Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1939
Page 3
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I Wednesday, December 6,1939 SOCIETY HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ivira. Sid Henry Telephone 321 This I hopu I'll never be Over-grown wilJi dignity: Never by (he number ycnr.s Feel too old for .smiles nr lours, Jests or songs or anything Life to me is npt to bring. This I hope I'll never any: "Nothing is worth while., today! All is slnlo ,-inrl nil is trite. I've grown uld nml nothing'-! right. 1 With the spirit of :i buy, Everything I would enjoy. This wiiy never would I wiiko. Thursday - Friday WHEN I ESCAPE Soon — I shall be (reel Free lo live, tree to clasp the woman 1 love. Free to meet my enemy nt sword-point!" IMIltD '••"SIS Wishing day would never break: Thinking nothing forward lies New of wonder and surprise; Nothing Rood to see or know; Nowhere else worlh while to go. Let the flesh grow old and frail. Never let the spirit fail. Here in all there is lo see .Inteloslod let me be. Let me always stoutly cling To Ihe joy in everything . . E. A. G. The Pat Cleburne chapter, U. D C. will hold its annual Christmas meeting at a.-.IO Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs L. W. Young. Soudi Hervey street. The Cosmopolitan club will meet Thiusdiiy afternoon at three o'clock at the home of Mrs. Henry Hayne.s MI South Elm street. This being the last meeting of the club year, it is very important thai all dues be collected at this time. Circle No. 3, W. M. S. first Methodist church held its December meet- inj; on Tuesday with a one o'clock group luncheon al the home ot the icliring leader, Mrs. W. G. Allison. West Avenue B. with Mrs. Clara Broach as joint hostess. For the oc- ca.siou, thi> Allison home was bright LAST TIME THURS. Double Feature Wallace Berry as •ii- with Tom Brown Alan Curl is Lorainc Johnson and The Lane Sisters & John Garfield in "DAUGHTERS COURAGEOUS" COMING FRIDAYS, SATURDAY Double Feature "INDIANAPOLIS SPEEDWAY" and "FRONTIER MARSHALL" with Christmas ch6cr tmd hospital- ily, nnd members nnd tliclr guests \yere met nt the door by' Mrs Done Smith. Following n season of pleasant greeting..; in the Living Doom, the invitntion the dining room was extended. Tho dining room decorations reflected the same spirit of Christ- inns welcome, nnd n most tempting plate lunch was served buffet style Irnm ,-ni L slinpcci tabie holding (be attractive array ot lovely flowers and delicious food. Different members "I Hie Circle served in the dining loom. Following the luncheon a short bu.siiH'tt; meeting was held nnd Die new W. M. S. president. Mrs. Henry Mill xvn.s introduced and (he new Circle leader Mrs. .A. M. Kettig chosen for (lie coming ycrfir received a round of applause The .social activities were led by Mr;.. J. A .Henry, and to nay there was "a joy in everything" would tell , the slory, for there was no "overgrown dignity" perent, and the Christinas spirit, was manifest in the responses of Christmas experiences in the roll call. The crowning glory of the hour of joy came when each mctn- r,cr and guest drew for a Christmas pn.'sent from a crowded tray of attractive packages Sperm) gifts were presented lo Mrs. Allison in appreciation of her leadership for tho past three years and to Mrs. J. A. Henry for ho r contribution to the social act- ivilk.s for the year. Guests oilier (ban the circle members were. Mrs : Kenneth L. Spore, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs, Hoxs H. Gillespic, Mrs. Henry Hitt, Mrs. J. A .Henry and Mrs Sid Henry. Thc Ladies Aid Society of the First Christian fhiirc'li will sponsor an apron and luncheor. sol sale on Fri- dns. Oi-ccmher Hlh at the office ol Floyd Poi terficld, East Front .street. The pinnacle for the Week of Prayer for World Wide Missions by tiie Vf. M. S. of (he First. Baptist church will lie readied Wednesday night at <:.'!<: vitli the Youiii; Business Wo- niens' (.'irple leatling. A very impressive- |il:,.vl'-t entitled, "Living Water" will be presented by members of circle '.',, All members of the church ;jic coniiall.y invited. PAGE THREE These Are the Things That Take 'Merry' Out of All the Salesgirls 1 Christmas 1 T Hoover Reviewing (Continued from Page'One) ridors of the Stale Department building where the Budget Director now is housed. The other door leads into a tiled lavatory. Time after time governmental big guns will emerge seren and important looking after talking ten-cylinder figures with Ihe Budget Director. It withers 'them to pull open the wrong door and be confronted with an efficient bank of plumbing. Senator Aguelli is reputed lo be Ihe richest of Italy's 15,000 milionaires. One Mote , } Papa glared sternly at his youiig hopeful. "Another bite like that, yotitttf,/ man," he said, "and you'll leavfc the table!" Sonny looked up. "Another bite like that," he agreed, '<and I'll be finished." ' A truck crashed in California, and ' 10,000 pounds of sugar were strewn over the highway. Spectators stood around waiting for a strawberry truck / to come along. Only 10 per cent of the automobiles in the United States are owned by persons whose annual income exceeds ?3000. meeting will be the annual election ol officers and all members are urged to be present. Russia Moves to (Continued from Page One) Tin; Unity Baptist church of lily will present the Slumps Quurlc- '<<• ••«•'' the .Sky Liners of Hot !:.|,rings. a.s a Home Coining of Harold ^ l'i:e\v(-e liobort.s, on Friday voning j at 7::il) al !hc City Audiloriuni. A small , :n|]iii.ssion will be asked. Mi.-;. Williams Clarke of Atlanta, Oa.. arrived Wednesday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, R. M. LaGrone. Mrs. Parks Fisher and I/onnie of Laurent;, S. C. arrived Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. Fisher's mother, Mrs. Florence Chambless ' from Germany or England. She demands the northern port of Pelsamo ironi Ihe Finns because it is open the year-'round, and would afford the | Brilish an excellence base from which thisjio attack first, Murmansk, and then Leningrad. The German navy, once free of its lassie with England, could attacks Leningrad from the west. That means the Kussians must have naval bases on both the northern and southern shores ot the Gulf of Finland, and in the Gulf of Bothnia. That would give warning and outer defenses for vital Leningrad and the I iuz.il lo Moscow. Otherwise, bombers ! could swoop down over the paper-thin little son,' metal roofs of Leningrad, and the in- in flammable timber stored in the harbor and make a shambles of Russia's .second largest city. At the same time, the bases in these two gulfs would give the Russians ti position to dominate Sweden. Once the Aaland Islands are in Russia's hands, Sweden will have to listen to with Russian trade proposals. Mrs. i I'oinl Two: Germany nnd England Mr. uml Mrs. Carrey Gilliam. who have spent ilie past few days in Saint Lmii.s while the children Marjorie Ann and Bobbie have visited their (/rand parents, Mr. and H. M. LaGrone returned last night' have the only forces capable of re- and are leaving Wednesday afternoon fisting Ihe Russian advance on Finland, and they are obviously too ser- for their home in El Dorado. HOIK; chapter 328 O. B. ;j. will hole) its regular meeting Thursday evening at 7:30 at the Masonic Hall. This iously occupied to give Finland i help now. any 15 y RUTH MIU,ETT Your feet hurt. You've lost one glove. You've f-.-und Die right present foi Uncle Willis, but it co.sts too much. Mi::ry Chri':tm!is! And don't forget it. Not while you are shopping. Life is. tough enough for Ibe girl behind the counter during the Christmas rush without you— a really j-ood guy at heart— turning into a "problem shopper." At Miicy'ii. largest department store in the world, .salesgirls were asked to finish the sentence, "The shopper who lakes Ihe Merry out of My Christmas it; tin. 1 one who . . . '' They answered: "... says before she makes up her mind. 'Arc you .sure you've shown me everything?" "... simps not .singly, but in pairs. Kadi woman keeps Ihe other Irijin being completely talisfted with anything ... is so ben I on making the man with her think she knows everything about everything that she asks dozens of pointless questions—while wailing shoppers shift from one foot to the other. "... can't make up her mind.. i'iiy Tribute to Mere Man Another shopper who takes the Merry out of salesgirls' Merry Christinas is Ilie one who: "... has only Ibe vaguest notion of what .she wants. Typical is: '1 war.i .some hose for my aunt. I don't kiniv.' what. M'/.e she wears, but she's about five-two or (hree. and she weigh about 200 pounds.' "Actual Need" Is BIG REDUCTIONS CLASSY JEAN DRESSES Two and Three Piece Suits Winter Coats Affer Christmas prices Before Christmas so that you can buy now for the Holiday Season. Beautiful new coats, two and three piece Suits and Classy Jean Dresses all at Big Reductions. (Continued from Pago One) bring tliem home.'' Help Available for Worst Cases Some of the reliefers get by. And .some don't. The critical cases gel varied help. Families with children under 10 still get milk. Chronically ill have special diets. Unemployables get 70 per cent of their former handouts. Underlying the Toledo situation is the same stale politico-relief tangle that, has brought other large cities in Ohio into difficulties over the rame problem, only Toledo is in a more critical spot. The crisis came in Toledo when a real eslatc tax for relief was defeated at the polls in September, and the city found itself with a relief debt, of around S1,ODO,000 and 5140,000 cash on hand to run to Iho end of Ihe year. Few "Professionals" on Ihe Rolls • The survey of the Council of Social Agencies indicated thai remarkably few of those taken from relief rolls were "professional reliefers." Fifty per cent of the names were not on the rolls in 1938. Relief Commissioner C. A. Benedict verified the fact that Ihe "reliefers" were willing lo work. "We've never had a client refuse work,'' he said. There has been no outward de- Gay Toppers for Xmas Youth in ovary line. Shorts, Slims and Boxys in oil wool Tweeds and plain weaves. In oil colors. Chick with any Frock. $5.98 to $11.50 GAY SCARFS Chinelle-Flannel ROBES For list. on your the lovely Ictdy Beautifully tailored, wraparound zipper. Rich shades.'A real (gift. $5.98 49cto$1.98 Vivid Checks and Striped Wool and Rayon Crepe waits until .she is at a crowd- j monstration a.s u result of the cutting THE CAR THAVMAS BETTER! MORI: #00 M MQBKWWIN A SMASH-HIT from coast to coast—that's the new Oldsmobilc for 1940! It's bigger- ill length, in breadth, in roominess. It's better —in styling, in performance, in economy. It gives you uew Hi-Test Safety Plate Glass and Sealed-Beam Safety Headlamps. And it's available in three new series. The big, 95 H. P. Sixty is priced in the low-price field. The stunning new Seventy sells at a popular price. The luxurious, new Custom 8Cruiser is the finest Eight ever offered at medium price. Come in for a thrilling trial drive! PUICKD FOH EVERYBODY Coupes, fS07 anil ur- faVrij/iH, $3SJ ;ind u/i. Delivered at ^nsintH, Michigan. CVir illutiirtttvij: Sixty 4-Door Toun'n^ Sedan, $899. Prirus incluila Suf L -ty U/jis.s. Chrome Window yi'evua/s Gumpors, Spura Wheel, 7Vre, Tuhr, Duul Ttumpct Horns, 3 Windshield \Vif>ora, Vacuum Hovster PUIII/I, 2 Sun V'/sors, 7Yanj*;>orrVifion iKisct/ on rail rare.s, ttitu- nnd local lu-vufa (j/0n.v), oiilionul t'quip- int-'iit and ijcci'ssuno.s e.\r><i. Prices subject tn c/imijja without notice. Genera/ Motors Instalment Plan. ACKNEHALMIJTOKSVALU15 AMERICA'S BIGGEST MONEY'S WORTH GIB LEWIS GARAGE 104 East Division Hope, Ark. Furthermore, u Russian attack on Finland is most advantageous from the Russian point of view in the month of December, because the marshes and lakes of south and central Finland arc frozen hard enough to sustain motor transport and infantry troops. Snowfall is nol yet heavy enough to impede progress, and above all the usual January thaw is slill ahead. Thai means Ihe Russians can threaten from the air first, as they arc doing, in the hope the Finns will quickly give in. But. if they should resist further, the Russians could spread a huge army across a wide front and overrun the Finns with u motorized attack similar to the one used by the Germans against the Poles. This is Ibe only month of the year such an attack would be feasible and practically guaranteed to succeed before it started. Points three and four: Because world opinion inevitably sides with the underdog, and Finland is the uncler- est possible dog, the Russians may well be content to soften the force of that opinion against her, and allow the Finns to keep nominal independence, so long as the Soviet retains the Auhind Islands, the Hango naval districts, the Finnish Islands in the Gulf of Finland, Petsamo on the north, and a strip of territory sonic Z~> miles wide to protect Leningrad from a surprise attack. Point Five: Robbed by the expert Russian timing of the protective heavy sand dunes, marshes, granite boulders, and open forests between Leningrad and the border, and the protection of water close inshore along Ihe Finnish const (because the ice is already forming), the Finns must look with considerable despair at their prospects. Kinland Needs a Miracle Heretofore German friendship gave them superior moral over the Russians, for they felt assured of German aid. This is obviously not forthcoming now. Sweden can send no airplanes or other help, because her safety, too, is threatened by the Russian advance. Despair could lead the Finns lo retaliate against the Russian^ by bombing extremely vulnerable Leningrad. The January thaw could help, by bogging down the Russian infantry and the Russian planes. But, that is entirely unlikely. Jf the Finns should have any such miraculous piece of luck, however they might be able to count on a revolt later on among the Russians of the north against tile Stalin regime. Anti- Stalin feeling is reported here to be comparatively strong around Leningrad and among the Russian sailor.-, t.n the Baltic. But that too, is a flimsy possibility, because the Stalin opposition i.s not well organized. So, short of a miracle, the jig's up for Finlju'id—for the present. Jt is .said that j 00.000 people are engaged in the 550,000,000-u-yvur "coal hootjegging" business. The first, book printed from movable type was not that by Johann Gulen- Lerg, it is said. A Chinese, Pi Sheng, is credited with the accomplishment m 1011. tcl counter to. make out her shopping o ff of relief. This was referred to by I the council: The apathetic attitude of many sends me lo gel something out of stock and leaves while my back is turned. " . . won't wait her turn, but says, 'Won't you wait on me next?" "... is so afraid that the customers on cillicr .side will find a better bargain that she has to «;e everything they are being 1 shown." When each salesgirl had finished the sentence and added "but most shoppers are really, pretty nice and considerate," they were asked another question: "How would you describe the perfect shopper?" "That," they said answer is it man." easy. The persons is based on absence of demonstrations or other concrete indications of actual suffering, which conclus- U'lily proves to them that clients cut off from relief arc somehow managing to get by without it." A raven is kept at Merscburg castle, near Halle, Germany, as u reminder of a grave injustice. Many years ago, a servant was executed for the theft of a valuable ring belonging to the Eishop Thilo of Trotha. The ring actually had been stolen by a raven. When one bird dies, another is place in its stead immediately. GLOVES Kids, Suedes, Fob- .rics and combination in brown, block and moss green. BAGS Beautiful bags to match any costume in new materials and* colors. 98c to 1.98 to $2.98 Luxurious Long Wearing Safin SLIPS GOWNS PAJAMAS In tailored or Icce trim, these are beautifully figure flattering and all you could osk for in loveliness. Exquisitely made, pastel shades. $1.98 to $5.98 Pure Silk Hose Lovely silk stockings .... No better gift for ony women. Pure silk, ring- less, sheer, splash proof. 45 gage in two and three thread. All new shades. 69c 79c 98c Sweaters and Skirts Smart wearable gifts. Wide choice in beautiful sweaters and skirts. Gay novelty styles sweaters made of spft wool .... New skirts in swing and gored models, plaids, solids. Costume Jewelry Our jewelry will moke lovely gifts, or add to your own ensomble. 98e to $2.98 Stuart's Dress Shop ..— it Bonus PIUS .•A Guests welcome this pure refreshment With frosty bottles of Coca-Cola in your refrigerator, you are always ready to provide refreshing hospitality for your guests. You can get Coca-Cola in handy six-bottle cartons from your dealer, HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 392 L. L. Hollomon 114 W. 3rd St.

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