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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 11
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 11

Louisville, Kentucky
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IT THE COURIER-JOURNAL. LOUISVILLE. WEDNESDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 3. 1 932. EXPLOSION OF CAN KILLS 4 PERSONS Beckley. W. Feb. 2 IV) Four oersors were killed and another was Today's Photoplays I ALTO -No One Man." Paul LK and Caroie Lombard. Feature starw: 2 09. i 04. 7:40. 10 24. Vaudenlle starts: 1:00. 3S. 32. :1. Three Planes, Fourteen Persons Are Missing In Aerial Mishaps pool for Negroes In the southeastern section of the city. Dr. W. T. Merchant, Negro, appealed to the Aldtrmeo to nelp the Negroes obtain the pooL The Aldermen voted 1.000 tons of coal for charity. Tbe board will meet again February 16. ALDERMEN ABIDE BY ZONING MEASURE The Board of Aldermen Tuesday night refused to pass a bill which would have made a corner at Forty-second and Market Streets a commercial district A committee reported the bill un 38 GRADUATED AT GIRLS' HIGH Building a Career" Subject of Dr. Sherrill's Address to Class, seriously injured near Stanaford today SUIT BY KEYES ASKS $700,000 Brown, Jones Named In Action On Bonds Covering Bank of Ky. Employes. STRAND Mae Clarke and Colin Ciive. Feature starts: 10:34. 12:24. 2:14. 4:04. 744. 8 34 One Air Mail Pilot Dead, Another Hurt In Acci- an erosion which occurmi when favorably after a number of residents DSA1L dents Resulting From Bad Weather. BROWN "Around the World In SO minutes" 10:50. 1:17. 6:21. 58, Smart 12:10. 2:37. 7:41. 10:18. wreckage of plane in Elizabeth Lake canyon disclosed that the object in the area had assented to the change. The neighborhood is a residential area under the zoning ordinance. Frank Johnson, president, said the Aldermen have no intention of disrupting the work of the City Planning and Zoning Commission, unless there is grave reason for the action. LOEWS "Lovers Courageous." Madge Evans and Robert Montgomery. Feature starts: 11:21. 1:23. 3 3S. 5:33. 7:40. 8:47. Clean and Sootless Lump CASH DELIVERED rrm. TON HONORS ARE ANNOUNCED FILED IN CINCINNATI a can -which police believe contained nitro-glycerin. The can, wrapped in urlap, was unearthed by Emory Thur-man of Beckley and his brother-ia-law. Lloyd Parker, while digging a dog's grave near Parker's home. Wilmer Bailey and Ash Bailey, brothers: Thurman and his wife, Mrs. Vivian Thurman, were killed. Parker's sister. Miss Peachie Parker, has only a slight chance to Parker. the only uninjured member of the eroup, said Thurman and Wilmer Bailey undertook to open the can on the back porch of his home probably was a burned mountain cabin. A rancher found the body of United Airlines Pilot Jack Sharp-nack near Rio Vista, Calif. He flew with the mail from San Francisco yesterday, radioed that he was skimming through a snow squall, then AXAMO "Charlie Chan's Chance." T.arner Feature strit: 11.20. 1:26 3 32. 7:44. 9:50. PACIFIC COAL CO. (Continued from First Pace.) A committee of Aldermen Claude1 McQuady. I. F. Shulhafer and Henry i V. Denzer was appointed to confer With the Board of Fnrlr (Vimmlinn. By United Press Airplanes whkh were missing in a veritable epidemic of mishaps began to turn up one" by one today. Seven ships with twenty persons aboard disappeared. Three are still missing. One crashed in flames, killing the pilot. An Army flier saved his life by jumpine with a parachute from one of the others. His co-pilot flew on and has not been heard from. George T. Douglas, air-mail flier, spent twenty-four shivering hours at an emergency landing field near Locomotive Springs. Idaho, before aerial searchers found him. He was ac tion ol which he also wa president and a director, and. it was charged. Incorporated S. W. CORNER 1STH AND ORMSBT MAOOIIA 11X7 NIGHT PHONE MAGNOLIA MtS was heard from no more. His ship; ers to discover the Park on December 1, 1928, he "dishonestly, crashed in flames. Another unidentified plane was re "wi" auic iu tunsiruci a wading fraudulently. Illegally or criminally" misapplied the funds of the National ported to have been forced down near Rose Morris. 56: Ernestine Esther Simpson. 95 68. Ida Gershune. 83. Ruth Edna White. 93.82: Mary Gist Bryan. 93.10: Thelma Mae King. 92.6: Louise Brooks. 91.25. National Honor Society Marearet Rose Morris. 95.21: Ernestine Esther Simpson. 94.90: Mary Oist Bryan. 93 94: Thelma Mae Kinn. 93.91: Gershune. 92.91; Louise Brooks. 910 Mildred Jablow Ruth Depnei.9.15S: Ruth Edna White. 89.154 Student Council Certificates Marsaret Rose Morris. Mary Gist Bryan. Ernestine Bank of Kentucky by paying out the Louisville's Underselling Store the Scda Sorings region of the high; despite his protests. When they per-Sierras. Mountaineers said thev be-jsisted. he walked toward the front of 1 bank's funds for the benefit of the Kerald-Post Company, that Brown knew the Herald-Post Company lieved it was privately owned. could not possibly repay" the money companied by Ed Greer, co-pilot, Francis H. Rust, another mail flier, the house, reaching the front door just as the explosion occurred. The blast tore the rear wall from the house and windows were shattered a third of a mile away. Commencement exercises for the February class of the Louisville Girls' Hizh School "were held Tuesday In the school auditorium. The class has thirty-eight members. S. TinIey. principal, presided. "Building a Career" was the subject ol -the main address by Dr. Sherrill of the Pfesbyterian Theological Seminary. Th; music was oy the class chorus. fis Mildred Jab-low, a member of the class, a group of solos. Prizes were awarded by MLss Gladys Wyatt. Miss Amelia Layer, president of the Alumnae Club, and Mrs. Henry B. Honors Announced. The list of honors follows: Valeria E. Hann Prize Margaret Rose Worris. M. Capitols Ross Prize Dixie Seymour teon. Bourftard Music Prize Mildred Jablow. Times Medal Mildred Jablow. Junior and Senior Honors Margaret Esther Simpson Eta Sigma Phi National Honor Prater-1 nity (limned to students of Latin and On the other side of the continent, off the coast of Florida, similar searches were in progress for the Fairchild monoplane of the Bimini Airways, missing with Pilot Val Chick and four passengers since starting the advanced by the bank to it for use and for the "use and benefit of said James B. Brown, personally and as an officer and property owner of said forty-five-minute flight from Miami; to Bimini yesterday. 1 FATHER MEYERING IS OPERATED ON Father Aloysius G. Meyering, pastor of St. Francis of Assisl Catholic Church, i960 Bardstown Road, underwent a major operation Tuesday Greek Ernestine Esther Simpson. Marearet Rose Morris. Selma Marie Solinger. Mary Gist Bryan. Martaret Caroline Walker. Never Tard While In Hlh 8chool Evanetta Beuther. Martha Brlte. Louise Brooks. Dorothy Collins. Alice Crawley, Ruth Depner. Ida Gershune. Elizabeth Hiatt. Lucille Lark. Margaret Rse Morns. Edna Mae Redmon. Ernestine Esther Simpaon. Margaret Walker. Ruth White. Winner of Sophomore Prize First. Willie Ware. 97.0825: second. Caroline Green. 94.5125. Honorable Mention Dorothy Palmer. 93.875: Caroline Dolt. 93.6875 Winner of Albert Beha Prize Helen Ruth Shatz. 98.5. Honorable Mention-Caroline Green. 97.5. A Sensational Selling Of was found seriously injured in his wrecked plane near Marcellus, Mich. He had started last midnight from Chicago on the regular run to Kalamazoo, Mich. So many hours have passed since two of the planes disappeared, that their nine occupants are virtually certain to have been killed. The ships all headed into storms, Gizzards over the Western mountains, a gale swept Lake Michigan and a storm lashed sea off the Florida coast. Hundreds of men on foot, in boat, air and automobile have been searching for them constantly. Lieut. W. A. Cocke, passenger on -an Army airplane which disap-Deared between Glendale. and Five rescue planes traversed the route of the missing ship without finding a. trace of it. High seas prevailed in the Gulf Stream. Authorities believed the plane has been destroyed if It landed on the water. Gregory Melanson, president of Bimini Airways, twice today ignored requests of customs officials to produce Heraid-Post Company. The petition set forth that on December 12, 1928. the Herald-Post Company's account at the bank was overdrawn more than $250,000, but, nevertheless, its check for $28,605 payable to the Allen Registry Bureau was honored by the bank and its overdraft increased by that amount. On September 6, 1930. it is set out, Caldwell a Tennessee corporation of which "one Rogers Caldwell was the dominating figure," executed its demand note to the bank for $100,000, which was accepted for discount. September 9. 1930, by James morning at St. Joseph's Infirmary, Dr. Bernard Asman, Breslin Building, who performed the operation, said a passenger list for the missing plane The passengers were tentatively Tuesday night that the pastor's condition, while serious, was "satisfac DANCING AND ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Milhurn Stone and His Kentucky Hotel Orchestra Cover Charte. 50e KENTUCKY hotel i ii ii On 0T I Class Roll. I The class roll is as follows: Mildred Barnes. Elizabeth M. Belli. I Christine V. Benz. Evanetta Beuther. Mir- I tha H. Brlte. Loiise Brooks. IMary Gist fErvan. Dorothv Collins. Katherine Cox. i Alice Lee Crawley. Ruth Depner. Euienna Embrv. Mary 1 Jane Evans. tlda Orrshune. Marsaret Goodman. Eli7.aVth Hackett. Jane C. Hearne. Elizabeth Hiatt. Hdenmarian B. Brown and Charles F. Jones as of Identified as: Philip Manes, Miami; George Allen and a fourth passenger, unidentified. Manes, court records ehowed. is under bondpn a liquor charge. Miami police claim all tbe passengers were associates of Manes and that one was a Negro. Today Only At ficers of the bank, and on September tory." Father Edward Link will be in charge of the parish during Father Meyering's illness. according to Father Vincent Tompkins, assistant pastor of the church, who is temporarily in charge. San Francisco yesterday, "bailed out I when the ship flew into rough weath- er over Sequoia National Park. Ran-1 utrs sniri he was uninjured. Lieut. NIGHT CLUB 13 following, the bank honored Caldwell check for $100,000 to the Bank of Tennessee at Nash (n) ville, which bank, it was charged was under the control of Rogers CaldT well and others associated with him. This loan, it was charged, was made ll I D.ors Open At 1 85c I ntil by Brown and Jones without the Do this for Hyman. Mildred Jablow. ZHma l.w.- Johnson. Dorothv Kaufman. JThelm-i Kin. Martha Lucile Lark. Dixie Seymour Leon. Margaret Helen Mittler. Margaret Rose MorrH. Katherine K. Overstreet. Edna Mae Redmon. Martha Elizabeth Robinson. Roselvn R. Rosen. Anna K. 8elf. Ernestine Esther Simpson. Selma Marie Solineer. Osa Mae Van Fleet. Maraaret Caroline Walker. Ruth Weller. JRuth Edna White. First Honor. Second Honor. tThird Honor. IHonorable Mention. For Every Member of the Family For Women For Men For Hoys For Girls For Infants knowledge or approval of the bank's 7T board of directors and there was no collateral or value attached to it, the STARTS FRIDAY STAI Your Child in Edward Hoffman, the pilot, flew on in hope of finding a landing field. He has not been heard from. Nearly 200 aircraft sought tlte Century-Pacific air liner which vanished Friday with eight persons aboard in one of the wildest mountainous areas of California. Clearing weather lent impetus to the search, concentrated in the vicinity of Cobblestone Mountain. Although heavy storms of the past few days had cleared away to some extent, it appeared that the missing plane might not be located until a thaw sets in, removing the snow that must have covered the wreckage. Investigation late today of a report that a searching plane had sighted what appeared to be the charred Pr. TWO WEEKS OF THE- If 1 jf" it ffiOM JACK HITS THRU. INC Jean HARLOW WaHer HUSTON A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer petition averred. Instead, it was alleged. Caldwell Co. was "in failing condition and was insolvent" at the time and already was indebted to the Bank of Kentucky in excess of $500,000, which, also it was charged, was "inadequately These loans were in violation of the National Banking Act. it was set forth, as they were in excess of the amount the bank was authorized to lend to one oorriwer. Further, the petition averred that Caldwell Co. is insolvent and the $100,000 loan constitutes a total loss. The demand note which Caldwell fe Co. placed with the bank, it was alleged, was executed by the Associated Life Companies, Incorporated, of Nashville, and It was charged that Brown and Jones, knew at the time of making the loan that the Associated Life Companies was indebted to the National Bank of Kentucky in excess of $500,000, which it was unable to pay, and did not pay. The WOMAN'S MOTOR INJURES BOY, 5 George Edward Drye, 5 years old. 2307 Duncan Street, suffered a concussion of the brain and a fractured leg when he was struck by an automobile as he ran across Twenty-sixth Street at Duncan Street at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The driver, Miss Blanche Quin, 24. of 349 North Twenty-seventh street, took the boy to the office of Dr. George Yenowine, 401 North Twenty-sixth Street, who accompanied the child to SS. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital in a police patrol. Women's 25c Rayon Hose Wanted shades. Made of durahic rayon 10c pr. Main Horn Men's 19c Rayon' Hose New ncnclty patterns lor or work Sizes 10 to 12 10C pr. M.i I lor Girls' 19c English Ribbed Hose 23c values in light and dark shadcs Sizes to 101- Main Floo: Boys' 19c Novelty Golf Hose New novelty patterns and colors. Sizes .74 to 10'- 10c pr. Third Floor Tots' "Mother Rose" Hose 15c values! In white, black and champagne. Sizes 4 to 10c pr. Third Floor Pirfire Last Two Days 13 Robert Montgomery In "LOVERS COURAGEOUS" With 2 LACKING 1932 PLATES ARRESTED After the truck he was driving south on Fourth Street struck two parked automobiles near Oak Street At 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Herbert Devine, 27 years old, Preston Street and River Road, was charged with being drunk in a public place and driving without 1932 license plates. William McCubbins, 36, of 1210 South Brook Street, was arrested Tuesday afternoon for lacking 1932 plates. For driving without the 1932 license plates. O. W. Hall, of Somerset. was fined $10 in the Police Court. Madge Evans IT We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities. KENTUCKY BILL BOYD JAMES GI.EASON in "SUICIDE FLEET" charge was made directly that the Associated Life. was "a dummy corporation under the control and domination of Rogers Caldwell 6i Co." This loan also was in viola- BROWN NOW OFFERS S3.000 MII.F.S OF LATCH. GAGS, THRILLS and ROMANCE! CL1VE BROOK In -HlSBAXn HOLIDAY" Starts Sat. 1,500 Yards New We Wash Fabrics tion of the Banking Act, as excessive in amount, It was charged. How to rid any boy or girl of sluggishness or constipation and build a big appetite. The trouble with children who will not eat is usually stasis. The symptoms are a tongue that's always coated, bad breath, poor color, dull eyes that are often a bilious yellow. No appetite, no ambition even for play. Hard to get to sleep, harol to wake in the morning. There's an absolute remedy for this condition. It gives listless youngsters the appetite and energies of a young animal! They eat I They gain! They keep well! The California Treatment conquers Sluggishness It's not the stomach, but the bowel condition that keeps children from eating. But the trouble is in the lower bowel the colon. California fig syrup is the only "medicine' needed to stimulate the colon muscles. The very next dav, your child is eating better and feeling better. Keep on with the fig syrup a few days and you will see amazing improvement in appetite, color, weight and spirits. Any drugstore has the real California fig syrup, all bottled, with directions. Nature never made a nicer acting or nicer tasting laxative. (It is purely vegetable.) Remember California fig syrup when sickness, a cold or any upset has clogged a child's bowels. WARNING Even when it's something to give children. to 6. l.e: Niehts2rc; Children lOe LAWYER'S WIFE ARRESTED. Then it was averred that on Sep-temoer 5, 1930, Caldwell Co. forwarded a note executed by the Bank "AROUND WORLD Accused of taking $50 from the law1! Today Only! Yd. Dress ginghams! Dress prints! Fancy striped Draprry cretonne! Bleached nainsook! Unbleached sheeting! Values to 19c a yard. 27-lnch, 36-inch and 40-inch widths. Downstairs WALTER OAMROSCH Dramatic Recital At the Piano Monday, February 8 8:15 P.MV Woman's Club, 1320 S. Fourth St. Seats At Sharkleton Co. Si.att. Sl.llfl. SI. 5 D0y6lASfTFAIRBMr.CS! of Tennessee for $200,000, payable to i the National Bank of Kentucky, and i Brown and Jones accepted this for discount without action by the board of directors and with the knowledge that the Bank of Tennessee then owed the Bank of Kentucky in excess of i $400,000. and in excess of the amount it might legally borrow. I office in which her husband and another attorney conducted a partnership, Mrs. Marie Rosenberg. 26 years old, wife of H. A. I. Rosenberg, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on a warrant sworn to by the other attorney, J. B. Gathright. When Mrs. Rosenberg took the money she believed it belonged to her husband, Mr. Rosenberg explained, adding that he had offered to give back the money and that he was very much surprised when he learned about the warrant. All the World His State! Continents Hi Plavrronnd! UNITED ARTISTS PICTURB A Dr. ElliotVs Arch Support SLIPPERS MADRID MARDI CRAS BALL 'COSTUME DANCK. Tuesday, February 9 Cash Prizes Ladies, 50c; Gentlemen, 75e Bartain Night. Wednesday, PebmarT 10. for Next Week TWO FEATURES ALSO SHOWING MARY ASTOR "Smart Woman" Pumps! Straps! Ties! NMMnBnasarassaari: ROBBERY REPORTED. While Alvin Vitt, employe of the Mid-Continent Petroleum filling station at Fifth Street and. Broadway, was waiting on a customer at 7:10 o'clock Tuesday night, a $10 bill and two $2 packages of nickels were taken from the safe of the station. Mr. Vitt discovered the theft when he returned, finding that a quantity of money had been left in the safe. Neat, comfortable dress slippers. Soft kid leather. AU sizes. Widths, to EEE. Downstairs lit THE SAVOY some stores will try to substitute. So be sure the bottle saus Shank II Her Life Was No BED OF ROSES She Wasn't Even Now 2 isAUitunniA. ig Syrup. Ui MUSICAL COMEDY VAUDEVILLE PICTURES The National Bank or K.entucKy has been unable to realize anything from the collateral of these last loans, it was set forth, thereby sustaining a loss in excess of $600,000, it was charged. The Missouri State Life Insurance Company of St. Louis has filed a claim for $504,770.16, the total of two certificates of deposit in the National Bank of Kentucky, the petitions stated, and accrued interest of 3 per cent Is demanded. It claims to hold two certificates, the petitions stated, for $250,000 as innocent purchaser of them, having acquired them through Caldwell Co. Receiver Keyes stated, he had rejected the claim and" the insurance company had sued in the Federal District Court to recover upon the certificates. If this suit is successful the receiver seeks the right to amend or supplement his petition so as to include any amounts "that the bank must make good. Illegal Acts Covered. Mr. Keyes said Tuesday night that the Cincinnati suits were filed on blanket bonds covering the National Bank of Kentucky against loss throueh criminal acts of any em- Wi II WEST nen sue rained, tneir Greatest Of All BuRitsout ShowsI i l(MILDRD ANORtA) All lllAlll't Mlw UtMAHUMA plove or employes. Al MXtOTila Mw ELASTICITY" '5 The suits, he said, were filed on the theory that the bonds covered various items on which losses were suffered I IX Most Talked- I I I of Picture of I I DOPnTHY AriA ii i I I KAAE- VtRCIA4lA LEE KITTY AXTO by the bank. The total of these items, he said, Sit I MctVC7Y 11 III III I I III I I i aggregated approximately $700,000, the mi -iii i-i i 1 total of the bond coverage. The Cincinnati law firm of Nichol, Morrill, Wood, Marx and Ginther filed the fit 1 Not Recommended for Children i BROWN Starting the suits. sne mine HURRY LAST Girl Is Reprimanded For Love Interview 2 DAYS NATIONAL One Time Only Thursday Nijht At SEATS NOW SELLING TED I Norristown. Feb. 2 (UP) i The State of Pennsylvania demanded today that a Jury send Edward H. B. I Allen, society man. to the electric chair or to' prison for life for killing his sister's sweetheart. The 23-year-old steeplechase rider Is being tried on a charge of murder-: iner Francis A. Donaldson in the i Allen apartment. November 9. Evi DO YOU DARE SEE IT? FRANKENSTEIN The Man Who Made a Monster Starts Friday "Strictly Dishonorable." With Paul Lucas, Sidney Fox, Lewis Stone STOCKINGS that wrinkle and bag are so unsightly! Do you know what causes this loss of beauty, and how to prevent it? New stockings arc elastic. Knitted with silk threads that stretch and then spring back again. But when this precious elasticity is destroyed, stockings wrinkle and sag. Seams arc crooked. Threads break instead of giving under strain, starting ruinous runs! That is why Lux has been made especially to preserve elasticity. It offers you a sure way to make your stockings keep their fit, and make even the sheerest ones really WEAR. DANCERS dence was started late today. Judge Harold O. Knight today characterized Rose Allen's granting interviews on the subject of her love for Donaldson as "highly improper conduct." The jury is composed of two machinists, two laborers, two farmers, a truck driver, a Hungarian merchant, a carpenter, an accountant and two housewives. In a New and Highly Varied Program 'All the poetry that dwells within the dance was written lamingly across the stage." Philadelphia Inquirer Orrhrstra Row Balcanv Balance of Balcony Gallrrv SI. 00 CHAS. KING I IN PERSON) Star of Broadway Melody1 and Other RKO Acta The Lux Way to make stockings FIT and WEAR Wash after EACH wearing. "Perspiration STOCKING S-A-G Wha elasticity la destroyed 1 Stocking wrinkle and bad crooked aeams disfigure -59 beauty, runs start. I Wash thi 2-minute way; 1. One teaspoon of Lux makes plenty of suds for each pair of stockings. 2. Add lukewarm water to Lux, squeeze 3 Xijhts Beg. Mon, Feb. 8 NATIONAL PAUL LLKAS CAROLE LOMBARD RICARDO CORTEZ "NO ONE MAN" suds through stockings, rinse well. DEWBERRY DENIED DEATH REHEARING Frankfort. Feb. 2 OP) Walter Dewberry, Chicago, Negro, who was sentenced to death in Hardin Circuit Court with two others for the murder of a white man near Eliza be thtown. was denied a. rehearing by the Court of Appeals today. The mandate for his execution was sent to Governor Laffoon by the court. The Governor also has the mandates in the other cases. HERE HE COMES! Supreme! Triumphant! icit in the stocking rots threads. Don't rub with cake soap. It destroys the elasticity of the silk. With Lux there's no rubbing. Don't use too-warm water this fades color. With Lux you use lukewarm water. No hot water needed. Avoid ordinary soaps cakes, powders, chips. These often contain harmful alkali which weakens silk threads, fades colors. Lux has no harmful alkali. Anything safe in water is safe in Lux. WORLD'S GREATEST cjpsnsoti ENTERTAINER CHARGES GAMING LOSS. A eamblinz game in wifich C. fjj D. 13 Karsner, 414 South Fifth Street, said he lost $475 Tuesday afternoon, and which he says he entered at the insunce of Lax Vincent, 36, formed the basis of a warrant which Karsner swore to for Vincent's arrest, and on WONDER BAR Mill I A Popular Scale of MIM- Now prices Will Prevail All Nights, $3.00 BALCONY 11.00. fl.50. tJ.OO. St.50 Wed. Mar. $2.50 ALCONT tl.M. $1.50. SEATS THIRSItAY IT TtT" 1 2 minutes a day JLUA for stockings keeps them iL which Vincent was taken Into custody at 12:45 o'clock Wednesday morning. Persuading a person to enter a gambling game is forbidden by Kentucky statute. The warrant says the game was in a room in the Brown in tn m'i coon tttyi" i new Hotel.

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