Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1939
Page 2
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HOPESTAR, ; Friday, December 8* 1930 ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER ' 4 - ar of **°P*. *899: Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18, 19» Herald From False Report! O Jaafore, ^. week - da * afternoon by Star PiibJishing Co., Inc Woi ,' r» . 6 « ^f*- H> Washb " r »- a' the Star building, 212-214 South waintit street, Hope, Ark. C- R PALMER, President ~~ ___, _ ATj;X. H. WASHBUBN. Editor and Publisher <AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)— Means Newspaper Faiterprise Ass'n. ubscrlpllon Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier nTr * ^^ m0n ! h 65c; ° ne yeae $6 ' 50 - B * mail - ' n Hempstead Nevada Howard. M.Her and LaFayeite counties. $3.50 Per year; elsewhere ?6 50 ,,i *""** The Associated Press i s oxclusively the me for ^publication of nil news clkpatchos credited to H or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published hereto" ^Charges on Tilbntes, Etc.: Charge will be made for nil tributes thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departec newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect the™ e « tram a deluge of space- taking memorials. The Star disclaims r.sporSb Uty - _B L thomfe.toeping or rettu-n of any unsolicited man.»..,i ". T9s » onsiblllt y Babies Born Abnormal The children of ihose sinewy pioneers who chopped clown Irccs -.ml «l,nt down Inchans as part of their daily routine to open up a wZrne's con in™ are growing soft. It is not thetnuH of Twentieth Century h hab v^ts ,f he ' .ncamtonatiug disease is not enough. The nation S targe he t , . Edueation Prevents Tuberculosis Spread Back before the turn of the century a 21-yearold Arkansas girl con- tracted tuberculosis. At the time, the state had no health department, no ranatorium. no place that gave out information on tuberculosis. When told she had the disease this young woman wrote to the health de- Questions on Page One 1. A duke: "Mny I expect you for tea and crumpets tomorrow, Your Grace?" 2. The President, of the U. S. "I nm convinced. Mr. Presidenl, thnt you are right." 3. An emperor: "Do you mind, Your Imperial Majesty, if we postpone the execution?" A. An ambassador: "Would Your Excellency mind inking his feet off the window -sill?" 5. A daughter of ;i quern: "I snw Your Royal Highness pelting the dog this morning." Here's Courtesy on the Telephone borne Hints on Common Politeness at Transmitter By JOAN DURHAM AP Feature Service VVriler Please, oh. plea.se take that cinarelle out of your mouth and talk directly nto the telephone, mister. It's linn I enough for us to understand phone conversations anyway without all this obstruction. And when you net us on the wire: Please tell us who you are—your name, your first and as briefly ; ,s possible, what you want with us. Mos.1 of us are pretty busy nowadays, "ffe don't wont to appear impolite and force the issue, but we can't afford to hang on nnd on. hoping we'll find out what it's all about eventually. Bo- sides, wo may be on a line that's shared by somebody else. And another thing: Please don't hold us unnecessarily on the wire- while you carry on a conversation with somebody near you or look up something or transact other business If you have to do something else riaht away, ask to call us back-or ask us to call you /back. P. S. We don't like telephone kid- dors. "Ths Mwe You Tell the Quicker You * You Can Talk to Only One Alan 0 Want. Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over tho Phone One timo-Ja word, minimum 30o Three times-3%c word minimum fit. Six umea-*, word, minimum 90c One monlh-18c^TmI±um |S R "tes are for continuous insertions only. For Sale i KIR CHRISTMAS TREES - Make I your selection early before they are j picked over. MONTS SEED STORE j_ li-12tc i TOR SAIJJ—Everytliing that you I need iu New and Used Furniture at ihc Lowest prices. See vis before you l-iiy or sell. Franklin Furniture Store N2-1M Services Offered SERVICES OFFER~ED-lsci- H- sleael Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth fo new and re-built. Coblj (ifjS-J. ROOM AND BOARD-.-l.nrKe room .with connecting balli. Mrs S R Youny, .R« West Division. Phone 71.' , I'XVR SALK .Four room house and balh. pantry..built-in cabinets. Newly papered. Ivory woodwork. Part I lerms. -I I-I W. Ave. O. ;>-(itp ' i FOR SALE-Fine !.>i K bone Bronzes i i Turkeys. 200 lo pick from. Toms! l.W.00, hens S.'i.OO. Mrs. E. M. Delaney, Columbus. ,-\rU. 7-fitp ! I'"OR~~SALE Two 8x10 pictures for only ,,iie doll;.)- .-md fifty cr-iils. Shipley Studio. •I-die The reassessment of benefits of Street Improvement District No. 11 nncl its Annex No. I, and nlso Curb & Gutter District No. 7 and its Annex No. 1, have been filed in my office, and are now open for inspection. This Rth day of December, IMfl. T. R. BILMNOSLEY. Clerk (Note: These are the South Mnin Street districts in Hope, Arkansas). Dee 8. 15. I Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering \ This Fall and Winter ;• For sale by the leading merchants i; in every community. OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams [. ; ,Grone young mules. For Rent FOR RENT .or SALE—My metal store building .15x80 ft. with good store fixtures all in 1st class condition, »t O.an. Ark. F. P. Citty, O/an, Ark. FOR RUNT -One- five room house in Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schuoley, Phone ,18-F-l-l. (i-fitp FOR HKNT-New modern U room house wild glassed in porch. Phone B57-R. 7 . 3lc in- partment of a distant state fo structions on how lo proven I fi disease to others. And cluriii H tf,,. five years of her illness liose insruet- ios were reli^ioiLsly obeyed. She lived in a home with several yoimK girls. She was popular. Many friends camt to see her. Yet so carefully were instructions carried out that during that five years and the 35 years since her death, not one of her associates has developed tuberculosis. This, then, is the answer to the question of whether it pays to educate. Education to prevent tuberculosis is the mission of Christmas Seals. *jfr SERIAL.STORY 5 WOULD KILL BY TOM HORNER COPYR1OHT, 1039. NEA SERVICE. UM<t Yciiefday: Don»lu telln kow fe« ent«r«d the *tudr. via the •window, barred the door, after Ben tho»pe'* murder. Dawxon, im-. «onvi>u»d, uncut* him. Ara ac- «u»e» Tioaflait at tytaf to nave her, admltii •hootinK Beuthorne ••« U ToTlo. Flynn retnrov with the coroner/* report on Ben. thane: He tell* Dnw»on he huti tomt m cat— a big black one, aver the CHAPTER XXI "TOHAT has a cat to do—?" Dawgon b^an and then he remembered. In Benthorne's note •—"The black cat that ran across the driveway tonight"— "You may have something, Flynn. Go on." "He's a huge, yellow-eyed devil, Captain. And black as the inside of a well at midnight. Like some witch's cat. I was looking around the garage when' I heard him yowling, faint-like. I had to hunt a whi^ before 1 found him. Those garages have rooms over them, probably for the chauffeur, but they haven't been used. This cat was 'way back in the last one, locked in a closet. 'When 1 opened the door, he was backed over in a corner, his yellow eyes flashing. When the light hit him he started spitting and yowling. I left him there — right where I found him. I've been trying to tell you—" "Okay. . . . Okay. ... Get out to that garage, hide in one of the cars, and see who tries to get up to that cat." Dawson returned to Ara and Douglas. ''I'll have to put these on you," he said, snapping a handcuff over the girl's wrist and another on Douglas. "They aren't so comfortable but I want you to stay together. The house is surrounded, so don't try to get out. . . . Where are Mrs. Benthorne and her father?" Flynn stopped at the door, "in the living room with Krone," he answered. ! "Tell Krone to let them go, without their knowing it. I want them to have plenty of freedom." * * * i A LONE once more Dawson paced the floor trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Starting from the beginning, he tried to work in all the information he had gathered ioto a single, logical argument. Both Joey and Douglas !iad .agreed upon one poibt: tiiat Ben- thorne had recognized his murderer. Both had said they heard Benthorne say "YOU!" just before he was killed. It was unlikely that both of them would have told the same story unless it actually had happened. There was little chance of their getting together to compare notes. • Of the five he had named in his note, there was only one whom Benthorne had never met—John Douglas. Still, Douglas might have been lying about not being able to get to see Benthorne. But if he had met him once, why should he take such a desperate chance to confront the man again? That left Benthorne's wife, Alston, Joey and the girl. Too bad the girl knew about the cat, but it couldn't be helped, now. Dawson returned to the desk, to glance again at the note Flynn had handed him. "Benthorne killed with a .32 caliber bullet," the patrolman had written. "Markings indicate possibility of ordinary revolver." Joey had warned him not to for- jet ballistics. If he could only find that gun. Joey had carried a 38 automatic. Douglas had mentioned a .45 Colt. Being a westerner, Douglas would probably own that type of gun. A woman might own a little, light .32. She might even carry it in her purse. Then there was the cat. Flynn's uck again. Had someone, know- ng Benthorne to be superstitious, put this cat deliberately in his way? That person v/ould have to <now him well. Neither Ara nor Douglas knew that much about Benthorne—or did they? Benthorne's note had mentioned other warnings. Dawson pulled the paper from his wallet, studied it again. "Anonymous telephone call." Tha.t could have been any one of them, probably Douglas. "The black cat that ran across the driveway tonight. Third light on a match." Helen Benthorne's words to Joey and to himself—just before Joey was killed—echoed in his ears. . . . "That's three on a match. I hope you aren't superstitious." thorne's death had accomplished that. But Alston's only apparent concern was for sleep. He seemed to long for the peace that only sleep could bring him. No need to worry about Alston. It he went to the garage, Flynn would be sure to see him. He might know something about the cat, at that. Dawson resumed his mental analysis. The gun! There was the clew to the whole thing. Ara had said he would find it under the mattress in. Mrs. Benthorne'.s room. Did the girl know it was there? Dawson doubted if she had placed it there herself, but she might have discovered it in that, short interval before Joey v/;i«; killed. jY DARK figure passed the doorway, hurrying along the hall. Dawson glanced up just in time to recognize Alston's tall form and white hair. Probably going back to his room again to resume his frequently interrupted sleep. So old, so tired. Dawson found himself wondering why the old man had not shown more pleasure over regaining control of Alston Motors. Be«- A MOMENT later Dawson topped the front stairway. Alston was just entering Mrs. Benthorne's room as Dawson's .shout stopped him. ""Hold on, there, Mr. Alston. Don't go into that room!" The old man turned, his hand still on the doorknob. There was a puzzled expression on his face. "I was just returning this to Helen's closet," he explained, ex- .ending a wire hangar toward Dawson. "She let me have it to dry my coat last night—or rather, this morning." "That can wait," Dawson said shortly. "I want to take another ook around your daughter's •oom." The old man's figure still )arred the doorway. From the socket of his coat, he drew a mall, white box. Alston lifted tv/o white- tablets from the box, balanced them in liis hand for Davv.sou to .see. ''Two more sleeping tablets," ho said, "If I don't sleep with these—" He- flipped them into his mouth. "With those two and the others you've already taken, you .should sleep a week," Daw.son romarkfd. ''I guess I'm becoming inured to them." Alston laughed tunelessly. "But your heart. Aren't you afraid they'll have :;ome bad effect." "They are really perfectly harmless, Captain Dawson. But if you are concerned, I'll let you keep the box for rne. Then I won't be tempted." Alston handed the box to Dawson, then walked slowly and unsteadily toward his room. "You won't disturb me, unless it's absolutely necessary, will you?" Alston asked, over his shoulder. "No—you can sleep as Jong as you want to." Alston disappeared and as the door closed behind him, Daw.son threw open the door lo He'luu Btn- thorne'.s room. (To Be CouliuueU' HE'S A GONER.' HE'S BEEN eOlM' WITH A GIRL FOR. FOUR ER FIVE YEARS AN' THAT OFFICE KIP HAS GOT TYPED ON THAT ORLPEE. SHEET ALL SINGLE MEM WILL BE LAIP OFF FIRST THE OLD FASHIOMEp SHOP KIC> PAlNiTED YOUR. SHOEvS, PUT GREASE OW YOUR. HAMDLES AM' SUCH SIMPLE JZ?KES--BUT TH' JOKES ARE IMPROVIM' WITH EPUCATIOM--OR. THAT'S SWELL. WORK/ JTIST LIKE NICKEL PLATE / Phone . Scp( 2fi , M For Battery Service- »•>• Ted ARCHER MOTOR COMPANY Free in.'ipeetion service WANTED-White or colored K ir\ li. I do housework. II K. Stephens, Nor Hover St. 2 -li(i WANTED TO BUY--Fm-m up to .10 acres, with luJuse urn! improvements, near Hope. Wrile Po.sloffire Bnx 18!)' 8-Slp LOST—Smull Jersey Cow, branded SD on riyhl hip. Top of horns sawed Has heifer calf Notify White & Co. at Fulton. FOR SALK-Fir Christmas Tree? Pick yours early. U & B Grocery 8-3lc THE SPEEDER UP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hey, Wait ! ! ! By Edgar Martin \ VOOOWONVT VWMO -bO OK>W SOPH. 1939 BY ME* SEHVICE.INC.T. M. REC. U He Found Out By V. T. Hamlin MIGHTV ARM J 1 WISH I COULD MAKE OUT WHAT DOCS TfiLYiW' TTEULME BUT THIS GADGET ^ UL - Mt . WONPEB. IF THIS HAWPLE GOTTA BE\ HAS AMVTHIW6 TO t?O POME RIGHT) WITH IT? WELL,THERE'.S AWAY r- ^»r, MO TIME. LIKE TH' QUICK/ 3W FIMPOUT/ ULYSSES,THUMPERS IMTO LIFE ANp OUT TO SEA--MIWUS STARS.' *-"— • I I \l^ff \^J/~\A*SL^ftr^ I S^ "^ IS MAXIM' TOO / <fOSH7HOv\r MUCH RACKET J. D YA ^OP THIS THING! THIS IS A ( HEV, TERRIBLE >V \r DO No SITUATlOW/j V - cyRBR R - B -'" l """-;"-::5 iii-.P'SVji.Vij—.i^i-.^ii WASH TUBES Maybe It's Too Late By Roy Crane MMJ TH 1 UFE00W61 IADS: WOMEN AU' •- f CW, UMKVi WHAT NP056 HE " !?._ \COMEHOWe AT 1,1 .'•' VWU.THE ME\&HBOM JGET' THIS C 0 ^-7 THIWK ? 7—zgr WAV OFTEM ' - N— - _ S Jli* t *,»... .^ ' I'M LUCILLE, n ' THE ' VOU'RE GOIMO TO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Introducing Hector By Merrill Blosser , <-HJS T MY V 'iff - LOTS OF STRArJGB' THINGS " T^i- TlPHE WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOOK AT THE FAMILY , ALBUM ZINGO) BULL'S SHT^ M^^ .^pv^v^l^ HERE/ CAUTIC5M j HIM? / \» RED RYDER ^ T.M'REC. u. s PAT OFF Little Beaver Deals in Facts By Fred Harman GONE-jf-MSS JO TICKLED p& A ABLE -ro TAKE HIS EAST FOR. THAT OPERATIC/ •/ POOR rA<25. WITHERS WAS SO HAPPY / SHE HASN'T FAINTEST I-D6A THAT HER HUSBAND WAS ROBBED RED R\HER T£LLUM FIB, M^S JO THEIR. CATTLE

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