Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1939
Page 2
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**•> Hope HOTE STAR, HOflS, ARKANSAS lar of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 13, 1929 O Justice, Deliver Thy Herald Prom False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn, at the Star building. 212-214 South Walnut street. Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ' ALEX. H. WASHBURN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. 'inscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per tc «c: per month 65c; one year 56.50. By mail, in Hempstead. Nevada, Howard. Miller and LaFayettc comities. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member ol The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use tor republication of alt news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges cm Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility joriiie safe-Keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER THE FAMILY DOCTOR 1. Charles the Bald reK'ned from 640 to 877. 2. Charles the Gross i884-887>. 3. John the Good (13SO-13G-P. 4. Louis the Just (1810-1643). 5. Philip the Tall (1316-1322). he debunks the lion's king-like attributes and elevates the titter as supreme ruler of the animal world. Miss Baker, in driving an automobile around the world, smuggles herself into forbidden Mecca, ehutjs over the vastness of Africa, and labors through the dense jungle of India. Following is n sample of Buck on ani- [ mals: In captivity. I have found him (the lion) to have a good memory; lie is an apt pupil. These qualities make him excellent material for the circus, and his majestic movements, backed by intelligence, have made tor him a permanent place in professional showmanship. Yet, once and for all. 1 want to ex- __Tlinmln.v,.Docomhor 7, 'Ths More Fern Te« Me Quicker You Sell" • *• You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 JVant Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone ' m ! n ' mu ' h ' 2* ' 1>hre « times-3V4c word, minimum Me word, minimum Me One month-lSc word, minimum |2.70 Rates afe for continuous insertions only. r. *L u. ». By DR. MORRIS F1SHBQN editor. Journal of the American Medical Aooetetkw, ••* tt Hygela, the Health Magarin* Science Can Do Little to Prevent Deaths of Stopping Disease Before It Begins Included in the list of causes of F °JL^ al l ! Services Offered . SEnvlCES OFFERED--See Ilemp- FIR CHRISTMAS TREES — Make j stead Mattress Shop. Via West Fourlh, your selection early before they are i for new and re-built. Phone T'lui picked over. MONTS SEED STORE j Cobb IW8-J. Sept 2ti 1M fi-12tc \ ~r. 8.x 10 pictures for only one It lui.s liecn estimated thnl (he | American public xpciuls SSU.IKMMHIO.IW i annually to live. i USE igar Cure When Butchering \ This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. OUT OUR WAY By .1.11. Williams THERE'S THE WOEXS ! \ r^ SSSTM'M TRVlK)' \ ~> v T " FOR SALE—Everything that von , r '" NPW ""'' a*"' Fl ' r " Uurp " at plodc the theory that he is king of the' c Lowc ?. t p .!; 1CM .-. So £ US bcf °'' e you i buy or soil. I'ranl-.hn Furniture Store, N2-1M dollar and fifty cents. Shipley Stuclii TO CURB \w AAARRIED SISTER OF CALLIM'UP , OUR HOUSE AW HAVIM' ME BRING AND TAKE STUFF AS I GO BY- -THEY'LL, MEVER BUY NOTHIM' IF E KEEP THIS beasts. Like all the great cats, he his points, and of all the wild beasts! the cat tribe are unquestionably most | FO .R SALE-Four roonThouse ,,n«l l» i™, n 1C r 1 " 1 " • W °!' U1 T ib!llh - Pnntry. built-in cnbiiwls. Newlv habitants, all of whom l.vc by the! , t , W00(1will . k> P;l ,: t Services Offered For Battery Service see Ted ARCHER MOTOR COMPANY Free insiiection service I papered. i terms. 414 \V. Ave. G. 2-Gtp code of the wild-survival of the fittest. But because the tiger is endowed! with the most dependable combinat- „„, ,...,, ,,. r~. —T „ ion of qualities-strength, cunning, FOR S>ALfc-tn, U big bone Bronzes unusual agility, and efficacious wea- i 1^°P' ^ „,!%!" ,r Tn , * pons to win the battle—the tiger who.se Sn -°"- ' K ' lvs S ' 1m Mrs ' E ' M ' Dclaney. massive jaws and powerfel shoulders! Clllu "' 1)lls '- Ark. r-6tp lion's,! * Wanted WANTED -White or colored «id to do housework. B. E. Stephens, North | Hover St. 2-(ilp are quicker to act than the :; v .(This is 'the 10th in a series " of 12 articles by Dr. Fishbein on the nine principal causes of "" death, (in the United States.) • vi-i r i ,t i * lsi ""k*^" i '« <.^t 11 K, IDUU ana m many instances " Jul "••>""-•'=—wueuier iwo oun eie- . ' r','f. ' Journal ct '» e American Mod- unsuitable conditions of the body of Plants disputing possession of a herd W i.v k .f c ? 1 Association, and of Hygenia. the mother so that the child does of cows or radically social lions voar- -?*' T v .- u Ma R azine «wt develop. All of these conditions '"« over territorial rights-settle their in listmg the nine causes of death j are included under the heading of own differences. In the jungle then* congenital malformations and abnorm-j is no ca " to colors, no conscription! ' death are all sorts of injuries at birth. I should hold the title on counts. . . ; infections that take place almost at! I might add that we can learn i the time of birth, inability of the child something from wild animals. Tri- to use his food and in many instances bal leaders—whether two bull ele- | . FOR SALE—Three young mares; | two smooth-mouthed mules. H. M. LaGronc. Jr. 7-3tp as "killers" by the U. S. Ceni sus Bureau, congenital malformations sand diseases of early infancy are ."**placed seventh. It is possible that *^these deaths are, for the most part, un^ pfceyeiifable."' In 1937 there were 63,349 .sft» deaths,o£ this type, or 4.4 per cent of is-'salji. deaths. 13 ';J*>eSe' congenital malformations, '.^'incidentally, include also cases in «'.*:> which infants were born with ^hearts : already attacked by disease. ""'"'These cases are not listed under heart For Rent Help Wanl-ed-Femole alities. of fighting troops. There is no Here, again, there is little that mod-' gue °^ Nations, no umpire with - ern science can do to prevent these causes or to lower the mortality rate. Yet, unquestionably, as we learn more about heredity and genetics, as we attempt to control scientifically the marriges of those who are almost certain to produce defective children. as we control diseases which act on the child before birth, and as we es tablish more widespread prenatal care ,..;'-: disease. «,«,- The list of abnormal and defective . ... s ,,,^ uclltcr ut uealns UU e to •^"-conditions which result in human be- j genital abnormalities and defects _J.mgs because of something wrong with | '-*» the,.;, egg cells from which the body •w~ develops Isexceedingly long. There | . JJvare . all sorts of abnormalities like | '^failure of the parts- of grow together ' „,. ,as occurs in harelip, and failure even ;*a.of the tissues of the heart to develop '•v-before birth as they should so that j **^this organ may fuction. Children are sometimes born with of the vital organs actually out• of the body. Then again, babies fore mothers, there will be a declining incidence of deaths due to con- HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS with the brain filled with or with the brain insufficiently so that it becomes impossi- '"""•Tile for the child to live. • ' Buck Debunks Lion's Royalty The lure of extotic, far-off places is brought to our own firesides in two volumes, Frank Buck's "Animals Are like That" (McBride: $2.50). ajid Aloha Baker's "Call to Adventure" (McBride: 52). Buck, the "Bring 'Em Back Alive" fellow, takes you into the jungle of the tropics, where umbrella. The challenging oaf and the possession-proud Caesar fight it out between themselves. Alabama's pig crop this year is the biggest in years. We're going to got our ham andegg s after all. Each golfer in a friendly foursome in Illinois turned in an 89 on his card. Maybe they were too friendly. Insomnia, says ; psychologist, mav be an imprisoned indea trying to break into your consciousness. Or it may be pjicked herring just 15ei'ore bedtime. •<**, SfRIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL •' BY TOM HORNER COPYRIGHT, 1939, NEA SERVICE, INC .V I'csterday: Da-nrnon »cnn<( ihc eyidenep ag;aintic each of the four remaining tuspects, decide.-) hi.s fiext ca»e Is againMt Douelas. lie nails the ''young engineer, de- Inanilii that he fell the truth. Hoping to save Ara, Douglas ad- UttM he Avn.s iu the study, within a minute after Ken (home killed, CHAPTER XX UT I dto not see who killed Benthorne!" Douglas went *«, on, ~*- -"You see, after getting away *•».' from Flynn, I ran to the study .^ window — Ara evidently had ^ noticed it was open during her *'' first visit with Benthorne and had ";,";; suggested my trying it. When I <-•'-• heard Flynn's whistle, I thought* I !„„ had been seen, and I flopped down 'j' ; behind some shrubbery. Then, •*•',''. v/hen the other patrolman passed -'iC ^y where I was hiding, I decided ••••• to get inside the house quickly. ^ "As I rose and started to push ' o; the window up I heard Benthorne -... shout 'YOU!' and a soft voice an'";. swered, almost in a whisper. I -- couldn't make out the words. ».„,. There was a shot. I hesitated long '' enough to draw rny ov/n revolver «--•. —it's an old style Colt .45—then *'.'! pulled myself through the window. •>-.- ''"Benthorne was dead, on the ,'.'„* floor beside the desk. The killer ^••- was gone. The study door was ...^ closed. I braced this heavy chair "In my room, at the apartment house about two blocks from Ara's. You'll find it hasn't been discharged recently." Dawson grunted his disbelief. "We'll see about that. And what was so important that you had to search this room to find it? . . , Those letters belonging to the girl?" "Just a minute, Captain. Come along, Flynn." Douglas stepped to the window, started to climb out. Flynn's service revolver appeared in his hand almost as if by magic. "If you try (o run, I'll let you have it," he warned. "Don't shoot, yet," Douglas laughed, and disappeared. * * * J-JE was back in a few minutes " with the watering can. "This will explain the mud on my shoes after di Torio was killed. I was outside hiding these papers when he was shot." He handed the can to Dawson. "You'll find Ara's letters, and one addressed to my uncle in here. I found them hidden under the clock." Flynn moved quickly to the mantel. "He's right, Captain. There's a hole here, but it's empty now." Dawson studied the papers, but made no comment. ''When you came for these papers, did you know that Miss Johnson had been here earlier last night?" Douglas met his- stare. "No. The whole night is a confused against it, and as I did I found a '• Jumble. I knew Ara had seen her lather, that she had clashed with Mrs. Bf-nthorne. But I red button. Ara told me this morning that it must have dropped off her sleeve early last night. I searched the room, the desk, the safe, even some of the book?;, while the officers pounded on the door I'"''".' t^ir^y When they started to take off the i kmnv hinges I went out the windov/ " | P V(jOls > was .keeping them. "There was another officer sta- WantL ' d thl ' ni bac ' k ' tionecl at the back gate," Dawson did not words struck home. "But I told tfie truth — the whole truth!" All of Dawson's friendliness had disappeared. "That's for a jury to decide. . . . Flynn, call a squad car to take Douglas in." "May I see Ara?" Douglas ventured. "Not alone. . . . You'ro n prisoner now." N brought Ara to the study, then hurried on to the telephone. Ara sensed the tension and as Douglas gathered hr-r in hi.s arms, her eyes questioned Dawson. "I'm arresting Douglas for both murders," Dawson said quietly. Ara broke from her sweetheart':-: embrace, turned on the detective. "You can't! You can't! Don't you see he's been lying, lying to save me! ..." Her voice rose to a scream. "Ara! Ara, darling. , . . Please!" Douglas pleaded. c: You don't know what, you're saying." "But I do!" Her eyes flashed sparks. "I killed my father. I came bark through the passageway. I ran to the study door and shot him. John was outside win do u - . lie me, heard me, tho meeting took place last 'light. As you may have guessed, Captain, Miss Johnson did not take , ler confidence, had taken her Joey di Torio saw me! "I killed him, too—di Torio!" she went on, before Dawson could interrupt. "You'll find the gun upstairs — in Mrs. Benlhorne's room—under the mattress. It—it was all—so—so easy." Her voice broke as a flood of. tears hulled her. ''Don't believe her, Dawron," Dough);; ordered. ''The girl's hysterical. She- she's doesn't You're know what right, Oup- She put in. ''Weren't you afraid he might see you?" "I had died, unsuccessfully, to see Benthormr to force him to tell | how he had obtained possession of my uncle'., daim. I 'was willing ito t.-,ko r-hanro, to find out * checked the layout pretty thor- i it was only v , hf . n T ' oughly when we decided we'd ; the" ml' button I fo'u'ni ?!*Y? £.5£ ^.^?^ e .. s ™ c ir llf ' i '-..th a t she admitted Ar tain, I -kill-eel Benthorne the other fellow, too." Daw.son's .--[nilc was (-nipmatic as he watched Douglas ag.iin tiiko the girl in his arms, whisper earnestly to her. She sliool: IK-,- head vigorously severn) times ;<?, her sobbing ebbed. way. He did just as I expected— ran to the nearest call box and put in the alarm, then went bark to the rear gate. I had no trouble getting out the front and walking down to where 1 was to meet Ara and Nick. But they were gone." "You told me you met them, in yppr, first story, Douglas," the captain reminded him. "That was to protect Ara," Douglas explained. "I didn't want you to know she had ever left the cab. I didn't Know it myself until this morning." ''How about that it now?" revolver? been hole c-arlier. "I . uppose I should have guessed r-ornething was wrong when she knew about the v. inclow, and when she did not tell me exactly when nc h:,d first seen hfr father. But when a fellow is in love, little 'l-.inss \lV.r-. that are often overlooked." Dawson nodded. There was a ion?, ten.se silence. At length, n.v.vson rose, faced the youth. ^ "John Douglas, I arrest you for the rnm-dei.s of Arnold Benthorne and Joey di Torio!" Douglas' face lost color. He gaspc-tl as the full jmpoa of the Flynn's return eased tho situation. '-The car will be hero .short.. ly," he reported. "Tho coroner'.-; found in the deputy will be back, too, to take had care of Joey. They found the- bullet that killed Benthorne. . . ." He handed Dawson a slip of paper with a brief, notation. . . . "And Captain—I've got a hunch—" "No time for hunches—I want facts, now, Flynn," Dawi-'on .snapped, taking tho paper. Ho read it hurriedly, whistling tunelessly. "Well—what are you waiting for? What is this hunch you've been talking about?" Flynn j;tared in amazement. "There's a big black cat out in the- loft over tiie garage. I found it just before I came back. I thought you ought to know—'' (To Be Continued), FOR RENT or SALE—My metal store build ing 35x80 ft, with good store fixtures all in 1st class condition, at Oan. Ark. F. P. C'itty. Ozan, Ark. Dec. 2, fitp FOR RENT—One five room house in Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Sehooley. Phone 38-F-l-l. fi-Gtp FOR RENT—New modern 6 room Male Instruction Room and Board A Now York stnU 1 resident, went squirrel hunting and bagged a monkey instead. With everything else mixed up in the world, there's nothing mysterious about that. Results in (the) election i>encr<ill>v confirm that the trend toward con servatism ami sound government FOK HENT-«ew modern b room nt one house w,th glassed ,n porch. Phone gMl continucs to mount.-Jolm M. C57-R. 7-3tc Hamilton, chairman. Republican Na- v|_ tional committee. I DIDN'T BRIMG IT IN) CUZ WE'RE A LITTLE LATE--WE'RE OUT OF BACOSl AN' PANCAKE FLOUR,BUT I BROUGHT TH'SKILLET IN CASE YOU HAD SUAAP1M.' WHY MOTHERS «SET GRAV 'BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Nobody's Kidding Nobody By Edgar Martin Jl VEAV\: w v V '&OOT P.'iOOT ) X. TOLO MY J ( O \ V J ^ COPR. 193'J BY NEA SERVICE. INC. ,T. fA. REG. U. S. PAT. Of' ALLEY OOP r /"*" In Again, Out Again! By V. T. Hamlin /MV STARS'\ GOLLY ' POC ' 1T>S LUCKV ° U WEREN'T HURT! ALL RIGHT NOW, OOP-^VLEAVE GIVE IT A QUICK, /IT TO ME~ 5HARP YANKf - -V.T. H 12- ? copn m»amf»SEHvict''i«c. r. M Has He Cracked Under the Strain By Roy Crane ,l MR. TUBBS IS COMING OUT OF HIS. BOUSE "XT V.A6T! UMV, UWKV, DON'T/ STRIKE UP A TUUE VOU KUOW ME? / OW VOUR OLD HAT BAWD. WE'RE OFF TO THE- FAIR / FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 6TOP, YOU IP\OTJ WILL THE WEWHBORS 1HWK? That Police Captain Again By Merrill Blosser v^ , 1VH GOT A V ARE uj RIGHT TO ASK You YTHE FIRST QUES- tARO. \TlON / ARE YOU SMITH? ) HILDA GRUBBLE? I GUESS ive MADE A / MISTAKE / J. MUST' HAVE THE VVRONG HOUSE/ NO. YOU HAVEMT, (v\Y BOY / COME , i ON IN.' CONA8 ON IN/ } '*^___^. _^.S RED RYDER A Friend in Need ISN'T IT NICE You HAVE THS LAW OM YOUR. SIDE By Fred Harmait ibo EVEN TO Hope,, AVJAITS f?ED FRort A f-NYSTEfeiOUS ERRAND. .V)|-rHER5 HAS COUNTED OM fHAT OPERATION FOR A LONG TiME.-1'VE J05T 60T TO HELP THAT OLt) COUPLE •' SORE TOU CAN GORROVO THE IONET, RED, BUT TLL HAVE TO TAKe A MORTGAGE ON .YOUR PROPERTY—RULES YOU KNOW/ 1 EXPECTED THAT.' DRAvJ UP TH' PAPERS AND nE TK' nONE.Y— ALL IN CASH •' ASWN' WKY, RED, HAVEN'T

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