Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1939
Page 3
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.HOPE STAR, HOPE, CHURCH NEWS , tara. Sid Henry 'life Christmas Annual • Oml sets a Chrislmiis annual mi His sill And It-is it shed its nidinnt silver light, That WHlcliers on the lowland 01- the hill Mny see it blooming every Christmas night. Its petal-tips are lovely silver flume. Its heart, white fire, that will never dim. It is Christ's own memorial-when HP came. It first bloomed on ihe hrnvc-iilv sill for Him; A wondor-flowed, tended by God's hand Lust we forgo! His symbol and His sign. •El M.I fr Friday - Saturday feature PAT 0'IIIIIKN ANN SHKKIDAN "INDIANAPOLIS SPEEDWAY" and Itmidnlph Send Nancy KHI.-y FRONTIER Sunday - Monday Gary Cooper Ita.v Milliuitl Robert Preston 7! r ian Donlevy Donald O'Coimer Telephone 821 For every people mid for every land This flower will forever bloom nnd shine. II is God's Christmas nnnutil, I know, Though some who have beheld it from afar Do not bolieve-tbey watch its stead- fust glow And say: "It is a star." —Seleeted. The Y, W. A. First Baptist church will hold its .special Lottie Moon Season of Prayer Monday evening at seven o'clock at the home of Dr. mid Mrs. W. H. Hamilton, South Elm street. Mr. nnd Mrs. Olan Nix announce the ;irriwi) of ii, little daughter, Fatricinn Ann, Saturday. December 2th at their home on South Elm street. Mrs. James R. Henry and MI-B. J. M. Gulhrie were Friday visitors in Little Rock. Mr.s. L. E. Tayne, formerly of this city and Chicago, wax the Thursday guest, of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Green en route to her home in Odessa, Texas Mrs. Taync will be remembered as Miss Zeiina Ferguson. Hope Gospel Tabernacle James K. Ifamlll, Puslor "The Tragedy of a Parsonage," will be the subject theme of (lie pastor Sunday night at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle. Sunday morning the message will be, "What Is That in Thine Hand?" Sunday School begins promptly Hi 9:45 with classes for all ages, taught by trained and efficient teachers, if you are not already nttonding Sunday School regularly someplace else attend the Tabernacle Sunday school next Sunday. You will always find a welcome in the Tabernacle whore you ore a stranger only once! The Aduli Bible Class. Senior, Junior, Primary C. As., and the Children's Church nil meet at (j:30 p. m. Thy night M'.rvico begins at 7;.'l(l with congregational singing followed by special fiJ'iging and music and the sermon. — -•»• <:T»— * First Christian Church O.rncr of North Main mid Knst j Avenue "B". ' John Keith Gregory, lYIiniMer Mope, Arkansas, December tfl,l!)H!| \ rm Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Herndon were I Thursday business visitors in Little ! Rock. j Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Yining and i Mr. and Mrs. Dick Forster will have j as week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. | R. R. Forster and daughters. Misses : Kit and Patricia 01' Shreveport. La, The December meeting- of the Pat Cleburno chapter. U. D. C. was held on Thursday afternoon ut the home of Mrs. L. W. Young, South Hervey street with Mrs. John Gibson and Mrs. Churles Haynes as associate host esses. The hospitable Young home was aglow in lovely chrysanthemums and blooming potted plants. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Fannie Gurrett who led in the impressive ritual followed by the chop- lei- hymn. '"How Firm a Foundation At the eleven o'clock service, Sunday morning, the Minister will speak on: The Victorious Church; seven'- thirty o'clock in the evening: The Christian's Source of Authority. The public Is cordially invited to attend these opportunities of wo'-ship anj Bible Kln.lv. Bible School, 9:45 a. in.; Morning Joan Crawford's 'Bubble Bath' in The Women' Eclipses Even De Mi lie's Models suffer from Colds? l''ur quick relief from cold symptom- take C«« Liquid - Tablets - Salve - Nose Drops W Kansas'largest Last Time Friday "THE HAN THE IRON MASK" STARRING , '- OUIS JOAN HAYWARD BENNETT SATURDAY double feature Little Tough Guys Mary Carlisle SAil A MESSENGER" and TOM TYLER ERY RANGE PREVIEW RIALTO SAT. NITE SUN-MON-TUES 135 FAVORITE FEMININE STARS in the MOST; •BRILLIANT FEMALE CAST HOLLYWOOD .and NEW YORK COULD ASSEMBLEI. RUSSEU ttc OME Mary BOLAND • Paulette GODDARD Phyllis PQVAH • Jpan FONTAINE Virginia WEIDLER • Lucile WATSON Sci.lm Pl.y by AnlU LOOB 4nd Jane Muifin /rom the Plaj lg CURE BOOTH • By A(Mng«m«nt with M»» GiMdon I'lflyi *nd hdutot Corp A METRO • GOLDWYN • MAYER P1CTOBE It:«:ui I, GtOHCt COKOR . f.-.'.-.d t, Hunl Stroubui] roll call responses were Christmas experience.". A short business ueriud was held. The program presented by Mrs. J. A. Henry consisted of u group of son (in by Mrs. Tully Henry, with Luther Hollomaii at the piano followed by .special piano numbers by Mr. Holloman. Cliristmns at Home and In Other Countries was the Topic tor general discussion. Following the program Ilie guests were invited into the dining room where Mrs. Garret! presided over the Tea urn,, from u lace covered table centered with a crystal bowl of gorgeous yellow chry- santhemum.s Yellow candles burned in crystal holders. A most tempting and attractive \iliite lunch was reeved to sixteen members and three visitor}-:. The chapter will send a Christmas Box to the Confederate Home in Little Rock. L. W. Younj; is a Friday business visitor in Link- Hnrli. -O- The let'ular monthly meeting of the Co.smcpohian club was held on Thursday afternoon in the aHractivi! new homo of Mrs. Henry Haynes. on South Fine street, with'Mrs. Jim McKinxic as joint hostess. Lovely fall flowers j/avi- tin added beauty to the- peniiim- ent attractiveness of this new home and lollowinf:! a shun business meeting. Mrs. R. L. Broach pave a most interesting Book Review, after which thu ho::lo¥sos served a ten.ptinw dessert plate with coffer. -o— Kc\. Harry Wintermeyi<r was :i Friday visitor in Little Rock. —O— The Alma Hyler circle of Iho First Methodist church held it's last moM- ing of the year at the home of the leader Dr. Virginia Crow with a pot luck luncheon. Monday :il one o'clock after a most delicious lunch a business meeting was held in which new officers of the coming year were elec'ted. Mrs. Eldridge Ross will act as the now secretary. Mrs. Rob Jones Treasurer. Mrs. Upton Program chairman. Mrs. Keneth L. Spore chairman of visiting committee with Mrs. Rob Jones helping. Thirteen old members, one new. and two children were present. Joim Crnwfc A bathtub which is .said to out- DeMillo anything eve,- placed before the cameras by that expert on exotic tubs, offers one of the colorful highlights in the intimate feminine seen- ' <*• ol "The Women." filmization of Clare -Boothe's Broadway stage suc- ce«. which opens this week on the E-'aenger screen with Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell starred in a cast comprising no less than 135 women. The tub, in which Miss Crawford plays ii .scene while in the process of taking a bubble bath, is a 1939 deluxe model constructed entirely of glass eight inches thick. .Slightly frosted, it curries un undersea design etched on its surface. Epitomizing the height of luxury, the tub is fitted with such accessories us u make-up tray resting on braces and -provided with a mirror, .soap, powder, sponge (rays, cigarette holder and even a telephone which Miss Crawford uses in the scene. The bathtub sequence was responsible for the creation of another unusual Hollywood job. that of -both' bubbler." It was the duty of this lechnicinn to keep the foum high in tlu- glass tub. Hollywood's first'bath l-uhbler" is Herb Hatfield, Jr. In delnil his job consisted of dunking a long aluminum tube into the bath wa- ' lei 1 , turning on a stream of compressed aid and thus causing u foam to rise in the tub the foam completely covering Miss Crawford with the exception of heiid and arms. Miss Crawford was required to spend eleven hours in ihe foam bath, losin- eleven pounds a.s the result. Only one mishap occurred. On the second'clay's Ttl anil Virginia Weildlcr In "The Women" Jackie Coogan May Take New Bride Worfhip Service. H.-liO o'clock; Christian Endeavor Society. (i:30 p. m.; Evening Worship Survicr 7::iO u'clr.ck. Unity Biiplist Chinrli "ill Elm street C'. D. Salic Pastor "The Ble.s«:ed Results of Obedience" will be the pustor's theme fur the m<;niinii s.ix-mon. Sunday sehoul, 1(1:00. B. T. C.. i;:3U p. m. Cod (.-an do better work with tiamed foldicrs; so let every member make a special effort to attend our liiiinm-- Cour.se. W<; have" a place Inr you. Evening worship. 7.30. Let us forsake not the assembling ol ourselves together on the Lord'" 1 -- dny. Kvi'ryc.ne cordially invited lo woiship wilh us. come, both eating and drinking, and the' people said, "Behold, a gjuttonobs man and a vinebibber a friend of publicans and sinners!" Then Jesus, in plain and rather terrible' word, pointed out (hat it" is not opportunity that, makes character nnd destiny. He turned to the towns of His own day, and He pronounced upon them, saying that if the mighty works that had been done in them had been done in Tyre and Eidon (cities that had been destroyed for their iniquity) these cities would have repented long ago in sackcloth nnd ashes. Yet in life, even today, we meet with this persistent claim that character is a matter of opportunity and environment. Nothing could be fundamentally more untrue, for out of the same environment have come saints and sinners, heroes and cowards, SDvitrs and destroyers of their fellowmen. __ Character depends on choice; destiny is a matter of self-determination. Even contact wilh the Master did not make men good or make them Christian disciples. It was only definite choice and the willingness to follow Jesus that brought to men the blessings of salvation. But. it is the true function of the prophet and the teacher and the Savior to bring lo men the opportunity and Hie environment of grace, whether they respond or not. Thus it is thai Jesus stands today, as He did in ancient Galilee and Judea, pronouncing the words of Ihe 'great invitation: "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and 'lowly in heart; and ye shajl find rest unto your souls'. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." It is not the invitation, but it is the acceptance of it that determines man's destiny for grace. Orchids ,cuHi.yated by JRrlme »!«.- wter eh^mberlain's father wete sold at'flyction recenyy. The world prt- bably won't remember the.Qhamber* lain family as orchid raisers ahy* way. f A sea captain argues thaat in Tahaitl it's not a. sarong but a perrio, A strong by any other name still spells Dordthy Lamour. r3 OUT OF 5-, MOTHERS relieve misery I of colds externally with I —VICKS—i 'UBITOH V V/APORtiB »ODOS!H« As long ago as the 12tn Century, monks were using linseed oil in the manufacture of varnish. CLOSING OUT ALL $39.50 fo $79.50 COATS - SUITS PRICE LADIES Specialty Shop SAT. SPECIALS PORK CHOPS Ib. 17c FRESH EGGS Doz. 27c DRESSED HENS 11). 15c ARMOUR STAR PICNIC HAMS Ib. 18c PURE PORK SAUSAGE III. 20c PORK HAST ROAST Ib. 29c SHOULDER ROAST Ib. 17c REECEGRO.andMKT. E. Front St. Phone 831 LEANING BUILDING No expert in financial figures, Jackie Coogan proves to be a better judge of the feminine type. He is reported to be planning to wed Harriet Haddon, night club entertainer, above, soon after his divorce from shapely Betty Grable becomes final. HORIZONTAL 1 Ancient leaning building. 11 Opposite of dead. • 12 Jockey. 13 Nothing more than. 14 Part of a window. 15 Northeast. 1C Sport. )7 You and 1. 18 Mountain. >9 Solitary. 20 Twice. 21 Tiny particle. 22 One who leaves a will. 27 Declaimed. 29 To retain. 30 Three collectively. 31 Puffed 32 Small fly. 33 French private soldier 34 Gibbon. 35 Baby carriage. 36 Pealed 37 Ell. Answer to Previous Puzzle 38 Pertaining lo wings. 39 Walking stick. 40 Symbol for iron. 41 To insert; 43 Cupola. 44 Senior. 45 It is located in . 46 It was started in 1173 and in 1350. 49 One that debases. 50 One who tries. VERTICAL 1 Beret. '2 Scented. 3 Metal string. 4 Adam's mate. 5 Musical note. C Bodily structure. 7 Evergreen tree. 8 Fish. 9 Southeast. 10 To apprehend. 14 Part of hand. 16 Opposed to evil., 17 Handful. 18 It is a round, leaning building. 19 To simmer. 20 Red vegetable. 21 To affirm. 22 Baseball nine. 23 To make amends, 24 Spruce. 25 To lubricate. 26 Course. 28 Green mineral 29 Burr in wood. 32 Color. ,33 Wainscotting. 35 Dramas. 36 Sloping drives in buildings. 38 According to. 39 To arrive. 40 To liberate 42 To seize. 43 To suffice. 44 Eye tumor. 45 Idant. 46 Credit. 47 Each. 48 Doctor. .'•hooting the water suddenly began to leak out of the tub and the crew I tossed the star towels in which to cloth j herself until the suds were restored. i The evolution of the bathtub which i U'gan about 312 B. C. when Cleo[ palm, Queen of Egypt, jirovidefl her | p'eople with hat'hs unequalled in splen- i dor and lavishness, has followed de] viou.s and tortured paths, rising to i proud glories in some eras and falling I to great depths in others—during the period, for instance, when the lowly ' tin tub reigned supreme in every home. : H seems safe, however, to predict i that in the world of tomorrow beauti- j ful bathing will triumph once more. i justifying the torch carrying of Cleo- j palra, Anna Held of "milk bath" fame, I and Joan Crawford, who is making 1 new bathtub history in "The Woi men." SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Every lime sonic city removes an. ulhei- hitching post it's news. There j was i\ day when a horse had to win ' Ilu.> Kentucky Derby to get. into the < papers. A truck dropped off a high-way onto a front porch, thereby surprising the family who thought il was grandpa. ! 1 he Japanese government is wor- , ried because its citizens are spending I (heir money for house-hold goods in- j sk-ad of contributing towards such | luxuries, as shells and machine guns. ' Reactions to the Good N«\vs Text: Matthew 11:16-30 By WILLIAM E. GILJIOY, D. D. Editor of Advance If a great teacher should come into a community, benign, kindly in his personal life, with good news for all, it might be supopsed that the community would welcome him, and that everyone would listen to his words and accept at once (lie blessings that he offered. , How seldom has such a thing happened among men! Tiie proverbial stories of history are of the stoning of the prophets, and of the ways in which both individuals and masses of people have reviled and rejected those who have come among them with the purest motives to offer them grace, mercy and truth. In our lesson Jesus complains of this attitude of the people of His time. He compares them with those sitting in the market places, saying, "We piped unto you and ye did not dance; \vewailed and ye did not mourn." He points out that John the Baptist came as an ascetic, neither eating nor drinking, and the people said. "He hath a demon." And Jesus TOMATOES lOc Tomatoes were listed of- lOc Dozen in Kroger Ad Thursday and should have been listed lOc Pound. OGER A Beautiful Sessions Eight DAY CLOCK With each 105 B Philco Battery Radio Purchased Saturday, December9th Only Never Before Such Tone and Performance for PHILCO 95T Sclf-eontaine>J Battery lllock. Now low'drain tabes* High output speak- «rr. Hiimlsome Walnut cabinet. Sec it, buur it—MlW't $1^.95 PHILCO 100T C^bpccJ —All tho features of IL.-95T l»Ius thi- addcd'uan* : ~>j"ttlf Uee of Vqtffar; I , ''Billion tuning." * ' ' y/: \m EASY TERMS AUTOMOTIVE Phone 144 SUPPLY CO, Hope, Ark, Notice 42 head of work mules of the R. T. Brianr Estate will be sold at Auction Tuesday, December 12th. SOITON & COLLIiR JSingteton's Fresh Roasted Cof feet 1 Pound lOc 2'/2 Pounds 25c 5 Pounds 50c 10 Pounds $1.00 T T V Hope, Ark, »t« XBEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE? W. P. SINGLETON T Y *f 113 South Elm Street *<KK~M*<~Ht<*^

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