Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1942 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1942
Page 6
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en E/ecfr/c Shop, Cosf 14th St., to Open Thursday Is New Home of Allen Electric Service iningofNew Set-Up Gives Green Light f|o Task Forces fon Missions ' JOHN GROVER do World Features Writer lident Roosevelt's reorganization 1 army cuts colis of old red tape 'gives the green light to "task BS" with specific missions. he reorganization order recognizes thte only function of army oration is the production of in- vincible task forces. The army's new deal supplants friction and duplication, divided authority and confusion. Key officers had to spend too much time on administrative affairs, too little on operations. The old system was too slow, too cumbersome nnd to inefficient for high-speed warfare. Grouping the entire army in three basic commands —air forces, ground froces and service of supply — gears up the army for 1942 war. Administrative and operational functions are largely divorced. The general staff—operational brains of the army—will be slashed from an unwieldy group of officers from all the separate arms to a compact unit of strategists and tacticians. Detail Bothers Removed The ground forces commander and air forces commander will be primarily concerned with operational duties, the basic and advanced training of BEST WISHES to Ray Allen on the Opening of the Allen Electric Service SAENGER & RIALTO Theaters BEST WISHES to Allen Electric Service Duffie Hardware Company HOPE CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES To Ray Allen i On the opening of the Allen Electric Service Arkansas - Louisiana Gas Co. pnny your husbnnd docs not enjoy— (H) As much ns possible sec the friend when your husband is not at homo? (b) Give up the friend entirely? Answers 1. Yes. 2. Yes. Except when he would have to keep jumping up and running Hcross the room, interrupting his work or his reading. 3. No. 4. No. 5. No. Better "What Would You Do" solution—(n). Cogers Married PROVO, Utnh. —OT— Three of Brigham Young's cagors—Dwane Esplln, Frank Fullmer nnd Bob Orr—ore mar- f\ rled. <"• More people run out of judgment than gas when driving n car. People who always drift in late are () just drifting. Florida women have taken jobs as caddies. A fine chance to see man at his worst. Ray Allen announces the formal opening of the Allen Electric Service in its own building on East 14th street this Thursday, March 19, with the public invited to inspect the new electrical display rooms. Mr. Allen's showroom and workshop, illustrated in the above picture, were completed last week-end and patrons and visitors are now welcome. Mr. Allen has been in the electrical business in Hope for the past 15 years, with experience in every field of it, t .. . . .. , —Hope Star Photo trom motion pictures to radios and refrigerators, motor repairs, and general electrical contracting. Associated with him is Herman Friday as electrician. Their modern new shop will carry a complete stock of appliances, fluorescent fixtures, novelty table lamps, radio supplies and tubes, as well as a complete repair service. The public is invited to inspect the East 14th street showroom beginning Thursday, March 19. their separate commands as fighting forces. This includes training the separate units of each command to work together, then schooling ground and aid forces in coordinated tactics. The services of supply will take over the army's "housekeeping" chores. As outlined in Secretary of War Stimson's preliminary explanation, the S. O. S. is charged with procurement, construction, general supply and like duties. He indicated that many administrative functions would go to the supply forces. It will be a "dual personality,"—both administrative and operational. It will be responsible for the transport o£ troops to war fronts and will take over the paper work chores of the primarily operational wees. The Working Plan Theoretically, here's the way the new set-up will work. The President will determine that the grand strategy of the war calls [or operations in miaginary "Tran?- Bucharia." The chief of staff advises the general staff of the decision. The staff considers all angles, reports that such-and-such a task force will be necessary to win the Trans-Bucharian campaign and prepares a master plan. It may be that the terrain, known strength of the enemy and other factors make necessary a task force topheavy in engineers, but supported by fighter planes and light tanks. The ground and air force commanders are advised, and a task force of engineers, fighter squadrons and armored vehicles is selected. They go into training aimed at a campaign in Trans-Bucharia. The task force commander figures his requirements in ammunition, supplies, weapons and gear. It's up to the supply service to let the contracts, oversee the manufacture, have them ready on the day chosen and see to the transport of the force to Trans-Bucharia. That's the way modern wars are won, with teams of coordinated forces trained for definite missions, backec by concentrated staff and supply services. ^»rv«» — The fear of housewives' wrath i said to be one thing keeping Canad ian retail prices down. Prices and lh< ladies hitting the ceiling at the same time wouldn't be so good. t' £ r You Are Invited to Attend the FORMAL OPENING Thursday,March 19th from 2p.m.till9 ALLEN Electric Service East 14th Street Complete Stock of Electric Appliances Modern Light Fixtures Fluorscent Light Fixtures Radio Supplies Radio Tubes Radio Repairs Novelty Table Lamps Complete Motor Repair Electric Appliance Service Edson in Washington Government Is Job for Career Men Now WASHINGTON - Maybe Senator Jerald P. Nye of Cooperstown, N. D., as put his finger on one of the things vrong with government administra- ion. Quizzing Office of Civilian Defense director James M. Landis before Se- iator Harry Flood Byrd's economy ommittee, Nye started checking up an the background of some of the OCD personnel. In OCD's division of opera- ions, Nye charged that of the eight op staff men, five came from 'the idministrative division of WPA, one rom the Department of Agriculture, >nc from emergency relief. In the ire defense division, one man came rom PWA, one from WPA, one from treasury and one from emergency •elief administration. What this illustrates, if anything, is hat government administration has become so complicated it is a profession in itself, like efficiency expert- ng. The difficulty and the danger is hat the mechanics, the framework, ;he red tape of government adminis- :ration tend to be given more impor- ance than the job to be done. Again in the case of OCD, Dean Landis was put on the spot before Senator Byrd's committee when Senator Millard E. Tydings asked how many OCD employes had actually handled a fire bomb. The Dean did not know, but guessed that in the civil defense division, perhaps 60 per cent had actually held bombs in their hands. Incidentally, as an example; of utter futility, one of Dean Landis's accounts of a local defense council meeting in New England is tops—a lecturer was trying to explain to a group of defense workers how to put on a gas mask without having a gas mask to demonstrate with. (Congress, you know, just got around to appropriating money for civilian gas masks a couple of weeks ago.) Nelson Head Man Now Fortunately, you should be pleased to know that not all of the government's wartime agencies have been set up on the formula that Sentaor Nye puts the finger on. When the' Office of Censorship was set up, it was staffed at the top witli newspaper and radio men who know the media with which they had to deal. When the war production machinery was set up, a so-called "holding company," the Office for Emergency Management, was created just to cornb the red tape of government procedure out of the hair of the civilians called to Washington to boss the job OEM is Mr. Government Bureaucracy run by a specialist in government paper work, Wayne Coy. The real work of war production is now bossed by Donald M. Nelson. If he had to bother with official government routine, he wouldn't get anything else done. The point in common with all these young and undoubtedly able administrators is that their background is almost entirely in government. In other words, they know their way around Washington, the boulevards, back alleys and bypaths through the fields of'red tape. "Dean Landis himself admitted that n! making his reorvanization of the DCD headquarters, he brought into his organization some of the smart young men he had known in Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission, with which he had previous connections. It was brought out that OCD had in its organization 99 executives on what is called "non-reimbursible loan" from other government departments. What htat means is that the other departments pay hteir salaries, but OCD pays their traveling expenses. Places for Pals That is typical Washington. When the government sets up a new department or a new program of any kind- say fire defens.e for example—the first requisite is to get someone who knows government and not necessarily anyone who knows anything about fire protection. The administrator for a program of this kind must be a man who knows how to make up a budget, how to get civil service classification cleared, how to make an organization chart, how to get office space and furniture, how to open an office. The administrator looks around for some of his pals, the good guys he knows in other departments of government administration. He knows how to go about getting them transferred or loaned from their department to his. First thing you know, he has his organization. If he needs technical consultants, he knows how to get them appointed on a per diem or W. O. C.—without compensation—basis. You can make up your own mind as to whether that, or the method brought out by Senator Nye, is the way to run a government. Made No Difference SOUTH BEND, Ind. —(/P)— Bccuase of a shortage of epec blades Notre Dame fencers gave up practice- with that weapon this year, yet won every epec match. Some mothers adverti.se for a governess when what they need is a lion tarner. Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should 1 a man open a car door for his wife? 2. Should a man light his wife's cigaret? 3. If a husband dislikes to see women smoke and his wife smokes, should he mention it in front of other people? 4. If a grown woman knows some of her friends object to seeing a woman smoke is it necessary for her to keep from them the fact that she smokes? 5. Should a husband or wife criticize or make fun of the other's friends? What would you do if— You have a friend whose com- Congratulations to ALLEN ELECTRIC SERVICE City Bakery COMPLIMENTS and OUR BEST WISHES to Allen Electric Service On their Formal Opening NO INTEREST — NO CARRYING CHARGE — Next Door From Rialto Theater — O O o i May We Say CONGRATULATIONS and offer our BEST WISHES On the opening of the Allen Electric Service Hope Builder's Supply Co. Jock Lowe, Mgr. John-Mdnville GLIDDEN Products Time-Tested ROOFING . PAINTS i .] CONGRATULATIONS Allen Electric Service On Your Formal Opening Lavender Radio Supply Co, Texarkana Congratulations and Best Wishes To Ray Allen on the opening of the new and modern ALLEN ELECTRIC SERVICE INTERSTATE ELECTRIC COMPANY of Shreveport, Inc. 616-630 Spring Street Phone 6131 Distinctive Lighting Fixtures and Lamps - Heating Ventilation -Air Conditioning and Engineering Service.

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