Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1939
Page 4
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*•»*• **•• »»'»•. r < . ARKANSAS Thiu'sclfly Garbo's Reported Sweetie Hides; Once Found Her Calves Too Large Wt rum »>r wants to be iilune. The \ Gi>*^^ mtkr.'iK ! e tvonis to have made its muM> - on on the once outspoken die' esrvrt of Hollywood. ViCn- 'ha Rtut tht Swiss Alps. fitful tut ui t.i the new Don Juan in the- life of the mysterious Swede. EMlgai ir Giilclonl Hauser prefers the a . rr> ir.it that he had placed a di<>m i I un the Garbo ring fin- g\p». £«IK . he had xlenied they were ajljthiri* 5 * ft 'juM friends:" Hjti-er once toltl ;.i Iv'ow York news- pnpei, ou the b;;?!s of his first meeting' with the btar. that Greta Gnrbo had "Km'f hips, t'at calves nnd thick ,'anklev' He refuses to answer caila I f injuirini; whether the nutritions ve- i getable diets brought a change in this condition, or new found love makes huh see things in a different."tight. Hauser came to fmjie a few years ago "when he began proscribing diets i in recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned 86 Degrees than the.average of the 30 other of the largest-selling brands tested ... COOLEST of aill "Makin's" smokers go for Prince Albert's RICH- BODIED TASTE, ripe goodness of better tobaccos, •Mo-bite" treated. That fa- mous'P.A. "crimp cut" rolls faster, handles easier, stays put. Try EA. fine roll- your - own cigarettes in every handy tin of Prince j Albert I Eokin Unanimous Choice of Bear Team WACO. Tex.-(^)-Kny Enklfi, Ar- knnsas hnck, was tbe only player receiving a unmilmous vote on the Bhy- lor university nlUopponent football tenm. The tenin: Emla, Smith,,Texas A. nnd M. nnd Qoxs, Southern Methodl.it. Tnckles—Pntin, Centenary, nnrl Boyd of Texns A. nnd M, Guards—Alwon, Nebrnskn, nnd ttob- nctt of Texns A. nnd M. Center—Ken Whitlow of Rice, Backs—Enkltt of Arkansas n.i quarter; left halfback, Hopp, Nebraska; right halfback, Thomn.ton, Texas A. (ind M.; fullback, Kimbrough, Texas A. and M. Reddles, Tigers Will Meet Friday Both Teams Are Reported 1 Ready for Annual Clash Ilona Massey Sale (Continued from Pftge One) BOWLING Gayelord HauMr; piaybe he wishes he hadn't made (hose crack*. Garbo has a pretty (ace, anyway. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople THE NATIONAL Copyri^hi. n.:-\ f: J. ! JOY SMOKE We Hope You Never Need a Prescription! S Ayii( be; glad'to serve you! Only rushes^ qu-:Jity ingredients used in compounding. There is a graduate phai ingcist on duty •at all times! When sick . i :eo your Doctor and when Prescriptions are needed call ... The Leading Druggist '•We've Got It" Phone 63 Motorcycle Delivery THANKS-FOR THE FIFTY, PROFESSOR/MAV6E X OU&HT TO "EXPLAIN THAT HARRY UOUDIMI WAS AM .OLD FRIEND OP MINE./ THE BOYS A LEMONADE TCNlGUES ARE HANGING OUT THE WASH osi MONDAY v^*- SAY, .BARTENDER,, |S 'A HERRING, OR DID YOU PICK UP AN OLD 6HOELACE. BY ? TWlSSS GOT OUTA THE QUICKER 1 Si MY COUSIN LEFT TOWN THE Tltv\E HE Guv, r BLOW THE BET/ - L'AA BURNED UP T CAN'T HVEN ALMOST UNEARTHLY A'R.-'RUMPH/. MY ORGAN- GRINDER *I6 BACK IK) 1«I3O/ LEMONADE WINS THE Kcsults for Weilnc.tdny Dec* ember R, 1939, Joplin Kent Coffee Reed Footer Kraft Fate '.. Perryinan .. Russell Taylor Briant Alexander C.eo. W. RoMnion 123 84 130 79 122 118 1C6 129 115 170 123 179 142 - 431 137 — 330 84 — 32!) 157 — 406 88 — 333 141 — 438 2287 I'lienlx Cheese 114 115 139 — 308 134 135 113 — 382 136 94 177 145 70 100 195 120 131 — 337 140 — 334 112 — 484 80 — 345 Totals .-.. Bm nc r Roberta Fountain Sfecrast Eearden Womack Ramsey Osburn 2250 Ivory A 227 145 163 155 108 133 11C 121 128 151 118 151 14S 535 1G6 — 44!) 108 — 367 — 251 157 — 424 115 — 384 111 — 111 AnKADELPHIA — The Henderson and Ovicliitn football players will engage in their last game here Friday afternoon when the Heddics nnd Tigers meet in their annual gridiron conli.st. Henderson men who will have played oi't their titne are Earl Kissell, OUla- ! homa. tackle; J, 1. Ciiplinycr, For- ! dyce, tenter; Robert Bank*. Carthage, gunrd; Udell Ounce. Los Angles, end; Lycester Varnado, Norphlct halfback C. L. Houston, San Antonio, halfback. Ouchita loses only four men. They are! Frank Reed, Pine Bluff, halfback; Joe Lnngalon, Little Mock, gu'.ird Frank Tllley, North Little Rock, half bnck: Marcuri Kaufman, Blytlieville guard. . . Reed and Langston of Ouchita were? on the 1939 at'Stale teams.. Kissell of Henderson wns one of the best tackles in the state and figured'promi- nently in the successful o/ftnsibe of the Reddies this season. Varniido was the standby as a blocking back, and his place _ulso will be hard to fill. lloth Teams About Itc-dy The Henderson Reddies will taper off on defensive tactics against the Oi'chita plays', especially against forward passes, in which Oifchita perhaps has no superior in the state. Ouchita has been forced to have more of a dummny Scrimmage, not lak ing chances of additional injuries. But this is In-line with the forward passing -lacliii the Tigers expect to employ in Fridays game. biiU.vins of Grndy, the infinite patience of Lillian Durns, her teacher, nhd th<* pampering lir'jvvided by a maiden mint. Teresa.VCcallcd "Teshka") Ifa- j massy. Klve-Dn.v Diet: Apple* nnil Hiiislns "I'csbkn has lor.ke out for me ever since t .studied for opera," Miss Mas- fcy said. "We lived once for fivo' clays in Vienna on dried apples and laimu, nnd plenty of weeks on not much more. "When we had been a few mouths in Hr.lhvnod, the studio sent Teshka bncU to Budapest so lluit my English training would not be spoiled by speaking Hungnrlhn. But I was so lonely they had to bring her back, nnd how she is Rolntf to night school nnd is very happy nnd we speak only EnR- lish." The actress has remained pretty much out "f the colony's night life anil disclaims any romantic alliances. She said she likes lo dnhce. nnd added sadly, "Now thflt I cnn afford to eat, I'still must starve." if its HANES! WE If A V E I T I TALBGT'S I'VE GOT HAIR ON MY CHEST -BUT hi- As late as 1877. the use of steel bridge-building wns prohibited England. , in Totals .... Miller .... King Spears ....' Sanges .... Pritchnrd Cannon . Standard Oil ........... 87 78 ........... 135 166 ........... 60 .... ....... 150 ........ 100 ........... G3 154 138 101 127 2521 07 — 2C2 183 — -184 80 — 294 1C6 — 454 118 — 377 154 — 344 Totals 2215 There nre rumors in Washington that no tax increases are planned for the coming session of Congress. Will you pass the smelling salts, please'.' As an economy measure, Danes hurl ed turnips instead of hand grenades at their war games. Maybe a little thrift among belligerents would simplify things. "I Mopped Ix-inp one of Oi* polnr-lx'iir boys liif»t y «.•«!•• When tin; tr«'.<!S tthrd llu'lr lenvi's, I slii'il my Summer underwear atid elimli ihlo eom- lorlulile HANKS »iiiM/«'livi>/it \VlNli:it Sl.rs." •Olillrmrn, llA.M'.S llli.l.llcwci^lll VTlNTKK Sl'.TS lakft Hit- shivers out of \Viiit«r uliulM. Yrt indoors, you ilon'l Tori iteliy ami bundled- MI>. Ami the. HANKSKMT C'.roi«li-fJtmr«l nivos you gentle. ntiilelic .support wttli I In 1 . c«n\«- itli'iirc of a liiiltunleHH tly-l'ronl. (.'.Itoopi: one nl' Hie \ViviT.it SKT HiyUw.'Si'tt your HANKS Driller li.diiy. 1'. II. lliiiii'M Knitting «;om- puny. \\instiMi-.Sulein, Nortli HANES WINTER SETS 50 79 TMC GARMENT I*irk llir romtiinn- tinri tlmi nnitH 5cm lic»*t. Wt*nr a ntrrvr- (•*n or ultort-iilrrtn l^mlilri. 'I'hrn nrlfc t n |tu ir nf CroK' h-<: u nrd W 1 n il - S h i «* | ,| . (*i/,-tirr i(l.m«-). Knit SlitiMM, itr Ootrli- 4» u u r 4l S h i»r t H . ronihfd yarn . . . *»r 10% wool. HANES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION »| 7 V CHU ",« ll'nrm n* arirt.Wiinr. An* /itt'-li'ttitt /i It'ttn- t.itng vr ,i/i(trt nif^fr.i. Unit tnjlt itiih full, afrurate *i»r. Y<nt win ttcttttt Mtfftrh iiriil rt'urh *iril/ioul any WM. R. MOORE'S WHOLESALERS MEMPHIS ESSO SCIENTISTS HONORED FOB SUPER-FES CHEMICAL ENGINEERING WINS NATIONAL AWARD for Hollywood stars. He claimed to' have helped Mae West, Alice Faye | and Jean Harlow with his menu j miracles, but he admitted he could do I nothing about Myrna Loy's freckles. Two years ago he was investiated by ihe American Medical Association ^_i *- e DlOS Ti*l» I ITIC Hope Hardware Co. Phone 45 BATON ROUGE, La.- (/!>) —The Louisiana sports association plans to pick this week two teams to battle for the "national high school football" championship in the big Louisiana State University stadium. The. "championship" game was inaugurated last year and attracted considerable national attention. In the first classic Dupont Manual High of Louisville, Ky., defated New Britain, Conn., 28 to 20. A selection on committee said teams being considered for this year's con- .est include Cathedral High of Spring- field, Mass.; Boys Town, Nebr.; Massilon, O.; Sidney Lanier of Montgomery, Ala.; Central High of Knoxvillc, Tenn.; and Pine Bluff, Ark. Two Louisiana teams under consideration are Baton Rouge and Jennings. The contest is cheduled for December 30 just preceding the big bugar Bowl game in New Orleans. ilAlil REMINGTON'S miW NEWEST II V fly PORTABLE The Remette tAA7C COMPLETE ONLYV/ail * >TH CARRYING fcw*""" CASE litre \t a complete Portable Typewriter (or the Brat tiint in hivtorf at fhi< remnrkaUy iow price. It h«B every t.HXMa\ feature to do a rr.il lypinj job. ll will live juu many year* of foitbfut lervtre. The rhiWren rjto u«e it for their homework—Fattier caa line it for hid prrtoniil and "after bbura" Luliuefa—> Mother'* aocial tormpondrm e tau uow he (peedil; anil neatly tafcco cir« of, with Reucuc. O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut when he was endorsing products manufactured by a "health" company. Hausei- is a personable-looking, youngish man of 44 with a leadin-man stage presence and a flair for the Baron Munchausen type of dialect "smashed potatoes" for "mashed potatoes.".! NEVER BEFORE GIVEN IN THE OIL INDUSTRY Esso Laboratories organization has just been given the 1939 National Award for Chemical Engineering Achievement.This is the first time it has ever been given in the oil industry. The awar'd was made for Esso's many advances in developing super-fuels for aircraft and other high- powered engines. We appreciate this formal recognition of Essb leadership. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA AN AWARD ENGINEERING .•PONSORED BY CHEMICAU AND HETALLURCICAL FOR ACHIEVEMENT"/ ENCINCCRINU QUICK RELiEF FROM Symptoms «f Dittras* Arising from STOMACH ULCERS OUETO EXCESS ACID Fr«« BookTclls of Hom«Tr«ataMirtthat Must HalB or it Will Cost You Nothing Over ono million bottles of the WILLIKD THEATMKNT have been sold tor relief of «yrnptoms of distress arising from Stomach ana Duodenal Ulcers due to Eu*u Acid— fter DlftHlon, Sour or Upt*( Stomach, Qaulnett, Heartburn, Sleepleuneu. etc. due to EUMI Acid. Sold on IS days trial Ask for "MNIIard'f Mesiage" wWcli fully jQs this treatment— Iree—at BBIANT'S DRUG STORE COMING! 2 GREAT NEW GASOLINES! «2«*$M>+«+2+«$M$M>^ Singleton's Fresh Roasted Coffee I I X »> 1 Pound lOc 2 </ 2 Pounds 25c 5 Pounds 50c 10 Pounds $1.00 W. P. SINGLETON 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. V Y i <i> * It'sPIMIttMinPirforoianci ...It'illMURinPrici! Today'l purchaser of regu- lar-prict (Holiae demands the p*//o/mance he can get only from prtmium grade. Wt iiHtnd to meet that 4ttnand—*t no increase tit pricel A new regular-price s»s- olioa that m«Mi tpccifica- lion* for premium antiknock performance. A quick-icarting, bicher anti- koockfUoliae.Watcbforit! l«MttfUn-«T MGUUR PRICE H»w Ill-Time Hijh in EXTRI PirlirmanGi...F«rThisiWho Want tin IESTI New high levels of quality and performance have been attained in ... The finest gasoline we have ever oi- ler ed! Extra in every way — in quick starting —in knockless operation — in imootbness and power. Extra in supreme motoring satisfaction! At your Esso Dealer's—soon! UNEXCELLED-AT PREMIUM PRICE YOU GET BETTER PRODUCTS AT TNE BEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE^* " ................... TARPLEY'S ESSO STATION 300 East 3rd St., Highway 67 Washing — Greasing — Complete Esto Service Phone 777 COLEMANS ESSO STATION HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 187 F. R. JOHNSON WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OFFICE PHONE 306

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