The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on December 8, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 8

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
Page 8
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THE COURIER-JOURNAL', LOUISVIIXE, WEDNESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 8, 1937. SECTION I 8 Big Apple, French Can-Can a United In 'The Canned Apple9 Paris, Dec. 7 (U.P.) Adelaide Hall, a dusky dancer from Brooklyn, took a few shakes from the Biff1 'Apple tonight and tossed them in with the naughtiest movements of the French Cancan, called it "The Canned Apple" and dared the folks back home to imitate it. The hybrid "Canned Apple" will have its premiere tomorrow night in one of Pigalle hot-spots ol - Montmarte when the Big Apple Cafe opens with the double attraction of free drinks and Adelaide. "As Adelaide described it, the "Canned Apple" is a sort of a Protect Yournftlf With ir. -- ' ! Hospital Insurance .Any disability - ! 'Any hosnilal 'Male or iemale '5 tit en vnr. p I Cost 3Jc I)ay l Wrllp Of Pktm for PESCEIPTIVe APPLICATION Inter-Ocean Casualty Co , ......m- rroiecuea Btnco 1903 B-J. f PAYTOX AGENCY 304 Ackson401l pantomime of a young lady with a nest of hornets in her bustle. The Brooklyn dancer, who came to Paris ten years ago with Josephine Baker and the "Blackbirds" show troupe, had intended to give the Parisians an out-and- out Big Apple. "But to the French, who have been accustomed to the Can-can with its difficult athletic gyrations for more than fifty-years, the Big Apple would look like child's play" she said. "So we had to make the Big Apple more difficult." Adelaide was sure "The Canned Apple" wouldn't get very far back home. "Oh, no, not because it is so difficult," she said, "but you see, it has to be done with the same costumes that Can-can dancers wear. YoU know, lace-trimmed panties with black silk hose and side garters. Adelaide wears a little some thing above the lace-trimmed do- dads, but the Can-can girls at the Bal Tabann don t. . "When the dancers of the Canned Apple move into a circle everyone must kick straight over their, heads, holding their shm to their nose, and when the dance reaches its climax everyone leaps into the air and comes down in a split." $595 BUYS This Combination RADIO DEAL EASY TERMS GRUIIOW TELEDIAL Model 589 IDEAL for home, office or travel. 550 to 1,600 kilocycles. Full, round tone, AC or DC current, gleaming bakelite cabinet, ultra compact, easily 'carried. A' marvelous radio. " 1938 SI 1 1 Ml W (I o II kX 2lftS Booth Sale Arranged I I t m i i s 1 N Xf a I ? Air Current Leads Trapped Man to Safety ' Bookkeeper Lost 41 Hours In Mine Salute Rule Invalid Mrt. J. F. Dutch. Chairman of Christmas seal booth sales for the Louisville Tu berculosis Association, Mrs. J. F. Dusch is making arrangements with other members of her com mittee for location of booths in the First National Bank, 5th and Market; the Citizens Union Fourth St. Bank, Kaufman-Straus Company, and 'Stewart Dry Goods Company. The booths will be open December 10, 11 and 13. Reds At Pole To Quit Camp On Drifting Ice Moscow, Dec. 7 W) Four Russian polar campers are reudy to leave their ice floe near Greenland and come home. They have been encamped 200 days compiling weather data and had expected to remain until May or June. Their ice island has drifted more than 740 miles from the pole and now is entering an unexplored region, so it is considered best to quit. They "won't be ashamed to return to the mainland since we have collected ,much valuable data," Expedition Leader - Evan Papanin radioed today. The four, probably will be removed soon by plane, but a spare radio is rigged on a sled for use if a sudden ice jam forces them to move quickly. EUROPE GUARANTEED T Both for the price of t arte: today bieeest .... Beautiful walnut console; Amer-radlO value ; limited Can. foreign, amateur, aviators; - - . - . local police; new powerful circuit; quantity; lay aicay for rch lifelike tone; automatic tun- Inr: automatic volume control; -X mas, 1938 value sensation. 305 W. Chestnut St. WABASH 3305 LOANS Costs Less Than You Think Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that a $100 loan at Commonwealth on the twenty - payment plan averages only 5 ents in daily cost. Think of it, you pay only a nickel each day for a $100 loan. LOAN RATES REDUCED ON ALL AMOUNTS NO ENDORSERS OR WAGE ASSIGNMENTS a r required on ANY loan at Commonwealth. On plain note loans NO MORTGAGES are necessary, although you may get a secured loan on either your auto or furniture. (pmmonmsaltli Loan Co. Incorporated 388 Starks Bldr. JA 8358 4th and Walnut "A SO - year - old financial institution with ofice in principal cities. 0 Pinckneyville, 111., Dec. 7 G?) A clean, sweet current of air, sweeping through a dank maze of tunnels, led 28-year-old Lawrence Lee to safety today after he had been lost in a coal mine for forty-one hours. The mine bookkeeper, who disappeared in the Briar Hill work ings Sunday afternoon, followed the air current until he reached an air shaft in an adjoining mine, one of several connected by a labyrinth of tunnels covering eight square miles. H Diggers coming to work heard his shouts from the bottom of the shaft. His clothing ripped and his legs torn ana bleeding, the young bookkeeper was taken home and put to bed to rest. His wife and their small daughter had main tained a constant vigil at the mine entrance while rescue squads searched the rambling tunnels. Lees cousin, Deputy Sheriff i Howard Lee, relayed this first-person account from the rescued man: "I went into the mine to ex plote some new workings and to bring out some empty powder kegs, I counted the rooms as I went so I wouldn't lost my way. t-oming back, however, I mis counted somehow and got lost. "I wandered around until my carbide lamp went out. Then I lost my matches. The only light I had .was the sparks from the flint in my lamp. I flashed the flint occasionally, but finally it wore out. l lost all track of time and became extremely hungry. "I wandered into the tunnels of the No. 6 Mine, where the fans were operating. As soon as I felt the current of air, I knew I could find my way out by following it. I crawled along with the wind blowing in my face until I came to the air shaft. "I shouted up the shaft. Then they called down from the sur face and I told them who I was. They told me to wait there. Then they came down the main shaft and got me." Large Still Is Confiscated In Nelson County One of the largest moonshine distilling plants seized in many months in Kentucky was taken by agents of the Alcohol Tax Unit Tuesday afternoon in Nelson County, in the Beech Fork neigh borhood, the agents notified their superior, William II. Kinnaird, Kentucky investigator in charge. The agents reported that the plant included a 200-gallon steam still, sixty 50-gallon barrels of mash, a portion of which was for making corn whisky and the rest for sugar whisky: fifty gallons of moonshine and other contraband They arrested Truman Ballard and William Ballard and took them to Bardstown where, at ar raignment before United States Commissioner John Newman, they entered pleas of guilty, transferring the case directly to the grand jury. Civil Service Tests Competitive examinations for the positions of assistant and junior fisheries statistical and marketing agents were announced Tuesday by William L. Hannon, secretary of the United States Civil Service Board of Examiners for the Louisville district. Applications must be on file not later than January 4 at Washington, D. C, Mr. Hannon said. l ; - :' j I ; 4ly 1 Man Gets 9-$19 Police contradicted the testimony of John C. Glenn, 47, of 952 S. 2d, that he had taken "only two drinks" and was not drunk when nicked up October 16 at Jackson and Broadway on a drunken driving coun, and consequently Glenn was given the usual "9 and $19" sentence Tues day in Police. Drunkenness charges against Jesse Wooldridge, 23, of 4631 Louisville Ave., and his cousin. Golden Wooldridge, 19, of 4521 Louisville, both killed Saturday in a motor accident in Indiana, were dismissed. Jesse was the driver of a car which crashed into a fence at Preston and Brandeis November 13. Golden was a passenger. Cotton Estimate Revised. Buenos Aires, Dec. 7 (U.P.) The Agriculture Ministry's revised first estimate of the 1937-38 cotton crop tonight forecast plantings at 1.180,890.9 acres. , Ship In Service 83 Tears. Melbourne, Dec. 7 (U.PJ Th Edina, one of ; the oldest steamships in the worfci, has just begun its eighty-fourth year of service on Port Phillip Bay. (Wide World Photo. Federal Judge A. B. Maria mho ruled tchool officiali were without authority to mxpel two Miner $viUe, . Penn., children whoie religiouM belie ft forbad them to salute the flag. Action Pledged To Make Taxes More Fair Dougliton Hits Critics Of Excess Profits Levy Just In Time for Xmas !J ZING DETROIT STAR' I a r in i m ati am Arrrn i e - 4MW W 1 Washington, Doc. 7 (U.R) Chair man Robert L. Doughton, Demo crat, North Carolina, of the House Ways and Means Committee, to day assailed critics of the undis tributed profit tax for lack of constructive substitutes and pledged himself to work for its re vision to be effective January 1 1938." Doughton pledged action on the tax system in a statement sent to the convention of the National As sociation of Tax Administrators at Atlantic City. Senate Blamed. In a speech he previously was scheduled to make before the con vention, he had promised to make the Federal tax structure "more fair." Doughton blamed the Senate for hardships in the undistributed profits tax, pointing out that the bill passed by the House in 1936 contained several cushions to pro tect debt-ridden corporations and small companies in need of re pairing their capital structure. Warning Given. "The Senate did not agree to the. 3 relief provisions, he said "and while their amendment to this provision of the House bill was vigorously contested by the House conferees, the dire neces sity for prompt passage of the bill and the revenue needs which confronted us forced our ac ceptance of the Senate's position to which it grimly held." Doughton . warned, however, against "deluding ourselves with hopes for a substantial curtail ment of taxes in the near future." Your Rent Money Will Buy Your Monte With Only 20 Down Payment Under Our Loan Plan 223 S. Fifth 3 0aiD O'iRWRtt HUSTON QUIN, President 6226 o o o This Beautiful All-Porcelain 8950 Detroit Star Gas Range and 12-Picce Heavy Cast $2500 Aluminum Set . Doth Regular $ Price it j And Your Old Stove 8 '8 1 J? H I ; $ i Alll '1 AT " if Dr. Leavcll to Speak Dr. Hugh R. Leavell, city health director, will address the Army and Navy Officers' Mess at the group's monthly luncheon-meet ing Wednesday at the Seelbach HoteL The Weather Stations. 1 IF CRISP, KEEN FLAVOR IS WHAT YOD SEEK, TRY A If WHISKEY ! FULL PINT $2.73 frULLQT. Ir your taste RUNS to dry cocktafla rather than to sweet and that's certainly the trend with discriminating people today . . . Then try Paul Jones WhUkey! For Paul Jones is a truly dry whiskey. It has as rich and mellow a flavor as ever you'll find yet it has a tong. m keen brisk flavor that's completely free from sweetness. , In this quality ot dryness, so highly esteemed by men who know liquor, you 11 recognize one of the reasons why Panl Jones has been renowned aa "A Gentleman's Whiskey" since 1865. Pmkfort Ditinrie, laearporated, Laaferillt and Baltiser, Baker ( Paal Jooca, Four Rotas. Old Oscar Pepper brand, aad Mtttinily A Moor-aU 90 prot4-U blend 1 trainl whitkiea emd list wumm A LL wkiihtywkiiktj retry drop. c!auljfoTieA A GENTLEMAN'S WHISKEY SINCE 1865 J V St? -UWO OF)) Amarlllo. Tfxa Buffalo. N. Y. Cairo, 1U. Chicago. III. Cincinnati. Ohio Dallas, Texas Davenport. Iowa Denver, Col. Detroit, Mich. Dodge, Kan. Duluth. Minn. F.l Paso. Texas Galveston. Texas Helena, Mon. Hviron. S. D. Kansas City. Mo. Knoxville. Tenn. Little Bock. Ark. . I.auisvtlle, Ky. Memphis. Tenn. . Montgomery. Ala. Nashville. Tenn. ., Set Includes: 5 Vz-Qt. 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Barometer 30.15 30.05 Temperature (dry hulbl - io Temperature (wet bulb) in m z Dew point 9 17 Relative humidity 1 84 68 Wind velocity - 12 State of weather Cl"r Pt.Cl'y Sn.Fl's Temperatures and Precipitation Maxi mum temperature. 25; minimum temperature, 10; mean temperature. IS; normal temperature. 39; departure for day, 31; departure for month. 78: departure since March 1. 48; prevailing winds, southwest; mean barometer. 30.10; mean relative humidity, 71; character of day, partly cloudy: total precipitation, trace: normal precipitation, .1.1: departure ror I day, .13; departure for month. .75; departure since March 1. 7.49. SCHEDULE CHANGE 16" Buys This $21.95 AIRTIGHT HOT BLAST 2-Room Size Heater Full nickel trim, with nickelplatcd base and hot blast tube to save fuel. Holds fire over night. 3-Room Size PORCELAIN ROYAL $35 Circulator $ 26 95 Heavy ribbed cast iron fire pot and hot blast tube. All porcelain, walnut and maple finish. Holds fire over night. liltHHItl Milium m 95 Buys One of These $6.95 tiful Effective Sunday, December 12th ti THAIS NO. !S for Oanvllle. Knox ! fi ville. Asheville. Chattanooea. Atlanta ! and Florida will leave :. P.M. in- sieaa 01 euu vm., as ai prvsvim. For Information, Reservations, Tickets, Etc., CITT TICKET OFF1CF 1(1 Starks Bide JA 8251 DF.POT TICKET OFFICE 7th Blver Sis. JA 61 S SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM A Useful I Gift & ALL-WOOL FILLED Heavily Quilted Size 72x84 Inches Rose, Green, Blue and Orchid Colors 50c Cosh-25c Weeli Incorporated 313.315 W. Marhev i

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