Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 14, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 14, 1942
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WjTCO StATtF DETENSC •ONDC; STAMPS Served by the No. 1 News Organizations — : The Associated Press & Wide World S5L r °/.. H °P". .'899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January is', 1929. Star The Weather Little temperature change Saturday night, shower late Saturday night in the northwest portion. HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. MARCH 14, 1942 ^^^^^^^^_ '"'" — -- '!!_..!_!....'.'"-;•• ' --•__ .—LJ. Dytch_Fjghting ~—• — r '~ • ^^^^ i ^^j^^^ Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by Tho Editor -ALEX. H. WASHBURN- Consumers Union First Advice, Then Command named Consumers Union about don't like, Co'nsumers'Un'ion 0 W " d^i kNewspa P er P e °P le 'Square West, New York City; and we'don'HikelrflatJs' Star office yesterday. Health Group to Pick-Up Trash, 'Cans in Hope Campaign Against ^ Mosquitoes to Be Carried Out March 17-20 Mosquitoes and spring cleaning may ^nol seem to have any relationship, bu U does exist. Spring is here, and mosquitoes will soon be breeding. To carry out a mosquito control program without a preliminary spring clean-up of the winter's accumulation of tin- cans and other trash is to admit Juefcat before starling. If mosquito breeding starts and there are numerous tin-cans, old barrels, and other artificial water containers •scattered around the homes vacant lots, and alleys, the first brood -?i , mos q.u'toes will be hatched and - . before any reasonable number of mosquito conlrol men could pos sibly find Ihe cans and oil or carry them off. J The first brood is always cxtra- aad,j£>,wj-y,itiany .egcape dty- ^cpvcry and survive to hatch as"flying, singing, biting mosquitoes, the whole program is a failure. Not only is tho town full -of mosquitoes, but their very numbers make certain that all water, from a lake to a mud- hole will have eggs laid in it and make r so much work that the mosquito fighters cannot keep up. To the first brood are added the survivors of the succeeding broods which hatch about every seven days until the town is swarming with the posts. 1 ,•• To get the jump on the mosquitoes . •*very citizen of Ho ' please?" (this mail sheet" asks) I m not actually going to send you a check to pay your taxes. Bui if you agree, this week, lo join Ihe 80,000 members of Consumers Union, I will show you how you can cover all or a largo port of your lax bill-easily. "Consumers Union does nol propose any plan of savings, docs nol call for any penny-pinching sacrifices. "Consumers Union does tell you some very imporlanl tilings whicli you can not find out by your- "1. Which brands among the bewildering multitudes on the market give you most for your money . . and which give vou least. "2. The names of familiar brands which have lowered quality . . . the names of others which have maintained it. "3. How to avoid wasting anywhere from ?50 to ?300 out of your income on over-priced, over-rated merchandise ... and how lo make wise subslilulions for pro- duels no longer available." You've read newspaper complaints n recent years thai advertising is under allack because it is the spear- iead of American mass produclion a nass sales methods. I know of „„ leller evidence showing the existence 'f this foreign movement than the ctual words of Ihe Consumers Union mail propaganda Ihis week. Look t for a moment. Consumers 'Union -glibly offers lo ell you "which brands among the pwildcring mulliludcs on the market ive you most for your money." "Bewildering multitudes" — Holy moke! Before the day of national dvertismg there were about 300 lakes of automobiles, each manufac- ui-ed by a different company. But dverlismg within a generation cut ic 300 lo about 30, and 90 per cent all cars were manufactured by ree companies. And in this genera°n American automobiles became Total of 9 Producers in Midway Field Frankel Well Making 368 Barrels; Prepare for Test in Hempstead By Spccinl Correspondent STAMPS - Nine producers ore now flowing m the new Midway field of Lafayette county, and a 10th is due in some time next week. The two most recent completions very citizen of Hope is asked to < known a* the cheapest and best clean up all tin-cans, old barrels, old " " tires, and any other unwanted water catchers on his premise!!. Dr. Don Smith, city health officer, has directed Eugene Cox, John New/•berry and Walter Hardy lo assist in in '"story. the world. And the same thing happened in every field of manufacluring, sales, and consumer demand. It never happened any other time tills spring cleaning. From Tuesday, March 17 through Friday March 20, these mosquito control officials will pick up tin cans and trash that are placed near the street where Iho men can remove them to the truck. To make sure lhal all Ihe tin-cans and other artificial water containers arc picked up, Boy Scouts, under the direction of Clyde Coffee, Troop No. 62, S. E. McGregor, troup No. 58, and . Jlendrix Spraggins, troup No. 66, will devote their evenings and Saturdays to inspection of premises and lo collection of tin cans from vacanl lots and public properly. This time will count toward service bands. This clean-up campaign is no substitute for the usual city (rash collection. Tho campaign is aimed at Uie over-looked or forgotten water-containers. The Local Health Departmonl is cooperating with Dr. Smith and the field .workers through the services of Dr. 'Edward Budd, medical director, Creo Jones, sanitarian and Allen Mayfield, malarua control worker. Their services arc not confined to Hope, but arc county-wide. The local health department stands ready lo extend its scr- ,H>ices or advice at any time. It never happened anywhere in the world but in America. This is what we have—as Americans. This is what we have lo lose by listening to weasel-eyed economic fifth columnists who are trying to tear down all that the hard-headed business men, skilled workers, and able salesmen, of America hiwo given to Ihcir country ami its people * * * Consumers Union •• proposes as u substitule for advertising—which puts brands before the people and lets the people decide for themselves—a system in which "experts" would appraise all brands and determine which arc best for the people. Who arc these "experts"? Who are the persons that, so Con- arlificial sumers Union says, will determine which are the best automobiles, the best radios, the best washing-machines, the best furniture, and so on? Well, Consumers Union lists an "advisory commillec" of 12 persons—anc all of Ihem are professors! Professors! No class is so ignorant of all things except books, as professors. I assume the members of Consumers Union's advisory committee are individually acting in good faith. But Ihis does nol clear Ihem of Ihe obvious charge that just such organizations as theirs proposes to be pavud the way for the collapse of democracy in Europe, and built up the bureaucratic edifice that eventually became Dictatorship. For as you know, in Europe these professors' "advisory committees" as fast as they became national in scope were incorporated into government— and pretty soon the people, instead of picking their own goods, had government picking their goods for them. But adverlising lels the people choose. Senator Lloyd Spencer sent The j It is the democratic way of life-as for this week arc Bamsdall Oil Com- panys Bond No. 2 SE SW of section ll-].>-24 and the Beck No. 1 NE NW of section 14-15-24. The Bond test was gauged at 20 barrels per hour on quarter-inch choke. TM. T ° P T, of , Oil satur al'on was G457 feel The Beck test flowed Friday after casing perforations and has not yet been officially gauged. Porosity was lopped at G397 feet. The next completion duo is the company's Bond No. 4 section 11-15-24 which has been shut down because of high water. Production pipe will be set, since porosity was topped at 6345 feet. Barnsdall is building roads and e- recling derricks to three new locations in the field, one a south offsel lo Ihe Frankel's Burns test near the Hempstead county line. The three new tests n ?°' 1 SW NE ° f sc 'ti°n Roberts No. 1 NW SW of «wc,V 15 ; 24 and tho Robci ' ts •i SW SW of section 11-15-24. The latest gauge on Ihe Frankel tests which is of most interest to Hempstead county citizens, is 368 barrels through a 16/64 inch choke in 24 hours Tubing pressure is 150 pounds and packer was set at 64GO feet. Also of interest to Hempstead is the fact thai E. G. Bradham is moving in to begin operations at the Hy- grado Oil Company's Ford- No 1 in section 32-14-23, Hempstead counly Tho test will be watched with interest as its successful completion will mean much drilling aclivily on this Hempstead side of the line. Three miles east of Stamps in the Bucknor field, Bradham drilled below 3000 feet at his Sue Keys test m section 7-16-22 and six miles south of the McKamie field, McAlester Fuel Oil company drilled below 8870 feel at the Jeffus No. 1 wildcat in section 419-23. Its successful completion will open an entirely new territory for -tafayette county. The McKamio field will probably resume its drilling activity now that the distillate fields of this section have Jcen ordered opened. Several loca- lons are waiting in thai area which lad been ordered closed pending the icaring last Tuesday in El Dorado of h Oil and Gas Commission. Russians Narrow Escape Corrider of Nazi Troops RAF in Overnight Raid on Germany; Italians Say Liner Queen Mary Hit By the Associated Press Russian troops were reported to lave narrowed the "escape corridor" of Adolf Killer's armies on the Moscow front to 20 miles Saturday as in Java counter offensive rolled" ul . oward Smolensk and crushed desperate German attempts to strike back London advices said the Russians vere closing the jaws on a trap a- ound Gorman forces now bottled up n the Rzhev-Vyazma region. The lone channel of retreat, cut hrough the woods, of 20 miles pro-' umably near Durovo on the Vyazma- molcnsk highway about 35 miles west £ Vyazma. Russian troops were last reported 0 miles apart in that area and driv- ig down from the north and south A Soviet bulletin reported tersely that our troops continued offensive operations against the German invaders and advanced." , "On some sectors tho enemy made counter attacks which were repulsed' with heavy losses to the Germans " Adolf Hitler's field headquarters acknowledged that the Russians were continuing their unsuccessful atlacks along the entire front. In the Crimea the German command said Red army forces strongly supported by anks and planes unleashed a new assault on German-Rumanian positions on the Kerch peninsula bu were thrown back in hard fight ing, . " In aerial warfare British RAF bomb crs slruck overnight at the Rhineland industria.1. ci.ly of Cqlougnc, dropping high explosives and sterling huirc fires. fa Berlin acknowledged lhat at various places in western Germany residential sections were bombed, as Ihe RAF pressed its new spring offensive Thc Italian radio declared the 80,733- ton British line Queen Mary was damaged by a torpedo hit off Rio de Jan. eiro several days ago with 10,000 Nort! American soldiers, trying to reach Falkland island. The Falklands, 250 miles east of the southern tip of South America are Hie site of a British base. There was no confirmation of the report which a Rome broadcaster attributed to Argentine Maritime circles. First Pictures of Malay an Fightino ^""itMtttrn/mmfrnm^^^ ^ *3 Jap Claim of 98,000 Taken Branded False Prime Minister Soys 'Saving Australia Is Saving America' By the Associated Press the Japanese in Java Claimed ° f Hubertus a " nced t at Melbourne Bulletins Water Project for Washington $42,000 Allocated for Development in Hempstead SU(r the following telegram from "Washington, D. C., Saturday: "The Defense Public Works agency has just announced allocation of $42,000 for the water facilities project at Washington, Ark." ' "Share and share alike" is the plan behind sugar rationing. Using sugar more carefully will prevent hardships on anyone. Excessive .use of sugar in the home may be prevented by use ot fruits and other natural sweets. Sugav i ^cll- WASHINGTON—UP)— The American cruiser Houston and the destroyer Pope and 10 other warships of the United Nations were lost m the battle of Java, the Navy announced Saturday, adding that a thirteenth Allied ship was reported beached and presumed lost. In the great British, Australian, Dutch and U. S. battle the United Nations accounted for 8 Japanese warships. Limestone Consumption Approximately 25,000,000 Ions of .mcslone arc used every year in the United States, chiefly in the smelling of iron ores. A plan advocated by Sidney Hillman, labor director of the War Production Board, would restrict manufacture of refrigerators to a "Viv- tory line, built in „ few Jjlullts _ Ajj other refrigerator factories would b converted to war production. Mrs. Calfahan's Boy Is En Route to War LYNN, Mass.—M';—Thc Western Union clerk wasn't sure about Ihe delivery, but that didn't slop Ihe cocky young man in Ihc least: "I don't care," he replied in his jaunty way, "just send it." Thc telegram was addressed lo Gen Douglas MacArlhur, the Philippines It read: "Hold on. I am coming. Callahan." Callahan was inducted into the army as a selectee Friday. Police Recover Five Bicycles Jimmy C. Herbert, 19, Negro, Arrested for Thefts Police announced Saturday the arrest of a 10-year-old negro boy for the theft of at least a half-dozen bicycles here within thc past week Jimmy C. Herbert of near Hope was >Ue(< Friday night and admitted stealing the bicycles. He implicated another negro youth who was also jailed but released Saturday after investigation. Five bicycles were recovered Saturday morning and police were investigating several admitted bike tmcfts that had not been reported. Xlie bikes were sold to various persons in and around Hope for fifty cents and a dollar each. He was /released lo counly of- icers pending trial. Cranium Crackers Musical Moments Maybe your sharps rae all flat but you should be able to tap out the answers to Ihese questions on music and musicians. 1. Differentiate between a French horn and an English horn. 2. Name the "Three B's" of classical music. 3. Is Kate Smith, Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman or Jascha Heifetz known as the "king of swing"? 4. What songs usually are asstj- hc Marillc 5. Name Ihe popular composition of which most records, orchestrations and copies of sheet music sold in tho last 20 years. ^*. Oil and Gas Filings weapon of war because it is need- Kir industiral alcohol and for production of smokeless powder. applied to the market place. And it needs no apology—for it has made America fabulously rich and comfortable. So rich and comfortable, in facl, that now the pauper nalions, filled with envy, have struck at us with the hand of War. A part of our American life must be , set aside "for Die duration." But toj altv acres), dated 2-9-42" filed" s'lV guarantee thai we shall return to our' 42 - J- K. Wadley and wife to A" c" original ways, when the struggle i s I Taylor. W'/ 2 of SE!' 4 of Sec 4 Two' over, let us keep an ever-suspicious 15 'S., Rge. 24 West. ' "eiisors who, kept Royalty Deed: 1/544 Int., (10 roval- and comfortable ly acies), dated 2-9-42. filed 3-12- Lofayette County March 12, 1912 Prepared by Eunice Trinlctt Lewisville, Arkansas Royalty Deed: 1/256 Int., 15 year erm (10 royalty acres), dated 3-11-42 ecorded 3-12-42. Mary E. Turner ct 'i to J. A. Fletcher. S ] /2 of SPC 1? •wp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West ' Royalty Deed: 5/1248 Int., (2V 2 roy- IV tlfl'OK) rl.'H arl' 1 n 4*1 j?-i i ., . „ by the tax-money of the world's best 4 2 - Mrs. Susie L. Wadley to A." C~ (Continued on Page Tbree) .Taylor. WV 2 of W%, SE% of SWVi! and SVi of SE'/i of Sec. 5; E'/i of Royalty Deed: 5/1248 Int., (2V4 4 y of ' roy 3-?2- and wife to A C T. Rogers and wife and of r ' of Sec. 15, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 Royalty Deed: 1/64 Int., book R-7 w-' dated 2 - U - 42 ' recorded 3- Virginia Russ Prather to Leon F. Russ. EVi of NEW of Sec. U, Twp 15 S., Rge. 24 West. P ' Leaf Curl Spray Material Waste Unless Trees ore Sprayed Before Buds Swell Spraying for control of peach leaf curl after buds swell is usually a waste of material, says Oliver L Adams, county agent. Peach leaf curl, the cause of serious leaf fall and wcaking of peach trees, is one of the easiest of all plant disease spores arc on the surface of buds and twigs, and infection takes place as the buds swell and open. Ulie spray commonly recommended hu said, is the ordinary 4-4-50 Bordeaux, to which is generally added stock solution of lubricating oil emulsion for control of the scale insect Since supplies of copper sulphate or bluestone for Bordeaux mivture will probabl ybecome scarcer as the war progresses, growers may have to c- turn to winter strength applications of. commercial lime sulphur, which was used for both leal curl and scale control until recent years. This strength, Oliver L. Adams said, is obtained by adding GU gallons of commercial lime sulphur to 50 gallons of water. In using the spray, it should be applied before the buds swell, and care must be used to completely cover ^tfS&S£^jg^®&sr*' S^T—MffU? S;,! £,££"*"'""""""""" """»• f ° r C , f' IjOwcr l' ic ture f moul1derin « tank after st °Pl>ed on tree-blocked One Command for U. 5. Forces Allied Defeats, Disasters Shock Official Washington NBA Service Military Writer WASHINGTON-Allied defeats ana disasters may well shock official Washington to a determination that out of such widespread evil must come the good of a real unified com/°M l - G fai - flu »g forces of the United Nations, and especially anc iwn. Many who hiterto were lukewarm oday warn hotly that there remains o us no margin of safety in time or pace. of whether freezing tlie buds. Regardless killed the fruit buds, the spray'should be applied, because this year's leaves produce the food and store it in the wood to form next year's fruit buds Failure lo hold leaves Ihis year will cause a low set of fruil nexty ear, and what fruit is set will bo poorly nur- shed and of poor quality ,the agent warned. Also, leaf loss weakens the ree and may result in failure to jroperly mature wood which makes it nore subject to winter injury. The late peaches are already in Jloom in Hempstead county. The ;arly peaches in many cases have buds that have not swollen and the ibove spray could easily be applied They declare that if the Nazis and apanese are nol slopped where Ihey re, tho oceans not kept safe for our i-oops and supplies, then the war may e dragged out ruinously and per- aps even lost. This grim view is eld by well-informed people, who "Never since the Revolution was it so true as today that 'if we don't all hang together, we 'H aU hang aratcly .". They mean "hanging together" in u imlilary sense. Belief increases that he armies, navies and air forces of the United Nations and the United Mates are less united than they should be. To some observers their efforts seem diffused by an effort to win the way by committees, which history j since ancient Greece, proves is sui cidal. Nazis Coordinate; United Nations Don't The United Nations have in Wash ngton separate committees to con- Vr<>! munitions, shipping an d Ftu • iast strategy. The last has eight members. London has more committees controlling European, Near Eastern and Middle Eastern strategy. General Wavcll has a near-committee in Java controlling four armies and foin fleets. And we, although practically everj victory in this war has been won by Auzi land, sea and air forces perfectly co-ordinated under the Wehrmacht's single command, still have two i-om- inands, almost three or four, (counting autonomous air forces) not coordinated but "co-operating" under another committee of eight. As if teamwork weren't hard enough the Army is almost taken OVPI- l-,*- Tie Asks Army is almost taken over by its Air Force amid tenfold expansion under officers mostly amateurs. And conversely, the Navy is strangled uy too many and too-old professional officers of the type that flattered themselves they knew about naval air power who nthey knew just about the half of it. In recent maneuvers the two services couldn't agree whose air it was, or whose shore-line. On a real job, like defending Hawaii, they never tried The frightful jolt led to quick unification of command in all outposls; Army as well as Navy, under Admiral Chester W. Nimitz in Hawaii, Navy as (Continued on Page Three) Speed Limit Recommends 40- Miles an Hour in All 48 States WASHINGTON - m _ President Roosevelt has written state governors asking cooperation to conserve rub- ser by limiting the speed of all iicles to 40 miles per hour and , c - quiring frequent checking of tires for possible repairs or retreading. The White House announced Saturday that identical letters had been sent to the governors of all 48 states Reduction of speed limits and regular inspections institute another important means of federal-slale coop- oration in Ihe war effort," the White House announced, Hope Students to Attend Meet Misses Tolleson, Williams Invited to Conference DENTON, Tcxas-A special invita- 011 to attend all sessions of the fourth annual Writers' Conference hold al Texas Slate College for Women was extended to Misses"Pauline Tolleson and Nancy Fae Williams . oi Hope, Ark. Only a limited number of students who are interested in literature and the technique of creative writing were invited to participate in the conference. Miss Tolleson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tolleson, is a freshman majoring in home economics oduca- bumatra and hoped to set up com-d mumcations with Java. $ Japanese claims of capturing the'.^ entire forces are false and the men are >* r ngntuig m the hills now, Van M—'-' ridiculing reports that the m- , vaders had rounded up 98,000 Dutch : Australian, British and US M ders. .Curtin Appeals to U. S. tr^-° SeSt ^ C ?u Peration bet ween Aus4 traha and the United States in "the^s Pacific war was urged by Prime Min-& ister John Curtin in a broadcast Sat-V urday with the declaration Sat Australia falls to' the Japanese Americans are wide open." , - . v Speaking directly from Canberra to^ » «o«ni, of the United States as hisf m war Curtin -~ :J "--'« Two Australian ships were report! ed missing and presumed lost Th< were the 6,980-ton cruiser Perth, fk" 1 ? fn ™ e Mediterra nean warfare the 1,060 ton sloop, Yarra T .crewatptale.i.SSS men! ; Allied bombers destroyed ' U1 . uiujl . TO, } Japanese aircraft aground,' inursday at frequently bombed Ra- baul, New Britain and airdrome runi ways pitted in an attack upon Gas* mata another city of the island which' may become an invasion springboard, Port Moresby, Attacked Closer to Australia Japanese fighW* er planes attacked Port Moresby New $ Guinea with Machine guns and canH ion fire. The air ministry dismissed'^ m™ R C A U fS. withuthe observation that } one RAAF member was wounded in ' the leg. Japanese hopes of gaining oil i . —i-— w*. eai.uniK on through the conquest of the Indies V was declared by a Dutch petroleum company executive, J. B. Kessler to lave been blocked for some tune to ,, come by the Scortch earth policy ' hrough which each producing area ' was swept by oceans of flame Wells ^ were plugged and installations were - • destroyed. t \ L On the Burma front British head- '" uarters indicated Japanese invasion f orces were attempting to outflank; 1 , intish troops holding Ihe Rangoon- N flandala road north of Pegu. *'< Japanese patrols were reported to ", ; ave thrust into the Taikkyi region 4.0 ' miles northwest of Rangoon, on a l wide sweep to the west of the main''-"" tfntisn forces drawn up on the road to Mandalay, some 80 miles 'north of , the enemy-occupied capital of Bur- t ma. ' The British communique said brief- '**> ly that operations were proceeding '~ satisfactorily. * tion, and Miss Williams, daughter of Mrs. J. R. Williams, is a freshman majoring in music. Outstanding writers appearing on the five-day program were Carl Sandburg, famed American poet- Carleton Smith, music editor of Coronet and Esquire; and Hudson Strode traveler and writer on South America and the Carribean Islands. Robert Jewell to Represent Hendrix CONWAY, Ark.-Robert Jewell of Hope is one of tiie thirteen Hendrix •eprescntatives at the annual state conference of Methodist youth being icld this week-end (March 13-15) a t Clarksville. During this past year Jewell has served as president of the state Methodisl youth. A senior at Hendrix, he is a past ^resident of the Hendrix Christian Association. There are more than 17,000,000 dif- erent specimens in the natural his- ory collection of the Smithsonian Institution, at Washington,. D C Public Invited to Church Meet Revival to Start Sunday at Gospel Tabernacle The Spring Revival meetujg a t the Hope Gospel Tabernacle will get under way Sunday morning at 11:00. .this series of services which will emphasis "Back to God and the Bible " m these critical days, will be conducted by Evangelist .Bird H. Campbell, and assisted by Mrs. Campbell, accomplished musician and soloist. Also working in the Revival meeting will be the Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Mays. Congregational singing will be directed by Mr. Mays. Special music and singing will be an added feature m every service. On Monday night a special musical prgoram will be rendered in which a number of musical and vocal selections will be rendeied. ••«•». Cotton By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close March ;. May c v > ^i >4 : i ,-«s 18.61 1871 October December January ............................................ 15.95 March ................................................ 19.03

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