Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 19, 1942 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1942
Page 6
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> to ire Seed Is and Plant Ft*" (Soils for Peanuts hould Be Broken from 6 to 8 Inches Deep clbed preparation and time of 'mg arc two important factors i considered in the production of yealds of peanuts, since both ti a very definite influence on ii<3s and a good stand is necessary h yealds are obtained, reports : L» Adams, county agent, i for peanuts should be thoro- ' broken, $ to 8 inches deep, and wed a sufficient number of times obtain a smooth, well-prepared M jbed, with a little surface veg- Mipn as possible.'he said. Good seed- gpreparation also results in fewer and wed control is essential yealds. Destruction of weeds seedbed preparation will rein decreasing the expense of ng later on. rting the sedbed preparation by 'ng the land 4 to 6 weeks before anuts are planted, followed by owing and disking frepuently planting, will destroy weds HOP! STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . *. Major HoooU INSTEAD MV ISnrfcLLfeCTUAsL POWERS AS MESSENGER jt SHOULD CrAARGE- OF WAR ESPIONAGE.' ANA PERFECTING A LUR.E. TO TRAP I'Mfe MORE? SOMETIMES ME DO^TVOL) TURN VOURSELF IN AND HELP TO SUPPLV TrAE SHORTAGE. OF SOAP FATS ? K-W.- Mttjr people have to Mcanty passages wi fired Kidneys ten Bring Nights neys contain 15 miles »&srs£SS say your kidneys contain 15 miles tubes or alters which help to purify the I and keep you healthy, when they get don't work right in the daytime, , get up nights. Frequent ith smarting and burning shows there is something wronit i your kidneys or bladder. Don't neglect rondibounnd lose valuable, restful sleep. hen disorder of kidney function permits ODOUS matter to remain in your blood it f also cause nagging backache, rhcumatio - leg pains, loss of pep and energy, «, puffiness under the eyes, headaches _ dullness. S-Don't wait! Ask your dnwgisi for Uoan's , used successfully by millions for over 40 8. They give happy relief and will help > IS miles of kidney tubes flush out poison- Ktm waste from your blood. Get Dean's Klla. Bring us your Sick WATCH y recovery guaranteed, servica very reasonable PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut Downtown Offices known property owner space in excellent down jf'town location which he is willing to remodel into up- ^;tp-date office for desirable ;, tenants. particulars write Box-B ,--Hope Star, or call at news p- f paper office. IT'S QUITE SIMPLE/TOO BROADCAST FAKE APPEALS TMAT 80TLERS ARE URGErtTLV NEEDED MUNITIONS WISGS LOOKING AT HIS WAISTLINE and leave the soil in god condition for planting. Peanuts may either be planted after the soil has been thoroughly warmed up in the spring. Usually shelled peanuts give best results when planted in late April and early May. Unshelled peanuts may be planted several days earlier; however yealds are usually much higher where hand- shelled peanuts arc used than where unshelled peanuts are used. The best depths for planting, as revealed by research done by the University of Aarkansas College of Agriculture, are about 1% to 2 inches in light sandy soils and 1 to 1% inches deep in heavy soils. The best spacing is about 4 inches apart in rows 24 inches wide, which will require about 50 to 60 pounds of shelled peanuts per acre. Farmers wanting further information on peanut production may obtain a copy of Extension Leaflet No. 24 "Peanut Production in Arkansas" from the County Agent's Office. Redwood Conservation Boomed on Coast SAN FRANCISCO - Because the members fear the vast redwood forests of California may be felled as part of the war effort, the Save-the- Redwoods league has started a campaign for help. The giant trees, which are largely privately owned by lum- b^r interests, a>t prized building material. No Profit There FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. — (JP) — There's one burglar who'll leave courthouses strictly alone hereafter. He entered the Cumberland county courthouse, ransacked the treasurer's office. His loot: An overcoat and a piggy bank containing $2. The Year's Outstanding Buy! OVERALLS For Men We made a "Lucky Purchase" last year that enables us to make this outstanding offer. These overalls qre 8 oz. White back denim, sanforized and full cut to insure good fitting. Nationally known brand. A regular $1.75 value. Special . .. $139 1 Boys' Overalls , . . 98c • Don't miss this value! WORK SHIRTS Washington DC WORK SHIRTS . . Heavy grade Chambrays Work Shirts. Blue OQ or Gray Coverts . . 07C Boys' Work Shirts 69c Blue or Grey Chambray . TALBOT'S We Outfit the Family Edson in Washington Shakeup Gives Air Force New Prestige WASHINGTON - The War Depart-® ment reorganization that became effective this week has been hailed generally as a great step forward in stream lining the Army for actual war and eliminating a lot of the red tape that traditionally has characterized Army procedure in times of peace. Reduction of the general staff from 500 officers to 98 is typical of the way in which authority has been centralized. This does not mean that the other 402 officers will be packed out of Washington and sent to duty with troops. Far from it. There will still be the thousands of officers and tens of thousands of civilians on duty at the headquarters of what today is the country's biggest business, with the country's biggest office force. But the W. D. organization at the top has been simplified and Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall has been reliveed o a tremendous load of administrative detail, the new Service of transferred to Supply under Maj. Gen. Brehon B. Smervell. By that step, General Marshall will be permitted to concentrate his energies and abilities on strategy and war plans. From the general public's point of view, most interest in the reorganization centers on the position of the Air Corps, for the subjects of unified Army-Navy air command and creation of a separate secretary for air with cabinet rank equal to the secretaries of War and Navy have been debated in congress and across the country with more fervor than any other phase of the defense program. Much of this debate has been based on misinformation, fuzzy thinking or pure hunch. Back of it all, however, has been a suspicion that the old-line Army officers belittled or were envious of Lhe grwoing importance of air power in modern war and were therefore conspiring to keep military aviation from coming into its own. Air Corps Gets Place n the War Secretary of War Stimson states that one of the primary purposes of this .atest War Department reorganization las been to give the Air Corps its prpoer place in this air war. Steps toward this objective have been gradual and several in number, largely the result of the expansion of the STAMP NEWS HPHE "discovery" of the Amazon •*• river by Francisco de Orellana, Spanish explorer, is commemorated in a series of eight stamps recently released by Ecuador. «• Actual discovery of the Amazon where it enters the Atlantic was made by Vicente Yanez Pinzon, a companion of Columbus who sighted the river's mouth in 1500. A small expedition of 50 men led by Orellana left Guayaquil in May, 1541, to join a larger force headed by Gonzalo Pizarro which left from Quito. Together they started from the eastern slopes of the Andes down thousands of miles to the ocean. Food became scarce and the expedition separated. Orellana and 57 picked men went dpwn river in search of provisions and reached the Atlantic in September, 1542, ahead of the other group. Remnants of Orellana's force, decimated by disease and Indian attacks, set sail for Spain the next month and announced their discoveries to the Crown the following year. * * * War, playing hob with the postage of Ethiopia, will result in a postage series soon to be released honoring the recrowrijng of Emperor Haile Selassie. Expected designs are of Addis Ababa scenes and interiors and exteriors of the palace. * * * New issues: Perak brought an 8-cent red into use prior to the Japanese invasion of the Malay States. . . . Ecuador has issued another national defense fund raising stamp which supplements that issued nearly a year, ago. The new patriotic stamp, which is obligatory in addition to normal postage, is a 20-centavos blue picturing a warrior, arm?d with sword and shield, protecting Ecuadorian women. air program, partly the result of a desire to quiet some of the public and congressional clamor to let the aviators run the war. Under old pre-war organization, the Air Corps was just another branch of the Army,'rating equally with infantry, cavalry, field artillery and the rest. Last June, the organization of "Army Air Forces" was announced. Maj. Gen. Henry H. Arnold, who had been deputy chief of staff for air since October, 1940, became chief of the Army air forces as well, and as such, reported directly to the secretary of war. The Army air forces were given their own procurement, maintenance and similar organizations' and functions, and their own general staff, with an A-l, A-2, A-3, and A-4 corresponding to the G-l for personnel, G-2 for intelligence, G-3 for operations and G-4 for supply, sections of the general staff for the ground forces. The Army air force thus became autonomous within the War Department organization, an Army with the Army. This latest reorganization carries this autonomy still further, but whether it is carried far enough to. suit the civilians clamoring for a separate air force—incorporating the Navy air arm and independent of both Army and Navy—is still a question for the debating societies to wrangle about. EST Divlsia In Paries Trcs Under the new reorganization, the Army, like Caesar's Gaul, is divided into three parts—air, ground and supply. Air ranks equal with all the rest of the ground forces put together, but the head of the air forces reports now to the chief of staff instead o to the secretary y war. Some of the airmen might be inclined to wonder what would happen to them if the chief of staff were a ground officer who did not appreciate the power of the air force. 'Similarly, on the new general staff of 98 officers, half are to be from the air orce, hal from the ground. The question here is whether an air or a ground oficer is at hte head of each of the general staff sections on personnel, intelligence, operations and supply. In the war plans division of the general staff, about a third of the 60 officers detailed will be from the air force. The same question arises here as on the general staff proper. It is the general staff and the war plans division which advise the chief of staff who, in final analysis, is the commander of the Army who makes the decisions as to how the war is fought. It is the makeup of this general staff as a whole which will-determine how effectively the air force is used. These points are made here not in any effort to deprecate the reorganization plan nor to indicate that there is any grat feud between air and ground commands. The War Department as at present constituted is unquestionably air conscious, from Secretary Stimson, Assistant Secretary for Air Robert A. Lovett, Generla Mar- Khall, Lieut. Gen. McNair, the ground commander, and of course Lieut. Gen. Arnold, the air forces commander. The air force is now becoming the biggest thing in the Army and the most important. But some of the super-charged, overenthusiastic airmen won't be satifsied till they're running the whole show. find you should flatten out cartons, tie them in neat bundles nnd pack them in « place where they'll keep dry nnd clenn. Newspapers should be separate from other paper. That means separate containers for different kinds of paper. But it's wise to ask local authorities for information. Tih cans are collected if bottom nnd top are removed, the cans washed and flattened nnd nil packed together in a box. The government recommends saving Wrapping paper, cardboard cartons, boxes, paper bags, newspapers nnd magazines to make new paper board to pack foods, airplane parts, tank parts, shells nnd ammunition. Rags, including cast-off clothing, burlap bags, drnpkeries, mnltrcsses, pillows and discarded carpets may be saved for possible re-use as wiping rags in factories and for roofing and flooring materials in emergency construction. Metals like discarded tools, beds, stoves, railings, tire chains, pots nnd pans, picture frames, hangers, toothpaste containers, pipe nnd hardware also are on the salvage list. But the government warning is: Do not discard anything that is still useful and that might have to be replaced. Discontented Cows CAMERON, Mc.-OT-A Cameron merchant jokingly tells about the new sign he has on the side of his building. A fnrmer three miles away has complained the sign is so bright it distracts two foil is cows. Thimday, Morcri 19, 1942 Revival Meet Progresses Evangelist's Wife to Aid Tabernacle Services The Evangelistic Campaign nt the Hope Gospel Tabernacle took on added interest Wednesday night with the addition of Mrs. Bird H. Campbell who arrived to assist her husband in the Tabernacle -revival. Mrs. Campbell will sing nt all services this week. Another large crowd heard the evangelist Wednesday night preach on tlio "Crimson Road." His subject for Thursday night is "What Men See in Hell." An enjoyable feature in the revival meeting participated in by all is the great congregational singing led by the Rev. S. A. Mays, Tabernacle song director, and the special singing and music rendered .by Rev. and Mrs Campbell, Rev. nnd Mrs. Mays, the Men's Quartet, Ladies Chorus, Mrs. J. E. Hamill, and others. Services are held nightly, beginning at 7:45 o'clock. There will be no service on Saturday night. You can't burn yourself with dry ice. The sensation is that of bum- ing, but actually it is a quick-freezing process thnt takes place when dry ice touches your skin. Non-Corns in Iceland Serve as Officers HEADQUARTERS, ICELAND BASE COMMAND-(/P)- "Acting Officers" chosen from the army's non-commissioned officers will act as commissioned officers in all combat training, according to an order issued recently by General Bonesteel. In addition to acting as officers In combat training the "acting officers" will serve as junior staff officers in administration nnd supply. They Will be selected by unit commanders and be tested according to branch of service. Unit schools will bo established for the necessary basic training of the "officers" who in combat would, if necessary, assume the tasks of regularly commissioned officers. When "acting officers" take over in combat training they will be designated by a blue brassard. No Matter What Happens She Loses O BALTIMORE—</P)—A lomcr court nwnrded her only $10 damages from n man she charged was holding furniture thnt belonged to her, so the woman appealed. The higher court award- *•. ed $10 nlso—but assessed her costs o( VP 521.85. Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep Feel Years Younger, Full of Vim Don't hlamo cshnuntcrt, worn-out, run-ilown fedlnn on your ARC, Thousands nmnKou nt what n little pnpmnft up with Oslrrx will do. Contnlns ponrnil tomcft ofton needed after 40—by bodies lucking Iron, calcium phonphnte. Vitamin Hi. A 73-yonr- old doctor writes: "I took It tnysnlf. JimulM wpro fine." BnerIM Introductory site Onlrox Tonlo Tnblcto ooflUi only 35c. Btop reeling neplriw, old. Rlnrt IcolInK oeonlM nnd younncr. tlila vrry day. For cole ot all good drug stores everywhere —In Hope, ot Cox and Glbion Drug. BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise Guaranteed Fresh . . . Buy the Economical Pin» Size MADE BY THE WESSON Oil PEOPLE Simplify Your Salvage Work Save Your House From the Junk-Pile Jitters By MARGARET KERNODLE Wide World Features Writer A self-installed system will save your house from junk pile jitters while you're helping collect salvage materials. Indeed, its the scraps that will provide the problem if you don't watch out for order and neatness from the start of the savings campaign. First, you want to know exactly what they're asking you to save in your town. That's to prevent your oiling up waste stuff too far from a source of collection, Next, inquire about how to save the various items. Generally, you'U t-i *J r ';# %£; :%£ <. v & &t~ 11! KROGER 10 MILLION Americans demand the EXTRA goodness of KROGERS TENDERAY BEEF KROGER'S TENDERAY THE ONLY BEEF THAT'S ALWAYS FRESH AND TENDER Kroger's Tenderay speeds up natural tendering 14 times, outmodes wasteful ageing, conserves valuable juices, reduces loss of natural vitamins. 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Pkg. 9c Quart Jar lOc TWINKLE GELATIN Pkgs. 15c TRAPPEYS PRESERVES 11 Oz. Jar 15c AVALON SOAP FLAKES K. J. CAPUNGER Jr., Mkr. Mgr. KROGER 12iOz. 1Q 'il2i Oz. 1 Pl<9 >VC I Pkg. 1C ei€HW. DENNIS, Gro.Mgr, il? ° riginal *>nt»iner n B«S FREE item m any brand we sell, regardless of O cr-

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