The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1934
Page 3
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foA¥, SfefrtEMteER 19, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PRIZE LIST FDR Cash Awards Will Be Made for Farm and Home Products of'All Kinds CARUTHERSVlLhE. Mo. —The American Legion lias annuonced its premium list for the fair to bo held here October 10 to 14. Entries ^.ili close at 6 p. in. October 10, and all exhibits must be In place by 9 a. in. October 11. Second hioney will be paid on one entry, it found" worthy, fn each of the jrpups, entry fees are 26 cents, and first award is $1.25. second 15 cents, third 50'cents. The poultry division, with Mrs. J. C. Hudspelh as superintendent, will have awards hi 112 classes, Including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas and rabbits. In this class, $280 will^be the class money. In the agricultural division, of wWch T. A. Haggard is superintendent, $135 class money will be offered. The exhibits, as In all dl- .visions, are confined to Pcmiscol County. Cotton has Ihree groups, the best bale bringing S15 first' tlO second and f5 ililrd. The best stalk, $5 first, 52.50 second and SI third. Same awards are to be given for the best peck of cotton seed also. Horticulture offers $07.50 class . money. * : Apples, plums, peaches, .grapes } pears and edible nuts make up this class. Toinmie J. Greenwcll Is superintvndenl. The floriculture group has 26 units and offers $05 class money Mrs. W. A. Joplin Is superintendent. Exhibits must be grown b> the exhibitor in this county. Division of fine arts, under the superiniendency of Mrs. H. V. Lit- zelfelncr and Mrs. Lelitia Simpson, offers $60 class money. The list Includes oil paintings, wata color paintings, china paintings drawng, photography. The domestic arts division, of which Mrs. Helen Dillman Baker is superintendent, has no groups listed, with $275 class money. Tin quality of work will be considered In preference to materials used There is a separate group for work of women over 60 years, and also one for work of girls of 13 lo ir years of age. The apiary, culinary .and dair division, Floyd Barnhart superintendent, has 118 group's listed, the largest in the prer^um list, This group offers 5295 class money on various kinds of home-prepared honey, beeswax, butter, cottage cheese, whole milk and cream, eggs, home-cured hams and bacon, so1%hum, vinegar, soft and hard soap, etc. Breads, cakes, pastries, candy, canned fruits, canned vegetables, preserves, .fruit butters Jams, Jellies, relishes, pickles and jailed -fruits and vegetables are also The education division, Harold S.'Jones-superintendent, offers $100 class money. Classes are open to exhibits from any rural school in the rounty. Entry fees in this class »re 50 cents, but first awards are »2.50, second $1.50 and third 51. The .groups include work from all grades in rural schools, exhibits of elementary town schools, and exhibits of the four classes of high school work. Blackwater News R«v. Robert Henderson and Rev. Massey, of Oklahoma, were dinner Euests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cunningham and famlyl Friday. Miss Laura Henderson, who lias been confined to her. bed almost two weeks, is still ill. Mr, and Mrs. Aubrey Bradford, Miss OrUia Cronse and Miss Thelma Davis shopped hi Manila Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Bradford and baby, Chester, and Rev. J. B. Cunningham visited Mr. and Mrs] Robert Henderson and family Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Pankey and daughter. Alma, of Manila, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cunningham and family. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Scott Miss Esther Sikcs and the Misses , Wlnona and Katherine Scott vis- lied Miss Florence Cunningham ^Sunday afternoon. Miss Orthn Course and Mr. ('Leonard Scott were married ni Manila Saturday afternoon by Justice of the Peace Ncedham. It "has been estimated that un- recovered gold and other treasure buried beneath the oceans of the world Is worth more than $250000,000. bless, He'll Drive To Riches A Jobless and penniless Birmingham, Ala., Ironworker, James Stcele above, tinkers blithely with His old auto which he hopes will carry him to Mobile and a goodly shore in the 5200,000 estate of his rich eccentric aunt. Stceie, 53, married and lather of two, applied to a relief agency for mousy to buy . gasoline for his trip. If the estate of Mrs. Margaret Steelc Cox Is spill among her nearest kin, Steele may get approximately $35,000. FEU OFFER! Unemployed Teachers lu- vitcci to Apply (or Positions ns Instructors The FEU A win establish tulult education cliisses iti Mississippi county If n sufficient demand for such instruction Is slim™ nnil If enough qimlUkd unemployed lea- chers make applications for positions us instructors. So fur three unemployed teachers linvc mnilc itppllcutlon at lire FE!)A office In Ulytlievllle iiml- lour in Osccola. n. I'aylon Wulker, head or an orgunlmtloii of working men nml women, has Interested himself In Hie matter inul declines Hint n large number of men nnil women nve anxious to attend such classes, If ihey are made available. Uncni])loyccl teachers doelrlnu |»- .sltions us Instructors in such i\ program are Invited to submit, their applications to either of r the county FKHA ofllces. The program Is tie/signed particularly 10'provide hisiructlon in elementary subjects to udults whose .Today's J * - - '•fcl,OOO,GOO to . University of Cm- ca&°' 'University o Some MiilanOivo- '- J * ' J ive.itfl yJst could < aUlTfipicaiS'lvtP (col f3x=^r~r^rVv>.., n ball earn PAGE THRE$ Pushes Effort to Collect $1,400 Rank Slock As- sessmoiH. 1). I,. Ilradley, receiver fur the First National bank, Is pcrfi-flliijj nn nji|i«il (o Ihe stale ,su]irome court from n decision by cliim- crllor .), K. Ciiiulney holding reli- M!<! properly, lurmnly owned l).v Mis. |'carl Humphreys Nelson, n't Miiln nnil Ninth streets, not Mil- Jeel lo a decree rendered iitiuii'M. MLS. NVIson on im ni;ulnst .stockholders of the defunct Ijank. I The chancellor remtr-reil a |> (r - sniuil (k'Civo njinlnsl Mrs. Nelson lor Sl/tOD Inn h'.-ld (lie ile- fivi? upliliei! only to ,MI- S . Nelson and not In her sister. Miss Mvrlle Khelley, or lo the properly, which hud l)i Ivi'di'd in Mrs. Shelley. The court 1'efu.sril the coiileinlim of (lio plalnllll (lint Hie pinpcrU- „ , I, . ~:,-;T "~: W:ls ><ol Ihe hmni'.slead of jMr:l il TM',,"^ ^ "'" I ' < """ K Nl ' |k;n » " l111 w ' ls Iritudiilenlly eoti- rJlkh ( M ' M' ""''-^ whim veyed to owupe snbjiTilon lo (hi; « will 1 ' G !!" ! , V 01 ' I")"'"'* (jr.iwj!.t«ck assessment. The philmilf in William laylors unrdiin. I h.»| rlKnved Mrs. Nelson and her former husband, (lie late Louis Humphreys, lind moved peiinan- ently to California several yeius ago, which was denied" by Mrs. Nelson. 0'. M. Buck Is counsel lor Mrs. Nelson uiul (;. A. Cunningham Is iitlurne/ lor Mr. liraciley, 'lieie Is a spot- In the I'apln IV-ert of Pern tlmt luis not had a drop of rain In more Ihini 40 years. schooling did not carry I linn beyond Hie tlllh urade. There In also, however, u possibility »[• vo . cnllonal work for persons with more education. Women Prefer This Laxative Ntrding Itmivvi more often women pi* Iff flilMoui PMn-t-mlnl, (li« clunJni BUB Uxujw. h dlmlbuut lt> li»iiv« m^nJiem by cluwlfiK. matt unlfoitntv in:o th« i/(te-n, HIM Hiving • moik n unl tnj complii« •ttion (hit ii not hit on drlkite orgini. urrdl«ni irg It conuini i di.t. D<1 forrojna F«tva'ia[ru ( , .l by prViiciKL*. 10 "F*u itcmien <*i ui, Todiy gn bid vir. Gin/ nonhibit rorunpjiion Till WISE OLD OWL by £sso WHEN YOUR FUEL RATION THEN LIFE BECOMES ONE GKAND VACATION ! e Gtuwa/i^et SMOOTH fit. I'EKIOHMAIVCL Today's Markets New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 10 (U»fj — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Ocl 1210 1213 1258 125K Dec 1281 1283 1271 1271 Jan 12BO 1285 1274 1274 March 1288 1292 1280 U80 May 1204 1287 1280 12B6 July 1200 1301 1290 1290' Spots closed steady at 12SD nlf 15. New Orleans Cotton NEW Cotton day, 11 ferings suppoil Oct '•• Dec . Jan March May July Spots 15. ORLEANS, Sept. 19 (UP)— futures closed easier, to- to 15 points lower, as of- became more liberal and diminished. T open high low clos? / 1275 1215 12C2 1203 ,: ,1283 1284 1270 1214, 1282 1282 1271 1277 1290 1293 1281 1282 1293 1297 1287 1287 '1298 1300 1291 1292 closed steady. at 1278,' off TOO LATEJTQ CLASSIFY FOR SALE 7 tube Walnut Cabinet ATWATER KENT RADIO. Cheap. Nell Itfoulder, Call 190. l9-c-k-22 Hardin Coal Co, AT STERNBERG'S GIN PHONE 116 j QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA, KENTUCKY COALS •WE SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS' Htst Oysters A River Cat Fish Chicken Dinners Every Day Jimmie O'Brien 105 S. Second \V.-K. RICHMOND & CO.S 1 AFTERNOON COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS, Sept, 19—Tile cotton market was on the downgrade again today under liquidation in advance of first notice clay for October, favorable weather in all parts of the belt and renewed predictions. that the Bankhcod act, would be modified or suspended. Opening prices were slightly lower, but the market held fairly well early only lo yield to increased offerings in the afternoon and close 11 to 10 points lower. The strike situation showed some improvement in the South, with the head of the textile institute claiming lhat 193,000 workers have returned lo work out of a total of 299.0UO who answered the strike call. The strike committee of the unions, however, was granted power to call out allied groups in the industry, and intimated this would l-e done nt the end of this week. Except for light showers in North Carolina, the weather wns fair over the bell and harvesting made good progress in most sections. The government's weekly .review showed improved conditions In the western belt, satisfactorv advances In the central belt, willi th: eastern third losing some ground because of persistent rains. Secretary Wallace has called a conference at Washington lo be held on Saturday at which il will be decided whether President Roosevelt will be asked to defer or modify opcr.ilion of the Bankhead net. Possibility of such action has discouraged buyers as it might lead to a more rapid movement with increased hedging pressure and to talk of n much brgcr acreage next spring. \\. K. RICHMOND A CO.S' AKTEHNOON CHAIN • LETTER CHICAGO. Sept, 19 — Conditions In foreign markets exercised the principal influence in action here today, but considering the sharp decline at Liverpool and the loivt-i' levels in Buenos Aires, wheat acted well, losses being held mostly to Iractional proportions. The weakness nt Liverpool was ascribed to fcnrs of delivery of undesirable wheat on October contracts ntui continued lack of demand from milling sources. Some attrition was given also to the Broomrmll rcporl of the morning saying Argentine wheat was worth nroui:d $1.12 per bushel if Mew York duty was paid, or about the same as our domestic red winter. Selling was not aggressive bul pit observers were at a loss at to where the offerings went. Good support was evident on the '.le- clincs and with the relative firmness In .Winnipeg, the toiu ic- niAintd relatively firm. Corn and oats were lower wt'.h wheat. ' A new was thought to have developed in the feed situation as the remit of persistent rains in tome sections which were said to have seriously injured newly cut .so- beans and other emergency iced' crops and Iherc were B!EO reports indicating that fotids.- cf>:n was commencing to mold. Bookings from the country were 53,000 corn, while sales were 10,000. Weakness in grains lend to scattered commission house scllino of lard but the "offerings were absorbed by cash interests I Ladies SHOE REPAIRING Sc DYEING done by experts. Reasonable. E. E. Ratcllff, Across from Hubbird HdV Co. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept 19 (UP) — Tlie slock market today gave the second demonstration in u row for the securities nnd exchanges commission, visiting Ihe financial communtly. p rict , s on , he b(j; board rose fractions to more than three points. Curb prices made corresponding gains, bonds linn- A - T. and T m ]. 4 Anaconda Copper 11 !-•! Bethlehem Steel 277-8 Chrysler '"" 3J 7 . 3 Cities Service 17-8 General American Tank 32 I-S General Electric 18 1-8 General Motors .'. 28 1-1 International Harvester 27 1-2 Montgomery Ward 24 1-2 New York Central .. Packard Phillips Petroleum .. Radio Corp Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. .' . ,„ ... Texas Co ' " 2' 3-4 U. S. Steel "' ?i 7-g U. S. Smelling ... '" 119 Chicago Wheat open high low close Sep 104 104 1-8 102 5-8 103 1-8 Ucc 103 1-2 104 1-8 102 3-1 103 1-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Sept 77 77 , 77 1-4 76 3-8 Dec 77 1-4 17 1-2 76 3-8 70 1-2 20 7-3 3 1-2 15 5-8 5 3-8 9 42 1-2 Oic-Armcrt An s ler Lands Fish EAST ORLEANS, Mass. (UP)— One-armed Fred Higgins. who Is nble to maneuver an outboard motorboat while trolling for blue- usli. landed n six-pounder unassisted, ins two-armed companions were luckless. MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS Cily & Firm Properties. Special Title Service Now I.oealrd al Southeast Corner Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ill m»kes of rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines »nd{McuU(on Repairing:— Parts— Ribbons 1'honi II Let Chevrolet tell its own story of riding and driving comfort *—' • jij.A W HEN all is said and done, tlic host way to get at the truth behind the fine tilings you hear •nil rend about the now Chevrolet, is to got in tho oar and drive. Take this car (your Chevrolet, dealer will gladly loan you one), drive il over ihc same routes, in the same way you drive your present automobile, and lei (he resnlls you can sec and fed tell llieir own story. -You have heard that Knee-Action makes had roads good, and good roads better. A ride will prove il. You have heard that Chevrolet provides shock-proof steering, Syncro-Mcsh gear-shifting, a remarkably nc.xihte 80-l;.,r.sepowcr engine, and cable-controlled brakes. One ride is worth a thousand words A few niiniiles al the wheel will show yon what a difference these ndviinccnicnls make in safely and driving ease.: And when the ride is over, and you Rtiip out refreshed and ready for more, you will know why so many thousands have found it impossible lo return to ordinary driving after an experience like this. Tlmt is Ihe Ownership Test— simple, easy, enjoyable, and the most practical way to choose a car. Your Chevrolet dealer has a car waiting so that you can make this test. 1 low about today? CIIEVKOLF.T MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICHIGAN Gwr/>nrc Cltctrolct's ton- tfcfurm/ /TiVcj unit msy 0. .U. A. C. terms .1 Cctmal .\t:,t»r, I'-. 1 .-- KneeAction CHEVROLET SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Bl^hcville, Ark.

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