Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 13, 1942 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 13, 1942
Page 3
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Urged to Give History Repeats (tself Today ETY Peanuts Prove of 5. Arkai Dorothy Heqrd, Editor By ARK. OIL & GAS COMMISSION Social Calendar Saturday. ATarcl, t« attend. Monday, March I6II/ O£ita, u a ofe" MrS ' C ' al ' J No. 2 of the Women's ry i v i ion ° f th ° *^ church, home O f Mrs Dolph Cai-rlgnn, 2:30 o'clock (} . __ - Circle No 3 of the Women's Missionary Union of t )ie First Baptist church, homo O f Mrs. Poik Singleton, 2:30 o'clock. No. 4 of (ho Women's nary Union of the First uaptist church, home- of Mrs. C P <Simn.erly, 2:30 o'clock. , Circle No. 5 of Ihe Women's Missionary Union of the First Bap- /•jtist can-el.., homo of Mrs. S. L Murphy, 2:30 o'clock. Circle No. G of the Women's Missionary Union of the First Baptist church, home of Mrs. A H Holbert, 2:30 o'clock. q .... ._ Oefei.se Stamps Given by Mrs. Wray at Thursday Club Mrs. Ralph McClure, Mrs. W. W. Hynian, nnd Miss Opal Garner were awarded Defense Stamps by Mrs. shanirock-'shaped sandwiches W. U ° ?t "i °V'T A hml tlle cl " b members included Miss Sara Ann Holland Mrs. Lawrence Martin, Mrs •"< Aanlcn Gimlet. ClDti Hears Program on Gardens Eleven members of the Azalea garden club assembled nt the home of , .1 >]' Y ork T1 ' ursc 'oy morning » the March meeting of the club. During the business session the president, Mrs. Roy Stephenson presided and heard report-! from the various committees. A nominating committee composed of Mrs. George New- uern, Jr., Mrs. Lamarr Cox, and Mrs. Oliver Adams was appointed. Mrs. R. U Broach, Mrs. Henry Haynes, and Mosquito Campaign Starts in Hope This Week '•Mosquitoes are not like the weather Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it Everybody talks about mosquitoes, but somebody does something about them Somebody is ihe City of, Hope! through its city council and Dr. Don Smith, city health officer. The city council has made an appropriation for a Mosquito Control Program. The program will be carried out by Eugene Cox, John Ncwborry and Walter Hardy. They will oil the ditches and streams, the standing pools of water, the sewer catch-basin, nnd any water _,_.. , ol on a committee to revise the club's constitution. • Mrs. York presenled the program >n "Birds—Our Garden Friends." _ During the morning sandwiches and 'cokes" were' served. For the club Jarty the hostess hod arranged blue lyacinths and jonquils at vantage loinUs. Young People of (he Christian Church Enj<iy Social The Young People's Christian En- leavor society of Ihe First Christan church met in the social room of he church Thursday evening for a party. Those enjoying the delightful oc- nsion were: Dorothy Dodds, Virginia louser, Mary and Martha Bailey, Margaret and Helen Seal, Rosemary Coop, Dorothy Moore, Jane Dodds, Elen Jane and Mary Frances Sullivan, Dora Lou Franks, Twana Green, Thursday Contract club at her home Contract wns played from 3 tables m the entertaining rooms, which were gayly decorated with lovely arrangements of spring flowers in artistic »ontamers. At the conclusion of the games the hostess served a delicious salad course with coffee. The St Patrick's motif was carried out in the •f CUTS "BURNS mil! MQROLINE SAENGER Friday & Saturday Double Feature //I II II 'Secrets of the Wasteland Bill Andy BOYD CLYDE — and — Two Latins From Manhattan Joan Ji nx DAVIS FALKENBERY // 01 the THEATERS •SAENGER Fri.-Sat.-"Secrets of the Wasteland" and "Two Latins From Manhattan" Sun.-Mon.-Tues. "How Green Was My Valley" j Wed.-Thurs.-"Shadow of the Thin * Man" RIALTO Matinee Daily Fri.-Sut.-"Wild Bill Hickok Rides" and "Phantom Cowboy" \Sun.-Mon."Dangerously She Lives" 'i'ues.-Wed.-Thurs.-"Unfinished Business" and "Bombay Clipper" • Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! Mrs. George Dodds Mrs. Harry Phipps, nnd the Reverend Millard Baggett are the leaders of the society. Personal Mention Mrs. Will Orion of Little Rock is is visiting relatives and friends in the city this week. —O— Mrs. Mack Duffio and sons are home from a motor trip to Arizona points. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson were among the Hope people attending the races at Oaklawn Jockey club Thursday. -O— Mr. and Mrs. James Watson, Jr of Ft. Worth are the parents of a little daughter born March 13 at the Julia Chester hospital. —O— Mr. and M,rs. Briant Billingsley and daughter of Little Rock are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Billingsley and Tom Billingsley. —O— Mr. and Mrs. William McGill of Garland City were visitors in the city Thursday. . Sunday School Lesson Moral Delinquency Prevails in Life Dominated by Greed and Selfishness Text: Matthew 8:23-34 . i ... --, ,-^j »vn» i nurvt: Anvestigalipn.t upon request. They will make house-to-house inspections. In short, they will do everything they cun to make this city healthy and free from the annoyance of mosquitoes. But will everything they can do be enough? Con they be expected to keep Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer from being annoyed by mosquitoes hatched and grown right in her own house m, say, a jar in which she is growing a sweet potato vine? Or mosquitoes breeding in her flooded basement, Or Mosquitoes breeding in water under her house from the ice box, The answer is no. But if Mrs. Taxpayer will sec to it that no water stays undisturbed for five days in her home and in her yard, and will ask for an investigation of any mosquito annoyance, her troubles will be very small. "Somebody does something about it" can be changed to "Somebody does everything about it" if "somebody" becomes everybody in town. Get rid of tin cans, old barrels buckets, tires, etc. Drain all useless pools of water. Repair leaky plumbing and clear out stopped-up roof gutters. Tell the mosquito officials about ornamental or fish ponds. Ask these officials to investigate if mosquitoes become troublesome. Never allow water to stand for lore than five days. If these instructions are followed 'everybody does something about mosquitoes." COtOSEt, OODOU3 MAC ARTHUR TROOPS n*X ' LTOEViiiG REOIOH CROlXDEOUERRED RES cotOTOL WHO OVERTOPPED WITH FRENCH RECENTLY CAPTURE PRISONER TRAVHWMQ OERBARRAOE ALSO OVERTOPPED SATURDAYS RAID CAPTAIN THOMAS HAUDY VIRGINIA n CROlXDEOUERRED ACCOKPANYINO MACARTHUR FRENCH RAID OERDOO H6WMA3COTI /HERICAN COWAHY X TOUT, rtOOT DESBRTO ' BENCHES DORXM NIOHT CANE TAHWAGOINO AMERICANSWARD FED PETTED TEACHING HIM ENGLISH FEROUSOH World War I dta&lcl,:'cnSted fromT""''""?"' M '«"*!«»«« '»"'«'" _ son. Ferguson, now Preside,.! »f NKA Scrvtcc ft?*™" » y Fml S> line Correspondent for the Unlfcil Vnu* tit >t . ! ' wns tllc " f ront- Hs nbbrcvlntc'd cable fnnn fnii".. »TI s , d spatcll> "'«»islntcd"- from *-• - C fonn> r °"»ws: -"Tl.ur.sdav Colonel Douglas Mac- Guerre. Arthur, • •' "* ' ••«••••••« tiiaf \vjjs o\vjird- r»ld. A 'Gerin«rrdog U ^ 1H ;;^rr,r7 inff AM ' IC 1 Hhur °" tllc p ™"' Toul front. He dc "LrtcJ T e German tr",, 3™' ""? eon " >ni " r °» «« came toward the Americans whbl.uTi l , r(! " clles J^'S the night Ul ,d nnd are leaching him English " ivr ,,.Ai-1, " g- ., y fcd " lld l)eltetl hiln «nd (Rainbow) Division, ^"«- A ""ur was then chief of staff ,,f s of the Churches Last Mattress Meet at Hope Center 17th Final making of the cotton mattress program for the Hope Center will be March 17, 9 a. m., Fair Park Any person in surrounding community having a cotton mattress program tick may come and finish making mattresses. This is the final date The cotton mattress program is to be completed, all March 20. By the end of 1942, 15,000,000 workers will be engaged in war production as compared with 5,000,00 in Decem- OC1 , J.J41, FUJST BAPTIST CHURCH Third and Main Streets William U. Hamilton, Pastor "Running With Patience" and "How Love Behaves" will be the topics of the pastor's sermons Sunday morning and evening. Special music will be rendered by the choir. The Sunday School assembles for Departmental worship at 9:30. Morning worship at 10:50. The Training Union meets by De- partents at G:15, and the evening worship service at 7:30. A cordial invitation is extended the public to all services. Special Deacon's meeting to promote "Go to Church Campaign" Monday at 8 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7'30 p. m. • ••••. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Pine at Second Kenneth L; Spore, Pastor By WILLIAM E. CILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance In our reading of the Bible we arc reminded quite frequently that i is a book that comes out of the ancient world, before modern scientific methods and discoveries were known The Bible, also, is a human book as well as a divine book. "Holy men nf God spake as the spirit moved them." But the writers, known and unknown, who have given us this marvelous treasure of truth and guidance for life, were subject to some of the limitations of their time. When we speak today of insanity, t is not in terms of possession by devils, although there are forms of nsanity that are not related to sin and evil temper. We would not in erms of modern science speak of lemons leaving a demented man and akmg possession of a herd of pigs o that they would run down a steep Nearly 3,000,000 defense workers have received vocational training in 1200 public vocational and, trade f i'llfjini 55 ™ lle &n and universities, and 10,000 public school shops. Undergoes Operation Friends of Wallace Putman of Shre- voport, son of Mr. and Mrs G P mmnn, Hope Roule Two, will' be interested to know he underwent an emergency operation at Josephine hospital Sunday afternoon. He tare! ported doing well. Place into the sea and destroy themselves. Obviously, a lesson like this has dfificulties for the scientific mind, and U is shortsighted or foolish not to recognize that. •But if this lesson offers difficulties ,nT , r at , a " gle> U is vel 'y clear and definite when we come to i< moral and spiritual teaching We havi first of all, t h e picture f j weaned greatly with His miniistr md His contact with the multitude "^"IJ" 1 " " , boat ' '-^bly th Sunday, March 15 Organ Meditation, (Chimes), at 9:30 a. m. Church School at 10:00 a. m. Morning Worship at 10:50 a. m. Special Music. Sermon by the pastor: "My Father's Business." "The Methodist Hour" at 4:00 p. m Rev. Leland Clegg, District Superintendent of the Camden District will speak. Vesper Service at 5:30 p. m. Special Music by the Junior Choir- 'Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"—Challinor. • • Sermon by the pastor: "Enemies of the Kingdom of God". Youth Fellowship Groups at G:30 p. m. Tuesday, March 17 Junior Choir Practice at 4:00 p m Wednesday, March IS Workers' Training Conference at 7:30 p. m. Thursday, March 10 Choir Practice at 7:30 p. m. UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST 511 South Elm Street - "OPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE (Assembly of God) Corner of N. Main and Ave. D J. E. Hamill, Pastor Sunday School at 9:45 a m Morning Worship at 11:00 a. m Christ s Ambassador's Union fi-45 P. m. Evangelistic Service at 7-45 p m The Rev. Bird H. Campbell will speak m both the morning and evening services on Sunday. " y , ou , al ' e n°t attending Sunday bchool elsewhere, this is our invitation to you to visit the Tabernacle on Sunday. Here you will find a large staff of efficient and consecrated teachers anxious to assist you in Inc study of the Bible. (Note to Guernsey): Services at i , ^T e ^ Church Sunday afternoon at 3:00. The Men's Quartet will sing and Rev. S. A. Mays will deliver the sermon.) At the Tabernacle you are a stranger only once. Increased ^ duction Approved by AAA Program Further encouragement to farmers of Hempstead county to Increase product .on of peanuts for oil has been given by an amendment to the Triple- A farm program, "according lo E N Martindale, chairman of the County Triple-A committee. . The amendment, Martindale said is that acreage from which peanuts are harvested for oil purposes and foil lowed by an approved cover crop next fall will ; qualify as a. soil-conseving and erosion-resisting crop under the 1942 Agricultural Conservation program. ' Under the change in the program peanuts for oil followed by an approved cover crop next fall will quail- ify. However, only half of the erosion-resisting acreage requirement may be met under the change. One of the provisions of the 1942 Triple-A program is that cooperators must devote a minimum of 25 per cent of their farm's cropland to specified erosion-resisting and soil-conserving crops. As an example, Mr. Martindale explained a farmer having 80 acres of cropland must have at least 20 acres devoted to approved soil-conserving or erosion-resisting crops. He may meet half o£ this requirement, or ten acres, by planting ten acres of peanuts for oil provided he follows the crop with an approved cover crop this fall. However, if the farmer plants more than ten acres of peanuts for oil followed by an approved cover crop this fall only 10 acres will count m meeting the requirement for soil- conserving acreage. MIDWAY (40 acre spacing) ®. Barnsdall: Edgar Bond No. 2, Elev 273, D. S. T.; has slight blow of gas' pulling out of hole, will bring in today; Edgar Bond No. 3, Elev. 272 Gauge: 27 bbls./ hr. on 1/4" cbk., T. P 300; Edgard Bond No. 4, Elev. 286. S/hut down account of high wlr • drla 6436; Wayne G. Creek No. 1, Elev 270, D. & A., T. D. 6524; Beck No 1, Elev. 2G9, W. O. C.; T. D. 6439. F. C. Roberts No. 1, New loc, C-NW SE 11-15-24; M. I. R.; F. C. Roberts No. 2, New Loc, C-SW SE 11-15-24; Bids. Drk. M. G. Creek No. 7, New loc C-SW NE 10-15-24; Bldg Drk. Frankel;' J. H. Bums No. \, Elev 253, Gatii 368/bbIs./24 hrs.'ori 1C/64" chk ; f.'f 150; packer W 6460. BUCKNER (40 acie spacing) E. G. Bradham: Sue Key No. 1,$ Drlg. apprx. 2000. MT. HOLLY (40 ac. e spacing) >'f, Atlantic: Hughes No ]. Flowing it! ^; tanks;' no gauge available. r ' ' Wildcat*: McAlester: Jeffus No 1, Drlg, -, Hygrade Oil Co., (Sylvan), Fort No. 1, Loc. C-NW NW, Sec 32-14T-23. Hempstead Co.; M. I. Drk. FIGHT MISERY where you feel it-rub i throat, chest and back with time-tested MIPNIGHT PREVIEW Saturday 11:15 "How Green Was My Valley" RIALTO SUNDAY and MONDAY BOP!- and The 5th Column Comes Tumbling Down! GARFIELD NANCY COLEMAN 'Jlfc - R AYMONP A WARNER IROS. HIT ,uh ttt PATRICK • MORONI OUOM • SSIHEd MU • Dlrtded by RO6ERT fLORff C'l«ln»l SUMK n,, by Marian toiMMtnl • * WwMf liM.-fl.nl Holiojgl Ncl«rt Added Attractions • Never Hell Again t Sniffle'; Bells Cat nn,i ti, ;• *"'" nls Partner! and thrusting out from the land Th weary Master slept while a storm arose, fierce and furious, as the wind stirred up this shallow Sea of Gali Joe, striking terror into the hearts even of these fishing disciples wh« were accustomed to danger. Yet the a^onf. S » GPt I)eacef ""y until thej dioused Him with the cry, "Save Lord; we perish." . Realizing that tthe Master was sub ject to the same fate, they mibht havt f-Ift'J: .™ m ° re h ° pe and courage anc fn- \ ™ W f wal ' ra "t. therefore for the Master's ,-ebuke, "Why an ye fearful, O ye of little faith'" Bu the outstandin picture that is lef rt°n» mUldS !S ° f JGSUS C0l """& 1"^ sea, and of the wonderment disciples, "What manner of - - this, that even the winds E the sea obey him?" f J 110 ,!? 111 ? 1 ' S , t .° ry of the less °". apart fiom the healm of the two men pos""«-d with demons, presents a pic- _ - of that moral delinquency and hypocnsy so prevalent in life where self-interest and greed conflict with light principles. It is a story of swine and we must remember that hos were unclean and taboo in the Jewish re? Ugion. These Gadarenes, whose relij* ion forbade them to eat hog flesh were willing to raise swine for the'profit hey could make by sale to others. Moreover, they were far more concerned about these swine than they were about the restoration to sanity and health of two formerly afflicted brother men. What a picture of narrowness and sordidness in a "whole city," coming out to meet Jesus, the wonder worker, and the one pure and undefiled, and asking Him to depart out of their coasts because some hyprocri- tical people had lost a herd of swine! And yet, how typical of Unix-generate and selfish men in every age! This is thu teaching and application of a difficult story. Junior Choir a t 10 a. m. Sunday School at 10:30 a. m. Preaching at 11:30 a. m. Ladies Auxiliary at 3:00 p. m. Tuesday. Community Singing at 7:30 p m Tuesday. Mid-week Prayer Service at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Brother H. L. Ferguson will bring both morning and evening services. Brother Ferguson is a true Gospel preacher, the messages are enjoyed by all who hear him. You have a cordial invitation and a welcome to attend all services at Unity Baptist. Come, they will do you good. CHURCH OF CHRIST J. A. Copeland, Minister Spring is approaching, and we will not have the excuse that the weather is too bad to attend church services No doubt in my mind,'that the cause! pf the condition of the world today, is that the people have wandered Jar from God. The subject for the sermon Sunday morning at the Church of Christ, will be, "Practical Christianity," and Living Waters," will be the subject S.unday^ night. "-'Bible "'classes 10 o'clock "a! m and 7 p. m. • Preaching, 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Hold-Over Senator Question Passed on LITTLE ROCK (/P)- Circuit Judge J. S. Utley refused Friday to order the Democratic State committee to recognize Rep. E. J. Butler of Forrest City as a candidate for the state senate and thereby open the way for a supreme court ruling on the status of 18 so-called holdover senators Butler's attorneys said they would appeal the decision immediately. Deadline for filing is April 29. Our Daily Bread (Continued From page One) Piney Grove 4-H Club Holds Meet Members Discuss Progress of Food- for-Yictory Drive Forty members of the Piney Grove 4-H Club met 'Monday, March 9, and reviewed the progress made in the Food-for-Victory" Campaign. A report was given by Gladis Jones, president of the club oh some of the responsibilities that had been assigned local club members in conducting the food production program. An outstanding example of the 4-H Club's determination to contribute their best efforts in winning the war was evident from the report on accomplishments of the scrap iron collection campaign. Kenneth Calhoun, Donald Watterson, and Doris Dillard were the three 4-H Club members elected on a committee to be responsible for collecting and selling the scrap iron. These three 4-H Club members have already collected 2000 pounds of scrap and expressed confidence that several times this amount would be placed in the channels of trade before the end of March. Barney W. Chambers, Assistant County Agent, supervised a demonstration on the production of high quality hay. Mr. Chambers explained the increased need for the production of larger quantities of silage and green v leafy legumes for hay. Lile Easterling, principal 'of Piney Grove S?hool, is .cooperating with the ' 4-H Club groups in ai ranging" a 4- H Club school on the feed require* menls necessary for maximum production of beef, pork, eggs and milk? Barbs FIRST CHRISTIAN Millard W. Baggett, Pastor 9:45 a. m—Bible school, 'Malcolm Porterfield, superintendent. ,.10:55 a. m—Morning worship, including celebration of the Lord's Supper. Sermon by the pastor, subject: "The Christian Alternative." 6:45 p, m.—Christian Endeavor societies. 7:45 p. m.—Evening worship; evangelistic singing; gospel hymns and choruses; pastor's sermon topic: "The Mission of the Master." 7:45 p. m.—Wednesday, Prayer meeting. Life is what you make it—not just - ' what you make! j 1 *" Men's coals will be made without 1 pockets. Then we can throw all the" 1 odds and ends and stuff away in the '," first place. ' "^ Having a beautiful complexion real-( , ly doesn't leave much time for wash-'i * ing dishes. ~ ^ f^ Another movie divorce in Holly- ^ wood. Too many of the trials of'be-Hjis ing a movie star are held m cou^jt. /** About all that tooting your own horn, tg does is make people keep dodglhjj,, out of your way. *•&! —«^* "Y^ A young eel is only as thick as*'at "0$ blotter. It is so transparent you "can J 1 u " read through : it. " *"" SWAP / WANT-ADS u<*« iitn and Conquer." This doesn't mean free speech free press and free assembly must be shelved. It does mean that every loyal' American must lean forward, not' backward, repeat no wild rumors,] and smash as many lies as possible And above all, have faith and work hard. Sunday - Monday - Tuesday Aggregate strength of the U. S Marine Corps reached an all-time h l gh , °" December 31, 1941. A total ot 77,719 officers and men were listed on its rolls. FI^ST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH W. 4(1. & Ferguson W. P. Graves, Pastor Sunday School at 10 a. m. Regular Service at 8 p. m. Evangelist Teacy Boutlier is doin° the preaching for the revival that is now in progress. He is bringing some wondreful messages from God's "Car clubs," in which members take turns driving their automobiles to work or lo market, make it' possible tor friends and neighbors to prolone the lives of their ears. i .Don't Miss This Picture — If you do you'll always Be sorry! LOMENTS YOU'LL NEVER FORGET ...V'HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY"! '11N H ^ •*? word. We urge all to come and hear him. Rev. Tracy's subject for Friday night is God's Insurance Policy. GABRETT 51EMORIAL BAPTIST D. O. Silvey, Pastor Sunday school meets at 9:45 a m Preaching service at 11 o'clock B. T. C. meets at G:30i p. m. Evening service at 7:45. Ladies Auxiliary meets Monday afternoon 2:30. Mid-wee! day night We cordially invite you to attend a services. .We need you whether yo need us or not. Last Call Sal. Only cr* c*li r\ 53 Silk Dr REGULAR PRICES $10.95 $12.95 $16.95 SIZES 11 to 44 COLORS Black Navy Soldier Blue Green Biege NONE OF THE DRESSES Witt BE OFFERID FOR SALE AFTER SATURDAY NIGHT, 10 O'CLOCK t Haynes Co. ON MAIN ."/ don't want him—f want you! Are you a man or a saint!"' ..,, „ ' . '."-• " .—' Maureen O'Hara confesses her , / there has , been a sm > 7 am invo tn Wait*... D:J-I-__I tne one who should be] 'branded!" Walter Pidgeon de-f nounces the gossiping tongues!. love to Walter Pidgeon! HOW GREEN JohflLOOIR- Sira ALUOOB-Barry FITZ&EMLD • PatrieKIHWlEJ ZANUQK.Direc^ A 20lh CENTURY-FOX PICTURE ,"// anything happens to my husband, I will find the men and kill them! That I swear!" Sara Allgood defies the mob! Added Attractions - t LATiST NEWS "Then you bop the blighter on hisfyloomin'nofe!"BanyFin* gerald gives Roddy McDowaU aii hilarious boxing lesson! • BILLIONS LIMITED

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