assistance in helping the writer to live up to the letter and spirit of the Corrupt Practice Acts, he be- ievcs that according to the rules of lis party and the laws of his State hat he Should be serving the people ot Arkansas ns the legal Governor of his native State. Am I right or wrong? Don't you think we ought lo clean up our political house and have a sure enough honest lo-Goc election in 1940. In reference lo the violation* o! our party rules and State laws dttrinc, the last Governor's race, may I close in the slang of the typical Yankee who notices Southern slang but is un conscious of his own,—this "Hadcn' Oughla Happened." Walter Scott MeNutt Dec, 7, 1939. Browmvood. Texas. • WE, THE WOMEN MORE FEATURES i BETTER FEATURES &</«>« A, BUY CHEVROLET! Mrs. Malon Courts, vice-president of the Atlanta Junior Lcnjnic, poses In u black-and-white, hoop-skirted costume in which Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) appears in the film, "Gone With the Wind." OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople THE INTRUSION, SIR, BUT YOUR APPEARANCE 6U66E YOU ARE A MAN ABOUT TOWN, . . I ANA A GTRANGHR WlTWIN VOUR ; GATES 6EE«lNie TO MAKE A FEW .ARTISTIC CONTACTS/ rAV MAME IS iMBURNiE VAN DVKE-—• AWEM/ A CONNOISSEUR ~~ AMD I AM WOWOERINS IP YOU ARE INTERESTED IM AWCIEKJT AUT^—OR PERHAPS YOU ARE ACQUAINTED WITH PROMINEMT TOWNSPEOPLH WHO ARE , VAS, MR. VAN OYkE/ ., ODD TMAT YOU 6HOULD ADDRESS ME- WHEN AT TUE- MOMENT I WAS THINKING YOUR BEARING REMINDED ME OF MY 6TUDEMT DAYS IM THE OLD WORLD, HAR--RUMPH/?-— 1 AW MACTOR A\\OS &. HOOPLE, A NAME YOU MAV MAVE HEARD IN THE ART CAPITALS OF "EUROPE / WO ARTI6TS IM VAOTEL LOBBY = COPB. 1539 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. A brief but poignant story re ccntly in the newspapers lulls hov Dotninck Lachucha. 49. almost diet of hunger clinging In his "self -res pect." Most people feel there are some things they wouldn't do — come high water. Dominick had such a standard. He would not take food unless he could work to earn it. For five days he could not pay his way— and so he didn't cat. He might have starved to 'death, the doctors said, if he hadn't collapsed in the street and been taken to a hospital. where he was too weak lo fight. Dominick Lachuchn carried his pride too far— so far, in fact, that he was forced to accept more charily in the end because of that pride. But in an age when his kind of pride is scarce, it is a touching story. And one that young folks could profit by. if they would temper pride with reason. There arc too many young ple today who would rather their parents accept charity provide for them. There are too many who mind moving in with the old claiming that marriage is their I —whether they can support a marriage or not . i There are loo many "chisek'rs" who Ihink the mere you can get for nothing, the smarter you are. There art 1 too many people trying to outsmart each other. The country needs more of "1 won't take what I can't pay spirit. Especially in the young. peo- have than don't folks right its ihfc onlx low-priced car w,i Jill these «ne car features. NEW "ROYAl NEW tXClUSIVE F romf, 0 n.o'f™ \ CUPPER" STVIING VACUUM-POWER SHIFT rolrl for 1940 lithe lonq,ilo( all lowcil.priced catil PERFECTED NEW SEALED BEAM SUPER-SILENT VALVE- NEW FULL-VISION HYDRAULIC BRAKES HEADLIGHTS IN-HEAD ENGINE BODIES BY FISHER Chovrolots lt .Tnijlf 8ui|lt! $C C A arc Shipped la Dcalors — HOI DRIVEN OVERLAND! \J \J %J '/'(if Special l>v LIIMI Spin t Scttini, M02* i Everybody knows, It takes jine features to inakejine cars!. . . And Chevrolet for '40 is the only c'.ir in the low-price field that has all the fine car features pictured at the left! . . . Small wonder, then, that it is also outselling all other new cars for '40. . . . Kye if, try it, huy it, and you'll he thoroughly convinced that "Chevrolet's FIRST Again!" 85-H.P. VALVE-IN-HEAD SIX AND UP, *a< Hint, W;t/ii;iort. Ttantpatlatum bated on rtttt raf«M, i'ul* nod local tnttti ( if an/), optional equipment a'id ou. « nonet-- n*lrn. Pncfli (ubjotJ to t/tanfjo tvillinut nofao. 8ump«r Ouordt— extra on Maiiti 85 Sonet, the \ for" Young Chevrolet Co. Hope, Arkansas Nazis Threatened ! Crumbling Crib Injures Baby Twice 'Continued from Page One) spread, Hitler's mighty threats to France have so far proved empty. His sur- ; render lo Russia—his abandonment of the role of Anti-bolishevist No. One ! —is regarded as an evidence of known ; weakness. ! | AH this induces many observers ] to conclude that three possiblities j i loom ahead: ( j 1 Hitler will try clandestinely to ; i bring about peace this winter. | 2. There will be a leftwing revolt in German with the aid of Russia, and Germany will fall into the hands c;f the communists. 3 There will be an economic collapse followed by a struggle between the right and left-wing forces amounting to a revolution, France and England will take advantage of this to maneuver a dismemberment of Germany. Germany, on, the other hand, believes that Britain, a capitalist economic unit, cannot stand the strain of a long war and will crack up before Germany does. The prospect of this is extremely light. TOMORROW: The Allied of the economic front. side Individual horses have been known ' to reach the age of 40 or more. Hope Hardware Co. Plionc 45 Get Ready for- Me Scoffed At Christmas g up in her crib is getting to be a habit with six-wccks-oVl Pa Ann Boyce of Beaver Kails, Pa. She suffered a broken aim when her crib fell apart the iirsl time. Now she's patching a broken tea alter it crumbled again. Her parent* had tried to repair tne crib, a natal present, with glue the first time. In I'JU, after nearly :;0 years of col- ^ in 1930 in the Bronx Borough of New oiti/.ation. twenty thousand nationals ;it I York City. It is also less Ilian the the very maximum had taken up rcsi- | number of Germans in Paris when the deace in the whole of the German co- , World war broke out in 1011 lonial Empire, says a study of "Population and Peace," isuscd by the Columbia University Press. This, it is pointed out. is considerably less than th'.' n'.unb'.'i 1 of Dartmouth college is the only U. S. pre-revolutionary university thiit lias held graduation exercises every year living ,'i.uiei: iU* founding. *ttboeyr TItars what Ghri si mas festivities meant to Jerry* He hated the whole affair. But ho woke up when he met • She Was Alone On Christmas Eve Santa Claus Brown Beginning Next Week in Hope Star Holiday gaiety only brought more unimpiu- ncss to Alice. Bui there was a surprise for her in Santa's pack.

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