Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1939
Page 6
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-,, v vT t*""'- •* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday. December 5, 1939 Russia Is Girding Self for Conquest Finland Attack Merely First Step of an Expanding Nation By PRESTON GROVGR WASHINGTON - With the domination of Finland, which seems not likely to take long, Russia has placed herself in a position to become COLDS Cause Discomfort 666 For quick relief from the misery of colds, take S66 Liquid - Tablets - Salve - Nose Drops Step into an Arkansas Motor Coach station and buy a low cost ticket to any place you want to go. Swing on to the big luxury coaches and enjoy the thrilling beauty of highway travel. You'll see more, enjoy your trip better, and arrive fresh and rested. Low fares now in effect. For instance: ROUND TIJIP FARES Hope to: LITTLE ROCK ...: $ 4.05 HOT SPRINGS IUO MtttVU'HlS S.50 ST. LOUIS ___ 13.60 CHICAGO 20.80 STATIOiN DIAMOND CAFE Phone 363 the great sen power she so long has boasted of being. Finland is the end of Act I 'of the Russian piny of conquest. In thnt act she has, or will have, absorbed the Baltic. Act II, competent sources inform us, will concern the Balkans. The first step of a Rvissian boot across the bottler spelled the end of Finland as a free state. Even with Russia's lackadaisical transport system, the conquest appeared inevitable. The time required could only depend upon the extent to which Russia wanted to push the conquest. Pnlnful Cocricion Next? One source, an observer who has .'pent many year in Rus-sia and the Baltic country, told us he felt certain Russia would not be content with mere teclwical domination of Finland, as she was in the case of the other Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. So bitterly do the Finns and Russians hate each other, he said, that the "cooperation" which Russia will demand cannot be obtained except by a painful process of coercion. He thought the coerion would be bloody. Within Finland is a prosperous paper industry which it seems certain Russia will insist on operating for her own interests. That is the picture painted there for us. In Die Lap of the God.s From a coldly strategic standpoint, Russia needed Finland as part of her defense—or offensive scheme. It leaves no weak spot along the Baltic coast, offers Russia another all-weather seaport on the Atlantic, even if it out through the northern end. and finally, it places the Soviet within snatching distance of Atlantic seaports now belonging to Norway, and of the rich Swedish iron mines in the Arctic. Whether Russia takes this next step is in the lap of the gods, but there has been some Scandinavian shivering about it. Coming Sea Poux-r With the territory already taken in the Baltic. Russia has placed at J her disposal two important new ship- ' | yards, as well as enhanced th'e value I of the one at Salingrad which she has been building up extensively of late. Riga, in Latvia, has yards which can be expanded into battleship capacity, while Libau. in Estonia, is a I port with shipyards once used by the j Russian fleet, and now much used by j Baltic mercantile vessels. I Rup.ssia has boasted that she will be | a sen power second to none within a i couple of years. That isn't time enough I but the facilities now are available. j Moreover, she has a well-ordered ship j yard at Sebastopol remember. The Charge of the Light Brigade! on the Black Sea. The involvement of England. France "id Germany in war has left Russia almost fancy free to carry out the conquest to which she has aspired for generations. Absorption of the Baltic countries was largely a recap- j ture of territories she had before the ' World War. Now. our sources predict. Bessarabia, which Rumania got irom Russia after the World Wai- will be the Soviet's next conquest. , Only Germany appears in a position to stop Russia now, and she is busy. All of England's hard won centra! Asian possessions and protectorates lie open to the Russians U. S. Budger Tough (Continued from Page One) NYA Manual Arts Building Asset to Schools ton and tobacco belt, or the trans-' Mississippi wheat states, to vote for, cutting that figure? If you think so,i you have never seen a congressman' in the flesh. | Congress cut the emergency relief appropriation last seassion, but even! then it reached the somewhat stag-! goring sum of 51,755,000,000. That is' barely half what it has been at times. Congress is more likely to increas£ that sum even for this year than to cut it. Take the next item, the veteran's administration appropriation of ?5fil,- 093.000. That sum, too, will increase, not decrease. Have you heard any one arguing for a reduction of the CCC? j That cost 5295,000,000 this year. j Firing Won't Help How about the Army? It got $531.-! 940,000 In 939. and the sum was jack-} eel up to $742.038.000 for the current' 1940 fiscal year. The President has already asked another 5118,000,000 to! pay for increasing the Army immediately. Moreover, only a small amount! of the total cost of the new ari program has be-en covered by appropriations. Unless the program is stopped in I mid-air (nice pun, suh) more ca.sh; must come. | The Navy got $625.066.000 in 1939 and $778.188,000 in 1940. To pay for! ships already started more must come, next year. The President has lumped! additional Army and Navy needs into a flat half billion. That will mean an even two billion for defense. Want' to cut it? i You can't make a dent in such figures by firing a few dozen secretaries. If you can put your finger on a ( single one of those appropriations likely to be cut by the coming con-j gross we will be glad to send you a picture of the President laughing i up his sieve. A Safe Way to Secure an 1. O. U. In a moment of weakness, Sandy's . son had loaned a friend five hundred j dollars without benefit of wiTtten ' receipt. In desperation, ho consulted his father. | "That's easy, me lad/' consoled the ' father. "Write him and say you : need the one thousand dollars instantly." • "You mean the five hundred dollars," interposed Sandy. Jr. , ''That I do not. You say one thousand dollars and he will write back thai he only owes you five hundred. Then you will have it in writing." Mr. Henpeck (to boss)—"Sir. I think ' it's about time I got a raise." j Boss—"What are you talking about, j We just put a raise in your envelope : last week." | Mr. Henpeck—"Why doesn't my wife lell me these things?" , fact that nobody here believes that passenger vessels in the Caribbonn, plying between United States and La- tinn American or insular ports, are in the slightest danger. There is a good itonl of shpeticism0 about (ho presence of nny submarines in those waters, and it firm conviction Hint they would not bother cvuist' ships cvrn if they wore there. NYA photo Kliiwn above Is the manual arts building which was c ii.sM'ui tct\ liv (he National Youth Administration on (lu- Hope High School i-am|ms. The vocational training offered students of the local high school is proving very popular and beneficial. Bruce Catton Says: War Fears Cripple Caribbean Cruises By BRUCE CATTON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — Steamship people .submarine scare. There ,was a good would bo very happy if someone im- t | c .,i of sen timent at the conference portant down hero-President Roose- . in f . wor o{ a dil . ct . t- behind-tho-scen- vclt. for instance-would just issue ( os .,,,,,£..,, u , tho whi(e H fol , a P statement to the effect that nei- . public pronouncement that travel to the-r submarines nor mines are sink- i ing any ships in the Caribbean Sen. Light now the steamship lines a repaying the penalty for (hose .ypc-ctaiui- lar annoncemcnts earlier in the fall about submarines off the American coast. Tourist and 'ci'uisc" trade to the Caribbean and South America has lallen oft" badly; even the coast wise Mtamship trade between American port? has been affected. What has happened, apparently, is Latin America is perfectly safe. So far. nothing has come of it. The of.lcial of one travel agency hero says that the change in public feeling is evident in the types of queries that are received. Ordinarily. a customer of this agency comes in lit this lime of year and says. "Well. f want to take a southern cruise this winter; what have you got'.'" Now he says. "Hmmm . . do you think I ought to take a southern cruise this year?" What makes the steamship people sorest about the whole thing is the Genuine FrigidalfB Quality... Dozens of Exclusive Filgidalre Features... Make This New low-CostFrijldaireModel An Outstanding Refrigerator Buy! • lie-re's the gift th.it will capture her heart! And one that's mighty easy on the pocket-book, he-sides. For the Vrigiuaire- "Super-Value ft" is a genuine I ; rigiclniri--thc refrigerator she's always wanted — now available- at a price so amazingly low. Frigidairc's "Super-Value 6" has the same- famous Meter-Miser mechanism... the same finest quality construction features... and many of the- ide-fi- . tical convenience- features as mode-Is costing up to $100 more. Come in and see this greater refrigerator value today. Give- her this gift that "keeps on giving" day after day, lor years to come! 75 $5 DOWN — $5 MONTH Phone 144 Hope, Ark. Between Russia and these central Asian conquests, stands Turkey, adi- ecl within limits by Britain, and Italy in so far as she can organize the Balkan countries. One strategist predicted that the next Russian target after Bessarabia would be Constantinople—the keystone to almost half the world. IFTS that the traveling public has got the jitters. The- United States Travel Bureau, an offspring of the Interior Department, has received many letters from steamship cofnmpanies and from hotel and resort operators in the Caribbean Islands and in South America, expressing alarm over the falling off in their anticipated winter business. With travel to Europe naturally cut to the bare bone, it was expected that the southern group would get an extra , share of the business; on the contrary. ; many cancellations in booked cruises j have- been reported, new space is '• not being sold at the normal rate. Travel agencies are hopeful thai by the lima the winter season really . begins Hie public will have changed its mind. Two of the offices conical- ! ed here said that the scare took place j in the off season, and that it would • he another month before it would be ' known definitely whether the winter j trade would be badly hit. A third i agency, however, said thai bookings I for winter travel normally begin to pick up in volume- by Thanksgiving ! i.-nd lhat thai pick-up was not yet in evidence. One material factor in the slump is the fact that a large per centage of cruise- ships heretofore were of British, French or German registry. Most of the-.vc- liavc been withdrawn, and while- repl-jci-ments have been obtained the withdrawals have caused a natural dislocation. Per the most part, though, it is the- public's jitters that is blamed; and that is considered by .some to be traceable directly to the emphasis which the- administration some time ago put reports that .submarines were cruising close to American waters. However, one insurance company which .sells travel policies is now refusing to sell .such policies for any Atlantic ocean trips—although, as U. S .Maritime Commission people point out, there is no actuarial basis for , any fear that lrave-1 policies .sold on j tickets to the Caribbean or South | America would cau.se 'any loss. As a matter of fact, one of the primary reasons for the recent conference on travel to Latin America wa.s this 1940 GAS WEDNESDAY ONE DAY ONLY PART WOOL ^ m „ DOUBLE SI 29 BLAMKETS 1 MIND YOUR MANNERS f. M. Mid U. • »AT. Off. I FURTHER REDUCED Buy at Auction WEDNESDAY this week's Grand Prize a $6.00 SPREAD Use Auction Dollars Choose from hundreds of Gifts in initialed Gift Boxes at SALE PRICES WEDNESDAY IS Remnant Day A choice selection of remnants of all kinds of materials that have accumulated during our Great Close Out For Removal Sale. Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering the following questions, then cheeking against the autho.-itative answers below: 1. Soidd you say "I'm .sorry' if you walk in front of others as you lake your place in a theater? '£. 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