Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1939
Page 3
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SOCIETY ^s-Sid Henry Telenhon* R9.1 On Cm. 1 nut make some sacrifice for these Innocent victim.-, O f .„, ( . vi | )lour -. ihcy hud no | u »ml \ n .shaping or Die power To word aside Life's dire- calamities. They knew nol day-each day a dark- cr nitfht For them. The chains ,, f cireum- .stance have bound Then- weary limb.-, n^k shadow.s hover round. Dm-kcning each , ;)V '„/ Hopes dim flickering lii>hl. Their day shall in>i be done! We will tiiKe heed Of Hie imperative- call our eon- M'iencc makes; Our heart from .self-suffinciency a- wakcs To lift Minn- harden in their hour of need. And Kivini! we shall rei,cli a rich content, Kiiowini; we've kepi with God a Sacrament . . . • -Selected. Mr. and Mis. W. M. Unmch o'f Litil,.. Hock an: hon.se £ne.<l.s of Ihcir .son, Dr. J. \V. Branch and Mrs. Branch. The Bay View Reading cluh held itii rcKUlar meeting on Wednesday afternoon at Hit' home of Mrs. kcn- m-th L. Spore, South I'ine street with Mrs K;,nme (.im-retl as joint bo.sles.s, I hi.-, attractive home had an added beauty in the lovely blooming |;o|tcd plant-, and howl:, of lovely colorful thryj-aiithc'inums. Roll call responses were inlei-estini; arid inslriietive arliele.s about Chri.st- maM these article.-, were prepared Relief At Last For Your Cou_ Creomulslon relieves promptly because it eocs right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm Increase sorrction ;md aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicinrs you have trice), tell your dru/jgist to sell you a bottle of Crcomulsion with Um understanclint; that yon arc to liko the way it quick',;/ allays the coiij-h or you are tn have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis and distributed by Hie resourceful club ))ie.sident, Mr.s. J. A. Henry and told oi Ihe different Christmas celebrations held in foreign countries, dwelling on (he real Christmas of the Christian World. Special music was: enjoyed. Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore sang Deep Hiver, accompanied by Luther HolU.inan, after which Luther played a group of selections, in 'which the Christina;; spirit was further suggested. Mrs. Tully Henry, in her lovely soprano voice, sang Avc Maria and 'J/ie Kotary, accotnpanicd by Mr. Holloman, Mrs. Gu.s llaynes reviewed Lloyd Douglas' novelette, "Home For Clnistmas" cluing one of the most pleasing programs in the history of the cjub. During the social hour the hostesses- assisted by Mrs. W. G. Allison .served u must templing salad plate with coffee. Guests for the afternoon were Mrs. Tully Henry ol Cushing Okla. Mrs. K. F.. MeFaddin, Mrs. A. C. Ervin and Mrs. Joe lllack .The next meeting will be on j January ;ird, with Mrs. E. E. White, Miss Beryl Henry as hostesses. | Mrs. C. K. Bell <j[ Texarkana is the house guest of her sister, Mr.s. H. O. Bridewell and Mr. Bridewell. Mrs. Frank Hearne was a Thursday visitor in Texarkana. Mrs, Arliss DcBow of Amily ar, rived Monday to he at the bedside of | her .viilcr, who underwent an operal- lion for appondieilis recently at the Josephine Hospital. ' The Music Club will meet Fri- <fay afternoon at (he home of Mrs. ! B. C.^ Hyatt, South Hcrvey street. The- CbnraJ r.-Jub n-iJ) mwl promptly at 'J;3U followed by the Study club at :i;.'!0. The Paisley F. 'I. A. met in regular monthly session Wcilnesday afternoon at the Paisley school. The mr-el- in« opened with an appropriate devotional by Mrs. Mac Stuart, and the Christmas teller from Ihe National piesident was read, after which the regular routine of business was dis- i r/atehed. PAGE THftBE MIND YOUR MANNERS . U, . Oft, Test your knowledge or correct socinl usage by answering the following questions, 'then checking against the autho.-iiutive answers below: 1. Whiil ;irc xomo wines su'n- nlilo lor .serving nl lunch? il. Duos one usuEilly serve more Hum uiic wine ul lunch? •I. Whenever you serve but one wine tlirouahout a iiicai, should il lie i\ light wine? •I. When both white and red wines are bcivctl during u meal, which is served first? u. Are f-v^cel wines eorrccHly .servurf bt'fore dry wines? What would you do if— Vou ,-ire soi-viny wine with your ilinner. Would you— 'ii» I hive the wine glasses filled when dinner j s uiinouncedV '!» Have tliu eliisscs on the table but enijil.v when dinner is announced ? < Answers 1. Slurry, .viiliirnc, a light claret, oi- ii Mil Burgundy. 2. No. S. Yes. •I. 'Hie White. 5. No. The other way around. Be.st 'What Would You Do" solution — <bi CLUB NOTES Starts Sunday at the Saenger • WE, THE WOMEN good many of these "shallow-rotted 1 ' marriages break up, , », There wasn't anything really wrong with the wife, or with the husband, or with the marriage. It just didn't get an honest chance to work. Time Thursday \VAU,/VCi: ItEIUlY as "SARGEANT MADDEN" and "Daughters Courageous" Wilh LANE SISTERS JOHN GAHI'-IEU) FRIDAY SATURDAY . PAT O'URIEN ANN SHERIDAN "Indianapolis Speedway" ami RANDILP SCOTT NANCY KKLI/Y "The Frontier Marshall" Fied Cook, program chairman Miss Barbara Sue Walker in j a Christina* reading. Christmas Ca] I-I.IK weic sung and the presidents j nie.-.-age was given by Mi.->: Mary Delia j Carrigan. In the count of mothers | pri-.sent Mrs. Witt's room .showed thu, flieatest percentage of mothers lire- sent. Mrs. J. E. Bare of Texarkana was the Tuesday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Flank Hearne and other relatives. The marriage of Miss Nellie Cook of Washington. Ark, and John Hartsfield Jr. ot Hope, Ark. was solemn i/.ud at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening December G, in the parsonage of the First Methodist church in Hope, with the Hcv. Kenneth Spore officiating. The only attendants were (he Brooms sister Mr.s. T. L. Conner and | Mr. Conner. They will live in Hope where Mr. Harlisfield is employed at the Home Ice Company. Despite the difference in si/.e. the [ deer makes lc.i noise than the tur- ' key in walking. I 1 runs-Canada air" mail service was ' inaugurated July 1, HKJV. teeth. Illinium, clement No. (il, was discovered by Dr. B. S. Hopkins of the University of Illinois, and named after that institution. Centerville The Centerville H. D. Club met at 1 the home of Mrs. P. F. Cahpbelf Dec. '1th with a pot luck.dinner and Christmas tree. The Devotional was read by Mr.s. H. E. Patterson, reading from St. Luke. The Lord's Prayer was repeated by all, followed by the Son "Silent Nighl" , The following officers were elected- President, Mrs. P. F. Campbell; viee- prccideiit, Mrs. C. A. Linaker; Secretary-treasurer, Mr.s. Ernest Cobb. Lu;;ders: Clothing, Mr.s Orville' Phillips: Home Industries, Mrs. G. A. Linakei: Food pre.su rvalion. SalUc Jones-: l-'ood preparation. Mamie Sanclcr.v: Landscape. 11. E. Patterson- I-oultr). Mrs. Arl Fincher; Belter Home::. Mis. Earnest Cobb; Govern- nienl and taxation. J 1 . 'K.ETAO1N nienl and taxation, Mrs. P. F. Camphell; Hume niiciiagemetil. Mrs. Owen Jones; Gardenim;. Mrs. Harvey Henry; I i hi III tare, Mrs. Herbert Clark; Dairy, I Mrs. Arl Fincher; decreation. Mr.s S'id -Skinner and Mr.s. If. E. Patterson. Mr.-. G. A Linaker Demon.strated a Crocketed Bed spread and Mrs. Cobb When trans-Atlantic cables are raised for repairs, tons of oysters tire found clinging to them. Archery is becoming popular in Michigan where Governor Dickinson has asked a return to old-fashioned ideals. Maybe scalping will soon become a fuel. Man in "The Women" Is a Shadow! With Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell topping one of the must jsfx'ftncular e.-.sis of film celebrities ever gathered for one motion picture. "The Women," pictumation of Clare Boothe's great Broadway success, Dec-ember 7-8 at th-a Sacngcr Theater as one of the most distinguished offering? of the current film year. A total of 135 women comprise the characters of the story, with not a man in the cast—nevertheless, "The Women" is all about nun! BY RUTH MILLETT Lots of young people get divorces before they ever give marriage a chance. £ay they elope. The marriage is handicapped at the start, for if either has parents living, the marriage is bound to be frowned upon. Take parents into your confidence. Whether they are sold on the ieda or not, they usually try to make the best of it. Elope, and they're against you. It's such fun to say "I told you so" that even parents enjoy saying it to their children when it seems the youngsters have made a mess of things. And, even more handicapping than an elopement, lots of young people today are marrying and then continuing to live with ther own families for a time. They can't afford to start a home, and neither set of parents says "both of you live here." Even when they both live with one or the other's parents, they still are not giving their marriage a good chanc for success. ° "Shiillow-Rooted" Marriages They haven't the privacy that they should have. They haven't the feeling of "This is our home. These <n- our possssions." And unless the parents are wiser than most, there is a good deal of interference in their business. Parents who are supporting a marriage usually act on the logic: "They needn't resent a little advice. After all, we're supporting them." And .so in six months or a year, a A man convicted of selling phony oil leases was one of his victims. There should be some pleasant little chate about the good old days. / New Under-firm Cream Deodorant safely • ' Stops Perspiration I. Does not roc dresses— does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used tight after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to } days. Removes odot from perspiration. 4. A pure white, greaseless, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid lias been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. IS MILLION Jars of Atiid have been sold. Try a jar today! ARRID* afar At ill .lore. «H1 (•l«o in lOe i 59c The Club will meet at the following homes for another year; January. Mrs. Owen Jones! February •Mrs. Ernest Cobb; March, Mrs. G. A. Linaker; April, Mrs. Orville Phillips- May. Mrs. Arl Fincher; June Mrs. H. E. Patler.son; July Mrs, P, F. Camp- l:ellAu E u.st, Picnic; September, Mrs. Mamie Sanders; October, Mrs. Sid Skinner; November, Mr.s. Sallic Jon- ci-,^ December, Mrs. Hcrbct Clark. The meeting was enjoyed by 12 members and 3 visitors. Adjourned to meet with Mrs. Owen Jones in January. Accouling to statistics, clerks pay' their bills more promptly than persons in other occupations. The English Channel once was a Great mountain range. I" England, hospitals containing more than 1)0,000 beds .Ire supported by _ voluntary contributions. There are no misquiloe.s in France,' I according to reports from that coun-. try. I PRESIDENT OF A REPUBLIC Thursday - Friday WHEN I ESCAPE "boon— I Blinll be free! Free to live, tree to clasp the woman I love. Free to meet my enemy at sword-point!" HOniZONTAL 1,6 Pictured president of Finland. 11 Prophet. 12 With might, 14 Small nail. 1C To moisten. 17 Spinning machine. 19 100 square meters. 20 Type measure. 21 His land's legislature. 22 Pitcher. 24 Spain. 25 Cur. 26 Onto. 28 State of bliss. 30 Street. 31 Puts on. 33 Insect's egg. 34 Definite article. 35 To woo. 36 Depended. 38 Scarlet. 39 Pint. 40 Beer. 41 And. 43 Perfume. Answer to Previous Puzzle 45 Metal. 48 Stains. 50 Night before. 52 Apart. 51 Ankles. 55 Issued cadi day. 5G Portrait statue. 57 He was chosen president by the . College. 58 Roasted. VERTICAL 1 Sharp. 2 Still. 3 Either. 4 Woven string. 5 Aped. C Cows. 7 Afresh. B Pound. 9 God of war, 10 Paddles. U His country belonged to until 1809. 13 Form of "a." 15 To degrade. 17 To roost. 18 Note in scale, 21 Payment demand. 23 Scepter. 25 To measure. 27 Snout. 29 Filth. 30 Luster. 32 Naked. 3-1 Glazed clay blocks. 37 Pertaining to milk. 38 Before 1920 it belonged to 39 Adhesive substance. 42 Inclination. 43 Shoo bottom, 44 To lacerate, 45 Gong. -16 Lava. 47111. 49 Chum. 51 By way of. 53 Female deer. 55 To suffice. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l ^^^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^^ l ^^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^ l ^^c^ l ^ l ^c^^^^^^^^^^^BBiBHl^H^BHHBiHIHHBIH^HHB^HBH|^HMI Every Department Throughout Womens ond Chiicirens HOUSE SHOES AS LOW AS See our table of'Knick Knack' Arrouged for your convenience 36 inch vat dyed lOc Qualify Remaining Patterns L O S E O U t_ NOW OFFERS HUNDREDS OF USEFUL Every Day is AUCTION DAY at Haynes Bros. ITS FUN ITS FREE PRICES ON OUR FEW REMAINING SWEATERS AGAIN REDUCED AQ A Start at VVV Prices Men's Scout SHOES STAR BRAND Composition Soles Tacked and Sewed $1.39 NOTHING RESERVED--NOTHING HELD BACK e These Will Soon Be a Matter of History QUALITY LOWER PRICES GIFTS FOR A WOMAN In personalized gift boxes COSTUME ( JEWELRY \ LINEN LUNCHEON to $1.95 GOWNS, BED JACKETS, SLIPS, PAJAMAS 1.79 $1.95 KID §171 i^cB i BELBER FITTED - "" ^f"^ os Low JSjft flff I cis FANCY TOWEL $1.00 24x24 ; :j k GIFT HANDKERCHIEFS COMPLETE LINE OF HAND PAINTED CHRISTMAS CARDS G I F t S FOR A MAN In personalized gift boxes 3 PAIRS WILSON BROS. HOSE 69c $1.00 TIE With matching 25c HOSE $2.00 SHIRT With matching $1.00 TIE »2.49 2 PAIRS 50c WILSON 51.00 PHOENIX $8.95 Leather GLADSTONE *7.45 $5.00 TRAVEL KIT $ 3.49 GIFT HANDKERCHIEFS

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