Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1939
Page 6
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SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS i Thursday. December 7, 1939 Mines Not Likely •~ to Cross Atlantic feut Here's How Ocean Currents Handle Them Peter and Polly in Toyland Chapter 10—Santa Was Right A Christmas Adventure With Santa Clous ' ^ By PRESTON CiROVER t WASHINGTON - Ths navy experts oil ocean cxtrrents say therer isn't a dog's chance of floating mine sneak- Ing across the Atlantic into Yankee shipping lanes. But a mine losecl in the North Sea is likely to churn into almoi.'., any place in that sea. * We don't suffer from "mineophobia" but it occurred to vis that if a mine slithered past cur neutrality patrol and fiestled against a Hoboken ferry boat in New York harbor in rush hours it \\ould create a serious diplomatic incident. ^ In tinies past this country has been "angered at the ccean management be- : cause it permitted the Gulf Stream to i 'keep England warm instead of breath- • ^ng ita tropic breath along our bleak ! .New England coast. But the ocean 'experts say there is a measure of safe | ty in having the current flow that way. I /The inventor of the Gulf Stream must •have had floating mines in miner at -:the time; The stream helps to keep j 'Europe's wars to herself. | * Two Years to Cross • ", .It is true that if some of the float- > .ing mines got out through the Eng- fllsh Channel they might find their way : WHAT CAUSES ; ' GETTING UP NIGHTS? „ Getting up nights may be nature's : warning of sluggish kidneys. If excess : acid and other wastes are not regular- ) ly eliminated other danger signals that ; .may appear are burning, scantly or fre- \ quent flow, backache, leg or rheumatic : pains, headache or dizziness. Kidneys ; need occasional help same as bowels, j Get a 2oc box of BUKETS from any | 'druggist. If not pleased in 4 days your ; 25c bacK- Locally at Briant's Drug i Store, Jno. S. Gibson Drug Co. '. LISTEN, PATCH- WE'LL HAVE TO /OK.M- ..TKEM DARKN8SS COMES GO YOU TWO, CRAWL IN! I'LL KEEP WATCH.INEVEf? SLEEP ANYWAY, CAUSE I CAN'T CLOSE MY BUTTON EVE HIDE FROM 9ANTA,TOO.' I DON'T WORRY. I KNOW A, GOOD PLACE RlSHT NEAR. HERE LET'S All STiCK ANXIOUS TO PEEK IMSIPE THE Toy FACTORY TOGETHER A,NP SEE THE SI6HTS WHERE ARE WE GOIM<3> TO SLEEP TONI6HT3 ISN'T \T WONDERFUL' U?OK/SANTA. WASN'T POOLING! TH.NT MACHINE DOES TURM OUT ALL SORTS OF TOYS f OR HOUR'S TUG AWESTRUCK POLLY PETER ANP PATCH WATCH THE TOY MACHINE.... PR. 1933 BY NEA SEflVICC. INC. How to Go Broke Year NOW AVAILABLE ! ! ! ATTRACTIVE DEALER FRANCHISE for this territory on NATIONALLY ADVERTISED PRODUCTS small capital investment required write Box 98 Hope, Arkansas 10 SUITS and COATS SACRIFICED AT 1 liir Price S15 to $T3) LADIES Specialty Shop H.v SALLY KANt) U'littcn fur NKA Service For several years they've been bill- inc me as a sort of Babson of the Eub!.le-D;incc. tlie fati-wjiving finati- utr. the Nabob of Nudity. I took it bin. I didn't see then that 1 was about to lo.se my shirt. Shucking off a garment or two now and then i.s nothing in my young life. But losing your shirt i.s something cKe again. H isn't tile first time it li.'ippencd me. When my bank folded in 193.T it squeezed to death all the savings I hail up to that time. The .success I've had since, which built all that icputation us the Tycoon of Terpsichore, came duriny the ! six years. Now 1 can start over i a <iin. And 1 will. . . . Not Even a IIoll.s-Koyce Some of the writers made me out i sort of combination of Hetty Green and Salome. 1 was suppt.secl to have thousands of acres of land, and in- urance annuity contracts by the bale. 1 \vas supposed to h;.ve the fir.it nickel I ever earned, tied up i:i blue 1 iby-ribbon. Well, however much of thnt mny have, been true last August, it. isn't true now. No stocks, no automuhle.--. no an-- i-uilies, not even a Uoll.s-Royce. Just $8iW7.;>U woith of clothes and jewels, for even a fr.n-ilam.-er has to have clotlicst' for leh-iire moment.*-. My creditors are trying tu squeeze SG-llti:i:i:i nut of that, Acci'idini,' tu all the .-tt» ie.s about me as a financial nonius. 1 ought to l,e able to help them, hut I can't Where did it all £••'.' I don't know. \VlRU- is Guy Kibce's hair'.' First Vim Get The SITI.KIU JS-,.> overnight 1 turn from an cx- pcit in "How tn Make a Million'" into an expert on "How In Go Bankrupt, in One Easy Lesson." And it is easy, u-ally it is. Here are sumo <if the things you can do iu help: Fir;t. you take in S7-I.O from the Nude Ranch at the Golden Gate l!.\poMtii>n. Then you add another $100.000 by ui.ulu club appearances. I This provides the money to go broke | with. If you hav.'n'l gut that, you j don't K<> bri,h'_>. yuu just a\'i! broke. I 1 V(j iK'cn there hotli U'ays. I Then you open, a tremendous >::<' pense. a show called Gay Paree at ;<.!, exposition whicii suddenly de; i ides In elose l!5 days ahead of lime. J'rovide Doors lor C'rediturs to ISi-at \ This ir.a.-lcs yuu to take in just !•'. '$!-(() net Lefme the duovs clm.e ,md the ci editors begin be.iting on them. You pa\ iiood salaries to ihi; flock ef girls who work in your concessions. Knowing that yon are lucky yourself, you try In he ueivri.m:; to evorybody. You keep your .shows changing, and costume them lavishly. .'-'oim:lu:w you will find liiat it goi-s nut fas.iT than it conies it. and before you can sny Lfidy OocUvia it is nil oxer. But nl (omse it isn't all over. Noth- in;; iver is. I still l.ave my fans, and j wiule there's feathers there's bone. It < is all such a me'is! Hut I've been broke before. I've slept on » bench in Central Park, and 1 I \Miikrd as a cignret girl when I xvas i 13, i And I didn't ciente my billion "buhle" dance for nothing. I know that >\h:it goes up must come down, but also that it's lijfely to come tip again if it's buoyant enough. .lixxclry Kesls With Uinli- I've drawn Rli.OlHI.tlOO into the bux i It'ice.-. duiini', thin' past six years, . v i:tne hax 1 '.- elaiiued I xvas a million, .'lire.'-'.-, I I wouldn't know about that, May!,<• a iiiiltidii ha^ passed through my h iii-.ls, but people fi'i'gct the expenses ; dial gii xvilh these big salaries. Usually tht; vv-liiile nnwt of my production and lump.' came nut of lhn.se biu salaries. All I knoxv is that my best jexvelry is \vith Uncle in Nexv Ybrk, and thai I h.'ive more paxvu-tickets than plntin- um,right now. Going bloke on S17-I.S:!!) a year" It's easier than getting the SI7-I.MO in the first place! Fan mah brow! PUBLIC SALE Monday, Dec. \ 1 Of All Sim U, Ti-cd mill FnimiiiK Tools 1 Pair Mules 1 Good Wagon Many Oilier Hems SAM", STAItTS 10 o'clock Milfon H. Caudle, Owner 'a mill- Niirlli Miovrr Spi-lnfi* Ml,AS y.A.NKOKF), Aiii'lluiirer HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKAC! GO ON SALE SATURDAY AT 2 50 ONLY SINGLE AND DOUBLE PART WOOL LANK fiLJUkE^i ffl^ Miinv of tlin-o ttinvMin:. :rH-:-ir'/, jvr-iftit hi\r-!.n,-iifi |,,.,,|,in !-!,|. :n ,,„ , ,,;,| s ,, r .-,,„„ ,, r ,. vtl-n r.ii,-.,.il l.y l.r,-.( !.^liii'.\i -.ni.! „.,,, l, u . ren.-\nl \\ln-!i ti.-ri'.-il in •![<; [ )L -I,{ \\ !t \ m-m nciil/'iln." I'liii'-'.'.V,,',!?/ tt'.'iMr''',,'/ .'.'("ll'.M l'lt>'.ll. Tlirj- lltflp !-.:.,,! ,,r-,,;,lc ,,,l -.. 1,1,,,!,, It ,„„!., j H illlV j li^ ll.o 1.". n'il.-i ..( '„;.!.,.-..• ;i|l,i-i and mi..,, ! in ll.o li|..r,.|. V 'I :!.-' .!.'|,,. ; ' ',','/-.'!,-, ,', i^i'io^.',^ . llltticr tllr EVERY BLANKET A S5.00 VALUE BUY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS . . . . Our Great "Deliverin iicroi-s. following the southern route years to make the journey. By thai j [jv»i» -, by way of the Azores, but it takes time a mine would be so encrusted! ,. „. . _jt a bottle with a letter in it about two with barnr.cles and othi.-r frce-ridma \ tea objects that it probably couldn't i MAKE THE REXALL STORE YOUR Your GIFT Headquarters FOR MEN Electric Razor: Shaving Sets by Yard ley - Stag Lavender BILLFOLDS CAMERAS FLASHLIGHTS fi CIGARS- PIPES CIGARETTES FOR LADIES PERFUMES by Coty - Evening in, Paris - Yardley • Le Jacle CARA NOME Cosmcrics Bath Salts and Powder TOILET SETS f.' niiyw.-iy. Tlie Gulf S'JX-am it- ; self i.r;.'vent:-j mine.s from taking the ' northern route. ' I Just so }-ou won't feel tuo ;snfc, if | any mim.s were- rc!c.-a-'c.l in front of ; '•.;i''-.,li-.;i i -M ;- ; i.:.-':i a.. Halif.-.x. lir- i Labrurli;.- ei'i r-nt • ini'.'in b;-ir:."; them' down a!i.r.y t u. m.itli Allai'iic f.-i.aul.l Muru-.vr". \.\\i : y would loni-dri -iciiv..' tor a IOIIH time. Loraus-j barn;-.c:lr. s dun'l i c;iov. :o fiiy; in (lies', chilly wali.-is. ' The Chrysler Corporation's great plants are alive with activity... the workers are busy in the team-play of trained minds and skilled hands . . , building the finest, most popular automobiles the Corporation ever ^ built... the 1940 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler. .-ii- ,, L v . v oeean tb,.. ;...:. ., IM'.,. ,.,,;„. , . •• <•'•: • 'i.i'::'i^ 'i,o t.iirdt? o' liiiU- ar- : if.'.- that de:-ei-il..;- ll;.-. . in tin : .\' u rti. i .Vat- ean't all t,v pin ..n o;v.- map. It ; Kike, li :•,:::. na'; nr.|:'-. '.•:•(; for eaeh h'-'iif l;tiV/c-!--n l-.i^'h title-. mifi.ht m-i iuir. a hfli.- swiiiiuy orir- reni for a ri'ic on 1 inn. the- Ji7,,[-th ' ' I Compacts, Sachet' • T'-;!e'i' Waters *!& 'jjC $:*' r . ••' '- *' ''•'' '; V^,*"" $& & /•&''/& 1'JT 1 * Underwood Portables ; Xr/.A^ CARDS ' Gifr Wrapping ] t Decoration 7 ; ' G a me i, Rod i o s * Oooks, Bibles Heat-ng pads, ir'.ns Percolafcrs, Tccsferi Waffle Irons Fine Candies For the Entire Family Watches - Clocks Sporting Goods JOHN S South Kbn Street Hope, Arkansas DRUG COMPANY ""' »""-< Phone 63 — Free Delivery i. i • • O: i'1-i.ii.;: r.e i'. k. V, - !-,i.. •• •:':> '.'. I'l i. I-.-: Illfir :.! '. •.-..,-. !•! ;-,!,,,., -iid-* • i.'l.'-'.il. . IIM i.t.-t :>-.'.',y '. I t ! ;• (I (;l '.. [,(.'..;. ii i:v. W HEN WE SAY that Chrysler Corporation's great plants are "Delivering the Goods" we mean nvcry- thing the phrase means ... V-...,. , DELIVERING THE GOODS... in the sense that experienced workers arc building the finest and most popular automobiles in Chrysler Corporation's history. DELIVERING THE GOODS...in the sense that millions of dollars a day in raw materials are coming in across the receiving platforms as trainload after trainload of new automobiles move out to dealers and the public. DELIVERING THE GOODS . . . in the sense that 1940 I-Mymouth, Dodge, De Soto and Chrysler cars represent today's most beautiful styling, the most advanced engineering and the iinest workmanship. The people of America have come to cx/wcl exceptional engineering and high quality in Chrysler Corporation automobiles. The 1940 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars not only live up to that high expectation — //^'.)' wrm/ /// Jl is an inspiring thing to sec the quick responsiveness people show for outstanding value the kind of value that is self-evident in car si/.e, beauty, luxury, riding comfort, advanced engineering and line workmanship. Equally inspiring -urging us on to ever greater prog- ress-is the unswerving confidence and loyally of the merchants who sell and service our products. Such staunch and widespread confidence and support strongly indorse our policies and principles of good manufacturing and sound merchandising. NY'e believe and always have believed — that quality goes beyond good machinery and good materials. It lies in engineering genius, care and precision of manufacture, complete and thorough inspection. I 1 urlhermore, millions of Americans choose lo believe that of all manufacturers, Chrysler Corporation Is particularly and notably successful in achieving the combined goal of low price and highest quality. The I°-4() Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto and Chrysler oars are by far the greatest sallies we have ever built-in smart sl\ ling, six,e, luxurious tailoring and appointments, riding quality and performance. N\c know it our dealers know it the men who build the cars know it and it is common knowledge and talk throughout the country. May sve suggest that you see your nearby Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto or Chrysler dealer? He will gladly let the car you are interested in speak for itself, for him and for us. • i'J> !l'.' pplli... -.:'. t!;'; .','(.-S ' Y: I-/K. ^ ' II 1C '•'•»-<• . ! A -..l.-iliu,,.- inM IJ.imc- XKc^.on.i-,. PLYMOUTH • DODGE • DLi SOTO • CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH COMMERCIAL CARS • DODGE COMMERCIAL CARS AND TRUCKS i

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