The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAVT U 1940 BLYTHEYILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line Joi 1 consecutive insertions; One time per lino 10c l'\vo limes )>er line per d«i'..,,08c three limes per line per dny..Q6c Six limes i«r line per day 05c Month rate per line COc Card of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expiration 1 will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cop)' submitted by persons residing outside of ihe city muni be accompanied by cash. Hales may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No re.sponslblily will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified nd. PAGE FIVE For Sale Hooches for Mile al Red Ball Barber Shop. 11-ek-ll OFFICE SAFE FOR SALE AT 540. Also large adding Call 521. machine O-ck-13 Arkansas Yellow Pine Lumber. Mill to you. Truck lots. Craig Lumber | Phone KK.'Mrs. E. E. Hardln. 20cktf Co. at Craig's CCafc, Leachville.j For Rent 4 room furnished apartment, and bath, Call 850. 10-ck-tf •1 room apartment and bnlh. Also, 3 room aparlmcml and balh. 201 Vine, phone 816. C. Abraham. W-ck-n Fuinished apartment, good locn- lion. FrlgldnliT, electric stove. Call 578. 015 W. Ash. I-ck-C-1 1'Mvnished bedroom. Gnrngc. Men preferred. Good location. Phono 102. G-ck-13 Furnished apartments. Also Ideal rooms for traveling men. 100 \V. Kentucky. Phone 1129. G-pk-6-6 Room for employed woman. 1028 \V. Main. Phone 239. 3-ck-tf 3 rooms furnished. $3.00 week. 5 rooms unfurnished. flH Hearn. 2-pk-6-2 2 room furnished apartment. Reasonable. 1001 W. Ash. 1-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment with every modern convenience. Telephone 202. 30-ck-tf 3 room unfurnished apartment with bath and hot water. 412 Chickasawba. 23-ck-tf Nice bedroom adjoining bath. 818 W. Chickasawba, phone 636. -dh Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Adjoining bath. 1017 Walnut. 21-1*5-24 5 Ions D-PL-UA Cotton Seed. First year from originator. Stanley Fradenburg, Manila, Ark., Rt. 1. 22-pk-5-22 Bargains in used oil stoves, Coleman gas stoves, oil water healers and used lee and electric refrigerators. Call 22 day, 939-W after 5 p.m. FOR SALE: Fertilizer, black dirt, cinders. Reasonable. Phone 819W. Small electric refrigerator, good condition. Cheap. Phone 174. • •26-ck-tf Dairy Cal! 455-W-l for orders of milk, cieam, or churned butter milk. All cows government treated. Halsell's Dairy. 12-pk-4-12 Farm Loans Large comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. 2 ulo&ets. Men preferred. 10th and Chickasawba. Phone No. I, Mrs. Suclijiny. 5-ck-tl Comfortable frant bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. 1-ck-U Nice bedroom convenient to bath, Steam heat. Phone 280 1-ck-tf Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Uuildine on Wesl Main Street,. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tt Farmers Let me bulc your hay (lie modern way. Fielder Perry, Armorcl Road. 4-pk-0-4 Repairing WEEK-END VALUES THAT MKAN (JUKAT SAVINGS TO YOU! Drive a Phillips USED CAR We Trade! '39 PLYMOUTH 2-Door. Blue color. Looks & runs like new... '40 CHEVROLET Coach. Brand new W. S. W. Tires '39 FORD Deluxe Tudor. Radio and Heater STAMP NEWS $549 .$297 '37 FORD Deluxe Tudor '36 CHEVROLET Coach $199 '38 FORD Tudor Deluxe ...' $442 TRUCKS '39 INTERNATIONAL Hi Ton. Long Wheelbnse, £.17,1 Cab & Chassis $**l'x '39 CHEVROLET Pickup $461 PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT TOJIN PHILIP SOUS A. Ihe nuui " who giivo Amenc.-i its tmiiches. is honored on Ihu 2-ocnt stamp, above, released al Washington, D C., May 3. The slnmp if the second ot the composers group ol Ihe U. a. Famous Amcvicuns scries The "March King's" music in' 100 per cent American. uunuiTed by jungle vhylhms or European lightness It is sd-oiiK. vigorous, melodic. Although Sousa composed 10 operas. 15 orclics-lral suites, lOOioiujs, a rnntulu and 100 niiscolliineous minium, he IE remembered chiefly for his 142 marches. Sousa's life spounwl three major AiiK'ricun wars. He was a boy when the Grand Review of the Union Army was held in Washington after Ihe Civil War. His band headed the Deivcy parade in New York in 1898. And lie woji (he rank ol lieiilenant-cowmaiukr for his work at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station during the World War. He \yas crashing cymbals in Ihe U. S. Marine Band al 13, directing it al 26. lie served under live Presidents before resigning to form his own band. His best known compositions include "Stars and Stripes 1'oievc- "Wushingtoj) Post," "Kl and "High School Cartels.'" Hi? wrote two novels, a children's story, invented a musical instni- ncnl, Ihe Comeback Is Forecast For Old Square Dance NUW OIlUiANS illl') — Mrs, Clara W. Ali-vuft. cninc lo Ihls home or JlUeruiius and predlcUxl Mint tin; oldlhue squnre dance will c'onu' back lo rival swliiR. Mrs, Alerofl. who lives In New Vork inul i» vlslllne sccreliivy of Hie Youim Woiiu'ii's OhrlsUnii As- wliitloii, Mill! Unit ihf old dunces satisfy die Mime lull's ,vt (he Jil- U'l-biigs have. "I" Ti'sns. (he llocky Mounlnin mill |inil-s of New Kuolnnd, Dici'c i,s «• Irciiiendou.i revival ol folk liiiu-iiig," slie snlrt, •• EVERY SAT. NIGHT Blue Room link'] NoMt! •1. T. Suilbury Mr. * Mr*, Still large Smalt At low ?nterest Rates. We ' are ctnilDOPfl ' to' handle larps or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, nl low cost, ant! at s Inw Interest rate. TFRRY ABSTRACT * RFAI.TY COMPANY Wnlnul, St. Blvthertlle, Ark For Casli Register and Adding Machine repairing phone Paul JWetfmii'n lit 357. 4-ck-lll Minnows for Sale Goldfish.'Day or night. Phone 800. O f , C. Hawks. 300 E. Mnin. 19-ck-5-I8 Se^vi ing Sewing and slipovers. Mrs, Smith and Mrs. Blackwell, Armorel. Phone 03G. S-ck-0-0 EVENINGS & SUNDAY 5th 4 Walnut Phone 1122 WELLMflKEYOUADEfll YflUGfl Kepaidng Expert gun repairing. See E. M. Damon at, the BlytiievlUe Aim- ory on SVednesdays and Thursdays. Room and Board Garages j_ Position Wanted Room anil board. Phone 9S3. lB-ek-5-li When Your Auto Gets Sick Brine 1 It to the Auto Hospital Next to Camp Moullrie John Buchanan Phone 10J ^ (Middle aged white woman d«Iiendant,s wants work Gallic [ Copper, 2014 W. Asti. ' 1-jk-15 INolice SHOUSE-HENRY Have Kargains In USED LAWN MOWERS MOLES Will trade for Mules, Cous, Hogs, Cattle, Corn, Hay and Liiraber. See l-'luyd Simpson Delta Implements, Inc. 3-ck-lf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE I During 1939, H3,9fl9 new American passenger cars valued at, S89 172,300 \verc exported. "Crooked" Ksling 1'latc 'llic inn at ilimley. England, has the most "crooked" eating place in j the world. So completely off the 1 perpendicular is it Hint It is a real achievement lor diners to maintain their cquilibgum while walking inside the building. . PRODUCER OF MILK WELDING hrxf line xnd heary wel specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 13 or Kcs. 101S Kspert Kltcfrlo anfl Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy welding our specialty. D. W. CRANFORD Dell, Ark. Phone 8-F-l» Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off the bile lo rid yourself of constipation, gn,s pains, and that sour punk feeling. Take one box ol KIROVS ACTIVE LIVKU VIU.S Trees and S Order mark's Famous Trees and Shrubs. Landscaping free. Garland Mason, Route 3, Box 115 Os- ceohv, Avk. 1-pk-B-l Order Slni-k's l-'anioiis Trees and Shrubs, liaiitbcaix: DIHIIS free. Garland Mason, Route 3, Box 115, Qsceola, Arkansas. l-pk-6-1 HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured animal, valued for its milk. 4 It is the female of en I tic. 10 Otherwise. 14 Olive shrub, 1C Quoted. 17 Us male male. 18 Distinctive thcorv. 13 To thread. 20 Coin. 21 Turned as a wheel. 2.1 Silly object. 25 Because. -(' PCI vcisc. ~~ fcflaining to Ihe check. .1! Stalled i-ns-c. 32 Piclnic-. .'!'i To beguile. !M Moderns. 37 Measure of area. •Ifi Fis.surc. •l!> Musical note. •I" Greek letter. Answer to Vrevlous Puzile 12 To avoid payment, o[ hels. •!(! Bull. •IB Modcialriy warm. 50 A young cow; &2 Oions, 53 To corrode. 5! Farewell. 55 Pictjcr's tool. 5R Barks of necks 5T Us Jlcfh is called —. VERTICAL 1 Company. 2 Hodgepodge. 3 Opposite ot cast. 5 Land measure?, fiHound. 7 Indian. 8 Restorations. U Mineral. 10 Black. 11 Nomnriic I'ei'sian race. 12 Bed blh. 13 Ell. j 15 Wine cup. 12111 is a or cud chewing beast. 22 Viscous liquid 24 Mall beverage 26 Evergreen shrub. 28 Maple .shrub. 29 Card game. 30 Pismire. 31 Creature of the imagination. 33 Inscribed. 35Soo7ici than. 36Elongalcd fish. •33 Proverbs. 40 Three. 41 Cormitopia. 42Brond. « Strikebreaker. 41 To own. 45 Provided. 4TBoat padcile. •13 Explosive sound. 51 Sheltered place. COTTON CHOPPING HOES 7 unit S 11 is .slmlliic |« Jllteruii|;i!lii(! mid imsweis the sm/ie intjc Unit jlller- biias feel." Aiipruxliunlrly 5'JUD Is ihe ni'er- mje vuliin of nil automobiles on the AiiH-rli'iin highways, PRESCRIPTIONS I'Yi'sliesl Stock <;iini'iinft'«l Best I'riccs Kirby Drug Stores Wert Optometrist "UK MAKES 'EM SK15" Over luf Isaiu-sf store 1'hone 610 VORTEX PKTROLKUM CO. lll.YTlli:\'II,|,|.; i;iTV LIMITS niOIIWAV 111 NOHTII Any Me Clcari'ltfjc fur Ilio With 1'llrrlmso at 5 Gal. in Mnr« of it UK. OAK ,\T MO. THICKS KKl-'INKIIV TO YOUR OAK Mldiic Hnis., Dcalt'r NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry nn<! Cleaning Service viASOUNK HtlCKS ALWAYS I,KHS B finis, for SI.OO • 70',< Odium JOYNEK OIL CO. U. 8. Kl)iliw»y 01, North BARGAINS IN USED Ice Boxes Rebuilt am! Guaranteed Electric Refrigerators HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service on AH Make* tWHuerators— Kaiilos—Wa&hm We W. Main St. Vhme 233 Now l.uouli'il hi (ih'iii'Ui! Hotel Illilr ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON B1IWAJW.S. ITi)|irJrlnr All M»kr.% (if ltdiullt Typewriters, A.l.lhif Wjiclilnc.v and Cnlculiilnn—Itfjuilrliifi—1'iirts—Klliboii.H OSTEOPATHY REMOVES NERVE PRESSURE 1 L. GUARD Ontometriil Only <!riutnft'.e Oi)tume Irlsl In Olasses FtlUU Currrclly li'iuiiiiB Soulliorn Mwi dow Hoc. Vnr lo ordijuii'y IIORH .sclli Uii.s ijricc. DRS. NIES & N1ES I'huiic. !)B lllj Ihi'Vlllc, Ark. rc'sldnico on Bust Dnvls Hirerl. I'rlco rodiiccd frnm $:i5UU to ?250D. SMC ciisll, ?M » miinlh. Tlioniiis Land Co, Montgomery Ward FRISCKI-KS AN-n'H'rs GOLLY , MISTER., THAT pOREMAM ACROSS THE CANVDNJ TDLD ME. He DICNT KNOW WHEN THIS BACH ROAD WOULD BE OPEN HERE WGRU ONLY six — six BOLTS WHAT TllE-Y , DO 15 "ItlEIR j BUSIWESS, AMD WJIAr ; W(-IAT M \ME DO IS / THINKING OUR. |S BUSIMESS/ / NOBODY'S — I/ ~^~^C 6USIfJES3 .' Al-L THIS WORK TOR NO1HING ' A RNE KCTTLB OF FISH/ WE BttTTGR. HURRY— l-lc-'s wrm TH cowry.' VJITVl THE FORESTW DEPARTMENT. AMD POUR. PIECES OF VJICG LAIE. WHERE ... _ TUE BOLIB TOR WE FRAME; HOOTS AN'I) HEU HY KDGAKsiAKTIN -PT.OVU-. Cf\W W Ht 0AH.' 10U JUST GOT C GWIN' ORA\\) L6SSOMS , Ell, RYDS=R? LET SEE T!lAT.' l''r»ni 0»|) In Ik'i-ciili's, \Villi BY V. T. HAMLIN -., ;>"i BY VE* ^rpvirr. I'jc. T M REG.y.ti.PAT.OF?. 5~!f WASH TIJBBR SOW TO BY ROY CRANE MO. JUST LOOWN6 AROUHD. THERE'S AH OLD PLA,WT/\11CM PL.VCE WELL, or- COURSE IT WUT V10ME Cf JWW.TAKE THt 8U\\-T ST, F'SIVISTAMCE.... HE WENT CRAIY AH' K1VT HIMSELF IW rHE PARLOR. THEM LAriTTE, THE PIRATE, lOOli VT Ol'EB. EUEP , fT'S 8EEH W H,-V OUT OF SSW66LEU5 AHO RUW-RUHNERS, UNT'.L TOCAV,., WELL .THEY JUiT t>ONT 1.1KE FiTl.V.S SMOOPitf \50UHD. THAT'S AU rtL _^IC1SK IT. JDS' LOOKIW', AH'D GO SOME PLACE E15E TO V.OOX YOU CAW ORQp ME OFF THEHE

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