Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1939
Page 2
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•oJlhT 1 >?' ^ *• tl Vy ** •• JTj »y-%r ^^^^.^ '0-' 1S - "' '' ^ HOPE STAR, Saturday, .December 9, l£8fr Hope 8 Star '.'j» of Hut*, 1899; t*r*S3,1921. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From Fo/se Re-port) Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex H. Washburn, at the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hc-ie, Ark. ~~~ C. E. PALMER, President' ALEX. II. WASHBURN. Editor imil Pnlillslifir (AP) —Means Associated Press. (KEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. 'nbsctlptlon Bate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 65c: one year S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard. Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Pi-ess is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein, Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a.deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-Keeping or, return of any unsolicited manuscripts. • ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions on Page One 1. The dory (I?) is flat-bottomed has high, flaring sides and sharp how. t. The feluren i»> is narrow, three-masted, with irwtimg for tup deck. I'. The frits-ill" <ili was tuspd in 18th century us modium-si/ed fighter. 4. The junk (bl has little or 1111 keel, high poop deck, used in Chinese waters. 5. The ketch till has fort- iiiul atl rigging, mainmast forward nf rudder post. IED "Tt-IF MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" You cor\ talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SELL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone Onr time—2c ward, minimum 30c Six times—5c word, minimum 90e Three times—S'.'jc word, minimum 50c One month— \tc word, minimum 52.70 For Sale •I. He uses euro in getting on and off vehicles in traffic. 5. He looks left and right when crossing a street. li. Ho obeys traffic sittiuil*;. 7. He hold":; lii.s conferences in side FIR CHRISTMAS TREES - Make walks, not in the middle of the street;;, j.vour selection early before they are 8. Children do not play in or O nj picked over. MONTR SEED STORE Roles ore lot continuous insertion* only Help Wonted WANTE0—Whlto or colored girl to do housework. B. E. Stephens, North Hover St. 2-fiip S ELL/ WANT-ADS USE "•"*•-—• rtni ^ a Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering' This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams Services Offered Preventing War in 1964 Something that never hnppened during these long years between 19U and 1918 is happening in Europe today. People ?re asking their statesmen what they intend to do to the continent after the conflict is over. The nuiti on the rtrepts of London and Paris is interest^! not only in having his country win the war. but in punctuating the fight with something bettor than a Versailles Treaty. During She last war. virtually the only objective of any allied nation wai to hang the kaiser. That accomplished, everyone believed everything else would take care of itself. Democracy would be rescued.'workers could go lock to their factories, faimers to their fields; joy and peace would reign, [t Was as simple as that. * * Today, one of the principal war aims advocated is the federali/ation of western Eurcpe. The chie? champion of this idea is Julian Huxley. British .novelist, who feels that instead of trying to balance power, the European nations should consolidate it. Huxley would set up a United States of Europe, based up the successful American system. Clarence Streit. American author, carries this idea a step further in the 'book, he wrote some time before war was imminent. Streit, in "Union Now," •.proposes' a federation of world democracies. Under the American's plan, •Germany, Italy, and Russia would be ineligible until they adopted democratic lorms of government. Loudest demand for a concrete declaration nf allied war aini.s comes from H. G. Wells, British writer, who doesn't care pnnicularly what the British and French have in mind—as long as it's something a little more solid than merely clipping Hcrr Hitler's ears. There is some hope, if the people are sufficiently aroused by the spread of these ideas, that Europe's troubles can be dispose! of for periods longer than 25 yaars at a time. Whether the next peace conference will meet after a long, harrowing war or before too much blood has been split, the results should be •much better than they were after the Wilson-Lloyd George-Clemeneeau huddle in 1919. No matter who wins the war—if anyone wins it—the losev can't be expected to remain permanently on his knees. Economic expansion is important. and international trade i? doubly essential io nations that have just, gone through long years of military profligacy. the streets. 9. Thp pedestrian walks toward traffic, not. with i!. on open highways. 10. He uses particular precautions when walking at night. Remember that many automobile accidents occur because someone lias fallen asleep at the wheel or because some one has been careless about, taking ulchol before driving. The fatal accident record is 65 per cent higher for drivers under IX than for the general average. Children have no right to be driving mulor cars any more thi'ii they should In- misled! with fiieai-nis. The big days for damage are Saturday and Sunday. The accident rale on Sunday is 18 per ceiil in ex- M'.SS of the week day rate. G-12tc. FOR SALE—Everything that you need in New and Used Furniture at the Lowest prices. See us before you buy or sell. Franklin Furniture Store. N2-1M SERVICES OFFERED--See Hempstead Mattress Shop. 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb liSS-J. Sept. 2G 1M ' ROOM AND BOARD-Largo room with connecting bath. Mrs. S. R. Voting. -Id.'! West Division, Phone 71. •NEXT: lie tics. Pi'.lciij{ri! HIV HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. m, ttCO. O. S, PAT. Off By DB. MORRIS F1SHBEIN Edit**, fMrnal of the American Medical A<aeeUtiaM, vtA «• Hygeia, (be Health Magailn* Auto Deaths Rank Eighth on List; Set of Rules Given forPedestrians (This is the 13th in a series of 14 articles by Dr. Fishbein en the nine principal causes of death in the United States.) Before 1900. the motor car did not figure in the list of death causes. Now it" is eighth, just ahead of diabetes. In 1937, the records show, 39,643 people died as a result of motor car accidents, which was 2.7 per cent of all the deaths. Motor car accidents cause relatively few deaths among the very old and the very young. The majority of these deaths occur during the most productive period in human life. "There are many campaigns for the prevention of automobile accidents, and these should show some results. It has already been established by the experience of certain citiesC counties and states that the lyicensing of drivers, which includes a suitable physica examination, improved roadi, and development A hefty book, as colorful and as fascinating as birds themselves is "Natural History of the Birds of Eastern and Central North America" by Edward Howe Forbu.sh and John Rich'- j ard May (Houghton Mifflin: S4.95I. Here are the life stories of nearly GOO birds, 96 full-page illustrations in full color by Fuertes, Brooks and Peterson. You will not easily put this book down. Just a jot of one life history is excerpted here: The Ruby-Throated Humming-bird is in some respects' the nmst remarkable bird of easlfi-ri North America. The tiny lumimint; bird is a inigh- I ty warrior, with gj'ealfr .strength and i'peed ir> proportion u> it.s si/e than any other bird that flies. The flight muscles of the breast are relatively immense, and it is possessed of such spirit that it does not hesitate to attack any bird, no matter what its size, when occasion seems to require it. King bird, hawk, crow, eagle, all alike quickly feel the effects of j the Ruby-throated Hummingbird's dis- FOH SALE—Four room house and bath, pantry, built-in cabinets. Newly papered. Ivory woodwork. Part I terms. -114 W. Ave. Cl. 2-Ctp FOR SALR—Fine big bone Bronzes TurUcys, 200 Io pick from. Toms $5.111). iii'iis $:).!«). Mrs. E. M. Delimey, Columbus, Ark. 7-titp FOR SALE—Three young mares; two smooth-mouthed mules. R. M. LaGrotie. Jr. 7-3tp FOR SALE—Kir Christmas Trees. Pick yours early. B St B Grocery 8-3tc Wonted to Buy WANTED to BUY—Cash paid for nice home made quilts. See Mrs. Tom Carrol. Tourist Rooms. Ill West Third .street. ' 9-3lp. WANTED TO BUY—Farm tip to 40 acres, with house and improvements, near Hope. Write Postoffice Box 189, Hope. 8-3tp Two 8x10 pictures for only one dollar and fifty cents. Shipley Studio, •l-liti: For Battery Service see Ted ARCHER MOTOR COMPANY Free inspection service For Rcnr FOR RENT or SALE—My metal | store building 35x80 ft. with good store fixtures all in 1st class condition, at Oan, Ark. K. P. Citty. O/an. Ark. Dec. 'i. (ilp FOR RENT--One five room in Magnolia Addition. Mrs. Schooley. Phone .1S-F-1-I. FOR house OS7-R. RENT-NOW with glassed modern (i room in porch. Phone 7-:itc Lost LOST—Small Jersey Cow, brandei SD on right hip. Top of horns sawod off. Has heifer calf fi months old. Notify White & Co. at Fulton, S-:il / T>OM'T VOL) r ROPE HIM 1 WHAT'S THE * OF THE WELL, MISTUH WES, EF HE GO T)fi3 WAV AH GOT HIM--AM'EF HE COME PIS WAV HE HAIN'T GOT HOLD- OF P BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES - By Edgar Martin lighting on of one-way roads, are useful in preventing ac-;. pleasure. eiclents and in lowering the death) Its necdlo-like bill is an irritating I rates. I little weapon and not to be despised Certainly the provision of Red Cross! when driven forward by its sturdy stations where emergency treatment! humming wings. Those little wings. can be given and -the development of suitable plans for hospital care are bound to be helpful. Improvement beating so fast the eye cannot see their motions nor ordinary camera depict them, carry it on long migrations, as in automobile construction to make i the species ranges from Hudson Bay them less likely to crush when travel-! to Panama. Some of the Ruby-throat.' ing at high speeds will have a favor-) must ciws wide stretches of ocean, able effect on the accident rate. For pedestrians certain rules have been developed which everyone ought to obey: 1. The safe walker does not step out carelessly from behind parked cars or obstructions. 2. He does not try to weave his way through traffic. 3, He crosses streets at right angles. STAGE FAVORITE HORIZONTAL : 1 Pictured stage star. • ' 8 He gained tame as a , of mammy songs. 13 To fly. 14 Smell. 16 Otherwise, 17 Inlet. 18 Overpowering I fright. ': 19 Measure. • 20 Tomb cloths. ! 22 To scatter. , 23 Abrupt. 1 25 God of love. • 27 To use " flattery. 31 Since. 33 Combined. Answer to Previous Puzzle 20 He was most — 35 Pertaining to the side. 37 By means of. 38 Indigo plant 40 Royal. 44 Pile of fabric. 51 Networks. 53 To drink dog-fashion. 54 Fodder pit. 55 Theater guide. 56 Newspaper paragraph. 58 He starred in the first successful 59 He excels in stage star. 21 Various. 24 He performs on radio s now. 26 Fortification. 28 Data. 29 Kindled. 30 Gnawed. 31 High mountain. 32 Driving command. .7.6 Marks. 2 Zoology term. 39 Turning machine. 41 Assam silkworm. 42 Fourth of a pint. 13 Killing malady. 45 Pastry. 47 Slender They must pass over at least BOO miles to reach the Bermudas and 500 miles to cross then Gulf of Mexico to Yucatan and Central America. The hummingbirds as a group are also, as far as I know, the only birds which can actually fly backwards, and it has .seemed to me that their technique of flying must be entirely different from thata of other birds. 'Such a Good Cook, ^at This Tough Cop Raised 5 Motherless Children Alone A I' Pcutun OMAHA. Neb. -De, Service vn :,t Omnha 3 Prison. 4 Verbal. 5 Tree fluid, ti Speaker. 7 Canonical hour. 8 Membranous bag. 9 Birds' home. 10 Mirth. ans. 50 Brink, VERTICAL 1 While. 48 Tardy. 49 Mocked. 51 To repent of 11 Female slave. 52 Circle part. 12 Musical note. 54 Street. 15 Middle. 57 Mine. jlicf hr-urlc|ij;ii'trr..; Nfl.'i .Sm-cn.sen known as rnr/iv than '.Wl poiinTS I'Hl^h CO|j, | At home. NI-.-IM is 2lil) (.omuls of e.x- ; |.fri cook and hnu-:'4:fi'per--.so | ci:lloiil that he has had M«von |.ro- ; Mi.-:als nf marrkiKi"' from widow:, who ' read al.onl his jo!, of hu!r~ lor five children (f-ft motlifi'iess nine I years ai'.o. i When he shed:; his roal in the kitch- j fn ;il home'. Neb; }>u.-i in. hard and fast j routine for tiirninL-, out delectable | di.-hes for !iK husky children. | just lakes ll.e /;on(.-r;.l onllinr- of a i recipe, and adds or :-ublrac!.s Trom it I until lie i;els wh.al he wants. ' Only tliri'e children are | now - tv.'o are mil laming llieir own j v/ay. 'It':; |,e,.Mi a jol> and f'd hate Io j do il a^ai'i. Hut when 1 think of ruv ! kids onl m California and Ihv other.. fc-fHi/ij; ,-r •.-.,( | v io r;., av/av from home.! I hali- !.. ,;eu it endini.;," tlio "tough' " never Swiss f<jf!e,mefj Go Gunnino For Bear XIJIUCH. .S'.vit,en;md .,')-> -~Me~r~ | l.ers of the crack Swiss rifle team : j which won ih<- International Rifle '• ', Meet at Hekijigfor.s. Finland, in I!C!7. j • were called io the X,urich xoo recently j , to shoot their own trophy, j The jjii/.e they l.n.-iiuhl back in '. KUt' v.-as a Kinni.'-h brown bear eub. ; , Thf.y pi-fsfiUed it Io tl-.e /.oo where' jit --haied quarter-; with three Swiss' j l,fo-//n i.ear.i and a polar Lra' 1 . j ti<'fi-:it\y lli" f-'iiin ;.'i;-w comliaiive • ;ai;d iT.aulnrl his Swi-;-, arid Arctic com- i f'TOeiously thai xoo of- AX.V CP\ HWOiE H\& OV.O &ACVi-«>0\ X \0 Sit. TWc. VN'E.A.O &OT TO POOR LCOPH. 1939 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. HEfl. U. S. By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP HEAVEMSI HETURMED V. THE BCWT .TOO /OH.WHV AAV GOSH.' HERE COMES THAT THINJS RIGHT AT ME .' MEBBE 1 CAM GRAB IT ' SHAEPLVAMD / DID I EVER. TO CRAWK. THAV Look Before You Leap, Link WASH TUBES By Roy Crane OWE MINUTE HE THIWK-5 HE'S I'M-SORRY, WASrttHSTOW. YOU WOULDN'T AWbE ME, AMD I WA<a DESPRVT. I WANTED -T TO SO <bUMP\U -SO LUCILLE WOULD (BREAK OUR ENGAGEMENT HOWEST, HE vSW'T ACTU^LLV HE'S JUST A TRIFLE ECCENTRIC ..-• — BUT HOLV SMOKE! TH' WHOLE ME16HBOBHOOP TH\MK<S VOU'RE' CRAZY! HOW OU EARTH ARE YOU 6UUUA COMVNNCE VOU'RE MAVBE WfcSU'T SUCH A 600D ' IDEA, AFTER 3UUU5CA.ESAR ,AND THE WEXT KMWUTE HE'S THE USHT BRIGADE PLEASE UWCLE LIMCOLU, COUE THOU6HT OF THAT WERE MARRY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nice Little Fellow By Merrill Blosser / Do You HAVE A HOBBY, MR. SMfTH? WELL — NICE TO HAVE SEEM YOU, SON.' i MUST BE I DID HAV6- BUT THE ROCKERS OFF, AMD ALL THE HAIR ' PULLED OUT OF THE TAIL / ,' 1 ;•'- COULD CERTAINLY hAAKE SOMETHING OUTTA THAT LAST HECTOR TURM OFF THAT AND COME IM AND SHAKE HAMDS WITH MR. SMITH ' FINALLY FOUND HIS C/WDEEELLA'' AMD HE'S RED RYDER Ded Draws the Line By Fred Harman nope ITS GOT sonetniM' TO DO FIMTJIN'THE OUTLAW VOHO MISJUDGED LUCKY DRAK£ -SO GE.siE.ROUS- PUEASE, RED, SHAKE HANDS HIM AND 11 > :3w»\r\ »,i uo^ ou (JbJNN. 0UT THAT'S ONE THING I CAMT "DO FOR "TOO — AT?)OS " ^ j- HAVE. GOOD

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